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Count Choco Latte ("Marshall")

Status: Adopted 11/24/13
Gender: Male
Age: Young (3-7 Years)
Size: Standard (> 16 lbs)
Color: Chocolate & Tan
Coat: Smooth
Count Chocolatte or “Choco” for short is our newest addition. We went to DREAM in search of a dachshund with some extra energy and playfulness. Our other dog, Lily, was quiet, reserved, and somewhat timid of other dogs and we wanted to acclimate her to being around other animals. During our initial visit, we were sold on him after he brought us a sock with a Kong ball and proceeded to play tug of war with us the entire time we were there. In the words of Marcie after fostering him at Lil’ Ruffhouse, “He was a bit of a handful.” That’s an understatement but he has been a joy to us ever since bringing him home the very first time.

We have since renamed him Marshall and he has done wonders to get Lily out her shell. They play tug of war together, chase each other around the house, and protect Emily and me from the other one which is quite comical. Despite his being smaller than the majority of other animals around us, Marshall has become our resident guard dog. No sound or disturbance happens without him bolting for the door curiously wondering what is going on and loudly making his presence known. At the dog park, he proudly storms into the “large dog” section as if he belongs and goes right up to the largest animal there. He’s a master at fetch and will outrun labs, retrievers, and other larger dogs to grab his favorite Kong ball.

We cannot thank everyone who helps out with DREAM to make it possible for these dogs to find a new forever home. We also would like to especially thank Marcie who was patient with us while we met and interacted with several potential adoption candidates before ultimately deciding on adding Marshall to our family. We hope our donation helps put more dachshunds in their forever homes.

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