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Sloane Peterson ("Izzy Puppy")

Status: Adopted 09/13/14
Gender: Female
Age: Young (3-7 Years)
Size: Mini (< 12 lbs)
Color: Black
Coat: Longhaired
February 1, 2017

I just want to let you and the others know how much my life is more purposeful with my daughter Izzy Puppy. She is the most wonderful furry daughter in the world. And I am convinced she is the new and improved reincarnation of my late Uggy Puppy, but much sweeter. She is very protective of her daddy and has several new friends here on The Waterway. Much thanks to the organization. - Dr. K.

Izzy, aka "The Izzy Puppy", has settled in wonderfully in The Woodlands. Izzy loves her toys, most of which she loves to destroy... a few she likes to sleep with... thoroughly enjoys her walks in the park adjacent to the Waterway, and has made many new friends. She loves to wake up her daddy every morning in bed, using her memory foam ramp (I strongly recommend all dachsie owners consider this product to protect their backs), looks forward to full access to the carpeted hallway the size of half a football field, and greets all neighbors with a smile. She has become protective of her daddy on our walks, and makes sure all joggers and bicyclers keep their distance from us with subtle growls. Izzy is so sweet, though; she lets me brush her teeth whenever needed, and would not bite a fly.

She wishes to thank her foster mommy, Katrina Pasternak, for the loving home environment she received, and especially sends her appreciation to all in Dream Dachs, including Marcie Lawless and Suzanne Caillouet, who do a terrific job and make the adoption process so relaxed and simple.

A final note - Izzy is the spitting image of my late little boy, The Uggy Puppy, only smaller and much sweeter. I adopted her in early September, six weeks after my mother passed away. Divine intervention had to be a factor in order for this adoption to occur. Izzy was input into the system a week before my Mother died. I started looking for a new doggie a month later. When I saw Izzy for the first time, I got goose bumps by the resemblance to Uggy. On her initial home visit, Izzy walked right up to our building’s front door, entered the elevator like she had been there before, walked over to my condo door, waited to be let in, and promptly jumped up to my favorite lounge chair... as if to say "I am home!!" I could not be happier with my new daughter.

Izzy Puppy

Uggy Puppy

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