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Lilly Lazurite ("Livi Bug")

Status: *** ADOPTION PENDING ***
Adoption Fee: $200
Gender: Female
Age: Adult (8-12 Years)
Size: Mini (< 12 lbs)
Color: Black & Tan Dapple
Coat: Smooth
Has a Special Need
Introducing Lilly, a delightful black and tan dapple mini Dachshund with a heart full of love. Despite her petite size, Lilly's presence is undeniable. She, along with her companions Bella and Paisley, embarked on a journey from the same breeder to find their forever homes. Currently, they find themselves in the care of a wonderful foster family, surrounded by other furry friends.

In their foster home, Lilly and Bella are learning the ropes of homestead living. They bravely venture out into the yard to take care of their business, but if the need arises or the yard is inaccessible, they have access to pee pads indoors. Over time, they have become less frightened and have discovered that children are welcome playmates as long as they treat them with kindness and respect. While their interaction with cats remains uncertain, Lilly and her companions are open to new experiences and possibilities.

When it's time to rest, Lilly and her friends curl up together in a cozy room, each with their own comfortable beds and a soft blanket to snuggle under. They take their roles as watchdogs seriously and are quick to sound the alarm if the doorbell rings or an unexpected noise catches their attention. Lilly, in particular, has had enough of the great outdoors and prefers the tranquility of indoor living. She is a calm and quiet companion, ready to bring endless joy and unconditional love to her forever family.

If you are seeking a loyal and devoted companion who will fill your days with warmth and laughter, Lilly is eagerly waiting to become a cherished member of your family. With her gentle nature and loving spirit, she will be a constant source of comfort and companionship. Open your heart and home to Lilly, and you will embark on an incredible journey of love and lifelong friendship.

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