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Dorothy Gale
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DREAM Angel Memories

Hope Hopscotch

Deceased 12/16/14

Sweet senior "Hope" was rescued from a ditch. She had obviously been dumped and left to die. She was emaciated, had a golf ball size mammary tumor, and horrible teeth. We took care of her medical issues and let her live out her life in a loving foster home.

Shorty Safflower

Deceased 10/08/14

Poor little Shorty developed a strangulated hernia and did not survive the emergency surgery to repair it. Please keep his foster in your thoughts and prayers. This was an unexpected sad turn of events for this sweet little guy.


Deceased 07/09/14

Oreo was injured in a tragic accident at his foster home on June 29th and was rushed to an animal emergency hospital that evening. He underwent surgery to repair his fractured hip the following day, but he eventually succumbed to an infection of the skin and surrounding tissue in another area of his injury, unrelated to the surgery. The volunteers of DREAM extend our sincere condolences to Oreo's foster family, who loved him dearly and did everything they could to save him.

Nelson Riddle

Deceased 01/31/14

Sweet senior boy, Nelson, was picked up as a stray. He was wobbly when he walked, and had limited hearing and cloudy eyes. He also had terrible dental disease and was covered in fleas. We took care of him as best we could and let him live out his life in a wonderful foster home.

Christopher Robin

Deceased 01/06/14

Poor little 6-week-old Christopher came into rescue with his mother. Unfortunately he had been exposed to Distemper and we were unable to save him.

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