"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
Eleanor Roosevelt
"When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true."
Jiminy Cricket

"There's no place like home."
Dorothy Gale
Home "Dreams are the touchstones of our character."
Henry David Thoreau

"Nothing happens unless first a dream."
Carl Sandburg
"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."
Walt Disney
Welcome to DREAM
Dachshund Rescue, Education & Adoption Mission
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24 Rescued this Year 32 Adopted this Year
136 Rescued last Year 133 Adopted last Year

Donor Houston

136 Rescued in 2018 133 Adopted in 2018
185 Rescued in 2017 179 Adopted in 2017
267 Rescued in 2016 249 Adopted in 2016
257 Rescued in 2015 234 Adopted in 2015
225 Rescued in 2014 197 Adopted in 2014
152 Rescued in 2013 89 Adopted in 2013
Adopt Me!
Vera Verde (Receiving Care)
Cherie Chartreuse (Receiving Care)
Darla Dumpling (Receiving Care)
Peaches Potsticker (Receiving Care)
Huck Hunter (Available)
Frasier Flouride (Available)
Oscar Oratek (Available)
Maddi Mallard (Available)
Zane Zodiac (Available)
Timmy Timburr (Available)
Pierre Pullover (Available)
Harrison Heritage (Available)
Bud Battalion (Available)
Christa McAuliffe (Available)
Cleo Carousel (Available)
Luke Lime (Available)
Maggie Macbeth (Available)
Schatzi Shiver (Available)
Sarah Solstice (Available)
Lucie Luge (Available)
Fortune Cookie (Receiving Care)
Mia Mulan (Available)
Doodle Doubleshot (Available)
Heidi Hawthorn (Available)
Oscar Obedience (Available)
Rusty Regulation (Available)
Neil Armstrong (Available)
Henrietta (Available)
Pete (Available)
Genie Gevalia (Available)
Pookie Pukashell (Available)
Rylie Reindeer (Available)
Myko Mangrove (Available)
Dante Derby (Available)
Mallie March (Available)
Snoopy Steward (Available)
Nellie Nacho (Available)
Brody Bubblegum (Available)
Axel (Available)
Ralphie Riviera (Available)

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Dachshund Sleeping on a Dog Bed
Jay Schmetz