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DREAM Dog Adoption Story

Scout Sellsword

Adopted 02/19/18

Sherlock Shade

Adopted 02/17/18

Sam Starling

Adopted 02/04/18

Sam is doing great. He loves snuggling under the blanket on the couch and running down the hall with his brother. He has quickly learned to eat his food when received otherwise the others will. I think he is a very happy boy and we love him already. Oh and the doggie door is no problem! He has adapted very quickly and is wonderful to have around. He's a keeper.

Hazel Hotpink

Adopted 01/31/18

Cody Crossbill

Adopted 01/28/18

Logan Longspur

Adopted 01/28/18

Teensy Tern

Adopted 01/28/18


Adopted 01/25/18

Kylie Kia
"Kylee Anne"

Adopted 01/24/18

Davos Seaworth

Adopted 01/19/18

Farley Frappe

Adopted 01/18/18

Little Farley Frappe is doing great. He's a happy boy. I'm calling him Sugar 🌷💗

Thank you for everything!


Adopted 01/16/18
Courtesy Post

Whistle Whippoorwill

Adopted 01/15/18

Helen Hollandaise

Adopted 01/12/18

Helen is settling in just fine and is amazing! I am IN LOVE! Chad did a phenomenal job of fostering her and giving me the complete history of Helen, including her records, behavior, eating habits, food, routine, etc. He even brought her bed and favorite blanket! I think he was sad to let her go!!! Helen has taken to the doggie door like a champ! After she first used it, she went back and forth (four times) in and out (I think just to make sure it was working). Absolutely no accidents in the house! I have been snuggling with her and she has warmed up quickly! She gets Cheerio treats after she goes potty and she has already learned to go straight to the kitchen cabinet when she comes back in the house. Smart Girl!

Tyson Tupelo

Adopted 01/12/18

Doc Dove

Adopted 01/09/18

Doc is so Sweet. He’s the perfect little lap doxie and loves to kiss and cuddle. Thank You SO MUCH for finding this amazing little guy for us.

Ray Roseart

Adopted 01/07/18

Virginia Vernon
"Lilly Long"

Adopted 01/06/18

Virginia is now Lilly Long and we are having a glorious time together! Some "adjustment" behaviors are challenging but progress is being made - we shall overcome. She is definitely in the right place. oxx and kisses from LL

Coco Coral

Adopted 01/04/18

It was love at first sight for Coco’s foster mom and she knew that it was going to be hard not to get attached to this sweet little girl. Coco has been a wonderful, fun companion to her foster mom and it was an easy decision for her to go from being her foster to becoming her "furever" mommy. Congrats Coco!
Number of Dogs: 19

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