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Paige Pomodoro

Status: Adopted 09/29/18
Gender: Female
Age: Adult (6-10 Years)
Size: Tweenie (12-16 lbs)
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth
It has been so great adding Paige to my little family. She continues to warm up to her new brother, Sherlock. But she's already come a long way.

One thing Sherlock loves to do is play chase around the house. One day I got home from work and Paige and Sherlock were both so happy to see me. Paige sprinted into the garage then back out into the house, she ran around the house, and sprinted back into the garage. She did this a couple of times and Sherlock got excited and took off running with her. I loved seeing her so happy, and seeing her and Sherlock playing together. That has been one of my favorite moments with her so far.

She and Sherlock also often share a couch to sleep on during the day. Also, anytime Sherlock barks, she runs over to him and she'll either join him in barking or she'll sniff him and sort of inspect him to see if he's ok.

Sherlock and I love her so very much. She's precious and loving.

From Paige's foster mom:

March 2017, or 19 months, is how long I have fostered my sweet Paige. She has had a handful of meet and greets but none led to adoptions. I struggled trying to figure out why no one saw how special she is and at the same time happy I had her a bit longer in our lives.

After a couple meet and greets I stopped worrying about it because she always came back home. The application this month was no different until I spoke to the adopter, she didn’t care about all her quirks, her chunky butt or her prescription food. We all decided that since I had Paige so long a overnight meet and greet was in order so Paige would have some time to settle in, overnight turned to a week trial and I was still in denial.

Today my sweet Paige officially joined her new family and gained a fur brother, only 1 brother; I know she will love having more attention but she is leaving a huge whole in our hearts. While we will miss her tons, I know her new home is a better fit and that fills my heart with joy.

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