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Finally Home

Our Adopted Dogs

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DREAM Dog Finally Home Story

Oliver Orsino

Adopted 12/18/21

Burt Balthasar

Adopted 12/16/21

Thanks for checking in on Burt. He is an absolute DREAM. We were meant for each other. We go on daily walks and explore the neighborhood. He likes to talk to all the other dogs especially the little chihuahua next door. If only he could get through that fence. We went to the beach for the first time, and he loved it. We are going to explore the dog park and see how he does.

Burt's new family includes two cats which he loves to chase and play with. They put up with him. At night he sleeps with me in the big bed like the prince that he is. He is such a good boy. All in all, I would say he has a pretty good life now. Lots of love and treats and regular puppachinos from Starbucks. Thanks so much for bringing us together.


Dahlia Dove

Adopted 12/16/21

Bianca Biondello

Adopted 12/13/21

Frida Farfalle
"Molly Mae"

Adopted 12/12/21

Sofie Stephano

Adopted 12/12/21

We have changed Sofie's name to Zoë. She LOOOOVES her siblings. Her favorite is still the heeler, Lucy (but she is pretty fond of her mommy and daddy as well). Lucy has been, teaching her how to potty outside, plays with her non-stop, and seems to be teaching her how to learn commands like come, stay, etc. She follows my older dachshund around and copies him. He mostly ignores her. She is chilly in the mornings so she has a jacket she wears.

Iris Isabella

Adopted 12/11/21

Brownie Dee

Adopted 12/09/21
Courtesy Post

Calvin Cavatelli

Adopted 12/07/21

Otter Othello

Adopted 12/05/21

Ozzy Oberon
"Louie Reid"

Adopted 12/03/21

Ozzy and Twixie have been renamed to Louie and Remmi. They are doing well and have found a permanent spot in our home and hearts.

Twixie Titania

Adopted 12/03/21

Twixie and Ozzy have been renamed to Remmi and Louie. They are doing well and have found a permanent spot in our home and hearts.

Jax Jamy

Adopted 12/02/21

Butter Bucatini

Adopted 11/22/21
Deceased 05/07/22

Butter is doing awesome! We love him to pieces!! I have actually made him a cute little Instagram account to post his fun little pictures and adventures!

Trixie Triathlon

Adopted 11/08/21

Blue Badminton

Adopted 11/03/21

Caillou Cuddles

Adopted 10/29/21
Deceased 03/12/22

Willow Washington

Adopted 10/18/21

Love my willow. Master of wits! We keep each on our toes. She’s a tremendous escape artist but can always be brought around. She does not like to be separated from me.

My favorite blanket stealer and hog!

Gordon Goodbar
"Mr. Goodbar"

Adopted 10/15/21

Honeybee Ziti

Adopted 10/15/21

Nelly Nestle

Adopted 10/15/21

Mandy Macaroni

Adopted 10/14/21

Bella Baseball

Adopted 10/13/21

Ouisie Oolong

Adopted 10/13/21

Elsie Fusilli

Adopted 10/10/21

We absolutely adore Elsie aka Beetle, to stay in theme with her sister Ladybug. She is rambunctious and silly. She is a Velcro dog and has to be touching either Mike or me at all times. I worried at first that maybe she and ladybug were coexisting rather than getting along but with time they have really grown into sisters. They play so much and are funny and wild when they do. I feel better going to work knowing they have each other to hang out with. Ladybug seems much more energized with Beetle around which is a plus. During the day when we are gone, I watch them on the camera and they just love to cuddle, it’s the cutest thing. We’re hoping with more time, Beetle will gain more confidence and feel safer with us. She is quite skittish. We just hope she knows she has a forever home now. We thank you again for giving us the opportunity to adopt two perfect dogs for our family!

Heidi Hermitage

Adopted 09/27/21

She is doing great. Very adaptable. Loves to sleep under the covers with me and other 2 doxies. Family and friends love her. She lets them rub her belly. I think she’s just showing off. After we wake up in the morning, I have to rub her belly and tell her how sweet she is before she’ll get out of bed. Sunning in the morning is fun too.

She’s completed her heart worm protocol with no problem.

She’s a Louisiana girl now.

Beatrice Biathlon

Adopted 09/22/21

Lovely Olympiad
"Lovely Lady"

Adopted 09/15/21

On Labor Day we adopted the sweetest little old lady. She came with the name Lovely and we are calling her Lovely Lady. She’s 11 years old and tiny, just 7lbs.

Archie Archery
"Oreo Cookie"

Adopted 09/13/21

He is doing so great! We just love him so much. Still working through chewing kids toys and shoes, but my kids have not learned to put things up. 😊

Penny Pentathlon

Adopted 09/12/21

Casper Chamomile

Adopted 09/11/21

Misty Mikami

Adopted 09/09/21

Murray Marzipan

Adopted 09/07/21
Deceased 02/10/22

Reese Reeses

Adopted 08/30/21

Reese is one of Nelly Nestle's puppies, born in June 2021.

Rowan Rowing

Adopted 08/30/21

Tena Tennis
"Katie Scout"

Adopted 08/29/21

Teena is doing well. She has been renamed Katie Scout as she is a designer doxie (Kate Spade) and seems to patrol our yard very regularly.

No surprise, she looks nothing like her mom, a dachshund, and must resemble her dad. She loves her adoptive brothers and gives them face kisses and plays continually. She now towers over them but they still rule the roost.

She is a great cuddler when she wants to be and can jump on the beds and the couch whenever she wants. But she also knows sit, no, go to bed (our term for the kennel) and loves to catch pieces of popcorn when treated. She loves walks and meeting new human friends.

She is due to get spayed this month and is up to date on all her shots and preventative meds. She is kind of a fussy eater, but not bad.

Thanks again and happy new year!

Char and Randy

Schultz Sugar Daddy

Adopted 08/11/21

Wilbur Wunderbar

Adopted 08/07/21

Holly Hanukkah

Adopted 08/06/21

Woody Weightlifting

Adopted 08/05/21

Duncan Dots

Adopted 08/03/21

Mabel Milky Way

Adopted 08/03/21

Luca Licorice

Adopted 07/31/21

Chief Charms

Adopted 07/15/21


Adopted 07/09/21
Courtesy Post

We adopted Buddy in July 2021. He was a courtesy listing on your website. This was one month after we adopted Chloe (now Daisy). The two of them plus our 2012 DREAM pup Cooper make a wonderful pack of three pups.

Buddy enjoys his car rides, puppy lattes at Starbucks, kayak rides, travel, sleeping with us, sitting on our feet, going in and out of his pup door, resting on all pieces of furniture, sleeping on his back, endless pets from us, playing with his toys. He even seems to enjoy his kitty brother and sister. He is a super sweet and funny little pup.

We love having him, Daisy and Cooper as our little DREAM pup pack. We lost one of our DREAM pups and one of our DRoH pups recently. We and Cooper felt a huge void in our home lives.

We are in touch with the family who gave Buddy up and send them pictures to let them know how he is doing. They like that.

Thank you for all that you do for the pups and the peeps!


Adopted 07/01/21
Courtesy Post

Beau has been officially adopted by someone who had another senior dog and works mostly from home.

Chloe Cajeta

Adopted 06/29/21
Deceased 08/16/22

We said goodbye to our sweet little old lady Daisy today. She joined our family on June 18, 2021 after her loving Mom became seriously ill.

She was about 16 and originally from Louisiana. She became a really sweet and funny part of our a little pup pack of three. Her brothers loved her — especially Cooper, who spent lots of time licking and licking on her.

We had lots of fun together. She entertained us with her unending appetite, desire to stand right under us or between our legs, loud snoring, shark-like qualities anytime food was present, and ever demanding stare for food. And so much more.

She was a great travel companion, kayak companion, car-rider, and life journeyer. She was not however, a great dining companion, as she regularly snatched food off our plates or bit our fingers in search of a snack.

Daisy had seemingly boundless energy until the last few days. She was overcome by an intestinal blockage that seemed to trigger underlying conditions that we didn’t even know about. She could not get past this, and we and the emergency vet knew it was time.

We know that she was greeted by her Mama, Anna Lou, who passed on shortly after we adopted Chloe-turned-Daisy. We know that all of our family of fur and flesh also welcomed her “home.”

We are all on this life journey together. Thank you to everyone who shares this aspect of our journey with us – our love of our fur family. And thank you to everyone for all of the love and support during the past few days.

We are at peace with this, although it is sad for us. We love adopting senior animals. We would absolutely do it again and will someday. They are uniquely special and so rewarding.

Thank you to Dr. Catherine Cloudt Powell and her assistant, Allie, for their great love and care over this last year and Dr. Patrick Satchell at South Texas Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Hospital in Austin who gave Daisy her end of life care with such kindness and warmth.

Lilly Lacrosse

Adopted 06/29/21

Gus Gutenborner

Adopted 06/24/21

Zoey Zweigelt

Adopted 06/13/21


Adopted 06/11/21
Courtesy Post

Dupre Deadlift

Adopted 06/09/21

Emma Eiswein

Adopted 06/08/21

Eeyore Eyholzer

Adopted 06/06/21

Fluff Florental

Adopted 06/06/21

Ruby Rooibos

Adopted 06/05/21

Phoebe Frascati

Adopted 06/04/21

Maddi Mallard

Adopted 06/01/21

Coco Chianti

Adopted 05/21/21

Dino Do-si-dos

Adopted 05/19/21

Dasha Darjeeling

Adopted 05/14/21

Jimmy Ginger

Adopted 05/14/21

Tanner Tannins

Adopted 05/12/21

Bella Brownie

Adopted 05/08/21

Marty Matcha

Adopted 05/06/21

Piper Peach

Adopted 05/06/21

Tucker Turmeric

Adopted 05/06/21

Coki Cadette

Adopted 05/01/21

Miki Motto

Adopted 05/01/21

Maggie Mission

Adopted 04/24/21

Tyke Treadmill

Adopted 04/14/21

Hank Handshake

Adopted 04/03/21

Camo Cookie

Adopted 03/31/21

Pepper Prosperity

Adopted 03/16/21

Daisy Danza

Adopted 03/12/21

Saussie Success

Adopted 02/27/21

Peaches Preschool

Adopted 02/24/21

Terry Tacoma
"Mr. Biscuit"

Adopted 02/20/21

I forgot to include an update on Terry (we have renamed him Biscuit). He's adapted very well, absolutely loves my husband and has warmed up to me - I can now pick him up without him panicking- and has claimed every pillow in the house as his own. He's learning some new tricks and loves to go on walks. We're very happy he's joined our family.

Ella Elementary

Adopted 02/14/21
Deceased 06/06/22

Sammy Serenity

Adopted 02/14/21

Wheeler Wheatgrass

Adopted 02/14/21

Cowboy Conner

Adopted 02/07/21

Hammy Hip Hop

Adopted 02/03/21

Jasmine Gymnasium

Adopted 02/01/21


Adopted 01/25/21
Courtesy Post

Tyra Tidings

Adopted 01/16/21

Rosie Rollout

Adopted 01/14/21

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