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Finally Home

Our Adopted Dogs

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DREAM Dog Finally Home Story

Otis Optimus Prime

Adopted 12/31/23

Petunia Palace

Adopted 12/30/23

Freddy Fedora

Adopted 12/16/23

Marjorie Moonshadow

Adopted 12/11/23

Vicente Volstagg

Adopted 12/10/23

Chloe Croft

Adopted 12/04/23

Peanut Plissken

Adopted 12/02/23

Roxie Ramsey

Adopted 12/02/23

Bowie Baroness

Adopted 11/29/23

Terri Trilby

Adopted 11/08/23

Mack Maverick

Adopted 11/05/23

Pickles Pickelhaube

Adopted 11/05/23

Abigail Ascot

Adopted 11/01/23

Alfred Arepa

Adopted 11/01/23

Grace Granola

Adopted 10/22/23

Avery Arches

Adopted 09/30/23

Bella Barometer

Adopted 09/30/23

Paisley Petalite

Adopted 09/30/23

Colby Congaree

Adopted 09/09/23

Shawn Shoshone

Adopted 09/07/23

Bella Ballerina
"Lulu Bella"

Adopted 08/25/23

Arielle Adelaide

Adopted 08/24/23

Izzy Innoko

Adopted 08/19/23

Pinkie Popcorn

Adopted 08/03/23

Pinkie, who ended up weighing 30 pounds (obviously not a Dachshund!) was transferred to Three Little Pitties and adopted by a wonderful family in Vancouver, British Columbia. Huge thanks to Three Little Pitties for helping us get this sweet girl adopted.

Ladybug Lovestruck

Adopted 08/01/23

Piper Paradise

Adopted 07/29/23

Cammie Climate

Adopted 07/11/23

Daisy Donut

Adopted 07/04/23

Beauty Beloved

Adopted 07/01/23

Athena Albertine

Adopted 06/20/23

Kenny Kensington
"Kenneth Tobias"

Adopted 05/25/23

Sammy Sausage

Adopted 05/04/23

Bonnie Barnwell

Adopted 05/03/23

Clyde Clarence

Adopted 05/03/23

Gus Grits

Adopted 05/01/23

Welcome Gus to the Coleman Clan!

Gus is a 14-year-old, 10 pound piebald, Dachshund whose owner unfortunately had dementia and had to go live in a memory care home. The sadder news is that the gentlemen had 9 children and NOT ONE of them would take Gus in. Gus was living in an empty house for 2 months and someone would stop by a few times a week to leave food.

A friend of the gentlemen heard about this travesty and took Gus in. She got him neutered and, since he had some bad teeth and gums, got his teeth cleaned, and she brought him up to date with his vaccines. Amazingly, he is heart worm negative! DREAM Dachshund Rescue agreed to take him in. Gus was about an hour away from me so I said I would foster. I'm now a "foster fail". 🐾

I have had him just over a month. He is learning the routine at my house, learning his place in my pack. He's in good health for a 14-year-old, and even though he has heart murmur, his blood work is good. He's a bit deaf and blind, but all to be expected at his age.

I will be your forever home now so no worries, Gus.

Harmony Hampton

Adopted 04/26/23

Franky Frogmore
"Frank the Tank"

Adopted 04/22/23

Leo Latke

Adopted 04/21/23

Cooper Corona

Adopted 04/16/23

Coney Consomme'

Adopted 03/24/23

Camille Cloud

Adopted 03/23/23

Harley Halite

Adopted 03/16/23

Rocky Rhodonite

Adopted 03/13/23

Lincoln Laksa

Adopted 03/10/23

Joker Jet Stream

Adopted 03/07/23

Estelle Rotelle

Adopted 03/01/23

Rosa Rotation

Adopted 02/20/23

Bunny Albondigas

Adopted 02/12/23

Lukas Lentil

Reunited 02/02/23

Sophie Strength

Adopted 01/22/23

Tilly Turquoise

Adopted 01/22/23

Parker Pappardelle
"Bob Barker"

Adopted 01/20/23

Meena Moonstone

Adopted 01/07/23

Catie Catamaran

Adopted 01/04/23

Number of Dogs: 54

Filter by Year: 20232022202120202019201820172016201520142013

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