"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
Eleanor Roosevelt
"When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true."
Jiminy Cricket

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Dorothy Gale
Home "Dreams are the touchstones of our character."
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"Nothing happens unless first a dream."
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Welcome to DREAM
Dachshund Rescue, Education & Adoption Mission
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10 Rescued this Year 4 Adopted this Year
52 Rescued last Year 55 Adopted last Year

DREAM 2023
$25K Veterinary Challenge

We’re excited to announce the matching period for DREAM’s biggest fundraiser of year!

Your donation will make TWICE the impact, thanks to the generosity of the SEEBA and BARNARD families who will match the first $25,000 donated for the animals, dollar-for-dollar through March 15, 2024.

Click Here for More Info and Challenge Status!

DREAM 2024 Calendar Now Available!

Foster Me
Dogs in Need of Foster Homes

If you can't foster, please consider a donation toward our care.

52 Rescued in 2023 55 Adopted in 2023
73 Rescued in 2022 81 Adopted in 2022
105 Rescued in 2021 83 Adopted in 2021
97 Rescued in 2020 99 Adopted in 2020
116 Rescued in 2019 120 Adopted in 2019
135 Rescued in 2018 128 Adopted in 2018
185 Rescued in 2017 174 Adopted in 2017
267 Rescued in 2016 243 Adopted in 2016
256 Rescued in 2015 231 Adopted in 2015
224 Rescued in 2014 192 Adopted in 2014
152 Rescued in 2013 88 Adopted in 2013
Adopt Me!
Daisy Delamotte (Receiving Care)
Mercury Micromax (Available)
Zara Zinnia (Receiving Care)
Brandon Bluebonnet (Receiving Care)
Ollie Oleander (Receiving Care)
Princess Perrier (Receiving Care)
Whitney Wollemi (Receiving Care)
Olivia Orchid (Receiving Care)
Honey Hotdog (Available)
Lilly Lazurite (Receiving Care)
Adele Adami (Receiving Care)
Celine Cinzano (Receiving Care)
Jessica Jones (Receiving Care)
Roxanne Ross (Available)

PO BOX 591819 HOUSTON TX 77259
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Dachshund Sleeping on a Dog Bed
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