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DREAM Angel Memories

Major Moncrief

Adopted 12/14/15
Deceased 12/20/15

Major passed over the Rainbow Bridge this morning. His condition had declined and I believed he was suffering. I decided to let him be in peace. Cindy and Brenda met me at the vet, and I whispered my goodbye in his precious little ear. A part of me died today with that innocent young life being taken away. I'm overwhelmed by sadness. He followed me everywhere. I can't believe I'm never going to get to hold him again or see his precious smile. I'm so painfully sad I can't even breathe. My whole family is absolutely heartbroken.

Major contracted Distemper even though he had received all his puppy vaccines. Our hearts go out to Marcie and her family who did everything they could to save this sweet baby boy.

Maggie Greene

Adopted 11/29/15
Deceased 12/12/15

Our hearts are breaking for Maggie and her adopters. We thought little Maggie had only a touch of kennel cough, but it turned out to be something much worse. Maggie ended up at the emergency vet with pneumonia, most likely a result of Distemper. Maggie got to know the love of her adopters for only a short while. Such a sad ending for such a sweet girl.

Glenn Rhee

Deceased 12/10/15

Poor Glenn is another victim of Distemper, a disease which is easily preventable, but very difficult to cure. Dropping off an unvaccinated dog at a shelter is practically a death sentence. We have cried many tears for the foster dogs we've lost to this horrible disease, not to mention the money we've spent trying to save them. Please vaccinate your pets.

Presley Pinot

Adopted 11/13/15
Deceased 12/01/15

Presley crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He was so swollen and miserable. It was a sad day. We loved him so much. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to love him.


Deceased 11/30/15

Hug your pups tonight. Sweet Dillon, aka "Dilly Bar", went to the Rainbow Bridge today. He had been in heart failure for a while, but went bed as usual. He woke up with a swollen belly and would not walk. X-rays showed a tumor, and he was bleeding internally. There was nothing we could do. I am so shocked and sad.

Hallie Pumpkinbutter

Adopted 11/01/15
Deceased 11/22/15

Our hearts are breaking for this little girl and her family. Rescued from the shelter, then adopted right away, sweet Hallie came down with Distemper, a disease that is easily preventable with an inexpensive vaccine. Hallie must not have been vaccinated before she ended up at the shelter, and came down with this horrible disease for which there is no cure.

Carol Peletier

Deceased 11/18/15

Poor Carol went into respiratory distress Tuesday night, due to advanced heartworm disease. Her foster rushed her to our emergency vet, but Carol went downhill so fast, all they could do was make her comfortable. Sweet Carol was a DREAM dog for only a week, but she was very much loved and cherished by her foster person. You can honor Miss Carol's short life by remembering to give your dogs their monthly heartworm preventative.

Yogi Yosemite

Deceased 11/18/15

Sweet little Yogi passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Heartworms had moved into his lungs, causing acute pulmonary embolism. What makes this even more tragic is this could have been prevented had his previous owners only given him a monthly heartworm preventative. The world has lost a precious little guy. Yogi is now running with the other Angels at Rainbow Bridge.


Adopted 02/17/14
Deceased 09/08/15

It is with a very heavy heart that I am writing you. Romeo (re-named Interceptor) passed away last night in a tragic, unexpected accident. Being the ever-mischievous Dachsie that he was, he wiggled under the fence yesterday evening and went into the neighbor’s backyard. We were all in the backyard with him, but he dug under there too fast for anyone to realize what had happened. He was killed by our neighbor’s dog. I am so, so sorry. Interceptor was our baby, and we loved him more and more every single day. We are in complete and total shock. He meant everything - absolutely everything - to us. I’ve never loved, and I will never love, anything as much as I loved that little boy. I would give anything to bring him back to us.

Millie Morninglory

Deceased 08/28/15

Sweet little Millie, who was diagnosed with a severe form of Cushings, crossed Rainbow Bridge yesterday. Our volunteer, who was with her when she passed, said Millie's breathing was labored and her belly was extremely swollen. There was total relief in Millie's eyes when she left this world. Run free, little Millie. We know you're in a better place now.

Sweetpea Patchouli

Deceased 07/31/15

Sweetie was only with us for one year. During that time she battled cancer, hip problems and congestive heart failure. But she always remained calm and patient. She was one of those Dachsie with a stoic face that rarely changed expression but she knew how to let you know what she wanted and would give you NO peace until you figured it out! Our mini old man, Chuckers, became her faithful companion and friend and stayed by her side right to the end. I know people hesitate to adopt Seniors because death comes sooner rather than later. But it is a joy to provide them with a loving and happy home for whatever time they have left. We believe all dogs go to heaven and we will see all of our senior rescues one day. Sweetie will be right in the middle of the pack. We always say "no more..." but then another senior comes along that nobody wants. Well, we're seniors too. Thank you and God bless DREAM Dachshund Rescue for their dedication to senior Dachsies.

Pam and Julius, thank you for taking such good care of Sweetie when she needed you the most. We are so sorry for your loss.

Camille Corsage

Deceased 07/23/15

From Cindy
God rest her sweet little soul. After fighting a long battle with Distemper, Camille knew we gave it our all and knew how much we wanted her to be pain free. She knew it was the right decision. She was still struggling to breathe, even on oxygen, and her sunken eyes showed her pain. I spent nearly an hour with her, letting her know how special she was and how much she mattered. Camille let out a huge sigh of relief as she crossed over, then ran to catch up with many friends waiting for her at the bridge. RIP sweet Camille.

From Marcie
She was a beauty. I'm so glad I was able to hold her the last two nights. Her little body just gave out. Thank you Cindy and Brenda for all the running back and forth for her. Very sad day for me.

From Suzanne
On the night we lost Camille, I took the dogs out one last time before bed and noticed a tiny flower bud (the very first one) on a "volunteer" plant that had come up in my garden. I had left the little weed alone because I thought it looked like it might be a periwinkle (I don’t have these anywhere else in my yard). The next day, it opened up, and sure enough, it’s a beautiful little periwinkle. I’d like to believe this is Camille’s way of letting us know she’s ok.

From Brenda
Here is my flower from Camille. I had planned to dig this plant up today, but when I went out this morning it was blooming! I know Camille was happy to have all the tubes out, to be able to walk around, to eat yummy home cooked food, and most of all, to have someone snuggle with her (her favorite past time). RIP my sweet Camille.

Amanda Bell

Deceased 07/18/15

Amanda Belle was heavy heartworm-positive when we rescued her last August. She also had severe dental disease and a mammary mass which needed to be removed. Unfortunately, the damage caused heartworms eventually resulted in heart failure for this beautiful little girl. Thanks to her foster, Elly, for giving her several months of care and love.

Marlowe Merry

Deceased 06/29/15

Beautiful Marlowe became a DREAM Dachsie after she was dropped of at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. This poor girl had many health issues, including awful teeth and an enlarged heart. After seven months of extensive vet care and much love, Marlowe succumbed to congestive heart failure. Our hearts go out to her foster, Mandy, who cared for her and stayed with her until the very end.

Tori Taurus

Deceased 05/03/15

Tori wandered into someone's yard on Friday, apparently attacked by a large dog or coyote. She was covered in puncture wounds and had severe wounds to her neck and hind quarters. The homeowner contacted DREAM because Tori had no collar or microchip. We did all we could to save her but the injuries and infection were too severe for her to overcome. We are brokenhearted. Thank you for your prayers and any donations made toward her vet care.

Malcolm Mogul

Deceased 03/09/15

Sweet Malcolm came down with sepsis yesterday and was rushed to our emergency clinic where they gave him only a 50% chance of survival. He hung on for several hours, but the infection was too much for his little body to handle. The vets performed CPR long enough for Bonnie, his foster mom, to get there and say goodbye. Our hearts go out to Bonnie for the sudden and unexpected loss of this little angel.

Vance Valentine

Deceased 02/26/15

2/26/15: Little Vance passed away today. I had him wrapped in a blankie when we left. Devin was home. And Mack has been so concerned and brave with handling all these puppies; he laid him in a very small carrier wrapped in his blanket and we will bury him on Monday with his sisters.

2/25/15: Ginger is nurturing him until his last breath, I don't think he will make it through the night. He has become very weak today. Heart wrenching. Cici calls him Bugsy because he looks like a little guinea pig from the movie Bedtime Stories.

Veronica Valentine

Deceased 02/21/15

2/21/15: We lost our third baby girl today to the horrible disease of Distemper. Veronica's mother, Vivienne, must have been exposed to it when she was in the shelter. Although there is no cure, this disease is easily preventable with vaccination. Young puppies and unvaccinated pets are the most susceptible.

Valerie Valentine

Deceased 02/20/15

2/20/15: I think Valerie is going to pass away today; she is just not strong enough. I've got her wrapped in a blanket and she looks like she is going to go peacefully. The other two are eating, can wag their tails and can walk over and get in my lap, but they can take a turn at any time. I hope I never have to go through this again.

Violette Valentine

Deceased 02/13/15

2/13/15: I could tell Violette was very weak this morning so I wrapped her up in a warm pink blanket. When I checked on her a few minutes ago she had passed away, I just hope she hadn't suffered too much. Michael and I will bury her out behind Indy's favorite tree when he gets home today. She never got to play in our pasture but I want her to be there in spirit. I don't understand how this has happened to such a sweet innocent angel.

Caesar Cider

Deceased 01/14/15

Sweet little Caesar, who was hit by a car last Thursday night, passed away today. The surgery to repair his broken pelvis went well yesterday, but he went into cardiac arrest early this morning. Sadly, efforts to resuscitate were unsuccessful. Our hearts go out to Caesar's foster dad who did everything within his power to save him.

Travis Stuttgart

Deceased 01/06/15

In October 2014, sweet little Travis was surrendered to the SPCA by a family who found him on the street. The SPCA discovered he had a microchip, but the chip led to a dead end. So they gave him all his vaccines and even cleaned his teeth before turning him loose on October 21st when he celebrated his "re-birthday" and became a DREAM Dachsie!

It didn't matter that he was heartworm positive, or his legs were a little bowed in the back, that his knees occasionally buckled, that he sported a really frosty face or even that he was close to 10 years old; he was a smooth, mini red Dachshund and that spelled LOVE! Travis was welcomed into DREAM's "Senior Sanctuary Program" where no senior is passed on just because he or she may seem unadoptable due to age or medial status!

Travis spent a couple of months living life as a pampered DREAM Dachsie at the Lil' Ruffhouse in Katy, Texas, where he enjoyed waddling around the perimeter of the green pasture, snuggling down in a soft doggie bed or an available lap and always giving kisses galore. But a little over a month ago, Travis began having health issues. Following multiple vet visits, a couple rounds of antibiotics and two separate ultrasounds, it was recently confirmed that Travis had terminal bladder and prostate cancer that looked to have spread to his spine.

This old boy fought a valiant battle, but ultimately it was more than his fragile little body could handle. While wrapped in the loving arms of one of our DREAM volunteers, Travis passed over the Rainbow Bridge last night, and we all know what that means... he's now free from any pain while he runs and plays in sun drenched fields of green!


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