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Status: Available
Gender: Male
Age: Senior (> 10 Years)
Size: Tweenie (12-16 lbs)
Color: Red & White
Coat: Smooth
*Courtesy Post*
Beau is a sweet senior who has overcome so much in his life. He deserves a wonderful home to live out his golden years. Help us turn his story into a fairy tail ending.

Beau had been seen in a Dallas neighborhood for months, wandering as a lost dog. He was super friendly and he seemed to enjoy life. But he did not have a home of his own. The neighbors banded together to feed him and keep him safe as they looked for owners. Alas, no owners were ever found. The neighbors began to worry about Beau as they noticed some large tumors growing from his right hip area. They began to reach out to various rescue groups via Facebook for help. Although Chihuahua Rescue & Transport (CRT) is a Chihuahua-based rescue group, Beau captured our hearts. When no other groups stepped up to help, our volunteers suggested we make Beau an honorary Chihuahua and bring him into the group.

Beau was taken to our vet and had immediate surgery to remove the tumors. We had them sent to a lab and today we want to share the great news and celebrate — Beau is cancer free! Beau also had major dental problems that we had fixed. And he was given all his shots, neutered and microchipped. Through it all, he has recovered like a champion! He has a soft and gentle spirit and we just adore him!

Our vet says that Beau is a senior, yet he has a pep in his step and is in amazing shape considering the months he was on the streets. Now that his vet work is completed, we are starting to get him ready for adoption. We know there are dog lovers out there who love seniors. We are asking all of our followers to “share” Beau’s story and to help us find a forever home for this amazing senior survivor!

Beau gets along well with the other small dogs in his foster home. He has a really laid back personality and enjoys hanging out with them. He loves taking naps in his soft doggie bed, and tries to cuddle with his siblings. Beau is past the playing stage, and doesn’t even have interest in toys. But he enjoys the company of other dogs.

Beau also loves his people. He is VERY friendly. Beau is like your shadow. He wants to be with you so much that he will literally follow you from room to room. Note that he can get under feet and may be a tripping hazard. He enjoys snuggling up on the couch with you at night and just wants to live his life with you close at hand!

Beau is a senior. Our vet thinks he is between 12 – 15 years old. He weighs 14.5 pounds. Beau has some beautiful coloring. We love his dark brown eyes – they are electric. Being a senior, he has some “senior things” going on. You can see in his professional pictures that he has some cataracts forming. But he can see fine. You don’t notice the cataracts as much in person (but the lighting for the photos pull them to the surface). He also has a low level heart murmur, but it is not advanced enough to require medicine at this point in time. We had a full dental done on Beau. He lost a few teeth, but still has a lot left, and they are super clean now! For being out on the streets for months, this guy is in remarkable shape.

Beau loves life and would love to spend his senior years in a laid back, loving home. He is potty trained, and does well when kept on a schedule. He sleeps in a doggie bed at night. Beau enjoys walks, but they are usually very short walks! He also enjoys exploring the back yard. There are no children in his foster home, but he loves everyone and we think he would do well with older, mature children (10 and older). He is mild mannered and will be so happy to have his own home.

Beau is being fostered in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area. Our CRT adoption form can be found at www.chihuahua-rescue.com/adoption-application.

*PLEASE NOTE* Beau is listed as a courtesy for another rescue, shelter, or individual. Beau has not been evaluated by DREAM volunteers, therefore DREAM makes no guarantees regarding his health or temperament.

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