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DREAM Angel Memories


Deceased 12/18/18

Winslow Whiff

Adopted 06/25/16
Deceased 12/18/18

I adopted Winslow in June of 2016. She has been the best thing that has walked into my life. I have to tell you with a very broken heart my beautiful Winnie passed away this last Tuesday 12/18/18 at 6:15 PM. I stayed with her till her last breath and told how much I loved her. The vet said she had a stroke. Our family is devastated. Thank you for letting me care for one of the greatest little angels their ever was. I will certainly miss her sweet barks and cuddles.

Heidi Slider

Deceased 12/14/18

Rusty Riedenberger

Adopted 11/28/16
Deceased 12/02/18

Dr. Browning did a Sunday call out, along with her receptionist, to ease my little old mans suffering and make sure everything was setup for his cremation. They were incredibly patient, sweet and comforting to me and my little dude. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My sweet old man Bucket is no longer with me. My heart is shattered. Rest easy my sweet boy, to the moon little man, to the moon.

Jovie Elf

Adopted 12/09/15
Deceased 11/18/18

We adopted Jovie three years ago. She passed away a little over a month ago. We think she had an aneurysm. It was very sudden and extremely shocking. She was the best dog ever!

Rosalee Ratatouille

Adopted 02/12/17
Deceased 11/14/18

I wanted to let you know that we had to put Rosie to sleep this afternoon. Despite all of the medication she was on, her condition was deteriorating. They told us today that they believe her body was rejecting the medication and she was so sick that it would be best to put her to sleep. It has been such a gut-wrenching two months, with today being the worst.

We are all so deeply saddened, especially my daughter. 😢 We are still in disbelief and have been crying all afternoon. She was the sweetest dog and so incredibly playful.

Our hearts go out Rosie's adopters for the loss of their sweet Rosie.

Millie Mandolin

Deceased 11/13/18

My sweet loving Millie crossed the bridge today at 12:38 pm. It was a very peaceful passing.

She was found alone in a ditch covered in mud and fleas, it was love at first sight. For the last 7 months she was a part of our family, she was patient with the puppies, loved breakfast and dinner time and at her old age (est 14-18) she had so many quirks that you couldn’t help but fall in love.

Thank you for the honor to be her foster. She will be greatly missed and forever loved.


Deceased 10/22/18

This angel took a little piece of me to heaven with her today. Izzy you were loved more than you know and will forever be in my heart! 🐾

Leyna Latik

Adopted 12/08/17
Deceased 10/21/18

A few days ago, sweet Leyna stopped eating and had become lethargic. Her adopter rushed her to the ER vet where she stayed overnight, but in the end, her kidneys gave out. Our hearts go out to Lisa for the loss of her precious little girl.

Tiny Grimes

Deceased 09/24/18

Sweet little Tiny passed away Monday night due to complications from heartworm treatment. We are beyond devastated and feel awful for putting his foster parents through this. We are so very sorry. Rest in peace, Tiny Grimes.

Penny Widmore Hume

Adopted 11/11/14
Deceased 09/10/18

We said farewell to our sweet little Lucy today. Lucy was born with physical disabilities, but truly seemed to enjoy life in spite of her challenges. She was a tiny spunky little girl who loved to play “fetch” with her favorite blue crab. We had five wonderful years with her, and she brought us so much happiness. Lucy is at peace now. We will truly miss our beautiful little girl!

Pepper Rally

Adopted 11/05/14
Deceased 09/08/18

Sometimes our best friends leave us too soon. In memory of Mr> Opus, please consider donating to the compassionate team that gave him the chance at a second life so that other sweet babies can be as lucky.

Peanut Paradise

Adopted 07/07/16
Deceased 08/27/18

Durango Delta

Adopted 12/22/17
Deceased 08/22/18

Durango spent his entire life in a cage. No treats. No toys. No love. His constant companion was fear. Then one day some strange people came and took him away from all he knew, even though what he knew was not good. Now he was really in fear, because he didn't know what was happening. He had no idea that these people were kind and would brighten his future. To him, people were not to be trusted. His foster mommy got him over a lot of his fear, and then he got a new, permanent mommy in November of 2017. He was just the sweetest and most forgiving dog ever.An even bigger surprise was that his new mommy had his mate at this new house! She was the only love he had known from being in a cage nine years. He was sooo happy! He had a permanent mommy, a permanent home, a new name (Oscar), a yard of his own, and his precious mate, whom he loved dearly. was there also. Life was great!

And then his mommy noticed something was wrong with Durango's mouth. He had cancer. He was kept as comfortable for as long as possible, then, within a month, it was time for his to cross the rainbow bridge. His mommy was devastated, and still misses him terribly. Bella, his gal, still misses him and grieves for him. You were so very loved, Durango.


Adopted 08/04/18
Deceased 08/19/18

Gary Graduate

Deceased 08/15/18


Adopted 04/30/15
Deceased 08/13/18

Margie Marshal

Deceased 08/07/18

Mina Bonteri

Deceased 07/31/18

Davos Seaworth

Adopted 01/19/18
Deceased 06/22/18

I have lost my sweet Leo. I took him to emergency clinic very early Friday morning and he could not be saved. I am devastated. He was such a little character and stole my heart. This loss is extremely hard.

Missy Mistletoe

Adopted 02/14/14
Deceased 06/18/18

We are so heartbroken to announce the sudden loss of our sweet Missy. I swear she was made from pure sugar and we will never know a dog sweeter than her. We lost her best friend Polly just 8 months ago and I know they are running around in Heaven together now. ❤️ Until we meet again sweet girl.

Caleb Caroler

Adopted 01/04/15
Deceased 06/01/18

Today my heart is heavy with sorrow and sadness our Caleb crossed the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge with our beloved Bobby. Caleb brought so much joy and happiness to our family, especially my son who has mental challenges. Caleb was the sweetest and most caring dog. We will miss him so dearly. I want to thank DREAM Dachshund Rescue for allowing us to adopt Caleb. He was our sweet boy. Rest In Peace my beloved Caleb.

Our hearts go out to Jose and Diana for the loss of their precious boy.

Howard Cunningham

Adopted 09/19/15
Deceased 06/01/18

Elaine Elf

Adopted 05/17/16
Deceased 05/14/18

Ellie was a senior who was being treated for heartworms when we adopter her. She recovered from heartworms. Unfortunately, she acquired a cough recently. It became worse within a week. So concerned, we took her to our vet. He was amazed she was alive as her heart was so enlarged it was pressed on her trachea and lungs. Our vet said that she should join our others over the rainbow bridge as there was nothing he could do that would prolong her life more than a few weeks and at that point in time she was struggling for every breath. We cherish the time she was with us. She is missed terribly by her sister Charley. I could go on and on about her personality, the crazy things she did to make our life full of love.

Shelby Shepherd

Deceased 05/11/18

We said goodbye to Shelby today. Her mobility had progressively worsened to the point that she could barely move any of her legs. She spent most of her time in a hunched over sitting position. We made the difficult decision to let her go over Rainbow Bridge. Good bye, sweet Shelby. We will miss you.

Kamille Kazoo

Deceased 03/23/18

It is with a sad and heavy heart I must tell you we lost baby Kamille. It appears she got stuck up under mommy. We are devastated over her passing, however I believe our beloved pets will walk the streets of gold with us. She was only two days old, but she is imprinted on my heart forever. God bless you baby girl until we meet again.

Bruce Bouquet

Adopted 04/02/16
Deceased 03/10/18

We said our farewell to Blue today. He joins his brothers Chub-Chub and Alfie over rainbow bridge. ❤️

Puddy Pontchartrain
"Wasabi Pud"

Deceased 02/07/18

We are heartbroken to let our friends and family know that our sweet Wasabi Pud crossed over the rainbow bridge this morning. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we are struggling with this loss.

Boone Breckenridge

Adopted 01/14/16
Deceased 01/22/18

Duchess Direwolf

Deceased 01/08/18

Rest in peace Sweet Duchess. You weren’t with us very long, but you were loved.


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