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DREAM Angel Memories

Eden Empire

Adopted 10/16/16
Deceased 12/31/19

Cody Crispin

Deceased 12/23/19

Cody "The Body" McKinney was a sweet old man we decided to foster with his bonded sister on 10/22/16. He was in bad shape with just two teeth remaining, severe back issues and had been debarked. The prior owner passed and his kin surrendered him. Some vet visits and medication brought him back to life. However, he nearly died from a severe pancreatitis attack sometime later, after which we decided to keep him and his sister Shay permanently.

Cody had a rough life but we did everything in our power to nurse him back to health. I think we did ok but his health continued to deteriorate. Cody developed a grade three heart murmur, had high calcium levels, developed growths on his neck, lost fur, etc etc. Cody didn't care though. He was a grumpy pup, loved his bed and was my alarm clock on time every at 4:00 AM and 4:00 PM when he wanted food. He got confused sometimes and got lost in the house but never forgot where his food bowl was.

Rest in peace Master Cody, Coco 🐻, and God knows how many other names we gave you. We and Shay miss you terribly. Please take care of my Marley and Kali.

Ellie Mae Waterway

Deceased 11/29/19

Hannah Kearney

Adopted 03/29/14
Deceased 11/25/19

Neo Neapolitan

Adopted 10/28/18
Deceased 11/21/19

Our little old man's age finally caught up with him. At the recommendation of our vet, we helped him cross Rainbow Bridge. We wanted to share the sad news and thank DREAM and Neo's foster Brian for everything.

Roadie Redoak

Deceased 11/20/19

I wish I had known Roadie his whole life as I only gave him a home and love for one year. He was such a sweet boy and followed me around everywhere I went. I miss him very much and his crossing the rainbow bridge is comforting to me. Sweet dreams, Roadie.

Our hearts go out to Dianne for the loss of her sweet foster, Roadie

Hugh Heinz

Adopted 10/19/16
Deceased 11/02/19

Lucie Luge

Deceased 10/23/19

Our beloved DREAM foster Lucy passed away over the rainbow bridge yesterday, it was very sudden and difficult for everyone. The entire household and her sisters already miss her terribly 😔

DREAM extends our sincerest condolences to Lucie's foster Steph and her family for the loss of their precious Lucie.

Frankie Floss

Adopted 08/13/17
Deceased 10/18/19

Just wanted to let you know that Frankie, who I adopted from you two years ago in August, died last week. Frankie was happy and loving the whole time we were together. She was loyal and a true companion. She was very much loved. I miss her so much.

Our hearts go our to Mary for the lost of her precious Frankie.

Daisy Durango

Adopted 06/30/17
Deceased 10/08/19

It's difficult to put together a sufficient eulogy for Daisy because I am so distressed over her loss. She was everything that I expected her to be, from the moment Peaches (my 15 yr. old deaf Pomeranian "child") and I met her. I am honored that I was able to care for her in her senior years and am thankful that she was able to help watch out after Peaches.

Miss Daisy's health had been deteriorating since about June, as she had developed a cataract in one eye and was losing sight in the other, as well as losing muscle mass in her rear legs due to arthritis. She was losing her mobility and I would carry her outside as she needed. We spent a lot of good days outside sitting in the grass together and when she wanted to walk, and was able to, she would walk and play with Peaches until she just had to sit. In her last months, she was only able to eat canned food instead of dry kibble. I took her to the vet when she could no longer stand on her own to relieve herself as I would have to hold her up to help her. She got very lethargic and did not want to get out of her little bed or even go eat from her bowl, so I would sit by her bed and hand feed her.

When I took her to the vet for the last time, I held her in her favorite blanket. The vet told me she was in her final days, there was nothing he could do to help her, and that she would only get worse. After making the difficult decision to let her go, I comforted Miss Daisy through the entire process, always letting her feel my touch and hear my voice, so she would know I was with her to the end and after. As the vet left me to be alone with her, the sadness and my grief for her loss became overwhelming. I said prayers over her and told her how much she had helped me and Peaches and how much we loved her.

It broke my heart to see her pass, even though I know she is now a young, vibrant playful, fully functional little girl once again, with many beautiful friends to love and play with in Heaven. Thank you for the opportunity of being able to care for and share a part of my life with Miss Daisy Durango. She was a very good and sweet "child".

Our hearts to out to Ron and Peaches for the loss of their precious Daisy.

Coco Crowley

Adopted 07/26/16
Deceased 09/12/19

Our sweet Coco has left us. She was almost 14, our only rescue, the smartest of our three Dachshunds, and also the toughest. You didn’t mess with Coco!

She had acute renal failure, with stones in her bladder and one of her kidneys. By the time she showed any symptoms, her kidneys were 75% gone. We did everything we could, but it was too late.

This collar, also worn by our two other Dachshund, Rothko and Zorro, will be hard to fill.

Our hearts go out to Frank and Judy for the loss of their precious Coco.

Snoopy Superior

Deceased 08/22/19

My heart is broken into a million pieces again. My sweet beautiful Snoopy has left this earth to go to the Rainbow Bridge to be reunited with his brothers and sisters where I hope one blissful day I meet him again. He was 22 years old and had an incredibly long life. I had only a year and a half with him but I hope I made his life happy and comfortable. He was such a loyal and loving little dog and he followed me everywhere. I am constantly looking for him and he is gone. I know he is watching me from where he is . He had such beautiful huge dark eyes and no matter where I was he followed me with his gaze. I know he is in a better place now where there is no pain and where he can run again. Darling Snoopy, go and play and be free until the day we meet at the Rainbow bridge.

Knox Knuckleball

Adopted 03/20/17
Deceased 08/17/19

Little Rusty just wore out, sweet old man that he was.  He was a constant lap partner but to my shame, he never got the sparkle back in his eyes.  He tolerated the other dogs but was never up to playing – must have been a loner at heart or just older than we knew.  My two seniors now act much the same way.  I loved having him and I think he knew he was loved.  When he started failing and was in evident pain, we went with the vet's recommendation and held him near while she put him to sleep.  This still brings tears to my eyes.

Dewey Deckle

Adopted 10/02/16
Deceased 08/16/19

I am absolutely heartbroken to inform you that Digby passed away suddenly yesterday morning. He started having some stomach issues in April, but other than that, he was doing great. Yesterday morning he woke us, barking and moaning, which was unusual. He was also very lethargic. We rushed him to the vet who told us he was going to run some tests and would give us a call to let us know what we were dealing with. The vet called not long after saying he was shocked and so sad to let us know that Digby crashed before they were even able to run any tests.

We are absolutely lost without Digby. Even though dogs depend on us to take care of them, we didn’t even realize at the time that Digby was really taking care of us. He mostly liked to sleep next to us, be in his own bed, or follow us around the house (we said he was helping us.) Now I’m like “How do I brush my teeth without Digby helping me? How do I get ready for bed without taking him outside and then tucking him in first?” If we were sick, he took care of us. If we were happy, he was still taking care of us and part of the happiness.

I almost wonder if him waiting until we left the vets office to crash was part of him taking care of us too, so that we wouldn’t have to see them working on him. He was always nervous to go there, but he was calm this time, so I find a little comfort in that. We were able to go to the vet’s office to see him and say our final goodbye’s.

He went everywhere with us and was such a huge part of our lives for 3 years. We took care of him like he was our baby, and our family and friends said we treated him like a king. We hope that he knows how much we loved him, but I’m sure he did. We wish we could have had him sooner, but 100 years wouldn’t have been long enough with him. I don’t know how long it will take, but we have already said we hope to eventually adopt another dog. We don’t think it would be fair to Digby to not help another dog get the good care and life that we were able to give him. Plus he has left a huge hole in our hearts. He has set the bar so high for a future dog, and all he had to do was snuggle with us and just be himself. He was perfect and not just a good boy, but the best boy. Thank you so much for matching us with him,

Arthur Allbreed

Deceased 08/15/19

It's with sadness to share Arthur crossed the rainbow bridge tonight. We thoroughly enjoyed this past year with you buddy. Hope you are running free with Buster and Mattie girl. 🐾🌈🐾

Bob Marley

Adopted 07/20/18
Deceased 07/22/19

It is with sad news that I let my friends know, my former foster dog Bob Marley passed away today. I was thinking about him this weekend since we were volunteering in Houston. It was this weekend last year he was adopted. His mom only got to spend a year and 2 days with him. I didn’t realize until looking through pictures that I had him 5 months. He was so cute and chubby and I loved his little quirks. I am so glad DREAM, his new mom and I were able to give him the best care for the last year and a half of his life. Rest In Peace my little Bob Lobster! ❤️ Adopt or Foster a senior. You definitely won’t regret. I know it’s sad and sometimes it’s only for a short period of time, but giving that one dog the world at the end of his or her life is the most rewarding gift of all. 😭😭😭 Senior care is expensive. DREAM takes on a lot of seniors and I am so thankful for them! ❤️

Frannie Franciscan

Deceased 07/14/19

We made the difficult decision to let Frannie go today. The only time she seemed at peace was when she was sleeping. She would get up and fuss for a couple of hours before breakfast and dinner and sometimes during the middle of the day. She was completely uncoordinated, losing her balance, falling and not being able to get back up by herself. We'd put food right in front of her and she'd have a hard time finding it. Then she'd trip over her bowl or even step in it. She never enjoyed being outside or playing with other dogs. We sure will miss you, little girl. We hope you find some peace over Rainbow Bridge. ❤️

Mo Matchup

Adopted 01/18/17
Deceased 07/13/19

We had to put our wonderful little Mo to sleep because of a bad back that couldn't be fixed. We miss him so much. He was quite a character.

Buster Brise'

Deceased 05/23/19

Missing you already. Say hi to Mattie girl for us. We love you forever. Rest Easy Buster Bear ❤️🐾❤️

Our hearts go out to Buster's foster family for the loss of their special senior boy.

Susie Sunflower

Deceased 05/16/19

Jones Hucklebones

Deceased 04/29/19

Jones came to DREAM from New Orleans. He was an easy going, friendly senior whose owners had turned him into the shelter because he wasn't getting along with two new puppies they'd recently acquired. How sad that someone could give up a dog they'd had for 12 years knowing he could be euthanized at the shelter. Once in foster care, Jones got along wonderfully with dogs of all ages and breeds and even did fine with cats! He had zero aggression and was perfectly house-trained. Such a sweet lovable little senior.

Jones' foster took him to the vet because he started acting lethargic and just didn’t look well. She thought he might have another stomach issue because he was always eating things outside. They had just gone on a long walk the previous night, he ate breakfast in the morning and seemed fine then. The vet did an ultrasound and found that Jones had a liver tumor about the size of a tennis ball that had ruptured and was bleeding into his abdomen. He had to be euthanized. His foster is absolutely devastated. Jones adored Lori and she said he was her comic relief. He was so full of love and life right up to the very end.

Our hearts go out to Lori for the loss of her sweet Forever Foster, Jones.

Desmond David Hume

Adopted 07/31/14
Deceased 03/12/19

Lilah L'Sat

Adopted 04/26/16
Deceased 03/10/19

Charlie Chestnut

Deceased 02/11/19

Jack Juniper

Adopted 09/22/13
Deceased 01/01/19

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