"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
Eleanor Roosevelt
"When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true."
Jiminy Cricket

"There's no place like home."
Dorothy Gale
Home "Dreams are the touchstones of our character."
Henry David Thoreau

"Nothing happens unless first a dream."
Carl Sandburg
"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."
Walt Disney

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DREAM Angel Memories

Marvin Gaye

Adopted 07/07/19
Deceased 11/18/22

Daria Diamond

Deceased 11/11/22

We pulled sweet little Daria from a shelter, thinking she was in such bad shape because she was a stray and had been lost for a while. It turns out she had Sick Sinus Syndrome (SSS) which is thought to be genetic. Middle to older aged Miniature Schnauzers, West Highland Terriers, Boxers, Dachshunds and Cocker Spaniels are the most common breeds with SSS. The only thing that could have saved her was a pacemaker. Sadly, she was not a good candidate for surgery by the time we got her. She was emaciated, and her tiny body was covered in bed sores from lying down all the time. Her heart beat so slowly, she couldn't maintain her body temperature. We're grateful that she had one good night in her foster home.

Rudy Ringbearer

Deceased 10/18/22

Rudy is over rainbow bridge 🌈 , joining Reba, Charlie Chestnut (they loved hunting squirrels together!), Herbie and, of course, Ginger and all the others. 😢 The worst part was that my vet said "Wow his heart is still so strong. So sad his kidneys failed him". 😢

I’m glad I brought him home for one more night. This morning he was laying next to Biggie up on the couch. He’s been staying in his favorite kennel most of the time since he hasn’t felt well. He loved Biggie so much.

Maggie Mae Zweite
"Maggie Goldapp"

Adopted 11/23/13
Deceased 09/27/22

Maggie was crazy smart, learning to open gates hunting down her prey. Things didn't live long in our yard. The girl was a Houdini at open doors - one minute there, the next POOF! Look up and she's sitting across the street waiting for us to bring her home. No chasing required. No trash or food was safe from her.

We're sure she thought her name was "No No Bad Dog" LOL! Maggie had great hearing for meal calls but not so much otherwise. She loved hunting for hidden treats in the house, zooming through every room looking under, over, in and between, never using her nose (probably because it took too long). Poor Steffi never had a chance! Being food driven made it easy to teach Maggie tricks and give her medical care. Camping was a big treat and one of the few times she really used her nose. Buffalo, deer, prairie dog, yum! Karl says Maggie was the boss, and he was her pack. She was always beside him on the couch and in bed.

She loved to bully Steffi, running past her with mouth wide open to nip at her, but always wanting her sister near and allowing her to sleep on top of her. Maggie wanted to be involved with everything and complained loudly when left out. She could be bossy, exhausting, entertaining, funny, loud and was so very loved!

Her body started shutting down last week and she spent her last night sleeping on Karl's chest. Dr. McCann at South 40 Veterinary Hospital helped us through the process as we let her go. She was one month shy of her 17th birthday. We're grieving but also remembering the great life we all had together for 8 years. She made our lives lively and loved us as much as we loved her. Thank you, DREAM Dachshund Rescue and her foster, Suzanne, for this precious girl!

Buffy Buttermilk

Deceased 09/26/22

Saddest day ever. Our foster Buffy Buttermilk passed away suddenly. She had been going through heartworm treatment. She got her first injection on September 7th and had been doing really well. Shortly after finishing her breakfast this morning, she let out a yelp. My husband and I rushed over to check on her and she was limp. I picked her up and felt her heart beat a couple more times before stopping. We are absolutely heartbroken. This precious little girl's life was taken from her way too soon. If you've ever wondered why rescues are so strict about heartworm prevention, now you know. This tragic loss could have easily been prevented if only her former owner had cared enough about her to give her a monthly dose of prevention.

Dallas Draw

Adopted 12/29/16
Deceased 09/15/22

We said goodbye to our precious boy Dallas last night. It was a tough decision. He has been suffering with heart problems for a while and it was time. Our family is so heartbroken today and the house feels so weird without him.💔 He deserved to not suffer anymore.

Special thank you to Sea Paws Veterinary Services

Paul Putter

Deceased 09/15/22

Harley came to me as a foster 7 years ago. His owner had passed away and the family dumped him at the shelter. (I could tell later that Harley was spoiled rotten by that person and was the center of their world, and he made sure I kept up the same treatment.) Thankfully DREAM Dachshund Rescue, Education & Adoption Mission took him in. When I saw his picture, I knew something was special about him. He then had a routine dental done and had to be rushed to the ER because he nearly bled to death. Not long after that, he was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease which he had to start taking expensive daily meds for. Then he had a problem with bladder stones, and the vet ended up rerouting his urethra through to his scrotum area so he could pass the stones when they developed. Somewhere in there, everyone agreed he was not going to be able to be adopted out and was deemed a “forever foster”

Then, last July he had to be rushed to the ER and we found out he was in congestive heart failure and given about 5 months to live. So here we are, over a year later and we finally made the tough call to allow him to cross the rainbow bridge to reunite with his original person. We’ll miss you Harley bug. 🌈

Thanks again to those of you who’ve helped donate to his medical care over the years

Gracie Guadalupe

Adopted 08/31/19
Deceased 09/07/22

Three years ago we adopted 14 year old Gracie through DREAM Rescue. They had gotten her, along with her brother and sister, from the pound, where her surrender papers said "unwanted". Her owners had said they were remodeling their house and didn't want to keep her. I'm sure it was because she used the bathroom all over the place and they didn't want their new floors ruined. I know this because that's what she did with us from day 1. It was very frustrating but I can't imagine giving up your dogs you have had since their birth. Anyway, in spite of this, we vowed to love her and keep her until she died. Well, today was that day. We had to have her put to sleep as she had deteriorated greatly over the last few weeks. She was just existing at this point and wouldn't eat and walked around pacing aimlessly with a dazed look in her eyes, using the bathroom anywhere. It was so sad. The vet made the decision for me to let her go today and I appreciate her taking the decision off my hands. Gracie lived to be 17 years old, so, for a dog, she had a good long life, but it still breaks your heart. I know she is happy and at peace now.

Chloe Cajeta

Adopted 06/29/21
Deceased 08/16/22

We said goodbye to our sweet little old lady Daisy today. She joined our family on June 18, 2021 after her loving Mom became seriously ill.

She was about 16 and originally from Louisiana. She became a really sweet and funny part of our a little pup pack of three. Her brothers loved her — especially Cooper, who spent lots of time licking and licking on her.

We had lots of fun together. She entertained us with her unending appetite, desire to stand right under us or between our legs, loud snoring, shark-like qualities anytime food was present, and ever demanding stare for food. And so much more.

She was a great travel companion, kayak companion, car-rider, and life journeyer. She was not however, a great dining companion, as she regularly snatched food off our plates or bit our fingers in search of a snack.

Daisy had seemingly boundless energy until the last few days. She was overcome by an intestinal blockage that seemed to trigger underlying conditions that we didn’t even know about. She could not get past this, and we and the emergency vet knew it was time.

We know that she was greeted by her Mama, Anna Lou, who passed on shortly after we adopted Chloe-turned-Daisy. We know that all of our family of fur and flesh also welcomed her “home.”

We are all on this life journey together. Thank you to everyone who shares this aspect of our journey with us – our love of our fur family. And thank you to everyone for all of the love and support during the past few days.

We are at peace with this, although it is sad for us. We love adopting senior animals. We would absolutely do it again and will someday. They are uniquely special and so rewarding.

Thank you to Dr. Catherine Cloudt Powell and her assistant, Allie, for their great love and care over this last year and Dr. Patrick Satchell at South Texas Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Hospital in Austin who gave Daisy her end of life care with such kindness and warmth.

Buddy Bunker

Deceased 08/11/22

Sweet Buddy passed away a day after his dental cleaning. He did well during the surgery and went home with his foster that evening. The next day, however, his foster reported that he was somewhat lethargic and not interested in eating. We weren't overly concerned because that's fairly normal for a senior dog after a dental procedure. Sadly, his foster contacted us later that evening to tell us he had passed.

We are all devastated by this loss. We did what we thought was best for Buddy but it was too much for his little body to handle.

Lucy Lark

Deceased 08/10/22

Scout Sellsword

Adopted 02/19/18
Deceased 08/06/22

Hilda Hugs

Adopted 06/18/20
Deceased 07/13/22

Helen Hollandaise
"Brooklyn Josephine"

Adopted 01/12/18
Deceased 06/29/22

"Brooklyn Josephine" (named after my grandmother) brought us so much happiness. We loved and spoiled her. After several trips to the vet for episodes of epileptic spasms, she let us know when it was her time. I held her tight and she buried her head in my arms as she went over the Rainbow Bridge. Of course I was crying, but at the same time I wanted her to know she was loved in her last minutes.

Clara Belle

Adopted 01/24/16
Deceased 06/22/22

Liz Liftoff

Adopted 02/01/19
Deceased 06/21/22

Spencer Sparrow

Adopted 02/01/19
Deceased 06/21/22

Grazia Golden Gate

Deceased 06/19/22

Ericka Esperanza

Adopted 08/06/17
Deceased 06/08/22

Our heart are very heavy right now as we have just lost our family member - Ericka. She has been a joy of the family and now she is watching over us from the other side of the rainbow 🌈 bridge.

Poe Dameron

Adopted 01/23/16
Deceased 06/08/22

It’s with great sadness I wanted to update you that Stout is no longer with us.

Back in April, Stout’s energy took a turn and after multiple visits and test with the vet, we learned his red blood cell count was low, not improving and all signs were pointing to cancer. We had to make a tough decision and let him pass over the rainbow bridge June 8th. Stout was a fighter, he had suffered seizures since we brought him home in 2016 but that never showed him down!

Stout brought us the most joy with his goofy and playful attitude, endless cuddles and sloppy kisses! Thank you for connecting him with our family.

Thank you again for all you do and for bringing Stout into our lives,

- Amber, John & Tallulah

Ella Elementary

Adopted 02/14/21
Deceased 06/06/22

Lolly Ligne

Adopted 09/15/17
Deceased 05/30/22

With a heavy heart I share the news of Lolly's passing.  She had been declining for a while now, and started having seizures. I had to take her to an emergency vet.  I said good bye to her and kissed her.  I'm sad. I just hope that Sampson and I made her life happy.  Thank you for letting me adopt her.

Padme Amidala

Deceased 05/19/22

Padme crossed the rainbow bridge at age 19. DREAM rescued her from a kill shelter in 2016 and we were blessed to have her for several more years. She filled out lives with love. We loved all her traits. Even during her last days, she never missed a meal opportunity. Every evening she would make a point to walk around the kitchen to tell us it was dinner time. She was sweet, a wonderful companion and very resilient. We miss her every day, and her four legged siblings lay on her bed and remember her. Rest in Peace baby girl, we love you and you will be in our hearts forever.

Butter Bucatini

Adopted 11/22/21
Deceased 05/07/22

Levi Lens

Deceased 05/06/22

It was with great sadness that Levi's foster family, after consulting with their veterinarian, determined it was time to let Levi cross the Rainbow Bridge. Levi was doubly blessed to have them as his foster family, not once, but twice. DREAM is so grateful to this kind family for welcoming into their home and loving the senior Dachshunds.

Lucy Lentil

Adopted 06/04/17
Deceased 04/21/22

I wanted to let y'all know that we lost our sweet Lucy on April 21st. She had been on a special diet for the past couple years due to elevated kidney levels and was doing good, but last week she started having seizures and the vet found that her kidney levels were extremely high. They started treatment to try and lower them, but nothing was working and she passed on Thursday. We are all heartbroken and will miss her very much.

Rolf Mustafar

Adopted 02/07/16
Deceased 04/21/22

Jake was pulled from the Austin Animal Center with plans to be our DREAM foster until he found his forever home. He was neutered when he entered the shelter as a stray, but with no microchip, owners could not be found. A few days after arriving in his foster home, we noticed that he was having seizures and collapsing several times/day. His veterinarian quickly determined he had epilepsy and it was easily controlled by twice daily medication. Seizures were very infrequent on the medication and no stuffed squeak toy was safe around Jake. Our big orange tabby learned to avoid Jake as cats were not his favorite but since he was such a small dog, cats usually won in a skirmish. Several years ago, he developed Cushings Disease, which really slowed him down and eventually took him from us.

Cindy and Dave Barnard

Pei Wi Prancer

Adopted 02/25/15
Deceased 04/16/22

I adopted my sweet Peewee when she was almost 12 years old. It didn't matter to me that she was already a senior. She was perfect. Quiet, already housetrained. All she wanted to do was be with me. She's the only dog I've had who would lay at my feet all day while I worked at my computer, content to hang out with me until it was time for dinner. Never pushy or demanding like most of my other Dachshunds. She loved me, and I her. We were perfect for each other. We grew older together.

I knew her time was getting short when I had to wake her to eat. It became more difficult for her to get around, stumbling and sometime falling over when she walked. She never complained. During her last couple of weeks, she got stuck under furniture and put herself into corners, unable to back out. She eventually lost interest in food, and then water. I hoped, like most of us do, that she would pass peacefully in her sleep, but she hung on.

On her last day, she didn't get out of her bed. I knew she was ready to cross, but needed my help. Even after the sedative kicked in, she continued to look up at me while I was crying, as if to say "I'm still here for you". I held her tightly and said "I know".

Rest in peace, sweet girl. You are forever in my heart.

Ricco Rapidash

Deceased 04/15/22

Katy Kanzi

Adopted 10/23/16
Deceased 04/12/22

Our BB8, adopted Oct 2016, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was a wonderful dog and will be missed by the whole family. Our grandson loved to pet her when he visited. She passed on April 12th from a combination of age and back issues.

Connor Cornucopia

Adopted 11/24/14
Deceased 04/08/22

Charlie Chimes

Adopted 05/11/18
Deceased 03/28/22

Tia Taffeta

Adopted 11/23/15
Deceased 03/20/22

Sonny San Marcos

Adopted 02/10/20
Deceased 03/10/22

Grayson Grasshopper

Adopted 12/22/19
Deceased 03/04/22

When I got home Wednesday evening, Grayson could hardly move and was yelping in pain. I cuddled him all night and rushed him to my vet as soon as they opened on Thursday morning. They did x-rays and said he had three discs that had collapsed in his neck, and three in his back. They did injections and kept him overnight. On Friday morning they said he was worse and was completely paralyzed in his back legs. We spoke with the surgeon, but there was no guarantee that surgery would help. Grayson was in so much pain, even with the pain meds, that at noon on Friday we made the difficult decision put Grayson to sleep. I am beyond devastated and I just keep reminding myself that at least he is no longer in pain.

He was my little man and such a loving a sweet boy. I was his person. I feel so lost without him. He’s going to be missed so much by our entire family, especially Charlie our other weenie dog. They were inseparable and he followed her everywhere. He will always be in our hearts. 🤍

Murray Marzipan

Adopted 09/07/21
Deceased 02/10/22

Minnie Taj Mahal
"Minnie Mouse"

Adopted 05/28/19
Deceased 02/09/22

Bunny Burnet

Deceased 02/08/22

We are extremely saddened to report that Bunny has passed away. After multiple procedures at the emergency clinic, including surgery to remove the foreign matter that filled her stomach, she succumbed to the trauma that her little body had endured.

Dodie Stevens

Adopted 04/14/15
Deceased 02/06/22

Gypsy Goodyear

Adopted 09/29/17
Deceased 02/02/22

Troy Toboggan

Adopted 03/20/16
Deceased 01/27/22

Heidi Hawthorn

Deceased 01/17/22

As our eyes grow dim and our ears hear less we still need love and understanding. Heidi came to us a few years back needing to find a home which functioned on her time schedule. Get up at 9:00am, pee twice a day( last one at 10:30 not 10:00) after she sniffed around for 6 minutes and NEVER EVER be held more than 90 seconds. No covering me up (except during the snowmagedon, 4 blankets then) and be sure her meals had chicken breast, pumpkin, and broccoli. She absolutely put on her pretty dress at least once a day and walk to the end of the driveway. Never mention she was a forever foster she was absolutely mine until she flew to the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge at 2:30 pm today in my arms. We love you and our hearts are broken Mom, Dasha, and Precious

Pepper Proteus

Adopted 04/20/20
Deceased 01/17/22

Daisy Turtledove

Adopted 11/08/14
Deceased 01/15/22

Mitzi passed away in January at the age of 13+ from an aggressive form of lymphoma. She was SO sweet. She waited until every one of her people came to see her that morning before she would take her last breath.

Shadow Snowbird

Deceased 01/09/22

Bonzo Bearhug

Adopted 01/14/16
Deceased 01/06/22

Maxwell Martius

Deceased 12/30/21

Rusty Roheline

Adopted 08/08/19
Deceased 12/16/21

It is with tremendous sadness that I have to announce that today we loss our little howling guy Rusty to stomach cancer. He was the goodest boy ever. 🥺🥺 Thank you Michelle for loving him so much for giving him the best life ever. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Schnitzel Saevel

Deceased 12/16/21

Thank you for your support with this beautiful doggie that I was blessed to have in my life for a month. I will always love Schnitzel and miss his loving heart. It's amazing how a dog that was so neglected would open his heart to love me and my family. I will forever be a person that will open my home to a dog that is in need even though it was hard I wouldn't change it. Thank you for helping me through everything and for loving this beautiful boy. My family and I thank you for your time and energy and for all the love for our Schnitzel.

Miley Marsh

Adopted 12/04/18
Deceased 12/14/21

We adopted our sweet Loosie (Miley Marsh) from you December 4, 2018. Sadly, our goofy, funny little girl crossed over the rainbow bridge on December 14, 2021. We didn't get to have her long enough and we miss her terribly. But we are so grateful to have been fortunate enough to be the family for her for three years. She loved being a country girl and we loved having her here with us. With heavy heart I thank you again for finding her for us,

Dorrie Divot

Adopted 05/06/16
Deceased 12/09/21

We adopted Jules (Dorrie Divot) a mini red and white double dapple in May of 2016. She was the cutest 6 lb. doxie ever. Despite being deaf and partially blind she loved to play fetch. Every evening she let us know when she was ready to play by bolting down the couch steps and sitting ready for the throw. She would bring the ball back and gently place it in our hands. In 2020 Jules lost all sight and was not able to play ball. It was so sad for her. She wore two tags so we could hear her jingle if she got "lost" in the house. Her nose worked well and she could always detect an "intruder" in the house. She would bark until she was properly greeted. Unfortunately, her health declined and she developed doggie dementia. In 2021 she became totally dependent on us to carry her everywhere. It broke our heart when she passed in December 2021. Rest in Peace baby girl.

Gloria Dianne

Adopted 03/17/13
Deceased 11/19/21

Emmy Easyout

Adopted 08/01/16
Deceased 11/15/21

We are so heartbroken that little Emme crossed the Rainbow Bridge in November. She will forever be in our hearts.

Shaylie Sherbert

Adopted 08/22/14
Deceased 11/15/21

Shelly Vermicelli

Deceased 11/03/21

Matilda Maternal

Adopted 09/25/20
Deceased 11/02/21

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I share Matilda "Bossy Pants" Coleman has passed on to the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge. She traveled to Mississippi with us often, went on a cross country trip with us to Pennsylvania and back, and met all her cousins, both two legged and 4 legged. She had many adventures.

She was very old, but resilient and tough and opinionated. She bossed the younger dogs around. She would look for me by using a very special sonar bark - LOL. She took a piece of my heart with her. Thank you DREAM Dachshund Rescue for allowing me to adopt, to Rachel Ruth for bringing her into my life, and to Chateau Veterinary Hospital for taking good care of her. Matilda, find your brother and sisters who are already at the bridge and wait for me.

Peggy Playground

Deceased 09/11/21

Our Baby girl passed away this morning. We think her little heart gave out. She peaceful passed while I held her. Sweetest ween we ever had. We will miss her!

Duke D'Qar
"Duke Wayne White"

Adopted 09/04/16
Deceased 09/05/21

Duke passed away on September 5th. He was the best little dog. Very obedient and very loving. He was almost 16 and had cataracts, but he was so determined to keep going. We believe he just died of old age. Miss him so very much. Thank you for matching him with me.

Tobey Truffle

Adopted 01/05/14
Deceased 08/24/21

I adopted little Tobey back in January 2014. He has been my best friend and a loving and loyal companion for the past seven years. I am broken-hearted to tell you that he passed away on August 24th. It was quite sudden and unexpected. Tobey became ill on August 23rd and I took him to his usual veterinarian. They looked him over and sent him home with medication. His condition continued to decline and I took him to VERGI shortly before midnight. Tobey had very low blood sugar and the doctors could not raise it. He passed away at 4:00 am on August 24th, after several attempts to resuscitate him. It was discovered that he had a large mass on his liver.

Bonnie O'Brien

Adopted 05/02/14
Deceased 08/18/21

I wanted to let y'all know that Bonnie passed away on Wednesday, Aug 18. A few months ago she started having problems with her kidney levels being high, so we were taking her to the vet a few times a week for them to administer the fluids to help flush them. Everything seemed to be going well and her numbers were almost normal, but then she started having trouble breathing and they found that her heart was enlarged and was going into heart failure. We had her for a little over 7 years and enjoyed every moment we spent with her. She will be truly missed.

Ike Idol

Adopted 04/07/16
Deceased 08/13/21

Ike has passed away. He was our first DREAM adoption. He was gently put to sleep in his momma’s arms Friday because of end complications from Cushings disease. We are massively saddened.

Gidget Groove

Adopted 08/28/16
Deceased 08/11/21

Peaches Potsticker

Adopted 02/01/20
Deceased 08/08/21

Frankie Friendship

Adopted 12/21/20
Deceased 07/21/21

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of our beloved Frankie Friendship. My wife and I were with him yesterday when he suddenly became ill. We took him to Egret Bay Animal Hospital where they determined he had severe damage to the right side of his heart and had thrown an embolism. After several hours of treatment with no improvement we transferred him over to VCA emergency animal hospital for additional treatment. Frankie fought hard but the vets were unable to get his blood oxygen levels up. He was in our arms when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge to a wonderful new life. Although Frankie was only with us for 8 months it felt like he was with us a lifetime. Words cannot describe how wonderful he was and how much we loved each other.

Opal Oppenheimer

Deceased 07/19/21

It hasn’t been a very good year for the senior dogs in our house. Today we lost Opal 😰 🐶 . She has been with us for over 5 years as a senior sanctuary with DREAM Dachshund Rescue, Education & Adoption Mission. We will miss you baby girl, say hello to Maddy for us. ❤️❤️❤️

Vigo Verbena

Adopted 09/29/15
Deceased 06/29/21

My buddy, my pal, my best friend. My precious funny little Vigo is gone. I will ❤️ you forever.

Gary Gumbo

Deceased 06/08/21

Sarah Solstice

Deceased 05/07/21

Mac Dally

Adopted 04/29/16
Deceased 05/05/21

Pearl Perseverance

Deceased 04/09/21

Perrie Passion

Adopted 05/11/16
Deceased 03/30/21

We said goodbye to our sweet Perrie on March 30, 2021. We are so blessed to have had such a wonderful dog and we will always cherish our memories. Thank you for providing a way to adopt Perrie.

Courtney Kardoxian

Adopted 12/17/13
Deceased 03/26/21

This evening I had to say goodbye to my sweet Confetti girl. My heart is broken but I know she is happy across the rainbow bridge. A big thank you to our staff at LeadER Animal Specialty Hospital. They were truly a comfort to me at such a difficult time. I was a mess, but they held my hand the entire way. 💕

Peanut Prism

Deceased 03/23/21

Pippa Picnic

Adopted 09/20/15
Deceased 03/14/21

I lost Pippa on March 14th. She had back surgery and came out of it great, but she developed an E. coli infection. Antibiotics weren’t helping, and the infection eventually lead to organ problems. We did everything we possibly could, but the vet wasn't able to save her.

Sansa Stark

Adopted 12/30/17
Deceased 03/10/21

On March 10, 2021, I said my final goodbye to Sansa, my Beautiful Angel. I kissed her as she slipped away to a better place. I adopted Sansa on December 30, 2017, ten days after losing Joy a week before Christmas. Joy was my heart, one of my best canine friends ever. I was a total mess - couldn’t eat, cried a lot, was unable to sleep, had difficulty focusing and was seriously distracted in my grief.

Ron convinced me to look on the DREAM site for another dog. I took a half hearted scan at the site, and a little red longhaired female got my attention. Poor baby looked as sad and lost as I felt. Told Ron - this is the one. I went into the adoption with eyes wide open. Sansa was not a young puppy and while I knew we would not spend a lifetime together, we’d make every day count. We worked out the details with Suzanne - she and Dream are awesome!

On December 30, 2017 Ron drove to the foster’s home (a good long way from us) and returned about 9:00 p.m. He handed Sansa to me - I looked into her eyes and told her she was a beautiful girl. She stared back then kissed me with that little tongue that always hung out on the right side of her mouth because she had lost her teeth. It was love at first sight. I patted Sansa and promised I would always love her, I would always take care of her and I would never leave her. I also told her she would never have to worry about a thing, that I would take care of it all. She slept with me, and as long dogs often do, slept horizontally so that I was very often teetering on the edge of the mattress. How could a little 12 pound dog take up so much room?

Sansa was a wonderful, loving, kind, gentle, quiet little dog. Her forgiving, patient nature and sense of inner peace was a wonder to behold. She accepted everything that came her way from fosters and cats to my puppy, Chance. She was exactly what I needed. Sansa gave me purpose and a new appreciation for life in general. She taught me to keep looking forward, hold onto and enjoy my memories and accept whatever life dealt out to me. She rescued me!

I miss her and still wake up in the wee hours and reach out to touch her, making sure she did not get around the pillow barrier I built every night to keep her from falling over the edge of the bed. Then it hits me she is gone. I remind myself how blessed I was to have her companionship and love a little over three years, and smile when I think how she’d come to life at mealtimes, galloping around the kitchen like My Little Pony - so darn cute!

Sansa, I will always love you to the moon, the stars and back. You were truly my Beautiful Angel. If I am so fortunate, I hope to meet you and the rest of the gang at the bridge. Godspeed little girl. Kiss all the others for me. I shall miss you. 😘

Jaeger Yottle

Adopted 09/16/15
Deceased 03/04/21

My sweet Jaeger passed away this morning. He became ill suddenly last night. I took him to the vet first thing this morning. They found that he had a large mass in his abdomen. I am still in shock. There were no signs that he was ill. He was such a good boy, very sweet and funny. He loved to be snuggled and hugged and kissed. I always obliged. He loved me very much. He followed me everywhere. I love him and miss him so much. My heart is broken.

Chachi Cheers
"Mary Tyler Moore"

Adopted 06/27/20
Deceased 02/28/21

We were extremely saddened to hear of Chachi's passing due to anaphylactic shock. Her adopter doesn't know what she got into to cause such a severe allergic reaction. By the time she got her to the vet, they were unable to save her. She was very much loved by her DREAM fosters and adopter. Absolutely heartbreaking.

Trevor Tuxedo

Adopted 08/21/15
Deceased 01/16/21

Huck Honeymoon

Deceased 01/05/21

Tara Treat

Deceased 12/15/20

It is with very heavy hearts that Lindy and I have to report that Ms. Tara has passed away. She had to be put to sleep two days ago because her kidneys had failed. She was euthanized at home and died in my arms 💔.

Beau Berlin

Adopted 07/01/18
Deceased 12/11/20

I'm so sorry to have to tell you that we lost Blue. We still don't know what happened. The vets at the ER said it was probably a snake bite or insect that he was maybe allergic to. They did a platelet infusion, everything they could but could not save him. I had to let him go on Friday morning. Until today, I could barely talk about it and I still cry every day because I miss his sweet little face so much.


Adopted 05/25/13
Deceased 11/28/20

Today I said goodbye to my snuggle buddy. I knew this day was coming although I thought I would lose him to dementia, not a stroke. With the loss of his back legs and the inability to sit upright without support, he was miserable. I had hoped with a few days, he would improve but unfortunately his little body further declined. My heart is shattered and aches beyond words. I am comforted to know that he will be met at the Rainbow Bridge by Lilah, Clarence, Malcolm, Shorty, Knox and a few others. Comet will stop by to snap at him one more time. Winkie easily made human and furry friends and I am sure he is up there making some new ones. He is probably going to be starting a few bromances and put his moves into action. He will chase geckos and bunnies, take long walks and be the center of attention. Until we meet again, know that I love you and miss you Wink! You were special.

Shye Shizuka

Adopted 03/23/17
Deceased 11/13/20

One of the worst things to experience is watching a loved one literally fall apart in front of your eyes. This happened to my sweet redhead girl Shay this week.

She was a natural sweetheart, always wagging her tail to greet us or her beloved brother Cody. They were inseparable until they weren't. He passed nearly a year ago before Christmas last year and she hasn't been the same since.

I promised him we'd take care of her. She was with him to the end and even gave him kisses goodbye before he slept. I let her sleep on my side of the bed every single night and slept on the floor to keep her comfortable after she got her IVDD surgery to help cope.

Shay began having IBS issues around the time Cody became ill which eventually triggered the last events of her time on this earth. Always a sweetheart but also her own worst enemy not understanding that she was hurting herself.

She missed her brother everyday. Deep down I think she recognized the time of the year and wanted to see him again. Sleep well Shay-Lynn Marie, we will never forgot you and Coco Bear.

Winter Berry
"Minnie Winnie"

Deceased 11/04/20

Cece Scores

Deceased 11/02/20

Today was a very hard day for me. I had to let my Magic Cee go to the Rainbow Bridge. The story began with a call from Dream Dachshund Rescue asking me to take a little 9 pound dog they had picked up from a shelter. She had bad teeth and ears, awful skin, heartworm positive, and a tumor the size of a baseball. I picked her up a few days before the surgery and afterwards she was to spend a few day with me in a quiet environment. A few days became years and we had some exciting adventures. About a month ago she came down with MRSA. The treatment was horrible and it broke her spirit. Pancreatitis set in and we tried, but it was a loosing battle. You fought for 17 years and now! Run free my baby just like you did from me. I will see you again at the 🌈 Bridge with Hans, Brandy. Roxie, Christmas, and Sadie.

Tucker Tassimo

Adopted 01/23/19
Deceased 10/25/20

Tucker is free now. No more pain or breathing problems. He's riding in his jump seat in the sky. You will be missed little buddy.

Ernie Etonblue

Deceased 10/21/20

Ernie captured our hearts this past February. After losing our almost 12 year old dachshund, we decided to open our home to another. Ernie was 15 years old, blind, and mostly deaf, but you certainly wouldn’t have known it! He was full of life, so incredibly smart, & as spunky as they come. He absolutely loved hanging out with us and would stay in our arms all day if he could. We’re gonna miss snuggling with and loving on you, Ernie! You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten.


Deceased 10/12/20

We still can't get over that Bertie is gone. The only positive thing was that she's now back with Manny and no longer hurting. Sweet little Bertie was loved and loved back.

Simon Stubbs

Adopted 08/08/16
Deceased 10/08/20

Clarence became an angel today. We knew this was a possibility when we departed for our trip, which was one of the reasons we took our sweet boy. He fell ill when we arrived in Eagle River, WI on Wednesday and transitioned early this morning to his next pup adventure in the sky.

We named him after Clarence the angel in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” He was ours’ for 4 1/4 beautiful years. Rest in Love, dear Clarence. We will feel your sweet spirit forever.

Barney Barre

Deceased 10/05/20

Nash Nidoran

Deceased 10/05/20

Nash was the most easygoing dog. During the almost four years here with me, he endured constant ear infections with constant vet visits and treatment. His last two months were the best he had been in two years, so when he suddenly became worse with ,pain and neurological symptoms, I knew he had suffered enough. Goodbye my precious boy. Hopefully, your life over the rainbow bridge will be filled with sunshine and happy times.

Dixie Lou

Deceased 08/25/20

I have been trying to come to terms with losing Dixie Lou and it has been hard and very sad. For eight years (six with my husband Hal, and two on my own since he passed in 2018), I have been caring for Dixie. Her original owner, for the first seven years of her life, was my Dad. He fed her too many snacks of eggs and cheese, which resulted in her becoming diabetic. For the past several years, this has meant a special GlycoBalance diet and two shots per day of Vetsulin.

She had so much tenacity and just kept on living life no matter what. I really admired her for her strength and forbearance of her condition. She just didn’t let anything get her down. Even in her last days, when she was in pain from oncoming pancreatitis, she refused to give in or give up. Having to take her in to the vet was so hard knowing that this was not going to work out well for her. I had time in a private exam room to hold her close and tell her how much I admired and loved her. Although she was calm, she was also letting me know I should let her go home, where she could be with my Dad. It was so hard to say goodbye.

She was a true miniature dachshund, with a silky smooth coat and had special ears that stuck straight out and that gave her the nickname of “Bat Girl”. I would smooth her ears down and say “Dachshund ears", but as soon as I let them go, they would immediately pop back up in Bat Girl mode. She was bigger than life for such a tiny dog, and although she was 15 years old, she was just so beautiful. I know she is now free of pain, running around, or curled up on Dad’s lap.

Genie Gevalia
"Genie Beanie Super Weenie"

Adopted 02/18/20
Deceased 08/11/20

We sadly said goodbye to my sweet Genie Beanie Super Weenie a few days ago. Long story short, after exams and blood tests showing everything within normal limits, we believe she had a brain tumor.

Genie and Missy came to live with us about one year ago as forever fosters. Missy became ill and passed away in February. I decided to adopt Genie then.

Losing two dogs within six months is difficult, as we all know, but such is life as a rescuer. No regrets here. I will always have rescues and will always love them. We take our lumps and go back for more.

Genie was a hoot! Always a high energy, beautiful and happy dog, her tail a blur of wagging, she loved the whole world and everyone in it. It was so sweet to see her in a puppy pile with Rhodes, Sansa, Miggy, Cow Girl, Sara, Mia and whoever else decided to crash with them - usually Bart, my tuxedo cat. Genie was my tiny bud, my shadow who loved to get under my feet and follow me around. She had the loudest bark for such a little dog just under 10 pounds. Her favorite time was mealtime and she ate with pure gusto. She slowly crept into my heart and stole it!

At bedtime I’d spray rose & lavender essential oils in the room and apply lavender to her coat. Then I’d kiss her little head, rock her in my arms and sing her a lullaby. I’d promise to meet her in our dreams in sleepy town. The lullaby I sang went like this:

Hush a bye, don’t you cry
Go to sleep my little baby.
When you wake you shall have
All the pretty little horses.
Dapples and grays, pintos and bays,
All the pretty little horses.

Yonder down in the meadow
Poor little baby’s crying Momma.
Birds and butterflies flutter around her eyes,
Poor little baby’s crying Momma.
Mmmm mmmmm mmmmmm,
Mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm.
Go to sleep my little baby.

Then I’d kiss her again and gently lay her in her bed and sneak out of the room before she realized I’d left.

I shall miss you Genie Beanie. You know your Momma loves you. Have fun playing with all your siblings. Tell Joy to be nice to you and please meet me at the bridge with the gang if I am blessed to make it there! Goodbye for now. 😘

Bobby Basil

Adopted 02/14/15
Deceased 07/28/20

I had to say goodbye to my little man Bobby a couple of days ago. I adopted him 5+ years ago when he was 8 years old. He was a good boy. He was quite an unusual boy. I called him my 'autism dog' because he didn't show emotion like a normal dog does. He rarely wagged his tail, he rarely gave kisses and he rarely barked or growled no matter what was going on. When I had the litter of 8 puppies at my house a couple years ago I knew he'd be a great dog for socializing them because he was so tolerant...and all I can say after seeing him with them is he may have been a saint!

Even though Bobby didn't usually show emotion in an obvious way, if you knew him you knew what he needed. For instance, if he was content he would lick his paws. I actually spent the LONGEST time trying different allergy meds and sprays trying to get him to STOP licking his paws until I figured out he just did it because he liked to! If he wanted your attention he would flap his ears. Decoding Bobby's language was a unique adventure.

I'm not sure what his history was...if he ever acted like a 'normal' dog...if he ever ran around and played as a puppy. That would have been fun to see.

Bobby WAS a completely normal dog though in the fact that he LOVED to eat. He loved his fruits and veggies that he got as snacks nearly every day and he never hesitated to try new things.

Bobby was a super sweet companion...just as nice as they come. He had the softest & puffiest little chest...you could just nuzzle your nose right into him if you wanted to escape for a little while. He didn't mind at all. Bobby will be missed by all...but especially those who got to call him their boy.

Myra Meringue

Deceased 07/18/20

Myra was a sweet, happy, spunky little old lady with a big quirky personality! She was our forever foster and we loved her the very minute she came into our life! She loved cuddles, her treats, and sleeping under blankets. Her happy place was outside laying in the grass in the sun with her ears flapping in the breeze. But my happy place (Anneliese) was her curled up in my lap at night while reading or watching TV. Her little tongue hung out of her mouth 99% of the time adding to that big personality.

Our dog Monty was her protector letting us know if she needed to go out, bark at other dogs walking by (which he never did prior to having her), and slept right on top of her. The cats always rubbed on her and would go belly up as she walked up to them. Myra brought such joy to our family and has definitely left a huge hole in our hearts. Thank you DREAM for allowing us to care for her and allowing her to live out her senior years with us. She definitely was spoiled right up to her last breath and will be surely missed!

Anneliese, Tony, Emma, & Audra Grassi

Danny Democracy

Deceased 07/04/20

Abbey Abbott

Adopted 06/14/18
Deceased 06/29/20

Oscar Oratek

Deceased 06/19/20

We lost our sweet boy Ozzie today. Ozzie and Ziggy came to us as senior fosters last year through Dream Dachshund and they have been the best dogs! I have a big heart for senior dogs. It is so hard when we loose them. Ozzie and Savannah were best friends and she called him her baby. It breaks my heart to see her so upset. I wish they could live forever. 💔 😥

DREAM extends our deepest sympathy to Leean and her family, especially Savannah, for the loss of their sweet foster, Ozzie.

From Oscar's previous foster mom:

Friends, today I found out that sweet Ozzie passed away a few days ago. I can't stop crying, and am in shock. Many of you knew him while I fostered him and Ziggy for almost two years. I’ll always remember him carrying his donut toy, even while peeing. Ozzie you will be missed my sweet boy.

Ruby Radar

Adopted 06/25/17
Deceased 06/10/20

We received a voicemail from Ruby's adopter on June 24th saying said Ruby had gotten very sick and passed away two weeks ago. She wanted us to know that Ruby was the sweetest thing ever, and what a little doll she was. Ruby was her favorite little sweetheart. 😭

Our hearts go out to Shirley for the loss of her precious girl, Ruby.

Maggie Macbeth

Deceased 06/01/20

Maggie was a wonderful girl and our first DREAM foster. Several applicants expressed interested in her, but she stayed with us until the end. She was beautiful, and spunky, hopped when she barked, and snored as loud as a train. Maggie was joined at the Rainbow Bridge by her foster brother, a Basset Hound named Moose. She is loved very much. Run free "Maggie May". We miss you.

Thanks to Reachel and her family for fostering and loving this sweet girl. We are so sorry for your loss.

Truly Treasure

Deceased 05/28/20

Sweet little Truly had been a DREAM dog only for a couple weeks, but she already had several potential adopters interested in her. We decided to have her teeth cleaned for an upcoming "Meet & Greet" so she would look her best. What was supposed to be a routine dental cleaning turned into a tragedy. She didn't wake up after the procedure. Absolutely heartbreaking for all involved. We're so very sorry, little girl. You were truly a treasure and will be dearly missed. Hope you are running with all your long lost friends over Rainbow Bridge.

Watson Watercress
"Dr. Watson"

Adopted 09/30/14
Deceased 05/26/20

Dr Watson was our first rescue from DREAM,6 years ago. He was the best little boy anyone could ask for. He passed away yesterday from (what appeared to be) a brain tumor. It came on very suddenly. Poor little guy Still can’t believe he’s really gone. Our hearts are breaking at his passing. Watson was honestly such a good dog. He never did anything wrong.

Happy Harlequin

Deceased 05/25/20

Happy went to the rainbow bridge. She is with Lucky again. Hope they are snuggling and playing with toys together. 😭🌈

Mabelle Machiatto

Adopted 12/15/18
Deceased 05/19/20

Our beloved MaeBelle is running with the angels. At the beginning of the year, she was having some mobility/memory concerns. We had her tested for Cushings. We lost her on May 19th. She was a joy in our lives. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her adorable face.

Pia Pidove

Adopted 02/05/17
Deceased 03/18/20

Sophie Sabine

Deceased 03/16/20

Lucille LaSalle
"Mi Miel (My Honey)"

Adopted 06/17/17
Deceased 03/15/20

Missy Machu Picchu

Deceased 02/02/20

Another sad day at our house Sunday. One of our forever fosters, Missy Machu Picchu, went to the Rainbow Bridge. She’d been on meds for a couple days, but Saturday evening she started to fail. Early Sunday morning I took her to my vet clinic. My vet assessed her and it was agreed euthanasia would be the kindest path to follow, so we let her go.

Missy was a happy, sweet, tiny senior girl who loved all her brothers and sisters - even the cats. She loved to run around the yard in the sunlight with her siblings and loved to be kissed, carried and rocked in my arms as I sang little songs to her. She would go to bed at night on a big quilt with her sister Genie. Then I’d spray lavender and rose essential oils around the room and tuck them both in, giving kisses and telling them I loved them and would meet them in Sleepy Town. We only had Missy for a few months, but she seemed to be very happy with us and we enjoyed having her as part of our family. It was so cute to see her asleep with Rhodes, Genie and Sansa in a puppy pile on a quilt in our dog room. I feel blessed to have had her in my life. Thanks to Dream for allowing her to live with us. I’ll miss you little girl. Godspeed and send my love to all of our fur babies at the bridge.

Bella Bender

Adopted 09/17/16
Deceased 01/15/20

Herbie Hibiscus

Deceased 01/14/20

Tiffany Tinsel

Adopted 03/12/14
Deceased 01/03/20

Eden Empire

Adopted 10/16/16
Deceased 12/31/19

Cody Crispin

Deceased 12/23/19

Cody "The Body" McKinney was a sweet old man we decided to foster with his bonded sister on 10/22/16. He was in bad shape with just two teeth remaining, severe back issues and had been debarked. The prior owner passed and his kin surrendered him. Some vet visits and medication brought him back to life. However, he nearly died from a severe pancreatitis attack sometime later, after which we decided to keep him and his sister Shay permanently.

Cody had a rough life but we did everything in our power to nurse him back to health. I think we did ok but his health continued to deteriorate. Cody developed a grade three heart murmur, had high calcium levels, developed growths on his neck, lost fur, etc etc. Cody didn't care though. He was a grumpy pup, loved his bed and was my alarm clock on time every at 4:00 AM and 4:00 PM when he wanted food. He got confused sometimes and got lost in the house but never forgot where his food bowl was.

Rest in peace Master Cody, Coco 🐻, and God knows how many other names we gave you. We and Shay miss you terribly. Please take care of my Marley and Kali.

Ellie Mae Waterway

Deceased 11/29/19

Hannah Kearney

Adopted 03/29/14
Deceased 11/25/19

Neo Neapolitan

Adopted 10/28/18
Deceased 11/21/19

Our little old man's age finally caught up with him. At the recommendation of our vet, we helped him cross Rainbow Bridge. We wanted to share the sad news and thank DREAM and Neo's foster Brian for everything.

Roadie Redoak

Deceased 11/20/19

I wish I had known Roadie his whole life as I only gave him a home and love for one year. He was such a sweet boy and followed me around everywhere I went. I miss him very much and his crossing the rainbow bridge is comforting to me. Sweet dreams, Roadie.

Our hearts go out to Dianne for the loss of her sweet foster, Roadie

Hugh Heinz

Adopted 10/19/16
Deceased 11/02/19

Lucie Luge

Deceased 10/23/19

Our beloved DREAM foster Lucy passed away over the rainbow bridge yesterday, it was very sudden and difficult for everyone. The entire household and her sisters already miss her terribly 😔

DREAM extends our sincerest condolences to Lucie's foster Steph and her family for the loss of their precious Lucie.

Frankie Floss

Adopted 08/13/17
Deceased 10/18/19

Just wanted to let you know that Frankie, who I adopted from you two years ago in August, died last week. Frankie was happy and loving the whole time we were together. She was loyal and a true companion. She was very much loved. I miss her so much.

Our hearts go our to Mary for the lost of her precious Frankie.

Daisy Durango

Adopted 06/30/17
Deceased 10/08/19

It's difficult to put together a sufficient eulogy for Daisy because I am so distressed over her loss. She was everything that I expected her to be, from the moment Peaches (my 15 yr. old deaf Pomeranian "child") and I met her. I am honored that I was able to care for her in her senior years and am thankful that she was able to help watch out after Peaches.

Miss Daisy's health had been deteriorating since about June, as she had developed a cataract in one eye and was losing sight in the other, as well as losing muscle mass in her rear legs due to arthritis. She was losing her mobility and I would carry her outside as she needed. We spent a lot of good days outside sitting in the grass together and when she wanted to walk, and was able to, she would walk and play with Peaches until she just had to sit. In her last months, she was only able to eat canned food instead of dry kibble. I took her to the vet when she could no longer stand on her own to relieve herself as I would have to hold her up to help her. She got very lethargic and did not want to get out of her little bed or even go eat from her bowl, so I would sit by her bed and hand feed her.

When I took her to the vet for the last time, I held her in her favorite blanket. The vet told me she was in her final days, there was nothing he could do to help her, and that she would only get worse. After making the difficult decision to let her go, I comforted Miss Daisy through the entire process, always letting her feel my touch and hear my voice, so she would know I was with her to the end and after. As the vet left me to be alone with her, the sadness and my grief for her loss became overwhelming. I said prayers over her and told her how much she had helped me and Peaches and how much we loved her.

It broke my heart to see her pass, even though I know she is now a young, vibrant playful, fully functional little girl once again, with many beautiful friends to love and play with in Heaven. Thank you for the opportunity of being able to care for and share a part of my life with Miss Daisy Durango. She was a very good and sweet "child".

Our hearts to out to Ron and Peaches for the loss of their precious Daisy.

Coco Crowley

Adopted 07/26/16
Deceased 09/12/19

Our sweet Coco has left us. She was almost 14, our only rescue, the smartest of our three Dachshunds, and also the toughest. You didn’t mess with Coco!

She had acute renal failure, with stones in her bladder and one of her kidneys. By the time she showed any symptoms, her kidneys were 75% gone. We did everything we could, but it was too late.

This collar, also worn by our two other Dachshund, Rothko and Zorro, will be hard to fill.

Our hearts go out to Frank and Judy for the loss of their precious Coco.

Snoopy Superior

Deceased 08/22/19

My heart is broken into a million pieces again. My sweet beautiful Snoopy has left this earth to go to the Rainbow Bridge to be reunited with his brothers and sisters where I hope one blissful day I meet him again. He was 22 years old and had an incredibly long life. I had only a year and a half with him but I hope I made his life happy and comfortable. He was such a loyal and loving little dog and he followed me everywhere. I am constantly looking for him and he is gone. I know he is watching me from where he is . He had such beautiful huge dark eyes and no matter where I was he followed me with his gaze. I know he is in a better place now where there is no pain and where he can run again. Darling Snoopy, go and play and be free until the day we meet at the Rainbow bridge.

Knox Knuckleball

Adopted 03/20/17
Deceased 08/17/19

Little Rusty just wore out, sweet old man that he was.  He was a constant lap partner but to my shame, he never got the sparkle back in his eyes.  He tolerated the other dogs but was never up to playing – must have been a loner at heart or just older than we knew.  My two seniors now act much the same way.  I loved having him and I think he knew he was loved.  When he started failing and was in evident pain, we went with the vet's recommendation and held him near while she put him to sleep.  This still brings tears to my eyes.

Dewey Deckle

Adopted 10/02/16
Deceased 08/16/19

I am absolutely heartbroken to inform you that Digby passed away suddenly yesterday morning. He started having some stomach issues in April, but other than that, he was doing great. Yesterday morning he woke us, barking and moaning, which was unusual. He was also very lethargic. We rushed him to the vet who told us he was going to run some tests and would give us a call to let us know what we were dealing with. The vet called not long after saying he was shocked and so sad to let us know that Digby crashed before they were even able to run any tests.

We are absolutely lost without Digby. Even though dogs depend on us to take care of them, we didn’t even realize at the time that Digby was really taking care of us. He mostly liked to sleep next to us, be in his own bed, or follow us around the house (we said he was helping us.) Now I’m like “How do I brush my teeth without Digby helping me? How do I get ready for bed without taking him outside and then tucking him in first?” If we were sick, he took care of us. If we were happy, he was still taking care of us and part of the happiness.

I almost wonder if him waiting until we left the vets office to crash was part of him taking care of us too, so that we wouldn’t have to see them working on him. He was always nervous to go there, but he was calm this time, so I find a little comfort in that. We were able to go to the vet’s office to see him and say our final goodbye’s.

He went everywhere with us and was such a huge part of our lives for 3 years. We took care of him like he was our baby, and our family and friends said we treated him like a king. We hope that he knows how much we loved him, but I’m sure he did. We wish we could have had him sooner, but 100 years wouldn’t have been long enough with him. I don’t know how long it will take, but we have already said we hope to eventually adopt another dog. We don’t think it would be fair to Digby to not help another dog get the good care and life that we were able to give him. Plus he has left a huge hole in our hearts. He has set the bar so high for a future dog, and all he had to do was snuggle with us and just be himself. He was perfect and not just a good boy, but the best boy. Thank you so much for matching us with him,

Arthur Allbreed

Deceased 08/15/19

It's with sadness to share Arthur crossed the rainbow bridge tonight. We thoroughly enjoyed this past year with you buddy. Hope you are running free with Buster and Mattie girl. 🐾🌈🐾

Bob Marley

Adopted 07/20/18
Deceased 07/22/19

It is with sad news that I let my friends know, my former foster dog Bob Marley passed away today. I was thinking about him this weekend since we were volunteering in Houston. It was this weekend last year he was adopted. His mom only got to spend a year and 2 days with him. I didn’t realize until looking through pictures that I had him 5 months. He was so cute and chubby and I loved his little quirks. I am so glad DREAM, his new mom and I were able to give him the best care for the last year and a half of his life. Rest In Peace my little Bob Lobster! ❤️ Adopt or Foster a senior. You definitely won’t regret. I know it’s sad and sometimes it’s only for a short period of time, but giving that one dog the world at the end of his or her life is the most rewarding gift of all. 😭😭😭 Senior care is expensive. DREAM takes on a lot of seniors and I am so thankful for them! ❤️

Frannie Franciscan

Deceased 07/14/19

We made the difficult decision to let Frannie go today. The only time she seemed at peace was when she was sleeping. She would get up and fuss for a couple of hours before breakfast and dinner and sometimes during the middle of the day. She was completely uncoordinated, losing her balance, falling and not being able to get back up by herself. We'd put food right in front of her and she'd have a hard time finding it. Then she'd trip over her bowl or even step in it. She never enjoyed being outside or playing with other dogs. We sure will miss you, little girl. We hope you find some peace over Rainbow Bridge. ❤️

Mo Matchup

Adopted 01/18/17
Deceased 07/13/19

We had to put our wonderful little Mo to sleep because of a bad back that couldn't be fixed. We miss him so much. He was quite a character.

Buster Brise'

Deceased 05/23/19

Missing you already. Say hi to Mattie girl for us. We love you forever. Rest Easy Buster Bear ❤️🐾❤️

Our hearts go out to Buster's foster family for the loss of their special senior boy.

Susie Sunflower

Deceased 05/16/19

Jones Hucklebones

Deceased 04/29/19

Jones came to DREAM from New Orleans. He was an easy going, friendly senior whose owners had turned him into the shelter because he wasn't getting along with two new puppies they'd recently acquired. How sad that someone could give up a dog they'd had for 12 years knowing he could be euthanized at the shelter. Once in foster care, Jones got along wonderfully with dogs of all ages and breeds and even did fine with cats! He had zero aggression and was perfectly house-trained. Such a sweet lovable little senior.

Jones' foster took him to the vet because he started acting lethargic and just didn’t look well. She thought he might have another stomach issue because he was always eating things outside. They had just gone on a long walk the previous night, he ate breakfast in the morning and seemed fine then. The vet did an ultrasound and found that Jones had a liver tumor about the size of a tennis ball that had ruptured and was bleeding into his abdomen. He had to be euthanized. His foster is absolutely devastated. Jones adored Lori and she said he was her comic relief. He was so full of love and life right up to the very end.

Our hearts go out to Lori for the loss of her sweet Forever Foster, Jones.

Desmond David Hume

Adopted 07/31/14
Deceased 03/12/19

Lilah L'Sat

Adopted 04/26/16
Deceased 03/10/19

Charlie Chestnut

Deceased 02/11/19

Jack Juniper

Adopted 09/22/13
Deceased 01/01/19


Deceased 12/18/18

Winslow Whiff

Adopted 06/25/16
Deceased 12/18/18

I adopted Winslow in June of 2016. She has been the best thing that has walked into my life. I have to tell you with a very broken heart my beautiful Winnie passed away this last Tuesday 12/18/18 at 6:15 PM. I stayed with her till her last breath and told how much I loved her. The vet said she had a stroke. Our family is devastated. Thank you for letting me care for one of the greatest little angels their ever was. I will certainly miss her sweet barks and cuddles.

Heidi Slider

Deceased 12/14/18

Rusty Riedenberger

Adopted 11/28/16
Deceased 12/02/18

Dr. Browning did a Sunday call out, along with her receptionist, to ease my little old mans suffering and make sure everything was setup for his cremation. They were incredibly patient, sweet and comforting to me and my little dude. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My sweet old man Bucket is no longer with me. My heart is shattered. Rest easy my sweet boy, to the moon little man, to the moon.

Jovie Elf

Adopted 12/09/15
Deceased 11/18/18

We adopted Jovie three years ago. She passed away a little over a month ago. We think she had an aneurysm. It was very sudden and extremely shocking. She was the best dog ever!

Rosalee Ratatouille

Adopted 02/12/17
Deceased 11/14/18

I wanted to let you know that we had to put Rosie to sleep this afternoon. Despite all of the medication she was on, her condition was deteriorating. They told us today that they believe her body was rejecting the medication and she was so sick that it would be best to put her to sleep. It has been such a gut-wrenching two months, with today being the worst.

We are all so deeply saddened, especially my daughter. 😢 We are still in disbelief and have been crying all afternoon. She was the sweetest dog and so incredibly playful.

Our hearts go out Rosie's adopters for the loss of their sweet Rosie.

Millie Mandolin

Deceased 11/13/18

My sweet loving Millie crossed the bridge today at 12:38 pm. It was a very peaceful passing.

She was found alone in a ditch covered in mud and fleas, it was love at first sight. For the last 7 months she was a part of our family, she was patient with the puppies, loved breakfast and dinner time and at her old age (est 14-18) she had so many quirks that you couldn’t help but fall in love.

Thank you for the honor to be her foster. She will be greatly missed and forever loved.


Deceased 10/22/18

This angel took a little piece of me to heaven with her today. Izzy you were loved more than you know and will forever be in my heart! 🐾

Leyna Latik

Adopted 12/08/17
Deceased 10/21/18

A few days ago, sweet Leyna stopped eating and had become lethargic. Her adopter rushed her to the ER vet where she stayed overnight, but in the end, her kidneys gave out. Our hearts go out to Lisa for the loss of her precious little girl.

Tiny Grimes

Deceased 09/24/18

Sweet little Tiny passed away Monday night due to complications from heartworm treatment. We are beyond devastated and feel awful for putting his foster parents through this. We are so very sorry. Rest in peace, Tiny Grimes.

Penny Widmore Hume

Adopted 11/11/14
Deceased 09/10/18

We said farewell to our sweet little Lucy today. Lucy was born with physical disabilities, but truly seemed to enjoy life in spite of her challenges. She was a tiny spunky little girl who loved to play “fetch” with her favorite blue crab. We had five wonderful years with her, and she brought us so much happiness. Lucy is at peace now. We will truly miss our beautiful little girl!

Pepper Rally

Adopted 11/05/14
Deceased 09/08/18

Sometimes our best friends leave us too soon. In memory of Mr> Opus, please consider donating to the compassionate team that gave him the chance at a second life so that other sweet babies can be as lucky.

Peanut Paradise

Adopted 07/07/16
Deceased 08/27/18

Durango Delta

Adopted 12/22/17
Deceased 08/22/18

Durango spent his entire life in a cage. No treats. No toys. No love. His constant companion was fear. Then one day some strange people came and took him away from all he knew, even though what he knew was not good. Now he was really in fear, because he didn't know what was happening. He had no idea that these people were kind and would brighten his future. To him, people were not to be trusted. His foster mommy got him over a lot of his fear, and then he got a new, permanent mommy in November of 2017. He was just the sweetest and most forgiving dog ever.An even bigger surprise was that his new mommy had his mate at this new house! She was the only love he had known from being in a cage nine years. He was sooo happy! He had a permanent mommy, a permanent home, a new name (Oscar), a yard of his own, and his precious mate, whom he loved dearly. was there also. Life was great!

And then his mommy noticed something was wrong with Durango's mouth. He had cancer. He was kept as comfortable for as long as possible, then, within a month, it was time for his to cross the rainbow bridge. His mommy was devastated, and still misses him terribly. Bella, his gal, still misses him and grieves for him. You were so very loved, Durango.


Adopted 08/04/18
Deceased 08/19/18

Gary Graduate

Deceased 08/15/18


Adopted 04/30/15
Deceased 08/13/18

Margie Marshal

Deceased 08/07/18

Mina Bonteri

Deceased 07/31/18

Davos Seaworth

Adopted 01/19/18
Deceased 06/22/18

I have lost my sweet Leo. I took him to emergency clinic very early Friday morning and he could not be saved. I am devastated. He was such a little character and stole my heart. This loss is extremely hard.

Missy Mistletoe

Adopted 02/14/14
Deceased 06/18/18

We are so heartbroken to announce the sudden loss of our sweet Missy. I swear she was made from pure sugar and we will never know a dog sweeter than her. We lost her best friend Polly just 8 months ago and I know they are running around in Heaven together now. ❤️ Until we meet again sweet girl.

Caleb Caroler

Adopted 01/04/15
Deceased 06/01/18

Today my heart is heavy with sorrow and sadness our Caleb crossed the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge with our beloved Bobby. Caleb brought so much joy and happiness to our family, especially my son who has mental challenges. Caleb was the sweetest and most caring dog. We will miss him so dearly. I want to thank DREAM Dachshund Rescue for allowing us to adopt Caleb. He was our sweet boy. Rest In Peace my beloved Caleb.

Our hearts go out to Jose and Diana for the loss of their precious boy.

Howard Cunningham

Adopted 09/19/15
Deceased 06/01/18

Elaine Elf

Adopted 05/17/16
Deceased 05/14/18

Ellie was a senior who was being treated for heartworms when we adopter her. She recovered from heartworms. Unfortunately, she acquired a cough recently. It became worse within a week. So concerned, we took her to our vet. He was amazed she was alive as her heart was so enlarged it was pressed on her trachea and lungs. Our vet said that she should join our others over the rainbow bridge as there was nothing he could do that would prolong her life more than a few weeks and at that point in time she was struggling for every breath. We cherish the time she was with us. She is missed terribly by her sister Charley. I could go on and on about her personality, the crazy things she did to make our life full of love.

Shelby Shepherd

Deceased 05/11/18

We said goodbye to Shelby today. Her mobility had progressively worsened to the point that she could barely move any of her legs. She spent most of her time in a hunched over sitting position. We made the difficult decision to let her go over Rainbow Bridge. Good bye, sweet Shelby. We will miss you.

Kamille Kazoo

Deceased 03/23/18

It is with a sad and heavy heart I must tell you we lost baby Kamille. It appears she got stuck up under mommy. We are devastated over her passing, however I believe our beloved pets will walk the streets of gold with us. She was only two days old, but she is imprinted on my heart forever. God bless you baby girl until we meet again.

Bruce Bouquet

Adopted 04/02/16
Deceased 03/10/18

We said our farewell to Blue today. He joins his brothers Chub-Chub and Alfie over rainbow bridge. ❤️

Puddy Pontchartrain
"Wasabi Pud"

Deceased 02/07/18

We are heartbroken to let our friends and family know that our sweet Wasabi Pud crossed over the rainbow bridge this morning. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we are struggling with this loss.

Boone Breckenridge

Adopted 01/14/16
Deceased 01/22/18

Duchess Direwolf

Deceased 01/08/18

Rest in peace Sweet Duchess. You weren’t with us very long, but you were loved.

Brady Beech

Deceased 12/29/17

Sweet, stubborn, demanding, and charming. I'm so glad we had the honor of being your foster people. We certainly never expected to have let you go this way, and we didn't have you long, but you sure left an awfully big paw shaped hole in our hearts. Sweet dreams, Brady boy.

Brady came down with acute pneumonia which he wasn't able to fight. Our hearts go out to Brady's fosters, Jim and Marissa, for the loss of this precious little guy.

Biscuit Blush

Deceased 12/05/17

I held little Biscuit in my arms as he breathed his final breath. He had been doing so well until a couple of weeks ago when he lost his usual ravenous Dachshund appetite. We initially thought it was "just a bug" and he'd get over it, but apparently the Cushings disease had affected his immune system to the point where he could no longer fight off infections. His poor little body was wasting away right in front of my eyes. After three nights at the vet on IV fluid and antibiotics, he continued to get worse. When he got to the point he would no longer stand or lift his head, I knew it was time to let him go. I'm going to miss you little guy, annoying bark and all. Run free over Rainbow Bridge.

Polly Pinecone

Adopted 02/14/14
Deceased 10/29/17

Polly took another sudden turn for the worse and passed away. We are just devastated and miss her so much already . Thank you all for your prayers.

Fiona Fuchsia

Deceased 10/14/17

Little Fiona, along with her brothers Finn and Fletcher were Hurricane Harvey survivors. She was not long in this world, having the unfortunate hand dealt to her by being born in a temporary shelter. She was the runt of the litter and fought a brave fight, but even with emergency vet care and all sorts of medication, she just couldn't overcome it. Our hearts are heavy, our eyes seem to run out of tears, but somehow more come when our minds go back to her. She had almost one week of love and attention. I plan on seeing her one day in Heaven. Please people, have your animals spayed, neutered, and vaccinated. These shelters are overcrowded and understaffed. Please say prayers for Fiona's brothers so they may recover from this awful illness.

Our hearts go out to Robin for the loss of her foster baby, Fiona.

Prim Petticoat

Adopted 12/12/14
Deceased 10/13/17

I adopted Primrose Petticoat on December 12, 2014. I have been wanting to let you know that she passed on October 13, 2017 due to congestive heart failure. We tried everything we could to keep her here but her heart just couldn't take it. I just wasn't able to get myself to write at the time.

She was the most wonderful companion and I loved her so much. She was with me 24 hours a day and I couldn't have asked for more love than she gave. I wanted to let you know and thank you for giving me the opportunity to have her in my life even if it was such a short time.

Forever thankful,

Gracie Gold

Adopted 09/06/14
Deceased 09/30/17

I am brokenhearted to say that Gracie passed away last weekend. Our vet said she had a herniated disc, but then she seized and died a day later. It has been a family death to us. We were so close to her. There is no one who could possibly take her place.

Eugene Felsnick

Adopted 01/30/16
Deceased 07/14/17

I just wanted to let you know that we had to put Sam down Friday, 07/14/17. He had some medical issues with his spine and it finally got so bad that I felt it was best and didn't want him to suffer anymore. Sam was such a wonderful baby and I know he knew we loved him so much. There is a void in our life right now but time will heal. I had him cremated and I will get his ashes back later this week. I can't wait to have him home again. I just wanted to say thank you for giving me such a wonderful little guy to love.

Lorna Lilac

Deceased 07/04/17

Periwinkle Pruitt

Adopted 02/08/14
Deceased 07/03/17

Shmi Skywalker
"Vanna Gogh"

Adopted 04/02/16
Deceased 06/29/17

Our beautiful baby died yesterday from heart worm related Caval Syndrome. We had her in ICU for 12 hours but could not save her. She was the sweetest baby ever. She appreciated everything we gave and did for her. Though we only had her for 14 months, I would not trade one minute for anything. We still have Romeo (the double dapple) and our two other girls. DREAM is awesome. When my heart mends I hope to help another baby. They all deserve a beautiful life.

Austin Flowers

Adopted 06/10/15
Deceased 06/28/17

Sadie Satin

Adopted 03/15/16
Deceased 06/15/17

Our sweet Sadie passed away yesterday. Richard was walking her and Peanut when another dog approached them. Richard was able to pick up Peanut and Sadie was still on her leash. She was really scared and managed to get out of her harness. The dog chased her and Sadie was hit by a car. She passed away instantly. We are so heartbroken.

She was the sweetest dog I have ever met. We had the pleasure of being a part of her life. We miss her so so much. She brightened our lives and filled our hearts with joy. We will receive her ashes in about two weeks. We are so thankful to DREAM for saving her and allowing us to foster and adopt her.

Reba Rosebud

Deceased 05/18/17

We are all so sad tonight. Reba's been with us a long time - through her puppies, her scare after her spay/mammary tumor removal, and now congestive heart failure. She didn't do well around people she didn't know, but she was so very loving and loyal to our family. She followed me everywhere. It was really hard to say goodbye.

Our hearts go out to Reba's foster, Marcie, and her family for the loss of their special girl.

Bentley Basehit

Adopted 07/25/16
Deceased 04/29/17

Mattie Maltshop

Adopted 03/28/16
Deceased 04/24/17

Tabitha Topaz

Deceased 04/24/17

Sweet Tabitha had been on chemo since we got her because she had a malignant tumor that couldn't be removed due to its location. She was doing really well until we updated her vaccines this last time. That seemed to have triggered an auto-immune response which we were trying to get under control. We even took her to Gulf Coast because her platelet count had gotten so low. The day she died, my husband had taken her to the vet that morning for her weekly checkup, and her lab work was actually looking better. She died about an hour after he brought her home. Rest in peace, my beautiful girl. We will miss you.

Lucky Libretto

Deceased 04/22/17

Rest In Peace Grandpa Lucky. You were a cool dude the short time I knew you. 😢😢😢 See you at the bridge.

Harriet Quimby

Adopted 03/17/17
Deceased 04/03/17

We're sorry to report that Harriet passed away this morning. Two days after we adopted her, she was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. Unfortunately things worsened, and she developed fluid in her stomach as well as in her lungs. She remained the sweet, gentle little lady that she was. Even though we had her for such a short time, she made a place in our hearts. Thank you for allowing us to adopt Harriet.

Polly Padawan

Adopted 04/13/16
Deceased 03/02/17

Little Feta died peacefully in her sleep while taking an afternoon nap. She had recently been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that caused her to have neurological issues, such as wobbliness and loss of balance. Our hearts go out to Robert and Eloisa for losing this sweet little girl way too soon.

Sport Spartan

Adopted 03/03/14
Deceased 01/13/17

Our hearts are broken. Sport developed two herniated discs this past Tuesday. We rushed him to Texas A&M where they did an MRI and took him into surgery. Yesterday he had reflexes in his back legs, which was good. But late last night he came down with Myelomalacia (disintegration of the spinal cord). Nothing could be done for him. We held him while he took his trip over Rainbow Bridge. We are sick and heartbroken. He was the most lovely little boy we have ever had.

Sport gave of himself all the love and affection any dog could give. The hole in our hearts right now is so very deep. We shall miss him terribly. He was the sweetest little man. He would crawl up on your chest, put his head on your shoulder, and wrap his little front legs around your neck to give you a HUG! His passing is going to take a long while for us to get over.

Andy Angel

Adopted 01/21/16
Deceased 12/12/16

Our little Andy Angel is gone. We had to let him go last night due to cancer. Poor little Andy had a large tumor near his prostate which had metastasized in his lungs. Our family is devastated. He was the most loving little dog we have ever had.

Our hearts go out to Jennifer, Jeff, and Matthew for the loss of their precious Andy, who truly was a little angel.


Deceased 11/23/16

Rest In Peace sweet Dalton. No more pills and poking. 😢. Dillon is waiting for you at the bridge.

Rocky Rockruff
"Woolly Bear"

Deceased 10/21/16

Little Rocky Rockruff was only in my life about two weeks, but it felt like we had always known each other. I fell in love with him from the very beginning. He was the sweetest and most loving little dog to grace my life for those few days. He was very sick but always happy. Everywhere I went, he was right behind me.

I took him to the groomer to get his hair cut as it was kind of raggedy, and I stayed with him the whole time. He never took his eyes off of me, as if to say "Please don't go". The groomer was impressed at what a good boy he was. When I took him in my arms he was so soft, I called him "Woolly Bear".

Thursday night he was coughing all night. We went to the vet first thing in the morning but my little Woolly Bear died in route to the vet. I am devastated by his sudden loss,but I know he is now free of pain. He will forever live in my heart.

I love you Woolly Bear. You left a huge hole in my heart, but I know one day we'll meet again. Until then run and play at the Rainbow Bridge.

Our hearts go out to Micheline for the loss of her sweet foster, Woolly Bear.

Tank Tatooine

Adopted 03/28/16
Deceased 09/28/16


Deceased 09/14/16

Sweet Vinnie came to DREAM because his guardian could not afford the medical care he needed. He had a urinary infection and had not eaten in a week. It turned out that Vinnie had an enlarged, abscessed prostate which was blocking urine flow. Antibiotics and steroids didn't help, and Vinnie continued to get worse. Our vet suspected cancer and recommended humane euthanasia. Run free over Rainbow Bridge, little Vinnie.

Collin Coppertone

Adopted 06/26/16
Deceased 06/26/16

DREAM rescued Collin on June 10th and took him straight to our vet to have a very painful eye removed (see Buphthalmos). Due to excessive bleeding, he needed a blood transfusion during the surgery, but he made it through. Collin didn't seem to be healing properly after the surgery, though, and two weeks later he underwent another procedure to clean out the wound, which appeared to be infected. Everything seemed to have gone well, and Collin was back to his happy self. On Saturday June 25th, the wound opened and Collin started bleeding profusely. His fosters rushed him to the emergency vet, applying pressure to the wound the whole way. He received a transfusion and the vets were able to revive him. He remained stable Saturday night. By this time, we knew Collin had a clotting disorder. The vets were giving him platelets to try to lower his clotting times. We were confident he was going to make it through this.

Collin's fosters, Brenda and Annie, went to visit him Sunday morning. He seemed so happy to see them. Brenda and Annie decided after going through all this, there was no way they could let him be adopted by someone else. They were going to keep him. But in less than 10 minutes after they left the emergency vet, we received the heartbreaking news that Collin had started bleeding again and his little heart had stopped. They were unable to revive him. Such a tragic ending to this sweet baby's story.

Our hearts go out to Brenda and Annie for the loss of their special little boy.

My heart is broken after reading the story of Collin Coppertone. Brenda and Annie, you are so wonderful for giving this angel so much love and good care. Collin loved you two so much. He is in Heaven and will be waiting on you two someday to be with him through eternity. Bless DREAM and all the wonderful fosters and caregivers who donate their time and give so much love to these precious, innocent angels that we all love so dearly. My prayers are with Collin and Brenda and Annie at this time.

- Denise D., Dickinson, Texas

Chloe Cayman

Deceased 06/17/16

We lost poor Chloe to caval syndrome, a serious complication of chronic heartworm disease.

Anthony Aruba

Deceased 06/16/16

Sweet Anthony Aruba had it rough. How rough, we will never know because he came to DREAM as an outreach from an area shelter volunteer. It seems someone had witnessed Anthony being thrown from a vehicle. A Good Samaritan stopped to scoop him up rather than leave him to die alone in the heat, and took him to the area shelter. Initial observations indicated that sadly, he had probably been suffering for an extended period of time. Even though funds were low and foster space virtually non-existent, this little life mattered and so Anthony became a DREAM Dachsie. He was immediately transported to one of our veterinary clinics, but the examination revealed much more sadness than we had anticipated.

The vet report indicated that our sweet Anthony was in shocking condition. He was completely paralyzed (from an old injury) with absolutely no feeling at all in his back legs, He had a very severe heart murmur which in itself carried detrimental consequences. He had a horrendous skin infection with sores on his legs, belly, chest and neck, a serious eye infection in both eyes, ear infections, and markers that indicated his kidneys were also in dire condition. This poor little man had no control of his bodily functions and was continually eliminating with no ability to hold it. Our veterinarian believed that more than likely, Anthony had been dragging himself around a very long time and while he would have liked to hold out hope that Anthony could find some form of quality of life, his anguish was, that he could not "fix" this boy to even give him a short time of such.

Many tears were shed and prayers were prayed for Anthony Aruba. Love brought him to DREAM Dachshund Rescue and our love and desire to help him out of his pain and suffering also allowed that love to help him rest. Anthony crossed over the Rainbow Bridge at 6:55 pm in the caring arms of one of our DREAM volunteers who held him tight as she whispered to him that he was a DREAM Dachsie, always would be a DREAM Dachsie and that he was loved more than he could have ever known.

Rest in peace little Anthony Aruba.

Caramel Rydell

Adopted 08/20/15
Deceased 06/03/16

I wanted to thank you for giving me the chance to love and care for Caramel. I know it was difficult for her foster mom to let her go. I tried to send updates on occasion. I hated to have to tell her the bad news. Caramel was a fighter. She was also very loving.

It's kind of a funny story how Caramel came into my life. I was at her foster mom's house to adopt Bobo, and Caramel just wanted in my lap. I played with her and petted her. She chose me. I guess she knew she would get everything she needed and wanted. I wanted to adopt her with Bobo, but she was still having medical issues and was not yet available to adopt. When she was finally treated for all her issues, I was told that she would not be adoptable. I was heartbroken since I fell in love with her the first time met her. In August I received a message from hr foster asking if I still wanted Caramel. My reply was "When can I come get her?!" The very next day Caramel came to my house to join my other seniors. She was my smallest, but had the attitude that she was the boss.

I thank DREAM and her foster mom for giving me the opportunity to adopt little Caramel. I miss her very much. I cannot replace her, but I'd like to give another senior a second chance to feel loved and just a bit spoiled.

Harvey Hugs

Deceased 05/21/16

It was just two weeks shy of a year since Harvey first came to live with us, but it felt like he was with us much longer. We miss him terribly, but know that he is at peace. Friday was a good day for him, he ate with a great appetite and wandered around the backyard with his brothers and sister. That’s what we will remember.

I wanted to send you a picture of Harvey doing what he loved best - sleeping! He used to ‘talk’ in his sleep and move his legs like he was on a great adventure. He must have been dreaming about his days as a young pup.

Alexandra Harris

Adopted 06/01/15
Deceased 05/11/16

It is with a heavy heart I inform you all that Heidi passed away this evening from unknown illness. I am in shock and I can not stop crying. I have no idea what made her sick but she went down hill and I had to make the decision to stop her pain. Please pray for her and the other members of my family.

Damon Dagobah

Deceased 04/13/16

The DREAM family is mourning the passing of our sweet rescued foster dog, Damon Dagobah. Damon was found this past New Year’s Eve by a young college student who knew that NYE is the night most dogs go missing… when they are frightened by fireworks.

He posted several found notices on his personal Facebook page and elsewhere, but no one contacted this considerate young man about Damon. When it was time to return to school, he reached out to DREAM for rescue assistance, as his family was unable to keep Damon.

This easy going, sweet senior soul was a happy fellow who loved snoozing and snuggling on the couch.

Please say a prayer for Damon, for all the DREAM volunteers involved in his rescue and for his foster mom who is also grieving our family’s sorrowful loss! Run free sweet Damon and know that you were a dearly loved DREAM Dachsie!

Oscar de la Wiene'

Adopted 05/02/14
Deceased 03/08/16

Chandler Charming

Deceased 02/22/16

Thanks for all your prayers. Sweet little Chandler was too weak to fight anymore. His foster stayed with him while he crossed Rainbow Bridge. Absolutely heartbreaking. We lost Chandler to Parvo, a horrible virus that could have been easily prevented with a vaccination.

Georgia Peach

Adopted 09/18/15
Deceased 02/05/16

It is with a very heavy heart that I have to say that Georgia Peach passed away yesterday. It was totally unexpected. She wasn't showing any signs that something was wrong until 1:00 pm yesterday. She started vomiting and then she just laid down and didn't want to get up. I rushed her to the vet and they did blood work and found that her liver enzymes were elevated. They put her on an IV to try and flush out her system in case it was something she ate. I left her there so they could monitor her overnight, but they called me at 5:00 pm and said that she had passed. They said that she started going down quickly as she was having trouble maintaining her body heat and started bleeding internally. Unfortunately the vet had no definite answers as to what caused it.

Although we only had her for 5 short months we cherished every moment we had with her as looking at her sweet face you couldn't help but smile. She was always ready to give kisses or receive belly rubs. Georgia Peach will be truly missed by us all.

We extend our deepest sympathy to the Serda family for the sudden and unexpected loss of their sweet Georgia.

Elliott Redbud

Deceased 01/22/16

Our special boy, Elliott "Smelliott" Redbud, passed away today. He had numerous health issues, but he lived a happy life during the short time he was with us. We initially thought he was blind, but it turned out he had some sort of brain damage most likely due to his liver shunt, but possibly from surviving Distemper. Although he was never "quite right", he could be playful and lovable when he wanted to. Elliott's behavior could be challenging, but we loved him anyway. We will miss you terribly, little guy. Run free over Rainbow Bridge.

Major Moncrief

Adopted 12/14/15
Deceased 12/20/15

Major passed over the Rainbow Bridge this morning. His condition had declined and I believed he was suffering. I decided to let him be in peace. Cindy and Brenda met me at the vet, and I whispered my goodbye in his precious little ear. A part of me died today with that innocent young life being taken away. I'm overwhelmed by sadness. He followed me everywhere. I can't believe I'm never going to get to hold him again or see his precious smile. I'm so painfully sad I can't even breathe. My whole family is absolutely heartbroken.

Major contracted Distemper even though he had received all his puppy vaccines. Our hearts go out to Marcie and her family who did everything they could to save this sweet baby boy.

Maggie Greene

Adopted 11/29/15
Deceased 12/12/15

Our hearts are breaking for Maggie and her adopters. We thought little Maggie had only a touch of kennel cough, but it turned out to be something much worse. Maggie ended up at the emergency vet with pneumonia, most likely a result of Distemper. Maggie got to know the love of her adopters for only a short while. Such a sad ending for such a sweet girl.

Glenn Rhee

Deceased 12/10/15

Poor Glenn is another victim of Distemper, a disease which is easily preventable, but very difficult to cure. Dropping off an unvaccinated dog at a shelter is practically a death sentence. We have cried many tears for the foster dogs we've lost to this horrible disease, not to mention the money we've spent trying to save them. Please vaccinate your pets.

Presley Pinot

Adopted 11/13/15
Deceased 12/01/15

Presley crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He was so swollen and miserable. It was a sad day. We loved him so much. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to love him.


Deceased 11/30/15

Hug your pups tonight. Sweet Dillon, aka "Dilly Bar", went to the Rainbow Bridge today. He had been in heart failure for a while, but went bed as usual. He woke up with a swollen belly and would not walk. X-rays showed a tumor, and he was bleeding internally. There was nothing we could do. I am so shocked and sad.

Hallie Pumpkinbutter

Adopted 11/01/15
Deceased 11/22/15

Our hearts are breaking for this little girl and her family. Rescued from the shelter, then adopted right away, sweet Hallie came down with Distemper, a disease that is easily preventable with an inexpensive vaccine. Hallie must not have been vaccinated before she ended up at the shelter, and came down with this horrible disease for which there is no cure.

Carol Peletier

Deceased 11/18/15

Poor Carol went into respiratory distress Tuesday night, due to advanced heartworm disease. Her foster rushed her to our emergency vet, but Carol went downhill so fast, all they could do was make her comfortable. Sweet Carol was a DREAM dog for only a week, but she was very much loved and cherished by her foster person. You can honor Miss Carol's short life by remembering to give your dogs their monthly heartworm preventative.

Yogi Yosemite

Deceased 11/18/15

Sweet little Yogi passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Heartworms had moved into his lungs, causing acute pulmonary embolism. What makes this even more tragic is this could have been prevented had his previous owners only given him a monthly heartworm preventative. The world has lost a precious little guy. Yogi is now running with the other Angels at Rainbow Bridge.


Adopted 02/17/14
Deceased 09/08/15

It is with a very heavy heart that I am writing you. Romeo (re-named Interceptor) passed away last night in a tragic, unexpected accident. Being the ever-mischievous Dachsie that he was, he wiggled under the fence yesterday evening and went into the neighbor’s backyard. We were all in the backyard with him, but he dug under there too fast for anyone to realize what had happened. He was killed by our neighbor’s dog. I am so, so sorry. Interceptor was our baby, and we loved him more and more every single day. We are in complete and total shock. He meant everything - absolutely everything - to us. I’ve never loved, and I will never love, anything as much as I loved that little boy. I would give anything to bring him back to us.

Millie Morninglory

Deceased 08/28/15

Sweet little Millie, who was diagnosed with a severe form of Cushings, crossed Rainbow Bridge yesterday. Our volunteer, who was with her when she passed, said Millie's breathing was labored and her belly was extremely swollen. There was total relief in Millie's eyes when she left this world. Run free, little Millie. We know you're in a better place now.

Sweetpea Patchouli

Deceased 07/31/15

Sweetie was only with us for one year. During that time she battled cancer, hip problems and congestive heart failure. But she always remained calm and patient. She was one of those Dachsie with a stoic face that rarely changed expression but she knew how to let you know what she wanted and would give you NO peace until you figured it out! Our mini old man, Chuckers, became her faithful companion and friend and stayed by her side right to the end. I know people hesitate to adopt Seniors because death comes sooner rather than later. But it is a joy to provide them with a loving and happy home for whatever time they have left. We believe all dogs go to heaven and we will see all of our senior rescues one day. Sweetie will be right in the middle of the pack. We always say "no more..." but then another senior comes along that nobody wants. Well, we're seniors too. Thank you and God bless DREAM Dachshund Rescue for their dedication to senior Dachsies.

Pam and Julius, thank you for taking such good care of Sweetie when she needed you the most. We are so sorry for your loss.

Camille Corsage

Deceased 07/23/15

From Cindy
God rest her sweet little soul. After fighting a long battle with Distemper, Camille knew we gave it our all and knew how much we wanted her to be pain free. She knew it was the right decision. She was still struggling to breathe, even on oxygen, and her sunken eyes showed her pain. I spent nearly an hour with her, letting her know how special she was and how much she mattered. Camille let out a huge sigh of relief as she crossed over, then ran to catch up with many friends waiting for her at the bridge. RIP sweet Camille.

From Marcie
She was a beauty. I'm so glad I was able to hold her the last two nights. Her little body just gave out. Thank you Cindy and Brenda for all the running back and forth for her. Very sad day for me.

From Suzanne
On the night we lost Camille, I took the dogs out one last time before bed and noticed a tiny flower bud (the very first one) on a "volunteer" plant that had come up in my garden. I had left the little weed alone because I thought it looked like it might be a periwinkle (I don’t have these anywhere else in my yard). The next day, it opened up, and sure enough, it’s a beautiful little periwinkle. I’d like to believe this is Camille’s way of letting us know she’s ok.

From Brenda
Here is my flower from Camille. I had planned to dig this plant up today, but when I went out this morning it was blooming! I know Camille was happy to have all the tubes out, to be able to walk around, to eat yummy home cooked food, and most of all, to have someone snuggle with her (her favorite past time). RIP my sweet Camille.

Amanda Bell

Deceased 07/18/15

Amanda Belle was heavy heartworm-positive when we rescued her last August. She also had severe dental disease and a mammary mass which needed to be removed. Unfortunately, the damage caused heartworms eventually resulted in heart failure for this beautiful little girl. Thanks to her foster, Elly, for giving her several months of care and love.

Marlowe Merry

Deceased 06/29/15

Beautiful Marlowe became a DREAM Dachsie after she was dropped of at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. This poor girl had many health issues, including awful teeth and an enlarged heart. After seven months of extensive vet care and much love, Marlowe succumbed to congestive heart failure. Our hearts go out to her foster, Mandy, who cared for her and stayed with her until the very end.

Tori Taurus

Deceased 05/03/15

Tori wandered into someone's yard on Friday, apparently attacked by a large dog or coyote. She was covered in puncture wounds and had severe wounds to her neck and hind quarters. The homeowner contacted DREAM because Tori had no collar or microchip. We did all we could to save her but the injuries and infection were too severe for her to overcome. We are brokenhearted. Thank you for your prayers and any donations made toward her vet care.

Malcolm Mogul

Deceased 03/09/15

Sweet Malcolm came down with sepsis yesterday and was rushed to our emergency clinic where they gave him only a 50% chance of survival. He hung on for several hours, but the infection was too much for his little body to handle. The vets performed CPR long enough for Bonnie, his foster mom, to get there and say goodbye. Our hearts go out to Bonnie for the sudden and unexpected loss of this little angel.

Vance Valentine

Deceased 02/26/15

2/26/15: Little Vance passed away today. I had him wrapped in a blankie when we left. Devin was home. And Mack has been so concerned and brave with handling all these puppies; he laid him in a very small carrier wrapped in his blanket and we will bury him on Monday with his sisters.

2/25/15: Ginger is nurturing him until his last breath, I don't think he will make it through the night. He has become very weak today. Heart wrenching. Cici calls him Bugsy because he looks like a little guinea pig from the movie Bedtime Stories.

Veronica Valentine

Deceased 02/21/15

2/21/15: We lost our third baby girl today to the horrible disease of Distemper. Veronica's mother, Vivienne, must have been exposed to it when she was in the shelter. Although there is no cure, this disease is easily preventable with vaccination. Young puppies and unvaccinated pets are the most susceptible.

Valerie Valentine

Deceased 02/20/15

2/20/15: I think Valerie is going to pass away today; she is just not strong enough. I've got her wrapped in a blanket and she looks like she is going to go peacefully. The other two are eating, can wag their tails and can walk over and get in my lap, but they can take a turn at any time. I hope I never have to go through this again.

Violette Valentine

Deceased 02/13/15

2/13/15: I could tell Violette was very weak this morning so I wrapped her up in a warm pink blanket. When I checked on her a few minutes ago she had passed away, I just hope she hadn't suffered too much. Michael and I will bury her out behind Indy's favorite tree when he gets home today. She never got to play in our pasture but I want her to be there in spirit. I don't understand how this has happened to such a sweet innocent angel.

Caesar Cider

Deceased 01/14/15

Sweet little Caesar, who was hit by a car last Thursday night, passed away today. The surgery to repair his broken pelvis went well yesterday, but he went into cardiac arrest early this morning. Sadly, efforts to resuscitate were unsuccessful. Our hearts go out to Caesar's foster dad who did everything within his power to save him.

Travis Stuttgart

Deceased 01/06/15

In October 2014, sweet little Travis was surrendered to the SPCA by a family who found him on the street. The SPCA discovered he had a microchip, but the chip led to a dead end. So they gave him all his vaccines and even cleaned his teeth before turning him loose on October 21st when he celebrated his "re-birthday" and became a DREAM Dachsie!

It didn't matter that he was heartworm positive, or his legs were a little bowed in the back, that his knees occasionally buckled, that he sported a really frosty face or even that he was close to 10 years old; he was a smooth, mini red Dachshund and that spelled LOVE! Travis was welcomed into DREAM's "Senior Sanctuary Program" where no senior is passed on just because he or she may seem unadoptable due to age or medial status!

Travis spent a couple of months living life as a pampered DREAM Dachsie at the Lil' Ruffhouse in Katy, Texas, where he enjoyed waddling around the perimeter of the green pasture, snuggling down in a soft doggie bed or an available lap and always giving kisses galore. But a little over a month ago, Travis began having health issues. Following multiple vet visits, a couple rounds of antibiotics and two separate ultrasounds, it was recently confirmed that Travis had terminal bladder and prostate cancer that looked to have spread to his spine.

This old boy fought a valiant battle, but ultimately it was more than his fragile little body could handle. While wrapped in the loving arms of one of our DREAM volunteers, Travis passed over the Rainbow Bridge last night, and we all know what that means... he's now free from any pain while he runs and plays in sun drenched fields of green!

Hope Hopscotch

Deceased 12/16/14

Sweet senior "Hope" was rescued from a ditch. She had obviously been dumped and left to die. She was emaciated, had a golf ball size mammary tumor, and horrible teeth. We took care of her medical issues and let her live out her life in a loving foster home.

Shorty Safflower

Deceased 10/08/14

Poor little Shorty developed a strangulated hernia and did not survive the emergency surgery to repair it. Please keep his foster in your thoughts and prayers. This was an unexpected sad turn of events for this sweet little guy.


Deceased 07/09/14

Oreo was injured in a tragic accident at his foster home on June 29th and was rushed to an animal emergency hospital that evening. He underwent surgery to repair his fractured hip the following day, but he eventually succumbed to an infection of the skin and surrounding tissue in another area of his injury, unrelated to the surgery. The volunteers of DREAM extend our sincere condolences to Oreo's foster family, who loved him dearly and did everything they could to save him.

Nelson Riddle

Deceased 01/31/14

Sweet senior boy, Nelson, was picked up as a stray. He was wobbly when he walked, and had limited hearing and cloudy eyes. He also had terrible dental disease and was covered in fleas. We took care of him as best we could and let him live out his life in a wonderful foster home.

Christopher Robin

Deceased 01/06/14

Poor little 6-week-old Christopher came into rescue with his mother. Unfortunately he had been exposed to Distemper and we were unable to save him.

Ernie Ellsworth

Deceased 09/20/13

It is with heavy and broken hearts we share with you our precious little Ernie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge late yesterday. His medical complications were so severe that even with the excellent care and treatment he was receiving from our vet, his little body was so weak, he could no longer fight his way back.

We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your thoughts, prayers and support. Please find comfort in knowing that one of our DREAM Team Volunteers was there holding Ernie and telling him, as he crossed over, how much he was loved and how wonderful you all have been.

Monique Lamoureaux
"Mona Lisa"

Adopted 04/18/14

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