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Casper Conrad

Status: Adopted 12/21/14
Gender: Male
Age: Young (3-7 Years)
Size: Tweenie (12-16 lbs)
Color: Double Dapple
Coat: Smooth
Hello everyone, I’m Casper and I was adopted on 12/14/14 by the McNeal family. First of all I want to say thank you to my friends at DREAM for getting me into such great shape and to my foster dad Kerry who was sad to see me go but glad to see me find a forever home! My new family had recently lost their furry baby Henry from pancreatitis. This is a disease that us doxies are prone to getting. So read up about this if you have a furry doxie in your life. Anyways, Henry was about 10 years old and the center of their world! It took a toll on the whole family to lose him. Even the cat Polly was grieving for Henry. My dad was especially saddened to lose Henry but he started looking at rescue sites and that’s where our story begins….

He looked at so many doxies, long haired, short haired, reds, pie bald, dapples but he kept coming back to me (puppy smile)! Dad called my mom and asked her to look at me and tell him what she thought. She loved me at first glance but my dad was worried that he wouldn’t be able to love me like he loved Henry. My mom assured him that he could. She reminded him that if they were able to adopt me that we would be rescuing each other! I get a family and they get a new fur baby! Mom filled out the application and they waited. That afternoon a nice lady from DREAM called to do a phone interview. The call went great! Mom and Dad were getting so excited about me. My foster dad and my (soon to be) forever dad started texting each other. Ryan and Cassidy (the human kids in the family) were getting excited too. My mom said it was a miracle because they are 22 and 15 and hardly notice anything outside of their world. By that Sunday, my foster dad brought me over to meet my new mom and dad. I don’t mean to brag, but they loved me right away! After the home inspection and all the paperwork and play time… I was home!

Since my adoption we have been busy. We’ve had Christmas, New Year’s, we’ve been to the ranch, we went to the beach and camped overnight! I have had such a great time and the cat even likes me too! When they are at work I have the whole kitchen and breakfast room to myself. I have my potty pads and food and bed and toys there to keep me busy. I love it and they love me. Oh did I mention I’m deaf? Yep, that’s right. My mom and dad work with me every day to learn hand signals so I will be sure to know when they are telling me what a good boy I am. So a thumbs up means ‘good boy’. I am sending out a big thumbs up to DREAM Dachshund Rescue to helping me find my forever family!

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