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These dogs have been adopted from DREAM.

Send your adoption story and photos to doginfo@dreamdachs.org.

Adoptions: 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
DREAM Dog Adoption Story

Apple Apex

Adopted 02/25/17

Tasha Toothfairy

Adopted 02/25/17

Lisa Listerine

Adopted 02/24/17

Milo Maxilla

Adopted 02/23/17

Bozzo Bitewing

Adopted 02/22/17

Trixie Tomyum

Adopted 02/21/17

Annie Arabesque

Adopted 02/20/17

Marci McIntosh

Adopted 02/12/17

Rosalee Ratatouille

Adopted 02/12/17

Dexter Dugout

Adopted 02/10/17


Adopted 02/06/17
Courtesy Listing

Pia Pidove

Adopted 02/05/17


Adopted 02/03/17
Courtesy Listing

Chelsea Chowder

Adopted 01/29/17

Christian Cavalier

Adopted 01/29/17

Corinne Concorde

Adopted 01/26/17

Brindle Balancoire

Adopted 01/25/17

Roxanne Ramen

Adopted 01/25/17

Tanner Touchdown

Adopted 01/25/17

Hendrix Heisman

Adopted 01/24/17

Miles Miso

Adopted 01/22/17

Mac McIntosh

Adopted 01/21/17

Beaux Bonus

Adopted 01/19/17

Mo Matchup

Adopted 01/18/17

Cora Crosswind

Adopted 01/17/17

Lexi San Lucas

Adopted 01/16/17

Braydon Bisque

Adopted 01/15/17

Michael McIntosh

Adopted 01/15/17

Zoey Zuppa

Adopted 01/15/17

Amelia Earhart

Adopted 01/14/17

Grace Gazpacho

Adopted 01/14/17

Marlon McIntosh

Adopted 01/14/17

Nicholas Nutcracker

Adopted 01/14/17

Mimi Minestrone

Adopted 01/11/17

Reese Rajma

Adopted 01/11/17

Chloe Cabriole

Adopted 01/08/17

Denver Duncan

Adopted 01/05/17

Devon Dabinett

Adopted 01/04/17

He's absolutely adorable and so sweet. He will cry like a baby to be held and if I can't pick him up right away like if I'm cooking he will scratch at me leg and let out one bark like HELLO pick me up.
Number of Adoptions in 2017: 38
Adoptions: 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013

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