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Programs Benefitting Seniors

DREAM receives multiple requests daily to accept dogs into our rescue program. Senior Dachshunds make up a large percentage of those requests. Through no fault of their own, people find themselves in situations where they can no longer care for their Dachshunds. These poor dogs, who have probably been with the same owner since they were puppies, are suddenly uprooted and frightened and don't understand what's happening to them. While they may not be as rambunctious as younger dogs, they are usually easy-going, already housetrained, and quite often still spunky and playful. Plus they don't have many of those pesky puppy habits like chewing on everything in sight!

"Senior to Senior" Adoptions

Approved senior applicants (65+ years) can adopt a senior DREAM Dachshund (10+ years) at a reduced adoption fee of only $75.00. DREAM will periodically follow up with you to ensure that you and your Dachshund are doing well. If you should, for any reason, become unable to care for your Dachshund, you may return him/her to DREAM.

Benefits of Adopting a DREAM Senior Dachshund

  • Help lower your blood pressure
  • Ease feelings of depression
  • Encourage you to become more active
  • Ward off loneliness
  • Ease the loss of a loved one
  • Motivate you to take better care of yourself
  • Help you feel more secure
  • Make you feel needed and loved!
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    DREAM Senior Sanctuary

    Cofounders Nelson and Rosalind Modrall

    Many of our senior Dachshunds aren't as easy to adopt out due to their age and/or chronic illness. They are, however, every bit as lovable as our younger, adoptable dogs, and they truly deserve to live out their lives in loving homes. Our Senior Sanctuary program allows you to permanently care for one of our senior dogs without the worry of incurring unexpected expenses. As a Senior Sanctuary foster, you will provide regular vet care (annual vaccines, heartworm/flea preventative), food, shelter and love, while enjoying all the benefits of having a loving companion by your side. DREAM will cover any other expenses you can't afford. All vet expenses incurred by you as a Senior Sanctuary foster are considered tax-deductible. We'd love the opportunity to tell you more about the benefits of this program.

    DREAM relies on donations to sponsor these senior programs, so if you aren't able to foster or adopt, please consider donating to our Senior Sanctuary or sponsoring one of our Senior Dachshunds.

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