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Bella Barometer

Status: *** ADOPTION PENDING ***
Adoption Fee: $200
Gender: Female
Age: Adult (8-12 Years)
Size: Mini (< 12 lbs)
Color: Blue Piebald
Coat: Smooth
Meet Bella, an adorable Blue Piebald who will steal your heart with her charm. Although Bella may not be blue in color, her cuteness knows no bounds. Originally hailing from a breeder, she has found herself in the care of a wonderful foster in a beautiful home, alongside other dogs, including two fellow companions from the same breeder.

In her new homestead, Bella and her companion Lilly are learning the ropes of domestic life. They have mastered the art of venturing out into the yard for their necessary business, guided by their foster's patient guidance. For moments when outdoor access is unavailable, they have access to convenient pee pads indoors. Fearfulness is slowly becoming a thing of the past for Bella and Lilly, as they grow more comfortable in their surroundings.

Bella is fond of children, provided they understand how to treat and respect animals. While her interactions with cats remain uncertain due to limited exposure, Bella maintains an open mind and heart towards new experiences.

At night, Bella and Lilly sleep together in a cozy separate room, each with their own comfy beds adorned with a soft blanket. They take on the role of diligent alarm systems, alerting their humans to doorbell rings or other unusual noises. Bella, however, has had her fair share of outdoor living and now craves the comfort and security of an indoor home. She is a quiet and well-behaved companion, eagerly waiting for the opportunity to become a cherished member of your forever family.

If you are seeking a perfect addition to your household, Bella is ready to fill your life with love, warmth, and endless joy. Don't miss the chance to provide her with the forever home she so deserves. With Bella by your side, you can create a world of shared adventures, laughter, and unwavering companionship.

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