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Finally Home

Our Adopted Dogs

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DREAM Dog Finally Home Story

Max Mercury

Adopted 09/19/20

Scrabble Schrodinger

Adopted 09/19/20

Brownie Embrace

Adopted 09/06/20

Dodge Dalton

Adopted 08/30/20

From Dodge’s adopted mom: “ We renamed him Quincey and he already knows his name. He is so loving and never goes in his crate unless I run an errand. He wants nothing to do with it. He and Finley play all the time and all three dogs sleep in the big bed with us. He checked out health and no more signs of urinary tract issues at the vet last week.

Jackson Jenkka

Adopted 08/29/20

Timmy Tenderheart

Adopted 08/25/20


Adopted 08/21/20
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Adopted 08/21/20
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Herbie Honky Tonk

Adopted 08/15/20

Payton Patriot

Adopted 08/15/20

Ralphy Radon

Adopted 08/15/20

Yankee Doodle

Adopted 08/15/20

Strider Stripes

Adopted 08/13/20

Anthony Anthem

Adopted 08/06/20

Betsy Ross
"Daisy Mae"

Adopted 08/06/20

Indy Independence

Adopted 08/06/20

Nate Nation

Adopted 08/06/20

Dudley Domino

Adopted 08/03/20

Maggie Merengue
"Maggie Mae"

Adopted 08/03/20

Jojo Joropo

Adopted 07/27/20

Perrie Parade

Adopted 07/27/20

We wanted to give you an update on Perrie, now known as Libby. Family and neighbors all think the name "Libby" suits her! She is settling in great. She loves the family and is very calm when she meets people and other dogs on her walks. Libby loves her walks! She’s also very good about asking to go out. Thanks for all the love and care you give the doggies and for helping to bring Libby in our lives.

Edward Endearment

Adopted 07/23/20

Love this little Man. I really don't believe he is 14. He is waaaay to spunky for 14. I have had elderly dogs and he is just unreal. Of course I would love it if he wasn't that old. I want this precious face with me for a long time. I have now hired a daily pet walker to come and give him the daily walks that he needs with his level of energy. Please don't worry about him. He is very loved. Snoozing behind me on the bed while I work at my desk. Never far away. Thank you for this love I have in my life again. 

Florence Flamenco

Adopted 07/09/20

Brutus Bearhug

Adopted 07/06/20

Whitney Waltz

Adopted 07/04/20

Chachi Cheers
"Mary Tyler Moore"

Adopted 06/27/20

Maggie Mi Amore

Adopted 06/27/20

Lola Lullaby

Adopted 06/26/20


Adopted 06/25/20
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Adopted 06/22/20
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Bonsai Beso

Adopted 06/20/20

Stan Lee Snuggles

Adopted 06/20/20

Hilda Hugs

Adopted 06/18/20

Pumpkin Puppylove
"Dolly Pawton"

Adopted 06/13/20

Megan Mardigras

Adopted 06/07/20

Rusty Rangerover

Adopted 05/30/20

Chili Cariño

Adopted 05/28/20

Sarafina Swallowtail

Adopted 05/27/20

Chuey Cherish

Adopted 05/11/20

We really got our new baby at the perfect time. I’m a school teacher and have been essentially alone since May as COVID shut down schools and Cole is an essential worker. Because of that, Chuey, who we have re-named Tuck, and I have really bonded! He is the sweetest, sassiest little man. He loves to cuddle and play fetch. He has become fast friends with our pit bull, Ophelia who probably weighs 3x as much as him. The two of them love to wrestle and cuddle. He has quickly stolen my heart and become my best friend. I am so grateful to DREAM and will be a life-long supporter. Tuck is an absolute joy!

Pepe Pedernales

Adopted 05/04/20

Bruce Backgammon

Adopted 05/02/20

Neo is doing great, lots of energy. He is keeping her big sister busy running around the backyard. Here in a rare moment of quiet

Cooper Canasta

Adopted 04/27/20

Even though Cooper is 3 plus years old he discovers something new everyday. He has to explore every hole, every bush, and always the tallest grass. Birds, chickens, horses, goats, cats, and his favorite....squirrels.

He is both curious and easily startled. His shadow,

things blown by the wind: leaves, plants and a ball floating

in his water bowl. (I laughed so hard when I saw what he was barking at).

He is very high energy. He plays hard. He naps after exercise and he's ready to go again.

We walk every day. He looks longingly at his leash to let me know. He's very insistent. One day he was looking back at other dogs and ran into a utility box. Something I would do. I thought, "Is he embarrassed?" He makes me laugh every day.

He's a big chow hound. Never is satisfied after he eats. If I'm in the kitchen, he's in the kitchen. He will eat until he gets sick. I found that out the hard way.

He doesn't like to be alone. He sleeps with my grandson. If he's not getting attention from him he will look for me. Even if it's laying next to me while I pet him.

He's a handful, but so worth it❤

Oh! I've lost 13 lbs since we got him. 🤩We love our Cooper❤


Adopted 04/25/20
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Kieran Kingcake

Adopted 04/21/20

Kieran is now Tarzan, which is the most fitting name for this little acrobat! He is the cutest, smartest boy. He loves his two big brothers, Cooper and Alexander, who have already taught him how to tag-team wrestle, and their favorite game,"Who's gonna get who's neck". He has grown so big, and loves to destroy things, so we keep him plied with plenty of toys. We just adore him.

Pepper Proteus

Adopted 04/20/20

Tina Trinket

Adopted 04/20/20

Julia Jewel

Adopted 04/19/20

We absolutely adore Roxy and she is well integrated into our family! She is cute as a button and loves listening to music and it's a good thing because we have one son in band and another in Orchestra. We have taught Roxy to enjoy pool time with the family. She loves to wear her life jacket and play ball with us. She wants to be in the middle of whatever is going on. She loves to play both fetch and tug of war. She is super smart and quickly got pee pad trained. She finished her final round of shots a week and 1/2 ago so we are now working on outside potty training and walks. I have been so happy with our adoption and the dream organization as a whole

Britton Beads

Adopted 04/18/20

Butterfly Phlox

Adopted 04/18/20

Thank you again for your rescue and care of Butterfly, she’s such a joy and has the cutest personality!

Callie Cornea

Adopted 04/18/20


Adopted 04/18/20
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Levi Lens

Adopted 04/18/20

Sienna Sequin

Adopted 04/18/20

Floppy Fleece

Adopted 04/16/20

Nellie Nacho

Adopted 04/15/20

Bear Bifocal

Adopted 04/13/20

Franco Float

Adopted 04/13/20

Bandit Bacchanal

Adopted 04/10/20

Arlo Acapulco

Adopted 04/04/20

Sunny South Padre

Adopted 04/03/20

Thor Thibodaux

Adopted 03/21/20

Bonnie Bok Choy

Adopted 03/17/20

Daisy is as sweet as they come! Her favorite place in the world is on the couch curled up against me (her mama). She especially likes it when I get to work from home and she can be with me all day. Daisy loves to roll around in the grass, go on walks, and nap. She’s my little shadow, and my husband and I adore her. She definitely has a forever home with us!

Radar Retina

Adopted 03/16/20

Alamo Flambeaux

Adopted 03/15/20

We absolutely adore this pup. He was at home the second he got here. He went right to his bed and played with his toys. He has given me so much joy!! At night when he wants to go to bed he just jumps right up and crawls under blanket and curls right up next to you. Its really sweet. He has adapted really quick and I'm pretty sure he happy and SPOILED. Thank you guys for the chance to adopt him. I live far away but to travel to get him was SO worth it.

Margeaux Masque

Adopted 03/13/20

Beignet Balaclava
"Brisket Beignet"

Adopted 03/08/20

Little Miss Brisket Beignet Wicker has become head of household. She is adorable and loves running in and out of the basset hound size doggie door, patrolling the yard, gathering up an occasional lizard for my inspection, and once brought in a dead bird. My big boy Dr. Watson is somewhat perplexed by her energy but seems to think she is a keeper. Sadly, my boy Sherlock, who had cancer, only got to know her for a couple of weeks before he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

I didn’t realize when I brought her home that she only had 2 teeth. Of course when I got her medical records I realized how terrible a condition she must have been in when she was rescued. I had given her a tiny square cookie and realized that she was trying to swallow it whole. If I had known that when I picked her up, I would have avoided an almost accident. We have the eating situation under control now, any kibble is tiny and only tiny small soft bits of treats.

Her eyes are a genetic issue, of no tear production. I do clean them with an eye wash several times a day, and she has prescription medication twice a day. This will not be cured, and hopefully she will not lose her eyesight. She is a little angel having her eye treatment.

In case you can’t tell I am pretty crazy about her. Typical female, she selects the biggest bed for herself, and let’s Watson have the little one.

Roscoe Rex

Adopted 03/03/20

Roscoe has settled in and has been a great addition to our little family! He is my shadow and loves to herd me to bed so he can burrow under the covers and snuggle. He and Petra like to play and cuddle, and love that Brian and I are working from home these days. I found out that he goes crazy for the water hose in the back yard!

Lady Lasik

Adopted 02/28/20

Keanu Krewe

Adopted 02/26/20

We renamed our pup to Odie, and he is doing GREAT! We absolutely love him to pieces. Odie is a super cuddler, and I’m excited to say this is exactly what I have always hoped and prayed for in a dog! I’ll be working at our kitchen table or on the couch, and Odie will snuggle up right next to me. He loves to have some part of his body touching one of us (and we love it, too!). Odie’s favorite activities are going for walks and going to parks. We live in an area with a LOT of dogs, and he loves meeting new ones and saying hi to his friends. He was skittish at first, but we are pleased to say he is doing much better and trusting more people and their dogs! Even today Odie saw a friend and met two new dogs, and he did great with all of them.

We trained Odie to sit, stay, come, shake, and “not pull” (while on his leash). He gets really excited when he’s outside, he loves car rides, and about once a day he gets so excited to play that he will race around the house as fast as he can (and we run around with him!).

Sharla Sugar

Adopted 02/23/20

Genie Gevalia
"Genie Beanie Super Weenie"

Adopted 02/18/20
Deceased 08/11/20

We sadly said goodbye to my sweet Genie Beanie Super Weenie a few days ago. Long story short, after exams and blood tests showing everything within normal limits, we believe she had a brain tumor.

Genie and Missy came to live with us about one year ago as forever fosters. Missy became ill and passed away in February. I decided to adopt Genie then.

Losing two dogs within six months is difficult, as we all know, but such is life as a rescuer. No regrets here. I will always have rescues and will always love them. We take our lumps and go back for more.

Genie was a hoot! Always a high energy, beautiful and happy dog, her tail a blur of wagging, she loved the whole world and everyone in it. It was so sweet to see her in a puppy pile with Rhodes, Sansa, Miggy, Cow Girl, Sara, Mia and whoever else decided to crash with them - usually Bart, my tuxedo cat. Genie was my tiny bud, my shadow who loved to get under my feet and follow me around. She had the loudest bark for such a little dog just under 10 pounds. Her favorite time was mealtime and she ate with pure gusto. She slowly crept into my heart and stole it!

At bedtime I’d spray rose & lavender essential oils in the room and apply lavender to her coat. Then I’d kiss her little head, rock her in my arms and sing her a lullaby. I’d promise to meet her in our dreams in sleepy town. The lullaby I sang went like this:

Hush a bye, don’t you cry
Go to sleep my little baby.
When you wake you shall have
All the pretty little horses.
Dapples and grays, pintos and bays,
All the pretty little horses.

Yonder down in the meadow
Poor little baby’s crying Momma.
Birds and butterflies flutter around her eyes,
Poor little baby’s crying Momma.
Mmmm mmmmm mmmmmm,
Mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm.
Go to sleep my little baby.

Then I’d kiss her again and gently lay her in her bed and sneak out of the room before she realized I’d left.

I shall miss you Genie Beanie. You know your Momma loves you. Have fun playing with all your siblings. Tell Joy to be nice to you and please meet me at the bridge with the gang if I am blessed to make it there! Goodbye for now. 😘

Sara Sue Sclera

Adopted 02/14/20

Sonny San Marcos

Adopted 02/10/20

Huey Hyperopia

Adopted 02/08/20

Sammie Spectacles

Adopted 02/08/20


Adopted 02/08/20
Courtesy Post

Violet Vanilla

Adopted 02/05/20

Peaches Potsticker

Adopted 02/01/20

Brees Beret

Adopted 01/20/20

Brees is the light of our lives. She’s so loving and gentle. She is loved completely.

Cherie Chartreuse

Adopted 01/20/20

Rocky Raincoat

Adopted 01/12/20

Roxie Ribbons

Adopted 01/12/20

Great job, Dream Dachshund! Sweet little Roxy is everything we hoped for and has filled our hearts with the doxie joy we'd been missing. She's been a perfdct fit from day one. She loves chasing lizards (not good at catching), going for walks (prefers sniffing to walking) and taking car rides (doesn't like Dad to get out of the car). She loves howling at the front door with the rest of the pack when we leave (not an activity we encourage, although it is funny). But mostly she loves snuggling and napping with a human - she's world class.

Jaxon Jumpingbean

Adopted 01/11/20

Bentley Blanket

Adopted 01/09/20

Butters Bells

Adopted 01/07/20

We love Butters! His new name is George. He is beautiful and has a best toy poodle friend whose name is Louie. They hang out daily running and playing both in and outdoors!

They sleep with us in the big bed at night.

They have bonded beautifully!

I love him so much even though he barks louder than any dog I have ever had!

When we return home from a doctor’s appointment etc., he jumps and barks all over because he so happy to see us. He does not want us to pet my 80 pound standard poodle nor our 6 pound toy poodle.He wants to be first always and we let him be so!

Butters Buoy

Adopted 01/04/20

We are very happy to have Butters in our lives. Our previous pup of 14 years was sick with cancer and after many efforts to save him, we had to euthanize him. Our hearts were heavy with grief. Butters has helped us get through our pain. Although he is an older dog, we are surprised at his energy. He loves for us to take him for walks in the park. In fact, he is really good at that and paces himself perfectly. He gets along with all our cats. He doesn't bark at them and gives them their space. He is a rose among thorns (claws in this case).
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