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Echo Egret 

Status: Receiving Care
Adoption Fee: $400
Gender: Female
Age: Puppy (< 1 Year)
Size: Mini (< 12 lbs)
Color: Piebald
Coat: Wirehaired
Designer Dachsie
Echo Egret is one of Maggie Magpie's puppies. She was born on 4/14//2022. We do not know the breed of her sire.

According to her foster parents:

  • sleeps/stays in the play pen mostly during the day
  • potty training has started and progressing well; will cry when she wants to go outside
  • a pee pad is kept in the pen and if she needs to potty and no-one is there to let her out, she will use it
  • goes to bed around 10 pm and sleeps through night with her siblings to 5-6 am

  • very playful and active
  • she's a love bug and will follow you everywhere and take naps with you on the couch

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