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Edwin Elf

Status: Adopted 01/29/15
Gender: Male
Age: Young (2-5 Years)
Size: Tweenie (12-16 lbs)
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Smooth
November 16, 2016

So much has happened since we adopted Edwin Elf in January of 2015.

First, we got the news in August that he is 100% heartworm free! He has so much energy and vitality and we can tell he really does feel good.

We moved across Sugar Land 3 weeks ago and Edwin helped with all the packing and supervising the movers. He immediately got to work in the new house protecting us from cats and squirrels and making sure that the entire neighborhood was peed on so all dogs and cats would know he's in charge.

At first he was a little lost in the house and wasn't really recognizing it as home when we got back from walks but this week he settled in. A few days ago we found a park just a 3 minute car ride away. We went on a long family walk there yesterday and he took his place between me an my husband as we patrolled the new territory. When we got back home he recognized it and started talking as we pulled into the garage. When we entered he ran around barking and jumping in and out of his bed. Ahhh there's no place like home!

Edwin has changed our lives in so many way. He's really a part of the family and the best part is that we know that he knows that he is home, loved, safe and secure.

Thank you again for rescuing Edwin and approving us to be his parents!

February 6, 2015

Here's an update on Edwin. He is doing really well. He's a really good dog and he learns quickly. It's only been a week but I think he's starting to figure out that he's the only dog, and his life is turning into a really fun one. He goes on long neighborhood walks every day. We took him to Memorial Park last Sunday and he loved it. This afternoon I'll be leaving work early and we're going to the dog park in Sugar Land.

He has found several cool places to burrow, he is eating well and 95% of the time asks to go out and 5% of the time we figure it out so there have only been a few accidents. Not bad! He moped around for a couple of days after he got here, but now he's wagging his tail and smiling all the time.

The other evening we were watching The Dog Whisperer and when the dogs on TV started barking Edwin was up at full attention barking with them. We shushed him and he quieted down but spent the entire hour with his eyes glued to the TV... except during the commercials. So I'm now convinced that he was watching!

The best part of having Edwin is how much love and life he adds to our little family. He is a joy, and of course I think he's the smartest, cutest dog in the world! Did I mention he likes to watch TV?! LOL! Here's a picture of him with his favorite blanket.

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