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Finally Home

Our Adopted Dogs

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DREAM Dog Finally Home Story

Sarah Sweet Potato

Adopted 12/29/19

Grayson Grasshopper

Adopted 12/22/19
Deceased 03/04/22

When I got home Wednesday evening, Grayson could hardly move and was yelping in pain. I cuddled him all night and rushed him to my vet as soon as they opened on Thursday morning. They did x-rays and said he had three discs that had collapsed in his neck, and three in his back. They did injections and kept him overnight. On Friday morning they said he was worse and was completely paralyzed in his back legs. We spoke with the surgeon, but there was no guarantee that surgery would help. Grayson was in so much pain, even with the pain meds, that at noon on Friday we made the difficult decision put Grayson to sleep. I am beyond devastated and I just keep reminding myself that at least he is no longer in pain.

He was my little man and such a loving a sweet boy. I was his person. I feel so lost without him. He’s going to be missed so much by our entire family, especially Charlie our other weenie dog. They were inseparable and he followed her everywhere. He will always be in our hearts. 🤍

Coco Cocoon

Adopted 12/21/19

It’s obvious that Coco was abused at some point in her life. Our first meeting was not the slice of heaven I thought it would be. Coco deals with anxiety, which at times causes her to display fear-based aggression. I found that under Coco’s guarded exterior was warmth and a gentle spirit. I’m happy to report that the fearful, sad dog I adopted almost 4 years ago, is today a happy dog with much less anxiety and better social skills. I hope that Coco’s story will inspire others to give dogs with behavior challenges a second look.

There are many reasons why adopting a dog with behavior challenges could be a viable option. I’ve listed 3 reasons below that influenced my decision to adopt Coco.

1. Progress over perfection - none of us are perfect, but we all are worthy of love. Emotional scars make dogs no less loving or lovable.

2. It has been rewarding to be able to offer Coco a home, to see her trust grow, and to see her slowly reveal her personality to me. A dog who was once aggressive with me, now loves to have visitors.

3. I thought Coco and I were a good match since the beginning because I have a personal understanding of anxiety. I wanted to be the person to help her overcome anxiety and to give her a chance to have a good life.

Willow Winter

Adopted 12/19/19
Courtesy Post

Mila Mashed Potatoes

Adopted 12/11/19
Deceased 09/28/23

Canelo Caramel

Adopted 12/07/19

Cooper is the sweetest, most loving little doxie we have ever had. We brought him home December 7th 2019 and he has been a joy and a blessing

ever since. He is our shadow. Cooper loves to play inside and out. He especially loves to chase birds and squirrels. But when he is not playing outside,

you will find him sleeping in his bed or being held by me or my husband. Cooper is the happiest little dog and loves everyone. We cannot imagine our life without him. When we saw pictures of Cooper on the Dream Dachshund website, we knew we wanted to meet him in person. Cooper has also been undergoing heartworm treatments since we took him home and he is almost finished with the program, so very soon we will get to put his harness on him and take him walking. He is high energy and will love walking and running!

We have so much to look forward to with Cooper like unending kisses, understanding his cute personality, constant cuddling and sometimes there is three in the bed.

We are grateful to Dream Dachshunds for their adoption program, dedication and volunteers. Without the Dream Team we would not have our precious Cooper.

So thank you to all!

Finn Fennel

Adopted 11/30/19

Izzy Herbs

Adopted 11/27/19

Buddy Boo

Adopted 11/24/19

Buddy is the love of our lives. We have had him under 3 months and he settled in after a week or two. He is my shadow. I shower, he lays on the rugs in the bathroom, sleeping until I finish. He loves my walk in closet. He takes his toys and bones in there to hide them from my husband. He loves his toys but his favorite is a squirrel with a squeaker in it. He carries it in and out of the house with him. I think his favorite things to do are going bye bye on Sundays. We take him to the park where he is on the trail of everything. Then he goes to Lowe’s shopping. He loves getting pushed around in the cart. He makes many human friends. He loves to be on my lap stretched out on his back sleeping. He sleeps in our big bed with us at night. He curls up next to me and sleeps all night. We go for walks then he likes to nap after. I feel he’s a happy boy. He gets the zoomies everyday. It’s really a word they use for dogs that I’ve learned. Google it. Which means he runs as fast as he can around the house in and out of the rooms, while we laugh and play. He’s really not much of a treat eater. I give him greenies that he carries around and hides before eating. Our vet gave him liver treats that seem to be his favorites. He loves to lay on the patio in the sun. He has even gone out there without me. He’s becoming a little more independent everyday. We are still looking for a brother or sister for him. He is a mama’s boy. We couldn’t love him more. I hope he realizes that we are his forever humans. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Brody Bubblegum

Adopted 11/20/19

Pebbles St. Padre

Reunited 11/18/19

Melody aka “Mello” (former DREAM puppy Pebbles) is truly a blessing to our home. We are dachshund lovers and were in the hunt for a long haired puppy to add to our family. We started looking on-line for puppies with breeders and eventually widened our search to rescues which lead us to DREAM.

We really liked how the DREAM process works to ensure dogs placed in your home would be a good fit. Working closely with Emily, Marcie and Trisha, we went back and forth on several dogs that we were interested in to best fit with our current family pack.

We kept our eyes open waiting and before we knew it we got a call on a JUST rescued pup that DREAM believed would mesh well with our family. My motherly instinct wanted to jump in head first that Friday but reality told me to wait and allow Emily transport her the next day to observe her in a brand new environment.

Even though she wasn’t a long hair dachshund we fell in love instantly!!! She is truly precious, calm and mellow. Our family pack invited her in with no issues so we decided to keep her for a few day to make sure nothing would change.

What happened is that she stole our hearts! Unusual for a dachshund she has demonstrated good trainability learning to potty outside, come for treats and use support stairs. She is a very smart girl who loves to give hugs and kisses.

The saying is "Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, filling an emptiness we don't even know we have". What a better Anniversary gift than a new puppy dog! My husband and I are BIG supporters of those who volunteer their time for voiceless, defenseless animals that deserve to be saved and cared for.

DREAM is an AMAZING organization for everything that they do. Thank you so much for placing this special girl in our home! We love her to pieces!


Poppy Pumpkin Pie

Adopted 11/12/19

Mallie March

Adopted 11/11/19
Courtesy Post

Zeke Ponzu

Adopted 11/07/19

April Apple Crisp

Adopted 11/06/19

Our sweet Ladybug (aka April) has been the greatest addition to our home. She’s wild, spunky, and at times truly thinks she’s a cat. When I get ready in the morning, she climbs up my legs to sit on my lap- a truly impressive feat- and then enjoys her morning treat of drinking water straight from the faucet. She’s a friendly dog to humans and animals alike. She has never met someone who wasn’t her friend right off the bat. A funny surprise we got recently were her DNA results. Although Ladybug is long and resembles mostly a dachshund, we were pleasantly surprised to find out she is in fact 50% chihuahua and only 25% dachshund. My partner and I got many laughs from that. Ladybug really is the most special dog and we feel so blessed that our paths crossed. I could not imagine a better dog for us to have and love

Hallie Halloween
"Bella Boo"

Adopted 11/06/19

Miles Moonlight

Adopted 11/06/19

Madison Mache

Adopted 11/03/19
Deceased 01/20/24

I just wanted to let you know that Madison Mache crossed over the rainbow bridge this morning. I adopted her on 11/3/19. From the day I met her I knew she was my soul dog. I didn't get much time with her but I feel like I had a life time with her. She was the Princess of the house and kept all her brothers and sisters in line. She had a personality bigger than her little body. Thank you Dream Team for placing her with me. She had so much love from her tribe people. She had her two moms, a dad, grandmother and grandfather by her side when she crossed. She left behind her two Dream sisters Kiki "Olivia" and Athena "Freckles" and her brother King from a different rescue. Her brother Chase I'm sure was waiting on the other side to give her her crown and wings.

Georgie Gingerbread

Adopted 10/30/19

Max Masquerade

Adopted 10/28/19
Courtesy Post

Moose Mushroom

Adopted 10/28/19

Lucy Laredo

Adopted 10/21/19

Roxy Renegade

Adopted 10/21/19

Huntley Honeybee

Adopted 10/20/19

Sunshine Skipperling

Adopted 10/19/19

Bud Battalion

Adopted 10/15/19

Dash Doodlebug

Adopted 10/11/19

Maggie Marina

Adopted 10/11/19

Sandy San Saba

Adopted 10/10/19

Presley Pistachio

Adopted 10/05/19

Precious Pieridae

Adopted 10/03/19
Deceased 01/22/23

Dear Precious,

Today you left us. I am so heartbroken to have lost you, but I know that you are in God's arms and no longer suffering. If I could turn back time, even only for a day, I would have held you for as long as I could and let you know how much I loved you.

You were the sweetest, gentlest, most loving and loyal baby that we were blessed to have in our lives. There can never be another you because you are irreplaceable.

I leave a piece of my heart with you until I see you again.

Be at peace and bask forevermore in the warm sunshine that you loved so much.

Love you forever,

Your Family

Stephie Skobeloff

Adopted 09/28/19

Ruby Rollerblade

Adopted 09/23/19

Darla Dumpling

Adopted 09/21/19

Doodle Doubleshot

Adopted 09/19/19
Deceased 04/15/23

Our sweet Doodle crossed the Rainbow Bridge last night in her sleep. She brought so much joy to our family. The tiniest pup who snored the loudest. Who couldn’t wait for breakfast or dinner or munchies every time she went outside - even if she didn’t go potty. My sweet girl loved to snuggle under the covers. She seldom barked but when she did, you knew she was mad. She had no fear. She once grabbed a possum that was twice her size by the tail. She would chase her sister Heidi, a Rottweiler, out of the big bed. We will miss you sweet, sweet girl.

Kellie, Tyler, Pete, and Heidi

Chrissy Cricket

Adopted 09/14/19

Dory Damselfly

Adopted 09/14/19

Cleo Carousel

Adopted 09/03/19

Gracie Guadalupe

Adopted 08/31/19
Deceased 09/07/22

Three years ago we adopted 14 year old Gracie through DREAM Rescue. They had gotten her, along with her brother and sister, from the pound, where her surrender papers said "unwanted". Her owners had said they were remodeling their house and didn't want to keep her. I'm sure it was because she used the bathroom all over the place and they didn't want their new floors ruined. I know this because that's what she did with us from day 1. It was very frustrating but I can't imagine giving up your dogs you have had since their birth. Anyway, in spite of this, we vowed to love her and keep her until she died. Well, today was that day. We had to have her put to sleep as she had deteriorated greatly over the last few weeks. She was just existing at this point and wouldn't eat and walked around pacing aimlessly with a dazed look in her eyes, using the bathroom anywhere. It was so sad. The vet made the decision for me to let her go today and I appreciate her taking the decision off my hands. Gracie lived to be 17 years old, so, for a dog, she had a good long life, but it still breaks your heart. I know she is happy and at peace now.

Tyrus Trinity

Adopted 08/31/19

Vera Verde

Adopted 08/27/19

Elvis Isle

Adopted 08/14/19

Max Maravilla

Adopted 08/13/19
Deceased 05/01/23

Chandler Sunscreen

Adopted 08/11/19

Thank you for the opportunity to meet and adopt Ralphie (aka Chandler). His foster, Ann, did a wonderful job with him during the first 6 weeks. It's been almost a month since we brought him home, and his personality is shining through. Although he's still nervous in new situations, it has decreased as he is gaining more confidence. He is definitely a lap dog and spends his time next to one of us during the evenings and weekends. His favorite spot in bed is snuggled between the pillows. He is starting to show some interest in toys and Nylabones and loves to eat! He's gained several pounds and is up to 10 lbs. now. We've heard his bark/howl when his two dog sisters hear something, and he curiously watches the squirrels outside.

Phoebe Frisbee

Adopted 08/09/19

Rusty Roheline

Adopted 08/08/19
Deceased 12/16/21

It is with tremendous sadness that I have to announce that today we loss our little howling guy Rusty to stomach cancer. He was the goodest boy ever. 🥺🥺 Thank you Michelle for loving him so much for giving him the best life ever. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Charlie Concho

Adopted 08/07/19

Cedric Cinnamon

Adopted 07/28/19

Cedrick is a little bundle of joy. He loves jumping and trying to play with our Korben 5 yrs old. Korben is a bit grouche. Cedrick- Ricky, I gave him a nickname, doesn’t give up, everyday he gives Korben another try. Then he plays with the neighbor cat that loves coming in our doogie door to spend the day at our house.

Ricky gives us many laughs throughout the day. This week I am taking him for some obedience classes to see if we can calm his barking. When he sees an unfamiliar object he spends lot of time barking at it.

He loves our walks too.

Prescott Peppercorn

Adopted 07/28/19

Gypsy Jetty

Adopted 07/23/19

Harrison Heritage

Adopted 07/23/19

Milo Llano

Adopted 07/23/19

Bella Blanco

Reunited 07/22/19

Snoopy Snorkel

Adopted 07/21/19

We changed Snoopy's name to Milo, which he has learned and answers to now! He's so smart! At first, Milo was very shy and he and Rocky (our other pup) did not get along. Now, they are good friends, for the most part. LOL. Milo loves to sit on our laps or next to us and cuddle. He also likes the new doggy bed we got for him on Amazon but he still sleeps with us whenever possible. Milo likes to sun himself in the backyard. When he first came to live with us, he always looked so sad and people would tell us that he looked sad; however, he doesn't look that way anymore. I think it was because he missed his foster family, but now he's happy and he is getting to be a rolly polly as he loves to eat! My husband calls him Velvet Dog because he has the softest, smoothest coat. We love him so much and he is oh so sweet!. Oh, and he makes us laugh when he goes outside and drinks out of the water fountain!

Dexter Dill

Adopted 07/19/19

Hunter Green

Adopted 07/14/19

We are having so much fun with the boys. They adore each other and play all day. They love to snuggle together in their bed for naps. Hunter is fearless and wants to investigate everything! Sage is such a loving pup. He wants to be held and cuddled all the time. They are polar opposites and it is so much fun introducing new things to them. Right now they love crushed ice cubes, when they hear the ice cube maker in the kitchen they come running and hope they get some. We love spoiling them. I am sure they will bring us joy for many years to come. So glad I randomly checked rescue sites and was lucky enough to find these two wonderful boys.

Sage Green

Adopted 07/14/19

We are having so much fun with the boys. They adore each other and play all day. They love to snuggle together in their bed for naps. Sage is such a loving pup. He wants to be held and cuddled all the time. Hunter is fearless and wants to investigate everything! They are polar opposites and it is so much fun introducing new things to them. Right now they love crushed ice cubes, when they hear the ice cube maker in the kitchen they come running and hope they get some. We love spoiling them. I am sure they will bring us joy for many years to come. So glad I randomly checked rescue sites and was lucky enough to find these two wonderful boys.

Emerald Green

Adopted 07/13/19

We renamed Emerald to "Molly" and she is doing great! She acclimated to her new home so well and has already made several road trips and a plane trip to Georgia with us! She loves sleeping with us every night and watching the deer in our yard every morning!

Marvin Gaye

Adopted 07/07/19
Deceased 11/18/22


Reunited 07/04/19
Courtesy Post

Bailey Bayside

Adopted 07/02/19
Courtesy Post

Fortune Cookie

Adopted 07/02/19

Cookie has been a delight and such a great addition to my family! We absolutely love her and she knows it. My daughters spoil her so much and she's been able to make some of her own doggy friends too. Cookie loves sleeping on the couch or cuddling with one of my daughters, as well as enjoys playing catch and racing the girls from room to room! We are so lucky to have her and appreciate what she adds to our family. I've attached a picture of her! Again, we thank DREAM for allowing us to adopt her

Rylie Reindeer

Adopted 07/02/19

Rylie has been such a wonderful addition to our Dachshund Family. The day I picked her up, she melted my heart. Rylie was very well trained and has learned many tricks. Rylie has trained us and is ruling the household. Melody and Dorothy Gale have welcomed her and have picked up on a few of her tricks. Rylie loves to go on walks, and is in great shape for a almost 12 year old. Rylie loves to eat, she scratches her dish at least ten times a day. If she wants your attention she will push your legs till you pick her up. Rylie is a loved by all of us.

Olive Green

Adopted 06/30/19

Olive now named Della is doing wonderful, my twin sister had another dog from y’all Cornelius (we have doggy daycare everyday while we are at work so they can play together) Della is the boss even though Corny is 2 years old, he follows her around except when it come to food then he gets first choice, she still can’t figure out how to walk on a leash she get so excited but get so tangled or when she is done walking she just drops down and refuses to go any further ( does not matter if it is the middle of the road. She is a little lover lots of kisses, she has learner to use the bathroom outside and the only thing she chews on is paper.

Louie Lockring

Adopted 06/28/19

Oscar Obedience

Reunited 06/26/19

Rusty Regulation

Reunited 06/26/19
Courtesy Post


Adopted 06/26/19
Deceased 10/20/23

Noah Notre Dame

Adopted 06/25/19

Marley Mojito

Adopted 06/24/19

Buzz Bodyboard

Adopted 06/21/19

Our family has always wanted a dog. After lots of research and spending time with family and friends with dogs, we knew that a dachshund was the right choice for us! Luckily, we discovered DREAM Rescue. We found a few dogs that we were interested in meeting, but they were either pending adoption or deemed to be not good with kids. The rescue team is wonderful at vetting the temperament of dogs so they could recommend other dogs that may be a fit for our family. That’s when we met Buzz Bodyguard - renamed Chase. He became an instant part of the family the day he came home. He loves to run and play with our children and long snuggles on the couch. We were so very lucky to find the sweetest dog that would bring so much joy to our lives!


Adopted 06/16/19
Courtesy Post

Lilly Lifeguard

Transferred 06/13/19
Courtesy Post

The person who found Lilly was able to place her with another rescue. We're sure Lilly will find her forever home soon.

Pretzel Pompidou

Adopted 06/03/19

Pretzel is doing very well. He and Dottie, our other mini dachshund rescue, have bonded. He's a loving little boy and we are happy we found each other.

Every dog is different and dachshunds are definitely different. We have had dachshunds for over 50 years. Pretzel has a unique ability. He has managed to get locked in every closet in our house and in any enclosure outside the house. He's so quiet and fast that we didn't notice the first few times and went around calling him. Now, we take a close look before we close any door and there he is. My husband says we should call him Sneaky Pete instead of Pretzel.

Minnie Taj Mahal
"Minnie Mouse"

Adopted 05/28/19
Deceased 02/09/22

Dante Derby

Adopted 05/27/19

Heidi Haro

Adopted 05/27/19

Mia Mulan

Adopted 05/26/19


Adopted 05/15/19
Courtesy Post

Clover Green

Adopted 05/13/19

Neil Armstrong

Adopted 05/11/19

Kelly Green

Adopted 05/05/19

Seabee is a wonderful little girl and is acclimated well to her new home and all her new toys!! She was at the vet this week and got a clean bill of health. We are excited to welcome her to our family!!

Kiwi Green

Adopted 05/03/19

Binky-Sue (formerly Kiwi Green) is a friendly, playful pup who makes friends wherever she goes and whomever she meets. She looks pretty in decorative collars with flowers and bows. Binky loves to go for walks in her special purple harness, and many neighbors stop to play and say “Hi” to her. She is popular!

She has mastered the art of playing fetch with her favorite ball. Binky is learning to put her toys away, but also puts herself away with her toys! When she isn’t playing, Binky lobes to give kisses and cuddle. Our puppy-baby loves us and our lives are much brighter having her with us.

When we got Binky in May, she was 3 pounds 2 ounces. Now she weighs 5 pounds 8 ounces.

Luke Lime

Reunited 05/01/19

Suzie Queluz
"Suzie Q"

Adopted 04/22/19

Suzie’s new parents texted me this picture of her this evening. She’s settling into her new home nicely.


Adopted 04/15/19
Courtesy Post

Corbin Clove

Adopted 04/14/19


Adopted 04/14/19
Courtesy Post

Fern Green

Adopted 04/12/19

Christa McAuliffe

Adopted 04/08/19

Felix Fennelseed

Adopted 04/08/19

Star Anise

Adopted 04/08/19

Von Miller

Adopted 04/06/19

Jace and I bonded almost immediately and we’re having a grand ‘ole time getting to know each other better. He’s an affectionate, silly (and sometimes feisty) sweetheart who loves belly rubs, walks, selfies, and his stuffed blue fish. He also looks very handsome in a bowtie and garners attention (which he looooves) from people and dogs alike just about everywhere we go. I can’t imagine going back to life without him. J

Garret Green

Adopted 04/03/19

Pookie Pukashell

Adopted 04/01/19

Pooki has his own facebook page, and everyone is invited to follow along and friend request if they so desire. Facebook doesn't allow the name of Pookie, so he goes by "Oscar Smith" to make it work. However, his original name of Pooki is what his name will remain. Feel free to share the link with everyone at DREAM.

Milo Moss

Adopted 03/30/19

Pierre Pullover

Adopted 03/29/19

Huck Hunter

Adopted 03/22/19

We are so happy to have Huck Hunter as part of our family.

Zane Zodiac

Adopted 03/16/19

Oliver Ocean

Adopted 03/13/19

Gabe Galaxy

Adopted 03/11/19

Gabe is doing wonderful!! His personality is so big and brings so much laughter and joy to our home. Gabe is very vocal and barks at us when he wants to go outside to potty or eat, so everyone knows when he’s not a happy camper, he’s a diva! He is always getting new toys, as he is hard on the ones he has LOL, and has quite the collection of little t shirts and bow ties already. He has made friends with his roommate Sofie the chihuahua and his poodle cousins Eddie and Bailey. Gabe loves going for his daily walks and enjoys shopping at Petsmart. He even goes for a night out on the town at Axelrad or Heights Biergarten occasionally. Gabe is very snuggly and can always be spotted cuddling with mom on the couch or in bed, usually watching the Kardashians or Game of Thrones. He just recently went on a vacation to grandma’s house while mom was on a trip and he had a grand time, spoiled as always! He loves car rides and is always looking out the window.

Chuck Yeager

Adopted 03/09/19

Sugar Cookie

Adopted 03/09/19

Roman Rocketship

Adopted 03/06/19

Jezebel Judge

Adopted 03/02/19

Jezebel is such a doll. We just adore her and spoil her rotten. She is a companion to our other rescue from DREAM - Carley Confetti! We got Carley in 2015 (I think). Jesse likes to chase the cats, ride in our boat, snuggle, and play with the grandkids

Poppy Pascal

Adopted 02/25/19

Vinnie Veteran

Adopted 02/25/19

Wayne Spaceplane

Adopted 02/25/19

Layla Lantern

Adopted 02/23/19

Bruno Blastoff

Adopted 02/18/19

Yvonne Yin

Adopted 02/18/19

Snickerdoodle Seahorse

Adopted 02/15/19

Yoshi Yang

Adopted 02/14/19

Quincy Cannoli

Adopted 02/13/19

Quincy is doing wonderful! He has been such an amazing addition to our family. We have 2 doxies and Quincy loves to play and cuddle with them. He loves his daily walks and loves his toys even more. I have attached a photo of the 3 pups together on the couch. Quincy has such a great personality and is so lovable. We feel like we have had Quincy since he was a pup, he was the doxie we didn't know we were missing.

Max Mochi

Adopted 02/10/19

Maggie May Sleigh

Adopted 02/05/19

Penny Parka

Adopted 02/05/19

Sadie Sweater

Adopted 02/02/19

We would love to share! Sadie has been an absolute doll! She has so much energy and is always happy!

A few things to share...

We already had a standard size male who is my shadow "velcro" dog. We were a bit concerned as to how he would accept Sadie in to his home. We kept them on leashes for the first day as a precaution and there were a few anxious moments where he growled and thought about snapping at her.

On the second day, he curled up in his bed and before you know it, Sadie hopped in, snuggled up against him, and went to sleep. From that moment on, there was no problem between them whatsoever.

My male dog, Tut, has always laid on my lap while I worked at my desk. The first day back to work with Sadie in our lives, I picked up Tut to put him on my lap. Sadie wanted up there too and she literally crawled up my leg to my lap! She then proceeded to literally lay on top of Tut lengthwise and went to sleep. He lifted his head to look at me as if to say, "Really, Mom?" and then he went to sleep as well.

Another funny...Sadie loves to sneak a few bites of Tut's food when he isn't looking. We caught her doing it and when we called out her name, she looked up at us as if to say, "Who me?"

They both have a separate crate for sleeping. However, on the third day, after Tut went into his crate, Sadie tried to crawl into it to sleep with him. We redirected her to her own crate where she crawled in. From the very first night here, she has not once whined or cried at night. She has slept the entire night through.

We are so blessed to have her in our lives. She brings joy to all of us and I am convinced that she has wiggled her way into Tut's heart as well as ours.

I hope this is what you are looking for...let me know if you need anything else!

Sherry Showring

Adopted 02/02/19

Evan Hombre

Adopted 02/01/19

Liz Liftoff

Adopted 02/01/19
Deceased 06/21/22

Spencer Sparrow

Adopted 02/01/19
Deceased 06/21/22

Brick Barnacle

Adopted 01/27/19

Lorenzo Lightyear

Adopted 01/26/19

Tucker Tassimo

Adopted 01/23/19
Deceased 10/25/20

Tucker is free now. No more pain or breathing problems. He's riding in his jump seat in the sky. You will be missed little buddy.

Waldo Whiteout

Adopted 01/19/19

We could not have picked a more perfect match for us and our Maddie Girl.

Maddie loves Zin. They play a lot and Maddie seems a lot happier.

I may have to send you a picture separately.

Feel free to stop any time and visit with Zin.

Sally Ride

Adopted 01/15/19

Joe Commando

Adopted 01/12/19

Trixie Telescope

Adopted 01/11/19

Zoey Zuppa

Adopted 01/06/19

Bodhi Boardwalk

Adopted 01/02/19

Odie Oboe

Adopted 01/02/19
Courtesy Post

Number of Dogs: 132

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Dachshund Sleeping on a Dog Bed
Jay Schmetz