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Finally Home

Our Adopted Dogs

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DREAM Dog Finally Home Story

Mary Kissmas

Adopted 12/31/14


Adopted 12/28/14

Cosmo Coriander

Adopted 12/23/14

Darby Doublet

Adopted 12/22/14

Sweet Darby is doing really well. Sleeps on the couch with James in the evening and then in the big bed at night. We don't have any dogs that play with balls so James bought him a couple last night and he's in little dog heaven. Carried his tennis ball around all evening. He even took it to bed with him.


Adopted 12/22/14

Casper Conrad

Adopted 12/21/14

Hello everyone, I’m Casper and I was adopted on 12/14/14 by the McNeal family. First of all I want to say thank you to my friends at DREAM for getting me into such great shape and to my foster dad Kerry who was sad to see me go but glad to see me find a forever home! My new family had recently lost their furry baby Henry from pancreatitis. This is a disease that us doxies are prone to getting. So read up about this if you have a furry doxie in your life. Anyways, Henry was about 10 years old and the center of their world! It took a toll on the whole family to lose him. Even the cat Polly was grieving for Henry. My dad was especially saddened to lose Henry but he started looking at rescue sites and that’s where our story begins….

He looked at so many doxies, long haired, short haired, reds, pie bald, dapples but he kept coming back to me (puppy smile)! Dad called my mom and asked her to look at me and tell him what she thought. She loved me at first glance but my dad was worried that he wouldn’t be able to love me like he loved Henry. My mom assured him that he could. She reminded him that if they were able to adopt me that we would be rescuing each other! I get a family and they get a new fur baby! Mom filled out the application and they waited. That afternoon a nice lady from DREAM called to do a phone interview. The call went great! Mom and Dad were getting so excited about me. My foster dad and my (soon to be) forever dad started texting each other. Ryan and Cassidy (the human kids in the family) were getting excited too. My mom said it was a miracle because they are 22 and 15 and hardly notice anything outside of their world. By that Sunday, my foster dad brought me over to meet my new mom and dad. I don’t mean to brag, but they loved me right away! After the home inspection and all the paperwork and play time… I was home!

Since my adoption we have been busy. We’ve had Christmas, New Year’s, we’ve been to the ranch, we went to the beach and camped overnight! I have had such a great time and the cat even likes me too! When they are at work I have the whole kitchen and breakfast room to myself. I have my potty pads and food and bed and toys there to keep me busy. I love it and they love me. Oh did I mention I’m deaf? Yep, that’s right. My mom and dad work with me every day to learn hand signals so I will be sure to know when they are telling me what a good boy I am. So a thumbs up means ‘good boy’. I am sending out a big thumbs up to DREAM Dachshund Rescue to helping me find my forever family!

Bridgette Ballot

Adopted 12/20/14

Nathan Northpole
"Murphy Joe"

Adopted 12/20/14

We officially adopted this little man today! His name is now Murphy Joe. He and our Weimaraner Lola had a great day together! Thank you so much for allowing us to have some extra joy this Christmas season!

We lost our 14 year old Daisy (Irish Setter mix) in February. She was also a rescue. She died on our daughter's birthday. We had to call Madeline in Mississippi to tell her. Then July 1st my Dad came here on Hospice from Florida to live with us. He died on Aug 30th. It has been a VERY hard year for our family. We have looked on and off for months for a rescue dog for us, and to keep Lola company. Lola came to us as an 8 week old puppy, and only knew her home here with Daisy, her older, grouchy sister. She mourned for a week after Daisy died.

Little Murphy has brought us more joy in a few hours than we've had all year. His middle name is Joe, after my Dad. I just want you to know how much it means to us to be able to give Murphy a home, and we are thankful you allowed us to!! I pray that Lola and Murphy will continue to bond. For now, we are incredibly happy and feel blessed! THANK YOU!! Merry Christmas!!

Emerson Elf
"Emerson Belle"

Adopted 12/19/14

December 19, 2016

Two years ago today we adopted Emerson from DREAM, and a month later got Elizabeth, her sister. What a blessing these two girls have been. And now our daughter and her husband have Chippy and Keaton, who are such characters! We are a family full of dachshunds. Thanks so much for giving us so much joy and love from these sweet, sweet babies. Y'all do a magnificent job!

January 19, 2015

This little black and tan sweetheart has been with us one month today. We were fortunate that her adoption went rather quickly since it was during the holidays. We had just lost our 14 1/2 year old blue and tan female dachshund, Samantha Belle in November. We began our search for another addition to our never ending love for the best dogs in the world, dachshunds. Little did we know how many dachshunds there were out there that needed adopting and/or rescuing. I found several organizations online but something about DREAM Dachshunds just stood out! So, the process with DREAM began…filling out paperwork, emails, phone calls and that significant home visit. Then the call came to come visit and meet our little girl. We met her on a Friday afternoon and she went home with us after that initial visit. Emerson snuggled up to us immediately, both me and my husband. We changed her middle name to Belle in memory of our last dachshund. She is now our Emerson Belle. Who knew we could fall in love so quickly with such a precious little pup?! She has been through a lot, lived several places before she came to us but she has adjusted so beautifully. She is truly at home. And she has made this her home, also! We had a little field mouse get into the house and Emerson suddenly became the fierce protector and tracker she was bred to be. She and my son-in-law tracked that little mouse until they both were successful! She was a hero! She now searches the house as soon as she gets up every day, then she will go outside and have her breakfast. She has a purpose!!! I’ve never seen so much dust on that little snout! She is having so much fun and we love watching her patrol and protect her territory! She is now very, very tired at night!!

She also gets great joy from playing with her toys! In the beginning, she didn’t quite seem to know what to do with all these toys but it didn’t take her long to learn to run, fetch and toss her toys around. We do let her sleep in the big bed with us. After all she’s been through, I don’t want her to ever feel alone or afraid again. She cuddles, she snuggles, she gives great doggie kisses! And she loves, loves, loves belly rubs! She just rolls over on her back as if to say, “Well, when are you going to rub my belly?” She is very obedient and patient to have experienced so much. She is also learning to love our adult children and our friends.

Thank you so much, DREAM Dachshunds, for providing such a great environment for these wonderful little dogs! And thank you for helping us find a new love of our life! We couldn’t be happier!

December 29, 2014

We adopted Emerson Elf whom we renamed Emerson Belle on December 19, 2014. She has fit right into our family. She has the sweetest, calmest personality. She loves to cuddle and snuggle with us. And she sure loves to play with her toys, too! We are so grateful to be able to give Emerson a forever home and we are grateful she is happy with us!

Sidney Snowfall

Adopted 12/19/14

Elloise Esperanza

Adopted 12/16/14

Buster Braun

Adopted 12/15/14

Sammy Scarecrow

Adopted 12/15/14

Aaron Alden

Adopted 12/14/14
Deceased 08/18/20

Aaron loved to ride in the car, went everywhere with my husband. If there was a squirrel out the window that made his day. Bless him.

Bubba Baker

Adopted 12/14/14


Adopted 12/14/14

Wiley Wurst

Adopted 12/14/14

Prim Petticoat

Adopted 12/12/14
Deceased 10/13/17

I adopted Primrose Petticoat on December 12, 2014. I have been wanting to let you know that she passed on October 13, 2017 due to congestive heart failure. We tried everything we could to keep her here but her heart just couldn't take it. I just wasn't able to get myself to write at the time.

She was the most wonderful companion and I loved her so much. She was with me 24 hours a day and I couldn't have asked for more love than she gave. I wanted to let you know and thank you for giving me the opportunity to have her in my life even if it was such a short time.

Forever thankful,

Dominick Erdinger

Adopted 12/11/14

Rosco Von Braun

Adopted 12/10/14

Sissie Schlitterbahn

Adopted 12/08/14

Bentley Beckum

Adopted 12/07/14

Caroline Crayola

Adopted 12/07/14

Snoopy Saffron

Adopted 12/07/14

Snoopy is awesome he is such a little love bug. It was such a joy and blessing to find DREAM and get our precious baby. He goes everywhere with me, loves to take the kids to school and pick them up.

Derek Deutsch

Adopted 12/06/14

Haley Hyacinth

Adopted 12/05/14

Moxie Maybach

Adopted 12/01/14

Samantha Saffron

Adopted 11/30/14

Connor Cornucopia

Adopted 11/24/14
Deceased 04/08/22

Rocket Regensberg

Adopted 11/23/14

Maximus Munich

Adopted 11/22/14

Trisha Dietrich

Adopted 11/21/14

Tucker Strauss

Adopted 11/16/14

Autumn Albright

Adopted 11/15/14

Calliope Cranberry

Adopted 11/15/14

Smitty Saffron

Adopted 11/15/14

Abigail Apple

Adopted 11/14/14

Penny Widmore Hume

Adopted 11/11/14
Deceased 09/10/18

We said farewell to our sweet little Lucy today. Lucy was born with physical disabilities, but truly seemed to enjoy life in spite of her challenges. She was a tiny spunky little girl who loved to play “fetch” with her favorite blue crab. We had five wonderful years with her, and she brought us so much happiness. Lucy is at peace now. We will truly miss our beautiful little girl!

Johann Wolfgang

Adopted 11/09/14

Daisy Turtledove

Adopted 11/08/14
Deceased 01/15/22

Mitzi passed away in January at the age of 13+ from an aggressive form of lymphoma. She was SO sweet. She waited until every one of her people came to see her that morning before she would take her last breath.

Murray Schumacher

Adopted 11/05/14

Pepper Rally

Adopted 11/05/14
Deceased 09/08/18

Sometimes our best friends leave us too soon. In memory of Mr> Opus, please consider donating to the compassionate team that gave him the chance at a second life so that other sweet babies can be as lucky.

Fritz Fromm

Adopted 11/02/14

We've wanted to make it to an event but haven't. J.J., the dog formerly known as Fritz, has become an irreplaceable part of our family. He's really come out of his shell and is in love with our other dachshund, Lola. He had been a blessing to us. Everyone who meets him falls in love.

Liliana Lavender

Adopted 11/02/14

Nikolaus Otto

Adopted 11/02/14

Cowboy Coney

Adopted 11/01/14

Cowboy has adjusted to us! He sleeps under the blanket with my son at night. We have him eating a vegetarian dog food because of his allergies. He really likes the food. We took him to PetCo and went crazy for their toys. We are keeping his name "Cowboy". He is so sweet and gets along with Jimbo. I am waiting for a nice sunny day to take some photos of Cowboy outside. We are spoiling him with toys, he has his own bed, and he has a mesh harness for walks. He loves riding in my car. Thank you for everything you have done for Cowboy. He is the best!!

Titus Tarragon

Adopted 11/01/14

Rusty Roux

Forever Foster 10/28/14

Lenny Lanyard

Adopted 10/27/14

Chauncey Snapdragon

Adopted 10/25/14

Ruby Red Glare

Adopted 10/25/14


Adopted 10/25/14

Wendy Windchimes

Adopted 10/25/14

Seymour Sage

Adopted 10/24/14

March 4th, 2015

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Carter is doing fabulously!

He’s come out of his shell with us so much. He now initiates tug of war, or gets pushy when he wants a lap or a pet. And he still drags that beat up little fleece around and to work on destroying it and then brings it to me to show off his progress! LOL

He really doesn’t have any bad habits at all. I still can’t figure out why someone gave him up. I’ve said over and over to people, he’s one of the easiest dogs I’ve ever had, fostered or dog-sat for. I know in rescue, sometimes you wonder what happened to your ex-fosters and don't always hear. So just so you know, I love him to pieces and I can tell I’ve become 100% totally his person.

Here he is in his new spiffy tie; he wears it with style. And one from a recent squirrel finding mission.

October 24, 2014

This is my new addition – and yes he’s a lot furrier than most “family additions”. :)

His name is Seymour. He’s 6.5 years old and he’s smart, stubborn, and adventurous. Seymour is also a cuddle-bug who isn’t scared to protect me from the UPS man (lol) and he loves other dogs. AND, as you can see below – he lets me torment him with ridiculous outfits – but hey, we got honorable mention and won a shirt To make up for the embarrassing outfits, I’ve been spoiling him with a zillion toys. Just wanted to share my happy news with the gang! - Rachel

Shauna Schnitzel
"Sophie Jane"

Adopted 10/24/14

Just a quick note to tell you how much we love Sophie! When I lost my Maggie on Labor Day weekend, I didn't think I'd ever want another one anytime soon. But when I saw her picture I knew I had to meet her, and I'm so glad I did. She has filled the emptiness with so much joy and laughter. She is such a smart little girl, already knows her name, and loves her squeaker toys. I renamed her Sophie Jane which means "wise, gift from God" and she truly is!!


Adopted 10/24/14

Alfie Argyle

Adopted 10/23/14

Beau Puccini

Adopted 10/20/14

Jasper Jasmine

Adopted 10/19/14

Madeline Mayflower

Adopted 10/19/14

Lizzie Lemongrass

Adopted 10/16/14

David Dogwood

Adopted 10/14/14

Alexander Alphabet

Adopted 10/13/14

10/15/14 Adoption Update

As you can see Alexander is quite relaxed in our home. Yes, he is very snugly and so eager to please. He also listens to commands very well. He is quiet all night in his own bed, not in our room (yay!). Lottie, the Maine Coon, will not be pushed from her domain; she hid for the first hour and is now back to her normal routine. They both remain cautiously curious of one another. I couldn't ask for better on day two. He has had two accidents in the house; both I believe happened while we were sleeping. Hmm, do I need to get up before 7am? We'll figure it out. But he is definitely, here to stay!

Franklin Frisbee

Adopted 10/12/14

Rocky Redwood

Adopted 10/11/14

J. J. Weimar

Adopted 10/08/14

Maya Papaya

Adopted 10/06/14

Kyle Kingfisher

Adopted 10/05/14

Cecil Seabreeze
"Buddy Louis"

Adopted 10/03/14

10/28/14 Adoption Update

Just checking in to let you know Cecil Seabreeze is doing great! We went back and forth on changing the name, but everyone thinks he looks like a "Buddy", so that's what we've been calling him. Buddy Lou, Buddy Love, Buddy Louis. We haven't come to agreement on the middle name! HA!

He made a road trip with us to Baton Rouge and visited Earl! They got along great except NO ONE is to mess with Earl's furry duck squeak toy. NO ONE. They didn't fight, but it was just funny to see Earl so territorial. Earl is also very protective of Emma when she is sleeping, so he is a great watchdog! Cecil/Buddy was a big hit on the LSU campus during tailgating and the LSU vs.Ole Miss game. Everyone that passed him said, "Hey Buddy"!

He loves to run and chase squirrels, and he went to the beach with us and LOVES to chase seagulls! We are absolutely loving this cuddle bug, and so thankful to have him. He is so sweet to everyone! We still work with the separation anxiety, but he seems to be doing better.

Britt Blessings

Adopted 09/30/14

Watson Watercress
"Dr. Watson"

Adopted 09/30/14
Deceased 05/26/20

Dr Watson was our first rescue from DREAM,6 years ago. He was the best little boy anyone could ask for. He passed away yesterday from (what appeared to be) a brain tumor. It came on very suddenly. Poor little guy Still can’t believe he’s really gone. Our hearts are breaking at his passing. Watson was honestly such a good dog. He never did anything wrong.

Sally Snowcone

Adopted 09/29/14
Deceased 07/15/22

I can’t believe it’s been a year since we officially adopted Sally. We can’t imagine life without her! She is doing great and so happy. Such a gentle, sweet girl and the perfect pal for our 'alpha dog' Coco. They are best friends and do everything together. Sally is deaf, so she looks to Coco for guidance and Coco is more than happy to be leader. Attached are some photos of Sally with us. We are so grateful to DREAM for saving Sally and bringing her to us.

Genie Nelson

Adopted 09/28/14
Courtesy Post

Roxie Raindrop

Adopted 09/24/14
Courtesy Post

Minnie Mango

Adopted 09/22/14

Minnie (we are calling her Rosie now) saw our vet yesterday. Everyone in the place fell in love with her, of course. We can’t thank you enough for our new pup. We are so thankful to have her and she has brought us so much joy!

Jeremy Jansport

Adopted 09/21/14

Bogie Blueberry

Adopted 09/19/14


Adopted 09/18/14

We first met Bingo when we took him to the dog show in July. We liked him so much that we decided to foster him and then we fell in love and became "Foster Failure"! My worst nightmare was thinking about the phone ringing and someone telling me they found a forever home for Bingo - no way! When my husband asked what I wanted for my birthday in September, I said, "Bingo!", with no hesitation. He is such a special little guy and we just love him to pieces. He is quite the lap dog and most of the time he can be found in one of our laps. He gets along great with our other two dogs, Phoebe and Molly (adopted January, 2014) and is now one of the pack. He's a little older then they are and has a lot more dignity when it comes to horsing around. He still likes to race out into the yard with them to chase squirrels and is not shy about a good game of fetch. We are just so happy we found him. Thanks, DreamDachs, for another wonderful addition to our family.

Melissa Marigold

Adopted 09/18/14

Jack Junebug

Adopted 09/16/14
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Sloane Peterson
"Izzy Puppy"

Adopted 09/13/14

February 1, 2017

I just want to let you and the others know how much my life is more purposeful with my daughter Izzy Puppy. She is the most wonderful furry daughter in the world. And I am convinced she is the new and improved reincarnation of my late Uggy Puppy, but much sweeter. She is very protective of her daddy and has several new friends here on The Waterway. Much thanks to the organization. - Dr. K.

Izzy, aka "The Izzy Puppy", has settled in wonderfully in The Woodlands. Izzy loves her toys, most of which she loves to destroy... a few she likes to sleep with... thoroughly enjoys her walks in the park adjacent to the Waterway, and has made many new friends. She loves to wake up her daddy every morning in bed, using her memory foam ramp (I strongly recommend all dachsie owners consider this product to protect their backs), looks forward to full access to the carpeted hallway the size of half a football field, and greets all neighbors with a smile. She has become protective of her daddy on our walks, and makes sure all joggers and bicyclers keep their distance from us with subtle growls. Izzy is so sweet, though; she lets me brush her teeth whenever needed, and would not bite a fly.

She wishes to thank her foster mommy, Katrina Pasternak, for the loving home environment she received, and especially sends her appreciation to all in Dream Dachs, including Marcie Lawless and Suzanne Caillouet, who do a terrific job and make the adoption process so relaxed and simple.

A final note - Izzy is the spitting image of my late little boy, The Uggy Puppy, only smaller and much sweeter. I adopted her in early September, six weeks after my mother passed away. Divine intervention had to be a factor in order for this adoption to occur. Izzy was input into the system a week before my Mother died. I started looking for a new doggie a month later. When I saw Izzy for the first time, I got goose bumps by the resemblance to Uggy. On her initial home visit, Izzy walked right up to our building’s front door, entered the elevator like she had been there before, walked over to my condo door, waited to be let in, and promptly jumped up to my favorite lounge chair... as if to say "I am home!!" I could not be happier with my new daughter.

Otis Oleander

Adopted 09/09/14

September 11, 2014

Everything is going great. Otis had a little anxiety the first day and chewed the door frame but I got that sour apple spray and today when I got home he didn't seem to have touched it again. Also when I leave he doesn't bark long anymore, which was my main concern being in an apartment. He's just such a good dog.

I think he has settled in quickly and is a great fit! I found out that my apartment is getting a dog park so I'm pretty excited about that.

January 11, 2015

I just wanted to send a thank you to DREAM. Otis is exactly what I needed. I couldn't have asked for a better dog for my situation. He was the perfect pick. He is so well behaved and I'm convinced had some kind of training. He's adjusted well to his new home. We go on lots of walks and when we have long weekends we go see the cousins. He's a little bit spoiled and has way too many toys. Again, I just wanted to say thank you for working with me and letting me give Otis a forever home.

Chip Childs

Adopted 09/07/14

Gracie Gold

Adopted 09/06/14
Deceased 09/30/17

I am brokenhearted to say that Gracie passed away last weekend. Our vet said she had a herniated disc, but then she seized and died a day later. It has been a family death to us. We were so close to her. There is no one who could possibly take her place.

Sawyer Sparrow

Adopted 09/01/14

Little Man

Adopted 08/30/14
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Mollie Mascot

Adopted 08/27/14

James Earl Jones

Adopted 08/25/14

Penelope Bumblebee

Adopted 08/24/14

Brandie Brachs

Adopted 08/23/14

Reagan Rosebud

Adopted 08/22/14

Shaylie Sherbert

Adopted 08/22/14
Deceased 11/15/21

Shirley has no trust issues, sleeps under the covers and is fearless. She is home.

Raquel Rosebud

Adopted 08/17/14


Adopted 08/08/14
Courtesy Post

Carter and Zoey are two 4-year-old gorgeous dachshunds who are not brother and sister, but have always been together. These two beautiful dogs are sweet, gentle, loving, housetrained, and have lived their lives together with one family. Carter wants to be your lap dog, while Zoey would like to play fetch with a ball. Once she retrieves it, she brings it close, and then noses it to you to throw again. Happily, they were adopted together!

Webber Westcott

Adopted 08/08/14

Sweet little Webber, now renamed "Ty", was adopted as a companion for Tilly Lew Tulip!


Adopted 08/08/14
Courtesy Post

Zoey and Carter are two 4-year-old gorgeous dachshunds who are not brother and sister, but have always been together. These two beautiful dogs are sweet, gentle, loving, housetrained, and have lived their lives together with one family. Carter wants to be your lap dog, while Zoey would like to play fetch with a ball. Once she retrieves it, she brings it close, and then noses it to you to throw again. Happily, they were adopted together!

Connie Campfire

Adopted 08/07/14


Adopted 08/06/14
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Scooter McFly

Adopted 08/03/14

Today makes almost four weeks since we lost the love of our lives, our Dachshund, Andy (Andouille) to hemangiosarcoma... and one week since we adopted Scooter McFly, who has totally stolen and helped heal our hearts! We've always felt that although we can never replace one of our fur companions, when we lose one, it opens up a space of love for another one who is waiting out there, in need of a safe and loving family. We wanted to share a couple of pictures with you guys. Scooter is in motion so much throughout the day (playing with toys and running around with his terrier sister, Maddie) that it's hard to catch a shot of him being still. As for the second pic: Man, if only he would make himself comfortable when he goes to sleep at night! LOL! Thank you guys so much for all that you do—and thank you to Marcie and Chess for taking care of this amazing little dog until fate led us to him!


Adopted 08/02/14
Deceased 10/09/23

It is with great sadness that l inform the DREAM family that our beloved Ladybug, a Dreamer, died on October 9, 2023.

“Bug” was adopted by us back in 2014 (along with the deceased Oreo aka “Odie”) She was Odie’s caregiver companion, guiding him, calming him, cleaning, etc.

After Odie’s death she began caring for me, and became my medical alert dog. She was with me constantly for nine years. She died peacefully at 7:35 pm in my lap with my wife beside us.

Bug was adored by so many - the servers at the restaurants we frequent; the seniors at the retirement communities she visited; our friends and our neighbors, just about all who met her.

Our loss is hard to contemplate her absence from our lives, and it will take some time before considering another adoption. She can never be replaced.

Desmond David Hume

Adopted 07/31/14
Deceased 03/12/19

Lorelei Butterfly

Adopted 07/31/14

Tonya Garland

Adopted 07/30/14

Sonny Surfer

Adopted 07/28/14

Cameron Frye

Adopted 07/27/14

Ferris Bueller

Adopted 07/26/14

Brody Biscayne

Adopted 07/25/14

Carlie Confetti

Adopted 07/25/14

Rebecca Rosebud
"Baily Grace"

Adopted 07/25/14

Sabrina Sparkle

Adopted 07/25/14

Lauren Sherbert

Adopted 07/24/14

Cassidy Crane

Adopted 07/20/14

Bella Bluebonnet

Adopted 07/18/14

Betsy is an absolute darling--the most loving dog I've ever known. I am so fortunate to have found her. Many thanks to DREAM for getting us together! Many thanks to you, too!

Tristan Tomkins

Adopted 07/14/14

Sandie Seashell

Adopted 07/12/14

Renee Rosebud

Adopted 07/11/14

Payton Popsicle

Adopted 07/10/14

Lola Falalalala

Adopted 07/05/14

I don't know how to describe how much we love her. My sister and her husband came down this morning to see her and fell in love with her. My sister has a fancy sewing machine so she bought a pattern for dog clothes and plans to make Lola some outfits. She also is making her a fleece blanket with Lola's name on it.

Jake Jasper

Adopted 06/29/14

I began fostering Jakie in November 2014, shortly after he came into rescue. His previous owner died before he could make arrangements for Jake Jasper; his hospice nurse took Jakie in but her dog didn't get along with him, which is how DREAM got him. Marcie thought he'd do better in a quiet home, so I took him and it didn't take more than 24 hours before I became a foster failure; tiny 9 lb Jakie had my heart in a matter of minutes. He has made a couple of big adjustments in the past year; we moved, stayed with friends (with two American Staffordshire Terriers who Jake ran and played with). Then last November I rescued a Great Pyrenees puppy from an abusive situation, so Jake now has a 90 lb. brother, and Jakie runs things. I sit in the backyard watching them chase each other around, and they are a never-ending source of joy. Wish I could volunteer at the dog show with you guys, but I want to thank you for doing what you do - bringing love into the lives of the doxies and their people.

Frederick Firefly

Adopted 06/27/14

Cinnamon Sandcastle

Adopted 06/16/14
Deceased 10/14/23

Jack and I said good-bye to our little girl Cinnie (Cinnamon Sandcastle) Saturday, October 14. She was diagnosed with non-curable urinary cancer approximately a month ago, and we were told she probably had about six months, so we felt cheated to lose her so quickly. When it became impossible for her to urinate, we took her to VERGI, and complications arose making it best for us to let her go.

We miss her very much and wish we could share with everyone how special she was and what a hole she has left in our lives, but since it is impossible to explain what she meant to us then we’ll just share some of her story.

It always amazes me how different these little creatures can be … you look at them side by side and they look so much alike, but the personalities are as vast as the moon and the stars. Cinnie came to live with us from DREAM just over nine years ago and was, without a doubt, the laziest little doxy I have ever had. She was so lazy she would even sit down when she was eating! However, she was also a sweetheart and our social butterfly, hopping from one guest to another … whether they wanted her or not. Bruni, her sister, would meanwhile simply retreat to a close-by bed (there is always a bed close by) and watch the proceedings.

She kept us entertained with her very big voice which she used to let us know when she wanted to go outside to drink from the bird bath, walking past her own inside bowl completely full of fresh water. Why or how that became her preferred method of drinking water we will never know, but it did make me keep the bird bath clean. The sound of the dryer closing would have her running from wherever she was in the house to jump in the middle of the nice warm clean clothes. I would have to dedicate a portion of the bundle as hers while I folded the remainder of the laundry around her.

She and Bruni would cuddle together, one of them using the other as a pillow … it was always adorable and always sweet. And she could, of course, burrow under the covers in a split second turning so that only a tiny portion of her nose would show. I “wasted” more time daily watching her/them and saying, oh, look, isn’t that cute? Cinnie was an excellent timekeeper, always reminding us of when it was time for the daily scheduled treat and meals.

When it comes to the pups, Jack and I believe it is a duty and a privilege to give these little guys all the love and care we possibly can, and in return we get back an enormous amount of love and joy. This was abundantly true with Cinnie.

So, Rest in Peace our little Cinnie Girl, we miss you.

Drew Dragonfly

Adopted 06/16/14

Billy Bayou

Adopted 06/10/14

From Billy's foster mom who adopted him: Billy was gone for one night and when he came back our dogs acted like their best friend had just came home they were all giving kisses to each other and running around the yard and then more kissing. I knew he had already found his family and forever home. We love him and could not imagine him with any other family. My boys cried when he went for the overnight meet and greet and they thought Billy was never coming back. I knew we had to be his forever family.

We will still foster because, even with Billy, we only have 4 dogs now since my Lab Brownie passed away . Brownie loved Billy, so I think he is in doggie heaven smiling down at him.

Piper Peony

Adopted 06/10/14

Hey! It's been great. Piper and Prince have already become partners in crime! She is a very sweet girl. A daddy's girl for sure which Prince appreciates because he is a momma's boy.

Andy Azalea

Adopted 06/08/14

Chloe Carnation

Adopted 06/08/14

Chloe is doing well and settling in nicely in our home. She is so well mannered, loving and nearly perfect in every way. Walking on a leash is one of her favorite things to do and our neighbors have commented on how pretty she looks. Although these pictures were taken on the sofa, Chloe has claimed her own chair just for herself. She sleeps in her kennel in our room and is beginning to follow us to the bedroom at night and tuck herself in. I think it's safe to say that she feels secure and at home.

So glad that Dream let us foster her and make her our baby.

Gage Gardenia

Adopted 06/08/14

When we lost our beloved male dachshund (Vinny) in April we took some time to mourn the loss. We also wanted to allow our senior female dachshund (Lily) to have some time as an "only dog". It soon became apparent that we all missed having a second dog. Lily was lonely and withdrawn. We began to look for a rescue who would fit into our family.

We knew as soon as we met Max (formerly Gage) that his sweet charming disposition is just what Lily needed for a companion. One issue that we had to consider was that Lily was dog aggressive and did not get along with other dogs until ......she met Max. The transformation was amazing, she was soon acting like a much younger version of herself! Within 24 hours, they were laying together on a bed and have been inseparable since. Max has certainly made himself at home with us and we could not be happier.

As for us, we are smitten. Max is a loving and affectionate dog. He has not met a lap he does not like. He is the perfect fit for our family. We cannot imagine anyone ever giving this little guy up. We are so grateful to Dream Dachshund for rescuing him. Max is one of a kind - but most certainly the right one for us. Thank you all again!

Bruce, Jennifer, and Lily

Pixie Pinwheel

Adopted 06/08/14


Adopted 06/07/14

From Scout's Adopter...

Scout is doing great. He is a great joy to me. Thank you!

Tripp Truman

Adopted 06/06/14

Here are some pictures of Tripp. Maybe too many but I have taken a lot of him in the week or so we've had him. One picture is him laying on his daytime bed; he has a blanket he is usually under also. Another is him in my bed where is sleeps every night with his new brother Fuller. We love him so much and can't imagine life before him already! He fits into our family so perfectly.

Beatrice Buttercup

Adopted 05/31/14

Patience Pendleton
"Little Girl"

Adopted 05/30/14

Molly Monarch

Adopted 05/28/14

Joey Boudreaux

Adopted 05/24/14

I took "JoJo", as we are affectionately calling him now, to our vet on Saturday and got him all set with a new round of heartworm preventative. I'm happy to report, he was still heartworm negative and healthy on all other aspects. His other name is "Lick Lightening" as he loves to catch us off guard and sneak in a quick lick. I've been using that skill to help me wake up the girls in the morning. It's amazing how fast they wake up after a few licks. :-)

Attached are some of the photos I keep with me of him. It has astonished everyone how fast this little guy has warmed up so quickly and fit into our family. He is still learning to get along with our 2 cats as he wants to play chase with them since one of them squeaks just like his favorite tennis ball. It's quite comical at dinner time with all of them giving each other the "eye" while they eat. One of the pictures is JoJo's favorite look to give us as you can almost hear him say "aren't you going to play with me". My daughter's fall for it every time. His favorite pastime is playing with his tennis balls and the other is to be chased by one of us around the yard. After about 10 rounds, he is ready for naptime as that is the other picture. If he doesn't crash on his favorite pillow it's on my lap or my husband's. The neighborhood kids have also fallen in love with him and have to come say hi to him when we take him for his evening walks. He just eats that up as you can imagine.

Thanks for sending us his files and tag. I'll send an update in a few weeks as he is going on his first camping trip with us next week.

July 9, 2014 Update

Jojo had a great camping trip. He really got into the action as you can see from the attached picture. He also got to hang out with my Aunt's new dog, Rockie who is a rescue from Louisiana as they came out to visit us for the day. They did a little "tail-gating" themselves.

Hope Hummingbird
"Heidi Hope"

Adopted 05/18/14

Hope, now called Heidi Hope is a wonderful little dog. We have two other rescue dogs. Max a nine year old dachshund from a shelter 9 years ago. Sophie Olivia that we received from Dream last January . We love them all very much. Heidi is a nine-pound mini who is full of energy and plays well with the other dogs. Thank you DREAM for all of your help.

Sasha Sullivan

Adopted 05/16/14

Sasha is doing great and we are so happy that we found her! Roxy and Sasha are like two peas in a pod!

Wyatt Wisteria

Adopted 05/16/14

Felix Frankenweenie

Adopted 05/13/14

Felix, renamed "Si" by our son, is doing very well. He walks beautifully on leash with his two big brothers, Ziggy and Bo (Great White Pyrenees), and has settled in very well into our family. He often sleeps with Ziggy or Bo. We wish you all well in your work with the rescue organization.

Lulu Lantana

Adopted 05/11/14

Bruce Breezy

Adopted 05/10/14

He's doing well and having the time of his life. His foster called him Buddy but I changed it to Bohdi. He loves to play fetch and sometimes can't wait until I wake up! LOL

Bradley Cooper

Adopted 05/04/14

Kip Judd

Adopted 05/04/14

Kolby Judd

Adopted 05/04/14

Lucy LeBlanc

Adopted 05/04/14

Liam Payne

Adopted 05/03/14

Bonnie O'Brien

Adopted 05/02/14
Deceased 08/18/21

I wanted to let y'all know that Bonnie passed away on Wednesday, Aug 18. A few months ago she started having problems with her kidney levels being high, so we were taking her to the vet a few times a week for them to administer the fluids to help flush them. Everything seemed to be going well and her numbers were almost normal, but then she started having trouble breathing and they found that her heart was enlarged and was going into heart failure. We had her for a little over 7 years and enjoyed every moment we spent with her. She will be truly missed.

Oscar de la Wiene'

Adopted 05/02/14
Deceased 03/08/16

Pamela Petals

Adopted 05/02/14

I thought I would give you an update on Pamela now Heidi. When she first arrived at our house my dogs thought she was my dachshund that passed away two months ago but after a quick sniff they all realized she was someone new. Heidi has fit in wonderfully with the other dogs in the house. She immediately found her dog beds and respects everyone else's. Day one she enjoyed our daily 2 miles walk and on day two she got acquainted with the boat ride and the park in Lake Conroe. We are thrilled that she has fit in so quickly. She will have a wonderful forever home here.

Shane Shamrock

Adopted 04/26/14

Petunia Parsley
"Mattie Moo Olivet"

Adopted 04/20/14

This is a Love Story

Told with Love. Possible by Love.

Sometimes in this crazy world, we find ourselves with a hole in our heart that can only be filled by the unconditional, tail wagging, sometimes silly Love from a new four legged friend.

Enter Mattie Olivet, our new pretty little wire haired girl. She runs with a hop like a bunny, her ears flip backward all the time like she is signaling to turn left and her eyebrows are wiggly. She chases after our 70 pound boxer rescue Patch with all the force her 12 pounds can muster and she tries to outwit our daughter's rescue Chloe with only limited success. All the while bestowing that unconditional Love upon our whole family.

Told with Love. Possible by Love. Rescued by Love.

Thank you, DREAM.

Tilly Tulip
"Tilly Lew"

Adopted 04/20/14

Tilly would like to update everyone on what she's been up to. She has gone to daycare several times at Bayside Bed and Biscuit for the camaraderie of other dogs, but prefers human interaction. All day is too much for her so when she goes it's for the morning so she can come home and nap for evening play time.

Tilly earned frequent flyer miles on Southwest traveling to the family farm in Northern Ohio. She met Grandma and Pappa Lewie (they're both 89 years young), the kids, the grandkids, and Roxie the Doxie (the grand-dog). Tilly loved the new smells on the farm, walking down the lane, and even chased a chipmunk in the flower bed, then had to check for it every time she went outside.

We found out our 5pm return flight was delayed until 12:20am due to a fire at the Chicago control tower and had to re-book to the following day. The airline decided to load my luggage on a HOU flight but didn't know which one, so we had very little (fortunately I had dog food in my computer bag). Due to severe storms the previous day there weren't any rental cars available and it took over 2 hours to find a hotel with vacancy that accepted pets. Tilly did great in the hotel and was very patient with the 2-hour flight delay.

Now that we're back home Tilly has taken up interior decorating with pillows and paper artwork. We have photos to share that will display her new talents.

Bandit Bloom

Adopted 04/18/14

Monique Lamoureaux
"Mona Lisa"

Adopted 04/18/14

Monique came to us as one of our many foster dogs. My daughter and I fell in love with her and decided she was a great fit for our family.she would be the one we did not let go. We call her Mona Lisa as she has a slight smile. She is so sweet and funny ...an independent girl who loves to be outside with me as I garden. She loves to wake my daughter up in the morning with a nudge and puppy kisses. Thank you Dream for coming into our life. We love our Mona Lisa.

Tali Tuberose

Adopted 04/18/14
Courtesy Post

Harley Houlihan

Adopted 04/13/14

Harley is right at home with us and his big brother, Franklin, our Basset Hound. He loves to lick toes, hide bones, take car rides and run and play with his brother in the backyard. He's a wonderful addition to our family, always keeping us entertained or snuggling on the couch. Thanks DREAM!

Shiloh Saucier

Adopted 04/08/14

Marshawna Lynch

Adopted 04/07/14

Lindsey Buckingham

Adopted 04/06/14

Bailey O'Dalaigh

Adopted 03/30/14

Samuel Snowflake

Adopted 03/30/14

Sammy is the cutest little guy. He is getting use to his new family and routine. He is having a great time playing ball with my cattle dog, Raven. Thanks to DREAM dachshund for allowing me to be Sammy's forever home.

Hannah Kearney

Adopted 03/29/14
Deceased 11/25/19

I want to give you an update on Hannah. We have made huge strides with this baby girl. Your most powerful advice was "never underestimate the power of food". Ha ha. I always have treats in my pocket now. This girl has done a complete turnaround. She is warm and cuddly now. She loves to be loved. We broke through the barrier that broke her. She has turned into a Mommas girl.


Adopted 03/23/14
Courtesy Post

Abby Devreaux

Adopted 03/22/14

Luke LeMarquis

Adopted 03/22/14

Dolly Dreidel

Adopted 03/21/14

Monty Hall

Adopted 03/21/14
Deceased 08/18/23

Morgan O'Malley

Adopted 03/21/14

Dusty Boots

Adopted 03/19/14

Ava Garland

Adopted 03/14/14

Ava has been with us about 7 weeks and everything is going great. Ava is the most affectionate dog we have ever had. She is doing great and we are so happy to have her.

Ava is house-trained, she is not destructive and loves to go on walks. She is very good on a leash. She craves attention but she is responsive to basic commands. She loves everybody and is great with other dogs. She has brought a great deal of joy to our lives, particularly after we had to put down our mini dachshund, Maggie, whom we had for over 10 years. This has been truly a match made in heaven.

Best wishes to everybody at DREAM dachshunds.


Adopted 03/13/14
Courtesy Post


Adopted 03/13/14
Courtesy Post

Tiffany Tinsel

Adopted 03/12/14
Deceased 01/03/20

From Tiffany's new family...

"We are head over heels with Pepper (Tiffany)! She is the perfect fit for our family. She is learning our routine and is just a wonderful addition. When she is happy she twirls, which is usually when she gets fed.

Ted Ligity

Adopted 03/10/14

Sport Spartan

Adopted 03/03/14
Deceased 01/13/17

Our hearts are broken. Sport developed two herniated discs this past Tuesday. We rushed him to Texas A&M where they did an MRI and took him into surgery. Yesterday he had reflexes in his back legs, which was good. But late last night he came down with Myelomalacia (disintegration of the spinal cord). Nothing could be done for him. We held him while he took his trip over Rainbow Bridge. We are sick and heartbroken. He was the most lovely little boy we have ever had.

Sport gave of himself all the love and affection any dog could give. The hole in our hearts right now is so very deep. We shall miss him terribly. He was the sweetest little man. He would crawl up on your chest, put his head on your shoulder, and wrap his little front legs around your neck to give you a HUG! His passing is going to take a long while for us to get over.

Preston Pruitt

Adopted 03/01/14

We adopted Preston almost a week ago, but he has quickly made us feel like we have had him all along. It took him two days to warm up to the new surroundings but after that, we could not have asked for a better companion for our other Dachshund Peewee. Preston loves to cuddle up under the blankets and is one of those dogs who could literally fall asleep anywhere, but his favorite place right now is right on top of his dad's chest! When he’s not sleeping, he and peewee are looking for squirrels and rough housing in the back yard. He has done great with his potty breaks also, no complaints there. We just want to thank Marcie and the “DREAM Team” for blessing us with such a great pup!

Shani Davis

Adopted 03/01/14

"Yep, he's pretty much the love of my life!"

I cannot even begin to tell you how in love with Charlie I am :) He is seriously the perfect pet. Thank you so much for your love and care for all of the weenies. I look forward to someday fostering and adopting more!!!

Hank Holiday

Adopted 02/27/14

Here is a picture of Hank and his new brother, Giorgio, hanging out with mom while she gets ready to go. I'm sure Hank is in HEAVEN having a comfy bed in every room for him (literally).

Tess Tannenbaum

Adopted 02/26/14

Tess is a great little dog! We are so lucky to have her!

Seraphina Star

Adopted 02/22/14

Pearl Thomas
"Bella Vita"

Adopted 02/19/14

September 23, 2014

Please post this picture of my sweet Bella. I adopted her from you in February. We have grown to love her so much. She is doing very well, loves to go outside and run, run, run up and down the fence line. I think she must not have gotten to go outside much where she came from. She has really improved in her eating habits. She doesn’t eat so fast and realizes that she is going to get all she wants to eat! At first she would hold food in her jaws, I guess for later. She has her issues, like most rescue dogs but now she realizes that she is loved and is finally in her forever home with her forever family that will always care for her. Thank you DREAM for giving me my Bella!

February 24, 2014

I adopted Pearl a few days ago. Her name is now Bella Vita which means "beautiful life". I am so happy to have her and will give her that beautiful life. She is so adorable! She weighs 7.5 pounds and is a bundle of energy. She is doing relatively well on her house training, still having accidents. She is getting along quite well with the other doxies, although, they won't play with her yet. I think that will come with time. She curls up in a tiny ball in my lap everytime I sit down. We have already grown to love her. She is such a wonderful addition to our little minagerie. God bless you, DREAM, for what you are doing and for giving me my little Bella!


Adopted 02/17/14
Deceased 09/08/15

It is with a very heavy heart that I am writing you. Romeo (re-named Interceptor) passed away last night in a tragic, unexpected accident. Being the ever-mischievous Dachsie that he was, he wiggled under the fence yesterday evening and went into the neighbor’s backyard. We were all in the backyard with him, but he dug under there too fast for anyone to realize what had happened. He was killed by our neighbor’s dog. I am so, so sorry. Interceptor was our baby, and we loved him more and more every single day. We are in complete and total shock. He meant everything - absolutely everything - to us. I’ve never loved, and I will never love, anything as much as I loved that little boy. I would give anything to bring him back to us.

Goldie Tate
"Maggie Mae"

Adopted 02/16/14

We got Maggie (Goldie Tate) on the 16th so she has been here almost two weeks. I can't begin to tell you what a perfect match she is for my other dachshund Cooper (also a rescue) and myself. We were meant to be together. She has adjusted to her forever home immediately. Within a couple of days she already responded to her new name. She goes outside with her brother Cooper and if not on your lap and showering you with kisses she has found her favorite spot on the couch. She goes in her crate for the night without a peep and loves being in or outside as long as it's not too cold or raining! I love her to pieces and I have been waiting for her to join our family. Thank you DREAM for our new love in our life, Maggie Mae.

Missy Mistletoe

Adopted 02/14/14
Deceased 06/18/18

We are so heartbroken to announce the sudden loss of our sweet Missy. I swear she was made from pure sugar and we will never know a dog sweeter than her. We lost her best friend Polly just 8 months ago and I know they are running around in Heaven together now. ❤️ Until we meet again sweet girl.

Polly Pinecone

Adopted 02/14/14
Deceased 10/29/17

Polly took another sudden turn for the worse and passed away. We are just devastated and miss her so much already . Thank you all for your prayers.

Benny Affleck

Adopted 02/10/14

We renamed the little guy to Ghibli. He and Benz, our 14 year old dachshund, have become big buddies. Benz has to straighten out the young one every once in a while. He is certainly a character!

Benny loves the sun! He is just what we needed for our older Dachshund! He likes to eat and play. Thanks Again!

Periwinkle Pruitt

Adopted 02/08/14
Deceased 07/03/17


Adopted 02/01/14

We are one lucky family now that Fritzy has arrived. He is super sweet and gets along great with our two sons Max and Gus (3 and 1). Max calls him his "rescue dog" and Gus loves crawling on his bed and getting doggy kisses. Fritzy plays a little bit but is mostly happy nestled up on my lap. He has learned quickly that when Gus is in the high chair chances are he may get a scrap or two. He loves going in walks and playing with the neighbors dog, Lucy. Thank you for all you do DREAM!!!

Lucy Licorice
"Lulu Belle"

Adopted 02/01/14

1/1/23 Update

Today is Lucy's Gotcha Day. I adopted her 9 years ago, driving down to Houston from Dallas to pick her up. Wouldn't change a thing 🐾♥️

8/17/21 Update

Hi. I adopted Lucy from you in February of 2013. Today is her 10th birthday. I love this little girl! 🐾❤️🦴

1/27/15 Update From Lucy's Forever Mom

Lucy rescued us a year ago this coming weekend. She has really bloomed this year and keeps us, our two dachshunds (11 and 12 years of age) and yard critters (squirrels and a stubborn opossum) on our toes.

She wags her tail a lot now and wants right up in my face and lap. When she came to live with us, she never wagged her tail and she was very reserved. Lucy would prefer to be outside, propped up in the top the tree, barking and watching the world go by. Many paths have been worn into my grass.

These days, she goes more by Lulubelle than Lucy. I'm attaching some pictures as well. Thank you so much for this feisty little dachshund!

2/7/14 Update From Lucy's Forever Mom

Lucy is adapting just great. Her fears are being eased and she is loving the lovin'. She loves her new toys, especially critter. I throw and she retrieves. I will find my slipper missing as I step out of the shower and find a tennis shoe precariously hanging off the side of the bed. She doesn't chew them up, just takes them. Silly girl. She is cold most of the time. Lucy snuggles under the covers up against my back or behind my knees. She does NOT like to get up. She's like a teenager that way. Here are some pictures I've taken. Enjoy!

Mallory Morningstar

Adopted 01/27/14

We've only had Molly (formerly Mallory) a week and she's already stolen our hearts and become a member of our family. She and her new sister Phoebe, a 3 yr. old terrier mix, are constant companions and spend all day playing and wrestling. They have so much energy that it makes us tired watching them. At night, both dogs join us on our big bed and crash until morning. Molly will gently wake you up with a little lick when she's ready to get up and go outside. Molly has really responded to affection and loves to be held. We are so happy to have our new little princess. Thank you, Dream Dachshunds, for all you do.

Jennifer Lawrence

Adopted 01/25/14

Natalie Nottingham

Adopted 01/25/14

Olivia Wilde
"Sophie Olivia"

Adopted 01/25/14

Sophie Olivia is doing wonderfully. We love her so much. She is so sweet. Max, our 7 year old dachshund, and Sophie play all the time. Rascal, our 10 year dachshund does not play, but she tolerates her. I believe she is Pomeranian and long haired chihuahua, but she fits right in, and we do love her. The attached photo is of Max and Sophie Olivia.

Thank you again for all of your help. Hope you find homes for all the dogs. They all need loving homes.

Stevie Nicks

Adopted 01/21/14

Nikki Garland

Adopted 01/18/14

Gracie is doing fantastic!!! She's a sweetheart!!! Thanks so much!

Louis Tomlinson

Adopted 01/16/14

Danni Garland

Adopted 01/13/14

Heidi Garland

Adopted 01/12/14

William Garland

Adopted 01/10/14

Bentley Bethlehem

Adopted 01/06/14

Parker Primrose

Adopted 01/05/14

Tobey Truffle

Adopted 01/05/14
Deceased 08/24/21

I adopted little Tobey back in January 2014. He has been my best friend and a loving and loyal companion for the past seven years. I am broken-hearted to tell you that he passed away on August 24th. It was quite sudden and unexpected. Tobey became ill on August 23rd and I took him to his usual veterinarian. They looked him over and sent him home with medication. His condition continued to decline and I took him to VERGI shortly before midnight. Tobey had very low blood sugar and the doctors could not raise it. He passed away at 4:00 am on August 24th, after several attempts to resuscitate him. It was discovered that he had a large mass on his liver.

Calvin Kleinbrook

Adopted 01/04/14

Elvis Enchanté

Adopted 01/04/14

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