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Landry LaPierre

Status: Forever Foster
Gender: Male
Age: Young (2-5 Years)
Size: Tweenie (12-16 lbs)
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth
During Mardi Gras ~ 2014, we said “Ooo-La-La” to a handsome young fellow we’ve come to know as Landry LaPierre! Landry had been wandering around an industrial complex that was located across the street from a recently opened salon and spa in the Heights area of Houston. The workers had been feeding him people food which was making him sick on a daily basis. The salon owner, who owned two dachsies of her own, approached the workers to ask if the dog was theirs. They replied no, that he had just shown up and had been sleeping on the property for a couple nights. She gently asked if they minded her taking him, since she knew the Dachshund breed, and they said sure, he’s all yours.

This very caring shop owner knew right away that this boy was special. Unfortunately, she also knew she was not going to be able to keep him, so after exhausting a search for a family that might be looking for him; she contacted DREAM and asked for assistance in finding him a new home. We certainly couldn’t say no, and with that, Landry became a DREAM Dachsie. He is very special indeed! He is extremely friendly with all people, he’s house trained and is pretty low energy. He totally loves to cuddle and be cuddled and would do just fine in a home with one other Dachshund, being best if it were a female.

If you are looking for a companion to be “on the go” with you, Landry is your guy! He loves going for walks and is great on a leash, plus he’s a terrific car rider. Landry loves to lay outside with the sun on his belly and he’s a good sleeper too. However… he cannot be crated! Being locked in a crate causes him great anxiety. Occasionally he may experience very mild seizures, but they are completely controlled by his meds.

Landry has a lifetime of unconditional love to offer the person or family who realizes what a treasure he is. Discover your fortune and apply to adopt him today!

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