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DREAM Angel Memories

Tara Treat

Deceased 12/15/20

It is with very heavy hearts that Lindy and I have to report that Ms. Tara has passed away. She had to be put to sleep two days ago because her kidneys had failed. She was euthanized at home and died in my arms 💔.

Beau Berlin

Adopted 07/01/18
Deceased 12/11/20

I'm so sorry to have to tell you that we lost Blue. We still don't know what happened. The vets at the ER said it was probably a snake bite or insect that he was maybe allergic to. They did a platelet infusion, everything they could but could not save him. I had to let him go on Friday morning. Until today, I could barely talk about it and I still cry every day because I miss his sweet little face so much.


Adopted 05/25/13
Deceased 11/28/20

Today I said goodbye to my snuggle buddy. I knew this day was coming although I thought I would lose him to dementia, not a stroke. With the loss of his back legs and the inability to sit upright without support, he was miserable. I had hoped with a few days, he would improve but unfortunately his little body further declined. My heart is shattered and aches beyond words. I am comforted to know that he will be met at the Rainbow Bridge by Lilah, Clarence, Malcolm, Shorty, Knox and a few others. Comet will stop by to snap at him one more time. Winkie easily made human and furry friends and I am sure he is up there making some new ones. He is probably going to be starting a few bromances and put his moves into action. He will chase geckos and bunnies, take long walks and be the center of attention. Until we meet again, know that I love you and miss you Wink! You were special.

Shye Shizuka

Adopted 03/23/17
Deceased 11/13/20

One of the worst things to experience is watching a loved one literally fall apart in front of your eyes. This happened to my sweet redhead girl Shay this week.

She was a natural sweetheart, always wagging her tail to greet us or her beloved brother Cody. They were inseparable until they weren't. He passed nearly a year ago before Christmas last year and she hasn't been the same since.

I promised him we'd take care of her. She was with him to the end and even gave him kisses goodbye before he slept. I let her sleep on my side of the bed every single night and slept on the floor to keep her comfortable after she got her IVDD surgery to help cope.

Shay began having IBS issues around the time Cody became ill which eventually triggered the last events of her time on this earth. Always a sweetheart but also her own worst enemy not understanding that she was hurting herself.

She missed her brother everyday. Deep down I think she recognized the time of the year and wanted to see him again. Sleep well Shay-Lynn Marie, we will never forgot you and Coco Bear.

Winter Berry
"Minnie Winnie"

Deceased 11/04/20

Cece Scores

Deceased 11/02/20

Today was a very hard day for me. I had to let my Magic Cee go to the Rainbow Bridge. The story began with a call from Dream Dachshund Rescue asking me to take a little 9 pound dog they had picked up from a shelter. She had bad teeth and ears, awful skin, heartworm positive, and a tumor the size of a baseball. I picked her up a few days before the surgery and afterwards she was to spend a few day with me in a quiet environment. A few days became years and we had some exciting adventures. About a month ago she came down with MRSA. The treatment was horrible and it broke her spirit. Pancreatitis set in and we tried, but it was a loosing battle. You fought for 17 years and now! Run free my baby just like you did from me. I will see you again at the 🌈 Bridge with Hans, Brandy. Roxie, Christmas, and Sadie.

Tucker Tassimo

Adopted 01/23/19
Deceased 10/25/20

Tucker is free now. No more pain or breathing problems. He's riding in his jump seat in the sky. You will be missed little buddy.

Ernie Etonblue

Deceased 10/21/20

Ernie captured our hearts this past February. After losing our almost 12 year old dachshund, we decided to open our home to another. Ernie was 15 years old, blind, and mostly deaf, but you certainly wouldn’t have known it! He was full of life, so incredibly smart, & as spunky as they come. He absolutely loved hanging out with us and would stay in our arms all day if he could. We’re gonna miss snuggling with and loving on you, Ernie! You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten.


Deceased 10/12/20

We still can't get over that Bertie is gone. The only positive thing was that she's now back with Manny and no longer hurting. Sweet little Bertie was loved and loved back.

Simon Stubbs

Adopted 08/08/16
Deceased 10/08/20

Clarence became an angel today. We knew this was a possibility when we departed for our trip, which was one of the reasons we took our sweet boy. He fell ill when we arrived in Eagle River, WI on Wednesday and transitioned early this morning to his next pup adventure in the sky.

We named him after Clarence the angel in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” He was ours’ for 4 1/4 beautiful years. Rest in Love, dear Clarence. We will feel your sweet spirit forever.

Barney Barre

Deceased 10/05/20

Nash Nidoran

Deceased 10/05/20

Nash was the most easygoing dog. During the almost four years here with me, he endured constant ear infections with constant vet visits and treatment. His last two months were the best he had been in two years, so when he suddenly became worse with ,pain and neurological symptoms, I knew he had suffered enough. Goodbye my precious boy. Hopefully, your life over the rainbow bridge will be filled with sunshine and happy times.

Dixie Lou

Deceased 08/25/20

I have been trying to come to terms with losing Dixie Lou and it has been hard and very sad. For eight years (six with my husband Hal, and two on my own since he passed in 2018), I have been caring for Dixie. Her original owner, for the first seven years of her life, was my Dad. He fed her too many snacks of eggs and cheese, which resulted in her becoming diabetic. For the past several years, this has meant a special GlycoBalance diet and two shots per day of Vetsulin.

She had so much tenacity and just kept on living life no matter what. I really admired her for her strength and forbearance of her condition. She just didn’t let anything get her down. Even in her last days, when she was in pain from oncoming pancreatitis, she refused to give in or give up. Having to take her in to the vet was so hard knowing that this was not going to work out well for her. I had time in a private exam room to hold her close and tell her how much I admired and loved her. Although she was calm, she was also letting me know I should let her go home, where she could be with my Dad. It was so hard to say goodbye.

She was a true miniature dachshund, with a silky smooth coat and had special ears that stuck straight out and that gave her the nickname of “Bat Girl”. I would smooth her ears down and say “Dachshund ears", but as soon as I let them go, they would immediately pop back up in Bat Girl mode. She was bigger than life for such a tiny dog, and although she was 15 years old, she was just so beautiful. I know she is now free of pain, running around, or curled up on Dad’s lap.

Genie Gevalia
"Genie Beanie Super Weenie"

Adopted 02/18/20
Deceased 08/11/20

We sadly said goodbye to my sweet Genie Beanie Super Weenie a few days ago. Long story short, after exams and blood tests showing everything within normal limits, we believe she had a brain tumor.

Genie and Missy came to live with us about one year ago as forever fosters. Missy became ill and passed away in February. I decided to adopt Genie then.

Losing two dogs within six months is difficult, as we all know, but such is life as a rescuer. No regrets here. I will always have rescues and will always love them. We take our lumps and go back for more.

Genie was a hoot! Always a high energy, beautiful and happy dog, her tail a blur of wagging, she loved the whole world and everyone in it. It was so sweet to see her in a puppy pile with Rhodes, Sansa, Miggy, Cow Girl, Sara, Mia and whoever else decided to crash with them - usually Bart, my tuxedo cat. Genie was my tiny bud, my shadow who loved to get under my feet and follow me around. She had the loudest bark for such a little dog just under 10 pounds. Her favorite time was mealtime and she ate with pure gusto. She slowly crept into my heart and stole it!

At bedtime I’d spray rose & lavender essential oils in the room and apply lavender to her coat. Then I’d kiss her little head, rock her in my arms and sing her a lullaby. I’d promise to meet her in our dreams in sleepy town. The lullaby I sang went like this:

Hush a bye, don’t you cry
Go to sleep my little baby.
When you wake you shall have
All the pretty little horses.
Dapples and grays, pintos and bays,
All the pretty little horses.

Yonder down in the meadow
Poor little baby’s crying Momma.
Birds and butterflies flutter around her eyes,
Poor little baby’s crying Momma.
Mmmm mmmmm mmmmmm,
Mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm.
Go to sleep my little baby.

Then I’d kiss her again and gently lay her in her bed and sneak out of the room before she realized I’d left.

I shall miss you Genie Beanie. You know your Momma loves you. Have fun playing with all your siblings. Tell Joy to be nice to you and please meet me at the bridge with the gang if I am blessed to make it there! Goodbye for now. 😘

Bobby Basil

Adopted 02/14/15
Deceased 07/28/20

I had to say goodbye to my little man Bobby a couple of days ago. I adopted him 5+ years ago when he was 8 years old. He was a good boy. He was quite an unusual boy. I called him my 'autism dog' because he didn't show emotion like a normal dog does. He rarely wagged his tail, he rarely gave kisses and he rarely barked or growled no matter what was going on. When I had the litter of 8 puppies at my house a couple years ago I knew he'd be a great dog for socializing them because he was so tolerant...and all I can say after seeing him with them is he may have been a saint!

Even though Bobby didn't usually show emotion in an obvious way, if you knew him you knew what he needed. For instance, if he was content he would lick his paws. I actually spent the LONGEST time trying different allergy meds and sprays trying to get him to STOP licking his paws until I figured out he just did it because he liked to! If he wanted your attention he would flap his ears. Decoding Bobby's language was a unique adventure.

I'm not sure what his history was...if he ever acted like a 'normal' dog...if he ever ran around and played as a puppy. That would have been fun to see.

Bobby WAS a completely normal dog though in the fact that he LOVED to eat. He loved his fruits and veggies that he got as snacks nearly every day and he never hesitated to try new things.

Bobby was a super sweet companion...just as nice as they come. He had the softest & puffiest little chest...you could just nuzzle your nose right into him if you wanted to escape for a little while. He didn't mind at all. Bobby will be missed by all...but especially those who got to call him their boy.

Myra Meringue

Deceased 07/18/20

Myra was a sweet, happy, spunky little old lady with a big quirky personality! She was our forever foster and we loved her the very minute she came into our life! She loved cuddles, her treats, and sleeping under blankets. Her happy place was outside laying in the grass in the sun with her ears flapping in the breeze. But my happy place (Anneliese) was her curled up in my lap at night while reading or watching TV. Her little tongue hung out of her mouth 99% of the time adding to that big personality.

Our dog Monty was her protector letting us know if she needed to go out, bark at other dogs walking by (which he never did prior to having her), and slept right on top of her. The cats always rubbed on her and would go belly up as she walked up to them. Myra brought such joy to our family and has definitely left a huge hole in our hearts. Thank you DREAM for allowing us to care for her and allowing her to live out her senior years with us. She definitely was spoiled right up to her last breath and will be surely missed!

Anneliese, Tony, Emma, & Audra Grassi

Danny Democracy

Deceased 07/04/20

Abbey Abbott

Adopted 06/14/18
Deceased 06/29/20

Oscar Oratek

Deceased 06/19/20

We lost our sweet boy Ozzie today. Ozzie and Ziggy came to us as senior fosters last year through Dream Dachshund and they have been the best dogs! I have a big heart for senior dogs. It is so hard when we loose them. Ozzie and Savannah were best friends and she called him her baby. It breaks my heart to see her so upset. I wish they could live forever. 💔 😥

DREAM extends our deepest sympathy to Leean and her family, especially Savannah, for the loss of their sweet foster, Ozzie.

From Oscar's previous foster mom:

Friends, today I found out that sweet Ozzie passed away a few days ago. I can't stop crying, and am in shock. Many of you knew him while I fostered him and Ziggy for almost two years. I’ll always remember him carrying his donut toy, even while peeing. Ozzie you will be missed my sweet boy.

Ruby Radar

Adopted 06/25/17
Deceased 06/10/20

We received a voicemail from Ruby's adopter on June 24th saying said Ruby had gotten very sick and passed away two weeks ago. She wanted us to know that Ruby was the sweetest thing ever, and what a little doll she was. Ruby was her favorite little sweetheart. 😭

Our hearts go out to Shirley for the loss of her precious girl, Ruby.

Maggie Macbeth

Deceased 06/01/20

Maggie was a wonderful girl and our first DREAM foster. Several applicants expressed interested in her, but she stayed with us until the end. She was beautiful, and spunky, hopped when she barked, and snored as loud as a train. Maggie was joined at the Rainbow Bridge by her foster brother, a Basset Hound named Moose. She is loved very much. Run free "Maggie May". We miss you.

Thanks to Reachel and her family for fostering and loving this sweet girl. We are so sorry for your loss.

Truly Treasure

Deceased 05/28/20

Sweet little Truly had been a DREAM dog only for a couple weeks, but she already had several potential adopters interested in her. We decided to have her teeth cleaned for an upcoming "Meet & Greet" so she would look her best. What was supposed to be a routine dental cleaning turned into a tragedy. She didn't wake up after the procedure. Absolutely heartbreaking for all involved. We're so very sorry, little girl. You were truly a treasure and will be dearly missed. Hope you are running with all your long lost friends over Rainbow Bridge.

Watson Watercress
"Dr. Watson"

Adopted 09/30/14
Deceased 05/26/20

Dr Watson was our first rescue from DREAM,6 years ago. He was the best little boy anyone could ask for. He passed away yesterday from (what appeared to be) a brain tumor. It came on very suddenly. Poor little guy Still can’t believe he’s really gone. Our hearts are breaking at his passing. Watson was honestly such a good dog. He never did anything wrong.

Happy Harlequin

Deceased 05/25/20

Happy went to the rainbow bridge. She is with Lucky again. Hope they are snuggling and playing with toys together. 😭🌈

Mabelle Machiatto

Adopted 12/15/18
Deceased 05/19/20

Our beloved MaeBelle is running with the angels. At the beginning of the year, she was having some mobility/memory concerns. We had her tested for Cushings. We lost her on May 19th. She was a joy in our lives. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her adorable face.

Pia Pidove

Adopted 02/05/17
Deceased 03/18/20

Sophie Sabine

Deceased 03/16/20

Lucille LaSalle
"Mi Miel (My Honey)"

Adopted 06/17/17
Deceased 03/15/20

Missy Machu Picchu

Deceased 02/02/20

Another sad day at our house Sunday. One of our forever fosters, Missy Machu Picchu, went to the Rainbow Bridge. She’d been on meds for a couple days, but Saturday evening she started to fail. Early Sunday morning I took her to my vet clinic. My vet assessed her and it was agreed euthanasia would be the kindest path to follow, so we let her go.

Missy was a happy, sweet, tiny senior girl who loved all her brothers and sisters - even the cats. She loved to run around the yard in the sunlight with her siblings and loved to be kissed, carried and rocked in my arms as I sang little songs to her. She would go to bed at night on a big quilt with her sister Genie. Then I’d spray lavender and rose essential oils around the room and tuck them both in, giving kisses and telling them I loved them and would meet them in Sleepy Town. We only had Missy for a few months, but she seemed to be very happy with us and we enjoyed having her as part of our family. It was so cute to see her asleep with Rhodes, Genie and Sansa in a puppy pile on a quilt in our dog room. I feel blessed to have had her in my life. Thanks to Dream for allowing her to live with us. I’ll miss you little girl. Godspeed and send my love to all of our fur babies at the bridge.

Bella Bender

Adopted 09/17/16
Deceased 01/15/20

Herbie Hibiscus

Deceased 01/14/20

Tiffany Tinsel

Adopted 03/12/14
Deceased 01/03/20

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