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DREAM Angel Memories

Bobby Buick

Adopted 04/10/17
Deceased 11/10/23

Copper Cadbury

Deceased 10/20/23


Adopted 06/26/19
Deceased 10/20/23

Cinnamon Sandcastle

Adopted 06/16/14
Deceased 10/14/23

Scout San Jacinto

Deceased 10/12/23


Adopted 08/02/14
Deceased 10/09/23

It is with great sadness that l inform the DREAM family that our beloved Ladybug, a Dreamer, died on October 9, 2023.

“Bug” was adopted by us back in 2014 (along with the deceased Oreo aka “Odie”) She was Odie’s caregiver companion, guiding him, calming him, cleaning, etc.

After Odie’s death she began caring for me, and became my medical alert dog. She was with me constantly for nine years. She died peacefully at 7:35 pm in my lap with my wife beside us.

Bug was adored by so many - the servers at the restaurants we frequent; the seniors at the retirement communities she visited; our friends and our neighbors, just about all who met her.

Our loss is hard to contemplate her absence from our lives, and it will take some time before considering another adoption. She can never be replaced.

Rocky Wreath

Adopted 12/31/18
Deceased 10/09/23

We lost Rocky this morning. Apparently his heart gave out. We are going to miss that little sausage but will always cherish the memories with him. Thank you for helping us out along our journey with him.

Rico Ricotta

Adopted 02/05/22
Deceased 10/04/23

Heidi High School

Adopted 12/27/20
Deceased 09/29/23

My husband and I adopted Heidi (High School) on December 27, 2020. We wanted to let Dream Dachshund Rescue know that Heidi is no longer with us. Our hearts are broken. She was very loved, and we miss her greatly! Her pet mate Brutus is very sad without her!

She continued to have issues with her eyes and after many attempts to save them, she finally lost her eye lens and we had to make a choice to put her to sleep or remove the eyes. Her optometrist assured us that even as a 14-year-old she would adapt to living as a blind dog and the rest of her health was doing pretty good. We moved forward with removing the eyes and she did adapt pretty well. Unfortunately, other health issues followed in the past few months, and she was not doing well. We made a decision that it was her time to go, and she was put to sleep this past Friday, September 29th.

Thank you for allowing us to adopt her. We loved her so much and she will always be missed! She became my husband's little girl, and he is devasted by losing her. Hopefully, all the care she received as a senior adopted dog made her final years filled with happiness and she knew how much she was loved.

Mila Mashed Potatoes

Adopted 12/11/19
Deceased 09/28/23

Maddi Mallard

Adopted 06/01/21
Deceased 09/22/23

Olive Organza
"Sweety Pie"

Adopted 07/02/15
Deceased 09/15/23

Danny Zuko

Adopted 06/19/15
Deceased 09/14/23

Monty Hall

Adopted 03/21/14
Deceased 08/18/23

Willow Williamette

Deceased 08/17/23

Mitzi Mittelhof

Adopted 12/10/15
Deceased 08/16/23

Emily Cratchit

Adopted 01/14/16
Deceased 08/15/23

Emily was our first foster failure from DREAM and an important part of our family for almost 8 years. On Aug 15th, 2023 she went to sleep after a long battle with kidney failure. We will miss her sweet face everyday, but know that she will be having fun catching up with her sisters Opal and Maddy on the rainbow bridge.

Sharla Sugar

Adopted 02/23/20
Deceased 08/05/23

Maggie Millstone

Adopted 09/09/17
Deceased 07/03/23

Maggie was a sweet little girl and a great companion. She enjoyed going outside and loved her toys. Anytime anyone visited she would show them her toy hoping they would play with her. She was a joy and will be missed.

Tula Topline

Adopted 08/24/18
Deceased 07/02/23

Tunechi went to rest on July 2, 2023, this is exactly 5 years after being found. Tunechi was a funny dog, as most weenies are. She kept her parents' spirit up. She loved going out to DREAMs weenie races, and playing with tiny fluffy toys. She didn't have any teeth left, but that didn't stop her from being so sassy!

She will be forever missed.

Willow Washington

Adopted 10/18/21
Deceased 06/28/23

We wanted to let you know we had to let Willow go yesterday. The vet agreed at 15 years old, with a collapsed trachea and pneumonia, she wouldn't get better . She passed peacefully in my lap with us petting her.

We will always remember Little Willow with her Little pillow! She had 2 toofers & would "bite" you with her 2 toofers if you ignored her! She sat pretty & begged for treats. We called her our defiant teenager since she talked back

Thank you for giving us these years with her. She was blessing

Patty Pretzel

Deceased 06/26/23

I held Miss Patty as she crossed the rainbow bridge. While our time together was short, it was a wonderful blessing to have such a gentle, sweet little girl to love and be loved by. She would sleep in my lap everyday and enjoyed lying down in the shaded areas of the yard next to me. I am comforted now that I know she is pain free and can walk and run freely with new 4-legged companions

Buddy Sunshine
"Buddy Huggins"

Adopted 08/30/17
Deceased 06/21/23

We had to put Buddy down yesterday afternoon 🌈💔 He hadn’t been able to keep any food down and he was just wasting away. And I was buying that expensive Farmer’s Dog food for him he loved it! He was such a classic dachshund, so loyal and loud😆 And he bit more people than I count on both hands 🤭🥲 We loved him so much.

AJ Hinch

Adopted 07/24/18
Deceased 06/15/23

Our sweet AJ Hinch crossed the rainbow bridge this morning. We are 💔. Those squirrels don’t stand a chance in heaven.

Greta Glissade

Deceased 06/11/23

My sweet sweet Greta!

I will miss you and I’m forever grateful for Tina, Shellye & DREAM Dachshund Rescue, Education & Adoption Mission for helping this senior find her way to our hearts.

21 years! It’s hard to imagine, but we were blessed with the last 6, a canine lifetime in its own. 🌈 …this is the part that sucks!

Wilbur Wunderbar

Adopted 08/07/21
Deceased 06/10/23

I just wanted to say a thank you for allowing me to adopt Wilbur. He was the biggest blessing in my life and he filled my heart with so much unconditional love and happiness. I am so thankful for Vikki and Robert (Wilbur's foster parents) for trusting me to take Wilbur home and give him a great life. We share a great bond and I now consider them my family.

Unfortunately, I had to put Wilbur down due to his Cancer spreading to his lungs. I fought so hard for him and he was so strong, but God knew he wanted him home 🕊️ My heart is completely broken, and I will miss him dearly. Even though I only got to spend a little less than 2 years with Wilbur, I will be forever grateful for this amazing rescue. Because of you I was blessed to have Wilbur in my life ❤️ and I will cherish our time together, my little old man. 

Joe Jedi

Adopted 11/13/16
Deceased 06/01/23

I adopted my first Dachshund, Joe Jedi, from your organization in 2016. We called him JJ for short. He passed away on 6/1. He was the bestest dog and I miss him dearly. My heart aches. The house feels so empty without him. He may have been small, but his presence was big.

Cooper Christmas

Deceased 05/22/23

Max Maravilla

Adopted 08/13/19
Deceased 05/01/23

Lula Lunala

Adopted 09/13/16
Deceased 04/28/23

Doodle Doubleshot

Adopted 09/19/19
Deceased 04/15/23

Our sweet Doodle crossed the Rainbow Bridge last night in her sleep. She brought so much joy to our family. The tiniest pup who snored the loudest. Who couldn’t wait for breakfast or dinner or munchies every time she went outside - even if she didn’t go potty. My sweet girl loved to snuggle under the covers. She seldom barked but when she did, you knew she was mad. She had no fear. She once grabbed a possum that was twice her size by the tail. She would chase her sister Heidi, a Rottweiler, out of the big bed. We will miss you sweet, sweet girl.

Kellie, Tyler, Pete, and Heidi

Daisy Danza
"Little D"

Adopted 03/12/21
Deceased 04/03/23

Daisey arrived as a foster in the depths of COVID.  She was shy and looked very rough as she emerged from the back of the SUV.  I thought, "I have never rehabilitated a dog before but I am going to now." Daisey went to work with me during COVID. She loved that. She liked her clothes when cold. Her nickname was "Little D" so we put that on one sweatshirt.

With a regular routine, good diet and love and attention she became a wonderful companion. That relationship that she and I were building was taken to the next level during the freeze because she and I got to spend 2.5 days under every blanket we owned. As you might guess, we became a foster failure almost immediately after.

Daisey lived out the balance of her time with me and a group of great admirers who loved her as well.  Age catches up with us all and it was no different for Daisey. On April 3, 2023 she moved on to the big dog park in the sky.   

Frankie Finch

Adopted 04/01/15
Deceased 03/14/23

Slinky Salsa

Adopted 04/16/17
Deceased 02/09/23

Slinky crossed the rainbow bridge February 9, 2023 at the age of 13.

He was the goodest boy, and we thoroughly loved having him in our family for the last 6 years of his life. He loved hanging out in the sun with his brother Bruiser, laying on his bed by the fireplace, howling at the sirens going by, and would always come running when he heard a cheese wrapper.

Slinky will be dearly missed by the whole family, but especially his kids Brielle and Brynlee.

Slinky, we will always remember you and keep you in our hearts.

Merle Marlin
"Merle Haggard"

Adopted 11/19/18
Deceased 02/02/23

Greta Gernsheim

Adopted 06/15/15
Deceased 02/01/23

Wayne Wrangler
"Otis Redding Rattail"

Adopted 04/23/16
Deceased 01/31/23

Otis was one of the best “good boy”s there ever was. He enjoyed sunbathing on the ramp to the backyard shed and chasing the neighbor’s cat under there too. During one of his biggest adventures, Otis climbed up over 13,000 feet above sea level and played in snow up to his chest. He watched his three human babies grow and enjoyed trying to give their powerwheels car what-for; he had a fling with three guinea pigs for about a year and a half, and that kept him very busy and entertained; and, over the past two years, he raised two sibling dachshund puppies, who also love and miss their Otis very much. Otis was such a gentle soul. He really did love unconditionally. The house feels lonely (and quieter without the sounds of him walking around, “getting his daily steps in”), and the world feels cruel.

Leroy Linedrive

Adopted 07/09/16
Deceased 01/30/23

Sadly, Our beloved Limo passed away yesterday. He had a heart condition and was spending nearly all his time resting on the couch or someone's lap. He was a gift of warmth and joy to our home and will be terribly missed. While we grieve, we also believe he moved on so another dog could share our loving home. After we heal, we'd like to adopt again. Thanks for connecting us with Limo.

Precious Pieridae

Adopted 10/03/19
Deceased 01/22/23

Dear Precious,

Today you left us. I am so heartbroken to have lost you, but I know that you are in God's arms and no longer suffering. If I could turn back time, even only for a day, I would have held you for as long as I could and let you know how much I loved you.

You were the sweetest, gentlest, most loving and loyal baby that we were blessed to have in our lives. There can never be another you because you are irreplaceable.

I leave a piece of my heart with you until I see you again.

Be at peace and bask forevermore in the warm sunshine that you loved so much.

Love you forever,

Your Family

Sage Scribble

Deceased 01/17/23

Paco Porridge

Adopted 09/30/17
Deceased 01/03/23

My Paco went over that rainbow with his angel wings. His age was unknown when he was rescued, but we knew he was a senior. What can I say. Paco was a foster who was brought to me in a crate, hiding underneath a blanket. I coaxed him out with treats and food until he finally became a dog who knew he was loved. I guess I became a foster failure with Paco because I knew he did not belong anywhere else but with me. Soon Paco became my sleeping buddy. One of his best friends was another adopted pet, Pia Pidove, until her passing. I truly miss my little Paco.


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