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DREAM Angel Memories

Marvin Gaye

Adopted 07/07/19
Deceased 11/18/22

Daria Diamond

Deceased 11/11/22

We pulled sweet little Daria from a shelter, thinking she was in such bad shape because she was a stray and had been lost for a while. It turns out she had Sick Sinus Syndrome (SSS) which is thought to be genetic. Middle to older aged Miniature Schnauzers, West Highland Terriers, Boxers, Dachshunds and Cocker Spaniels are the most common breeds with SSS. The only thing that could have saved her was a pacemaker. Sadly, she was not a good candidate for surgery by the time we got her. She was emaciated, and her tiny body was covered in bed sores from lying down all the time. Her heart beat so slowly, she couldn't maintain her body temperature. We're grateful that she had one good night in her foster home.

Rudy Ringbearer

Deceased 10/18/22

Rudy is over rainbow bridge 🌈 , joining Reba, Charlie Chestnut (they loved hunting squirrels together!), Herbie and, of course, Ginger and all the others. 😢 The worst part was that my vet said "Wow his heart is still so strong. So sad his kidneys failed him". 😢

I’m glad I brought him home for one more night. This morning he was laying next to Biggie up on the couch. He’s been staying in his favorite kennel most of the time since he hasn’t felt well. He loved Biggie so much.

Maggie Mae Zweite
"Maggie Goldapp"

Adopted 11/23/13
Deceased 09/27/22

Maggie was crazy smart, learning to open gates hunting down her prey. Things didn't live long in our yard. The girl was a Houdini at open doors - one minute there, the next POOF! Look up and she's sitting across the street waiting for us to bring her home. No chasing required. No trash or food was safe from her.

We're sure she thought her name was "No No Bad Dog" LOL! Maggie had great hearing for meal calls but not so much otherwise. She loved hunting for hidden treats in the house, zooming through every room looking under, over, in and between, never using her nose (probably because it took too long). Poor Steffi never had a chance! Being food driven made it easy to teach Maggie tricks and give her medical care. Camping was a big treat and one of the few times she really used her nose. Buffalo, deer, prairie dog, yum! Karl says Maggie was the boss, and he was her pack. She was always beside him on the couch and in bed.

She loved to bully Steffi, running past her with mouth wide open to nip at her, but always wanting her sister near and allowing her to sleep on top of her. Maggie wanted to be involved with everything and complained loudly when left out. She could be bossy, exhausting, entertaining, funny, loud and was so very loved!

Her body started shutting down last week and she spent her last night sleeping on Karl's chest. Dr. McCann at South 40 Veterinary Hospital helped us through the process as we let her go. She was one month shy of her 17th birthday. We're grieving but also remembering the great life we all had together for 8 years. She made our lives lively and loved us as much as we loved her. Thank you, DREAM Dachshund Rescue and her foster, Suzanne, for this precious girl!

Buffy Buttermilk

Deceased 09/26/22

Saddest day ever. Our foster Buffy Buttermilk passed away suddenly. She had been going through heartworm treatment. She got her first injection on September 7th and had been doing really well. Shortly after finishing her breakfast this morning, she let out a yelp. My husband and I rushed over to check on her and she was limp. I picked her up and felt her heart beat a couple more times before stopping. We are absolutely heartbroken. This precious little girl's life was taken from her way too soon. If you've ever wondered why rescues are so strict about heartworm prevention, now you know. This tragic loss could have easily been prevented if only her former owner had cared enough about her to give her a monthly dose of prevention.

Dallas Draw

Adopted 12/29/16
Deceased 09/15/22

We said goodbye to our precious boy Dallas last night. It was a tough decision. He has been suffering with heart problems for a while and it was time. Our family is so heartbroken today and the house feels so weird without him.💔 He deserved to not suffer anymore.

Special thank you to Sea Paws Veterinary Services

Paul Putter

Deceased 09/15/22

Harley came to me as a foster 7 years ago. His owner had passed away and the family dumped him at the shelter. (I could tell later that Harley was spoiled rotten by that person and was the center of their world, and he made sure I kept up the same treatment.) Thankfully DREAM Dachshund Rescue, Education & Adoption Mission took him in. When I saw his picture, I knew something was special about him. He then had a routine dental done and had to be rushed to the ER because he nearly bled to death. Not long after that, he was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease which he had to start taking expensive daily meds for. Then he had a problem with bladder stones, and the vet ended up rerouting his urethra through to his scrotum area so he could pass the stones when they developed. Somewhere in there, everyone agreed he was not going to be able to be adopted out and was deemed a “forever foster”

Then, last July he had to be rushed to the ER and we found out he was in congestive heart failure and given about 5 months to live. So here we are, over a year later and we finally made the tough call to allow him to cross the rainbow bridge to reunite with his original person. We’ll miss you Harley bug. 🌈

Thanks again to those of you who’ve helped donate to his medical care over the years

Gracie Guadalupe

Adopted 08/31/19
Deceased 09/07/22

Three years ago we adopted 14 year old Gracie through DREAM Rescue. They had gotten her, along with her brother and sister, from the pound, where her surrender papers said "unwanted". Her owners had said they were remodeling their house and didn't want to keep her. I'm sure it was because she used the bathroom all over the place and they didn't want their new floors ruined. I know this because that's what she did with us from day 1. It was very frustrating but I can't imagine giving up your dogs you have had since their birth. Anyway, in spite of this, we vowed to love her and keep her until she died. Well, today was that day. We had to have her put to sleep as she had deteriorated greatly over the last few weeks. She was just existing at this point and wouldn't eat and walked around pacing aimlessly with a dazed look in her eyes, using the bathroom anywhere. It was so sad. The vet made the decision for me to let her go today and I appreciate her taking the decision off my hands. Gracie lived to be 17 years old, so, for a dog, she had a good long life, but it still breaks your heart. I know she is happy and at peace now.

Chloe Cajeta

Adopted 06/29/21
Deceased 08/16/22

We said goodbye to our sweet little old lady Daisy today. She joined our family on June 18, 2021 after her loving Mom became seriously ill.

She was about 16 and originally from Louisiana. She became a really sweet and funny part of our a little pup pack of three. Her brothers loved her — especially Cooper, who spent lots of time licking and licking on her.

We had lots of fun together. She entertained us with her unending appetite, desire to stand right under us or between our legs, loud snoring, shark-like qualities anytime food was present, and ever demanding stare for food. And so much more.

She was a great travel companion, kayak companion, car-rider, and life journeyer. She was not however, a great dining companion, as she regularly snatched food off our plates or bit our fingers in search of a snack.

Daisy had seemingly boundless energy until the last few days. She was overcome by an intestinal blockage that seemed to trigger underlying conditions that we didn’t even know about. She could not get past this, and we and the emergency vet knew it was time.

We know that she was greeted by her Mama, Anna Lou, who passed on shortly after we adopted Chloe-turned-Daisy. We know that all of our family of fur and flesh also welcomed her “home.”

We are all on this life journey together. Thank you to everyone who shares this aspect of our journey with us – our love of our fur family. And thank you to everyone for all of the love and support during the past few days.

We are at peace with this, although it is sad for us. We love adopting senior animals. We would absolutely do it again and will someday. They are uniquely special and so rewarding.

Thank you to Dr. Catherine Cloudt Powell and her assistant, Allie, for their great love and care over this last year and Dr. Patrick Satchell at South Texas Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Hospital in Austin who gave Daisy her end of life care with such kindness and warmth.

Buddy Bunker

Deceased 08/11/22

Sweet Buddy passed away a day after his dental cleaning. He did well during the surgery and went home with his foster that evening. The next day, however, his foster reported that he was somewhat lethargic and not interested in eating. We weren't overly concerned because that's fairly normal for a senior dog after a dental procedure. Sadly, his foster contacted us later that evening to tell us he had passed.

We are all devastated by this loss. We did what we thought was best for Buddy but it was too much for his little body to handle.

Lucy Lark

Deceased 08/10/22

Scout Sellsword

Adopted 02/19/18
Deceased 08/06/22

Hilda Hugs

Adopted 06/18/20
Deceased 07/13/22

Helen Hollandaise
"Brooklyn Josephine"

Adopted 01/12/18
Deceased 06/29/22

"Brooklyn Josephine" (named after my grandmother) brought us so much happiness. We loved and spoiled her. After several trips to the vet for episodes of epileptic spasms, she let us know when it was her time. I held her tight and she buried her head in my arms as she went over the Rainbow Bridge. Of course I was crying, but at the same time I wanted her to know she was loved in her last minutes.

Clara Belle

Adopted 01/24/16
Deceased 06/22/22

Liz Liftoff

Adopted 02/01/19
Deceased 06/21/22

Spencer Sparrow

Adopted 02/01/19
Deceased 06/21/22

Grazia Golden Gate

Deceased 06/19/22

Ericka Esperanza

Adopted 08/06/17
Deceased 06/08/22

Our heart are very heavy right now as we have just lost our family member - Ericka. She has been a joy of the family and now she is watching over us from the other side of the rainbow 🌈 bridge.

Poe Dameron

Adopted 01/23/16
Deceased 06/08/22

It’s with great sadness I wanted to update you that Stout is no longer with us.

Back in April, Stout’s energy took a turn and after multiple visits and test with the vet, we learned his red blood cell count was low, not improving and all signs were pointing to cancer. We had to make a tough decision and let him pass over the rainbow bridge June 8th. Stout was a fighter, he had suffered seizures since we brought him home in 2016 but that never showed him down!

Stout brought us the most joy with his goofy and playful attitude, endless cuddles and sloppy kisses! Thank you for connecting him with our family.

Thank you again for all you do and for bringing Stout into our lives,

- Amber, John & Tallulah

Ella Elementary

Adopted 02/14/21
Deceased 06/06/22

Lolly Ligne

Adopted 09/15/17
Deceased 05/30/22

With a heavy heart I share the news of Lolly's passing.  She had been declining for a while now, and started having seizures. I had to take her to an emergency vet.  I said good bye to her and kissed her.  I'm sad. I just hope that Sampson and I made her life happy.  Thank you for letting me adopt her.

Padme Amidala

Deceased 05/19/22

Padme crossed the rainbow bridge at age 19. DREAM rescued her from a kill shelter in 2016 and we were blessed to have her for several more years. She filled out lives with love. We loved all her traits. Even during her last days, she never missed a meal opportunity. Every evening she would make a point to walk around the kitchen to tell us it was dinner time. She was sweet, a wonderful companion and very resilient. We miss her every day, and her four legged siblings lay on her bed and remember her. Rest in Peace baby girl, we love you and you will be in our hearts forever.

Butter Bucatini

Adopted 11/22/21
Deceased 05/07/22

Levi Lens

Deceased 05/06/22

It was with great sadness that Levi's foster family, after consulting with their veterinarian, determined it was time to let Levi cross the Rainbow Bridge. Levi was doubly blessed to have them as his foster family, not once, but twice. DREAM is so grateful to this kind family for welcoming into their home and loving the senior Dachshunds.

Lucy Lentil

Adopted 06/04/17
Deceased 04/21/22

I wanted to let y'all know that we lost our sweet Lucy on April 21st. She had been on a special diet for the past couple years due to elevated kidney levels and was doing good, but last week she started having seizures and the vet found that her kidney levels were extremely high. They started treatment to try and lower them, but nothing was working and she passed on Thursday. We are all heartbroken and will miss her very much.

Rolf Mustafar

Adopted 02/07/16
Deceased 04/21/22

Jake was pulled from the Austin Animal Center with plans to be our DREAM foster until he found his forever home. He was neutered when he entered the shelter as a stray, but with no microchip, owners could not be found. A few days after arriving in his foster home, we noticed that he was having seizures and collapsing several times/day. His veterinarian quickly determined he had epilepsy and it was easily controlled by twice daily medication. Seizures were very infrequent on the medication and no stuffed squeak toy was safe around Jake. Our big orange tabby learned to avoid Jake as cats were not his favorite but since he was such a small dog, cats usually won in a skirmish. Several years ago, he developed Cushings Disease, which really slowed him down and eventually took him from us.

Cindy and Dave Barnard

Pei Wi Prancer

Adopted 02/25/15
Deceased 04/16/22

I adopted my sweet Peewee when she was almost 12 years old. It didn't matter to me that she was already a senior. She was perfect. Quiet, already housetrained. All she wanted to do was be with me. She's the only dog I've had who would lay at my feet all day while I worked at my computer, content to hang out with me until it was time for dinner. Never pushy or demanding like most of my other Dachshunds. She loved me, and I her. We were perfect for each other. We grew older together.

I knew her time was getting short when I had to wake her to eat. It became more difficult for her to get around, stumbling and sometime falling over when she walked. She never complained. During her last couple of weeks, she got stuck under furniture and put herself into corners, unable to back out. She eventually lost interest in food, and then water. I hoped, like most of us do, that she would pass peacefully in her sleep, but she hung on.

On her last day, she didn't get out of her bed. I knew she was ready to cross, but needed my help. Even after the sedative kicked in, she continued to look up at me while I was crying, as if to say "I'm still here for you". I held her tightly and said "I know".

Rest in peace, sweet girl. You are forever in my heart.

Ricco Rapidash

Deceased 04/15/22

Katy Kanzi

Adopted 10/23/16
Deceased 04/12/22

Our BB8, adopted Oct 2016, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was a wonderful dog and will be missed by the whole family. Our grandson loved to pet her when he visited. She passed on April 12th from a combination of age and back issues.

Connor Cornucopia

Adopted 11/24/14
Deceased 04/08/22

Charlie Chimes

Adopted 05/11/18
Deceased 03/28/22

Tia Taffeta

Adopted 11/23/15
Deceased 03/20/22

Sonny San Marcos

Adopted 02/10/20
Deceased 03/10/22

Grayson Grasshopper

Adopted 12/22/19
Deceased 03/04/22

When I got home Wednesday evening, Grayson could hardly move and was yelping in pain. I cuddled him all night and rushed him to my vet as soon as they opened on Thursday morning. They did x-rays and said he had three discs that had collapsed in his neck, and three in his back. They did injections and kept him overnight. On Friday morning they said he was worse and was completely paralyzed in his back legs. We spoke with the surgeon, but there was no guarantee that surgery would help. Grayson was in so much pain, even with the pain meds, that at noon on Friday we made the difficult decision put Grayson to sleep. I am beyond devastated and I just keep reminding myself that at least he is no longer in pain.

He was my little man and such a loving a sweet boy. I was his person. I feel so lost without him. He’s going to be missed so much by our entire family, especially Charlie our other weenie dog. They were inseparable and he followed her everywhere. He will always be in our hearts. 🤍

Murray Marzipan

Adopted 09/07/21
Deceased 02/10/22

Minnie Taj Mahal
"Minnie Mouse"

Adopted 05/28/19
Deceased 02/09/22

Bunny Burnet

Deceased 02/08/22

We are extremely saddened to report that Bunny has passed away. After multiple procedures at the emergency clinic, including surgery to remove the foreign matter that filled her stomach, she succumbed to the trauma that her little body had endured.

Dodie Stevens

Adopted 04/14/15
Deceased 02/06/22

Gypsy Goodyear

Adopted 09/29/17
Deceased 02/02/22

Troy Toboggan

Adopted 03/20/16
Deceased 01/27/22

Heidi Hawthorn

Deceased 01/17/22

As our eyes grow dim and our ears hear less we still need love and understanding. Heidi came to us a few years back needing to find a home which functioned on her time schedule. Get up at 9:00am, pee twice a day( last one at 10:30 not 10:00) after she sniffed around for 6 minutes and NEVER EVER be held more than 90 seconds. No covering me up (except during the snowmagedon, 4 blankets then) and be sure her meals had chicken breast, pumpkin, and broccoli. She absolutely put on her pretty dress at least once a day and walk to the end of the driveway. Never mention she was a forever foster she was absolutely mine until she flew to the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge at 2:30 pm today in my arms. We love you and our hearts are broken Mom, Dasha, and Precious

Pepper Proteus

Adopted 04/20/20
Deceased 01/17/22

Daisy Turtledove

Adopted 11/08/14
Deceased 01/15/22

Mitzi passed away in January at the age of 13+ from an aggressive form of lymphoma. She was SO sweet. She waited until every one of her people came to see her that morning before she would take her last breath.

Shadow Snowbird

Deceased 01/09/22

Bonzo Bearhug

Adopted 01/14/16
Deceased 01/06/22

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