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DREAM Dog Adoption Story


Adopted 08/19/18
Courtesy Post

Remi Ringer

Adopted 08/18/18

Schultz Goshawk

Available for Adoption 08/18/18


Adopted 08/17/18
Courtesy Post

Bree Bonita

Adopted 08/12/18

Ruby Riptide

Adopted 08/09/18

Walter Westminster

Adopted 08/07/18


Adopted 08/04/18

Henry Hound

Adopted 08/04/18

Myrtle Maritime

Adopted 08/04/18

Harley Handler

Adopted 08/03/18

Mitzi Magenta

Senior Sanctuary 08/03/18

Maya Angelou

Adopted 07/28/18


Adopted 07/26/18
Courtesy Post

AJ Hinch

Adopted 07/24/18

Marvin Gaye

Adopted 07/24/18

Aubrey Accordion

Adopted 07/23/18


Adopted 07/21/18


Adopted 07/21/18

Sophie Spruce

Adopted 07/21/18

Bob Marley

Adopted 07/20/18

Jasmine Jetski

Adopted 07/18/18

Rosebud is now a very happy part of our family. Thank you so much for everything you all do.

Ava Audi

Adopted 07/15/18

Cinnamon Scuba

Adopted 07/14/18

Carl Camelot

Adopted 07/13/18

Travis Tamale

Adopted 07/12/18

Mary Maraca

Adopted 07/07/18

Rosa Parks
"Minnie Mouse"

Adopted 07/06/18

Prince Piñata

Adopted 07/05/18

Buster Brise'

Senior Sanctuary 07/04/18

Luke Lyre

Senior Sanctuary 07/04/18

Gracie Gulf

Adopted 07/02/18

Beau Berlin

Adopted 07/01/18

Penny Pericles

Adopted 07/01/18

Biker Banjo

Adopted 06/22/18

Tanner Tuba

Adopted 06/22/18

Cami Cameo

Adopted 06/21/18


Adopted 06/21/18

Abbey Abbott

Adopted 06/14/18

I just have to tell you how happy I am now that Abbey is in my life. She is an amazing little girl with tons of personality. My first foster/adoption. I love what you guys do and I will do it again! It’s hard to take photos of her because she is so dark, but am graced with the Wiener dog races every day when I get home.

Hollie Harmonica

Transferred 06/14/18

Pippa Parasail

Adopted 06/13/18

Nemo Ney

Adopted 06/09/18

Nemo has been the light of our family he adjusted very well with us and my other dogs as if he has always been with us! We are so happy and blessed to have him as a part of our family. Our Caleb passing was very hard for us especially for our other Doxie Bella, she had a rough time for a few days without her buddy Caleb. But as you see now they are best buds. ❤️ Thank you all!!

Piper Piano

Adopted 06/09/18

Gregor Guitar

Adopted 06/07/18

Gregor is now "Winston". My wife's family all voted. He is a little pistol. All three seem to be getting along just fine. Thank you so much!

Etta James

Adopted 06/03/18

Maddie Mesa

Adopted 06/02/18

Maddie is the biggest sweetheart! She has brought such joy and love to our household. She is getting along well with her brother Jack, and she's adapting well to her new home. Her favorite things are sun bathing in the yard, napping on the couch with Jack, and playing with her squeaky toys. Jack has been our only dog for quite some time, so we were worried about bringing a new sister home for him, but they get along great! Maddie even taught Jack her begging trick. Maddie is also a great "co-worker" when we work from home. She likes to know what we're working on! Thank you so much for rescuing Maddie and bringing her into our lives. She is a delight and we're thrilled to have her as part of our family.

Daisy Drums

Adopted 06/01/18

I would love to share pictures of Daisy and her new sister Bella. They love to play together but their favorite activity is napping. Daisy has warmed up to us and her sister Bella rather quickly. We are beyond happy that we get to call Daisy a member of our little family.


Adopted 05/31/18


Adopted 05/26/18


Adopted 05/24/18


Adopted 05/22/18
Courtesy Post

Lucy Laredo

Adopted 05/22/18

They are just so adorable. Thank you so much for Lucy and Millie. I couldn't be happier!

Bella Burrito

Adopted 05/21/18

We love having her! She has brought alot of love and fun into our family!

Jackie Robinson

Adopted 05/20/18

Kendra Kettle

Adopted 05/19/18

Savanna Sombrero

Adopted 05/14/18

Abby Avocado

Adopted 05/11/18

Matthew, Stella and I can't thank you enough for all you've done to make Abby a part of our family. It's like she’s been with us her entire life! She and Stella have become true "sisters". They took up with each other almost immediately and get along perfectly. Abby ran right up to my Matthew the first time she saw him and they've been inseparable ever since. :) We couldn’t have asked for a sweeter girl, and are so thankful she's ours. Thank you for all you do!

Charlie Chimes

Adopted 05/11/18


Adopted 05/11/18

Slinky Saxophone

Adopted 05/11/18

Charlie Chile

Adopted 05/10/18

Roxy Renegade

Adopted 05/08/18

They are just so adorable. Thank you so much for Millie and Lucy. I couldn't be happier!

Astro Ahoko

Adopted 05/06/18

Rocket Riq

Adopted 05/06/18

Tulip Trumpet

Adopted 05/01/18

Sweetpea Sonnet

Adopted 04/25/18

Riley Reggae

Adopted 04/22/18

Stella Scramble

Adopted 04/22/18

Cookie Clarinet

Adopted 04/13/18


Adopted 04/12/18
Courtesy Post

Iris Incisor

Adopted 04/07/18

Sammy Salmon

Available for Adoption 04/07/18

Pablo Pasadena
"Han Solo"

Adopted 04/06/18

Piper Pesto

Reunited 03/31/18
Courtesy Post

Bella Bluebird

Adopted 03/28/18

Alicia Keys

Adopted 03/27/18

Lucy Lute

Adopted 03/25/18

Lucy is doing great! Loving taking walks & sitting outside on the patio overlooking the pool. She has already made lots of friends here & knows where to get her treats! We just love her & so does everyone she meets. Will send more pictures when we get some adorable ones.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for bringing Lucy into our lives!💕🐾🐾

Langston Hughes

Adopted 03/19/18

Forrest Flute

Adopted 03/18/18

Biscuit Bassoon

Adopted 03/17/18


Adopted 03/11/18
Courtesy Post

Spirit Scone

Adopted 03/11/18

Spirit has settled in nicely and starting to play with toys. He absolutely loves my wife and is always following her around.

Penelope Piccolo

Adopted 03/10/18

Skipper Sweetgum

Adopted 03/10/18

Bernard Harris

Adopted 03/03/18

Emmy Lou

Adopted 03/03/18
Courtesy Post

Sandor Clegane

Adopted 03/02/18

Samson's only been with us 3 months, but it seems like he's always been part of our family. Friends and family all love him. He's great with kids, adults, and other dogs.

With his calm demeanor and sweet personality, he fits in anywhere. We've taken him to stay in hotels a few times and he's a perfect guest. On weekends, he goes with us to run errands. He's a big favorite at Home Depot. After a busy morning, he likes going to restaurants for lunch on the patio. He's so well behaved, lying on his blanket chewing a rawhide or Kong.

He's even gone to visit at a nursing home and was friendly and a complete gentleman. Wheelchairs and walkers didn't worry him one bit, and he loved the attention the residents gave him.

Access to the dog door lets him come and go as he pleases. He's made it his job to keep the backyard free of squirrels and birds and he takes his work seriously. :-) He goes out a few steps and waits for us to come out too, then charges out to the yard. It's like he wants to show us what a good job he does patrolling the yard. It's just precious to see the little "watch me' look on his face.

We're so grateful we could adopt Samson! Thanks for the work you do.

Max Mockingbird

Adopted 02/24/18

When we first got Max, we kept saying..there’s nothing wrong with him, why would someone give him up? Now we say, I’m glad they did because he’s perfect for us so it was meant to be!

On his first ride home, my daughter kept saying, “look at him mom, isn’t he special.” She had wanted a dachshund since she was about 6 years old. Max loves belly rubs, kisses, long walks, loud, squeaky toys, chasing Butterfly, being chased, greeting the local dogs, and most of all, his grub! So, to keep his trim waist, he walks a mile or so each day:) He is very loved!

Russell Rosewood

Adopted 02/24/18
Courtesy Post

Jasmine Bluejay

Adopted 02/23/18

We are getting along beautifully. Praline enjoys the company of our new Momma, Mimi, Aunt Deedee, and Parian. She loves to play with her Aunt and Parian while I do homework in the evenings and sometimes she likes to watch TV with my roommate and her boyfriend during the day. We are learning how the phone and FaceTime works so that we can keep in touch with Mimi! She loves to bark at EVERYONE except for her new family. We recently took a trip to Kisatchie National Forest and discovered Praline loves to dig in the sand and find souvenir rocks to haul home. She likes to have someone to keep her company at home if I have to go somewhere, but she's super good for whoever it might be that hangs out with her. She LOVES to tear up her toys and her new Chaco matching collar and leash with my sandals! Thanks so much to DREAM for connecting us, I can't imagine life without my little nugget running around and snuggling up to me.

Gigi Gleem

Adopted 02/20/18

Scout Sellsword

Adopted 02/19/18

Sherlock Shade

Adopted 02/18/18

Sam Starling

Adopted 02/04/18

Sam is doing great. He loves snuggling under the blanket on the couch and running down the hall with his brother. He has quickly learned to eat his food when received otherwise the others will. I think he is a very happy boy and we love him already. Oh and the doggie door is no problem! He has adapted very quickly and is wonderful to have around. He's a keeper.

Hazel Hotpink

Adopted 01/31/18

I wanted to update you on how Hazel is doing. She is so great! She is so sweet and cuddly. She gets along with my family and their dogs. I took her to the vet and groomer and she did wonderfully. She is the perfect dog for me.

Cody Crossbill

Adopted 01/28/18

Logan Longspur

Adopted 01/28/18

Teensy Tern

Adopted 01/28/18


Adopted 01/25/18

Kylie Kia
"Kylee Anne"

Adopted 01/24/18

Davos Seaworth

Adopted 01/19/18
Deceased 06/22/18

I have lost my sweet Leo. I took him to emergency clinic very early Friday morning and he could not be saved. I am devastated. He was such a little character and stole my heart. This loss is extremely hard.

Farley Frappe

Adopted 01/18/18

Little Farley Frappe is doing great. He's a happy boy. I'm calling him Sugar 🌷💗

Thank you for everything!


Adopted 01/16/18
Courtesy Post

Whistle Whippoorwill

Adopted 01/15/18

Helen Hollandaise

Adopted 01/12/18

Helen is settling in just fine and is amazing! I am IN LOVE! Chad did a phenomenal job of fostering her and giving me the complete history of Helen, including her records, behavior, eating habits, food, routine, etc. He even brought her bed and favorite blanket! I think he was sad to let her go!!! Helen has taken to the doggie door like a champ! After she first used it, she went back and forth (four times) in and out (I think just to make sure it was working). Absolutely no accidents in the house! I have been snuggling with her and she has warmed up quickly! She gets Cheerio treats after she goes potty and she has already learned to go straight to the kitchen cabinet when she comes back in the house. Smart Girl!

Tyson Tupelo

Adopted 01/12/18

Doc Dove

Adopted 01/09/18

Doc is so Sweet. He’s the perfect little lap doxie and loves to kiss and cuddle. Thank You SO MUCH for finding this amazing little guy for us.

Ray Roseart

Adopted 01/07/18

Virginia Vernon
"Lilly Long"

Adopted 01/06/18

Virginia is now Lilly Long and we are having a glorious time together! Some "adjustment" behaviors are challenging but progress is being made - we shall overcome. She is definitely in the right place. oxx and kisses from LL

Coco Coral

Adopted 01/04/18

It was love at first sight for Coco’s foster mom and she knew that it was going to be hard not to get attached to this sweet little girl. Coco has been a wonderful, fun companion to her foster mom and it was an easy decision for her to go from being her foster to becoming her "furever" mommy. Congrats Coco!
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