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TJ Tahoe ("Toby")

Status: Adopted 07/28/17
Gender: Male
Age: Young (3-7 Years)
Size: Mini (< 12 lbs)
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth
After the sudden loss of our beloved 10-year-old Eddie, a dapple dachshund, his rescue brother Freddie went into a deep depression. We start searching dachshund rescue sites and pored over the options. Our big break, however, was when we went to the Dog Show and saw so many handsome and lovely dachshunds waiting for their forever home. We took Freddie with us (he's a mix), and he perked up the instant he saw dachshunds. We had a home inspection by another rescue group, so we were pre-approved on that front, and DREAM were so attentive to our needs. Though Freddie thought he had found his brother at the show, the smart folks at DREAM wanted us to look at one being fostered who was the littermate of the one Freddie liked. A few days later we showed up to meet "TJ," a perky, lovable, bundle of energy with an insatiable need to be held and loved. It was love at first sight, and though he had such a wonderful foster home, we left with him and hoped he would get along with our 17-year-old cat. He had a foster cat that he loved, and sure enough, at our house not only did Freddie welcome him with open paws but also the old cat, who has NEVER paid attention to anything or anyone but his humans, bonded with Toby (TJ's new name). The bonding on all sides continues, and we are so blessed Toby is ours forever. At night our cat snuggles with him wherever he is, and when dad needs a nap, he has three furry brothers to help him. We have been most impressed by the matching that DREAM did for us - Toby's foster mom knew just the kind of home he needed, and he is the perfect fit for us. Let DREAM help bring love and happiness into your life.

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