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Chloe Cajeta ("Daisy")

Status: Adopted 06/29/21, Deceased 08/16/22
Gender: Female
Age: Senior (> 10 Years)
Size: Mini (< 12 lbs)
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Smooth
We said goodbye to our sweet little old lady Daisy today. She joined our family on June 18, 2021 after her loving Mom became seriously ill.

She was about 16 and originally from Louisiana. She became a really sweet and funny part of our a little pup pack of three. Her brothers loved her — especially Cooper, who spent lots of time licking and licking on her.

We had lots of fun together. She entertained us with her unending appetite, desire to stand right under us or between our legs, loud snoring, shark-like qualities anytime food was present, and ever demanding stare for food. And so much more.

She was a great travel companion, kayak companion, car-rider, and life journeyer. She was not however, a great dining companion, as she regularly snatched food off our plates or bit our fingers in search of a snack.

Daisy had seemingly boundless energy until the last few days. She was overcome by an intestinal blockage that seemed to trigger underlying conditions that we didn’t even know about. She could not get past this, and we and the emergency vet knew it was time.

We know that she was greeted by her Mama, Anna Lou, who passed on shortly after we adopted Chloe-turned-Daisy. We know that all of our family of fur and flesh also welcomed her “home.”

We are all on this life journey together. Thank you to everyone who shares this aspect of our journey with us – our love of our fur family. And thank you to everyone for all of the love and support during the past few days.

We are at peace with this, although it is sad for us. We love adopting senior animals. We would absolutely do it again and will someday. They are uniquely special and so rewarding.

Thank you to Dr. Catherine Cloudt Powell and her assistant, Allie, for their great love and care over this last year and Dr. Patrick Satchell at South Texas Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Hospital in Austin who gave Daisy her end of life care with such kindness and warmth.

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