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Maggie Mae Zweite ("Maggie Goldapp")

Status: Adopted 11/23/13, Deceased 09/27/22
Gender: Female
Age: Adult (8-12 Years)
Size: Tweenie (12-16 lbs)
Color: Piebald
Coat: Smooth
Maggie was crazy smart, learning to open gates hunting down her prey. Things didn't live long in our yard. The girl was a Houdini at open doors - one minute there, the next POOF! Look up and she's sitting across the street waiting for us to bring her home. No chasing required. No trash or food was safe from her.

We're sure she thought her name was "No No Bad Dog" LOL! Maggie had great hearing for meal calls but not so much otherwise. She loved hunting for hidden treats in the house, zooming through every room looking under, over, in and between, never using her nose (probably because it took too long). Poor Steffi never had a chance! Being food driven made it easy to teach Maggie tricks and give her medical care. Camping was a big treat and one of the few times she really used her nose. Buffalo, deer, prairie dog, yum! Karl says Maggie was the boss, and he was her pack. She was always beside him on the couch and in bed.

She loved to bully Steffi, running past her with mouth wide open to nip at her, but always wanting her sister near and allowing her to sleep on top of her. Maggie wanted to be involved with everything and complained loudly when left out. She could be bossy, exhausting, entertaining, funny, loud and was so very loved!

Her body started shutting down last week and she spent her last night sleeping on Karl's chest. Dr. McCann at South 40 Veterinary Hospital helped us through the process as we let her go. She was one month shy of her 17th birthday. We're grieving but also remembering the great life we all had together for 8 years. She made our lives lively and loved us as much as we loved her. Thank you, DREAM Dachshund Rescue and her foster, Suzanne, for this precious girl!

Maggie and Pia Maggie and Pia Maggie and Pia Maggie and Pia Maggie and Pia Maggie and Pia Maggie and Pia Maggie and Pia Maggie and Pia

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