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Sansa Stark

Status: Adopted 12/30/17, Deceased 03/10/21
Gender: Female
Age: Adult (8-12 Years)
Size: Mini (< 12 lbs)
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth
On March 10, 2021, I said my final goodbye to Sansa, my Beautiful Angel. I kissed her as she slipped away to a better place. I adopted Sansa on December 30, 2017, ten days after losing Joy a week before Christmas. Joy was my heart, one of my best canine friends ever. I was a total mess - couldn’t eat, cried a lot, was unable to sleep, had difficulty focusing and was seriously distracted in my grief.

Ron convinced me to look on the DREAM site for another dog. I took a half hearted scan at the site, and a little red longhaired female got my attention. Poor baby looked as sad and lost as I felt. Told Ron - this is the one. I went into the adoption with eyes wide open. Sansa was not a young puppy and while I knew we would not spend a lifetime together, we’d make every day count. We worked out the details with Suzanne - she and Dream are awesome!

On December 30, 2017 Ron drove to the foster’s home (a good long way from us) and returned about 9:00 p.m. He handed Sansa to me - I looked into her eyes and told her she was a beautiful girl. She stared back then kissed me with that little tongue that always hung out on the right side of her mouth because she had lost her teeth. It was love at first sight. I patted Sansa and promised I would always love her, I would always take care of her and I would never leave her. I also told her she would never have to worry about a thing, that I would take care of it all. She slept with me, and as long dogs often do, slept horizontally so that I was very often teetering on the edge of the mattress. How could a little 12 pound dog take up so much room?

Sansa was a wonderful, loving, kind, gentle, quiet little dog. Her forgiving, patient nature and sense of inner peace was a wonder to behold. She accepted everything that came her way from fosters and cats to my puppy, Chance. She was exactly what I needed. Sansa gave me purpose and a new appreciation for life in general. She taught me to keep looking forward, hold onto and enjoy my memories and accept whatever life dealt out to me. She rescued me!

I miss her and still wake up in the wee hours and reach out to touch her, making sure she did not get around the pillow barrier I built every night to keep her from falling over the edge of the bed. Then it hits me she is gone. I remind myself how blessed I was to have her companionship and love a little over three years, and smile when I think how she’d come to life at mealtimes, galloping around the kitchen like My Little Pony - so darn cute!

Sansa, I will always love you to the moon, the stars and back. You were truly my Beautiful Angel. If I am so fortunate, I hope to meet you and the rest of the gang at the bridge. Godspeed little girl. Kiss all the others for me. I shall miss you. 😘

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