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Paul Putter

Status: Forever Foster
Gender: Male
Age: Senior (> 10 Years)
Size: Standard (> 16 lbs)
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth
Foster update:

This dog has one of the best personalities I have ever seen in a dog! He is so "happy go lucky" and loves people so much. He really could care less about being around other dogs, in fact he may be best as an only dog. He tends to bark more because of the other dogs, and he is so content just being with a people. He is a total lap dog! If he sees an opportunity to crawl on top of you, he will take it. He also listens really well, when you need some space, you can put your hand up and say "stay" and he complies very well. He loves his toys and his blanket, he is rarely far from either one. When my son enters the room, Paul always assumes it's playtime and gets so happy, my son can never refuse. He plays fetch and loves to run around and even play a little tug of war. Paul is trained to use a doggy door, he does really well with it and only has accidents in the house when he does not have access to go outside. Paul is just a really special dog and I encourage anyone to just meet him and give him a chance to melt your heart as he has done mine.

This adorable little man is Paul Putter. Paul was surrendered to a shelter when his owner passed away and there was no one available to take him in. We've all lost someone we loved... can you imagine the heartache little Paul must have felt? His loved one was gone, he ends up in a shelter and he has no idea what's going on. Thank goodness the shelter reached out to DREAM for rescue assistance!

His foster mom tells us that Paul is settling in very well. He rode great in the car, heading straight to the backseat with a blanket where he happily laid down for the ride from the vet. He is fine with all of the other dogs in her home, big and small. She's already seen him play a little bit in the backyard with one of his foster sisters. He's very laid back and good natured and knows how to get belly rubs when he wants them.

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