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Finally Home

Our Adopted Dogs

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DREAM Dog Finally Home Story

Dallas Draw

Adopted 12/29/16
Deceased 09/15/22

We said goodbye to our precious boy Dallas last night. It was a tough decision. He has been suffering with heart problems for a while and it was time. Our family is so heartbroken today and the house feels so weird without him.💔 He deserved to not suffer anymore.

Special thank you to Sea Paws Veterinary Services

Bubba Bayleef

Adopted 12/27/16

Joy Jonquil

Adopted 12/25/16

Wilbur Wright

Adopted 12/24/16

Wilbur is now Chappie and we LOVE him. He is so happy and has adjusted very well. We take him to the office with us so he is getting lots of attention and he loves his forever home. Here is a picture of Joe and his Christmas present!

Dane Drosselmeyer

Adopted 12/22/16

Cohen Concorde

Adopted 12/20/16

Cowboy is so special. We all love him. Even my son, who likes big dogs, wants to hold him every time he comes over. My granddaughter and her boyfriend come over after school every day and he picks Cowboy up and holds him.

Darcy Dabinett

Adopted 12/20/16

Dharma Dabinett

Adopted 12/18/16

Dharma is doing great and is the center of attention at our house. She has grown quite a bit and our vet seems to think she might be a Chiweenie.

Toby Telstar

Adopted 12/18/16
Deceased 02/20/24

It is with heaviest heart that I share the sad news of Toby crossing the Rainbow Bridge today to join his brothers and sisters. I don't know what else to say. He was my life.

Angel Aviator

Adopted 12/17/16

Thanks to your awesome rescue group, we were able to add the cutest little girl with the biggest heart and personality to our pack. Thank you!

Ivory Iron

Adopted 12/16/16

Puddy Punt

Adopted 12/14/16
Courtesy Post

Buddy Biplane

Adopted 12/11/16

Buddy has made a good transition. We are working with him to teach him basic commands. Jon takes him on a long walk early every morning. Buddy absolutely loves playing with his toys and being outside guarding the back yard. We always stay with the dogs when they are outside as you never know when they might want to dig!!!

Max, our standard dachshund rescue, is a shy boy and Buddy is not, so they don't have much interaction at this point. We are working with them as Buddy will naturally bully Max. On Christmas, we were with our daughters and their families. It was Buddy's first time to meet the husband of one and fiancé of the other. He immediately warmed up to both men. Both families have doggies, both dominant - Molly, a 6 year old Maltese, and Bullet, an 8-9 yr old black & tan tweenie dachshund adopted in 2010. The first meeting went okay. Buddy does get a little possessive of toys so we are working on that too. We'll be grand dog-sitting all of them in February for 5 days and that should provide a real opportunity for them to get to know each other better.

Overall, he's a sweet, happy, joyous little guy and we feel blessed to have him. We will keep you posted as to how he's doing. Thanks again for all the information and for your dedication to dachshund rescue.

Sebastian Smoke

Adopted 12/11/16

Moochie McIntosh

Adopted 12/10/16

We are so happy. Moochie fits right in with our family.

Adam Appleseed

Adopted 12/09/16

The transition into our home has gone extremely well. The whole family is completely in love with them! It's so sweet to see the way they interact with each other - be it cuddling in their doggie bed or playing a rousing game of chase. Potty training is actually a non-issue - I cannot believe it! We take them out once an hour during the day and they haven't even used the towel in their puppy pen that we use for nighttime. So - thank you thank you thank you for these two little bundles of pure joy that have become our newest family members. 😍

Alexis Appleseed

Adopted 12/09/16

The transition into our home has gone extremely well. The whole family is completely in love with them! It's so sweet to see the way they interact with each other - be it cuddling in their doggie bed or playing a rousing game of chase. Potty training is actually a non-issue - I cannot believe it! We take them out once an hour during the day and they haven't even used the towel in their puppy pen that we use for nighttime. So - thank you thank you thank you for these two little bundles of pure joy that have become our newest family members. 😍

Garrison Glider

Adopted 12/08/16

Daisy Dabinett

Adopted 12/04/16

Orville Wright

Adopted 12/02/16

Randy Rolltide

Adopted 11/29/16

Rusty Riedenberger

Adopted 11/28/16
Deceased 12/02/18

Dr. Browning did a Sunday call out, along with her receptionist, to ease my little old mans suffering and make sure everything was setup for his cremation. They were incredibly patient, sweet and comforting to me and my little dude. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My sweet old man Bucket is no longer with me. My heart is shattered. Rest easy my sweet boy, to the moon little man, to the moon.

Brandon Boeing

Adopted 11/21/16

Daphne Dabinett

Adopted 11/21/16

Daphne is so doing fantastic! She's having so much fun with her new family and everyone just adores her. She's trying her best with potty training, has learned to sit for her treats, and loves to cuddle with her new brother! She's been such a little blessing and I'm so grateful to DREAM for bringing us together!

Fabian Fivestar

Adopted 11/20/16

Colin Cockpit

Reunited 11/19/16

Ryder Redshirt

Adopted 11/19/16

Snickers Spigold

Adopted 11/18/16

Joe Jedi

Adopted 11/13/16
Deceased 06/01/23

I adopted my first Dachshund, Joe Jedi, from your organization in 2016. We called him JJ for short. He passed away on 6/1. He was the bestest dog and I miss him dearly. My heart aches. The house feels so empty without him. He may have been small, but his presence was big.

Clara Cougs

Adopted 11/12/16


We adopted Clara November 13, 2016. We were looking for a new friend for our doxie, Tucker. Clara and Tucker bonded immediately and are best friends now! They do everything together! They sleep, play, go out, and even crate together! Clara is a bit skittish around my husband, but she is growing more trusting of him each day. She has started sleeping in the bed with us the past few nights, and that was a big step for her. She is such a sweet girl and a perfect fit for our family. Special thanks to Marci for meeting our Tucker and recognizing that Clara would be a great friend for him and our family! We already love her so much, and she and Tucker are best buddies! We appreciate all the support from DREAM Dachshund Rescue of Houston!

Here are a few pictures of Clara and Tucker! She has adjusted very well to Tucker and they are the best of friends! They follow each other around all day! She has gotten used to my husband day by day and now she lets him hold her and pick her up! She now sleeps in the bed with us, too! Clara is the perfect addition to our family and we are thankful to have adopted her!


Clara and Tucker have bonded rapidly! They run and play and roll around and it's SO cute! I was met at the door today with 2 happy dogs who were glad to see me. She's so close to Tucker, it's so sweet! Everything he does, she follows along. She loves me and sits in my lap. She is still a bit skittish with Chad but she's coming along. This morning when he walked to the kitchen, she growled at him again. He knelt down to her and firmly told her no. She did it again then Tucker came out and she got up to go outside. She hasn't growled at him again today. He said when he came home at lunch, they both met him at the door with tails wagging. He petted both of them and they went out. She goes out well, is eating well, and sleeping well. She is a perfect sister for Tucker!!!

Oliver Orchard
"Mr. Bill"

Adopted 11/12/16

Mr. Bill is the SWEETEST and most loving dog! He has brought so much joy to our family and we joke that we don't know what we talked about before Bill was a part of our lives. He's completely transformed from the dog I picked up from Marcie at Lil Ruffhouse. He was shy, wouldn't come close, and seemed very confused. I had a feeling there was a big personality in that little body and... boy was I right! Within 24 hours, he knew he found his forever home and he settled right in. Bill loves to go on long walks and bark at all the squirrels, he loves to chew on any bone, and his absolute favorite thing is to snuggle up under a blanket and nap while we watch TV at night. He's so special and the perfect addition to our family!

Bristol Braeburn

Adopted 11/11/16

Ellie and Gracie are a perfect fit for our family. They love to go for walks, ride in the car, snuggle on the couch with us, and then sleep all night together in their cozy bed under the blankets. They are getting along very well, sometimes doing things together and other times doing their own thing. Gracie is curious and spunky and Ellie studies things in her quiet way but then will surprise us by jumping in when we least expect it. Both girls are so sweet and affectionate and love the attention they get at home and every time we take them out. My daughters are completely in love and the feeling seems to be mutual. We really love these little darlings and can't thank you enough for all that you do to rescue all of the little angels and help them find their forever families!

Stephanie Strike

Adopted 11/11/16

Gracie and Ellie are a perfect fit for our family. They love to go for walks, ride in the car, snuggle on the couch with us, and then sleep all night together in their cozy bed under the blankets. They are getting along very well, sometimes doing things together and other times doing their own thing. Gracie is curious and spunky and Ellie studies things in her quiet way but then will surprise us by jumping in when we least expect it. Both girls are so sweet and affectionate and love the attention they get at home and every time we take them out. My daughters are completely in love and the feeling seems to be mutual. We really love these little darlings and can't thank you enough for all that you do to rescue all of the little angels and help them find their forever families!

Carter Callaway

Adopted 11/10/16

Zoe Zelstar

Adopted 11/06/16

Christie Crispin

Adopted 11/04/16

Ardie is the sweetest little angel! Everyone absolutely adores her and she is so sweet to everyone. She is so incredibly smart and has learned her new name and our daily routine very fast. She just wants to be by my side all day and get endless belly rubs. We went and visited family in Dallas and they couldn't get enough of her! We are quite popular now and will be expected to visit often. I'm incredibly happy to have found my perfect dachshund and I am excited to have her by my side!

Lucy Lakeland

Adopted 10/25/16

Lucy is a sweet girl who wants a lot of love. She sleeps in the bed with us and stays right by my side touching me all night.

Here are some pictures of Lucy on her first walk Saturday (I had to wait for her vest to come in), Lucy exploring the backyard, Lucy in her vest and personalized reflective collar, and of Lucy and Little Bit playing by the back door.

Thanks to all of the volunteers who rescued Lucy and allowed us to adopt her.

Jacob Jazz

Adopted 10/24/16

Remy Recruit

Adopted 10/24/16

Remy and Ross are doing great. They are working hard at potty training, or I should say Willie and I are working hard at potty training. Here are some pictures with Willie and the boys, and me with Daisy (the Westie) and with the boys.

Ross Rookie

Adopted 10/24/16

Ross and Remy are doing great. They are working hard at potty training, or I should say Willie and I are working hard at potty training. Here are some pictures with Willie and the boys, and me with Daisy (the Westie) and with the boys.

Katy Kanzi

Adopted 10/23/16
Deceased 04/12/22

Our BB8, adopted Oct 2016, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was a wonderful dog and will be missed by the whole family. Our grandson loved to pet her when he visited. She passed on April 12th from a combination of age and back issues.

Anna Appleseed

Adopted 10/20/16

Julia Jigglypuff

Adopted 10/20/16

Lacie Lightsaber

Adopted 10/20/16

This my Lacie girl. Lacie has brought so much joy to me and her brother Cooper Oliver. My little sweet boy was so lonely for companionship. When I first bought Lacie home, it was not so easy. She was so scared, and Cooper just wanted to play. After about 30 minutes, they were playing and getting along wonderfully. Lacie only supposed to to be my foster dog, but I just could not part with her. She is so attached to Cooper and me. My dogs have brought so much joy to my life I can not imagine one day without them. My friends are crazy about my Lacie and Cooper. Thank you, DREAM.

Hugh Heinz

Adopted 10/19/16
Deceased 11/02/19

Witten Winesap

Reunited 10/17/16

This week it's like Witten is a whole new dog. No more sling, completely emptying her bladder in one shot. Still have her on crate rest other than short potty breaks. We need to go buy a new harness tonight since the one I bought didn't fit. I can't thank you enough for all your help with this stubborn girl of mine. You have blessed our family.

Eden Empire

Adopted 10/16/16
Deceased 12/31/19

Chloe is fitting right in and seems happy. Fred is a bit of a grouchy old dude when it comes to food but he'll get over it. She follows my husband around everywhere he goes. Also, we don't use the doggie door because of Fred's bad back but he goes to the door and sits or will bark. Chloe went to the door and whined a bit and went right out and did her business. She will have a long happy life with us.

Benny Brisket

Adopted 10/15/16

Clarence Colgin

Adopted 10/15/16

Felicity Fuji

Adopted 10/15/16

Magnolia loves belly rubs and gets so excited when my husband or I come home that her butt wiggles. (: She is still getting used to walks and gets nervous when I try to put the leash and harness on her but when we get outside she loves to smell everything.

Laura Lasso

Adopted 10/10/16

Max Makuhita

Adopted 10/07/16

08/23/17 Update

Max is truly my best friend. He follows me like a shadow, gives lots of kisses, and is just an all-around "Daddy's boy". Matter of fact, he's snuggled up so close to me right now that I'm using him as an armrest while typing this email. He loves every minute of it.

I don't know what I'd do without him. He's been my saving grace on more than a few occasions. Best dog ever!

Max Makuhita is the best dog ever! He is a perfect gentlemen and is fitting in nicely with our other 3 rescue dogs. He exceeds our expectations! I'm pretty sure that his loving nature is due to a combination of his naturally sweet disposition paired with the extraordinary care he received from everyone before we adopted him. We consider ourselves VERY lucky to have him in our lives. With the distinct possibility of having to turn in my "man card", he has stolen my heart.

10/20/16 Update

Max had his official visit with our vet this morning. He got a clean bill of health, a little booster shot, and was prescribed Sentinel heartworm prevention medication. They also scanned his microchip and gave us the number. The vet visit could probably have been shortened by about 20 minutes, but EVERYONE in the office had to meet Max and "oooh" and" ahhh" over him. Neither he nor I minded the extra attention. Needless to say, I'm a very proud papa!

Shiloh Sugarbowl

Adopted 10/05/16

Madison Mitt

Adopted 10/03/16

3/20/17 Update: Madison Mitt, “Maggie”, whom we adopted in October is doing great! She and Annie (our 11 y/o senior rescue) have become great friends. It feels like Maggie has always been a part of the family. Visits from our grandsons, ages 1, 2, and 5, were a bit overwhelming for her at first, but now she just joins in the mayhem. She loves to run in the house and “tackle” her moose toy. She is a snuggler and Annie is teaching her to bury herself under her blanket. It’s funny to watch her trying to do it the way Annie does – throwing the blanket over her head with her nose. They both bundle down in my lap under a blanket in the evenings while we watch TV – it’s their favorite place to be! (And mine!) We can’t thank you enough for rescuing and adopting out this special designer girl to us. She is truly a joy for our family.

Dewey Deckle

Adopted 10/02/16
Deceased 08/16/19

I am absolutely heartbroken to inform you that Digby passed away suddenly yesterday morning. He started having some stomach issues in April, but other than that, he was doing great. Yesterday morning he woke us, barking and moaning, which was unusual. He was also very lethargic. We rushed him to the vet who told us he was going to run some tests and would give us a call to let us know what we were dealing with. The vet called not long after saying he was shocked and so sad to let us know that Digby crashed before they were even able to run any tests.

We are absolutely lost without Digby. Even though dogs depend on us to take care of them, we didn’t even realize at the time that Digby was really taking care of us. He mostly liked to sleep next to us, be in his own bed, or follow us around the house (we said he was helping us.) Now I’m like “How do I brush my teeth without Digby helping me? How do I get ready for bed without taking him outside and then tucking him in first?” If we were sick, he took care of us. If we were happy, he was still taking care of us and part of the happiness.

I almost wonder if him waiting until we left the vets office to crash was part of him taking care of us too, so that we wouldn’t have to see them working on him. He was always nervous to go there, but he was calm this time, so I find a little comfort in that. We were able to go to the vet’s office to see him and say our final goodbye’s.

He went everywhere with us and was such a huge part of our lives for 3 years. We took care of him like he was our baby, and our family and friends said we treated him like a king. We hope that he knows how much we loved him, but I’m sure he did. We wish we could have had him sooner, but 100 years wouldn’t have been long enough with him. I don’t know how long it will take, but we have already said we hope to eventually adopt another dog. We don’t think it would be fair to Digby to not help another dog get the good care and life that we were able to give him. Plus he has left a huge hole in our hearts. He has set the bar so high for a future dog, and all he had to do was snuggle with us and just be himself. He was perfect and not just a good boy, but the best boy. Thank you so much for matching us with him,

Rhett Rawlings

Adopted 10/02/16

Tomorrow marks Milo's first month being home! We decided to change his name, since he really didn't listen much to Rhett. He is my handsome sweet boy. He loves to snuggle right up on me or next to me every chance he gets!

He's gotten very comfortable and I was able to potty train him in about a week maybe two. He no longer has accidents inside the house! Smart boy. He loves to dig and to sniff all around and get into pretty much everything since he's so small. He is a really friendly boy so I am able to take him out to meet new friends (my friends' dogs) he loves to play, wrestle and run all around the house. He's doing great and I am so happy we chose him to add to the family. He will continue to be taken care of as the new baby of the family!

Hershey Habanero

Reunited 09/29/16

Molly Martinique

Adopted 09/28/16

Walker Weedle

Adopted 09/25/16

Walker is so loving and loves to cuddle. He loves to dig and hunt for bugs at night. He also loves walks!

Oakley Eagle

Adopted 09/24/16

Oakley is doing great. I actually renamed him Duncan because he never responded to Oakley anyway. He loves his sister Abbie and they both love to cuddle. He is still extremely scared of new people. I'm not sure if he had a history of abuse or abandonment. Anytime a new person comes to the house he hides under the bed. He has warmed up to a few people though which is great. He is such a little ham and I love him beyond words! I hope y'all have some upcoming events that I can take him to. Thanks for all you do!

Gordy Goalpost

Reunited 09/22/16

Sparky Speedo

Adopted 09/20/16

OMG we are so pleased with our new baby and he is spoiled rotten already! We renamed him "Jaxs", after the Sons of Anarchy Character (we love motorcycles). He has settled right in like he has been here all along. My girls simply adore him and, of course, he is gram's favorite grand puppy! She has bought him blankets and clothes and toys and we just got him today LOL! A super HUGE Thank You to DREAM for making our family complete!

Talia Tailgate

Adopted 09/20/16

Talia's new name is Bella. She's the third DREAM Dachshund we have adopted. We love Bella so much. She has fit right in with our family. She is very loving and gets along with our other three dogs and loves being with my husband and myself. She loves to run with other dogs outside and sleeps all night. Thank you DREAM for our little Bella.

Jinjer Jinx

Adopted 09/18/16

Bella Bender

Adopted 09/17/16
Deceased 01/15/20

Cassie Cowgirl

Adopted 09/17/16

Eve Eevee

Adopted 09/17/16

Belinda Bigten

Adopted 09/16/16

Reffie Rhydon

Adopted 09/15/16

Reffie is well and is happy. He runs and jumps like a little bronco horse he gets so excited. He sleeps with our kids and just lounges wherever he feels like it during the day. When we go out he loves to ride in the car and go out with us. It's adorable. And he smiles!! We are so happy having him in our lives.

Lula Lunala

Adopted 09/13/16
Deceased 04/28/23

We absolutely adore our little Lula. She is such a lovable girl, and she has fit in with our family so well. She loves to give kisses and curl up in a lap. We are so grateful to DREAM for allowing us the privilege of adopting and loving Lula. Here is a picture of our girls, Lacey and Lula, napping on the couch on a Sunday afternoon.

Jasmine Lumineon

Adopted 09/12/16

Here are some pictures for Jasmine (now Tinks!) with her sister and extended family!

Goldie Glove

Adopted 09/10/16

Martin Moonshot

Adopted 09/10/16

Patton Pikachu

Adopted 09/07/16

Duke D'Qar
"Duke Wayne White"

Adopted 09/04/16
Deceased 09/05/21

Duke passed away on September 5th. He was the best little dog. Very obedient and very loving. He was almost 16 and had cataracts, but he was so determined to keep going. We believe he just died of old age. Miss him so very much. Thank you for matching him with me.

Henley Houndoom

Adopted 09/03/16

Henley – Oh that handsome gentleman! He is the cuddliest, most expressive little guy. He has found his love for frogs! It may also be a love/hate relationship. (he tries to eat them) He IS our little hunter….. Doing his job. ; ) Frogs and rabbits are his fav! Henley is also the laziest out of the two. When we leave we close off the rooms so we actually have to physically remove him from under the covers! Hehehehe

Mason Monferno

Adopted 09/03/16

Mason has found a new past time/play time/friend. His PET ROCK! He loves pushing it allllllllllll over the yard with his nose. It is the funniest thing to watch. I’ll try and get you some video soon. Mason has started running, jumping up and pretty much climbing up us to be held. If he could be held 24/7 he would be in heaven.

Sadie Sableye
"Sadie Belle"

Adopted 09/02/16

Sadie has been such a delight. She's a sweet little love bug and so well mannered. She's adapted to apartment life very well. She loves to go to the duck pond and chase lizards or chill on the couch and watch TV. I could not have asked for a more perfect little girl.

Jojo Jolteon

Adopted 08/30/16

Bette Briquette

Adopted 08/29/16

Gidget Groove

Adopted 08/28/16
Deceased 08/11/21

Ophelia Outfielder

Adopted 08/27/16
Deceased 04/12/24

It is with a heavy heart that I share that Ophelia Outfielder Roff passed away on April 12, 2024 from heart failure.

She was our first foster failure, loved playing fetch and obsessed with her stuffed animal babies.

There are so many stories we could share about her big personality in that tiny muscular body.

Ophelia attended several Dachtoberfest events with DREAM and was a caring big sister to Peggy Porsche and many other fosters. While Opie was with DREAM, she graced the cover of a local magazine.

She was such a blessing in our lives for almost 8 years. Opie will be forever missed.


Transferred 08/26/16
Courtesy Post

Skeet Squirtle

Adopted 08/26/16

December 22, 2016

Hi! I just wanted to update y'all on Otis!

He just had his neuter surgery on Monday and is recovering very nicely. Otis is up to date on all of his shots and is already 11 pounds!! He is such an amazing dog and everyone falls in love with him instantly! Otis always wants to be held and be right next to us no matter what we are doing, he never barks unless he is playing and gets very excited, and he loves to snuggle (I believe I am to blame for that since I always want to snuggle with him too :)).

I wanted to thank DREAM again for allowing me to adopt this little sweetie! He gets along great with our other dogs and is ALWAYS excited to see his family and meet new friends. I am so grateful for Otis and appreciative to y'all for letting me love him! I just wanted you to know that he is in a happy home and well loved by everyone who meets him.

Thank you again and if you have any other questions for me about Otis let me know!

(Also, sorry about the amount of pictures, he is just so cute!)

October 8, 2016

Otis settled in very quickly his first week at home. My family and friends are so obsessed! He is so precious and perfect that it's hard to leave the house because all I want to do is snuggle with him! He and my other doxie Penny are two peas and a pod and do everything together; they love to play, snuggle, and get attention from everyone they see! He is so sweet and friendly; he loves to meet new people and get little belly rubs whenever he can. I am so grateful to DREAM for allowing me the opportunity to adopt this precious little boy. Otis has so much love to give and I am so thrilled that I can be the one to love him back. Here are some pictures that show him being the adorable little puppy he is. He also makes a very cute Yoda for Halloween!

Adele Allstar

Adopted 08/25/16

Adele is very sweet and loving. She was very shy at first but she has really shown us her true personality. She gets very excited and wiggly when we come home. She loves to go on walks and hunt for lizards. Adele loves to play with her toys and is still learning to bring them back. 😊 We love her gentle nature and expressive eyes.

Courtney Caterpie

Adopted 08/24/16

Trista Triple

Adopted 08/22/16

We are so in love with our baby, Molly. She is perfect, sassy, and has already shown us that she has the ability to hold her own against her big Yorkie brother, Winston. Thank you, DREAM!

Molly Mew

Adopted 08/20/16

Molly and Morty are doing well. Morty loves to walk and sniff around the backyard since the next door neighbor has a cat and he is "on patrol" to find it. He jumps up an down in the morning the minute I put on my shoes as he knows the walk will come soon. Molly is a sweet little "Nug" we call her. Short for nugget. She gives love all the time and jumps up in anyone's lap to show her affection. She loves to look out the window while her brother takes a snooze. They play together and I take them to a doggie day care, once a week so they can be with other dogs. They are very sweet and have brought a lot of joy to me and my family.

Morty Mewtwo

Adopted 08/20/16

Morty and Molly are doing well. Morty loves to walk and sniff around the backyard since the next door neighbor has a cat and he is "on patrol" to find it. He jumps up an down in the morning the minute I put on my shoes as he knows the walk will come soon. Molly is a sweet little "Nug" we call her. Short for nugget. She gives love all the time and jumps up in anyone's lap to show her affection. She loves to look out the window while her brother takes a snooze. They play together and I take them to a doggie day care, once a week so they can be with other dogs. They are very sweet and have brought a lot of joy to me and my family.

Sienna Single

Adopted 08/19/16

Cole Curveball

Transferred 08/13/16

Cooper Caribbean

Adopted 08/13/16

January 17, 2017

Here’s the update on Cooper. My 20 year old daughter (college student) was home for Christmas break and has been continuously been loving on him. We have been working hard on keeping Cooper weight down. A little dieting and more walking with my daughter to maintain his calendar “show dog” weight. Cooper is my seventh dachshund since I was a boy and I have observed almost every dachshund I’ve owned will eat themselves into a back issue due to the extra weight. Cooper just loves being a member of our pack. I let all the dog outdoors for a run and our big golden retrievers run around the yard like crazy and Cooper is in hot pursuit at a distant third, but he never seems discouraged he’s in last place.

Cooper has spent the weekend with the family is learning the ropes. He is really a big eater. I feed all the dogs together so they get do something enjoyable as a pack. Coops starts running around the kitchen like a wild dog. Mark this adoption up as a success!

Chessa Charmander

Adopted 08/12/16

Chessa (I renamed her "Phinley") is doing great. She's the star of the show around here (she definitely knows it, ha!), and is continually a blessing to me!

Delilah Double

Adopted 08/12/16

Diesel Dianthus

Adopted 08/11/16

Axel Atbat

Adopted 08/08/16

Simon Stubbs

Adopted 08/08/16
Deceased 10/08/20

Clarence became an angel today. We knew this was a possibility when we departed for our trip, which was one of the reasons we took our sweet boy. He fell ill when we arrived in Eagle River, WI on Wednesday and transitioned early this morning to his next pup adventure in the sky.

We named him after Clarence the angel in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” He was ours’ for 4 1/4 beautiful years. Rest in Love, dear Clarence. We will feel your sweet spirit forever.

Cindi Centerfield

Adopted 08/06/16

Maggie is my sweet baby girl. I've forwarded lots of pictures because I'm slightly obsessed with her! She is a bundle of pure energy who is hopefully going through her final chewing stage. She loves to play fetch, chew fingers and toes, and lick my face and my husband's bald head. She's done pretty well with potty training, and it's rare that we find messes on our rugs any more. We've just started to train her to sit, and she's showing us how smart she is! She's an awesome cuddle buddy as well. She keeps my feet so warm at night. Our English Bulldog Kaydee gets a little outdone with Maggie's hyperactive nature, but Maggie loves her sister so much. She can't wait to go wake her up, or at least try to, every morning.

We all love Maggie so much, and I'm so glad we were blessed with her. I prayed that we would find the perfect dog for our family, and I think she was saved just for us. I could never thank DREAM enough for entrusting us with her!

Gretchen Grounder

Adopted 08/06/16

Gretchen is playing well with our other dog, Milo, and she is a great joy to have in our family. She can be quite mischievous, but she gives us a good laugh at the end of the day.

Stella Strudel

Adopted 08/06/16

Selena Southpaw

Adopted 08/03/16

Emmy Easyout

Adopted 08/01/16
Deceased 11/15/21

We are so heartbroken that little Emme crossed the Rainbow Bridge in November. She will forever be in our hearts.

Beauregard Bunt

Adopted 07/31/16

7/29/17 Update

It's hard to believe, but Otis will be celebrating his one year anniversary in his forever home on July 31st. I brought him into his new pack on July 31, 2016.

This sweet boy has fit into our pack so well, and is such a loved and cherished member of our family. Thanks to the staff, fosters and all involved in caring for and finding new forever homes for these wonderful Doxies!

Once again Dream, thanks for all that you guys do, and for helping Otis to find his Forever Home...☺️

Jamey, Otis & Henry

I've decided to call him Otis. I recently adopted Otis from DREAM Dachshund Rescue. He is a beautiful, loving, spirited and somewhat stubborn addition to our Doxie family. I'm so thankful for DREAM, and what they do for these fur babies who need new forever homes. Otis makes the 5th Doxie we've had, and he has turned out to be a great companion for my other Doxie Henry. Thanks to Becky his foster for helping to guide us through the process. Otis is Finally Home!

Boyd Backstop

Adopted 07/31/16

Marco Milan

Adopted 07/31/16

Brinkley BarbieQ

Adopted 07/29/16

Gibson Grandslam

Adopted 07/29/16

Ivan Inning

Adopted 07/29/16

Lady Loft

Adopted 07/29/16

Coco Crowley

Adopted 07/26/16
Deceased 09/12/19

Our sweet Coco has left us. She was almost 14, our only rescue, the smartest of our three Dachshunds, and also the toughest. You didn’t mess with Coco!

She had acute renal failure, with stones in her bladder and one of her kidneys. By the time she showed any symptoms, her kidneys were 75% gone. We did everything we could, but it was too late.

This collar, also worn by our two other Dachshund, Rothko and Zorro, will be hard to fill.

Our hearts go out to Frank and Judy for the loss of their precious Coco.

Bentley Basehit

Adopted 07/25/16
Deceased 04/29/17

Barry Batter
"Guinness Guns"

Adopted 07/24/16

Barry "Guinness Guns" and Pinky "Gracie Glee" are indeed a DREAM and we are all in love! They snuggle, sleep, eat, wrestle repeat and are the perfect fit for our energetic family! I already can not imagine life without them and am typing this with Gracie in my lap and Guinness by my side as we speak. They are not as impressed with the Olympics as we are. :) It's hard to narrow down the pics as it is a constant state of cuteness overload around here but am attaching a few of my favorites. Thanks for checking in and thanks for being so passionate about adoption. Feeling so blessed with three precious babies!

Pinky Pinchhitter
"Gracie Glee"

Adopted 07/24/16

Barry "Guinness Guns" and Pinky "Gracie Glee" are indeed a DREAM and we are all in love! They snuggle, sleep, eat, wrestle repeat and are the perfect fit for our energetic family! I already can not imagine life without them and am typing this with Gracie in my lap and Guinness by my side as we speak. They are not as impressed with the Olympics as we are. :) It's hard to narrow down the pics as it is a constant state of cuteness overload around here but am attaching a few of my favorites. Thanks for checking in and thanks for being so passionate about adoption. Feeling so blessed with three precious babies!

Percy Pitcher

Adopted 07/22/16

Percy is doing so well. He absolutely loves his adopted brother and sister. Sometimes I’m not sure who adopted who! He loves to play with us and has been doing so well with his potty training (which is GREAT!). He was an instant blessing to our family!

Shorty Shortstop

Adopted 07/21/16

Shorty is now called Jackson, he's very sweet and loves to play with his other family members. He loves riding in the car and going on walks, he has learned so many tricks. He is growing so fast and loves going and doing all kinds of things. Thank you for letting us adopt him, he is truly loved by all.

Polo Pompeii

Adopted 07/18/16

Pogo's new life! He has also learned to fetch and we are teaching him to not fear swimming. We have been taking him on our boat and putting him in the water, in a life jacket, with us and he is slowly getting it! He is the most loving and loyal dog. He gets along well with our other wiener, Oscar, and tries to get him riled up whenever he can! He is super cuddly and we can't imagine our family without him! Thank you!

Munchkin Myheart

Adopted 07/17/16

Paisley Plank
"Ginger Rogers"

Adopted 07/17/16

Margot Monaco

Adopted 07/16/16

Fenella Fastball

Adopted 07/10/16

Truly Trailrider

Adopted 07/10/16

Marley, aka Truly, has been a wonderful addition to our home. She is such a cutie and has personality galore! We think she is part mountain goat as she LOVES to climb! Her big sister Sadie is so happy to have a puppy to play with. They really enjoyed our Florida beach vacation this summer. Marley is a little snuggle baby who loves sleeping in the bed with her parents and her sister!

Leroy Linedrive

Adopted 07/09/16
Deceased 01/30/23

Sadly, Our beloved Limo passed away yesterday. He had a heart condition and was spending nearly all his time resting on the couch or someone's lap. He was a gift of warmth and joy to our home and will be terribly missed. While we grieve, we also believe he moved on so another dog could share our loving home. After we heal, we'd like to adopt again. Thanks for connecting us with Limo.

Peanut Paradise

Adopted 07/07/16
Deceased 08/27/18

Peanut is the sweetest little guy! He is the oldest of our dogs but acts like a puppy! He sleeps right by me or ON me every night. He makes the sweetest little grunts just like he is talking to me. Ever since his bad teeth were pulled he LOVES to eat and sits on his hind legs the entire time I'm filling all of the bowls. He is the smallest yet the most demanding when it comes to food time and that is saying a lot when you consider he is one of 5 dachshunds!

KC Masterpiece

Adopted 07/04/16

Sassy Spice

Adopted 07/04/16

Claire Callaway

Adopted 07/03/16


Today is Claire's 1 year adoptive birthday!! And boy are we all happy! Claire is sweet, loving, smart and soooo happy. Thank you for allowing her to rescue us. Cheers to many more birthdays celebrated with us.


We have had Claire a little over 1 month and wanted to let you know that she is thriving. She is a perfect fit for all of us and we couldn't be happier to have her in the family. You all made it so easy and I am so thankful to have worked with you. We know our beloved Abby is looking down on us with pride and happiness that we gave another great girl a chance to live the life she had. A tribute to all of us. Thanks again for all you give.

You really are dream makers. We have had Claire for 3 days and she fits into our family like she has been here forever. She is so sweet, lovable and SMART! Such a great companion for our Zoe and for us. She loves having her choice of 5 beds, all filled with fluffy soft blankets that she is sure we're made just for her. Claire loves her new backyard and has already spent time gardening with me. Her first camping trip will be next week, but no worries; she will be loved and watched as she picks her place in the RV. She truly rescued our hearts. Thank you all for caring for all the pups that find their way to Dream. There is a special place in heaven for y'all.

Leslie, George, Zoe, and Claire

Carrie Catcher

Adopted 07/02/16

Dottie Yuletide

Adopted 07/02/16

Kenny Chrysanthemum

Adopted 07/02/16

Hank Homerun

Reunited 07/01/16

Forrest Fairway

Adopted 06/30/16

We just wanted to let you know that Forrest is doing great. He was pretty scared for a few months and would only let my wife handle him but now he has come around. He sleeps with us and has turned out to be a great companion. Thank you.

Petey Paraduxx

Adopted 06/28/16

Petey is doing great. He is so happy here, and we all love him so much, that I wouldn't have the heart to send him somewhere else and make him start over again. Here are some of my favorite pics of him with his Dream Dachsie sisters Bonnie and Trixie :)

Collin Coppertone

Adopted 06/26/16
Deceased 06/26/16

DREAM rescued Collin on June 10th and took him straight to our vet to have a very painful eye removed (see Buphthalmos). Due to excessive bleeding, he needed a blood transfusion during the surgery, but he made it through. Collin didn't seem to be healing properly after the surgery, though, and two weeks later he underwent another procedure to clean out the wound, which appeared to be infected. Everything seemed to have gone well, and Collin was back to his happy self. On Saturday June 25th, the wound opened and Collin started bleeding profusely. His fosters rushed him to the emergency vet, applying pressure to the wound the whole way. He received a transfusion and the vets were able to revive him. He remained stable Saturday night. By this time, we knew Collin had a clotting disorder. The vets were giving him platelets to try to lower his clotting times. We were confident he was going to make it through this.

Collin's fosters, Brenda and Annie, went to visit him Sunday morning. He seemed so happy to see them. Brenda and Annie decided after going through all this, there was no way they could let him be adopted by someone else. They were going to keep him. But in less than 10 minutes after they left the emergency vet, we received the heartbreaking news that Collin had started bleeding again and his little heart had stopped. They were unable to revive him. Such a tragic ending to this sweet baby's story.

Our hearts go out to Brenda and Annie for the loss of their special little boy.

My heart is broken after reading the story of Collin Coppertone. Brenda and Annie, you are so wonderful for giving this angel so much love and good care. Collin loved you two so much. He is in Heaven and will be waiting on you two someday to be with him through eternity. Bless DREAM and all the wonderful fosters and caregivers who donate their time and give so much love to these precious, innocent angels that we all love so dearly. My prayers are with Collin and Brenda and Annie at this time.

- Denise D., Dickinson, Texas

Jamie Jamaica

Adopted 06/26/16

Katie Kauai

Adopted 06/26/16

3/16/17 Update: Just wanted to say hello and let you know how Sophie is doing. We had the honor of adopting Sophie, AKA Katie Kauai, on 6/26/16. It has been about 8 months, and she has come so far. She loves to play with her sister Luna, running and playing tug of war with their toys. Sophie has (or should I say "I have") completed obedience class, and she did awesome. I still need some training. We have quiet time at night with belly rubs before she burrows under the covers and goes to sleep. She is the sweetest girl ever and we are so blessed to have her. Thank you for bringing her into our lives.

Bev Birdie

Adopted 06/25/16


I just wanted to give everyone a little update on Bev. We saw the vet yesterday, and Bev received a clean bill of health! Her eye has healed nicely.

While she was a little shy the first few days, she's really warmed up to her new daddy. She's already got me trained on when, where, and how she wants to be petted/rubbed, which is almost constantly. Ha ha. She started playing with her toys more and chewing bones, but her favorite activity is still cuddling/napping! =)

Just wanted to says thanks again for helping me find such a perfect puppy!

Winslow Whiff

Adopted 06/25/16
Deceased 12/18/18

I adopted Winslow in June of 2016. She has been the best thing that has walked into my life. I have to tell you with a very broken heart my beautiful Winnie passed away this last Tuesday 12/18/18 at 6:15 PM. I stayed with her till her last breath and told how much I loved her. The vet said she had a stroke. Our family is devastated. Thank you for letting me care for one of the greatest little angels their ever was. I will certainly miss her sweet barks and cuddles.

Henrie Hoisin

Adopted 06/24/16

Hattie Hickory

Adopted 06/16/16

Benji Braise

Adopted 06/13/16

Monte Mesquite

Adopted 06/12/16

Chippy Chipotle

Adopted 06/11/16

Keaton Kabob

Adopted 06/11/16

Kirby Kingsford

Adopted 06/05/16

I think we'll keep him. Welcome home, Kirby!

Tex Traeger

Adopted 06/05/16

Tex has turned out to be a diamond in the rough. We just spent a week in Galveston and he had a blast. Jumping waves and chasing beach balls. He also likes to spend time in the kitchen. He loves my grand kids to death. Thanks for giving us this "DREAM".

Dylan Grillin

Adopted 05/31/16

Maisy Mustang

Adopted 05/31/16


Adopted 05/22/16

Blanca Tippytoes

Adopted 05/21/16

Chance Charcoal

Adopted 05/21/16

We adopted Chance Charcoal in May 2016. We renamed him Brisket.

We are very happy to have Brisket in our family! From day one, he and his new dachshund brother, Boodan, have been best buddies! They sleep together, eat together, and go hunting rabbits together!

In June, when the dogs were hunting together in the cactus and brush about 300 feet from our house, Boodan was struck in the shoulder by a 5 foot rattlesnake. Both dogs were up to date with the rattlesnake vacine. Brisket made so much racket, that my husband went into the cactus to see what was happening. He found Boodan limping badly and in a lot of pain. Brisket had called for help!

I had seen that snake in a different region of our acreage, but after Boo's attack, we cleaned out the cactus and there was no sign further sign of the rattlesnake -- it is probably out there somewhere.

If you live in rattlesnake country, I highly recommend keeping your dog up to date with the vaccine.

Brisket is much more cautious about dangers than old Boodan, who has been sprayed 3 times by skunk and got quilled once by a porcupine. Brisket recently avoided a skunk!

Thank you for all you do! We are very happy with our new family member. We will recommend your organization to everyone.

Ferdinand Flagstick

Adopted 05/21/16

Gus is doing great. He had a couple of accidents at the beginning, but he's still getting used to everything. Zoey enjoys playing with him and yes you were definitely correct; he loves to play a great game of chase with her LOL. We are very glad he is a part of our family!

Bonbon Bonfire

Adopted 05/20/16

Winston Wood

Adopted 05/20/16

Elaine Elf

Adopted 05/17/16
Deceased 05/14/18

Ellie was a senior who was being treated for heartworms when we adopter her. She recovered from heartworms. Unfortunately, she acquired a cough recently. It became worse within a week. So concerned, we took her to our vet. He was amazed she was alive as her heart was so enlarged it was pressed on her trachea and lungs. Our vet said that she should join our others over the rainbow bridge as there was nothing he could do that would prolong her life more than a few weeks and at that point in time she was struggling for every breath. We cherish the time she was with us. She is missed terribly by her sister Charley. I could go on and on about her personality, the crazy things she did to make our life full of love.

Hans Hamburg

Adopted 05/17/16

Thank you so much for everything! Sammy has made himself at home already (with the help of a treat)! He's the perfect little gentleman. I'm lucky to have him.

Mocha Mulligan

Adopted 05/17/16

We love Mocha. She's so sweet. She just wants to curl up next to us and go to sleep.

Pat Pitmaster

Adopted 05/17/16

Wade Wedge

Adopted 05/15/16

Leonora Links

Adopted 05/14/16

Hamilton Hook

Adopted 05/13/16

Tabby Tee

Adopted 05/12/16

Tabby is a complete joy and we love her to death. She is so precious, playful, sweet and full of character. She is already a special part of our family.

Drake Dogleg

Adopted 05/11/16

Perrie Passion

Adopted 05/11/16
Deceased 03/30/21

We said goodbye to our sweet Perrie on March 30, 2021. We are so blessed to have had such a wonderful dog and we will always cherish our memories. Thank you for providing a way to adopt Perrie.

Primrose Padawan

Adopted 05/11/16

Buck Buckaroo

Adopted 05/09/16

Christopher Columbus

Adopted 05/06/16

Dorrie Divot

Adopted 05/06/16
Deceased 12/09/21

We adopted Jules (Dorrie Divot) a mini red and white double dapple in May of 2016. She was the cutest 6 lb. doxie ever. Despite being deaf and partially blind she loved to play fetch. Every evening she let us know when she was ready to play by bolting down the couch steps and sitting ready for the throw. She would bring the ball back and gently place it in our hands. In 2020 Jules lost all sight and was not able to play ball. It was so sad for her. She wore two tags so we could hear her jingle if she got "lost" in the house. Her nose worked well and she could always detect an "intruder" in the house. She would bark until she was properly greeted. Unfortunately, her health declined and she developed doggie dementia. In 2021 she became totally dependent on us to carry her everywhere. It broke our heart when she passed in December 2021. Rest in Peace baby girl.

Brenna Broncos

Adopted 05/05/16

Charlie Chateau

Adopted 05/02/16

Aidan Amore
"Little Man"

Adopted 05/01/16

Soon after we got Zooey (our Yorkie puppy), we knew it wouldn't be long before she needed a buddy to grow up with. We have always wanted a weenie dog, so we looked up breeders and adoption organizations, which eventually led us to DREAM. Even though DREAM was in Houston and we were in Fort Worth, we loved how the organization took care of their rescue dogs. Once we got approved to adopt from DREAM, we were pretty set on getting a purebred Dachshund. A few that we were interested got adopted before we could visit them, and we brought one home, but her and Zooey did not get along. Aidan (Little Man") was our last visit. We were told he was shy and needed time to warm up, but once we met him, we were absolutely in love! We knew he was the dog for us. Little Man is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever met. We brought in home to Fort Worth the same day we met him, and he has been a joy ever since. Him and and Zooey are best buddies - they play all day and team up against mommy and daddy to get what they want ;) He is a great cuddler, which his his new mommy loves! We love the new addition to our family and the joy and energy he brings.

Howie Hazin

Adopted 05/01/16

Mac Dally

Adopted 04/29/16
Deceased 05/05/21

Russ Roper

Adopted 04/29/16

Lilah L'Sat

Adopted 04/26/16
Deceased 03/10/19

Sparkles Par

Adopted 04/23/16

Wayne Wrangler
"Otis Redding Rattail"

Adopted 04/23/16
Deceased 01/31/23

Otis was one of the best “good boy”s there ever was. He enjoyed sunbathing on the ramp to the backyard shed and chasing the neighbor’s cat under there too. During one of his biggest adventures, Otis climbed up over 13,000 feet above sea level and played in snow up to his chest. He watched his three human babies grow and enjoyed trying to give their powerwheels car what-for; he had a fling with three guinea pigs for about a year and a half, and that kept him very busy and entertained; and, over the past two years, he raised two sibling dachshund puppies, who also love and miss their Otis very much. Otis was such a gentle soul. He really did love unconditionally. The house feels lonely (and quieter without the sounds of him walking around, “getting his daily steps in”), and the world feels cruel.

Yukon Cornelius

Adopted 04/23/16

Tommy Trailrider

Adopted 04/22/16

Here are a few pictures of Remy, formerly know as Tommy, with Lily, our senior rescue, who we lost recently, and with Max, another DREAM Rescue from 2 years ago. Remy and Max are great friends, and play together constantly. It's great to see the two of them get along so well.

Molasses Masters

Adopted 04/16/16

Chewie Leia

Adopted 04/15/16
Courtesy Post

Houston Hoedown

Adopted 04/14/16

Polly Padawan

Adopted 04/13/16
Deceased 03/02/17

Little Feta died peacefully in her sleep while taking an afternoon nap. She had recently been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that caused her to have neurological issues, such as wobbliness and loss of balance. Our hearts go out to Robert and Eloisa for losing this sweet little girl way too soon.

Primadonna Padawan

Adopted 04/13/16

Annabelle Amore
"Sammie Jean"

Adopted 04/09/16

Lola Yuletide

Adopted 04/09/16

Lola is such a little Princess. We practically fight over who gets to love on her! And, she actually barked once at the cat! Only once! :-) I took her last week with me to pick up my son at school and she almost made me cry. She wept, not whined, wept the whole way there. I have had dogs my entire life and have never heard a dog cry like that. It was heartbreaking because I think that she thought we were giving her up. I got her a car seat so that she can see out the window next time and hopefully learn to enjoy little trips here and there.

Thank you for Lola. Please know that she is so loved and will never want or need anything. She will be spoiled rotten. We honestly can't imagine life without her now.

Ike Idol

Adopted 04/07/16
Deceased 08/13/21

Ike has passed away. He was our first DREAM adoption. He was gently put to sleep in his momma’s arms Friday because of end complications from Cushings disease. We are massively saddened.

Taffy Trailrider

Adopted 04/07/16

Tonks joined our family in April 2016. The name Tonks comes from a character in the Harry Potter series, which our little weenie reminded us of because of the big spot that she had on her nose when she first joined us. When she first arrived here she was nervous, but within half an hour she was playing with our older dog, Ellie. Tonks had many new experiences, and she quickly overcame her fears of leashes, raindrops, and even doors. Some of her favorite hobbies include chewing on rawhides, cuddling, and hiding out in her personal clubhouse underneath the bed. Tonks is the sweetest dog with so much love to give, and we are so happy to have her in our family.

Update 11/1/19

Tonks is doing great! She's going to be turning four soon. Here's a picture of her costume this Halloween. She didn't think it was as funny as we thought it was - ha ha! It's been so great having her as part of our family.

Lannah Bandana

Adopted 04/06/16

Lannah is absolutely amazing, she and Petey love each other!

Cato Caddie

Reunited 04/05/16

Bruce Bouquet

Adopted 04/02/16
Deceased 03/10/18

We said our farewell to Blue today. He joins his brothers Chub-Chub and Alfie over rainbow bridge. ❤️

Frankie Fore

Adopted 04/02/16

Robert Roughstock

Adopted 04/02/16

Shmi Skywalker
"Vanna Gogh"

Adopted 04/02/16
Deceased 06/29/17

Our beautiful baby died yesterday from heart worm related Caval Syndrome. We had her in ICU for 12 hours but could not save her. She was the sweetest baby ever. She appreciated everything we gave and did for her. Though we only had her for 14 months, I would not trade one minute for anything. We still have Romeo (the double dapple) and our two other girls. DREAM is awesome. When my heart mends I hope to help another baby. They all deserve a beautiful life.

Oliver Outlaw

Adopted 04/01/16

Daisy Devotion

Adopted 03/28/16

Thank you for helping me my my forever home! I just can't stop wagging my tail, and my new mom and dad are very happy too!


Mattie Maltshop

Adopted 03/28/16
Deceased 04/24/17

After fostering Mattie for a while we decided we couldn't let her go! She has bonded with our miniature dachshund Bella and are like two peas in a pod. Mattie loves to dig in the backyard, play with all her squeaky toys and snuggle with her humans.

Rosie Rimfire

Adopted 03/28/16

Tank Tatooine

Adopted 03/28/16
Deceased 09/28/16

Tank is the most perfect dachshund for us. We are so happy and feel he is too. He fits right into our lives like we have always had him with us, not just a little over a week. He is a DREAM come true for us!

Chet Chaps

Adopted 03/24/16

Kramer is thriving in his new home. He is eating well and resting a lot because he is till very much like a puppy. He is a little escape artist if given the chance. Who can blame him though given his previous environment. Fortunately Daddy runs 3-5 miles a week and I am just as fast if not faster than he is. We are working on housetraining, digging in the yard, and escaping. I think once he realizes he is in a much better home, the escaping will subside. I keep reminding myself it was a mere 11 days ago, he was a stray on the streets of East Harris County. Thanks to all of you who had a part in putting us together. We have a meeting at 10:00 this morning at Lake Livingston to look at a job. He rides so good in the car that you don't even know he is there.

Troy Toboggan

Adopted 03/20/16
Deceased 01/27/22

"Rex" is a Mardi Gras name like Princess so I thought they made a nice combo! I had been thinking about getting Princess a friend because she loves to snuggle with other dogs, but you would not believe how active and playful she is with him. She's like a different dog! He is great and Princess LOVES him. They follow each other around. Here is a picture of them from the other day after we went to the park. How cute is that?!

Cody Cuddlebug

Adopted 03/19/16

Hugo Hux

Adopted 03/19/16

Hugo is doing great! He has really settled in. All three have become great buddies and that makes my heart so happy. Here are a few pics to post. I want others to see him doing so well. He is bringing us so much joy! So glad we adopted! Maybe that will help spread the word so more people will adopt more dogs.

Copper Chute

Adopted 03/18/16

This is Cooper Oliver Robles. I adopted him back in March. When he came to me he was so scared and sad to leave his family. I had gone to the store and purchased toys he could play with, but he wanted nothing to do with them. He cried all night long for his family. I held him in my arms all night long. The next morning he was better. As each new day came and went, he began to perk up. Within a week I had taught three new tricks - sit, lay down and go to your bed. He is so smart. Cooper is so happy now. He plays with my grand-puppy when he visits. He loves me as I do him. He is my sunshine when I get home from work and greets me at the front door. I so love him!

Sadie Satin

Adopted 03/15/16
Deceased 06/15/17

Our sweet Sadie passed away yesterday. Richard was walking her and Peanut when another dog approached them. Richard was able to pick up Peanut and Sadie was still on her leash. She was really scared and managed to get out of her harness. The dog chased her and Sadie was hit by a car. She passed away instantly. We are so heartbroken.

She was the sweetest dog I have ever met. We had the pleasure of being a part of her life. We miss her so so much. She brightened our lives and filled our hearts with joy. We will receive her ashes in about two weeks. We are so thankful to DREAM for saving her and allowing us to foster and adopt her.

Roman Rodeo

Adopted 03/12/16

Roman is doing really well at home. We have had him for a month now and in that time he has blossomed into a happy healthy little guy. We call him RoBro because with his big fat paws he must hit the gym a lot. ;) He has put on some much needed weight but we are now holding him steady at 15lbs.

He's our big boy. Roman and his sister KitKat are the best of friends. They love playing chase and tug of war, cuddling together, or just mutually destroying toys together. Roman is one happy guy, when KitKat decides to take a nap and he wants to play he will take a toy and throw it in the air and all around for himself to catch and chase. It's super cute.

We are working on how we approach new dog friends because Roman has a tendency to bark at other dogs in excitement, but he is great with people and mom and dad have been taking him on outings frequently to help with his socialization.

Other than that he just loves to be with his people, getting belly rubs and treats for sitting and high fives. I can't explain how happy we are with Roman, we love him so much. KitKat is much more active and playful now that she has a brother to be with all day, I didn't realize how much she needed a dog friend, but now I can't see it any other way. I've attached some pictures of their adventures so far, and I know I'm biased, but they are the cutest pups in the world!

You can also follow them on instagram - twoweeniesinabun. I'm a little obsessed with my babies.

Bernie Naboo

Adopted 03/11/16

Diamond Dearheart

Adopted 03/08/16

Landon Lovely

Adopted 03/08/16

Leah Lovely

Adopted 03/08/16

Rue DeNoel

Adopted 03/08/16

Wally Wassail

Adopted 03/07/16

Selma Smooch
"Penny Lane"

Adopted 03/06/16

Penny has very quickly adapted to her new life with our family. She will be (and is) adored and loved more than she could ever imagine, and spoiled relentlessly. She, along with her brothers Willie and Poncho, are taken care of as if they are our children. Actually they kind of are our children. We love her.

Chapelle Sacorria

Adopted 03/04/16

Here is Chapelle, now Charlie, with my two boys. We are so happy to have him join our family. His nickname is "Wiggles" because he always wiggles his backside and is always so happy. He is such a good boy and gets along well with our 12 year old princess, Noelani. Thank you for caring so much about your dogs. Charlie is happy and well loved! Marcie was such a pleasure to work with and you all do such a wonderful job saving these beautiful dogs!

Ginger Rose

Adopted 03/04/16


Adopted 03/01/16

When my fiance and I adopted Finn (of course we kept the name!), he immediately fit right in with our little family. Finn quickly transitioned from house guest to protector and is sure to let each passerby know to steer clear! (He still hasn't caught on that the mailman is friend, not foe!). Great around kids, adults, and dogs; he loves sniffing and playing at the park and doesn't let his 20lb frame keep him from hanging with the big dogs. We are thankful that he loves to play with his toys, has zero interest in our shoes, and sleeps all through the night at the foot of our bed - keeping a watchful eye of any possible intruders. A loyal companion, one can find Finn walking by mom or dad's side if either heads to another room. If I'm at my office desk, Finn will lay down next to me until I'm finished. One thing we learned right away is that he HATES the rain. He will hold his bladder till the sun is shining no matter how long it takes. Finny gets one paw off the porch and promptly head back to the door, signaling that the walk is over for everyone. Although he's Mr. Tough Guy on the leash towards the enemy, deep down he's terrified of cats. Once, he bumped in to my fiance's sister's cat - and you would have thought he was screaming bloody murder. This playful, sweet boy is everything and more that we were dreaming of, and this is just the beginning!

Gunnar Greetings

Adopted 03/01/16

Lilly Lollipop

Adopted 02/28/16

Shorty Schulenberg

Adopted 02/28/16

Levi Linebacker

Adopted 02/27/16

Kylo Ren

Adopted 02/20/16

Whimsy Willamette

Adopted 02/20/16

Cali Corellia

Adopted 02/14/16

Bella Bespin

Adopted 02/13/16
Deceased 12/26/23

We adopted an amazing dog named Bella from you in 2016. She was approximately 7 years old when we adopted her. Bella crossed the Rainbow bridge the day after Christmas last year and our hearts are still broken. We have so many wonderful memories of her and miss her. We know we were able to give her the very best life possible, spoiled by all here at our house.


Adopted 02/13/16
Courtesy Post

I had Gretchen less than 24 hours and she took my heart. I dressed her in pink, got her a new bed, and Jackie and Bob fell in love. I understand she's been sitting in Bob's lap most of the day.

Charlie Chimney

Adopted 02/12/16

Leia Organa

Adopted 02/08/16

We are calling her Lila now. She has adjusted to all of us so well and brings us so much joy! Thank you again for treating her so well. I had to leave her unattended for two hours Tuesday morning and she seemed fine. She is a fast learner, and loves to be playful and get attention. She looks forward to her daily dental treat and for special treats for going potty outside. She loves stretching in the sun.

Rolf Mustafar

Adopted 02/07/16
Deceased 04/21/22

Jake was pulled from the Austin Animal Center with plans to be our DREAM foster until he found his forever home. He was neutered when he entered the shelter as a stray, but with no microchip, owners could not be found. A few days after arriving in his foster home, we noticed that he was having seizures and collapsing several times/day. His veterinarian quickly determined he had epilepsy and it was easily controlled by twice daily medication. Seizures were very infrequent on the medication and no stuffed squeak toy was safe around Jake. Our big orange tabby learned to avoid Jake as cats were not his favorite but since he was such a small dog, cats usually won in a skirmish. Several years ago, he developed Cushings Disease, which really slowed him down and eventually took him from us.

Cindy and Dave Barnard

Luke Skywalker

Adopted 02/06/16

Our meet and greet went well last night. Rocky is a beautiful, sweet boy. Most importantly, Chico liked him! Note Chico’s classic “protective stance” with his chin over Rockie (he used to do that with Coop). Rocky will have a stable, loving home. Thanks again for your kindness through this process. You truly are a DREAM TEAM.

Nute Gunray

Adopted 02/01/16

Eugene Felsnick

Adopted 01/30/16
Deceased 07/14/17

I just wanted to let you know that we had to put Sam down Friday, 07/14/17. He had some medical issues with his spine and it finally got so bad that I felt it was best and didn't want him to suffer anymore. Sam was such a wonderful baby and I know he knew we loved him so much. There is a void in our life right now but time will heal. I had him cremated and I will get his ashes back later this week. I can't wait to have him home again. I just wanted to say thank you for giving me such a wonderful little guy to love.

Susie Stockings

Adopted 01/30/16

Fancy Felucia

Adopted 01/29/16

Sophie Snowfall

Adopted 01/26/16

Clara Belle

Adopted 01/24/16
Deceased 06/22/22

Kayla Kudzu

Adopted 01/24/16


Adopted 01/24/16
Courtesy Post

Poe Dameron

Adopted 01/23/16
Deceased 06/08/22

It’s with great sadness I wanted to update you that Stout is no longer with us.

Back in April, Stout’s energy took a turn and after multiple visits and test with the vet, we learned his red blood cell count was low, not improving and all signs were pointing to cancer. We had to make a tough decision and let him pass over the rainbow bridge June 8th. Stout was a fighter, he had suffered seizures since we brought him home in 2016 but that never showed him down!

Stout brought us the most joy with his goofy and playful attitude, endless cuddles and sloppy kisses! Thank you for connecting him with our family.

Thank you again for all you do and for bringing Stout into our lives,

- Amber, John & Tallulah

Andy Angel

Adopted 01/21/16
Deceased 12/12/16

Our little Andy Angel is gone. We had to let him go last night due to cancer. Poor little Andy had a large tumor near his prostate which had metastasized in his lungs. Our family is devastated. He was the most loving little dog we have ever had.

Our hearts go out to Jennifer, Jeff, and Matthew for the loss of their precious Andy, who truly was a little angel.

Barney Bigbend

Adopted 01/19/16

We LOVE these dogs! Carlos is sitting in my lap right now while I'm typing. They have become family in the last two weeks. I grew up with Dachshunds and I didn't realize how much I missed them. Barney was a little wary of my husband at first but now he loves to hang out with him. My ten year old son loves snuggling with them and taking them for walks. My 18 year old daughter is hardly ever home between school, work, and her friends but when she comes home they get so excited to see her and try to sneak in her bed. They've been a great addition to our family.

Carlos Carlsbad

Adopted 01/19/16

We LOVE these dogs! Carlos is sitting in my lap right now while I'm typing. They have become family in the last two weeks. I grew up with Dachshunds and I didn't realize how much I missed them. Barney was a little wary of my husband at first but now he loves to hang out with him. My ten year old son loves snuggling with them and taking them for walks. My 18 year old daughter is hardly ever home between school, work, and her friends but when she comes home they get so excited to see her and try to sneak in her bed. They've been a great addition to our family.

Moose Mondavi

Adopted 01/19/16
Courtesy Post

Moose is doing great! He is fitting right in with us and us with him. He is eating well, sleeping well, learning the house (back door, etc) and seems happy and playful. He has multiple beds to pick from at night... Everyone wants him. He goes right in the kennel when we leave without any problems. We really aren't experiencing any difficulties and he seems to not be either. He loves playing in the house and in the backyard with us. I can tell I am going to need to stock up on toys!

Bonzo Bearhug

Adopted 01/14/16
Deceased 01/06/22

Bonzo is all dressed up in his tie to celebrate his formal adoption. It is amazing how happy I feel knowing that Bonzo is totally mine. He is the most amazing little man – so sweet and loving. Bonzo has been with me for 11 months now as a foster and he became such an important part of my life. I am so excited to be his forever mom now. He will have a wonderful life – all his human family members have told him that he has won the doggie lotto. Thank you DREAM for everything you do for all the dachshunds that come through your doors. I am so blessed to be a part of your team – but most importantly a part of Bonzo’s new life.

Boone Breckenridge

Adopted 01/14/16
Deceased 01/22/18

Emily Cratchit

Adopted 01/14/16
Deceased 08/15/23

Emily was our first foster failure from DREAM and an important part of our family for almost 8 years. On Aug 15th, 2023 she went to sleep after a long battle with kidney failure. We will miss her sweet face everyday, but know that she will be having fun catching up with her sisters Opal and Maddy on the rainbow bridge.


Adopted 01/13/16
Courtesy Post

Brianna Babysbreath

Adopted 01/11/16

Brie has been an amazing addition to our family. She is so loving and playful. She really has become a great companion to our dog Tootles. They run, wrestle and sleep together at night. I just wanted to thank you and your amazing team for letting me be her forever home.

Ace Amore

Adopted 01/03/16

Atticus Advent

Adopted 01/02/16

Things are going great at my new home! My name is still Atticus, but my middle name is George because I remind my new family of their beloved chocolate dachshund who passed away in May. Not only do I look like him, but I act like him too. I love my three new brothers, especially Buddy. We play together all the time and he and I get to sleep with the Mommy and the Daddy at night. The Mommy takes us to the dog park too, and I've made lots of friends there. Life is good! I'm really loving it here! Hope to see you at a DreamDachs event soon!

Atticus George

Baron Bavaria

Adopted 01/02/16

Jessie Anderson

Adopted 01/01/16

Zoey and Gracie are truly sisters.
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