"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
Eleanor Roosevelt
"When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true."
Jiminy Cricket

"There's no place like home."
Dorothy Gale
Home "Dreams are the touchstones of our character."
Henry David Thoreau

"Nothing happens unless first a dream."
Carl Sandburg
"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."
Walt Disney

Finally Home

Our Adopted Dogs

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DREAM Dog Finally Home Story

Butter Bucatini

Adopted 11/22/21

Dahlia Dove

Adopted 11/19/21

Rosie Rosaline

Adopted 11/10/21

Trixie Triathlon

Adopted 11/08/21

Blue Badminton

Adopted 11/03/21

Caillou Cuddles

Adopted 10/29/21

Willow Washington

Adopted 10/18/21

Love my willow. Master of wits! We keep each on our toes. She’s a tremendous escape artist but can always be brought around. She does not like to be separated from me.

My favorite blanket stealer and hog!

Gordon Goodbar
"Mr. Goodbar"

Adopted 10/15/21

Honeybee Ziti

Adopted 10/15/21

Nelly Nestle

Adopted 10/15/21

Mandy Macaroni

Adopted 10/14/21

Bella Baseball

Adopted 10/13/21

Ouisie Oolong

Adopted 10/13/21

Elsie Fusilli

Adopted 10/10/21

Heidi Hermitage

Adopted 09/27/21

Beatrice Biathlon

Adopted 09/22/21

Lovely Olympiad

Adopted 09/15/21

Archie Archery

Adopted 09/13/21

Penny Pentathlon

Adopted 09/12/21

Casper Chamomile

Adopted 09/11/21

Misty Mikami

Adopted 09/09/21

Murray Marzipan

Adopted 09/07/21

Reese Reeses

Adopted 08/30/21

Rowan Rowing

Adopted 08/30/21

Tena Tennis
"Katie Scout"

Adopted 08/29/21

Schultz Sugar Daddy

Adopted 08/11/21

Wilbur Wunderbar

Adopted 08/07/21

Holly Hanukkah

Adopted 08/06/21

Woody Weightlifting

Adopted 08/05/21

Duncan Dots

Adopted 08/03/21

Mabel Milky Way

Adopted 08/03/21

Luca Licorice

Adopted 07/31/21

Chief Charms

Adopted 07/15/21


Adopted 07/09/21
Courtesy Post


Adopted 07/01/21
Courtesy Post

Beau has been officially adopted by someone who had another senior dog and works mostly from home.

Chloe Cajeta

Adopted 06/29/21

Lilly Lacrosse

Adopted 06/29/21

Gus Gutenborner

Adopted 06/24/21

Zoey Zweigelt

Adopted 06/13/21


Adopted 06/11/21
Courtesy Post

Dupre Deadlift

Adopted 06/09/21

Emma Eiswein

Adopted 06/08/21

Eeyore Eyholzer

Adopted 06/06/21

Fluff Florental

Adopted 06/06/21

Ruby Rooibos

Adopted 06/05/21

Phoebe Frascati

Adopted 06/04/21

Maddi Mallard

Adopted 06/01/21

Coco Chianti

Adopted 05/21/21

Dino Do-si-dos

Adopted 05/19/21

Dasha Darjeeling

Adopted 05/14/21

Jimmy Ginger

Adopted 05/14/21

Tanner Tannins

Adopted 05/12/21

Bella Brownie

Adopted 05/08/21

Marty Matcha

Adopted 05/06/21

Piper Peach

Adopted 05/06/21

Tucker Turmeric

Adopted 05/06/21

Coki Cadette

Adopted 05/01/21

Miki Motto

Adopted 05/01/21

Maggie Mission

Adopted 04/24/21

Tyke Treadmill

Adopted 04/14/21

Hank Handshake

Adopted 04/03/21

Camo Cookie

Adopted 03/31/21

Pepper Prosperity

Adopted 03/16/21

Daisy Danza

Adopted 03/12/21

Saussie Success

Adopted 02/27/21

Peaches Preschool

Adopted 02/24/21

Sophie Strength

Adopted 02/24/21

Terry Tacoma
"Mr. Biscuit"

Adopted 02/20/21

Ella Elementary

Adopted 02/14/21

Sammy Serenity

Adopted 02/14/21

Wheeler Wheatgrass

Adopted 02/14/21

Cowboy Conner

Adopted 02/07/21

Hammy Hip Hop

Adopted 02/03/21

Jasmine Gymnasium

Adopted 02/01/21


Adopted 01/25/21
Courtesy Post

Tyra Tidings

Adopted 01/16/21

Rosie Rollout

Adopted 01/14/21

Number of Dogs: 77

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