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DREAM Dog Adoption Story

Elvis Isle

Adopted 08/14/19

Max Maravilla

Adopted 08/13/19

Chandler Sunscreen

Adopted 08/11/19

Phoebe Frisbee

Adopted 08/09/19

Dash Droptower

Adopted 08/08/19

Rusty Roheline

Adopted 08/08/19

Charlie Concho

Adopted 08/07/19

Cedric Cinnamon

Adopted 07/28/19

Prescott Peppercorn

Adopted 07/28/19

Wienie Wichita

Adopted 07/25/19

Gypsy Jetty

Adopted 07/23/19

Harrison Heritage

Adopted 07/23/19

Milo Llano

Adopted 07/23/19

Bella Blanco

Reunited 07/22/19

Snoopy Snorkel

Adopted 07/21/19

Dexter Dill

Adopted 07/19/19

Hunter Green

Adopted 07/14/19

Sage Green

Adopted 07/14/19

Emerald Green

Adopted 07/13/19

Marvin Gaye

Adopted 07/07/19


Reunited 07/04/19
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Bailey Bayside

Adopted 07/02/19
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Fortune Cookie

Adopted 07/02/19

Rylie Reindeer

Adopted 07/02/19

Olive Green

Adopted 06/30/19

Louie Lockring

Adopted 06/28/19

Oscar Obedience

Reunited 06/26/19

Rusty Regulation

Reunited 06/26/19
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Snoopy Steward

Reunited 06/26/19

Noah Notre Dame

Adopted 06/25/19

Marley Mojito

Adopted 06/24/19

Buzz Bodyboard

Adopted 06/21/19


Adopted 06/16/19
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Lilly Lifeguard

Transferred 06/13/19
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The person who found Lilly was able to place her with another rescue. We're sure Lilly will find her forever home soon.

Pretzel Pompidou

Adopted 06/03/19

Minnie Taj Mahal

Adopted 05/28/19

Dante Derby

Adopted 05/27/19

Heidi Haro

Adopted 05/27/19

Mia Mulan

Adopted 05/26/19


Adopted 05/15/19
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Clover Green

Adopted 05/13/19

Neil Armstrong

Adopted 05/11/19

Kelly Green

Adopted 05/05/19

Seabee is a wonderful little girl and is acclimated well to her new home and all her new toys!! She was at the vet this week and got a clean bill of health. We are excited to welcome her to our family!!

Kiwi Green

Adopted 05/03/19

Luke Lime

Reunited 05/01/19

Suzie Queluz
"Suzie Q"

Adopted 04/22/19

Suzie’s new parents texted me this picture of her this evening. She’s settling into her new home nicely.


Adopted 04/15/19
Courtesy Post

Corbin Clove

Adopted 04/14/19


Adopted 04/14/19
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Fern Green

Adopted 04/12/19

Christa McAuliffe

Adopted 04/08/19

Felix Fennelseed

Adopted 04/08/19

Star Anise

Adopted 04/08/19

Von Miller

Adopted 04/06/19

Jace and I bonded almost immediately and we’re having a grand ‘ole time getting to know each other better. He’s an affectionate, silly (and sometimes feisty) sweetheart who loves belly rubs, walks, selfies, and his stuffed blue fish. He also looks very handsome in a bowtie and garners attention (which he looooves) from people and dogs alike just about everywhere we go. I can’t imagine going back to life without him. J

Garret Green

Adopted 04/03/19

Pookie Pukashell

Adopted 04/01/19

Pooki has his own facebook page, and everyone is invited to follow along and friend request if they so desire. Facebook doesn't allow the name of Pookie, so he goes by "Oscar Smith" to make it work. However, his original name of Pooki is what his name will remain. Feel free to share the link with everyone at DREAM.

Milo Moss

Adopted 03/30/19

Pierre Pullover

Adopted 03/29/19

Huck Hunter

Adopted 03/22/19

We are so happy to have Huck Hunter as part of our family.

Zane Zodiac

Adopted 03/16/19

Oliver Ocean

Adopted 03/13/19

Gabe Galaxy

Adopted 03/11/19

Gabe is doing wonderful!! His personality is so big and brings so much laughter and joy to our home. Gabe is very vocal and barks at us when he wants to go outside to potty or eat, so everyone knows when he’s not a happy camper, he’s a diva! He is always getting new toys, as he is hard on the ones he has LOL, and has quite the collection of little t shirts and bow ties already. He has made friends with his roommate Sofie the chihuahua and his poodle cousins Eddie and Bailey. Gabe loves going for his daily walks and enjoys shopping at Petsmart. He even goes for a night out on the town at Axelrad or Heights Biergarten occasionally. Gabe is very snuggly and can always be spotted cuddling with mom on the couch or in bed, usually watching the Kardashians or Game of Thrones. He just recently went on a vacation to grandma’s house while mom was on a trip and he had a grand time, spoiled as always! He loves car rides and is always looking out the window.

Chuck Yeager

Adopted 03/09/19

Sugar Cookie

Adopted 03/09/19

Roman Rocketship

Adopted 03/06/19

Jezebel Judge

Adopted 03/02/19

Jezebel is such a doll. We just adore her and spoil her rotten. She is a companion to our other rescue from DREAM - Carley Confetti! We got Carley in 2015 (I think). Jesse likes to chase the cats, ride in our boat, snuggle, and play with the grandkids

Poppy Pascal

Adopted 02/25/19

Vinnie Veteran

Adopted 02/25/19

Wayne Spaceplane

Adopted 02/25/19

Layla Lantern

Adopted 02/23/19

Bruno Blastoff

Adopted 02/18/19

Yvonne Yin

Adopted 02/18/19

Snickerdoodle Seahorse

Adopted 02/15/19

Yoshi Yang

Adopted 02/14/19

Quincy Cannoli

Adopted 02/13/19

Quincy is doing wonderful! He has been such an amazing addition to our family. We have 2 doxies and Quincy loves to play and cuddle with them. He loves his daily walks and loves his toys even more. I have attached a photo of the 3 pups together on the couch. Quincy has such a great personality and is so lovable. We feel like we have had Quincy since he was a pup, he was the doxie we didn't know we were missing.

Max Mochi

Adopted 02/10/19

Maggie May Sleigh

Adopted 02/05/19

Penny Parka

Adopted 02/05/19

Sadie Sweater

Adopted 02/02/19

We would love to share! Sadie has been an absolute doll! She has so much energy and is always happy!

A few things to share...

We already had a standard size male who is my shadow "velcro" dog. We were a bit concerned as to how he would accept Sadie in to his home. We kept them on leashes for the first day as a precaution and there were a few anxious moments where he growled and thought about snapping at her.

On the second day, he curled up in his bed and before you know it, Sadie hopped in, snuggled up against him, and went to sleep. From that moment on, there was no problem between them whatsoever.

My male dog, Tut, has always laid on my lap while I worked at my desk. The first day back to work with Sadie in our lives, I picked up Tut to put him on my lap. Sadie wanted up there too and she literally crawled up my leg to my lap! She then proceeded to literally lay on top of Tut lengthwise and went to sleep. He lifted his head to look at me as if to say, "Really, Mom?" and then he went to sleep as well.

Another funny...Sadie loves to sneak a few bites of Tut's food when he isn't looking. We caught her doing it and when we called out her name, she looked up at us as if to say, "Who me?"

They both have a separate crate for sleeping. However, on the third day, after Tut went into his crate, Sadie tried to crawl into it to sleep with him. We redirected her to her own crate where she crawled in. From the very first night here, she has not once whined or cried at night. She has slept the entire night through.

We are so blessed to have her in our lives. She brings joy to all of us and I am convinced that she has wiggled her way into Tut's heart as well as ours.

I hope this is what you are looking for...let me know if you need anything else!

Sherry Showring

Adopted 02/02/19

Evan Hombre

Adopted 02/01/19

Liz Liftoff

Adopted 02/01/19

Spencer Sparrow

Adopted 02/01/19

Brick Barnacle

Adopted 01/27/19

Lorenzo Lightyear

Adopted 01/26/19

Tucker Tassimo

Adopted 01/23/19

On a good note he is eating well and is a happy little boy.

He loves to ride with me. I take him everywhere I go, his Grandma is amazed on how well he rides.

I recently did a recovery pick up on one of Dreams former dogs that I delivered and Tucker went with. It was a long day of traveling, but he loved it. I will keep you updated on his health issues.

Waldo Whiteout

Adopted 01/19/19

We could not have picked a more perfect match for us and our Maddie Girl.

Maddie loves Zin. They play a lot and Maddie seems a lot happier.

I may have to send you a picture separately.

Feel free to stop any time and visit with Zin.

Sally Ride

Adopted 01/15/19

Joe Commando

Adopted 01/12/19

Trixie Telescope

Adopted 01/11/19

Zoey Zuppa

Adopted 01/06/19

Bodhi Boardwalk

Adopted 01/02/19

Odie Oboe

Adopted 01/02/19
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Number of Dogs: 93

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