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DREAM Angel Memories

Maxwell Martius

Deceased 12/30/21

Rusty Roheline

Adopted 08/08/19
Deceased 12/16/21

It is with tremendous sadness that I have to announce that today we loss our little howling guy Rusty to stomach cancer. He was the goodest boy ever. 🥺🥺 Thank you Michelle for loving him so much for giving him the best life ever. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Schnitzel Saevel

Deceased 12/16/21

Thank you for your support with this beautiful doggie that I was blessed to have in my life for a month. I will always love Schnitzel and miss his loving heart. It's amazing how a dog that was so neglected would open his heart to love me and my family. I will forever be a person that will open my home to a dog that is in need even though it was hard I wouldn't change it. Thank you for helping me through everything and for loving this beautiful boy. My family and I thank you for your time and energy and for all the love for our Schnitzel.

Miley Marsh

Adopted 12/04/18
Deceased 12/14/21

We adopted our sweet Loosie (Miley Marsh) from you December 4, 2018. Sadly, our goofy, funny little girl crossed over the rainbow bridge on December 14, 2021. We didn't get to have her long enough and we miss her terribly. But we are so grateful to have been fortunate enough to be the family for her for three years. She loved being a country girl and we loved having her here with us. With heavy heart I thank you again for finding her for us,

Dorrie Divot

Adopted 05/06/16
Deceased 12/09/21

We adopted Jules (Dorrie Divot) a mini red and white double dapple in May of 2016. She was the cutest 6 lb. doxie ever. Despite being deaf and partially blind she loved to play fetch. Every evening she let us know when she was ready to play by bolting down the couch steps and sitting ready for the throw. She would bring the ball back and gently place it in our hands. In 2020 Jules lost all sight and was not able to play ball. It was so sad for her. She wore two tags so we could hear her jingle if she got "lost" in the house. Her nose worked well and she could always detect an "intruder" in the house. She would bark until she was properly greeted. Unfortunately, her health declined and she developed doggie dementia. In 2021 she became totally dependent on us to carry her everywhere. It broke our heart when she passed in December 2021. Rest in Peace baby girl.

Gloria Dianne

Adopted 03/17/13
Deceased 11/19/21

Emmy Easyout

Adopted 08/01/16
Deceased 11/15/21

We are so heartbroken that little Emme crossed the Rainbow Bridge in November. She will forever be in our hearts.

Shaylie Sherbert

Adopted 08/22/14
Deceased 11/15/21

Shelly Vermicelli

Deceased 11/03/21

Matilda Maternal

Adopted 09/25/20
Deceased 11/02/21

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I share Matilda "Bossy Pants" Coleman has passed on to the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge. She traveled to Mississippi with us often, went on a cross country trip with us to Pennsylvania and back, and met all her cousins, both two legged and 4 legged. She had many adventures.

She was very old, but resilient and tough and opinionated. She bossed the younger dogs around. She would look for me by using a very special sonar bark - LOL. She took a piece of my heart with her. Thank you DREAM Dachshund Rescue for allowing me to adopt, to Rachel Ruth for bringing her into my life, and to Chateau Veterinary Hospital for taking good care of her. Matilda, find your brother and sisters who are already at the bridge and wait for me.

Peggy Playground

Deceased 09/11/21

Our Baby girl passed away this morning. We think her little heart gave out. She peaceful passed while I held her. Sweetest ween we ever had. We will miss her!

Duke D'Qar
"Duke Wayne White"

Adopted 09/04/16
Deceased 09/05/21

Duke passed away on September 5th. He was the best little dog. Very obedient and very loving. He was almost 16 and had cataracts, but he was so determined to keep going. We believe he just died of old age. Miss him so very much. Thank you for matching him with me.

Tobey Truffle

Adopted 01/05/14
Deceased 08/24/21

I adopted little Tobey back in January 2014. He has been my best friend and a loving and loyal companion for the past seven years. I am broken-hearted to tell you that he passed away on August 24th. It was quite sudden and unexpected. Tobey became ill on August 23rd and I took him to his usual veterinarian. They looked him over and sent him home with medication. His condition continued to decline and I took him to VERGI shortly before midnight. Tobey had very low blood sugar and the doctors could not raise it. He passed away at 4:00 am on August 24th, after several attempts to resuscitate him. It was discovered that he had a large mass on his liver.

Bonnie O'Brien

Adopted 05/02/14
Deceased 08/18/21

I wanted to let y'all know that Bonnie passed away on Wednesday, Aug 18. A few months ago she started having problems with her kidney levels being high, so we were taking her to the vet a few times a week for them to administer the fluids to help flush them. Everything seemed to be going well and her numbers were almost normal, but then she started having trouble breathing and they found that her heart was enlarged and was going into heart failure. We had her for a little over 7 years and enjoyed every moment we spent with her. She will be truly missed.

Ike Idol

Adopted 04/07/16
Deceased 08/13/21

Ike has passed away. He was our first DREAM adoption. He was gently put to sleep in his momma’s arms Friday because of end complications from Cushings disease. We are massively saddened.

Gidget Groove

Adopted 08/28/16
Deceased 08/11/21

Peaches Potsticker

Adopted 02/01/20
Deceased 08/08/21

Frankie Friendship

Adopted 12/21/20
Deceased 07/21/21

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of our beloved Frankie Friendship. My wife and I were with him yesterday when he suddenly became ill. We took him to Egret Bay Animal Hospital where they determined he had severe damage to the right side of his heart and had thrown an embolism. After several hours of treatment with no improvement we transferred him over to VCA emergency animal hospital for additional treatment. Frankie fought hard but the vets were unable to get his blood oxygen levels up. He was in our arms when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge to a wonderful new life. Although Frankie was only with us for 8 months it felt like he was with us a lifetime. Words cannot describe how wonderful he was and how much we loved each other.

Opal Oppenheimer

Deceased 07/19/21

It hasn’t been a very good year for the senior dogs in our house. Today we lost Opal 😰 🐶 . She has been with us for over 5 years as a senior sanctuary with DREAM Dachshund Rescue, Education & Adoption Mission. We will miss you baby girl, say hello to Maddy for us. ❤️❤️❤️

Vigo Verbena

Adopted 09/29/15
Deceased 06/29/21

My buddy, my pal, my best friend. My precious funny little Vigo is gone. I will ❤️ you forever.

Gary Gumbo

Deceased 06/08/21

Sarah Solstice

Deceased 05/07/21

Mac Dally

Adopted 04/29/16
Deceased 05/05/21

Pearl Perseverance

Deceased 04/09/21

Perrie Passion

Adopted 05/11/16
Deceased 03/30/21

We said goodbye to our sweet Perrie on March 30, 2021. We are so blessed to have had such a wonderful dog and we will always cherish our memories. Thank you for providing a way to adopt Perrie.

Courtney Kardoxian

Adopted 12/17/13
Deceased 03/26/21

This evening I had to say goodbye to my sweet Confetti girl. My heart is broken but I know she is happy across the rainbow bridge. A big thank you to our staff at LeadER Animal Specialty Hospital. They were truly a comfort to me at such a difficult time. I was a mess, but they held my hand the entire way. 💕

Peanut Prism

Deceased 03/23/21

Pippa Picnic

Adopted 09/20/15
Deceased 03/14/21

I lost Pippa on March 14th. She had back surgery and came out of it great, but she developed an E. coli infection. Antibiotics weren’t helping, and the infection eventually lead to organ problems. We did everything we possibly could, but the vet wasn't able to save her.

Sansa Stark

Adopted 12/30/17
Deceased 03/10/21

On March 10, 2021, I said my final goodbye to Sansa, my Beautiful Angel. I kissed her as she slipped away to a better place. I adopted Sansa on December 30, 2017, ten days after losing Joy a week before Christmas. Joy was my heart, one of my best canine friends ever. I was a total mess - couldn’t eat, cried a lot, was unable to sleep, had difficulty focusing and was seriously distracted in my grief.

Ron convinced me to look on the DREAM site for another dog. I took a half hearted scan at the site, and a little red longhaired female got my attention. Poor baby looked as sad and lost as I felt. Told Ron - this is the one. I went into the adoption with eyes wide open. Sansa was not a young puppy and while I knew we would not spend a lifetime together, we’d make every day count. We worked out the details with Suzanne - she and Dream are awesome!

On December 30, 2017 Ron drove to the foster’s home (a good long way from us) and returned about 9:00 p.m. He handed Sansa to me - I looked into her eyes and told her she was a beautiful girl. She stared back then kissed me with that little tongue that always hung out on the right side of her mouth because she had lost her teeth. It was love at first sight. I patted Sansa and promised I would always love her, I would always take care of her and I would never leave her. I also told her she would never have to worry about a thing, that I would take care of it all. She slept with me, and as long dogs often do, slept horizontally so that I was very often teetering on the edge of the mattress. How could a little 12 pound dog take up so much room?

Sansa was a wonderful, loving, kind, gentle, quiet little dog. Her forgiving, patient nature and sense of inner peace was a wonder to behold. She accepted everything that came her way from fosters and cats to my puppy, Chance. She was exactly what I needed. Sansa gave me purpose and a new appreciation for life in general. She taught me to keep looking forward, hold onto and enjoy my memories and accept whatever life dealt out to me. She rescued me!

I miss her and still wake up in the wee hours and reach out to touch her, making sure she did not get around the pillow barrier I built every night to keep her from falling over the edge of the bed. Then it hits me she is gone. I remind myself how blessed I was to have her companionship and love a little over three years, and smile when I think how she’d come to life at mealtimes, galloping around the kitchen like My Little Pony - so darn cute!

Sansa, I will always love you to the moon, the stars and back. You were truly my Beautiful Angel. If I am so fortunate, I hope to meet you and the rest of the gang at the bridge. Godspeed little girl. Kiss all the others for me. I shall miss you. 😘

Jaeger Yottle

Adopted 09/16/15
Deceased 03/04/21

My sweet Jaeger passed away this morning. He became ill suddenly last night. I took him to the vet first thing this morning. They found that he had a large mass in his abdomen. I am still in shock. There were no signs that he was ill. He was such a good boy, very sweet and funny. He loved to be snuggled and hugged and kissed. I always obliged. He loved me very much. He followed me everywhere. I love him and miss him so much. My heart is broken.

Chachi Cheers
"Mary Tyler Moore"

Adopted 06/27/20
Deceased 02/28/21

We were extremely saddened to hear of Chachi's passing after a brief illness.

From Chachi's adopter: This little girl brought love and healing to my heart. She loved to carry around my dirty socks and tuck them in her bed. One day I looked up and she was hauling my flip flops up her ramp to her bed (which was on my bed, not the floor). When I had to leave her at doggie day care, they told me she was very talkative. I would get an earful from her when I pick her up. Otherwise she was a quiet girl who enjoyed many long naps during the day. She loved her food and snacks, especially organic baked chicken. She had teepee where she kept her toys. She used to haul socks down to the teepee in the morning and immediately return them to her bed, silly girl. I love and miss Chachi dearly.

Trevor Tuxedo

Adopted 08/21/15
Deceased 01/16/21

Huck Honeymoon

Deceased 01/05/21


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