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Joey Boudreaux ("JoJo")

Status: Adopted 05/24/14
Gender: Male
Age: Young (3-7 Years)
Size: Mini (< 12 lbs)
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Smooth
I took "JoJo", as we are affectionately calling him now, to our vet on Saturday and got him all set with a new round of heartworm preventative. I'm happy to report, he was still heartworm negative and healthy on all other aspects. His other name is "Lick Lightening" as he loves to catch us off guard and sneak in a quick lick. I've been using that skill to help me wake up the girls in the morning. It's amazing how fast they wake up after a few licks. :-)

Attached are some of the photos I keep with me of him. It has astonished everyone how fast this little guy has warmed up so quickly and fit into our family. He is still learning to get along with our 2 cats as he wants to play chase with them since one of them squeaks just like his favorite tennis ball. It's quite comical at dinner time with all of them giving each other the "eye" while they eat. One of the pictures is JoJo's favorite look to give us as you can almost hear him say "aren't you going to play with me". My daughter's fall for it every time. His favorite pastime is playing with his tennis balls and the other is to be chased by one of us around the yard. After about 10 rounds, he is ready for naptime as that is the other picture. If he doesn't crash on his favorite pillow it's on my lap or my husband's. The neighborhood kids have also fallen in love with him and have to come say hi to him when we take him for his evening walks. He just eats that up as you can imagine.

Thanks for sending us his files and tag. I'll send an update in a few weeks as he is going on his first camping trip with us next week.

July 9, 2014 Update

Jojo had a great camping trip. He really got into the action as you can see from the attached picture. He also got to hang out with my Aunt's new dog, Rockie who is a rescue from Louisiana as they came out to visit us for the day. They did a little "tail-gating" themselves.

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