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Rusty O'Rourke

Status: Forever Foster
Gender: Male
Age: Young (2-5 Years)
Size: Mini (< 12 lbs)
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth

They say that “if you’re enough lucky to be Irish... you’re lucky enough!” And such is the case with this adorable little fella… Rusty O’Rourke!

According to an update from his Foster Mum, he is quite a special lad. He can be a bit timid at first, so "patience will be a virtue" when it comes to his new forever family. His personality is a unique blend of very lovable yet slightly independent. Rusty is curious and loves to go for walks. He enjoys playing in the water hose and chasing squirrels and birds. While he adores being carried around in loving arms, when evening rolls around and he is ready for his day to end, he goes straight to his bed, burrows under his blanket and enjoys his privacy.

Once they found and established a regular schedule that worked well for him to do his business outside, everything started falling into place and we’re told he has adapted quite well. When they take him along to visit a new place he isn’t familiar with however, they do watch him closely so when he shows signs of needing to go, they can take him outside in plenty of time. Rusty is quite comfortable in his crate and will gladly climb into it. But because he’s not at all a destructive dachsie, and he can easily go for several hours without an accident, they have been able to simply (baby) gate him in the kitchen during the day while they are at work and again at nighttime. When they are home, his Foster Mum says he happily has the run of the house and loves to use the doggie door.

“When Rusty first came to us as a new foster, we quickly realized that he must not have received much if any, love and affection in his young life. In addition, we believe he may very well have been hit or handled roughly, as he reacts somewhat defensively (out of fear) toward people he is unfamiliar with, if they move too fast or unexpectedly in his direction. Because of his fearfulness, we think he will do best in a forever family with grown children, as young ones can be unpredictable. We have been smothering him with love, coupled with persistent patience, and in turn he is rapidly becoming an amazingly wonderful boy who would do great with either another dog buddy in your home or as your one and only!”

DREAM welcomed this precious little love bug into rescue today. Sadly, his people were moving and unable to care for him any longer. He weighs a little over 12 lbs and enjoys snuggling in your arms! He's a little confused right now as to where his people went, and is a bit timid, but he's becoming comfortable with his new (temporary) foster home, and is looking forward to finding a new Forever Family that will have a little room in their hearts and their home and would gladly give him the second chance at life and love he so deserves!

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