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DREAM Angel Memories

Abbey Abbott

Adopted 06/14/18
Deceased 06/29/20

Oscar Oratek

Deceased 06/19/20

We lost our sweet boy Ozzie today. Ozzie and Ziggy came to us as senior fosters last year through Dream Dachshund and they have been the best dogs! I have a big heart for senior dogs. It is so hard when we loose them. Ozzie and Savannah were best friends and she called him her baby. It breaks my heart to see her so upset. I wish they could live forever. 💔 😥

DREAM extends our deepest sympathy to Leean and her family, especially Savannah, for the loss of their sweet foster, Ozzie.

From Oscar's previous foster mom:

Friends, today I found out that sweet Ozzie passed away a few days ago. I can't stop crying, and am in shock. Many of you knew him while I fostered him and Ziggy for almost two years. I’ll always remember him carrying his donut toy, even while peeing. Ozzie you will be missed my sweet boy.

Ruby Radar

Adopted 06/25/17
Deceased 06/10/20

We received a voicemail from Ruby's adopter on June 24th saying said Ruby had gotten very sick and passed away two weeks ago. She wanted us to know that Ruby was the sweetest thing ever, and what a little doll she was. Ruby was her favorite little sweetheart. 😭

Our hearts go out to Shirley for the loss of her precious girl, Ruby.

Maggie Macbeth

Deceased 06/01/20

Maggie was a wonderful girl and our first DREAM foster. Several applicants expressed interested in her, but she stayed with us until the end. She was beautiful, and spunky, hopped when she barked, and snored as loud as a train. Maggie was joined at the Rainbow Bridge by her foster brother, a Basset Hound named Moose. She is loved very much. Run free "Maggie May". We miss you.

Thanks to Reachel and her family for fostering and loving this sweet girl. We are so sorry for your loss.

Truly Treasure

Deceased 05/28/20

Sweet little Truly had been a DREAM dog only for a couple weeks, but she already had several potential adopters interested in her. We decided to have her teeth cleaned for an upcoming "Meet & Greet" so she would look her best. What was supposed to be a routine dental cleaning turned into a tragedy. She didn't wake up after the procedure. Absolutely heartbreaking for all involved. We're so very sorry, little girl. You were truly a treasure and will be dearly missed. Hope you are running with all your long lost friends over Rainbow Bridge.

Watson Watercress
"Dr. Watson"

Adopted 09/30/14
Deceased 05/26/20

Dr Watson was our first rescue from DREAM,6 years ago. He was the best little boy anyone could ask for. He passed away yesterday from (what appeared to be) a brain tumor. It came on very suddenly. Poor little guy Still can’t believe he’s really gone. Our hearts are breaking at his passing. Watson was honestly such a good dog. He never did anything wrong.

Happy Harlequin

Deceased 05/25/20

Happy went to the rainbow bridge. She is with Lucky again. Hope they are snuggling and playing with toys together. 😭🌈

Mabelle Machiatto

Adopted 12/15/18
Deceased 05/19/20

Our beloved MaeBelle is running with the angels. At the beginning of the year, she was having some mobility/memory concerns. We had her tested for Cushings. We lost her on May 19th. She was a joy in our lives. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her adorable face.

Pia Pidove

Adopted 02/05/17
Deceased 03/18/20

Sophie Sabine

Deceased 03/16/20

Missy Machu Picchu

Deceased 02/02/20

Another sad day at our house Sunday. One of our forever fosters, Missy Machu Picchu, went to the Rainbow Bridge. She’d been on meds for a couple days, but Saturday evening she started to fail. Early Sunday morning I took her to my vet clinic. My vet assessed her and it was agreed euthanasia would be the kindest path to follow, so we let her go.

Missy was a happy, sweet, tiny senior girl who loved all her brothers and sisters - even the cats. She loved to run around the yard in the sunlight with her siblings and loved to be kissed, carried and rocked in my arms as I sang little songs to her. She would go to bed at night on a big quilt with her sister Genie. Then I’d spray lavender and rose essential oils around the room and tuck them both in, giving kisses and telling them I loved them and would meet them in Sleepy Town. We only had Missy for a few months, but she seemed to be very happy with us and we enjoyed having her as part of our family. It was so cute to see her asleep with Rhodes, Genie and Sansa in a puppy pile on a quilt in our dog room. I feel blessed to have had her in my life. Thanks to Dream for allowing her to live with us. I’ll miss you little girl. Godspeed and send my love to all of our fur babies at the bridge.

Herbie Hibiscus

Deceased 01/14/20

Tiffany Tinsel

Adopted 03/12/14
Deceased 01/03/20

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