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Harmony Hampton 

Status: Available
Adoption Fee: $225
Gender: Female
Age: Young (3-7 Years)
Size: Standard (> 16 lbs)
Color: Brindle
Coat: Smooth
No Young Children
Designer Dachsie
Harmony has a beautiful brindle pattern with some white markings. She was rescued by a kind pet lover in a community west of Houston where the rescuer believes she was abandoned at a construction site and was trying to survive amongst the larger stray dogs in the area.

As expected, she was very scared her first few days after rescue but she's gaining confidence in her foster home where her foster mom reports the following:

She blended easily with the small and large dogs in the household and ignores the 2 housecats.

She has been totally housebroken in her foster home and knows words: "inside", "outside" "go bathroom" and "in kennel". She does very well when left overnight in the crate and when foster is not at home. Because she's treat motivated, she's learned "sit" and "stay" and "down" when there aren't too many distractions around.

She is attentive to her foster parents and is comfortable walking with a leash and likes to go on walks. Her fosters are still working on her training in the foster home to calmly accept visitors to the home. She still needs work in this area.

While she loves to snuggle inside on a comfy bed or in a lap (if invited), she also enjoys exploring the backyard with the other dogs. Her favorite activity is zooming around the yard, so a fenced in yard would be best for her.

She is fearful of items that may have harmed her in the past including sticks, firewood, quick actions, loud voices, etc. When she becomes afraid, she runs away or cowers in fear.

This sweet young dog has had a rough start but now that she's a DREAM dog, we believe she'll find a forever home where she'll never be abandoned again. Her adopters will need to understand that she will need patience and gentleness because of her past life on the street.

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