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Loyal Links 

Status: Available
Adoption Fee: $200
Gender: Male
Age: Adult (6-10 Years)
Size: Tweenie (12-16 lbs)
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Smooth
Heartworm Positive
8/10/22 Update: Loyal is doing great. He loves to lay next to us with his belly up to be petted. He's one of the sweetest dogs we have fostered. His hair is growing nicely and his skin has healed. He is very house-trained, has not had any accidents since with us. Sleeps well in his kennel, but will never say no to cuddling in bed! Loyal loves to walk in our yard and explore. He never barks! :)

7/10/2022: My name is Loyal Links. I was found lying on a hot sidewalk suffering from flea dermatitis, eye and ear infection, and burned/swollen paws. Yes, I was in pretty rough shape, but thankfully a Good Samaritan picked me up and contacted DREAM. I have since been living in a foster home with 3 other dogmates with whom I get along very well. I sleep in a comfortable kennel bed at night, I am taking medication to treat my dermatitis, and I am receiving a lot of attention from my foster parents. I am definitely on the mend. My mom said she will post pictures of my recovery so you can see what a beautiful Black and Tan dachshund I will become.

The other dogs were kind enough to teach me where to potty (outside), and I am a good learner and follower. I have not had any accidents so far! I enjoy exploring the yard, and I am not the barking type (even though my roommates here are loud!)

I love to snuggle so my foster family lets me stay on the couch with them to watch TV. I fall asleep on my dad’s lap every night. It feels great being cared for and in a loving environment. I hope a good family falls in love with me and adopts me. I will be a loyal companion. After all, I was named Loyal!

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