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All dog stories begin with laughter and end in tears


Momo (Maureen McBrady) Caillouet

Adopted December 25, 2011 (DRoH)
Rainbow Bridge December 26, 2022

Momo was rescued by the SPCA from a large scale breeder operation in Waller County in 2011 and became one of Dachshund Rescue of Houston's "Brady Bunch". She, like the other dogs rescued from this breeder, was extremely skittish. She hid behind our sofa for about the first 6 months we fostered her. When she finally warmed up to me, I couldn't imagine letting her go to anyone else. She ended up being a "foster failure". Momo had lens luxation which eventually resulted in her going blind. She endured many years of visiting a veterinary eye specialist, having her her eye pressures tested, and having drops put in her eyes multiple times a day. As long as she was with her "mommy" (me) she was fine.

One of the funniest (but sometimes annoying) things Momo used to do was announce dinner time. Whenever she thought we were putting the dog bowls together, she would run around outside, nose stuck high in the air, barking like crazy. Feeding time is, sadly, much quieter now. Oh how I miss that enthusiastic bark. I'd give anything to hear it again.

Riley Rao

Rainbow Bridge December 2, 2022

Dear Riley,

I remember the exact moment you came into my life, from the first day I came to see you. You gave me your toy and I was bewitched. I never saw someone so sweet. I was excited that Mom chose you, and I know I started loving you in that moment. On the day we brought you home, I was so happy to have you here.

You were new, but seeing you sleeping on your donut bed, it felt like you had always been around. Even on that first day, I knew you belonged in our family. You and I had an instant bond. We used to follow each other around the house and I found myself talking to you a lot. Even though you couldn’t talk back, I could tell from your eyes you understood my feelings. You were always there for me. Everytime I was happy, scared, or sad. Especially when I cried, you always scratched at me asking to be in my lap, licking my hands, to take away my pain. As mean as you could be to Alfie, or Minnie, I knew you had a good heart because even when they were sad you would show them some compassion in your own way. You used to leave me little puddles of pee and little bundles of doo-doo to clean up, and while I used to be annoyed by it from time to time, I find the house to be empty and sterile without you and your "presents".

I miss the way you made me laugh when you played with blueberries. I miss feeling at peace when you cuddled next to me when we napped together. I miss the way you used to chase and try to eat the bubbles I blew in the backyard, jumping higher than one could expect you to do for your small height. I miss seeing your furry little face everyday when I came home from school. You used to accompany me to school - whether it was middleschool, highschool, and college - you were always there. You saw me at my best and at my worst, and you still loved me throughout all the hard times. And as your sister, I regret that I couldn’t be there more for you. I wish I could do it all over again and spend more time with you and tell you every minute how much I love you. And while it pains me in such an unbearable way to think of, I’m glad I got to be there for you in your last moments because I was there when you really needed me. You deserved a peaceful passing, surrounded by those who loved you, and I’m so happy our family was there for you like you were there for us.

You were my king, my little big bro. You gave me infinite love that I feel like I never deserved. Your passing was there greatest pain I’ve ever felt. It’s a pain that’s never going to leave me. I thought I felt lonely before, but after losing you, I realized I never was until now. But I understand that it was your time to leave, and while I will always miss you and your beady little eyes and your quack-like barks, I’m happy to have had you in my life in the first place. You were my angel, my pisspot, the brother I never knew I needed. You are the the King of the Clouds. And above everything and eveyone, you are still my family. I will always love you.

Sincerely, Pinto Lokesh

The sky has darkened and the clouds weep, for their king has fallen.

Madeline "Lenny" Caillouet

Adopted March 3, 2008 (DRoH)
Rainbow Bridge July 6, 2022

Lenny was a foster fail. She was skittish around people, but oh so good with other dogs - playful, loving, and sweet. The perfect dog for a foster home because she'd always welcome new dogs as if they were her long lost friends. She didn't like to be picked up (she'd stiffen up like a board) but she'd jump in your lap when you least expected it. She earned the nickname "Lenny the Licker" because she loved to lick. She licked the floor, your hands, your face, other dogs' faces, you name it - nothing was safe from that tongue! Lenny was the probably the silliest dog I've ever known. You couldn't help but smile when she looked at you with her ears perked up.

Lenny was active and healthy until she wasn't. She went into acute kidney failure over the 4th of July weekend. We took her home for one more night after the vet gave us the bad news. Fly high Lenny. You are dearly missed.

Daphine Caillouet Remore

Rainbow Bridge June 17, 2022

Loki Rulong

Rainbow Bridge May 21, 2022

Today was such a hard day. I had to say goodbye to my sidekick of nearly 14 years. Mischievous. Goofy. Sweet. Handsome Loki. For those who don't know, Loki was the diagnosed with lymphoma.

I'm sure Dad and Ruckus are so happy to see you. Tell Dad I said you could have all the butter cookies. Give Ruckus some snuggles for mom. A special thanks to @bluepearlvet for the amazing kindness you showed my buddy. Thank you @kellyjrusso for the beautiful photos to remember him by.

Loki, you brought so much joy to my life. Austin feels like at least two life times ago when I brought you home. From Austin to Houston to Corpus back to Houston and so many more moves in between. You were always a trooper. You were with me basically my entire adult life. Thanks for putting up with me. You will forever have a piece of my heart.

Sienna Wimberley

Adopted March 16, 2008 (DRoH)
Rainbow Bridge April 23, 2022

Sienna, the best doggy ever for our family. She hated everyone else, but she loved us so much. She was such a good doggy mama to the kids and protected her like they were her own. Rest in Heaven, Sienna. We love you always.

Buddy Fordham

Rainbow Bridge April 16, 2022

We had to say goodbye yesterday to our sweet Buddy. He was in renal failure and there was nothing they could do to save him. Mom and I had to make the hardest decision. He was 16 and such a sweet and loving dog! We miss him terribly. Thank you to Dr. Hall and her staff for being so helpful and kind.

Polly Cortez

Rainbow Bridge April 19, 2022

My precious tiny baby Polly. I will miss you for eternity.

Max Shmaisani

Rainbow Bridge March 3, 2022

Sadly, just one day after I adopted Hana and Greta, I had to let Max cross the rainbow bridge. They seemed to be ok together. Max even climbed into bed with little Hana.

Ginger Lawless

Rainbow Bridge February 18, 2022

We had to put Ginger (Ginger Grant, adopted from DRoH) down today. She had a tumor on her pancreas. We thought it was just pancreatitis back in December when she was really sick since nothing showed up on X-ray or the ultrasound. She had been doing good up until Wednesday night. This time fluid and medication didn't help, so vet did another ultrasound and a tumor was visible. Sad day for us.

Zoee Stephenson

Adopted December 18, 2010 ("DRoH")
Rainbow Bridge February 22, 2022

Thanks to all of you who prayed for and sent your positive energy for Zoee. However her small body just could not handle all the medical challenges that came so quickly all at once. She crossed the rainbow bridge at 3:10 pm this afternoon. My 12 years with her was amazing. She was my little soul mate who brighten my life every single day. Marge and I (and Carlee) adored her and she is deeply missed and will be for a very long time. Our hearts are broken, time will heal. Thank you again for your kind thoughts and positive energy. Donnie & Marge

Zona Wood

Rainbow Bridge January 30, 2022

Elliott Maxwell

Adopted August 4, 2008 (DRoH)
Rainbow Bridge January 28, 2022

All dog stories begin with laughter and end in tears


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