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Chance Charcoal ("Brisket")

Status: Adopted 05/21/16
Gender: Male
Age: Young (2-5 Years)
Size: Standard (> 16 lbs)
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth

We adopted Chance Charcoal in May 2016. We renamed him Brisket.

We are very happy to have Brisket in our family! From day one, he and his new dachshund brother, Boodan, have been best buddies! They sleep together, eat together, and go hunting rabbits together!

In June, when the dogs were hunting together in the cactus and brush about 300 feet from our house, Boodan was struck in the shoulder by a 5 foot rattlesnake. Both dogs were up to date with the rattlesnake vacine. Brisket made so much racket, that my husband went into the cactus to see what was happening. He found Boodan limping badly and in a lot of pain. Brisket had called for help!

I had seen that snake in a different region of our acreage, but after Boo's attack, we cleaned out the cactus and there was no sign further sign of the rattlesnake -- it is probably out there somewhere.

If you live in rattlesnake country, I highly recommend keeping your dog up to date with the vaccine.

Brisket is much more cautious about dangers than old Boodan, who has been sprayed 3 times by skunk and got quilled once by a porcupine. Brisket recently avoided a skunk!

Thank you for all you do! We are very happy with our new family member. We will recommend your organization to everyone.

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