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Cinnamon Sandcastle

Status: Adopted 06/16/14
Gender: Female
Age: Young (3-7 Years)
Size: Tweenie (12-16 lbs)
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth
Cinnie was a surrender, and we were Freshman Fosters. When I picked her up from the vet, she was shaking and so very timid. I brought her home and called Jack to meet us in the back yard with the greeting party, Simon, a 15 year old private adoption doxie, and Bruni, a 6 year old DRoH rescue. She had to pass Bruni’s inspection for this to work, and that was NOT a given. Poor Cinnie was still shaking and afraid to enter the gate, but our pups were just curious. It was obvious that the little girl had been lacking in attention and love which was heart breaking, but I planned my next two days so I could stay at home completely and give her lots and lots of attention and, as the saying goes, the rest is history!!!

A little love goes a long way, especially with a long dog … Cinnie responded so quickly and gave more than she got by barrels! It is amazing how well behaved she is, leash trained and house trained

All was happy in Foster Land … and then the call came. “Barbara, can you give me a call … someone wants to adopt Cinnamon.” What??? I thought it took months, not two weeks, for a dog to get adopted! What if they won’t let her sleep with them? What if they don’t have another youngish dog for her to play with? What if they don’t have a Weight Watcher scale to carefully measure her food? What if??? I have to call my friend to see if she will hide Cinnie. The phrase "Foster Failure" begins to sink in … Jack and I had sort of laughed about it, and I had made jokes with Suzanne, but now we were going to have to decide if we were one of “those.”

YES, we are! Our wonderful sweet foster girl captured our hearts and made herself part of our little family so quickly and watching her transformation during the first few days we had her made us so happy we couldn’t possibly let her go … so that’s our DREAM story.

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