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Durango Delta ("Oscar")

Status: Adopted 12/22/17, Deceased 08/22/18
Gender: Male
Age: Senior (> 12 Years)
Size: Mini (< 12 lbs)
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Longhaired
Durango spent his entire life in a cage. No treats. No toys. No love. His constant companion was fear. Then one day some strange people came and took him away from all he knew, even though what he knew was not good. Now he was really in fear, because he didn't know what was happening. He had no idea that these people were kind and would brighten his future. To him, people were not to be trusted. His foster mommy got him over a lot of his fear, and then he got a new, permanent mommy in November of 2017. He was just the sweetest and most forgiving dog ever.An even bigger surprise was that his new mommy had his mate at this new house! She was the only love he had known from being in a cage nine years. He was sooo happy! He had a permanent mommy, a permanent home, a new name (Oscar), a yard of his own, and his precious mate, whom he loved dearly. was there also. Life was great!

And then his mommy noticed something was wrong with Durango's mouth. He had cancer. He was kept as comfortable for as long as possible, then, within a month, it was time for his to cross the rainbow bridge. His mommy was devastated, and still misses him terribly. Bella, his gal, still misses him and grieves for him. You were so very loved, Durango.

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