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Finally Home

Our Adopted Dogs

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DREAM Dog Finally Home Story

Donnie Cheadle

Adopted 12/31/15

Morgan Jones

Adopted 12/29/15

Here are some pictures of Dexter with his big brother Duncan. They're practically twins and get along great!

Tiny Tim

Adopted 12/29/15

Tim has been an absolute joy to have around, and we're very grateful to have the opportunity to add him to our family. We've been taking a ton of pictures of Tim and Marty, as they're just so adorable together!

Brooklynne Babysbreath

Adopted 12/28/15

Brooke Brocade

Adopted 12/27/15

Chip Schumacher

Adopted 12/26/15

Sasha Williams

Adopted 12/26/15

Gigi Gelato

Adopted 12/25/15

Val Dictorian

Adopted 12/25/15

My mother adopted Val from you (now Chloe) in 2015 as a Christmas gift for me. She has a great home, has come a long way in her skittishness and I love her to pieces. I've included two recent pictures of Chloe at home and on vacation in Michigan. She did great on her first flight!

Jack Skellington

Adopted 12/23/15

Jack is has been doing great, he has settled into our family so well. My Daughter came home for the holidays and fell in love with him. He won her over with his charm. He loves to play and loves squeaky toys. He is being spoiled rotten.

Milo Elf

Adopted 12/23/15


Adopted 12/22/15

Bruno Betzel

Adopted 12/16/15

Major Moncrief

Adopted 12/14/15
Deceased 12/20/15

Major passed over the Rainbow Bridge this morning. His condition had declined and I believed he was suffering. I decided to let him be in peace. Cindy and Brenda met me at the vet, and I whispered my goodbye in his precious little ear. A part of me died today with that innocent young life being taken away. I'm overwhelmed by sadness. He followed me everywhere. I can't believe I'm never going to get to hold him again or see his precious smile. I'm so painfully sad I can't even breathe. My whole family is absolutely heartbroken.

Major contracted Distemper even though he had received all his puppy vaccines. Our hearts go out to Marcie and her family who did everything they could to save this sweet baby boy.

Melrose Miracle

Adopted 12/12/15

Poochie is the most remarkable dog ever. She plays with Lucy all the time, is a good watch dog, knows to go on the elevator, and sleeps on one side of me with Lucy on the other. She even walks on a leash better than Lucy. We could not have found a better dog.


Adopted 12/12/15

Mitzi Mittelhof

Adopted 12/10/15
Deceased 08/16/23

I think when someone is looking to adopt a rescue dog, especially after the death of a beloved family pet, the dog they are supposed to have comes into their orbit somehow. Thank you for scouting out the right dog for us!!

Jovie Elf

Adopted 12/09/15
Deceased 11/18/18

We adopted Jovie three years ago. She passed away a little over a month ago. We think she had an aneurysm. It was very sudden and extremely shocking. She was the best dog ever!

Daisy Michonne
"Daisy Grace"

Adopted 12/08/15

We love Daisy so much. She is so attached to my mom and me. She only had accidents in the house the first day, no more since then. She has her preferred spot in the back yard and we have a carpet in the garage for the rainy days. We praise her and give her a special treat for going outside to do her business. She is such a good car rider we are taking her to San Antonio for Christmas to met the rest of the family. I got her a pink kennel and she sleeps in that at night. She doesn't cry at all. I think she feels more secure in it with her blanket and favorite toys. She is the perfect dog in my opinion. She hasn't even barked one time. Mom ran around through the garage and rang the front door bell twice and she looked me and my dad like who is going to get it? Didn't even bark at it! I think when she finally does it's going to scare us!

Thank you, Marcie, for all you and your group does!

Buttons Braunschweiger

Adopted 12/05/15

Rick Grimes

Adopted 12/04/15

Rick is the sweetest dog. Plays hard and takes a nap just like a baby. He is loved by all our family.

Abraham Ford

Adopted 11/29/15

Maggie Greene

Adopted 11/29/15
Deceased 12/12/15

Our hearts are breaking for Maggie and her adopters. We thought little Maggie had only a touch of kennel cough, but it turned out to be something much worse. Maggie ended up at the emergency vet with pneumonia, most likely a result of Distemper. Maggie got to know the love of her adopters for only a short while. Such a sad ending for such a sweet girl.

Carl Grimes

Adopted 11/27/15
Deceased 03/17/24

Our precious Rusty passed suddenly on March 17th from lung/heart complications. We adopted Rusty along with Munch on November 27, 2015 after we had lost a pair of dachshunds who passed away three weeks apart. Rusty and Munch were inseparable and we so miss Rusty’s snuggles and burrowing next to my husband in his recliner. He was so sweet and easy going except during a thunderstorm or fireworks. His anxiety was intense and this seemed to get worse as he got older. A few years after we had him, we found out that he had a heart murmur, which was in control with daily meds. He led a full life and we hope to see him again one day!

Scotty Saffron

Adopted 11/27/15

Munch and Rusty are great buddies, but it is difficult to get them to stay still and pose for a pic! We really enjoy them and they've been such a wonderful addition in our lives.

Tia Taffeta

Adopted 11/23/15
Deceased 03/20/22

Dwight Eisenhower

Adopted 11/22/15

Danny Dreamcicle

Adopted 11/16/15

Freddie Frankfurter

Adopted 11/15/15

Rocky Riesling

Adopted 11/15/15

Wagner Winzig

Adopted 11/14/15

Willow Winzig

Adopted 11/14/15

Presley Pinot

Adopted 11/13/15
Deceased 12/01/15

Presley crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He was so swollen and miserable. It was a sad day. We loved him so much. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to love him.

Roxy Knox

Adopted 11/12/15

From Roxy's Foster Mom

Roxy has found a great home. They had an entire acre fenced yard. I was so jealous!

George Ganache

Adopted 11/10/15

From George's Foster Mom

Well, George Ganache now has a forever home - with me! I’ve decided he’s here to stay. He’s just the best lil guy and I’ve gotten so attached to him in this short time that I can’t bear the thought of him having to adjust to a new home.

Lars Langehaare

Adopted 11/09/15

Mayzie McGraw

Adopted 11/08/15

Daryl Dixon

Adopted 11/06/15

Daryl, now "Hamilton", is doing well and is loving his older sister, Brie. :)

Max Moscato

Adopted 11/03/15
Deceased 04/15/21

Hallie Pumpkinbutter

Adopted 11/01/15
Deceased 11/22/15

Our hearts are breaking for this little girl and her family. Rescued from the shelter, then adopted right away, sweet Hallie came down with Distemper, a disease that is easily preventable with an inexpensive vaccine. Hallie must not have been vaccinated before she ended up at the shelter, and came down with this horrible disease for which there is no cure.

Marco Moncrief

Adopted 11/01/15

J.J. is our baby and we have LOVED adding him to our family!

Miles Moncrief

Adopted 10/31/15

Leighann Libra

Adopted 10/28/15

Bernie Brûlée

Adopted 10/26/15

I just wanted to share an update on Bernie Brûlée (who we have re-named Fender). He is the PERFECT addition to our little family and simply adores his big brother Duke! I work for the family business, and because we have a small office he comes to work with me at least once a week. He is an office favorite, and enjoys roaming around for cuddles from everyone. Thank you for helping to make our family complete!


Reunited 10/26/15
Courtesy Post

After courtesy posting Carter, our webmaster decided to do a Google search for lost dogs, and found him on "Lost and Found Pets in Spring, TX" (www.facebook.com/bjayne19).

We are very happy to report "Lukas" has been reunited with his family!

Suzette Syrah

Adopted 10/24/15

Bear Beaujolais

Adopted 10/23/15

Douglas MacArthur

Adopted 10/23/15

Michael Moncrief

Adopted 10/23/15

Phoebe Paraduxx

Adopted 10/23/15
Deceased 01/10/24

"Lucy Looooooooooo" as we refer to her is an absolutely perfect addition to our family. She fit right in with her brothers (2 at the time)immediately, becoming known also as "The Diva" amongst "The Boys". She was only with Gyp a short time before he crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but they became fast friends. Now she and her brother, Frank, are inseparable, and she missed him terribly when he had to be hospitalized for a couple days. Now that he's back home again and on the mend, they are back to their old shenanigans and shoulder-to-shoulder, side-by-side. I know they are looking forward to warmer, drier weather and spending time in the big yard and in the barn with their Dad. Suzanne, and everyone at DREAM, thank you so much for Lucy and for all you do for the doxies out there!!

Zara Zinfandel

Adopted 10/18/15

Polly Palmetto

Adopted 10/15/15

Coco Clementine

Adopted 10/14/15

Rosa Laevigata

Adopted 10/10/15

Since we adopted Sophie (Rosa) almost a year ago, we have enjoyed her very much. She has been a wonderful furry addition to the family. It took her a while, but she has gone from being very shy around people to protecting her new home. We have found friends with fur babies her size so she has had play dates. Sophie is a wonderful traveler too. She has taken trips with us to Oklahoma and Louisiana. And she loves going to PetSmart.

Frisky Fritter

Adopted 10/08/15

Mazzi Malbec

Adopted 10/08/15

Mazzi has been doing really well. She is definitely the queen of whatever and wherever she is. She is such a cuddler – she always likes to be snuggled up either right next to you or on your lap. And she’s not a morning person… she sleeps in late, or goes right back to sleep after she goes outside. She has been great around all of our family and friends, and even around strangers. She has an awful lot of love to give. We’ve taken her to my in-laws, and she runs the place there, even keeping their two Labs in line. On our land she thinks she’s a big bad country dog – riding in the tractor, digging up armadillo holes, and getting in to most sorts of trouble. We’ve even taken her to the softball park, and it’s amazing how curious and friendly she is to the kids and adults alike. We just have to watch out for all the candy that the kids want to slip to her. :) She loves laying in the sunshine, and she loves to run – I’ve never seen a dog that will literally run full out speed laps around our living room all by herself – nothing chasing her or playing with her. Strangest thing. We’ve kept her very active, so she is back down to a slimmer and healthy weight. We have noticed that she does suffer from a bit of separation anxiety, although we can’t always pinpoint the cause – sometimes we can be gone for only an hour and she will act out, while other times we can be gone for 5 hours and she’s perfectly fine. Not sure if she was always like that, or if the surrender caused it a bit. Still hoping that over time she will get over that. We’ve also been working on some training – she definitely was not previously trained – when you tell her “no” about something, she just looks back at you for a moment and then goes right back at it, or if you want her to come back inside, etc , she seems to have no concept. But we are starting to work through that – she does know how to “shake paw”, that seems to have been the one thing she was trained on – and it’s cute! I hope she loves us as much as we love her. I always wonder if she thinks about her previous home, especially since that was the only home she had ever known. I’m used to fostering pups that never really had a home or the love they deserved… with Mazzi I sometimes wonder if she still hopes that one day she’ll be going back home. It’s still hard for me to understand how someone just gives up a pet, especially because Mazzi is really such a good and loving dog, but I’m sure they had their reasons. But we could never give her up… she quickly made herself a permanent and loved part of the family!

Horton Hearzahoo

Adopted 10/06/15

Thank you for all you do! We are so happy we found DREAM and were able to bring Carlos (Horton) home!

Melodee Moncrief
"Mylie Cypress"

Adopted 10/03/15

Rayne Rainmaker

Adopted 10/03/15

Bunny Bordeaux

Adopted 10/02/15

Libbie Lumiere

Adopted 10/02/15

Lola Labrusca

Adopted 10/02/15

We cannot begin to describe how much happiness this little girl has brought to us. I'm sitting here watching TV, and she found my daughter's dog's hedge hog squeak toy she left here. Lola is tossing it around, tossing one of Sharon's sneakers around, and tossing a Nylabone around. Then she took off on a mad tear around the entire house, jumped up on my lap, and began a kiss fest. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Meredith Moncrief
"Stella June"

Adopted 10/02/15

We wanted to send you a recent picture of Stella, and another one of her and her brothers. She has exceeded our expectations and we love her with all our hearts.

Vigo Verbena

Adopted 09/29/15
Deceased 06/29/21

My buddy, my pal, my best friend. My precious funny little Vigo is gone. I will ❤️ you forever.

Whitney Woo

Adopted 09/28/15

Faye Flowergirl

Adopted 09/27/15

Ashle’ Beauchene

Adopted 09/26/15

Emory Iris

Adopted 09/25/15

Sam Salutatorian

Adopted 09/22/15

Shadow Smitten

Adopted 09/22/15

Shawn Shenandoah

Adopted 09/22/15


Adopted 09/21/15
Courtesy Post

Cindy Lou Who

Adopted 09/20/15

Pippa Picnic

Adopted 09/20/15
Deceased 03/14/21

I lost Pippa on March 14th. She had back surgery and came out of it great, but she developed an E. coli infection. Antibiotics weren’t helping, and the infection eventually lead to organ problems. We did everything we possibly could, but the vet wasn't able to save her.

Serena Sundae

Adopted 09/20/15

Howard Cunningham

Adopted 09/19/15
Deceased 06/01/18

Sheldon Shenandoah

Adopted 09/19/15

Georgia Peach

Adopted 09/18/15
Deceased 02/05/16

It is with a very heavy heart that I have to say that Georgia Peach passed away yesterday. It was totally unexpected. She wasn't showing any signs that something was wrong until 1:00 pm yesterday. She started vomiting and then she just laid down and didn't want to get up. I rushed her to the vet and they did blood work and found that her liver enzymes were elevated. They put her on an IV to try and flush out her system in case it was something she ate. I left her there so they could monitor her overnight, but they called me at 5:00 pm and said that she had passed. They said that she started going down quickly as she was having trouble maintaining her body heat and started bleeding internally. Unfortunately the vet had no definite answers as to what caused it.

Although we only had her for 5 short months we cherished every moment we had with her as looking at her sweet face you couldn't help but smile. She was always ready to give kisses or receive belly rubs. Georgia Peach will be truly missed by us all.

We extend our deepest sympathy to the Serda family for the sudden and unexpected loss of their sweet Georgia.

Jaeger Yottle

Adopted 09/16/15
Deceased 03/04/21

My sweet Jaeger passed away this morning. He became ill suddenly last night. I took him to the vet first thing this morning. They found that he had a large mass in his abdomen. I am still in shock. There were no signs that he was ill. He was such a good boy, very sweet and funny. He loved to be snuggled and hugged and kissed. I always obliged. He loved me very much. He followed me everywhere. I love him and miss him so much. My heart is broken.

Barbie Bride

Adopted 09/15/15

Cade Cactus

Adopted 09/09/15

Cade has a new name. "Pippin" because we love Tolkien, and Pippin was a mischievous and brave hobbit, just like our wonderful Dachs!

Friday Flutterbum

Adopted 09/09/15

Erin Eclair

Adopted 09/08/15

Kendall Keystone

Adopted 09/08/15

Faith Faille

Adopted 09/07/15

Paxton Pompadour

Adopted 09/04/15

Daniella Darling

Adopted 08/30/15

Henry Hoagie

Adopted 08/30/15

Sampson S'mores

Adopted 08/30/15

We had adopted Delaney Devlin in April and were not sure how she would welcome another dog, but we decided to try and it's been wonderful. Delaney loves Sampson as do we. He's a wonderful TV companion and loves running in the backyard and trying to chase the cats (the cats have him figured out so they seldom run). He's just the calmest dog (unlike Delaney). We love him so much, he's made our family complete! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Lou Lou Liriope

Adopted 08/28/15

Hi to all my human and smaller friends back at DREAM!

This is "Penny", but you all knew me by my maiden name, Lu Lu Liriope. I just wanted to drop you all a note and tell you I'm doing well and am feeling right at home with my new fur-ever family, The Philpotts! I have two new big brothers, Louie and Max, who are wire-haired dachshunds just like me. They are a little older and bigger, so everyone thinks I'm a puppy (which suits me fine)!

When I first arrived, I had no trouble telling everyone what a DIVA I am. I didn't have to say much as they all pretty much knew. I took over the big dog bed and tried to take over the big feeding dishes too. My new big brothers didn't know what to think! They seemed a little upset. Mom wasn't going to stand for that either. I got my own little princess bed and separate food bowls. She also gave me a new pink rhinestone collar, leash and harness so now I'm as stylish as a Diva should be.

My brothers are getting used to me and even let me sleep with them sometimes. Mom says they probably don't realize I've snuck in the bed behind them (that's me with Max)!

We do fun things in my new home. We go on long walks every day, which is great for my lithe figure.

We go to the dog park. I LOVE CAR RIDES and looking out the window (that's me and Louie)! My blonde locks fly in the wind so Dad called me "Farrah" for some reason.

At the Dog park, we go swimming and get to sniff all around the park. I love to sniff and mom says I've a nose for trouble (and vermin).

So please know I've found a good home and that I'm feeling loved. Mom and Dad say my brothers and I might get to come visit soon at one of the next DREAM events, so see you soon! I can relax now and get some beauty rest (in my princess bed).


Trevor Tuxedo

Adopted 08/21/15
Deceased 01/16/21

We are so happy to have Trevor! He is so easy-going and has settled in so quickly and easily! We’ve had a few trips to our vet to follow-up on his previous dental surgery but after another course of antibiotics, he is doing well! He’s done a great job of adapting to his new sister April and two cat cousins in the household. He’s a sweet older gentleman and we already love him very much. Today he went for his first outing with his dad to Lowe’s and Petsmart and did just fine. We are looking forward to many years of spoiling him :) I’ve attached a picture of him cuddling with April during the rainstorms last weekend. She seems so much happier having him around as her companion and brother. He’s a wonderful addition to our family.

Caramel Rydell

Adopted 08/20/15
Deceased 06/03/16

I wanted to thank you for giving me the chance to love and care for Caramel. I know it was difficult for her foster mom to let her go. I tried to send updates on occasion. I hated to have to tell her the bad news. Caramel was a fighter. She was also very loving.

It's kind of a funny story how Caramel came into my life. I was at her foster mom's house to adopt Bobo, and Caramel just wanted in my lap. I played with her and petted her. She chose me. I guess she knew she would get everything she needed and wanted. I wanted to adopt her with Bobo, but she was still having medical issues and was not yet available to adopt. When she was finally treated for all her issues, I was told that she would not be adoptable. I was heartbroken since I fell in love with her the first time met her. In August I received a message from hr foster asking if I still wanted Caramel. My reply was "When can I come get her?!" The very next day Caramel came to my house to join my other seniors. She was my smallest, but had the attitude that she was the boss.

I thank DREAM and her foster mom for giving me the opportunity to adopt little Caramel. I miss her very much. I cannot replace her, but I'd like to give another senior a second chance to feel loved and just a bit spoiled.


Adopted 08/08/15

Isaac is such a joy! He is sweet, playful, and so funny. He fits right in to our family. He loves his hound dog sister and she loves him. He thinks squeaky toys are the best thing ever. He can fetch. Isaac tires himself out, then loves to take naps on the top of the couch. We are so happy that Isaac is in our lives. He brightens every day. Thank you so much for bringing us together. Our little blue baby is so special.

Sasha Sriracha

Adopted 08/08/15

Sasha is doing really well. She is really active and she's getting along well with Penny. She's warmed right up (I think I've had my entire face cleaned at least three times already). She also went outside and went to the restroom without any reservation. She's explored the house and gave the low IKEA sofa a paws up!

We love her; she is a real joy. She is getting more and more comfortable with us and her personality is really starting to show. Rest assured, we will fuss over her and she will likely be spoiled. She deserves it; she has had a tough life.

Jade Jitterbug

Adopted 08/07/15

Pepper Pomander

Adopted 08/07/15

Gavin Groom
"Lil’ Bacon"

Adopted 08/06/15

1/3/16 Update: Rudy's brother 'Bacon' was skittish and very frightened at first. Now our playful little guy is a sweet, loving and affectionate member of our family. We couldn't be more amazed and delighted with his trust and love. It took a lot less time than anticipated. Patience, love and doggie treats will bring Rudy around.

Bacon is doing so well. He now joins us in bed on his own. The smart little guy learned to use the custom ramp to get up on the bed. My two dogs really took him under their wings. So great to see him relax and wag his tail. He is a sweet puppy!

Wilhelm Weisse

Adopted 08/05/15

Bindi Babysbreath

Adopted 08/02/15

We adopted Bindi Babysbreath and she has quickly become the center of our world! We named her "Kipper" and laugh that she is always "chipper Kipper" :) She has the best personality and is quite the social butterfly with other dogs at the dog park.

We can't imagine life without our little puppy girl and are so grateful to DREAM for all that they've done! Diane, Bindi's foster mom, was so amazing and gave our pup the best love and care. We could not have asked for a better experience and have recommended DREAM to all our friends :)


Adopted 08/02/15

Here are some pictures of Oz. We named him Charley. He is the perfect addition to our family and is fitting right in. We love him! Thank you guys!

Prince Andrew

Adopted 08/02/15

Maverick Magnolia
"Maverick James"

Adopted 08/01/15
Deceased 12/15/22

I started fostering for DreamDachs knowing I was watching these homeless babies until they found their furever homes. I had done really well UNTIL MAVERICK. There was just something about Maverick Magnolia (we called him Maverick James). So when I got the call that a potential adopter wanted to meet him, well, I had to give in and accept that Maverick was going to be my foster failure. I'd fallen in love! He had quirky ways that no-one but me could or would understand. Marci L. told me that she knew, before I did, that we had a connection. She was right and Maverick and I kept that bonded connection for nine more years. I loved him and he loved me. (My husband loved him too.)

On December 15th,  Maverick died on the way to the vet because he was so sick. He had been tested about six weeks before and diagnosed with pancreatitis and kidney disease. He succumbed to these diseases.  Now after crossing the Rainbow Bridge, he'll get to see Daisy and Mikah again. Daisy will once again get to mother him and lick away his eye-tears.

My tears will continue for the loss of Daisy and Maverick just five months apart. Maverick, remember, you are missed and FOREVER LOVED!

Joanie Cunningham
"Tootsie Roll"

Adopted 07/30/15

Joanie is absolutely adorable. We are already totally in love with her. We changed her name to Tootsie Roll and we call her Tootsie. We are looking forward to many years of love with her! Thank you for all the wonderful work you do.

Schnitzel Sneetches

Adopted 07/29/15

I am just thrilled with the little guy. He is snuggled up right by my side as I write this. He really is a little Dream!

Princess Di

Adopted 07/28/15

Just wanted to let you all know the good news that Princess is now heart worm negative! She did great with her treatment. For Christmas, my boyfriend bought me a visit to a local veterinary ophthalmologist to look at her eyes. Sadly, the vet said she is mostly blind, but gave me some antioxidants for her take to help preserve the vision that she has left. She is so loved. I wanted to update you on the news and send some recent pics of her. I might be in the market for her to have a friend come July. She LOVES snuggling with other dogs. I hate leaving her, so she basically goes with me anywhere I can take her and a few places where I know no one will mind if she's there! She says hello! 🐾🐶 My mom also adopted Rex from DREAM.

Angie Ambrosia

Adopted 07/26/15

2/26/19 Update

Angie is really enjoying her Bark Box subscription, and we even have a basket to keep her toys in. We caught her sleeping on her toys a couple of times after she couldn’t decide which one she wanted to play with. Our favorite time of the day is when one of us comes home, she greets us by frantically searching the house and her basket for the perfect toy so she can run up to us with it in her mouth. Whenever she isn’t playing a toy, she is either looking out the window and watching the geese in our pond or sleeping hard on a pile of blankets. She is a happy little dog, and we are so blessed to have her as part of our family.


Angie is still doing great! She loves her cuddling time and proudly wears her Texas Tech jersey on game day. She loves her KONG toys, stealing and hiding my socks, and bathing in the sun. We are getting ready for our first hiking trip together.

Angie is doing great! She still barks when I'm gone, but she seems to be learning that I will be coming back. Waiting for cooler weather so we could go on our first hike.

Vince Fontaine

Adopted 07/26/15


Adopted 07/26/15

Dawson Doo-Wop

Adopted 07/25/15

Maia Maypole

Adopted 07/25/15

Coach Calhoun

Adopted 07/24/15

Phoenix Flan

Adopted 07/24/15

Abbey Applepie

Adopted 07/23/15

Thank you so much for letting me share Abbey. She is a dear sweet dog. I was not comfortable with the name "Abbey" so she has been "Lady" since she arrived here. I had another "Lady" (red Dachshund) years ago who lived to be 18 years old.

We've had a tough time with house breaking but she is doing better. She prefers carpet, so we have had words about that, but I am winning now. She gets walked frequently and has had only a few accidents today. She is so sweet and loving.

Trixie Tumbleweed

Adopted 07/22/15


Adopted 07/22/15
Courtesy Post

I thought I should let you know that I finally got plans in place for my daughter and I to pick up Vinnie! We are flying in Saturday and going home next Friday. We are going to make a holiday out of it as well, which we are looking forward to. Exciting!

Many thanks for your encouragement and help in putting Vinnie and I together. Very best wishes in your wonderful work you do with DREAM Dachs — so important!!

Sophia Sleighbell

Adopted 07/20/15

Sophia is blending wonderfully with resident K9s. Last night she tolerated a bath and ear wash in her ears. Dillon volunteered to get in the tub with her for moral support. Monday night she got on and off the big bed several times then slept on a comforter in the corner of the bedroom. Last night she decided maybe the big bed was a good place to sleep. She is a good influence on the boys during walks since she prefers moving on down the sidewalk over stopping to sniff and pee on things. She is wise enough to give Granny Dill wide clearance, Dillon and Brice LOVE playing with her, and Brice especially loves Dillon having someone else to keep him entertained so Brice can have some peace and quiet. She hasn't shown much interest in toys or helping Brice excavate his hole deeper and deeper.

Boomer Boutonniere

Adopted 07/18/15

Heidi Hoolahoop

Adopted 07/18/15

Zoey Zartblau

Adopted 07/18/15

We are so happy that we decided to adopt little Zoey! She fist came to me as a foster with toy aggression. I am happy to say that she is pretty much over that, she now will bring me her toys for me to play with her. She also has what they call Color Dilution Alopecia. That pretty much means she had no hair, as you can see in the first picture. In the second picture she has hair. She is so pretty! We did a regimen of fish protein dog food, coconut oil and vinegar (with the mother) in her water and she grew hair. She doesn’t have all of it yet but more comes in all the time. She is so lovable and such a joy. I am used to having big dogs and I wasn’t so sure about having one so little. Well not to worry about that; her personality takes care of her being so little. She can actually get one of my big dogs to get off the couch so she can have her spot!!

Rowan Robicheaux

Adopted 07/13/15

Elijah Elf

Adopted 07/10/15


Adopted 07/10/15

Priscilla Piper

Adopted 07/09/15

Steffi Graf

Adopted 07/09/15
Deceased 12/16/23

Steffi, my shadow and nap companion. Lover of toys, food, beds, road trips, ramps, her sisters, me and Karl. Toothless, tongue hanging, sweet funny. We loved her for 8 years and held her as she passed away too too soon. Our love for her was returned a million times daily! Suzanne & DREAM Dachshund Rescue, thank you for this little love.

Anne Elizabeth Harris

Adopted 07/07/15

Charlotte Elizabeth Harris

Adopted 07/07/15

Britney Brighton

Adopted 07/04/15

Britney has fit right in with us. She is so calm and sweet it seems like we've always had her. We have several cats and she actually does really good with them. They were a bit apprehensive of her at first but now they've settled in and don't seem to mind her at all. She seems really happy here and we're happy to have her. She goes with us everywhere and everybody that meets her falls in love with her too. She has a certain way with people that make them love her right away. It even worked on the cats, which to us was unbelievable. Especially with how fast they were able to accept her. I want to thank dream from the bottom of my heart that you guys were able to save her! She had it pretty rough for the first year of her life but now she can look forward to much love and pampering.

Marion Cunningham

Reunited 07/04/15

I am so happy to report our family was reunited with our fur babies yesterday! We are so grateful they were available to come back to us. I want to thank Marcie and everyone involved with DREAM organization. These wonderful people have taken such good care of my sweeties for the past 3 months trying to find them loving new families. The dedication you have is overwhelming and beyond impressive. Thank you for all you do. You change the lives of so many doggies and humans doing what you do. I'm beyond blessed, and they seem so relaxed and happy to be back home. Our first night back together was so fantastic.

Prince George

Adopted 07/04/15

Prince George (AKA "Buddy") is doing great. He is spoiled rotten and loved by all! Here's a picture of Buddy and Snuggles, our Chiweenie.

Richie Cunningham

Reunited 07/04/15

I am so happy to report our family was reunited with our fur babies yesterday! We are so grateful they were available to come back to us. I want to thank Marcie and everyone involved with DREAM organization. These wonderful people have taken such good care of my sweeties for the past 3 months trying to find them loving new families. The dedication you have is overwhelming and beyond impressive. Thank you for all you do. You change the lives of so many doggies and humans doing what you do. I'm beyond blessed, and they seem so relaxed and happy to be back home. Our first night back together was so fantastic.

Bethany Babysbreath
"Lucy Lui"

Adopted 07/02/15

I love this little girl. We have changed her name to Lucy Lui. She is the sweetest pup that I've ever met. She's made our family complete.

Olive Organza
"Sweety Pie"

Adopted 07/02/15
Deceased 09/15/23

Well, we got 'Olive' home, and it's like she's been here all her life. Of course we walked in the door, and Jerry immediately got a piece of roast and fed it to her! Needless to say, she doesn't let him out of her sight. We may be in the market for another if the romance isn't so exclusive. Thank you again for the match. Jerry renamed her 'Sweety Pie' and she comes to when called.

Belle Bellini

Adopted 06/28/15

Peanut Partridge

Adopted 06/23/15

Wesley Waltz

Adopted 06/23/15

We love our Wesley - new name Rusty. He is in love with Ron! So cute. Thanks so much!

Bowie Bowtie

Adopted 06/20/15

Danny Zuko

Adopted 06/19/15
Deceased 09/14/23

Fancy Far-Out

Adopted 06/19/15


Adopted 06/15/15

I just wanted to give you an update on our sweet little men. We adopted Oscar & Camo (who we renamed Frank & Louis) back in 2015. They’ve been nothing short of amazing additions to our family. They love to go on hikes, sleep in the sunshine, eat watermelon, chase each other around the house and sing! They have such cute singing voices. We love them more than anything and are so blessed to have them. Thank you so much for the gift of these guys. I couldn’t imagine life without them.

Greta Gernsheim

Adopted 06/15/15
Deceased 02/01/23


Adopted 06/15/15

I just wanted to give you an update on our sweet little men. We adopted Oscar & Camo (who we renamed Frank & Louis) back in 2015. They’ve been nothing short of amazing additions to our family. They love to go on hikes, sleep in the sunshine, eat watermelon, chase each other around the house and sing! They have such cute singing voices. We love them more than anything and are so blessed to have them. Thank you so much for the gift of these guys. I couldn’t imagine life without them.

Barrett Bestman

Adopted 06/14/15

We thought you might like to see these pics of Hershey. He got a new collar yesterday that we think suits him perfectly! He had his yearly check-up a few weeks ago and he is very healthy. Its hard to believe he has been with us for a year already.

We recently had a lot of house guests and I was a little concerned because of how timid he has always been but he really has come a long way. It only took a few hours before he let my nephew pet him and then pick him up the very next day.

Sandy Olsson

Adopted 06/12/15

We are so pleased with Coco and just love her to death. She is so sweet and listens well. She makes my wife smile and giggle often. She is such a treasure. We could not be happier. Prayer guided us to DREAM. You and your sweet foster moms were the angels and Coco is the answered prayer! Blessings to all.

Austin Flowers

Adopted 06/10/15
Deceased 06/28/17

Chanel Chiffon
"Bellie Rub"

Adopted 06/10/15

"Bellie Rub" is an angel. I couldn't be more grateful. I am in love. She is trained, eats her food, cuddles, loves to play and is SOOOOOO beautiful.

Prince Charles

Adopted 06/07/15

Prince Charles was adopted with his brother Prince Harry.

Prince Harry

Adopted 06/07/15

Prince Harry was adopted with his brother Prince Charles.

Chantilly Lace
"Sadie Mae"

Adopted 06/06/15

Just wanted to share a few pictures with you! We picked Sadie Mae (Chantilly Lace) up this afternoon and we couldn't be happier! She is already settling in. I left the contract and check with Chris. She and her husband are such wonderful people. Thanks to both of you for all of your help!

Rosie Raindrop

Adopted 06/05/15

Alexandra Harris

Adopted 06/01/15
Deceased 05/11/16

It is with a heavy heart I inform you all that Heidi passed away this evening from unknown illness. I am in shock and I can not stop crying. I have no idea what made her sick but she went down hill and I had to make the decision to stop her pain. Please pray for her and the other members of my family.

Emily Emerald

Adopted 06/01/15

Hudson Harvest

Adopted 05/31/15

Hudson is doing wonderfully! He has bonded well with our Lexi, who I believe is about the same age. He is giving her the exercise and companionship she needs. He is giving us, love, joy and total entertainment! Every now and then he just goes crazy running around and around as fast as he can. Outside and inside. The faster he goes the better his hind legs work. He is amazing!

Liz Hooper

Adopted 05/30/15

Bebe Beloved

Adopted 05/24/15

Morris McGurk

Adopted 05/22/15
Deceased 05/15/19

Smokey Joe

Reunited 05/21/15

Charlie Checkers

Adopted 05/19/15

Hershey Kiss

Reunited 05/17/15

Hershey, whose real name is DJ, was reunited with his family today! Missing since February, DJ's mom had been searching local shelters and rescue sites for three months. She found his picture on our website today and contacted us. Hershey is the sweetest boy. We knew his family had to be missing him terribly. We are so happy we were able to help him find his way back home!

Rita Margarita

Adopted 05/17/15

Rocco Rockabilly

Adopted 05/16/15

Summer Seuss

Adopted 05/16/15

Dexter Ducktail
"Tucker Beauregard"

Adopted 05/12/15

Dexter, now known as "Tucker Beauregard", is doing great and fits right in with our other two dachshund rescues. He has taken up residence in our bed and on our couch. He normally wraps himself up in my blanket on the couch between our other two babies.

Betty Rizzo
"Holly Marie"

Adopted 05/02/15

Brecka Bouffant
"Ruby Lou"

Adopted 05/02/15

Charlene Digregorio

Adopted 05/02/15

Charly had a wonderful check up. Very healty. Very vocal. She will settle down once she gets use to know common noises. We all love her.

Jeffrey Jive

Adopted 05/02/15

Marty Maraschino

Adopted 05/02/15

We are so excited and happy to have Marty. She is doing great. We have taken several neighborhood walks and she has had lots of fun checking everything out. She let me put her in a dress!! She loves cuddling with me and is usually cool with napping with me. My heart is full and I'm absolutely certain this is one of the best decisions I've ever made!!

We had purchased a few toys before we got her and she seems to love them all! We took her for a walk around our neighborhood and she was so good! She got a little tired toward the end of the walk, but she posted through it. She came home, got a big drink of water and went to sleep on her dog bed. We wore her out! She, much like me, loves to cuddle on the couch and nap!! She also likes to sit in the backyard watching the airplanes fly over. She is settling in so well and we absolutely love and adore her!!!

I just can't express how much I appreciate DREAM and the services that it provides. I love knowing that you guys are there when/if I need you! It's a great comfort. The adoption process was so smooth and effortless! I wouldn't hesitate to adopt again.

Bennett Bobbysock

Adopted 04/30/15

When Bennett entered into our home he was underweight and heart-worm positive, but with TLC and DREAM Dachshund Rescue's guidance he is now 100% disease free. Bennett is a cuddle-bug go-bye-bye boy! He actually snuggles into your neck like he is hugging you. Bennett loves everyone he meets old and young alike . He has traveled by motor home, golf cart, boat and plane. Bennett will never be left behind again. He has his forever home! We are so grateful to Marcie, Windy and DREAM.


Adopted 04/30/15
Deceased 08/13/18

Addie Ornament

Adopted 04/28/15

This is one side of Addie's new dog retreat. She has fit in perfectly with the pack. She loves to sit in the window and watch the outside, or just go outside and watch the squirrels. I got her a window sill perch today. I haven't put it up yet. She uses a makeshift one now. She can't decide who she wants to sleep with. She goes to sleep with one of my daughters and wakes up with the other. Love her!

Jewel Jibboo

Adopted 04/28/15

Teenie Godiva

Adopted 04/24/15

Lady Lea-Francis

Adopted 04/23/15

Frenchy Facciano

Adopted 04/19/15

Mia Marvelette

Adopted 04/19/15

Vivienne Vail

Adopted 04/17/15

Janie Kangaroo

Adopted 04/16/15

Sierra Sockhop

Adopted 04/15/15

Dodie Stevens

Adopted 04/14/15
Deceased 02/06/22

My daughter and I had to put our sweet Bailey Bear down on Good Friday . We were so sad we could not bear to go home. We called our friend, Marcie Lawless, and asked if there was anything we could do for DREAM, and of course there always is . We went over and picked up Little Miss Dodie from the shelter. She made us laugh. She was so sweet and looked so much like our Bailey. We decided then and there that she was a gift coming to us to keep Bailey's spirit alive and bring us joy. We have changed her name to Lily being Good Friday and all. Again, we love the joy DREAM brings.

Chachi Arcola

Adopted 04/13/15

Allison Amore

Adopted 04/12/15

Robin Raindrop

Adopted 04/12/15

Hello DREAM,

Here is the update on our little miss rockin’ Robin. We love her so much: When I saw Robin on DREAM and AdoptAPet.com, I was immediately hooked. She has the kindest eyes and the softest little ears. She has the face and paws of a lab and the body of a Dach. Robin is the sweetest little girl. There really is not a mean bone in her body. Some of her favorite things include: going for walks in the grass and exploring, her Gator toys, chewing rawhides, giving kisses, her KONG bed, jumping and sprinting to the door, her gray blanket, getting her picture taken, and having her belly rubbed. She is adjusting well to her new home.

We did end up keeping the name Robin Raindrop. It is perfectly fitting, as we got her in the Spring, we came across a robin at our apartment complex just the day before she arrived, and it was raining the day we got her. She really does make our family complete. We LOVE that Little Miss Rockin’ Robin!

Thank you so much for such a great adoption experience!

Timothy Tracker

Adopted 04/12/15


Adopted 04/10/15

I wanted to give this little guy some time to open up before I sent in a testimony about him. I read up on Tigger’s other family members and noticed how his brother Zeus really didn’t take to his name. As I preferred Zeus over Tigger I tried it out. Much to my surprise, Zeus seems to be the name that fits this little guy. As you all know, this dog was afraid of his own shadow, any noises and certainly every quick movement made around him. On the day Zeus came home, it was quite the ordeal to get his leash off of him (picture a bucking bull). The mere sight of a leash or harness would send him running and hiding for hours. I was finally able to scoop him up and get the harness on him and out the door we went. After a solid 10 minutes of sitting in the driveway and him realizing nothing was going to hurt him, we embarked on our first walk. With eyes as wide open as possible and his tail on warp speed, Zeus enjoyed his first adventure outdoors. Flash forward two months and I have a running partner. I’m estimating that he’s down a solid two pounds and in fantastic shape as we average 2.5-3 miles per day now. Zeus is still scared to visit the backyard by himself or use the doggie door but overall, he is far more curious around new things/people than he is scared. He is perfectly house trained and enjoys his selection of sleeping options. This pup simply loves to snuggle and have his ears rubbed; he’s even an angel when it’s time for a bath.

Arthur Fonzarelli

Adopted 04/05/15

Audrey Auldlangsyne

Adopted 04/03/15

Macey McGuire

Adopted 04/03/15

Here are some of our favorites photos of Hazel! It's been a long time since I've sent anything so I went back a couple years. She is such a great dog. She loves our kids. We started calling her "Momma Haz" when our first was born because she has always been glued to her. She is the most patient of pups.

As you can tell, she has turned into quite a frosty pup. Our vet guesses she is 6-9 years old. She still acts young but she has some wear on her teeth that makes them think she is older. We love her soooo much and we are so blessed you let us adopt her and bring her to our home in Southern Indiana! We couldn't have added a better pup to our family. She adjusted so well to our kids, always glued to me during pregnancy, and she always loves being close to the kids!

Reese Raindrop

Adopted 04/03/15

Sam Iam

Adopted 04/02/15

Frankie Finch

Adopted 04/01/15
Deceased 03/14/23

Arlo Amore

Adopted 03/28/15

Benjamin Bicklebaum

Adopted 03/27/15

Trudy Treasure

Adopted 03/23/15

Caitlin Colada

Adopted 03/22/15

Last December, Caitlin asked St. Nicholas for a forever family. And today, she was granted her wish! Many thanks to her awesome foster mom, Angie, who nursed Caitlin through two surgeries and months of recovery time to get her back on her feet and once again into true Dachsie form, to prepare her to meet, greet and be ever so sweet as she finally went home with her new family today!

Delaney Devlin

Adopted 03/22/15

We adopted Ms. Devine in March and the first week was horrendous, she growled at us constantly and gave the cats fits. However, with patience she settled down, we'd been warned she wasn't good with other dogs, cats and kids...she's great with all!! As a matter of fact, I'm in negotiations with the wife now to get another DREAM DACHSUND!! We can't imagine life without her!!! Thank you DREAM DACHSUND!!!

We had adopted Sampson S'mores in July and were not sure how Delaney would welcome another dog, but we decided to try and it's been wonderful. Delaney loves Sampson as much as we do.

Ian Icicle

Adopted 03/18/15

We adore our 💕 new family addition. 💕 We changed his name to "Buddy" because he seems to be Best 🐾Buddies 🐾with Poco.

Peaches Petronella

Adopted 03/18/15
Deceased 02/25/24

We said a sad goodbye to another special senior. 💔 Peaches' enlarged heart was failing, and she started showing symptoms of excessive coughing and panting on Thursday. She had vet appt for x-rays on Friday and the prognosis wasn't good. 😢

Fenway Phlox

Adopted 03/16/15

3/15/15 Morning

We had a really good night last night. Fenny got a little anxious when I went to pick up our carry out order for supper. Gilman said he looked all over for me and whimpered, but he was fine once I returned. He slept in the bed right next to me all night. He slept well and stayed in one place all night. He already had breakfast and went out to potty. Right now he is chewing on his rawhide bone.

3/15/15 Afternoon

Today has been exceptional. Fenny made the road trip exceedingly well. We've been home a little over an hour. He met my son without barking, and ate his supper, then went potty in the fenced yard. We are definitely falling in love.

Thank you for all the good work you have done with Fenny and for all the love you have showered upon him. He's a wonderful little guy and we are delighted to be his forever family.

Skye Sweetheart
"Gracie Girl"

Adopted 03/16/15

From the moment that Skye, now Gracie Girl, came into our home for the meet and greet she made a huge impression. This was my husband and my first experience with a rescue organization so we were unaware of what to expect. Well she came in tail wagging, giving kisses to everyone including her new 95 pound standard poodle brother, Dallas, and seemed to just say "Well, I'm home". We did meet and greet with two other precious DREAM babies but we kept coming back to Skye. We made our decision and called her foster mother to let her know we wanted to adopt Skye. I picked her up and brought her home and she immediately took over the house. She acted like she had always lived here. Our first evening, my husband and I just kept looking at each other and saying "Boy, this was really easy". She is full of personality, lovely and sweet. The first night she slept in our bed with her new brother Beau, another mini dachshund, and was an angel all night. The second day, she already had the routine down. We are so glad that we chose to adopt a dog in need- she already is a wonderful, much loved member of our family. Thank you Tena for the obvious care and training while at your home!!!!! Thank you Dream Dachshund Rescue for caring for these amazing little dogs and giving them a second chance at a wonderful life.

Martha May Whovier

Adopted 03/15/15

Luna (Martha) is feeling much better and has bonded instantly with our family. She has already met her four legged Cousins and loves playing with her sister Lucci. She is such a sweet dog!

River Raindrop

Adopted 03/15/15

We are so happy to have Stella (River) as a part of our family. She is loved and spoiled. We really adore her and enjoy watching her play with our other puppy. They are best friends. She is a bed hog, but I don't mind. She is a sweet, snuggly little girl.

Sally O'Malley

Adopted 03/15/15

Carli Cupid

Adopted 03/14/15

Carlie has done a fantastic job of adjusting as the other dogs have as well. She is certainly keeping everyone busy playing!

Nicole Nativity

Adopted 03/13/15


Adopted 03/13/15
Courtesy Post

Archie Alpine
"Duncan Archibald"

Adopted 02/26/15


Duncan's a wild man. Always ready to play and a ton of fun. He loves to go for walks where he runs fast enough to keep his marathon-training owners out of breath. Between the full body motion tail wags, stuffed toy tug-o-wars, and attempts to rile up the neighbor's chihuahuas every time he passes their window, it's been non-stop party. And Duncan is friends with everyone. He stops neighbors in their tracks, greeting their dogs while receiving compliments on what a fine-looking and great-acting dachshund he is. We can't help but agree.


Hans and I decided to expand Archie's name to Duncan Archibald. That way he gets to keep his intake name while also having a name that comes from his new family. We'll be calling him Duncan, but feel free to refer to him with whichever name feels right to you.

We're all very happy with how smoothly the transition is going so far. As you can tell from the attached picture, Duncan has had enough fun to need a hard midday nap or two to recharge. More pictures to come, including awake ones if I can be agile enough with a camera to capture something other than a super-happy black and tan blur!


I'm happy to say I signed the adoption paperwork and brought Archie Alpine home with me last night. He's been very curious of the new surroundings and super well-behaved. And he got some good sleep last night too (see attached picture).

Pei Wi Prancer

Adopted 02/25/15
Deceased 04/16/22

I adopted my sweet Peewee when she was almost 12 years old. It didn't matter to me that she was already a senior. She was perfect. Quiet, already housetrained. All she wanted to do was be with me. She's the only dog I've had who would lay at my feet all day while I worked at my computer, content to hang out with me until it was time for dinner. Never pushy or demanding like most of my other Dachshunds.

I knew her time was getting short when I had to wake her to eat. It became more difficult for her to get around, stumbling and sometime falling over when she walked. She never complained. During her last couple of weeks, she got stuck under furniture and put herself into corners, unable to back out. She eventually lost interest in food, and then water. I hoped, like most of us do, that she would pass peacefully in her sleep, but she hung on.

On her last day, she didn't get out of her bed. I knew she was ready to cross, but needed my help. Even after the sedative kicked in, she continued to look up at me while I was crying, as if to say "I'm still here for you". I held her tightly and said "I know".

Rest in peace, sweet girl. You are forever in my heart.

Dixie Divine

Adopted 02/24/15

We are absolutely loving our little Dixie. She is such a sweet dog and so well-behaved. She's just a joy. And our two little God-daughters, 6 and 10, love her to pieces. Thank you! Thank you! We have had her all checked out by our veterinarian in Friendswood, and she was very impressed with Dixie too. We are VERY happy to have Dixie as part of our family!

Rascal Romeo

Adopted 02/21/15

Alyssa Altenburg

Adopted 02/20/15

Baxter Blitz

Adopted 02/20/15

Matthew Mittens

Adopted 02/20/15

Wanted to share a photo of Matthew Mittens who we now call Max. He is the sweetest guy. His favorite napping place is on the bottom step. So glad we were able to give him a forever home. :)

Oliver Oluvyoo

Adopted 02/18/15
Courtesy Post

The meeting went extremely well and Little Ollie is a keeper for sure. We kept him from Sunday to last evening and he has quickly bonded with us. He and Red get along like long lost brothers reuniting, and it's beyond adorable the way they play and sleep in the same bed. We are very grateful to you for giving us first dibs on him. Many thanks.

Bobby Basil

Adopted 02/14/15
Deceased 07/28/20

I had to say goodbye to my little man Bobby a couple of days ago. I adopted him 5+ years ago when he was 8 years old. He was a good boy. He was quite an unusual boy. I called him my 'autism dog' because he didn't show emotion like a normal dog does. He rarely wagged his tail, he rarely gave kisses and he rarely barked or growled no matter what was going on. When I had the litter of 8 puppies at my house a couple years ago I knew he'd be a great dog for socializing them because he was so tolerant...and all I can say after seeing him with them is he may have been a saint!

Even though Bobby didn't usually show emotion in an obvious way, if you knew him you knew what he needed. For instance, if he was content he would lick his paws. I actually spent the LONGEST time trying different allergy meds and sprays trying to get him to STOP licking his paws until I figured out he just did it because he liked to! If he wanted your attention he would flap his ears. Decoding Bobby's language was a unique adventure.

I'm not sure what his history was...if he ever acted like a 'normal' dog...if he ever ran around and played as a puppy. That would have been fun to see.

Bobby WAS a completely normal dog though in the fact that he LOVED to eat. He loved his fruits and veggies that he got as snacks nearly every day and he never hesitated to try new things.

Bobby was a super sweet companion...just as nice as they come. He had the softest & puffiest little chest...you could just nuzzle your nose right into him if you wanted to escape for a little while. He didn't mind at all. Bobby will be missed by all...but especially those who got to call him their boy.

Jake Kickoff

Adopted 02/14/15
Deceased 12/15/23


Adopted 02/11/15

Captain Cointoss

Adopted 02/09/15

Chelsea Chilly

Adopted 02/09/15

Chelsea is adjusting just fine and so is our Moose. She's having a ball exploring the property (thankfully we had our fence guy add a mesh to our iron fence so the little bit can't escape). She is already in protect mode, and the horse in the pasture behind us has been put on alert!

She is an absolute sweetheart! She is going to keep Moose in shape running around the house. We bought her some new toys and we are all having fun playing with them!

Thanks again for helping me through this process. Cleo approves! I never see cardinals in my yard and one visited today. I like to think it was Cleo welcoming Chelsea!

Tarah Truelove

Adopted 02/06/15

Asher Acorn

Adopted 01/31/15

I’m so thankful to you guys for finding him, we are madly in love!

Elizabeth Elf

Adopted 01/31/15

February 18, 2015

We have had Elizabeth Elf for 2 1/2 weeks now. She is back with her sister, Emerson. When Elizabeth got to our house, Emerson was SO excited!! She nearly jumped out of my arms to get to Elizabeth. She started licking her face, her ears, her paws. It was the sweetest thing I had ever seen! Elizabeth has made herself right at home. We adopted Emerson in December and kept watching the website and Elizabeth was still available and had not been adopted in January. So we called DREAM and were able to adopt Elizabeth, too. How lucky we are!

These girls are such a happy pair. They love, love, love being together. They play together, eat together, sleep together and they have to be touching each other when they are sitting or sleeping. They run around together in the back yard and roll around in the grass. They even go out together to potty. They have brought so much joy to our lives. They are such affectionate and loving little doggies!! I thought things were going to be so sad after we lost our 14 1/2 year old dachshund.

I had no idea there were any doggies that could ever make us as happy as she did! We call Emerson "Emmy" and Elizabeth "Little Bit" because of her small size. As I've said before, thank you DREAM Dachshund for bringing such joy and such precious little animals into our family! We are SO grateful!!!!! And thank you for providing so much for these precious dachshunds, the best dogs in the world!!

Edwin Elf

Adopted 01/29/15

November 16, 2016

So much has happened since we adopted Edwin Elf in January of 2015.

First, we got the news in August that he is 100% heartworm free! He has so much energy and vitality and we can tell he really does feel good.

We moved across Sugar Land 3 weeks ago and Edwin helped with all the packing and supervising the movers. He immediately got to work in the new house protecting us from cats and squirrels and making sure that the entire neighborhood was peed on so all dogs and cats would know he's in charge.

At first he was a little lost in the house and wasn't really recognizing it as home when we got back from walks but this week he settled in. A few days ago we found a park just a 3 minute car ride away. We went on a long family walk there yesterday and he took his place between me an my husband as we patrolled the new territory. When we got back home he recognized it and started talking as we pulled into the garage. When we entered he ran around barking and jumping in and out of his bed. Ahhh there's no place like home!

Edwin has changed our lives in so many way. He's really a part of the family and the best part is that we know that he knows that he is home, loved, safe and secure.

Thank you again for rescuing Edwin and approving us to be his parents!

February 6, 2015

Here's an update on Edwin. He is doing really well. He's a really good dog and he learns quickly. It's only been a week but I think he's starting to figure out that he's the only dog, and his life is turning into a really fun one. He goes on long neighborhood walks every day. We took him to Memorial Park last Sunday and he loved it. This afternoon I'll be leaving work early and we're going to the dog park in Sugar Land.

He has found several cool places to burrow, he is eating well and 95% of the time asks to go out and 5% of the time we figure it out so there have only been a few accidents. Not bad! He moped around for a couple of days after he got here, but now he's wagging his tail and smiling all the time.

The other evening we were watching The Dog Whisperer and when the dogs on TV started barking Edwin was up at full attention barking with them. We shushed him and he quieted down but spent the entire hour with his eyes glued to the TV... except during the commercials. So I'm now convinced that he was watching!

The best part of having Edwin is how much love and life he adds to our little family. He is a joy, and of course I think he's the smartest, cutest dog in the world! Did I mention he likes to watch TV?! LOL! Here's a picture of him with his favorite blanket.

Halston Hottoddy

Adopted 01/28/15

Chase Cheers

Adopted 01/24/15

May 1, 2015 Update

According to his shot records, today is Wink’s 1st birthday! He is amazing and doing so fabulous! He sits, lays down and stays on command! Little dude! AND he is the absolute rock star at the dog park! He and Echo are BEST BUDDIES. They do everything together and absolutely love being together. So far, not one single issue between them... not with food, toys, affection or anything! Echo is pretty awesome too! She has taught him “how to be” and he so follows her lead! I think she is his therapy dog!

February 12, 2015 Update

I cannot tell you how much we love this little guy! He is doing fabulous and is beginning to really show his personality. He hasn’t had any accidents in the house (knock on wood) and is already sitting and waiting like Echo does when we feed him.

It's really cute, he does every single thing she does almost exactly! And they wrestle and play and sleep all mixed up with each other! Its like doggie twister over here!

I just wanted to thank you again!

Dudley Drumstick

Adopted 01/24/15

Hi everyone! It’s Julie and Doug back with another adoption story. This little fella is our newest member of our family. Dudley has been with us for four days now. After much discussion over email and phone calls, he and his foster mom Bonnie set up a meet and great at our house last Saturday. We were anxious to see how Dudley and Casper (our December adoption baby) would take to one another.

Dudley got right down to business checking out the house and smelling everything. He was a little overwhelmed with Casper’s energy at first but soon they were tolerating each other better than I had expected. Every now and then Dudley would growl or bark at Casper when he wanted him to calm down. By Saturday evening they were almost in a routine. We had friends over on Saturday evening and the boys were perfect angels. Saturday night Dudley was up and down all night but he was faithful to use his potty pads every time. Thankfully he is small so he doesn’t take up much room in the bed. Sunday was beautiful and they both enjoyed our large back yard and ran and explored. Cassidy walked them in the neighborhood and they both loved it. I’ve shared a few pictures of Doug and the boys napping and just hanging out. Gotta love the smile on Doug’s face… who looks happier, Doug, Casper or Dudley?

Now if you have read Casper's story, then you know that he is deaf. We use hand signals for communicating and Dudley already knows what “outside” and “eat” mean.. what a smart little man! He also has a way of melting your heart. Note the pic of Dudley begging! Those eyes are adorable… Dudley is 9 years old but he looks like the baby because he is so small, especially compared to Casper! So we have a couple of characters now. If they didn’t already have names, I would name them Chico and the man… We are looking forward to traveling with them and hope that Dudley travels as well as Casper.

We wanted to thank Dudley’s foster mom Bonnie for taking care of him and for bringing him to us! We are so lucky to have found Dream Dachshund Rescue! Doug and I keep asking each other, who rescued who?!?!

Leonard Lagniappe

Adopted 01/24/15

Avery Avalanche

Adopted 01/20/15


Adopted 01/17/15

Frisco Fuzz

Adopted 01/17/15

Buttercup Brrrrr

Adopted 01/16/15


Adopted 01/16/15

Tim and I have shamed ourselves and our family for generations by entering the despicable ranks of "failed foster". We began fostering the skittish, brindle half-breed called "Zeus" last October, a week before Dachtoberfest, as an accident when his planned foster fell through. Although I have been steadfast in my position that I do not want five dogs, that four is my limit, when Marcie sent the email yesterday that a very qualified someone wanted a "Meet & Greet" with him, I became frantic and physically ill. I called and called and emailed and texted Tim, who finally got back to me, untold minutes later, and he said, "I told you we should just adopt him." So, he called Marcie (because I was too ashamed) and told her.

To make this story even more pathetic, we don't even call him "Zeus" which is a noble and masculine name for a dog who physically deserves such a fine moniker. Instead, we call him "Papillon" which is French for Butterfly. We tried Beauregard, but he would not answer to it. He leaps and licks when we call 'Papillon'. Our very thick, muscular, male dog likes to be called Butterfly, and sadly, Tim and I acquiesced to it.

Clearly, we run a shameful home where the Dachshunds (and half-Dachshund) (and wanna-be Dachshund Simone) run the show. I can barely hold up my head.

Maxwell Bluebell

Adopted 01/13/15

2014 started out as a difficult year because we lost our male dapple dog, Bubba. He was everyone’s dog. He was full of life and personality. Even though it left us with 2 dogs our little Chloe got really depressed. We contacted DREAM to become fosters and picked up Max on July 19th. Max is another dapple male and instantly became part of the family. He actually had an application in and we did a meet and greet. To our advantage it was not a match. While Max is no Bubba, he certainly has a lot of personality and just so lovable that there is no way we could give him up. He sleeps with one of our twins, is a great watch dog, loves our kids and the kids next door and has brought Chloe out of her depression. We are so happy with him and love being a part of the DREAM family!

Caleb Caroler

Adopted 01/04/15
Deceased 06/01/18

Today my heart is heavy with sorrow and sadness our Caleb crossed the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge with our beloved Bobby. Caleb brought so much joy and happiness to our family, especially my son who has mental challenges. Caleb was the sweetest and most caring dog. We will miss him so dearly. I want to thank DREAM Dachshund Rescue for allowing us to adopt Caleb. He was our sweet boy. Rest In Peace my beloved Caleb.

Our hearts go out to Jose and Diana for the loss of their precious boy.

Francesca Fuzz

Adopted 01/04/15

We just wanted to thank you for bringing Ellie, aka, Francesca Fuzz, into our lives!

Her two brothers absolutely love her, but we love her a million times more! She is a sweet girl and will be very spoiled! Thank you for all you do!

Gabby Glitter
"Luna Licorice"

Adopted 01/03/15

We have had Gabby Glitter for two months now, and we couldn't ask for a better match! The day we first met her was on January 3rd when I went to Ms. Marcie's house to meet some of the available dogs. While I did not plan to bring home one of them that day, Gabby ran up to me, jumped onto my lap, and started to give me kisses! She was no doubt the sweetest dog I had ever met!

We decided to bring her home with us that very day, and our adventures with Gabby began! On the car ride home, I wrapped her in her pink blanket and held her tightly as she licked my face, wondering where we were headed next. We decided to bring her home first, and she knew right away that she was finally home! She ran straight to the couch, waiting for someone to rub her belly and snuggle with her. Our next stop was PetCo to buy her dog food and treats, and her tail could not stop wagging! Gabby went up to almost everyone near her reach just to give them a sniff or a lick, then walk off. She is certainly a very friendly girl, but her excitement could not be contained because she even took treats and toys off of the bottom shelves when we we not looking! The first day we had her, we not only welcomed her into our home, but also into our hearts.

Since her adoption, we have renamed her Luna Licorice! I decided to start calling her Luna two days after having her. The name suited her very well, and she responded to it right away.

Little Miss Luna has gone on many trips to the dog park with us and has taken several walks walks around the neighborhood, and she loves them! Luna's favorite part about the dog park is introducing herself to all of the new people! If she notices someone sitting alone on a nearby bench, she will make it her job to make them smile, even if that means jumping into the bench to direct their attention away from their phone! While she is super friendly with people, she is sometimes a little bit shy with other dogs when she first meets them. She prefers that I walk up with her to meet her new friends at the park, but then she is off playing with her friends! Luna will follow them, roll around in the grass, and sometimes run with them! Most of her friends have been other friendly dachshunds, which is wonderful!

When we first took Luna to the park, I had so many fears of her running away since she was a stray. Now I no longer have this fear because I know no matter what, Luna will always come running back to me. A couple of weekends ago, I was talking to the owner of one of Luna's friends as they were bonding together. I kept my eye on her, but as soon as Luna discovered she was too far away from me, she panicked and ran straight into my arms without me having to call her!

We are so blessed to have found DREAM, and even more blessed to have found Luna! Many thanks to everyone who works with this organization, especially those who helped with our adoption, including Ms. Emily, Ms. Marcie, and Ms. Brenda!

Roman Rosebowl

Reunited 01/03/15

Roman has been reunited with his family! They contacted me right after I emailed you and were almost in tears when they saw him. They said the reason he doesn't have tags is because he bites/scratches them off and they just moved here from the country so they hadn't yet gotten him microchipped. They assured me that was his next stop. He sleeps with their two-year-old every night; their son has cried every night he has been gone. Their son will be very happy when they bring him home. They put up flyers in their neighborhood but we never saw them.

I'm glad he got home! Thank you so much for all your help. I will definitely recommend your group to anyone looking for a dachshund!

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