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"There's no place like home."
Dorothy Gale
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Finally Home

Our Adopted Dogs

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DREAM Dog Finally Home Story

Avery Arches

Adopted 09/30/23

Bella Barometer

Adopted 09/30/23

Paisley Petalite

Adopted 09/30/23

Colby Congaree

Adopted 09/09/23

Shawn Shoshone

Adopted 09/07/23

Bella Ballerina
"Lulu Bella"

Adopted 08/25/23

Arielle Adelaide

Adopted 08/24/23

Izzy Innoko

Adopted 08/19/23

Pinkie Popcorn

Adopted 08/03/23

Pinkie, who ended up weighing 30 pounds (obviously not a Dachshund!) was transferred to Three Little Pitties and adopted by a wonderful family in Vancouver, British Columbia. Huge thanks to Three Little Pitties for helping us get this sweet girl adopted.

Ladybug Lovestruck

Adopted 08/01/23

Piper Paradise

Adopted 07/29/23

Cammie Climate

Adopted 07/11/23

Daisy Donut

Adopted 07/04/23

Beauty Beloved

Adopted 07/01/23

Athena Albertine

Adopted 06/20/23

Kenny Kensington
"Kenneth Tobias"

Adopted 05/25/23

Sammy Sausage

Adopted 05/04/23

Bonnie Barnwell

Adopted 05/03/23

Clyde Clarence

Adopted 05/03/23

Gus Grits

Adopted 05/01/23

Welcome Gus to the Coleman Clan!

Gus is a 14-year-old, 10 pound piebald, Dachshund whose owner unfortunately had dementia and had to go live in a memory care home. The sadder news is that the gentlemen had 9 children and NOT ONE of them would take Gus in. Gus was living in an empty house for 2 months and someone would stop by a few times a week to leave food.

A friend of the gentlemen heard about this travesty and took Gus in. She got him neutered and, since he had some bad teeth and gums, got his teeth cleaned, and she brought him up to date with his vaccines. Amazingly, he is heart worm negative! DREAM Dachshund Rescue agreed to take him in. Gus was about an hour away from me so I said I would foster. I'm now a "foster fail". 🐾

I have had him just over a month. He is learning the routine at my house, learning his place in my pack. He's in good health for a 14-year-old, and even though he has heart murmur, his blood work is good. He's a bit deaf and blind, but all to be expected at his age.

I will be your forever home now so no worries, Gus.

Harmony Hampton

Adopted 04/26/23

Franky Frogmore
"Frank the Tank"

Adopted 04/22/23

Leo Latke

Adopted 04/21/23

Cooper Corona

Adopted 04/16/23

Coney Consomme'

Adopted 03/24/23

Camille Cloud

Adopted 03/23/23

Harley Halite

Adopted 03/16/23

Rocky Rhodonite

Adopted 03/13/23

Lincoln Laksa

Adopted 03/10/23

Joker Jet Stream

Adopted 03/07/23

Estelle Rotelle

Adopted 03/01/23

Rosa Rotation

Adopted 02/20/23

Bunny Albondigas

Adopted 02/12/23

Lukas Lentil

Reunited 02/02/23

Sophie Strength

Adopted 01/22/23

Tilly Turquoise

Adopted 01/22/23

Parker Pappardelle
"Bob Barker"

Adopted 01/20/23

Meena Moonstone

Adopted 01/07/23

Catie Catamaran

Adopted 01/04/23

Sawyer Sapphire

Adopted 12/19/22

Teddy Spaghetti

Adopted 12/17/22

We have Teddy and he's already warmed up so quickly to the other dogs and to us 😊

Teddy's fosters were so nice and gave us everything we needed. Teddy was a little shy when we got home but he's found his place in the bed and loves to lay next to my heater with me while I work.

Thank you to DREAM for helping us complete our fur family!

Bronx Buckingham

Adopted 12/12/22

Mac Malachite

Adopted 12/11/22

Bella Beryl

Adopted 12/10/22

Brock Balmoral

Adopted 11/26/22

Curtis Custard
"Colonel Custard"

Adopted 11/22/22

Baron Bisbee

Adopted 11/20/22

Baron is settling in quite well and loves going outside in the backyard. I plan to take him for his first official walk this afternoon since it will be warmer. Can't wait!

Thank you and DREAM Dachshunds for finding this angel for us. ❤️

Slinky Sandringham

Adopted 11/07/22

Huero Hawkeye

Adopted 10/27/22


Adopted 10/23/22
Courtesy Post

With the help of a friend, Odie's owner was able to find him a new home.

Willie Walkaround

Adopted 10/16/22

12/25/22 Update from Willie:

Merry Christmas from Willie! I just wanted to let everyone know that I am doing really well. I am filled out and my coat is really shiny thanks to a special diet for my skin for which I still squeak and bark. I enjoy long walks, lots of toys, and my own basket for safely riding in the car, but best of all I enjoy being "the world's best cuddler"!

Thank you so much from Willie and his grateful Mommies. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

May your coming year be filled with joy as is ours. Merry Christmas,

We now know how he got the name Willie Walkaround- he really likes the dog path and can go forever and he is fast. After his walk, he enjoys "his " big chair. He is settled in nicely. He's precious.

Clarke Comorant

Adopted 10/09/22

Keegan Kefir

Adopted 10/09/22

Ferris Frigate

Adopted 10/05/22

Milo Moreau

Adopted 10/02/22

Now this sweet boy has settled in. His former tiny, tiny, skinny butt is showing some beefing up and the harness is what the vet recommended. She was pleased with his updated condition. The harness is butterflies 🦋 because butterflies are the symbol of new life! His new life with us! He also has a new name tag with my name and phone number on one side and Texas A&M on the other! I don’t think I shared with you that my oldest son had passed a few years ago. Since then, I have been really into butterflies 🦋 as my symbol for his new life, so when I saw this harness, I took it as a sign from my son that he totally approves of this new love in my life! Thank you again; DreamDachs is the BEST!

Bentley Bowrider

Adopted 10/01/22

Bijou Bleu

Adopted 09/28/22

Waylon Whey

Adopted 09/22/22

Frazier Fournier

Adopted 09/20/22

Kiki Kayak

Adopted 09/20/22

Sanyah Sandie

Adopted 09/17/22

Sophie Scramble

Adopted 09/08/22

Rex Rhythm

Adopted 08/27/22

Rex has made friends and found all the comfy napping spots, including the heating pad he shares with Bella. He and Bella are inseparable most of the time.

Gena Gelato

Adopted 08/26/22

Loyal Links

Adopted 08/21/22

Echo Egret

Adopted 08/06/22

Monty Mockingbird

Adopted 08/04/22

Fritz Feta

Adopted 08/01/22

Hanz Harzer

Adopted 08/01/22

Gordy Ghee

Adopted 07/29/22

Arya Ace

Adopted 07/23/22

Tabasco Tortellini

Adopted 07/16/22

Rolo Roundstone

Adopted 07/06/22

Maggie Magpie

Adopted 07/01/22

Maggiehas been with us for 3 months now. She is doing great! We love her, and we can tell she loves us too. She gets along great with our other dog, and she enjoys her daily walk a lot. Thanks for rescuing this sweet girl!

Hallie Halo

Adopted 06/29/22

Amy Adams

Adopted 06/20/22

Ferris Fettuccine

Adopted 05/14/22

Ori Orecchiette

Adopted 05/13/22

Jackson Jenkinstown
"Michael Jackson"

Adopted 05/11/22

Herbie Hershey

Adopted 05/08/22

Wienie Wichita
"J.J. Watt"

Adopted 05/06/22

Alec Al Dente

Adopted 05/05/22

Marcy Merletti

Adopted 05/05/22

Carla Cannelloni

Adopted 05/01/22

Carla has settled in well in her new home with her “large & in charge" and somewhat bossy personality. She fiercely patrols the perimeter of her yard looking for those dastardly squirrels & other creatures that might be intruding on her turf. She gets along well with her sister & brothers even though she tries to herd them around on a regular basis, loves to rough house/play with her humans & is a fierce chewer of her buffalo horns & deer antlers - no rubber toys please as she eats those. While she’s a very energetic girl, she will seek me out when it’s nap or bedtime. At night she’s quick to display her dachshund tendencies by burrowing under the human bed covers - no beds on the floor for her. Her spunky personality & crazy antics (think “wind up” toy) along with her enthusiastic welcome greeting when you get home bring a smile to my face every day. Thanks to you all at DREAM Dachshund for taking her in so that she could find her way to me & her forever home.

Jamie Jamestown

Adopted 04/30/22

Sully Solstice

Adopted 04/30/22

I changed his name to…

Johnny B😊

Then after realizing you can take someone out of the streets, but you can’t take the streets out of them. (He is a runner) he now has this…

I named him…

Johnny B Streets 😁

Then once I realized he is fearless, I named him….

Johnny B Streets Savage Lol 😂

Now he just goes by Streets 🤣😂

I’ve learned….

1. He buries the toys so Fred won’t get them.

2. He enjoys playing ball.

3. He has one trick…he can catch any kind of treat you throw in his general direction…but… he can’t sit, stay, lay, or any of the other general commands. 😆 I’m convinced it’s because he was living on the streets and people tossed him food.

He was fairly untrusting but just a little. Now, he fights for mommy!!

If I’m sitting on the patio and he goes in to eat or anything, he can’t help but continue to run back and forth hoping he isn’t missing anything. 😝

Fred and I LOVE him very much!!

Rosie Rosaline

Adopted 04/27/22

Rosie has been both a joy and a challenge. She is a very loving dog and loves having house guests because she likes the extra attention. The only dog that has visited is a minature greyhound--they ignore each other.

She is very attached to Phoebe and follows everywhere Phoebe goes. Sometimes she goes into a fit of protective barking/growling if she thinks Phoebe is in danger. This particularly happens if I hug and kiss Phoebe as I leave. But we are working on it.

She still barks too much, has quieted down some, needs to get better. I think she will as she gets more settled. She had her second visit with the groomer today and was much more relaxed. The first time we had to muzzle her. Today she allowed her to pick her up and wash her as well as trim her coat and nails and just tried to kiss the groomer.

We are happy to have her in our lives.

Charlie Chambers

Adopted 04/24/22

Mousie Montague

Adopted 04/22/22

Boss Bolide

Adopted 04/17/22

We changed his name to Murphy. He lives life large. He is happy, loves his toys and does everything with extreme enthusiasm. I taught him to roll for treats just like his dog siblings Abby and Rusty (Rusty is a DREAM dog). He is a great addition to our family.

Dexter Dublin

Adopted 04/12/22

Toby Throckmorton

Adopted 03/25/22

Trooper Tetilla

Adopted 03/20/22

Duke is doing very well and he’s settled in great! Our other dachshund, Macklin adores him and my girls love Duke. The pups know once I put my kiddos to bed that it is cuddle time so they will both lay in my lap on the couch. I told my husband my lap still has room for more though. 😊

Walter Wensleydale
"Cat Stevens"

Adopted 03/17/22

Lily Lynn

Adopted 03/12/22

We absolutely love Lily. She was everything we wished for. Lily loves going on long walks and keeping up with her sister Penny. She’s come a long way from when we first got her. She was scared at first but now loves people.

Dude Dogberry
"Little Dude"

Adopted 03/09/22

transferred chip to adopter, adoption over year ago, vacc records outdated,finally recvd adoption contract

Red Rallycap

Adopted 03/05/22

We are all so in love with Red! He is the sweetest dog! He is a lovebug who loves to sit in my lap and give me lots of kisses! He and I bonded immediately, and he follows me everywhere I go!

He loves running around in our big yard, chasing squirrels and rabbits. (Never catches them, but he sure tries!)

We added a 3rd doxie rescue 2 months ago and he and Red are the best of friends. All 3 love to pile up together on the bed for naps.

Terra Tyler

Adopted 03/05/22

Terra is doing great (we have renamed her Terrie). She already seems to be adjusted. She likes to be with either Jackie or I. Although its probably 60/40 in favor of Jackie.

Greta Grayson

Adopted 03/02/22

Greta and Hana have both really bonded to me, and I was not sure this would happen as they were very scared and nervous when they first got here. Greta was the one that let me connect with her first. However, Hana very quickly became my lap dog. Every time I sit in my recliner, she jumps into my lap. They love to sleep with me and are very good about using a pad in the house when they are not able to go outside to do their business.

My daughter just loves sitting with them and playing with them. She even made two little signs to put a treat on, one of which said I Love my sister and the other said I love my mommy. She put the treats down on them and said that the one they ate was the one they said. I know they can't read, but my daughter was so excited doing this. At first Greta would not take either of the treats. It was only after Hana got over to the treats that both took their treats and made their selections.

They get treats in the morning and even though food is in their bowl during the day until they eat it, they do not seem to want to eat unless I am sitting next to the food.

They are still very nervous when new people are around. Due to a medical emergency, I did have a few new people come by and stay for an extended period. Just when I thought they had adjusted to that person, they would make a sudden move, and the girls would start barking as if they never met the person in the room. I feel like there is some trauma that they are slowly overcoming.

They seem very happy, and we are adjusting.

Hana Hansford

Adopted 03/02/22

Hana and Greta have both really bonded to me, and I was not sure this would happen as they were very scared and nervous when they first got here. Greta was the one that let me connect with her first. However, Hana very quickly became my lap dog. Every time I sit in my recliner, she jumps into my lap. They love to sleep with me and are very good about using a pad in the house when they are not able to go outside to do their business.

My daughter just loves sitting with them and playing with them. She even made two little signs to put a treat on, one of which said I Love my sister and the other said I love my mommy. She put the treats down on them and said that the one they ate was the one they said. I know they can't read, but my daughter was so excited doing this. At first Greta would not take either of the treats. It was only after Hana got over to the treats that both took their treats and made their selections.

They get treats in the morning and even though food is in their bowl during the day until they eat it, they do not seem to want to eat unless I am sitting next to the food.

They are still very nervous when new people are around. Due to a medical emergency, I did have a few new people come by and stay for an extended period. Just when I thought they had adjusted to that person, they would make a sudden move, and the girls would start barking as if they never met the person in the room. I feel like there is some trauma that they are slowly overcoming.

They seem very happy, and we are adjusting.

Shotsy Swiss

Adopted 02/19/22

Schotsy Gino is doing great. Fitting right in as a family member. Follows me all over the house and loves walks on the leash. His former "Mom" must be looking down from heaven smiling.

He and Milo are great together. He follows me everywhere and is very comfortable in his new home with his new family. Dogs are amazing! Again I want to thank Dream and all the volunteers for making possible in giving Schotsy a new family and us a new little boy. By the way, we did rename him Gino in honor of his foster Gina.

Alexas Alexander

Adopted 02/17/22

She is getting her heartworm treatment and has been making friends with Princess. We go to the park a lot down the street and recently went on a vacation!

Antler Anchellini

Adopted 02/16/22

Sasha Shalana

Adopted 02/13/22

Sissy (Sasha) is dachshund through and through. We live on half an acre, so Sissy has taken over the security role with vigor. She is quite the little huntress. When she goes outside, she immediately, I mean IMMEDIATELY, springs into action, checking all the lizard hiding places to make sure they are kept in check. She’s not afraid of a thing and, although she’s all of 9 lbs, believes she is as big as a Great Dane.

Sissy is quite the entertainer and keeps us laughing at her little antics. There’s never been a little dog that can shake her “prey” toys any harder. We believe it’s just a matter of time before she knocks herself out! And smart? Sissy is extremely smart. We believe she is part human and, actually, she does too.

How we love this little girl! Our little buzz saw and snuggle bunny!

God is in control

Daisy Duval

Adopted 02/12/22

Ravi Ravioli

Adopted 02/05/22

Ravi is doing so amazing, and we couldn’t love him any more than we do. He bonded to us immediately after we got him, and he’s been inseparable from us ever since. I feel like he’s at the point now that his adult personality is coming out, and it’s not too different from when he was a puppy. He loves running, playing, jumping, napping, and being the center of attention. He has such a big and vibrant personality and brings so much joy to everyone he’s around. My favorite thing about him is ever since we taught him how to shake, he uses his paws to signal everything now. I can’t wait to one day bring him home a sibling, but for now he’s loving being an only child 😂

Rico Ricotta

Adopted 02/05/22

We are loving having Bernie (Rico) in our home. He’s a great fit for us and he and Bo get along wonderfully!! We renamed him because he didn’t know Rico and he responded right away to Bernie.

Peter Parmesan

Adopted 02/03/22

Pete Probowl

Adopted 02/01/22

Quentin Quince

Adopted 01/25/22

Ranger Rainout

Adopted 01/23/22

I cannot tell you how Ranger has stolen our hearts. He has quickly become a member of our family. He is the sweetest and most gentle dog. He has quickly bonded with the whole family, but he has especially bonded with me. He never leaves my side. I work from home, and he has his own chair next to mine and he stays with me while I work.

Also, back in March I had thyroid surgery and when I came home, he was waiting for me and as I crawled into bed, he gently made his way into bed and laid by me, and we went to sleep. I cannot tell you how much comfort he provided to me during my recovery.

Thanks so much for our opportunity to adopt him. We love him dearly. We are planning a beach trip and Ranger will be accompanying us. I can’t wait to see how he enjoys the beach.

Lindy Linguine

Adopted 01/17/22

Maple Manicotti

Adopted 01/17/22

We absolute LOVE Maple and she has been the best addition to our home ❤️ She has learned to play and roughhouse with our pit bull mix as well as our other dachshund and loves her siblings so much! She wants to be just like them! She has learned to go potty outside and how to tell us when she needs to go out. When she is outside, she is absolutely obsessed with the water hose! She loves to bite at the water and chase it around the yard. She has also been swimming in our pool every day and loves to rescue toys and float in her floaty. She is so silly and brings so much joy into our lives. Her and her pit bull brother play tug of war with the silliest things from our yard, like small weeds and pieces of grass or sticks that are still attached to the tree. She loves to snuggle up at night under the covers and has to check on us and give kisses if we cough, sneeze, or laugh too loudly 🤣 she is the best and sweetest addition to our family, and we are so happy to have her.

Thank you for all of the work you do to make it possible for us to have our wonderful baby ❤️

Joscelyn Gemelli

Adopted 01/15/22

Nutmeg aka Joscelyn is living it up and helping with yard work.

Caramel Camembert

Adopted 01/14/22

Lyla Lasagna

Adopted 01/09/22

Marshmallow Mozzarella

Adopted 01/08/22

Pepper Pixie
"Piper Pixie"

Adopted 01/02/22

Piper (Pepper) and Ramsey are now best friends! She is such a sweet girl and very smart as well. We renamed her Piper Pixie (her pipes are very loud). She was such a good girl and did not make a fuss at the vets when she got all her shots. As a reward she had her first puppuccino with biscuit from the coffee shop. It seemed like she could not believe her eyes.

Desoto Derion

Adopted 01/01/22

I am happy to tell you that Desoto (aka Franky) and Otto are thriving! They have adjusted beautifully to their new home and routine. They are very loving and smart and have quickly bonded with our family and big sister Dakota.

Initially they were very scared of strangers and visitors and would bark nonstop. But with continuous walks, and lots of patience and love, they are not anxious anymore and now they don't bark at visitors or people at the park.

Both Frankie and Otto enjoy the back yard and have lots of space to run and play wrestle. They play with Dakota as well, though they are gentle with her.

Their second favorite thing is cuddling in bed with us to watch tv. They are very relaxed and confident.

During this spring break week, we took them to Galveston. They saw the sea and touched the sand for the first time. Loved the morning walks so much. Every day was a fun day of discovery at the beach.

Their next outing will be the Hill Country in April!

We are very lucky to have rescued these two cuties. They bring so much love and laughter to our hearts.

Otto Othorion

Adopted 01/01/22

I am happy to tell you that Otto and Desoto (aka Franky) are thriving! They have adjusted beautifully to their new home and routine. They are very loving and smart and have quickly bonded with our family and big sister Dakota.

Initially they were very scared of strangers and visitors and would bark nonstop. But with continuous walks, and lots of patience and love, they are not anxious anymore and now they don't bark at visitors or people at the park.

Both Frankie and Otto enjoy the back yard and have lots of space to run and play wrestle. They play with Dakota as well, though they are gentle with her.

Their second favorite thing is cuddling in bed with us to watch tv. They are very relaxed and confident.

During this spring break week, we took them to Galveston. They saw the sea and touched the sand for the first time. Loved the morning walks so much. Every day was a fun day of discovery at the beach.

Their next outing will be the Hill Country!

We are very lucky to have rescued these two cuties. They bring so much love and laughter to our hearts.

Oliver Orsino

Adopted 12/18/21

Burt Balthasar

Adopted 12/16/21

Thanks for checking in on Burt. He is an absolute DREAM. We were meant for each other. We go on daily walks and explore the neighborhood. He likes to talk to all the other dogs especially the little chihuahua next door. If only he could get through that fence. We went to the beach for the first time, and he loved it. We are going to explore the dog park and see how he does.

Burt's new family includes two cats which he loves to chase and play with. They put up with him. At night he sleeps with me in the big bed like the prince that he is. He is such a good boy. All in all, I would say he has a pretty good life now. Lots of love and treats and regular puppachinos from Starbucks. Thanks so much for bringing us together.


Dahlia Dove

Adopted 12/16/21

Bianca Biondello

Adopted 12/13/21

Frida Farfalle
"Molly Mae"

Adopted 12/12/21

Sofie Stephano

Adopted 12/12/21

We have changed Sofie's name to Zoë. She LOOOOVES her siblings. Her favorite is still the heeler, Lucy (but she is pretty fond of her mommy and daddy as well). Lucy has been, teaching her how to potty outside, plays with her non-stop, and seems to be teaching her how to learn commands like come, stay, etc. She follows my older dachshund around and copies him. He mostly ignores her. She is chilly in the mornings so she has a jacket she wears.

Iris Isabella

Adopted 12/11/21

Brownie Dee

Adopted 12/09/21
Courtesy Post

Calvin Cavatelli

Adopted 12/07/21

Otter Othello

Adopted 12/05/21

Ozzy Oberon
"Louie Reid"

Adopted 12/03/21

Ozzy and Twixie have been renamed to Louie and Remmi. They are doing well and have found a permanent spot in our home and hearts.

Twixie Titania

Adopted 12/03/21

Twixie and Ozzy have been renamed to Remmi and Louie. They are doing well and have found a permanent spot in our home and hearts.

Jax Jamy

Adopted 12/02/21

Butter Bucatini

Adopted 11/22/21
Deceased 05/07/22

Butter is doing awesome! We love him to pieces!! I have actually made him a cute little Instagram account to post his fun little pictures and adventures!

Trixie Triathlon

Adopted 11/08/21

Blue Badminton

Adopted 11/03/21

Caillou Cuddles

Adopted 10/29/21
Deceased 03/12/22

Willow Washington

Adopted 10/18/21
Deceased 06/28/23

We wanted to let you know we had to let Willow go yesterday. The vet agreed at 15 years old, with a collapsed trachea and pneumonia, she wouldn't get better . She passed peacefully in my lap with us petting her.

We will always remember Little Willow with her Little pillow! She had 2 toofers & would "bite" you with her 2 toofers if you ignored her! She sat pretty & begged for treats. We called her our defiant teenager since she talked back

Thank you for giving us these years with her. She was blessing

Gordon Goodbar
"Mr. Goodbar"

Adopted 10/15/21

Honeybee Ziti

Adopted 10/15/21

Nelly Nestle

Adopted 10/15/21

Mandy Macaroni

Adopted 10/14/21

Bella Baseball

Adopted 10/13/21

Ouisie Oolong

Adopted 10/13/21

Elsie Fusilli

Adopted 10/10/21

We absolutely adore Elsie aka Beetle, to stay in theme with her sister Ladybug. She is rambunctious and silly. She is a Velcro dog and has to be touching either Mike or me at all times. I worried at first that maybe she and ladybug were coexisting rather than getting along but with time they have really grown into sisters. They play so much and are funny and wild when they do. I feel better going to work knowing they have each other to hang out with. Ladybug seems much more energized with Beetle around which is a plus. During the day when we are gone, I watch them on the camera and they just love to cuddle, it’s the cutest thing. We’re hoping with more time, Beetle will gain more confidence and feel safer with us. She is quite skittish. We just hope she knows she has a forever home now. We thank you again for giving us the opportunity to adopt two perfect dogs for our family!

Heidi Hermitage

Adopted 09/27/21

She is doing great. Very adaptable. Loves to sleep under the covers with me and other 2 doxies. Family and friends love her. She lets them rub her belly. I think she’s just showing off. After we wake up in the morning, I have to rub her belly and tell her how sweet she is before she’ll get out of bed. Sunning in the morning is fun too.

She’s completed her heart worm protocol with no problem.

She’s a Louisiana girl now.

Beatrice Biathlon

Adopted 09/22/21

Lovely Olympiad
"Lovely Lady"

Adopted 09/15/21

On Labor Day we adopted the sweetest little old lady. She came with the name Lovely and we are calling her Lovely Lady. She’s 11 years old and tiny, just 7lbs.

Archie Archery
"Oreo Cookie"

Adopted 09/13/21

He is doing so great! We just love him so much. Still working through chewing kids toys and shoes, but my kids have not learned to put things up. 😊

Penny Pentathlon

Adopted 09/12/21

Casper Chamomile

Adopted 09/11/21

Misty Mikami

Adopted 09/09/21

Murray Marzipan

Adopted 09/07/21
Deceased 02/10/22

Reese Reeses

Adopted 08/30/21

Reese is one of Nelly Nestle's puppies, born in June 2021.

Rowan Rowing

Adopted 08/30/21

Tena Tennis
"Katie Scout"

Adopted 08/29/21

Teena is doing well. She has been renamed Katie Scout as she is a designer doxie (Kate Spade) and seems to patrol our yard very regularly.

No surprise, she looks nothing like her mom, a dachshund, and must resemble her dad. She loves her adoptive brothers and gives them face kisses and plays continually. She now towers over them but they still rule the roost.

She is a great cuddler when she wants to be and can jump on the beds and the couch whenever she wants. But she also knows sit, no, go to bed (our term for the kennel) and loves to catch pieces of popcorn when treated. She loves walks and meeting new human friends.

She is due to get spayed this month and is up to date on all her shots and preventative meds. She is kind of a fussy eater, but not bad.

Thanks again and happy new year!

Char and Randy

Schultz Sugar Daddy

Adopted 08/11/21

Wilbur Wunderbar

Adopted 08/07/21
Deceased 06/10/23

I just wanted to say a thank you for allowing me to adopt Wilbur. He was the biggest blessing in my life and he filled my heart with so much unconditional love and happiness. I am so thankful for Vikki and Robert (Wilbur's foster parents) for trusting me to take Wilbur home and give him a great life. We share a great bond and I now consider them my family.

Unfortunately, I had to put Wilbur down due to his Cancer spreading to his lungs. I fought so hard for him and he was so strong, but God knew he wanted him home 🕊️ My heart is completely broken, and I will miss him dearly. Even though I only got to spend a little less than 2 years with Wilbur, I will be forever grateful for this amazing rescue. Because of you I was blessed to have Wilbur in my life ❤️ and I will cherish our time together, my little old man. 

Holly Hanukkah

Adopted 08/06/21

Woody Weightlifting

Adopted 08/05/21

Duncan Dots

Adopted 08/03/21

Mabel Milky Way

Adopted 08/03/21

Luca Licorice

Adopted 07/31/21

Chief Charms

Adopted 07/15/21


Adopted 07/09/21
Courtesy Post

We adopted Buddy in July 2021. He was a courtesy listing on your website. This was one month after we adopted Chloe (now Daisy). The two of them plus our 2012 DREAM pup Cooper make a wonderful pack of three pups.

Buddy enjoys his car rides, puppy lattes at Starbucks, kayak rides, travel, sleeping with us, sitting on our feet, going in and out of his pup door, resting on all pieces of furniture, sleeping on his back, endless pets from us, playing with his toys. He even seems to enjoy his kitty brother and sister. He is a super sweet and funny little pup.

We love having him, Daisy and Cooper as our little DREAM pup pack. We lost one of our DREAM pups and one of our DRoH pups recently. We and Cooper felt a huge void in our home lives.

We are in touch with the family who gave Buddy up and send them pictures to let them know how he is doing. They like that.

Thank you for all that you do for the pups and the peeps!


Adopted 07/01/21
Courtesy Post

Beau has been officially adopted by someone who had another senior dog and works mostly from home.

Chloe Cajeta

Adopted 06/29/21
Deceased 08/16/22

We said goodbye to our sweet little old lady Daisy today. She joined our family on June 18, 2021 after her loving Mom became seriously ill.

She was about 16 and originally from Louisiana. She became a really sweet and funny part of our a little pup pack of three. Her brothers loved her — especially Cooper, who spent lots of time licking and licking on her.

We had lots of fun together. She entertained us with her unending appetite, desire to stand right under us or between our legs, loud snoring, shark-like qualities anytime food was present, and ever demanding stare for food. And so much more.

She was a great travel companion, kayak companion, car-rider, and life journeyer. She was not however, a great dining companion, as she regularly snatched food off our plates or bit our fingers in search of a snack.

Daisy had seemingly boundless energy until the last few days. She was overcome by an intestinal blockage that seemed to trigger underlying conditions that we didn’t even know about. She could not get past this, and we and the emergency vet knew it was time.

We know that she was greeted by her Mama, Anna Lou, who passed on shortly after we adopted Chloe-turned-Daisy. We know that all of our family of fur and flesh also welcomed her “home.”

We are all on this life journey together. Thank you to everyone who shares this aspect of our journey with us – our love of our fur family. And thank you to everyone for all of the love and support during the past few days.

We are at peace with this, although it is sad for us. We love adopting senior animals. We would absolutely do it again and will someday. They are uniquely special and so rewarding.

Thank you to Dr. Catherine Cloudt Powell and her assistant, Allie, for their great love and care over this last year and Dr. Patrick Satchell at South Texas Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Hospital in Austin who gave Daisy her end of life care with such kindness and warmth.

Lilly Lacrosse

Adopted 06/29/21

Gus Gutenborner

Adopted 06/24/21

Zoey Zweigelt

Adopted 06/13/21


Adopted 06/11/21
Courtesy Post

Dupre Deadlift

Adopted 06/09/21

Emma Eiswein

Adopted 06/08/21

Eeyore Eyholzer

Adopted 06/06/21

Fluff Florental

Adopted 06/06/21

Ruby Rooibos

Adopted 06/05/21

Phoebe Frascati

Adopted 06/04/21

Maddi Mallard

Adopted 06/01/21

Coco Chianti

Adopted 05/21/21

Dino Do-si-dos

Adopted 05/19/21

Dasha Darjeeling

Adopted 05/14/21

Jimmy Ginger

Adopted 05/14/21

Tanner Tannins

Adopted 05/12/21

Bella Brownie

Adopted 05/08/21

Marty Matcha

Adopted 05/06/21

Piper Peach

Adopted 05/06/21

Tucker Turmeric

Adopted 05/06/21

Coki Cadette

Adopted 05/01/21

Miki Motto

Adopted 05/01/21

Maggie Mission

Adopted 04/24/21

Tyke Treadmill

Adopted 04/14/21

Hank Handshake

Adopted 04/03/21

Camo Cookie

Adopted 03/31/21

Pepper Prosperity

Adopted 03/16/21

Daisy Danza
"Little D"

Adopted 03/12/21
Deceased 04/03/23

Daisey arrived as a foster in the depths of COVID.  She was shy and looked very rough as she emerged from the back of the SUV.  I thought, "I have never rehabilitated a dog before but I am going to now." Daisey went to work with me during COVID. She loved that. She liked her clothes when cold. Her nickname was "Little D" so we put that on one sweatshirt.

With a regular routine, good diet and love and attention she became a wonderful companion. That relationship that she and I were building was taken to the next level during the freeze because she and I got to spend 2.5 days under every blanket we owned. As you might guess, we became a foster failure almost immediately after.

Daisey lived out the balance of her time with me and a group of great admirers who loved her as well.  Age catches up with us all and it was no different for Daisey. On April 3, 2023 she moved on to the big dog park in the sky.   

Saussie Success

Adopted 02/27/21

Peaches Preschool

Missing 02/24/21

Terry Tacoma
"Mr. Biscuit"

Adopted 02/20/21

I forgot to include an update on Terry (we have renamed him Biscuit). He's adapted very well, absolutely loves my husband and has warmed up to me - I can now pick him up without him panicking- and has claimed every pillow in the house as his own. He's learning some new tricks and loves to go on walks. We're very happy he's joined our family.

Ella Elementary

Adopted 02/14/21
Deceased 06/06/22

Sammy Serenity

Adopted 02/14/21

Wheeler Wheatgrass

Adopted 02/14/21

Cowboy Conner

Adopted 02/07/21

Hammy Hip Hop

Adopted 02/03/21

Jasmine Gymnasium

Adopted 02/01/21


Adopted 01/25/21
Courtesy Post

Tyra Tidings

Adopted 01/16/21

Rosie Rollout

Adopted 01/14/21

Heidi High School

Adopted 12/27/20

BB Backfield

Adopted 12/23/20

Bubba Brotherhood

Adopted 12/23/20

Frankie Friendship

Adopted 12/21/20
Deceased 07/21/21

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of our beloved Frankie Friendship. My wife and I were with him yesterday when he suddenly became ill. We took him to Egret Bay Animal Hospital where they determined he had severe damage to the right side of his heart and had thrown an embolism. After several hours of treatment with no improvement we transferred him over to VCA emergency animal hospital for additional treatment. Frankie fought hard but the vets were unable to get his blood oxygen levels up. He was in our arms when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge to a wonderful new life. Although Frankie was only with us for 8 months it felt like he was with us a lifetime. Words cannot describe how wonderful he was and how much we loved each other.

Burt Bechamel

Adopted 12/20/20

Pluto Presents
"Mr. Wiggles"

Adopted 12/20/20

Pluto, aka Hans von Wiggle Bottom III, or just Mr. Wiggles. My husband is so in love with this dog. We have been dachshund owners for years and when we got him, Chris immediately ordered a dog ramp for the sofa. That's when I knew we had to adopt him.

Ruthie Rejoice
"Lizzie Ruth"

Adopted 12/20/20

Pepper Peppermint

Adopted 12/19/20

Spud Sports

Adopted 12/19/20

Comet Candles

Adopted 12/13/20

We adopted Peach (formerly known as Comet) in December 2020. The process to adopted her took a few months. While our application was being reviewed, the two dogs I was interested in got adopted. Once my application was approved, the third dog I was interested in was still available. She still needed to be fixed before she could be adopted, though, and the vets were booked over the holidays. It would be two months before she'd be ready. While I was waiting to adopt her, the foster mom sent me several videos/pictures, along with updates on her. We definitely got attached to her before we even met her. While waiting for her spay, her foster mom fell in love her and her husband decided to adopt her as a surprise. This was heartbreaking for me, and I was very upset. I decided to cancel the whole process of adoption. It had been months of a very unpleasant process. I felt like I was trying to do a good thing and adopt a dog who needed love, rather than giving money to a breeder.

Honestly, I just prayed about it, and the next day DREAM called me about a dog who they had taken in the night before. She looked very similar to the dog I fell in love with previously. She had already been fixed and everything was checked out with her. DREAM waived her adoption fee to make up for my bad experience so far. That was definitely appreciated. I drove up (since I live in Corpus) a few days later and picked her up. We are so in love with Peach, and I know now she was meant for my family.

We love her so much. She is the most loving dog I have ever met. She loves children, adults, other animals, actually everyone! She loves attention. She follows me around all day and jumps right in my lap. She loves to be pet constantly. If not, she will nudge or lick me to death. Her favorite thing is our one-mile morning walks. We do one every day. If not, she will throw a fit. It keeps me motivated. She loves riding in the car with me and going to the beach. She is a social butterfly and loves going to family or friend's houses. Everyone loves her. I sometimes wish I would have adopted her brother Pluto and sister Pepper. I was so lucky to meet her brother and sister. I see they both got adopted which makes me super happy. I'm glad they have good homes. Thank you again DREAM for doing your best to resolve a difficult situation. It all worked out in the end. I'm am so blessed to have this sweet baby. I will send some pictures in a separate email. God Bless y'all!

Jane Austen

Adopted 12/13/20

Kindi Gardner

Adopted 11/21/20

Crystal Catalyst

Adopted 11/07/20

Dexter Discipline

Adopted 11/06/20

Nike Notebook

Adopted 11/05/20

Trixie Tribute

Adopted 11/05/20

Frieda Freedom

Adopted 10/15/20

e have had Frieda for 2 months now and she is just wonderful. She has so much love in her it can help but pour out of her. It took her 1 afternoon to get the layout of the house and she loves the backyard. She has doggy neighbors to talk to and squires to play with. Anytime she hears the garage door open she runs to the door waiting for hellos to begin. What a great homecoming. Not much goes unnoticed. Frieda loves for us to play wither her squeaky toy babies. From the day we brought her home she has been a blessing. She fills my heart with joy.

If your considering one of these precious pups, do it. They’re bodies may be small but they’re hearts are huge. They are so loving, smart, curious, and will make you laugh everyday.

Benson Bechamel

Adopted 10/14/20

Cinnamon Stars

Adopted 10/12/20

Cinnamon is doing great she loves meeting new people and going on walking adventures. She had the opportunity to travel by plane and train recently and did wonderful. She is quiet as a mouse in her carrier when traveling. Cinnamon even got to enjoy her first snow during a recent family trip. Of course, just like every dachshund she sleeps a lot and has to eat out of a slow feed bowl to slow down her eating. We continue to give her medicated bathes weekly to help continue the healing process of her skin/fur. Her fur is really filling out and getting longer. Adopting is the only way to go. This little girl has been through so much and deserves to be a pampered queen.

Duchess Drawing

Adopted 10/10/20

Scout Scandium

Adopted 09/27/20

We've loved having Brulee as part of our family! He has become the ultimate sidekick for all of our adventures. We've taken him all around town in Austin to parks and outdoor dinners and outdoor happy hours. He does excellent on the leash but also loves the sling we bought him for longer walks/bike rides. A few weeks ago we took a road trip to go wine tasting in Fredericksburg and Brulee joined us for the fun!

At home, Brulee is laying under my desk all day either sleeping, playing with a toy or asking for a belly rub. He and Miko (our Husky mix) get the zoomies at night and playfully fight over who gets what toy.

We think Brulee is the sweetest, most handsome dog and he gets compliments wherever we go.

Matilda Maternal

Adopted 09/25/20
Deceased 11/02/21

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I share Matilda "Bossy Pants" Coleman has passed on to the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge. She traveled to Mississippi with us often, went on a cross country trip with us to Pennsylvania and back, and met all her cousins, both two legged and 4 legged. She had many adventures.

She was very old, but resilient and tough and opinionated. She bossed the younger dogs around. She would look for me by using a very special sonar bark - LOL. She took a piece of my heart with her. Thank you DREAM Dachshund Rescue for allowing me to adopt, to Rachel Ruth for bringing her into my life, and to Chateau Veterinary Hospital for taking good care of her. Matilda, find your brother and sisters who are already at the bridge and wait for me.

Max Mercury

Adopted 09/19/20

Scrabble Schrodinger

Adopted 09/19/20

It has been a little over a year and a half since we adopted Roscoe (formerly Scrabble). Recently we went to the lake with family, taking Roscoe for the first time. We were surprised at how much fun he had! We just love him.

Brownie Embrace

Adopted 09/06/20

Dodge Dalton

Adopted 08/30/20

We renamed him Quincy and he already knows his name. He is so loving and never goes in his crate unless I run an errand. He wants nothing to do with it. He and Finley play all the time, and all three dogs sleep in the big bed with us.

I have two DREAM dogs, Finley(aka Tyrus Trinitity, and Quincy(aka Dodge Dalton. They are truly besties and such good boys. They love to wrestle and chase each other. They also like to irritate their sister, Mia, a tiny Chihuahua. She definitely lets them know who is boss! They both are so loving and affectionate. I am grateful for the people at DREAM for the work they do to rescue all of the darling dogs they save. God bless and Merry Christmas!

Jackson Jenkka

Adopted 08/29/20

Timmy Tenderheart

Adopted 08/25/20


Adopted 08/21/20
Courtesy Post


Adopted 08/21/20
Courtesy Post

Herbie Honky Tonk

Adopted 08/15/20

Payton Patriot

Adopted 08/15/20

Payton Patriot (now “Sparky”) is the cutest puppy and enjoying life with an active family with his two human brothers. We love him so much!

Ralphy Radon

Adopted 08/15/20

Yankee Doodle

Adopted 08/15/20

Strider Stripes

Adopted 08/13/20

Just wanted to give you an update. The pup is doing great. He's such a fun addition to the family. His house training is going well, with only an occasional oops.

Strider Stripes" is now known as TAZ.... He's our little Tasmanian Devil around the house. He is curious, vocal, loving, and protective of whomever he meets. We have never had a "non- pedigreed" dachshund in our home.... ( I guess we were a little snobbish about our dachshunds). TAZ is the most loving, easy to train pup we've had. WE LOVE HIM!!! If I had room for 10 more just like him, I'd take them in a heartbeat. He's fearless, and a GREAT companion to our other Dachshund. In fact, when we had him neutered, our other boy laid by his cage, whining to him, until he knew it was ok.. and he could rejoin the fun.

Thank you to DREAM, for giving us the opportunity to add such a great JOY to our lives.

Anthony Anthem

Adopted 08/06/20

Betsy Ross
"Daisy Mae"

Adopted 08/06/20

Indy Independence
"Fistiki Peanut"

Adopted 08/06/20

Nate Nation

Adopted 08/06/20

Dudley Domino

Adopted 08/03/20

Maggie Merengue
"Maggie Mae"

Adopted 08/03/20

Jojo Joropo

Adopted 07/27/20

JoJo has settled in quite nicely. He definitely is a curious and adventuresome guy. A few stories. . .

Jojo is an escape artist. We had to put a top on his sleeping cage because he would jump over the side (and it is two feet high).

JoJo loves to play with his toys. He has a giant spider rope toy that we play tug of war with. His Metro card squeaky toy is a favorite. My daughter sent it from New York. Finally, he is learning to be a receiver. We have a squeaky football that we throw and he goes after.

JoJo has been learning some new commands. He will sit to wait for a treat and he learned to use a ramp my son bought him to get on the couch (50% of the time).

Jojo loves squirrels! He is always on the lookout for them. He sits so quietly just waiting for them to walk across the fence or climb the tree. Good thing the squirrels are fast.

JoJo had been a blessing. It has been for the three of us getting used to each other and our habits. Having him sit with me and allowing me to pet him is very soothing.

Thank you for rescuing dachshunds. You make DREAMS come true!

Perrie Parade

Adopted 07/27/20

We wanted to give you an update on Perrie, now known as Libby. Family and neighbors all think the name "Libby" suits her! She is settling in great. She loves the family and is very calm when she meets people and other dogs on her walks. Libby loves her walks! She’s also very good about asking to go out. Thanks for all the love and care you give the doggies and for helping to bring Libby in our lives.

Florence Flamenco

Adopted 07/09/20

Brutus Bearhug

Adopted 07/06/20

Whitney Waltz

Adopted 07/04/20

Chachi Cheers
"Mary Tyler Moore"

Adopted 06/27/20
Deceased 02/28/21

We were extremely saddened to hear of Chachi's passing after a brief illness.

From Chachi's adopter: This little girl brought love and healing to my heart. She loved to carry around my dirty socks and tuck them in her bed. One day I looked up and she was hauling my flip flops up her ramp to her bed (which was on my bed, not the floor). When I had to leave her at doggie day care, they told me she was very talkative. I would get an earful from her when I pick her up. Otherwise she was a quiet girl who enjoyed many long naps during the day. She loved her food and snacks, especially organic baked chicken. She had teepee where she kept her toys. She used to haul socks down to the teepee in the morning and immediately return them to her bed, silly girl. I love and miss Chachi dearly.

Maggie Mi Amore

Adopted 06/27/20

Lola Lullaby
"Penny Mueller"

Adopted 06/26/20


Adopted 06/25/20
Courtesy Post


Adopted 06/22/20
Courtesy Post

Bonsai Beso

Adopted 06/20/20

Stan Lee Snuggles

Adopted 06/20/20

Hilda Hugs

Adopted 06/18/20
Deceased 07/13/22

Pumpkin Puppylove
"Dolly Pawton"

Adopted 06/13/20

Megan Mardigras

Adopted 06/07/20

Rusty Rangerover

Adopted 05/30/20

Rusty is a perfect dog. My husband was asking our other dog to roll and Rusty rolled. He is sweet and wants to please. He loves to bark at squirrels and play with our other dog. We did a DNA test on him. He is 57% poodle, 22% chihuahua, 13% Italian greyhound and 5% old english sheepdog. No Dachshund. We love him and are so happy to have him.

Chili Carino

Adopted 05/28/20

Sarafina Swallowtail

Adopted 05/27/20

Chuey Cherish

Adopted 05/11/20

We really got our new baby at the perfect time. I’m a school teacher and have been essentially alone since May as COVID shut down schools and Cole is an essential worker. Because of that, Chuey, who we have re-named Tuck, and I have really bonded! He is the sweetest, sassiest little man. He loves to cuddle and play fetch. He has become fast friends with our pit bull, Ophelia who probably weighs 3x as much as him. The two of them love to wrestle and cuddle. He has quickly stolen my heart and become my best friend. I am so grateful to DREAM and will be a life-long supporter. Tuck is an absolute joy!

Pepe Pedernales

Adopted 05/04/20

Bruce Backgammon

Adopted 05/02/20

Neo is doing great, lots of energy. He is keeping her big sister busy running around the backyard. Here in a rare moment of quiet

Cooper Canasta

Adopted 04/27/20

Even though Cooper is 3 plus years old he discovers something new everyday. He has to explore every hole, every bush, and always the tallest grass. Birds, chickens, horses, goats, cats, and his favorite....squirrels.

He is both curious and easily startled. His shadow,

things blown by the wind: leaves, plants and a ball floating

in his water bowl. (I laughed so hard when I saw what he was barking at).

He is very high energy. He plays hard. He naps after exercise and he's ready to go again.

We walk every day. He looks longingly at his leash to let me know. He's very insistent. One day he was looking back at other dogs and ran into a utility box. Something I would do. I thought, "Is he embarrassed?" He makes me laugh every day.

He's a big chow hound. Never is satisfied after he eats. If I'm in the kitchen, he's in the kitchen. He will eat until he gets sick. I found that out the hard way.

He doesn't like to be alone. He sleeps with my grandson. If he's not getting attention from him he will look for me. Even if it's laying next to me while I pet him.

He's a handful, but so worth it❤

Oh! I've lost 13 lbs since we got him. 🤩We love our Cooper❤


Adopted 04/25/20
Courtesy Post

Kieran Kingcake

Adopted 04/21/20

Kieran is now Tarzan, which is the most fitting name for this little acrobat! He is the cutest, smartest boy. He loves his two big brothers, Cooper and Alexander, who have already taught him how to tag-team wrestle, and their favorite game,"Who's gonna get who's neck". He has grown so big, and loves to destroy things, so we keep him plied with plenty of toys. We just adore him.

Pepper Proteus

Adopted 04/20/20
Deceased 01/17/22

Tina Trinket

Adopted 04/20/20

Julia Jewel

Adopted 04/19/20

We absolutely adore Roxy and she is well integrated into our family! She is cute as a button and loves listening to music and it's a good thing because we have one son in band and another in Orchestra. We have taught Roxy to enjoy pool time with the family. She loves to wear her life jacket and play ball with us. She wants to be in the middle of whatever is going on. She loves to play both fetch and tug of war. She is super smart and quickly got pee pad trained. She finished her final round of shots a week and 1/2 ago so we are now working on outside potty training and walks. I have been so happy with our adoption and the dream organization as a whole

Britton Beads

Adopted 04/18/20

12/31/20: Here's an update on our Frodo, or "Britton Beads". He's been such a good puppy! Even though we were hoping this little designer Doxie would grow up looking more like a dachshund, he is hilarious! He's got the best personality, super smart and playful. He gets along great with our whole crew that now consists of our longtime senior dachshunds who we've had since puppies and our newest member that was just handed to us by a family. Frodo is living his best Doxie life here in Magnolia Texas. ❤

6/22/20: Just sending pictures of our DREAM Dachshund we adopted a couple months ago, Frodo...or was named “Britton Beads”. He’s so sweet! Loves his newest pal given to us by a family that couldn’t keep him anymore. They are now bffs...Frodo and Samwise 😁 (Lord of the Rings inspired names)

Butterfly Phlox

Adopted 04/18/20

Thank you again for your rescue and care of Butterfly, she’s such a joy and has the cutest personality!

Callie Cornea

Adopted 04/18/20


Adopted 04/18/20
Courtesy Post

Sienna Sequin

Adopted 04/18/20

Floppy Fleece

Adopted 04/16/20

Nellie Nacho

Adopted 04/15/20

Bear Bifocal

Adopted 04/13/20

Franco Float

Adopted 04/13/20

Bandit Bacchanal

Adopted 04/10/20

Arlo Acapulco

Adopted 04/04/20

Sunny South Padre

Adopted 04/03/20

Thor Thibodaux

Adopted 03/21/20

Bonnie Bok Choy
"Daisy Mae"

Adopted 03/17/20

Daisy is as sweet as they come! Her favorite place in the world is on the couch curled up against me (her mama). She especially likes it when I get to work from home and she can be with me all day. Daisy loves to roll around in the grass, go on walks, and nap. She’s my little shadow, and my husband and I adore her. She definitely has a forever home with us!

Radar Retina

Adopted 03/16/20

Alamo Flambeaux

Adopted 03/15/20

We absolutely adore this pup. He was at home the second he got here. He went right to his bed and played with his toys. He has given me so much joy!! At night when he wants to go to bed he just jumps right up and crawls under blanket and curls right up next to you. Its really sweet. He has adapted really quick and I'm pretty sure he happy and SPOILED. Thank you guys for the chance to adopt him. I live far away but to travel to get him was SO worth it.

Margeaux Masque

Adopted 03/13/20

I wanted to reach and say thank you!! 😊 I adopted Margeaux from you. We had a few challenges at first but nothing we couldn't get passed. I am grateful every day for her. She has had such an impact on my life. She has such an amazing personality and is so much fun to be around. She loves all dogs and wants to meet everyone of them. She loves women, men not so much but warms up after a while. I just wanted to reach out to thank you and let you know I am so grateful for all your organization does. Here are some pictures of her. She comes with me every where and everyone falls in love with her. I am just so grateful for the organization and her!

Beignet Balaclava
"Brisket Beignet"

Adopted 03/08/20

Little Miss Brisket Beignet Wicker has become head of household. She is adorable and loves running in and out of the basset hound size doggie door, patrolling the yard, gathering up an occasional lizard for my inspection, and once brought in a dead bird. My big boy Dr. Watson is somewhat perplexed by her energy but seems to think she is a keeper. Sadly, my boy Sherlock, who had cancer, only got to know her for a couple of weeks before he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

I didn’t realize when I brought her home that she only had 2 teeth. Of course when I got her medical records I realized how terrible a condition she must have been in when she was rescued. I had given her a tiny square cookie and realized that she was trying to swallow it whole. If I had known that when I picked her up, I would have avoided an almost accident. We have the eating situation under control now, any kibble is tiny and only tiny small soft bits of treats.

Her eyes are a genetic issue, of no tear production. I do clean them with an eye wash several times a day, and she has prescription medication twice a day. This will not be cured, and hopefully she will not lose her eyesight. She is a little angel having her eye treatment.

In case you can’t tell I am pretty crazy about her. Typical female, she selects the biggest bed for herself, and let’s Watson have the little one.

Roscoe Rex

Adopted 03/03/20

Roscoe has settled in and has been a great addition to our little family! He is my shadow and loves to herd me to bed so he can burrow under the covers and snuggle. He and Petra like to play and cuddle, and love that Brian and I are working from home these days. I found out that he goes crazy for the water hose in the back yard!

Lady Lasik

Adopted 02/28/20

Keanu Krewe

Adopted 02/26/20

We renamed our pup to Odie, and he is doing GREAT! We absolutely love him to pieces. Odie is a super cuddler, and I’m excited to say this is exactly what I have always hoped and prayed for in a dog! I’ll be working at our kitchen table or on the couch, and Odie will snuggle up right next to me. He loves to have some part of his body touching one of us (and we love it, too!). Odie’s favorite activities are going for walks and going to parks. We live in an area with a LOT of dogs, and he loves meeting new ones and saying hi to his friends. He was skittish at first, but we are pleased to say he is doing much better and trusting more people and their dogs! Even today Odie saw a friend and met two new dogs, and he did great with all of them.

We trained Odie to sit, stay, come, shake, and “not pull” (while on his leash). He gets really excited when he’s outside, he loves car rides, and about once a day he gets so excited to play that he will race around the house as fast as he can (and we run around with him!).

Sharla Sugar

Adopted 02/23/20
Deceased 08/05/23

Genie Gevalia
"Genie Beanie Super Weenie"

Adopted 02/18/20
Deceased 08/11/20

We sadly said goodbye to my sweet Genie Beanie Super Weenie a few days ago. Long story short, after exams and blood tests showing everything within normal limits, we believe she had a brain tumor.

Genie and Missy came to live with us about one year ago as forever fosters. Missy became ill and passed away in February. I decided to adopt Genie then.

Losing two dogs within six months is difficult, as we all know, but such is life as a rescuer. No regrets here. I will always have rescues and will always love them. We take our lumps and go back for more.

Genie was a hoot! Always a high energy, beautiful and happy dog, her tail a blur of wagging, she loved the whole world and everyone in it. It was so sweet to see her in a puppy pile with Rhodes, Sansa, Miggy, Cow Girl, Sara, Mia and whoever else decided to crash with them - usually Bart, my tuxedo cat. Genie was my tiny bud, my shadow who loved to get under my feet and follow me around. She had the loudest bark for such a little dog just under 10 pounds. Her favorite time was mealtime and she ate with pure gusto. She slowly crept into my heart and stole it!

At bedtime I’d spray rose & lavender essential oils in the room and apply lavender to her coat. Then I’d kiss her little head, rock her in my arms and sing her a lullaby. I’d promise to meet her in our dreams in sleepy town. The lullaby I sang went like this:

Hush a bye, don’t you cry
Go to sleep my little baby.
When you wake you shall have
All the pretty little horses.
Dapples and grays, pintos and bays,
All the pretty little horses.

Yonder down in the meadow
Poor little baby’s crying Momma.
Birds and butterflies flutter around her eyes,
Poor little baby’s crying Momma.
Mmmm mmmmm mmmmmm,
Mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm.
Go to sleep my little baby.

Then I’d kiss her again and gently lay her in her bed and sneak out of the room before she realized I’d left.

I shall miss you Genie Beanie. You know your Momma loves you. Have fun playing with all your siblings. Tell Joy to be nice to you and please meet me at the bridge with the gang if I am blessed to make it there! Goodbye for now. 😘

Sonny San Marcos

Adopted 02/10/20
Deceased 03/10/22

Huey Hyperopia

Adopted 02/08/20

Sammie Spectacles

Adopted 02/08/20


Adopted 02/08/20
Courtesy Post

Violet Vanilla

Adopted 02/05/20

Peaches Potsticker

Adopted 02/01/20
Deceased 08/08/21

Brees Beret

Adopted 01/20/20

Thank you for the honor of trusting me with Brees. She is the love of my life and my very best friend. She makes me laugh. Everyone who meets her falls in love. I am so grateful. Brees is the light of our lives. She’s so loving and gentle. She is loved completely.

Cherie Chartreuse

Adopted 01/20/20

Rocky Raincoat

Adopted 01/12/20

Roxie Ribbons

Adopted 01/12/20

Great job, Dream Dachshund! Sweet little Roxy is everything we hoped for and has filled our hearts with the doxie joy we'd been missing. She's been a perfdct fit from day one. She loves chasing lizards (not good at catching), going for walks (prefers sniffing to walking) and taking car rides (doesn't like Dad to get out of the car). She loves howling at the front door with the rest of the pack when we leave (not an activity we encourage, although it is funny). But mostly she loves snuggling and napping with a human - she's world class.

Jaxon Jumpingbean

Adopted 01/11/20

Bentley Blanket

Adopted 01/09/20

Butters Bells

Adopted 01/07/20

We love Butters! His new name is George. He is beautiful and has a best toy poodle friend whose name is Louie. They hang out daily running and playing both in and outdoors!

They sleep with us in the big bed at night.

They have bonded beautifully!

I love him so much even though he barks louder than any dog I have ever had!

When we return home from a doctor’s appointment etc., he jumps and barks all over because he so happy to see us. He does not want us to pet my 80 pound standard poodle nor our 6 pound toy poodle.He wants to be first always and we let him be so!

Butters Buoy

Adopted 01/04/20

We are very happy to have Butters in our lives. Our previous pup of 14 years was sick with cancer and after many efforts to save him, we had to euthanize him. Our hearts were heavy with grief. Butters has helped us get through our pain. Although he is an older dog, we are surprised at his energy. He loves for us to take him for walks in the park. In fact, he is really good at that and paces himself perfectly. He gets along with all our cats. He doesn't bark at them and gives them their space. He is a rose among thorns (claws in this case).

Sarah Sweet Potato

Adopted 12/29/19

Grayson Grasshopper

Adopted 12/22/19
Deceased 03/04/22

When I got home Wednesday evening, Grayson could hardly move and was yelping in pain. I cuddled him all night and rushed him to my vet as soon as they opened on Thursday morning. They did x-rays and said he had three discs that had collapsed in his neck, and three in his back. They did injections and kept him overnight. On Friday morning they said he was worse and was completely paralyzed in his back legs. We spoke with the surgeon, but there was no guarantee that surgery would help. Grayson was in so much pain, even with the pain meds, that at noon on Friday we made the difficult decision put Grayson to sleep. I am beyond devastated and I just keep reminding myself that at least he is no longer in pain.

He was my little man and such a loving a sweet boy. I was his person. I feel so lost without him. He’s going to be missed so much by our entire family, especially Charlie our other weenie dog. They were inseparable and he followed her everywhere. He will always be in our hearts. 🤍

Coco Cocoon

Adopted 12/21/19

Willow Winter

Adopted 12/19/19
Courtesy Post

Mila Mashed Potatoes

Adopted 12/11/19
Deceased 10/28/23

Canelo Caramel

Adopted 12/07/19

Cooper is the sweetest, most loving little doxie we have ever had. We brought him home December 7th 2019 and he has been a joy and a blessing

ever since. He is our shadow. Cooper loves to play inside and out. He especially loves to chase birds and squirrels. But when he is not playing outside,

you will find him sleeping in his bed or being held by me or my husband. Cooper is the happiest little dog and loves everyone. We cannot imagine our life without him. When we saw pictures of Cooper on the Dream Dachshund website, we knew we wanted to meet him in person. Cooper has also been undergoing heartworm treatments since we took him home and he is almost finished with the program, so very soon we will get to put his harness on him and take him walking. He is high energy and will love walking and running!

We have so much to look forward to with Cooper like unending kisses, understanding his cute personality, constant cuddling and sometimes there is three in the bed.

We are grateful to Dream Dachshunds for their adoption program, dedication and volunteers. Without the Dream Team we would not have our precious Cooper.

So thank you to all!

Finn Fennel

Adopted 11/30/19

Izzy Herbs

Adopted 11/27/19

Buddy Boo

Adopted 11/24/19

Buddy is the love of our lives. We have had him under 3 months and he settled in after a week or two. He is my shadow. I shower, he lays on the rugs in the bathroom, sleeping until I finish. He loves my walk in closet. He takes his toys and bones in there to hide them from my husband. He loves his toys but his favorite is a squirrel with a squeaker in it. He carries it in and out of the house with him. I think his favorite things to do are going bye bye on Sundays. We take him to the park where he is on the trail of everything. Then he goes to Lowe’s shopping. He loves getting pushed around in the cart. He makes many human friends. He loves to be on my lap stretched out on his back sleeping. He sleeps in our big bed with us at night. He curls up next to me and sleeps all night. We go for walks then he likes to nap after. I feel he’s a happy boy. He gets the zoomies everyday. It’s really a word they use for dogs that I’ve learned. Google it. Which means he runs as fast as he can around the house in and out of the rooms, while we laugh and play. He’s really not much of a treat eater. I give him greenies that he carries around and hides before eating. Our vet gave him liver treats that seem to be his favorites. He loves to lay on the patio in the sun. He has even gone out there without me. He’s becoming a little more independent everyday. We are still looking for a brother or sister for him. He is a mama’s boy. We couldn’t love him more. I hope he realizes that we are his forever humans. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Brody Bubblegum

Adopted 11/20/19

Pebbles St. Padre

Reunited 11/18/19

Melody aka “Mello” (former DREAM puppy Pebbles) is truly a blessing to our home. We are dachshund lovers and were in the hunt for a long haired puppy to add to our family. We started looking on-line for puppies with breeders and eventually widened our search to rescues which lead us to DREAM.

We really liked how the DREAM process works to ensure dogs placed in your home would be a good fit. Working closely with Emily, Marcie and Trisha, we went back and forth on several dogs that we were interested in to best fit with our current family pack.

We kept our eyes open waiting and before we knew it we got a call on a JUST rescued pup that DREAM believed would mesh well with our family. My motherly instinct wanted to jump in head first that Friday but reality told me to wait and allow Emily transport her the next day to observe her in a brand new environment.

Even though she wasn’t a long hair dachshund we fell in love instantly!!! She is truly precious, calm and mellow. Our family pack invited her in with no issues so we decided to keep her for a few day to make sure nothing would change.

What happened is that she stole our hearts! Unusual for a dachshund she has demonstrated good trainability learning to potty outside, come for treats and use support stairs. She is a very smart girl who loves to give hugs and kisses.

The saying is "Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, filling an emptiness we don't even know we have". What a better Anniversary gift than a new puppy dog! My husband and I are BIG supporters of those who volunteer their time for voiceless, defenseless animals that deserve to be saved and cared for.

DREAM is an AMAZING organization for everything that they do. Thank you so much for placing this special girl in our home! We love her to pieces!


Poppy Pumpkin Pie

Adopted 11/12/19

Mallie March

Adopted 11/11/19
Courtesy Post

Zeke Ponzu

Adopted 11/07/19

April Apple Crisp

Adopted 11/06/19

Our sweet Ladybug (aka April) has been the greatest addition to our home. She’s wild, spunky, and at times truly thinks she’s a cat. When I get ready in the morning, she climbs up my legs to sit on my lap- a truly impressive feat- and then enjoys her morning treat of drinking water straight from the faucet. She’s a friendly dog to humans and animals alike. She has never met someone who wasn’t her friend right off the bat. A funny surprise we got recently were her DNA results. Although Ladybug is long and resembles mostly a dachshund, we were pleasantly surprised to find out she is in fact 50% chihuahua and only 25% dachshund. My partner and I got many laughs from that. Ladybug really is the most special dog and we feel so blessed that our paths crossed. I could not imagine a better dog for us to have and love

Hallie Halloween
"Bella Boo"

Adopted 11/06/19

Miles Moonlight

Adopted 11/06/19

Madison Mache

Adopted 11/03/19

She has been a joy to our family! From the day we brought her home it felt like she’s been a part of family the whole time. You all did a fabulous job with matching the perfect dog for us. Thank you again!

Georgie Gingerbread

Adopted 10/30/19

Max Masquerade

Adopted 10/28/19
Courtesy Post

Moose Mushroom

Adopted 10/28/19

Lucy Laredo

Adopted 10/21/19

Roxy Renegade

Adopted 10/21/19

Huntley Honeybee

Adopted 10/20/19

Sunshine Skipperling

Adopted 10/19/19

Bud Battalion

Adopted 10/15/19

Dash Doodlebug

Adopted 10/11/19

Maggie Marina

Adopted 10/11/19

Sandy San Saba

Adopted 10/10/19

Presley Pistachio

Adopted 10/05/19

Precious Pieridae

Adopted 10/03/19
Deceased 01/22/23

Dear Precious,

Today you left us. I am so heartbroken to have lost you, but I know that you are in God's arms and no longer suffering. If I could turn back time, even only for a day, I would have held you for as long as I could and let you know how much I loved you.

You were the sweetest, gentlest, most loving and loyal baby that we were blessed to have in our lives. There can never be another you because you are irreplaceable.

I leave a piece of my heart with you until I see you again.

Be at peace and bask forevermore in the warm sunshine that you loved so much.

Love you forever,

Your Family

Stephie Skobeloff

Adopted 09/28/19

Ruby Rollerblade

Adopted 09/23/19

Darla Dumpling

Adopted 09/21/19

Doodle Doubleshot

Adopted 09/19/19
Deceased 04/15/23

Our sweet Doodle crossed the Rainbow Bridge last night in her sleep. She brought so much joy to our family. The tiniest pup who snored the loudest. Who couldn’t wait for breakfast or dinner or munchies every time she went outside - even if she didn’t go potty. My sweet girl loved to snuggle under the covers. She seldom barked but when she did, you knew she was mad. She had no fear. She once grabbed a possum that was twice her size by the tail. She would chase her sister Heidi, a Rottweiler, out of the big bed. We will miss you sweet, sweet girl.

Kellie, Tyler, Pete, and Heidi

Chrissy Cricket

Adopted 09/14/19

Dory Damselfly

Adopted 09/14/19

Cleo Carousel

Adopted 09/03/19

Gracie Guadalupe

Adopted 08/31/19
Deceased 09/07/22

Three years ago we adopted 14 year old Gracie through DREAM Rescue. They had gotten her, along with her brother and sister, from the pound, where her surrender papers said "unwanted". Her owners had said they were remodeling their house and didn't want to keep her. I'm sure it was because she used the bathroom all over the place and they didn't want their new floors ruined. I know this because that's what she did with us from day 1. It was very frustrating but I can't imagine giving up your dogs you have had since their birth. Anyway, in spite of this, we vowed to love her and keep her until she died. Well, today was that day. We had to have her put to sleep as she had deteriorated greatly over the last few weeks. She was just existing at this point and wouldn't eat and walked around pacing aimlessly with a dazed look in her eyes, using the bathroom anywhere. It was so sad. The vet made the decision for me to let her go today and I appreciate her taking the decision off my hands. Gracie lived to be 17 years old, so, for a dog, she had a good long life, but it still breaks your heart. I know she is happy and at peace now.

Tyrus Trinity

Adopted 08/31/19

Vera Verde

Adopted 08/27/19

Elvis Isle

Adopted 08/14/19

Max Maravilla

Adopted 08/13/19
Deceased 05/01/23

Chandler Sunscreen

Adopted 08/11/19

Thank you for the opportunity to meet and adopt Ralphie (aka Chandler). His foster, Ann, did a wonderful job with him during the first 6 weeks. It's been almost a month since we brought him home, and his personality is shining through. Although he's still nervous in new situations, it has decreased as he is gaining more confidence. He is definitely a lap dog and spends his time next to one of us during the evenings and weekends. His favorite spot in bed is snuggled between the pillows. He is starting to show some interest in toys and Nylabones and loves to eat! He's gained several pounds and is up to 10 lbs. now. We've heard his bark/howl when his two dog sisters hear something, and he curiously watches the squirrels outside.

Phoebe Frisbee

Adopted 08/09/19

Rusty Roheline

Adopted 08/08/19
Deceased 12/16/21

It is with tremendous sadness that I have to announce that today we loss our little howling guy Rusty to stomach cancer. He was the goodest boy ever. 🥺🥺 Thank you Michelle for loving him so much for giving him the best life ever. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Charlie Concho

Adopted 08/07/19

Cedric Cinnamon

Adopted 07/28/19

Cedrick is a little bundle of joy. He loves jumping and trying to play with our Korben 5 yrs old. Korben is a bit grouche. Cedrick- Ricky, I gave him a nickname, doesn’t give up, everyday he gives Korben another try. Then he plays with the neighbor cat that loves coming in our doogie door to spend the day at our house.

Ricky gives us many laughs throughout the day. This week I am taking him for some obedience classes to see if we can calm his barking. When he sees an unfamiliar object he spends lot of time barking at it.

He loves our walks too.

Prescott Peppercorn

Adopted 07/28/19

Gypsy Jetty

Adopted 07/23/19

Harrison Heritage

Adopted 07/23/19

Milo Llano

Adopted 07/23/19

Bella Blanco

Reunited 07/22/19

Snoopy Snorkel

Adopted 07/21/19

We changed Snoopy's name to Milo, which he has learned and answers to now! He's so smart! At first, Milo was very shy and he and Rocky (our other pup) did not get along. Now, they are good friends, for the most part. LOL. Milo loves to sit on our laps or next to us and cuddle. He also likes the new doggy bed we got for him on Amazon but he still sleeps with us whenever possible. Milo likes to sun himself in the backyard. When he first came to live with us, he always looked so sad and people would tell us that he looked sad; however, he doesn't look that way anymore. I think it was because he missed his foster family, but now he's happy and he is getting to be a rolly polly as he loves to eat! My husband calls him Velvet Dog because he has the softest, smoothest coat. We love him so much and he is oh so sweet!. Oh, and he makes us laugh when he goes outside and drinks out of the water fountain!

Dexter Dill

Adopted 07/19/19

Hunter Green

Adopted 07/14/19

We are having so much fun with the boys. They adore each other and play all day. They love to snuggle together in their bed for naps. Hunter is fearless and wants to investigate everything! Sage is such a loving pup. He wants to be held and cuddled all the time. They are polar opposites and it is so much fun introducing new things to them. Right now they love crushed ice cubes, when they hear the ice cube maker in the kitchen they come running and hope they get some. We love spoiling them. I am sure they will bring us joy for many years to come. So glad I randomly checked rescue sites and was lucky enough to find these two wonderful boys.

Sage Green

Adopted 07/14/19

We are having so much fun with the boys. They adore each other and play all day. They love to snuggle together in their bed for naps. Sage is such a loving pup. He wants to be held and cuddled all the time. Hunter is fearless and wants to investigate everything! They are polar opposites and it is so much fun introducing new things to them. Right now they love crushed ice cubes, when they hear the ice cube maker in the kitchen they come running and hope they get some. We love spoiling them. I am sure they will bring us joy for many years to come. So glad I randomly checked rescue sites and was lucky enough to find these two wonderful boys.

Emerald Green

Adopted 07/13/19

We renamed Emerald to "Molly" and she is doing great! She acclimated to her new home so well and has already made several road trips and a plane trip to Georgia with us! She loves sleeping with us every night and watching the deer in our yard every morning!

Marvin Gaye

Adopted 07/07/19
Deceased 11/18/22


Reunited 07/04/19
Courtesy Post

Bailey Bayside

Adopted 07/02/19
Courtesy Post

Fortune Cookie

Adopted 07/02/19

Cookie has been a delight and such a great addition to my family! We absolutely love her and she knows it. My daughters spoil her so much and she's been able to make some of her own doggy friends too. Cookie loves sleeping on the couch or cuddling with one of my daughters, as well as enjoys playing catch and racing the girls from room to room! We are so lucky to have her and appreciate what she adds to our family. I've attached a picture of her! Again, we thank DREAM for allowing us to adopt her

Rylie Reindeer

Adopted 07/02/19

Rylie has been such a wonderful addition to our Dachshund Family. The day I picked her up, she melted my heart. Rylie was very well trained and has learned many tricks. Rylie has trained us and is ruling the household. Melody and Dorothy Gale have welcomed her and have picked up on a few of her tricks. Rylie loves to go on walks, and is in great shape for a almost 12 year old. Rylie loves to eat, she scratches her dish at least ten times a day. If she wants your attention she will push your legs till you pick her up. Rylie is a loved by all of us.

Olive Green

Adopted 06/30/19

Olive now named Della is doing wonderful, my twin sister had another dog from y’all Cornelius (we have doggy daycare everyday while we are at work so they can play together) Della is the boss even though Corny is 2 years old, he follows her around except when it come to food then he gets first choice, she still can’t figure out how to walk on a leash she get so excited but get so tangled or when she is done walking she just drops down and refuses to go any further ( does not matter if it is the middle of the road. She is a little lover lots of kisses, she has learner to use the bathroom outside and the only thing she chews on is paper.

Louie Lockring

Adopted 06/28/19

Oscar Obedience

Reunited 06/26/19

Rusty Regulation

Reunited 06/26/19
Courtesy Post

Snoopy Steward

Reunited 06/26/19

Noah Notre Dame

Adopted 06/25/19

Marley Mojito

Adopted 06/24/19

Buzz Bodyboard

Adopted 06/21/19

Our family has always wanted a dog. After lots of research and spending time with family and friends with dogs, we knew that a dachshund was the right choice for us! Luckily, we discovered DREAM Rescue. We found a few dogs that we were interested in meeting, but they were either pending adoption or deemed to be not good with kids. The rescue team is wonderful at vetting the temperament of dogs so they could recommend other dogs that may be a fit for our family. That’s when we met Buzz Bodyguard - renamed Chase. He became an instant part of the family the day he came home. He loves to run and play with our children and long snuggles on the couch. We were so very lucky to find the sweetest dog that would bring so much joy to our lives!


Adopted 06/16/19
Courtesy Post

Lilly Lifeguard

Transferred 06/13/19
Courtesy Post

The person who found Lilly was able to place her with another rescue. We're sure Lilly will find her forever home soon.

Pretzel Pompidou

Adopted 06/03/19

Pretzel is doing very well. He and Dottie, our other mini dachshund rescue, have bonded. He's a loving little boy and we are happy we found each other.

Every dog is different and dachshunds are definitely different. We have had dachshunds for over 50 years. Pretzel has a unique ability. He has managed to get locked in every closet in our house and in any enclosure outside the house. He's so quiet and fast that we didn't notice the first few times and went around calling him. Now, we take a close look before we close any door and there he is. My husband says we should call him Sneaky Pete instead of Pretzel.

Minnie Taj Mahal
"Minnie Mouse"

Adopted 05/28/19
Deceased 02/09/22

Dante Derby

Adopted 05/27/19

Heidi Haro

Adopted 05/27/19

Mia Mulan

Adopted 05/26/19


Adopted 05/15/19
Courtesy Post

Clover Green

Adopted 05/13/19

Neil Armstrong

Adopted 05/11/19

Kelly Green

Adopted 05/05/19

Seabee is a wonderful little girl and is acclimated well to her new home and all her new toys!! She was at the vet this week and got a clean bill of health. We are excited to welcome her to our family!!

Kiwi Green

Adopted 05/03/19

Binky-Sue (formerly Kiwi Green) is a friendly, playful pup who makes friends wherever she goes and whomever she meets. She looks pretty in decorative collars with flowers and bows. Binky loves to go for walks in her special purple harness, and many neighbors stop to play and say “Hi” to her. She is popular!

She has mastered the art of playing fetch with her favorite ball. Binky is learning to put her toys away, but also puts herself away with her toys! When she isn’t playing, Binky lobes to give kisses and cuddle. Our puppy-baby loves us and our lives are much brighter having her with us.

When we got Binky in May, she was 3 pounds 2 ounces. Now she weighs 5 pounds 8 ounces.

Luke Lime

Reunited 05/01/19

Suzie Queluz
"Suzie Q"

Adopted 04/22/19

Suzie’s new parents texted me this picture of her this evening. She’s settling into her new home nicely.


Adopted 04/15/19
Courtesy Post

Corbin Clove

Adopted 04/14/19


Adopted 04/14/19
Courtesy Post

Fern Green

Adopted 04/12/19

Christa McAuliffe

Adopted 04/08/19

Felix Fennelseed

Adopted 04/08/19

Star Anise

Adopted 04/08/19

Von Miller

Adopted 04/06/19

Jace and I bonded almost immediately and we’re having a grand ‘ole time getting to know each other better. He’s an affectionate, silly (and sometimes feisty) sweetheart who loves belly rubs, walks, selfies, and his stuffed blue fish. He also looks very handsome in a bowtie and garners attention (which he looooves) from people and dogs alike just about everywhere we go. I can’t imagine going back to life without him. J

Garret Green

Adopted 04/03/19

Pookie Pukashell

Adopted 04/01/19

Pooki has his own facebook page, and everyone is invited to follow along and friend request if they so desire. Facebook doesn't allow the name of Pookie, so he goes by "Oscar Smith" to make it work. However, his original name of Pooki is what his name will remain. Feel free to share the link with everyone at DREAM.

Milo Moss

Adopted 03/30/19

Pierre Pullover

Adopted 03/29/19

Huck Hunter

Adopted 03/22/19

We are so happy to have Huck Hunter as part of our family.

Zane Zodiac

Adopted 03/16/19

Oliver Ocean

Adopted 03/13/19

Gabe Galaxy

Adopted 03/11/19

Gabe is doing wonderful!! His personality is so big and brings so much laughter and joy to our home. Gabe is very vocal and barks at us when he wants to go outside to potty or eat, so everyone knows when he’s not a happy camper, he’s a diva! He is always getting new toys, as he is hard on the ones he has LOL, and has quite the collection of little t shirts and bow ties already. He has made friends with his roommate Sofie the chihuahua and his poodle cousins Eddie and Bailey. Gabe loves going for his daily walks and enjoys shopping at Petsmart. He even goes for a night out on the town at Axelrad or Heights Biergarten occasionally. Gabe is very snuggly and can always be spotted cuddling with mom on the couch or in bed, usually watching the Kardashians or Game of Thrones. He just recently went on a vacation to grandma’s house while mom was on a trip and he had a grand time, spoiled as always! He loves car rides and is always looking out the window.

Chuck Yeager

Adopted 03/09/19

Sugar Cookie

Adopted 03/09/19

Roman Rocketship

Adopted 03/06/19

Jezebel Judge

Adopted 03/02/19

Jezebel is such a doll. We just adore her and spoil her rotten. She is a companion to our other rescue from DREAM - Carley Confetti! We got Carley in 2015 (I think). Jesse likes to chase the cats, ride in our boat, snuggle, and play with the grandkids

Poppy Pascal

Adopted 02/25/19

Vinnie Veteran

Adopted 02/25/19

Wayne Spaceplane

Adopted 02/25/19

Layla Lantern

Adopted 02/23/19

Bruno Blastoff

Adopted 02/18/19

Yvonne Yin

Adopted 02/18/19

Snickerdoodle Seahorse

Adopted 02/15/19

Yoshi Yang

Adopted 02/14/19

Quincy Cannoli

Adopted 02/13/19

Quincy is doing wonderful! He has been such an amazing addition to our family. We have 2 doxies and Quincy loves to play and cuddle with them. He loves his daily walks and loves his toys even more. I have attached a photo of the 3 pups together on the couch. Quincy has such a great personality and is so lovable. We feel like we have had Quincy since he was a pup, he was the doxie we didn't know we were missing.

Max Mochi

Adopted 02/10/19

Maggie May Sleigh

Adopted 02/05/19

Penny Parka

Adopted 02/05/19

Sadie Sweater

Adopted 02/02/19

We would love to share! Sadie has been an absolute doll! She has so much energy and is always happy!

A few things to share...

We already had a standard size male who is my shadow "velcro" dog. We were a bit concerned as to how he would accept Sadie in to his home. We kept them on leashes for the first day as a precaution and there were a few anxious moments where he growled and thought about snapping at her.

On the second day, he curled up in his bed and before you know it, Sadie hopped in, snuggled up against him, and went to sleep. From that moment on, there was no problem between them whatsoever.

My male dog, Tut, has always laid on my lap while I worked at my desk. The first day back to work with Sadie in our lives, I picked up Tut to put him on my lap. Sadie wanted up there too and she literally crawled up my leg to my lap! She then proceeded to literally lay on top of Tut lengthwise and went to sleep. He lifted his head to look at me as if to say, "Really, Mom?" and then he went to sleep as well.

Another funny...Sadie loves to sneak a few bites of Tut's food when he isn't looking. We caught her doing it and when we called out her name, she looked up at us as if to say, "Who me?"

They both have a separate crate for sleeping. However, on the third day, after Tut went into his crate, Sadie tried to crawl into it to sleep with him. We redirected her to her own crate where she crawled in. From the very first night here, she has not once whined or cried at night. She has slept the entire night through.

We are so blessed to have her in our lives. She brings joy to all of us and I am convinced that she has wiggled her way into Tut's heart as well as ours.

I hope this is what you are looking for...let me know if you need anything else!

Sherry Showring

Adopted 02/02/19

Evan Hombre

Adopted 02/01/19

Liz Liftoff

Adopted 02/01/19
Deceased 06/21/22

Spencer Sparrow

Adopted 02/01/19
Deceased 06/21/22

Brick Barnacle

Adopted 01/27/19

Lorenzo Lightyear

Adopted 01/26/19

Tucker Tassimo

Adopted 01/23/19
Deceased 10/25/20

Tucker is free now. No more pain or breathing problems. He's riding in his jump seat in the sky. You will be missed little buddy.

Waldo Whiteout

Adopted 01/19/19

We could not have picked a more perfect match for us and our Maddie Girl.

Maddie loves Zin. They play a lot and Maddie seems a lot happier.

I may have to send you a picture separately.

Feel free to stop any time and visit with Zin.

Sally Ride

Adopted 01/15/19

Joe Commando

Adopted 01/12/19

Trixie Telescope

Adopted 01/11/19

Zoey Zuppa

Adopted 01/06/19

Bodhi Boardwalk

Adopted 01/02/19

Odie Oboe

Adopted 01/02/19
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Rocky Wreath

Adopted 12/31/18

What initially impressed me about Rocky Wreath is how laid back he is! Rocky is not going anywhere in a hurry, most of the time. But of course when he sees we’re going on a walk, he speeds on up! :) He is so sweet to our twin 9 year old sons and is also patient with our aging daschund mix dog who tends to be a bit ornery. Rocky has been a blessing to our household! Welcome Home Rocky!!

Cassie Cruise

Adopted 12/29/18

Felicia Flannel

Adopted 12/28/18

Felicia, AKA Jasmine, is settling in nicely with our family. We can't remember life without her! She loves nothing more than a nice blanket of her mom's to cuddle up in on a chilly winter morning.

Jacob Jackfrost

Adopted 12/16/18

Mabelle Machiatto

Adopted 12/15/18
Deceased 05/19/20

Our beloved MaeBelle is running with the angels. At the beginning of the year, she was having some mobility/memory concerns. We had her tested for Cushings. We lost her on May 19th. She was a joy in our lives. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her adorable face.

Betty Bomber

Adopted 12/07/18

Betty is absolutely wonderful. The first time I tried to take her for a walk, she took me for a run. She is so energetic, she has our other four playing and running around a lot more as well. She made herself at home from the very first day. My mother-in-law is home all day with ‘her puppies’ and my husband is in and out during the day, so she is never alone. When I come home from work, I am showered with kisses. Betty is right in the middle of it. She sleeps curled up next to me every night with her brother Buck. She is definitely a Mama’s girl when I am there. She’s been very good for her brother Dylan as well, playing one on one with him quite a lot. He used to act a little timid around feeding time, but not anymore. I think all the exercise has made him hungrier and she has made him less shy about going for his food. She has been a blessing to all of us.

Miley Marsh

Adopted 12/04/18
Deceased 12/14/21

We adopted our sweet Loosie (Miley Marsh) from you December 4, 2018. Sadly, our goofy, funny little girl crossed over the rainbow bridge on December 14, 2021. We didn't get to have her long enough and we miss her terribly. But we are so grateful to have been fortunate enough to be the family for her for three years. She loved being a country girl and we loved having her here with us. With heavy heart I thank you again for finding her for us,

Maddox Matterhorn

Adopted 11/19/18

Merle Marlin
"Merle Haggard"

Adopted 11/19/18
Deceased 02/02/23

Ellie Eagle

Adopted 11/11/18

Shawn Shamu

Adopted 11/08/18

Cami Cameo

Adopted 11/06/18

Buckle Bumpercar

Adopted 11/05/18

It was love at first sight with my sweet Buckle. As soon as I met him at his foster mama's, he climbed right up on my lap and stared at me. He is the funniest little guy! He is such a mama's boy, always following me and loves to nap and is crazy about his toys. He makes everyone laugh with his antics and everywhere we go people can't get over how adorable he is. Thank you so much for helping us find our new family member!

Frederic Fiddle

Adopted 11/05/18

Neo Neapolitan

Adopted 10/28/18
Deceased 11/21/19

Our little old man's age finally caught up with him. At the recommendation of our vet, we helped him cross Rainbow Bridge. We wanted to share the sad news and thank DREAM and Neo's foster Brian for everything.

Astro Ahoko

Adopted 10/27/18

Rocket Riq

Adopted 10/27/18

Corndog Conch

Adopted 10/26/18

It feels like he has been here forever . Thank you and the Dream Org. for finding him for me.

Sammy Salmon

Adopted 10/19/18

Violette Veneer

Adopted 10/14/18

Rose Reef

Adopted 10/07/18

Willow Whithers

Adopted 10/03/18

Gumbo Gravitron

Adopted 09/29/18

Paige Pomodoro

Adopted 09/29/18

It has been so great adding Paige to my little family. She continues to warm up to her new brother, Sherlock. But she's already come a long way.

One thing Sherlock loves to do is play chase around the house. One day I got home from work and Paige and Sherlock were both so happy to see me. Paige sprinted into the garage then back out into the house, she ran around the house, and sprinted back into the garage. She did this a couple of times and Sherlock got excited and took off running with her. I loved seeing her so happy, and seeing her and Sherlock playing together. That has been one of my favorite moments with her so far.

She and Sherlock also often share a couch to sleep on during the day. Also, anytime Sherlock barks, she runs over to him and she'll either join him in barking or she'll sniff him and sort of inspect him to see if he's ok.

Sherlock and I love her so very much. She's precious and loving.

From Paige's foster mom:

March 2017, or 19 months, is how long I have fostered my sweet Paige. She has had a handful of meet and greets but none led to adoptions. I struggled trying to figure out why no one saw how special she is and at the same time happy I had her a bit longer in our lives.

After a couple meet and greets I stopped worrying about it because she always came back home. The application this month was no different until I spoke to the adopter, she didn’t care about all her quirks, her chunky butt or her prescription food. We all decided that since I had Paige so long a overnight meet and greet was in order so Paige would have some time to settle in, overnight turned to a week trial and I was still in denial.

Today my sweet Paige officially joined her new family and gained a fur brother, only 1 brother; I know she will love having more attention but she is leaving a huge whole in our hearts. While we will miss her tons, I know her new home is a better fit and that fills my heart with joy.

Thomas Tiltawhirl

Adopted 09/29/18

Mia Mermaid

Adopted 09/28/18

We love our little girl sooooo much!!! I totally get the dachshund obsession now! She is doing fantastic and is full of snuggles and personality!

Bessie is doing great! She is full of personality and so smart!! Thank y’all so much for everything! ❤️🐶❤️

Tatum Teacups

Adopted 09/24/18

Morty Mondial

Adopted 09/23/18

Rolo Rollercoaster

Adopted 09/09/18

Molly Miami

Adopted 09/05/18

Molly is doing really well. I'm so happy she's mine and everything is going so good with us and my daughter's two dogs.

Graham Grottenblitz

Adopted 09/01/18

Cali Cottonwood

Adopted 08/29/18

Queenie Qualify

Adopted 08/26/18

A quick update on Queenie Quality, which has been renamed Shana Hartman. She is adjusting very well. No behavioral problems. She is potting only outside. Her sleeping is all night long. She is very clingy to her momma. Very alert to her surroundings and has found her barking voice. She is a blessing to our family! Thank you all again for all you do. Support your cause and hearts of gold.

Proud owners of a Dream adoption dog.

Scarlet Sugarmaple

Adopted 08/24/18

Tula Topline

Adopted 08/24/18
Deceased 07/02/23

Tunechi went to rest on July 2, 2023, this is exactly 5 years after being found. Tunechi was a funny dog, as most weenies are. She kept her parents' spirit up. She loved going out to DREAMs weenie races, and playing with tiny fluffy toys. She didn't have any teeth left, but that didn't stop her from being so sassy!

She will be forever missed.

Parker Pendulum

Adopted 08/21/18
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Adopted 08/19/18
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Remi Ringer

Adopted 08/18/18

1/17/20 Update

We adopted this guy about a year and a half ago. He's healthy, happy and very spoiled (as all good dogs should be!)

Finally got a chance to take Remi out on our boat. Looks like he's really enjoying himself. Thanks again from all three of us. -- Ingrid, Brad & Remi ❤️

Schultz Goshawk

Adopted 08/18/18


Adopted 08/17/18
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Bree Bonita

Adopted 08/12/18

Bree graduated today (10/14/18) from her behavior modification class! Her new owners said that she is very smart and that they have deeply fallen in love with her.

Muffin Magenta

Adopted 08/11/18

Ruby Riptide

Adopted 08/09/18

Walter Westminster

Adopted 08/07/18
Deceased 10/21/22


Adopted 08/04/18
Deceased 08/19/18

Henry Hound

Adopted 08/04/18

Henry has really settled in the past two months now in our home and with his new sister, Ruby. The first few weeks were a tad rough with sleepless nights, chewing on everything he put his eyes on and getting into just about everything (yes that even includes the flour in our pantry - that was quite the mess with white paw prints prancing everywhere!). He's gotten used to our schedule, his new yard, sleeping upside down on top of his mom and dad, and the many play times and walks he gets to go on now :) He is already VERY loved by many family members and friends and has been the cutest addition to our family.

Myrtle Maritime

Adopted 08/04/18

Harley Handler

Adopted 08/03/18

Harley (now Springer) is doing fabulously!

Maya Angelou

Adopted 07/28/18

Maya is doing wonderful. She is a very sweet dog that just wants to please us. She is a big kisser and spends most of her time licking one of us.

She is doing great with her brother Jake.

We are very happy with her!


Adopted 07/26/18
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AJ Hinch

Adopted 07/24/18
Deceased 06/15/23

Our sweet AJ Hinch crossed the rainbow bridge this morning. We are 💔. Those squirrels don’t stand a chance in heaven.

Aubrey Accordion

Adopted 07/23/18


Adopted 07/21/18


Adopted 07/21/18

Sophie Spruce

Adopted 07/21/18

Bob Marley

Adopted 07/20/18
Deceased 07/22/19

It is with sad news that I let my friends know, my former foster dog Bob Marley passed away today. I was thinking about him this weekend since we were volunteering in Houston. It was this weekend last year he was adopted. His mom only got to spend a year and 2 days with him. I didn’t realize until looking through pictures that I had him 5 months. He was so cute and chubby and I loved his little quirks. I am so glad DREAM, his new mom and I were able to give him the best care for the last year and a half of his life. Rest In Peace my little Bob Lobster! ❤️ Adopt or Foster a senior. You definitely won’t regret. I know it’s sad and sometimes it’s only for a short period of time, but giving that one dog the world at the end of his or her life is the most rewarding gift of all. 😭😭😭 Senior care is expensive. DREAM takes on a lot of seniors and I am so thankful for them! ❤️

Jasmine Jetski

Adopted 07/18/18

We are doing great! Her new name is Rosebud and she has settled in our home just fine. Our older dog Rusty tolerates her, but on walks they are joined at the hip sniffing things together and walking great on a tandem leash. She loves to walk! She is also learning to swim, and getting acquainted with other dogs. She is my little shadow! We are so happy we found her!

Ava Audi

Adopted 07/15/18

Oh we just love our little Ava. She is a stubborn and loving little ball of happiness! Ava likes to go swimming in the pool!She snuggles up and runs and plays with her new dog sister Sadie and she just loves to chew on the bigger dog bones and not hers. She snuggles in her special blankets on the couch every chance she gets after a nice walk around the lakes in our neighborhood. We are so blessed to have her since we lost one of our labs just 2 weeks after we got Ava. She really brings joy into the house as well as into our Sadie's (11 yr old lab) life.

Cinnamon Scuba

Adopted 07/14/18

Carl Camelot

Adopted 07/13/18

Travis Tamale

Adopted 07/12/18

Mary Maraca

Adopted 07/07/18

I knew Mary would need a lot of work when I adopted her, but I also knew that she was worth it. She spent her first four days with me cowering underneath a table. Now, she never wants to leave my side. Mary is slowly shedding her more reserved self and is opening up to the world around her. I couldn't be more proud of the progress she's made. Through it all, DREAM team members have offered support and helpful advice whenever I need it. I am very thankful to them for seeing the potential in Mary and rescuing her. I hope to continue DREAM’s work by providing for Mary the best I can going forward.

Rosa Parks
"Minnie Mouse"

Adopted 07/06/18

June 6, 2019

Minnie has had her nails clipped, tiny lump checked. She lost weight gained, she is 10 years old and she is heartworm FREE! She is graying, has arthritis and I was told to treat her like a Dresden doll. They fussed over her and agreed she is super sweet. They think name change was great and commented she immediately responds to it. YEAH Minnie! On way home from Pet Vet, sitting in her car seat she turned to me with her big, saddest look as if to say “I have been so good and I didn’t like the cream cheese they tried to bribe me with” sooo. Well, Chewy’s complied and she got 1/2 a chewable tablet for the first time delivered just when we returned home. We are not telling her it is for good digestion. After running in circles once in house to make us safe, she collapsed and on her blanket commenced her soft snore. Thank you DREAM Team.

January 10, 2019

Minnie Mouse has just returned from an over three thousand mile car trip to Los Angeles where she visited her human’s adult daughter. It was an adventure. She visited every rest area on I-10 from Houston to LA leaving her calling card. She was dismayed to read a sign in Arizona warning of snakes and tarantulas, but she is a brave little Texan and gave a hardy growl. She was not thrilled with her back seat booster on the way out, but was delighted with her protected front seat booster riding shotgun on the way home. She was intrigued by city streets noisy as they were. After being praised for her watchdog tendencies, she was downright bewildered by her need to be quiet when smuggled into an apartment for her stay. She visited numerous stores and restaurants residing in a sling she came to love since it was chilly out there. In New Mexico she growled at snowflakes, slid on ice and truly missed Texas sunshine. The highlight of her Christmas Day was discovering a soft chewy bone (she has three teeth and a jawbone to be protected) in her monogrammed stocking. Along with her owner, she came to hate the smell of fast food (although she didn’t get to share) and rejoiced to be given a tablespoon of baked, shredded chicken hiding amongst her healthy food on her return home. The first night home she yipped, ran circles, sniffed and inspected her home. She ran up her steps, plopped in the middle of the bed she shares with her human and let out a huge sigh. It was as if on her entire trip lurking in the back of her mind she was wary of being left again but now she knew she was truly home and truly loved.

Once again, thank you for this simply marvelous little dog.

Prince Piñata

Adopted 07/05/18

Prince has been a blessing to our family! When he came to us he was very shy around men but with several training sessions he already has come a long way. Prince follows his new big brother JT around everywhere and they have quickly bonded. Playing, snuggling and getting treats are some of Prince and JT's favorite moments together. Prince loves to sleep in our bed at night, gives us tons of kisses, and loves to snuggle with us! Prince has quickly became a part of our forever family!

Gracie Gulf

Adopted 07/02/18

Beau Berlin

Adopted 07/01/18
Deceased 12/11/20

I'm so sorry to have to tell you that we lost Blue. We still don't know what happened. The vets at the ER said it was probably a snake bite or insect that he was maybe allergic to. They did a platelet infusion, everything they could but could not save him. I had to let him go on Friday morning. Until today, I could barely talk about it and I still cry every day because I miss his sweet little face so much.

Penny Pericles

Adopted 07/01/18

Biker Banjo

Adopted 06/22/18

Tanner Tuba

Adopted 06/22/18


Adopted 06/21/18

Abbey Abbott

Adopted 06/14/18
Deceased 06/29/20

I just have to tell you how happy I am now that Abbey is in my life. She is an amazing little girl with tons of personality. My first foster/adoption. I love what you guys do and I will do it again! It’s hard to take photos of her because she is so dark, but am graced with the Wiener dog races every day when I get home.

Hollie Harmonica

Transferred 06/14/18

Pippa Parasail

Adopted 06/13/18

Nemo Ney

Adopted 06/09/18

Nemo has been the light of our family he adjusted very well with us and my other dogs as if he has always been with us! We are so happy and blessed to have him as a part of our family. Our Caleb passing was very hard for us especially for our other Doxie Bella, she had a rough time for a few days without her buddy Caleb. But as you see now they are best buds. ❤️ Thank you all!!

Piper Piano

Adopted 06/09/18

Gregor Guitar

Adopted 06/07/18

Gregor is now "Winston". My wife's family all voted. He is a little pistol. All three seem to be getting along just fine. Thank you so much!

Etta James

Adopted 06/03/18

Maddie Mesa

Adopted 06/02/18

Maddie is the biggest sweetheart! She has brought such joy and love to our household. She is getting along well with her brother Jack, and she's adapting well to her new home. Her favorite things are sun bathing in the yard, napping on the couch with Jack, and playing with her squeaky toys. Jack has been our only dog for quite some time, so we were worried about bringing a new sister home for him, but they get along great! Maddie even taught Jack her begging trick. Maddie is also a great "co-worker" when we work from home. She likes to know what we're working on! Thank you so much for rescuing Maddie and bringing her into our lives. She is a delight and we're thrilled to have her as part of our family.

Daisy Drums

Adopted 06/01/18

Daisy is a blessing. She is a hard lover and shows so much love and gratitude to my husband and I. She has two brothers, Maximus (Dutch Shepard) and a Ruger (Tweenie Long Haired Dachshund). They both absolutely love Daisy, and know she is Princess of the house. Daisy enjoys swimming in the lake, running at the park and snuggling under the comforter when she sleeps. We fostered Daisy for 2 hours (foster fail and proud of it 🤣) and knew she deserved to be so loved and knew we could provide that to her. She now lives a wonderful life and we enjoy her being part of our family. We are truly blessed by her.


Adopted 05/31/18


Adopted 05/26/18


Adopted 05/24/18


Adopted 05/22/18
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Bella Burrito

Adopted 05/21/18

We love having her! She has brought alot of love and fun into our family!

Jackie Robinson

Adopted 05/20/18

Kendra Kettle
"Piper Parker"

Adopted 05/19/18

Kendra is now Piper Parker. Piper is now a loving and loved member of our family. She and Thalia have become a deeply bonded pair. Right now Thalia has gone to work and Piper is on a hunger strike, sitting on her perch on the back of the couch by the window while her breakfast is untouched on the other side of the room. Piper is healthy and happy (at least when Mama is home). Piper is amazingly smart. We had a doggy door installed and she adapted to it immediately, so she goes in and out whenever she wants. The yard is fenced and we keep the gate locked. Piper is gradually getting over her fears and insecurity and becoming more outgoing and assertive. She is a jumper and loves to run and jump on all the furniture. She now is more accepting of our friends and other people who come into her house, but she still doesn't like for them to pet her or touch her and she lets people know when they get too close.

Savanna Sombrero

Adopted 05/14/18

Abby Avocado

Adopted 05/11/18

Matthew, Stella and I can't thank you enough for all you've done to make Abby a part of our family. It's like she’s been with us her entire life! She and Stella have become true "sisters". They took up with each other almost immediately and get along perfectly. Abby ran right up to my Matthew the first time she saw him and they've been inseparable ever since. :) We couldn’t have asked for a sweeter girl, and are so thankful she's ours. Thank you for all you do!

Charlie Chimes

Adopted 05/11/18
Deceased 03/28/22


Adopted 05/11/18

Slinky Saxophone

Adopted 05/11/18

Charlie Chile

Adopted 05/10/18

Tulip Trumpet

Adopted 05/01/18

Sweetpea Sonnet

Adopted 04/25/18

We are now calling her Sadie. She is a lovely dog who has fit right into our home with humans and other dachshunds. She has made herself at home and is very well adjusted. Thank you to your wonderful organization for rescuing and finding homes for these wonderful dogs.

Riley Reggae

Adopted 04/22/18

Stella Scramble

Adopted 04/22/18

Cookie Clarinet

Adopted 04/13/18


Adopted 04/12/18
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Iris Incisor

Adopted 04/07/18

Pablo Pasadena
"Han Solo"

Adopted 04/06/18

Piper Pesto

Reunited 03/31/18
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Bella Bluebird

Adopted 03/28/18

Alicia Keys

Adopted 03/27/18

Lucy Lute

Adopted 03/25/18

Lucy is doing great! Loving taking walks & sitting outside on the patio overlooking the pool. She has already made lots of friends here & knows where to get her treats! We just love her & so does everyone she meets. Will send more pictures when we get some adorable ones.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for bringing Lucy into our lives!💕🐾🐾

Langston Hughes

Adopted 03/19/18

Forrest Flute

Adopted 03/18/18

Mitzi Magenta

Adopted 03/18/18

Biscuit Bassoon

Adopted 03/17/18


Adopted 03/11/18
Courtesy Post

Spirit Scone

Adopted 03/11/18

Spirit has settled in nicely and starting to play with toys. He absolutely loves my wife and is always following her around.

Penelope Piccolo

Adopted 03/10/18

Skipper Sweetgum

Adopted 03/10/18

Bernard Harris

Adopted 03/03/18

Emmy Lou

Adopted 03/03/18
Courtesy Post

Sandor Clegane

Adopted 03/02/18

Samson's only been with us 3 months, but it seems like he's always been part of our family. Friends and family all love him. He's great with kids, adults, and other dogs.

With his calm demeanor and sweet personality, he fits in anywhere. We've taken him to stay in hotels a few times and he's a perfect guest. On weekends, he goes with us to run errands. He's a big favorite at Home Depot. After a busy morning, he likes going to restaurants for lunch on the patio. He's so well behaved, lying on his blanket chewing a rawhide or Kong.

He's even gone to visit at a nursing home and was friendly and a complete gentleman. Wheelchairs and walkers didn't worry him one bit, and he loved the attention the residents gave him.

Access to the dog door lets him come and go as he pleases. He's made it his job to keep the backyard free of squirrels and birds and he takes his work seriously. :-) He goes out a few steps and waits for us to come out too, then charges out to the yard. It's like he wants to show us what a good job he does patrolling the yard. It's just precious to see the little "watch me' look on his face.

We're so grateful we could adopt Samson! Thanks for the work you do.

Max Mockingbird

Adopted 02/24/18

When we first got Max, we kept saying..there’s nothing wrong with him, why would someone give him up? Now we say, I’m glad they did because he’s perfect for us so it was meant to be!

On his first ride home, my daughter kept saying, “look at him mom, isn’t he special.” She had wanted a dachshund since she was about 6 years old. Max loves belly rubs, kisses, long walks, loud, squeaky toys, chasing Butterfly, being chased, greeting the local dogs, and most of all, his grub! So, to keep his trim waist, he walks a mile or so each day:) He is very loved!

Russell Rosewood

Adopted 02/24/18
Courtesy Post

Jasmine Bluejay

Adopted 02/23/18

We are getting along beautifully. Praline enjoys the company of our new Momma, Mimi, Aunt Deedee, and Parian. She loves to play with her Aunt and Parian while I do homework in the evenings and sometimes she likes to watch TV with my roommate and her boyfriend during the day. We are learning how the phone and FaceTime works so that we can keep in touch with Mimi! She loves to bark at EVERYONE except for her new family. We recently took a trip to Kisatchie National Forest and discovered Praline loves to dig in the sand and find souvenir rocks to haul home. She likes to have someone to keep her company at home if I have to go somewhere, but she's super good for whoever it might be that hangs out with her. She LOVES to tear up her toys and her new Chaco matching collar and leash with my sandals! Thanks so much to DREAM for connecting us, I can't imagine life without my little nugget running around and snuggling up to me.

Gigi Gleem

Adopted 02/20/18

Scout Sellsword

Adopted 02/19/18
Deceased 08/06/22

Sherlock Shade

Adopted 02/18/18
Deceased 03/15/22

Sherlock Shade was an absolute joy to our family. Sadly, we lost him in March of this year to congestive heart failure.

Sam Starling

Adopted 02/04/18

Sam is doing great. He loves snuggling under the blanket on the couch and running down the hall with his brother. He has quickly learned to eat his food when received otherwise the others will. I think he is a very happy boy and we love him already. Oh and the doggie door is no problem! He has adapted very quickly and is wonderful to have around. He's a keeper.

Hazel Hotpink

Adopted 01/31/18

I wanted to update you on how Hazel is doing. She is so great! She is so sweet and cuddly. She gets along with my family and their dogs. I took her to the vet and groomer and she did wonderfully. She is the perfect dog for me.

Cody Crossbill

Adopted 01/28/18

Logan Longspur

Adopted 01/28/18

Teensy Tern

Adopted 01/28/18


Adopted 01/25/18

Kylie Kia
"Kylee Anne"

Adopted 01/24/18

Davos Seaworth

Adopted 01/19/18
Deceased 06/22/18

I have lost my sweet Leo. I took him to emergency clinic very early Friday morning and he could not be saved. I am devastated. He was such a little character and stole my heart. This loss is extremely hard.

Farley Frappe

Adopted 01/18/18

Little Farley Frappe is doing great. He's a happy boy. I'm calling him Sugar 🌷💗

Thank you for everything!


Adopted 01/16/18
Courtesy Post

Whistle Whippoorwill

Adopted 01/15/18

Helen Hollandaise
"Brooklyn Josephine"

Adopted 01/12/18
Deceased 06/29/22

"Brooklyn Josephine" (named after my grandmother) brought us so much happiness. We loved and spoiled her. After several trips to the vet for episodes of epileptic spasms, she let us know when it was her time. I held her tight and she buried her head in my arms as she went over the Rainbow Bridge. Of course I was crying, but at the same time I wanted her to know she was loved in her last minutes.

Tyson Tupelo

Adopted 01/12/18

Doc Dove

Adopted 01/09/18

Doc is so Sweet. He’s the perfect little lap doxie and loves to kiss and cuddle. Thank You SO MUCH for finding this amazing little guy for us.

Ray Roseart

Missing 01/07/18

Virginia Vernon
"Lilly Long"

Adopted 01/06/18

Virginia is now Lilly Long and we are having a glorious time together! Some "adjustment" behaviors are challenging but progress is being made - we shall overcome. She is definitely in the right place. oxx and kisses from LL

Coco Coral

Adopted 01/04/18

It was love at first sight for Coco’s foster mom and she knew that it was going to be hard not to get attached to this sweet little girl. Coco has been a wonderful, fun companion to her foster mom and it was an easy decision for her to go from being her foster to becoming her "furever" mommy. Congrats Coco!

Charlie Chenango

Adopted 12/30/17

Sansa Stark

Adopted 12/30/17
Deceased 03/10/21

On March 10, 2021, I said my final goodbye to Sansa, my Beautiful Angel. I kissed her as she slipped away to a better place. I adopted Sansa on December 30, 2017, ten days after losing Joy a week before Christmas. Joy was my heart, one of my best canine friends ever. I was a total mess - couldn’t eat, cried a lot, was unable to sleep, had difficulty focusing and was seriously distracted in my grief.

Ron convinced me to look on the DREAM site for another dog. I took a half hearted scan at the site, and a little red longhaired female got my attention. Poor baby looked as sad and lost as I felt. Told Ron - this is the one. I went into the adoption with eyes wide open. Sansa was not a young puppy and while I knew we would not spend a lifetime together, we’d make every day count. We worked out the details with Suzanne - she and Dream are awesome!

On December 30, 2017 Ron drove to the foster’s home (a good long way from us) and returned about 9:00 p.m. He handed Sansa to me - I looked into her eyes and told her she was a beautiful girl. She stared back then kissed me with that little tongue that always hung out on the right side of her mouth because she had lost her teeth. It was love at first sight. I patted Sansa and promised I would always love her, I would always take care of her and I would never leave her. I also told her she would never have to worry about a thing, that I would take care of it all. She slept with me, and as long dogs often do, slept horizontally so that I was very often teetering on the edge of the mattress. How could a little 12 pound dog take up so much room?

Sansa was a wonderful, loving, kind, gentle, quiet little dog. Her forgiving, patient nature and sense of inner peace was a wonder to behold. She accepted everything that came her way from fosters and cats to my puppy, Chance. She was exactly what I needed. Sansa gave me purpose and a new appreciation for life in general. She taught me to keep looking forward, hold onto and enjoy my memories and accept whatever life dealt out to me. She rescued me!

I miss her and still wake up in the wee hours and reach out to touch her, making sure she did not get around the pillow barrier I built every night to keep her from falling over the edge of the bed. Then it hits me she is gone. I remind myself how blessed I was to have her companionship and love a little over three years, and smile when I think how she’d come to life at mealtimes, galloping around the kitchen like My Little Pony - so darn cute!

Sansa, I will always love you to the moon, the stars and back. You were truly my Beautiful Angel. If I am so fortunate, I hope to meet you and the rest of the gang at the bridge. Godspeed little girl. Kiss all the others for me. I shall miss you. 😘

Finn Fuchsia

Adopted 12/23/17

Fletcher Fuchsia

Adopted 12/23/17

Allie Ash

Adopted 12/22/17

Adopting Allie has been a blessing to our family. She has bonded with her new siblings Missy and Baxter!! Allie is so sweet and we love her dearly. Thank you for making this transition go so smoothly.

Durango Delta

Adopted 12/22/17
Deceased 08/22/18

Durango spent his entire life in a cage. No treats. No toys. No love. His constant companion was fear. Then one day some strange people came and took him away from all he knew, even though what he knew was not good. Now he was really in fear, because he didn't know what was happening. He had no idea that these people were kind and would brighten his future. To him, people were not to be trusted. His foster mommy got him over a lot of his fear, and then he got a new, permanent mommy in November of 2017. He was just the sweetest and most forgiving dog ever.An even bigger surprise was that his new mommy had his mate at this new house! She was the only love he had known from being in a cage nine years. He was sooo happy! He had a permanent mommy, a permanent home, a new name (Oscar), a yard of his own, and his precious mate, whom he loved dearly. was there also. Life was great!

And then his mommy noticed something was wrong with Durango's mouth. He had cancer. He was kept as comfortable for as long as possible, then, within a month, it was time for his to cross the rainbow bridge. His mommy was devastated, and still misses him terribly. Bella, his gal, still misses him and grieves for him. You were so very loved, Durango.

Lena Headey

Adopted 12/22/17
Courtesy Post

Lily Lemonade

Adopted 12/22/17

Good news! Lily has found a new home. I decided to keep her. She’s in pure comfort and has recovered very well. Thanks for your assistance.

Sully Snap

Adopted 12/18/17

Sully is such a good companion and has overcome most of his fears about strangers and strange places. He no longer goes off the deep end over men and even has made friends with my 2 grandsons (27 and 30 years old). He protects my infant grand daughter. He circles her bed and only lets me close to her. He is such an excellent pet I wanted you to know. With enough patience and love I would say 99% can be changed. Thank you for allowing me to give him the home and love he deserves.

Kate Kingwood

Adopted 12/16/17


Adopted 12/15/17
Courtesy Post

Zebbie Zelkova

Adopted 12/14/17
Courtesy Post

Hogan Hoffmann

Adopted 12/09/17

Bailey Baytown

Adopted 12/08/17

Leyna Latik

Adopted 12/08/17
Deceased 10/21/18

A few days ago, sweet Leyna stopped eating and had become lethargic. Her adopter rushed her to the ER vet where she stayed overnight, but in the end, her kidneys gave out. Our hearts go out to Lisa for the loss of her precious little girl.

Jessie Shrimp

Adopted 12/03/17

Woody Winnebago

Adopted 12/02/17

Lucy LavAzza
"Daisy Duke"

Adopted 12/01/17

Lucy (now Daisy Duke) is doing great. She gets more trusting every day. She has become the light of my life. Thank you again for all the work you do for these loving companions.

Deborah DeVille

Adopted 11/28/17

Mateo Mauve

Adopted 11/12/17

We couldn't be happier with these boys. Dak (Patrick Pink) is a little spitfire, always into something. Buddy (Mateo Mauve) is the sweetest, most loving pup ever! They get along famously with their brother, Dudley

Chrystal Campbell

Adopted 11/04/17

Boone Bartlett

Adopted 10/31/17

Boone has to be one of the greatest dogs Annie and I have ever fostered. I first met Boone at the Houston Dog Show shortly after he was rescued. I started to fall for the fellow then, even with his skin issues one could tell he is a one of kind fellow. After taking him to several adoption events we started to foster Boone and knew he was a keeper for sure. He has helped me personally to take time to sit, relax and just be. My heart is so full of love for him.

Rolo Rouge

Adopted 10/30/17

We adopted Max in October. We have a 2 year old named Fritz so he needed a brother. We have really grown to love Max. He is very sweet and loving. He is a feisty boy and lovesick play with Fritz. So glad we were a lucky family that was able to receive our Sweet Max.

Rhea Raspberry

Adopted 10/29/17

Marlie Maserati

Adopted 10/22/17

Marlie is just the most gentle and sweet pup. Jeff and I love her already and we are looking forward to many years of happiness for her and with her. She is settling in. Our sweet girl is a bit timid but her confidence will grow with patience and love.

Patrick Pink

Adopted 10/15/17

We couldn't be happier with these boys. Dak (Patrick Pink) is a little spitfire, always into something. Buddy (Mateo Mauve) is the sweetest, most loving pup ever! They get along famously with their brother, Dudley

Toulouse Taffy

Adopted 10/14/17

Brandy Brenham

Adopted 10/07/17

Buster Bean

Adopted 10/07/17

Eddie Espresso

Adopted 10/07/17

Charlotte Chevy

Adopted 10/05/17

Chiquita Collegiate

Adopted 10/04/17

Prissy Pinklady

Adopted 10/04/17

Paco Porridge

Adopted 09/30/17
Deceased 01/03/23

My Paco went over that rainbow with his angel wings. His age was unknown when he was rescued, but we knew he was a senior. What can I say. Paco was a foster who was brought to me in a crate, hiding underneath a blanket. I coaxed him out with treats and food until he finally became a dog who knew he was loved. I guess I became a foster failure with Paco because I knew he did not belong anywhere else but with me. Soon Paco became my sleeping buddy. One of his best friends was another adopted pet, Pia Pidove, until her passing. I truly miss my little Paco.

Gypsy Goodyear

Adopted 09/29/17
Deceased 02/02/22

Kendrick Klondike

Adopted 09/29/17

Kendrick, the squirrel watcher and the toy hoarder, has found the perfect niche to fall into with his family, the dog boss. He may have been shy and very quiet when he came in to his “foster” family, but no longer. When it comes near time for food, he gives his family a showing of both dance and song. Where a little shy dog once was there being now a social butterfly, he has gained weight and has built himself a fur coat even runway models would be jealous of. When you walk in the house he will shower you with his kisses and when you finally get the chance to sit down and take a breather, he will want to be in your lap right snuggled up tight. A mainstay of his dad’s daily truck rides to Sonic along with his other siblings. He has become a tug of war champion and loves to play chase with his siblings as well. Kendrick became quickly loved by what was supposed to be his temporary family, they just could not let him go, and he loved them back just as quickly easily charming anyone that merely glimpses at him.

Sophie Stahlbaum

Adopted 09/25/17

Paityn Pokes

Adopted 09/22/17

Levi LaPorte

Adopted 09/17/17

Stan Starbucks

Adopted 09/17/17

Lolly Ligne

Adopted 09/15/17
Deceased 05/30/22

With a heavy heart I share the news of Lolly's passing.  She had been declining for a while now, and started having seizures. I had to take her to an emergency vet.  I said good bye to her and kissed her.  I'm sad. I just hope that Sampson and I made her life happy.  Thank you for letting me adopt her.

Maggie Millstone

Adopted 09/09/17
Deceased 07/03/23

Maggie was a sweet little girl and a great companion. She enjoyed going outside and loved her toys. Anytime anyone visited she would show them her toy hoping they would play with her. She was a joy and will be missed.

Bethany Barista
"Bella Hope"

Adopted 09/04/17

It's been two weeks and two days since we met and fell in love with Bella. I just wanted to send an update and some pictures. Bella has worked her way into all of our hearts, even our sassy 15-year-old Chihuahua likes her! Bella is a sweetheart; she's a bit stubborn but she knows she's super cute and works that to her advantage and of course we fall for it every time. Thank you again for all you did in rescuing and protecting Bella.

Buddy Sunshine
"Buddy Huggins"

Adopted 08/30/17
Deceased 06/21/23

We had to put Buddy down yesterday afternoon 🌈💔 He hadn’t been able to keep any food down and he was just wasting away. And I was buying that expensive Farmer’s Dog food for him he loved it! He was such a classic dachshund, so loyal and loud😆 And he bit more people than I count on both hands 🤭🥲 We loved him so much.

Buzz Barkley

Adopted 08/24/17

Sugar Suzuki

Adopted 08/24/17

Harper Haagendaz

Adopted 08/23/17

Higgins Haagendaz

Adopted 08/23/17

Neville Nescafe

Adopted 08/23/17

Divot Dreyers

Adopted 08/19/17

Just wanted to send a quick update on Andouille (formerly Divot). We call him Dewey and he has made himself at home very quickly! He loves playing with the other dogs and hunting critters in the backyard. His new favorite activity is riding in his special bike basket around LSU lakes. He even jumps on the bike barking when he sees me put my helmet on :) Dewey is such a special boy and he has been the perfect addition to our crew! Thanks so much for all y'all do. We love him so much!

Lacy Latte

Adopted 08/19/17
Deceased 12/19/22

We adopted Lady on August 19, 2017. She was our first dachshund, and boy did we learn about those big doxie personalities! She always wanted to be the center of attention, and was right by our side on the couch any time we were. She was often stubborn and wanted things 'her way', but once she stared at us with those eyes, we always quickly forgave her. When we first bought Lady a squeaky toy, we assumed she just REALLY enjoyed playing with it. We quickly realized that she was attempting to murder the toy by destroying it and silencing the squeaker, so resorted to purchasing more 'industrial' squeaky toys that wouldn't die as quickly! Lady also loved sunbathing, chewing her bed, burrowing, and begging for food.

Lady ran in TWO NFL Weenie Dog Races - one at the Cleveland Browns stadium and the other at the Houston Texans stadium. She didn't win, but she wasn't exactly interested in training for either race (the couch was much more appealing!). Lady dressed up for Halloween as a Ladybug, so we often called her that, or just "bug". She was a study buddy, a travel buddy, and the best companion we could have asked for. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 19, 2022. Lady was so very special to us and will be missed beyond words.

Olive Ontario

Adopted 08/19/17

Our kids Renee and Cole love Olive already! Thanks for all your work with Olive. We thought you’d like a picture of your girl. Olive sends her love!

Hunter Huron

Adopted 08/16/17

Hunter is doing very well. He doesn't seem to like the rain or even getting wet. Holly and Hunter get along very well. They both have a gentle personalities and play together extremely well. There is never any jealousy over food or sharing bones or anything else. It is a great pairing. Hunter acts like he has been here since he was born and we even feel like it. You did a marvelous job working with him.

Carlos Correa

Adopted 08/13/17

Frankie Floss

Adopted 08/13/17
Deceased 10/18/19

Just wanted to let you know that Frankie, who I adopted from you two years ago in August, died last week. Frankie was happy and loving the whole time we were together. She was loyal and a true companion. She was very much loved. I miss her so much.

Our hearts go our to Mary for the lost of her precious Frankie.

George Springer

Adopted 08/11/17

I am not sure that I can express the love we have for our little “Georgie” Springer. With the Astros winning the World Series, my son would not let us change his name to anything else and we honestly feel that he is our little good luck charm. Unfortunately our home was affected by Harvey and took in 4 feet of water. George had his first trip on a boat in my purse. But he has given us so much joy. He rides with us to take the kids and pick the kids up everyday for school. And of course I had to get him his own seat so he can see out the window. To sum it up, we are so thankful for this spunk of happiness and playfulness. Thank you so much Dream Rescue!

Ericka Esperanza

Adopted 08/06/17
Deceased 06/08/22

Our heart are very heavy right now as we have just lost our family member - Ericka. She has been a joy of the family and now she is watching over us from the other side of the rainbow 🌈 bridge.

Josh Reddick

Adopted 08/06/17

Just wanted to give y’all an update on Josh and Lance, now known as Jack and Charlie.

They have settled in to their new Forever home so well and have been such good boys. They love to play and chase each other, but will gladly settle down for a belly rub, loving, and a treat. They have grown a bit as well and have now met their Vet for the first time. They did great at the visit too, very well behaved and polite to the Doc.

They spent the first few days exploring the house and have now started to claim areas as theirs and picked up on the daily routines we do. They have been a wonderful addition to our family and we will send you future updates .

Again, thanks so much for all y’all do. These boys have really been a blessing to us

Lance McCullers

Adopted 08/06/17

Just wanted to give y’all an update on Josh and Lance, now known as Jack and Charlie.

They have settled in to their new Forever home so well and have been such good boys. They love to play and chase each other, but will gladly settle down for a belly rub, loving, and a treat. They have grown a bit as well and have now met their Vet for the first time. They did great at the visit too, very well behaved and polite to the Doc.

They spent the first few days exploring the house and have now started to claim areas as theirs and picked up on the daily routines we do. They have been a wonderful addition to our family and we will send you future updates .

Again, thanks so much for all y’all do. These boys have really been a blessing to us.

Jake Marisnick

Adopted 08/02/17

Peggy Porsche

Adopted 08/01/17

Amanda Astros
"Pennie Lou"

Adopted 07/30/17

TJ Tahoe

Adopted 07/28/17

After the sudden loss of our beloved 10-year-old Eddie, a dapple dachshund, his rescue brother Freddie went into a deep depression. We start searching dachshund rescue sites and pored over the options. Our big break, however, was when we went to the Dog Show and saw so many handsome and lovely dachshunds waiting for their forever home. We took Freddie with us (he's a mix), and he perked up the instant he saw dachshunds. We had a home inspection by another rescue group, so we were pre-approved on that front, and DREAM were so attentive to our needs. Though Freddie thought he had found his brother at the show, the smart folks at DREAM wanted us to look at one being fostered who was the littermate of the one Freddie liked. A few days later we showed up to meet "TJ," a perky, lovable, bundle of energy with an insatiable need to be held and loved. It was love at first sight, and though he had such a wonderful foster home, we left with him and hoped he would get along with our 17-year-old cat. He had a foster cat that he loved, and sure enough, at our house not only did Freddie welcome him with open paws but also the old cat, who has NEVER paid attention to anything or anyone but his humans, bonded with Toby (TJ's new name). The bonding on all sides continues, and we are so blessed Toby is ours forever. At night our cat snuggles with him wherever he is, and when dad needs a nap, he has three furry brothers to help him. We have been most impressed by the matching that DREAM did for us - Toby's foster mom knew just the kind of home he needed, and he is the perfect fit for us. Let DREAM help bring love and happiness into your life.

Lady Liberty

Adopted 07/27/17

We have been enjoying Lady so much! My daughter has a wonky sense of humor so she wants to rename her Snaart. Thanks for letting us adopt her. She is such a sweetie!

Jackie Jaguar
"Lady Bird"

Adopted 07/26/17

We picked up Jackie Tuesday evening. The first night was a little rough, but she is adjusting well. We decided to rename her Lady Bird.

She has a new little sister, a 10 week old Maltese/Poodle mix we call Fiona Apple. The pair get along wonderfully and are practically inseparable. They love to play and cuddle together at nap time, but we will have to work on sharing. :) I've attached a pic of them napping on the couch next to me.

Amber Astros

Adopted 07/24/17

Amber is doing awesome! She is getting more comfortable and well adjusted in her new home. I named her Addy. She loves being outside, and she LOVES taking naps. This little girl has stolen my heart!

Dodge Viper

Adopted 07/22/17

Athena Astros

Adopted 07/20/17

Sharlette Sugarcone

Adopted 07/19/17

Sadie Strohs

Adopted 07/16/17

Tami Tamari

Adopted 07/16/17

Lucky Livingston

Adopted 07/14/17

Jose Altuve

Adopted 07/13/17

Casey Camaro

Adopted 07/11/17

Elsa Oreo

Adopted 07/11/17

Elsa brought a lot of happiness to our family. We love her and she knows this is her home. Thank you again!

Terra Tesla

Adopted 07/11/17

Welcoming 2018: Bella (rescued July 2017) on top Buddy (rescued march 2015) on bottom. Love ❤️ our babies

We love our new baby! This photo also includes our first DREAM Doxie (Ian icicle), who we named Buddy. What a blessing our little Bella is. 💗

Celia Champlain

Adopted 07/10/17

Marielle Mead

Adopted 07/08/17

Wrigley Field

Reunited 07/07/17

Thank you Kathryn (DREAM adopter) for finding this sweet angel and contacting us to help. Many thanks to Connie (DREAM foster) for going to pick her up and taking her to our vet for an exam and to check for a chip then taking her home until we could confirm her owners were looking for her. We are so happy to announce that Wrigley has been reunited with her family!

Ashley Athens

Adopted 07/06/17

Carys Constance

Adopted 07/06/17

Buddy Bustle

Adopted 07/02/17

Cooper St. Clair

Adopted 07/01/17

Daisy Durango

Adopted 06/30/17
Deceased 10/08/19

It's difficult to put together a sufficient eulogy for Daisy because I am so distressed over her loss. She was everything that I expected her to be, from the moment Peaches (my 15 yr. old deaf Pomeranian "child") and I met her. I am honored that I was able to care for her in her senior years and am thankful that she was able to help watch out after Peaches.

Miss Daisy's health had been deteriorating since about June, as she had developed a cataract in one eye and was losing sight in the other, as well as losing muscle mass in her rear legs due to arthritis. She was losing her mobility and I would carry her outside as she needed. We spent a lot of good days outside sitting in the grass together and when she wanted to walk, and was able to, she would walk and play with Peaches until she just had to sit. In her last months, she was only able to eat canned food instead of dry kibble. I took her to the vet when she could no longer stand on her own to relieve herself as I would have to hold her up to help her. She got very lethargic and did not want to get out of her little bed or even go eat from her bowl, so I would sit by her bed and hand feed her.

When I took her to the vet for the last time, I held her in her favorite blanket. The vet told me she was in her final days, there was nothing he could do to help her, and that she would only get worse. After making the difficult decision to let her go, I comforted Miss Daisy through the entire process, always letting her feel my touch and hear my voice, so she would know I was with her to the end and after. As the vet left me to be alone with her, the sadness and my grief for her loss became overwhelming. I said prayers over her and told her how much she had helped me and Peaches and how much we loved her.

It broke my heart to see her pass, even though I know she is now a young, vibrant playful, fully functional little girl once again, with many beautiful friends to love and play with in Heaven. Thank you for the opportunity of being able to care for and share a part of my life with Miss Daisy Durango. She was a very good and sweet "child".

Our hearts to out to Ron and Peaches for the loss of their precious Daisy.

Sarah Sparkler

Adopted 06/27/17

Harrison Honda

Adopted 06/25/17

This little guy has brought our family so much joy! He is so much fun and keeps us very entertained… he loves playing with his big dog sister Sadie and makes sure she gets lots of exercise. All 4 of his cat siblings have grown quite fond of him as well and they like to play chase and tag with him too. His favorite game is tug of war which he never seems to get tired of and we’ve been working a lot on fetch too. He does great at going after the toy and bringing it back… but we’re still working on the “handing it over” part. We sure do love him and can’t imagine our lives without him!

Ruby Radar

Adopted 06/25/17
Deceased 06/10/20

We received a voicemail from Ruby's adopter on June 24th saying said Ruby had gotten very sick and passed away two weeks ago. She wanted us to know that Ruby was the sweetest thing ever, and what a little doll she was. Ruby was her favorite little sweetheart. 😭

Our hearts go out to Shirley for the loss of her precious girl, Ruby.

April Amistad

Adopted 06/24/17

April she has fully adopted me as her job in life. She has only one issue in that she growls at the other two dachsies whenever they get close. That said she willing play with them in the yard. Go figure.

Minni Cooper

Adopted 06/24/17

Mini Cooper is by far the quintessential dachshund, having all the best qualities of the breed. She is exceptionally loving and dedicated to Jan. It is so wonderful that your organization was able to save her.

Lucille LaSalle
"Mi Miel (My Honey)"

Adopted 06/17/17
Deceased 03/15/20

Penny Pontiac

Adopted 06/15/17

Addison Allegro

Adopted 06/14/17

Bradley Bugatti

Adopted 06/12/17

We would like to thank DREAM for giving us a chance to love and spoil Sparky. He is adjusting quite well and even though he has been in the family such a short time, he thinks he rules the roost. And sometimes he does!

I have added a couple of pictures. The first one is Sparky after being with us a couple of months. The second is one taken about a week ago of Sparky and his fur brother, Petie. No your eyes did not deceive you - Petie is a ferret.

Once again, thank you for our wonderful fur baby and for all you do at DREAM Dachshund Rescue.

Bridgette Bordelaise

Adopted 06/12/17
Courtesy Post

Riley Rollsroyce

Adopted 06/12/17

Ozzy Ozarks

Adopted 06/09/17

Leo Lexus

Adopted 06/04/17

Lucy Lentil

Adopted 06/04/17
Deceased 04/21/22

I wanted to let y'all know that we lost our sweet Lucy on April 21st. She had been on a special diet for the past couple years due to elevated kidney levels and was doing good, but last week she started having seizures and the vet found that her kidney levels were extremely high. They started treatment to try and lower them, but nothing was working and she passed on Thursday. We are all heartbroken and will miss her very much.

Meg Mercedes

Adopted 06/03/17

Weenee Wasabi

Adopted 06/03/17

We recently adopted Baxter, formally called Weenee Wasabi. He has adapted well! Loves his blanket, even pulls it over himself! Wanted to share how grateful we are for all you do!

Marshall Molar

Adopted 05/28/17

Carolyn Chrysler

Adopted 05/27/17

Here are some pictures of Carolyn (a.k.a. Duchess). Thank you! We love her and she is getting along well with Dudley (formerly Jeremy Jansport) and Rita. The pink collar is her real collar. The silver one was just Pamela’s bracelet on the way home.

Tyler Titan

Adopted 05/27/17

Sally Saab

Adopted 05/23/17

Molly is doing great, we love her so much. She never meets a stranger. She’ll be your best friend forever if you have a blanket and want to snuggle. 😊 She has been a great addition to the family.

Buster Bolognese

Adopted 05/18/17

Florence Ford

Adopted 05/14/17

Clyde Campbell

Adopted 05/13/17

Brownie and Strafe are doing great and are so very loved! They really are complete sweethearts.

The first night at home, Strafe wouldn't come out from under the dining table. Now he loves to be held and cuddled by family and is slowly becoming brave enough to approach guests in our home. He has done very well with his vet visits and is not afraid to be examined. The change is dramatic; he really is learning to trust.

Brownie is an adorable cuddle-bug who shed his nerves almost immediately. He loves to play and be held! The pug part of his nature shows in his curly tail and sideways run.

Both dogs enjoy playing with their toys and like to "gladiator fight" with each other until they're worn out and need naps. They also love to play in the sunshine in our backyard. They're not sure about harnesses and walks, though!

The transition of adding the pups to our family was pretty much seamless, and they've added so much to our lives. We're blessed to have them.

We're so grateful to Dream for helping us find the newest members of our family.

Tip Toyota

Adopted 05/13/17

Strafe and Brownie are doing great and are so very loved! They really are complete sweethearts.

The first night at home, Strafe wouldn't come out from under the dining table. Now he loves to be held and cuddled by family and is slowly becoming brave enough to approach guests in our home. He has done very well with his vet visits and is not afraid to be examined. The change is dramatic; he really is learning to trust.

Brownie is an adorable cuddle-bug who shed his nerves almost immediately. He loves to play and be held! The pug part of his nature shows in his curly tail and sideways run.

Both dogs enjoy playing with their toys and like to "gladiator fight" with each other until they're worn out and need naps. They also love to play in the sunshine in our backyard. They're not sure about harnesses and walks, though!

The transition of adding the pups to our family was pretty much seamless, and they've added so much to our lives. We're blessed to have them.

We're so grateful to Dream for helping us find the newest members of our family.

Meadow Marzipan

Adopted 05/07/17

Roux Remoulade

Adopted 05/06/17

Clarke Campbell

Adopted 04/29/17

Minnie Menudo

Adopted 04/29/17

Copper Cadillac

Adopted 04/28/17

Comet Carbonara

Adopted 04/23/17

Comet and Lucy are enjoying romping around together in Mom's huge backyard. They just take turns being in the lead and are having a great time. They both curl up for afternoon naps in Mom's king size bed and also at bedtime. It a person didn't know any different, they would think that Mom had raised them from young pups. Perfect fit for fur-ever homes! No food issues or any other behavior problems. Just LOVE!

Buddy Bouillon

Adopted 04/21/17

Chloe Coulis

Adopted 04/19/17

Lexie Romesco

Adopted 04/19/17

Dustin Dodge

Adopted 04/17/17

Max and Milo are truly best friends and have a ball playing with each other. We love them so much! I've attached some pictures of them snuggling with each other. Max has to lie on top of Milo and Milo is the patient big brother that allows it. Huge thank you to DREAM for these two blessings!

Ronny Runway

Adopted 04/17/17

Slinky Salsa

Adopted 04/16/17
Deceased 02/09/23

Slinky crossed the rainbow bridge February 9, 2023 at the age of 13.

He was the goodest boy, and we thoroughly loved having him in our family for the last 6 years of his life. He loved hanging out in the sun with his brother Bruiser, laying on his bed by the fireplace, howling at the sirens going by, and would always come running when he heard a cheese wrapper.

Slinky will be dearly missed by the whole family, but especially his kids Brielle and Brynlee.

Slinky, we will always remember you and keep you in our hearts.

Juliette Jeep

Adopted 04/14/17

Bobby Buick

Adopted 04/10/17

Chloe Campbell

Adopted 04/09/17

Cosmo Corvette

Adopted 04/02/17

PJ Pilot

Adopted 04/02/17

Wanda Wiesmann

Adopted 04/02/17

Tazzy Torus

Adopted 03/27/17

This is an amazing group of folks. Marcie is the most caring person when it comes to rescue. We have rescued two adorable Dachsie boys from DREAM. Sport, our first, was an amazing boy. And now Jax, who we have now had two weeks, is the cutest most lovable little man you would ever want in your life. Rather than buy from a breeder, I highly recommend adopting from DREAM Dachshund Rescue.

Shye Shizuka

Adopted 03/23/17
Deceased 11/13/20

One of the worst things to experience is watching a loved one literally fall apart in front of your eyes. This happened to my sweet redhead girl Shay this week.

She was a natural sweetheart, always wagging her tail to greet us or her beloved brother Cody. They were inseparable until they weren't. He passed nearly a year ago before Christmas last year and she hasn't been the same since.

I promised him we'd take care of her. She was with him to the end and even gave him kisses goodbye before he slept. I let her sleep on my side of the bed every single night and slept on the floor to keep her comfortable after she got her IVDD surgery to help cope.

Shay began having IBS issues around the time Cody became ill which eventually triggered the last events of her time on this earth. Always a sweetheart but also her own worst enemy not understanding that she was hurting herself.

She missed her brother everyday. Deep down I think she recognized the time of the year and wanted to see him again. Sleep well Shay-Lynn Marie, we will never forgot you and Coco Bear.

Jewel Joumou

Adopted 03/22/17

Lucy and Comet are enjoying romping around together in Mom's huge backyard. They just take turns being in the lead and are having a great time. They both curl up for afternoon naps in Mom's king size bed and also at bedtime. It a person didn't know any different, they would think that Mom had raised them from young pups. Perfect fit for fur-ever homes! No food issues or any other behavior problems. Just LOVE!

Peppermint Plum

Adopted 03/21/17

Edie Enamel

Adopted 03/20/17

Knox Knuckleball

Adopted 03/20/17
Deceased 08/17/19

Little Rusty just wore out, sweet old man that he was.  He was a constant lap partner but to my shame, he never got the sparkle back in his eyes.  He tolerated the other dogs but was never up to playing – must have been a loner at heart or just older than we knew.  My two seniors now act much the same way.  I loved having him and I think he knew he was loved.  When he started failing and was in evident pain, we went with the vet's recommendation and held him near while she put him to sleep.  This still brings tears to my eyes.

Bella Bechamel

Adopted 03/17/17

Bella is settling in nicely. She has abandonnent issues and doesn't like for me to be out of her sight. I think issues are getting better. She sleeps with us and is a good sleeper. She has put on a few more pounds and is very active and healthy. Loves her toys and will even fetch her pink sock monkey. Loves her treats and has learned to hang out under the table when my 1 yr old grandson eats. Loves the grandkids and is pretty protective of "her boys". We think she's pretty special and love her a lot.

Brewster Bicuspid
"Brewster McCloud"

Adopted 03/17/17

Brewster Bicuspid has finally found his fur-ever home with the Nixon clan and we are not sure who is happier, him or us! Brewster’s loving disposition wins over everyone he meets, even the timid little wire hair DREAM rescue named Mattie Moo. These two play together, lay together and generally consider each other to be their new best friend. Brewster has even stolen the heart of the Italian Greyhound pound puppy that has occupied the position of Queen Bee for years and years. Brewster sleeps well, eats well, goes outside well, has had no accidents inside, is leash trained and just an overall bundle of cuteness. He is definitely the most laid back dog we have ever had. Funny how a new ball of fur can steal your heart and add to the warmth of a home. Look at Brewster in these pictures; a pretty lad resting on a soft dog bed or a crazy boy lying upside down in a too-small bed without a care in the world. We call him Brewster McCloud.

Thank you DREAM for taking them in and loving on them until they find their fur-ever home.

Harriet Quimby

Adopted 03/17/17
Deceased 04/03/17

We're sorry to report that Harriet passed away this morning. Two days after we adopted her, she was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. Unfortunately things worsened, and she developed fluid in her stomach as well as in her lungs. She remained the sweet, gentle little lady that she was. Even though we had her for such a short time, she made a place in our hearts. Thank you for allowing us to adopt Harriet.

Becky Bechamel

Adopted 03/13/17

Roxie Resin

Adopted 03/13/17

Viktor Veer

Adopted 03/13/17

Claudia Consomme'

Adopted 03/10/17

Shorty Sambal

Reunited 03/10/17

Byron Bechamel

Adopted 03/09/17

Dewy Demiglace

Adopted 03/06/17

Oliver is doing great! It took a couple days to teach him how to use the dog door and start going outside to potty but he's a quick learner and has been letting himself out for a while now. He's super sweet and loving and his favorite thing in the world is to curl up on my lap. He loves his walks too and walks great on a leash. He also gets along great with other dogs, people, and kids. My friends, family, and their dogs all love him just like I do!

Sandy Sensodyne

Adopted 03/04/17

Dora Demiglace

Adopted 03/02/17

Dora is now Canela which means cinnamon in Spanish. We had to upgrade her collar because she's grown. She now weighs 10 lbs. She spends 90% of her time playing outside and chasing squirrels and lizards and all love teasing her to death!!! We have discovered she likes figs and has learned to climb the bottom of the tree to get the figs before the birds get them.

Apple Apex

Adopted 02/25/17

Penny has become one of the family. She loves our daughter. She wants to be with her always! Penny and our other doxie Ladybug get along great as well. They love to chase the squirrels who are brave enough to enter our yard.

Tasha Toothfairy

Adopted 02/25/17

Lisa Listerine

Adopted 02/24/17

Milo Maxilla

Adopted 02/23/17

Milo and Max are truly best friends and have a ball playing with each other. We love them so much! I've attached some pictures of them snuggling with each other. Max has to lie on top of Milo and Milo is the patient big brother that allows it. Huge thank you to DREAM for these two blessings!

Bozzo Bitewing

Adopted 02/22/17

Trixie Tomyum

Adopted 02/19/17

Annie Arabesque

Adopted 02/16/17

Marci McIntosh

Adopted 02/12/17

Rosalee Ratatouille

Adopted 02/12/17
Deceased 11/14/18

I wanted to let you know that we had to put Rosie to sleep this afternoon. Despite all of the medication she was on, her condition was deteriorating. They told us today that they believe her body was rejecting the medication and she was so sick that it would be best to put her to sleep. It has been such a gut-wrenching two months, with today being the worst.

We are all so deeply saddened, especially my daughter. 😢 We are still in disbelief and have been crying all afternoon. She was the sweetest dog and so incredibly playful.

Our hearts go out Rosie's adopters for the loss of their sweet Rosie.

Dexter Dugout

Adopted 02/10/17

Here is a photo of my boyfriend Norm with Dex. They have bonded nicely. We feel our family is currently complete having this sweet boy living with us. He has brought us much joy.


Adopted 02/06/17
Courtesy Post

Pia Pidove

Adopted 02/05/17
Deceased 03/18/20

Pia is so spoiled. She wants to have things her way or she'll whine at me. She does well on her walks. She sticks out her tongue when she gets rubbed. She's the best dog. Regardless of her blindness and age, she acts like a normal dog. I wouldn't give her up for all the money in the world.

This is pia going for a walk and laying down next to my friend's dachshund. They play together and get into the same bed together. It is so cute!


Adopted 02/03/17
Courtesy Post

Chelsea Chowder

Adopted 01/29/17

Christian Cavalier

Adopted 01/29/17

Corinne Concorde

Adopted 01/26/17

Thought I would give you an update on Miss Corinne Concorde, now known as Bailey. What a joy she has been. We already had an 8-year-old dachshund named Biscuit and wanted a companion for him, so we've all been going through the bonding process and everything seems to be going just great.

We've only had Biscuit about 3 months but feel that we've had them both forever. Thank you for the opportunity to meet this little girl. Just wanted you to know that she is thriving and we are thrilled to have her join our family! By the way, don't let this sleeping photo fool you. They can be quite an active and noisy "duo" at times! Ha!

Brindle Balancoire

Adopted 01/25/17

Roxanne Ramen

Adopted 01/25/17

Tanner Touchdown

Adopted 01/25/17

Hendrix Heisman

Adopted 01/24/17

Miles Miso

Adopted 01/22/17

Mac McIntosh

Adopted 01/21/17

Beaux Bonus

Adopted 01/19/17

Mo Matchup

Adopted 01/18/17
Deceased 07/13/19

We had to put our wonderful little Mo to sleep because of a bad back that couldn't be fixed. We miss him so much. He was quite a character.

Lexi San Lucas

Adopted 01/16/17

Braydon Bisque

Adopted 01/15/17

Michael McIntosh

Adopted 01/15/17

Mikey is the kind of dog that when he's asleep, you wish he was awake, and when he's awake, you wish he was asleep. The only things he loves more than his walks are belly rubs and biting socks. He is the perfect alarm clock because we wake up feeling like someone is staring at us, and sure enough he is there just waiting for us.

Amelia Earhart

Adopted 01/14/17

Grace Gazpacho

Adopted 01/14/17

Marlon McIntosh

Adopted 01/14/17

Nicholas Nutcracker

Adopted 01/14/17

Mimi Minestrone

Adopted 01/11/17

Reese Rajma

Adopted 01/11/17

Chloe Cabriole

Adopted 01/08/17

Denver Duncan

Adopted 01/05/17

Devon Dabinett

Adopted 01/04/17

Lasso, who will forever be known as a Tater Tot, has settled in with his family very well. His family always has a fun foster sibling for him to play with, but Lasso needs no other to keep his family entertained, he can be a one-man entertainment show. But as soon as Lasso expends all his energy and needs a rest he will fight for a spot to snuggle with his mom, because at heart he is a momma’s boy. A few of his favorite past times are keeping his mom busy everyday by bringing in all the sticks and mud he can find through the dog door and bothering his feline brother. Lasso always has a smile on his face and brings the sunshine into any room he walks into. He often wears his bowtie, and looks truly like a gentleman which is who he truly is on the inside. He loves going on daily truck rides with his dad and siblings. Lasso is extremely precious to his family and any one who comes across his smiling face thinks the same, that he is a precious fur ball of joy.

Dallas Draw

Adopted 12/29/16
Deceased 09/15/22

We said goodbye to our precious boy Dallas last night. It was a tough decision. He has been suffering with heart problems for a while and it was time. Our family is so heartbroken today and the house feels so weird without him.💔 He deserved to not suffer anymore.

Special thank you to Sea Paws Veterinary Services

Bubba Bayleef

Adopted 12/27/16

Joy Jonquil

Adopted 12/25/16

Wilbur Wright

Adopted 12/24/16

Wilbur is now Chappie and we LOVE him. He is so happy and has adjusted very well. We take him to the office with us so he is getting lots of attention and he loves his forever home. Here is a picture of Joe and his Christmas present!

Dane Drosselmeyer

Adopted 12/22/16

Cohen Concorde

Adopted 12/20/16

Cowboy is so special. We all love him. Even my son, who likes big dogs, wants to hold him every time he comes over. My granddaughter and her boyfriend come over after school every day and he picks Cowboy up and holds him.

Darcy Dabinett

Adopted 12/20/16

Dharma Dabinett

Adopted 12/18/16

Dharma is doing great and is the center of attention at our house. She has grown quite a bit and our vet seems to think she might be a Chiweenie.

Toby Telstar

Adopted 12/18/16

Angel Aviator

Adopted 12/17/16

Thanks to your awesome rescue group, we were able to add the cutest little girl with the biggest heart and personality to our pack. Thank you!

Ivory Iron

Adopted 12/16/16

Puddy Punt

Adopted 12/14/16
Courtesy Post

Buddy Biplane

Adopted 12/11/16

Buddy has made a good transition. We are working with him to teach him basic commands. Jon takes him on a long walk early every morning. Buddy absolutely loves playing with his toys and being outside guarding the back yard. We always stay with the dogs when they are outside as you never know when they might want to dig!!!

Max, our standard dachshund rescue, is a shy boy and Buddy is not, so they don't have much interaction at this point. We are working with them as Buddy will naturally bully Max. On Christmas, we were with our daughters and their families. It was Buddy's first time to meet the husband of one and fiancé of the other. He immediately warmed up to both men. Both families have doggies, both dominant - Molly, a 6 year old Maltese, and Bullet, an 8-9 yr old black & tan tweenie dachshund adopted in 2010. The first meeting went okay. Buddy does get a little possessive of toys so we are working on that too. We'll be grand dog-sitting all of them in February for 5 days and that should provide a real opportunity for them to get to know each other better.

Overall, he's a sweet, happy, joyous little guy and we feel blessed to have him. We will keep you posted as to how he's doing. Thanks again for all the information and for your dedication to dachshund rescue.

Sebastian Smoke

Adopted 12/11/16

Moochie McIntosh

Adopted 12/10/16

We are so happy. Moochie fits right in with our family.

Adam Appleseed

Adopted 12/09/16

The transition into our home has gone extremely well. The whole family is completely in love with them! It's so sweet to see the way they interact with each other - be it cuddling in their doggie bed or playing a rousing game of chase. Potty training is actually a non-issue - I cannot believe it! We take them out once an hour during the day and they haven't even used the towel in their puppy pen that we use for nighttime. So - thank you thank you thank you for these two little bundles of pure joy that have become our newest family members. 😍

Alexis Appleseed

Adopted 12/09/16

The transition into our home has gone extremely well. The whole family is completely in love with them! It's so sweet to see the way they interact with each other - be it cuddling in their doggie bed or playing a rousing game of chase. Potty training is actually a non-issue - I cannot believe it! We take them out once an hour during the day and they haven't even used the towel in their puppy pen that we use for nighttime. So - thank you thank you thank you for these two little bundles of pure joy that have become our newest family members. 😍

Garrison Glider

Adopted 12/08/16

Daisy Dabinett

Adopted 12/04/16

Orville Wright

Adopted 12/02/16

Randy Rolltide

Adopted 11/29/16

Rusty Riedenberger

Adopted 11/28/16
Deceased 12/02/18

Dr. Browning did a Sunday call out, along with her receptionist, to ease my little old mans suffering and make sure everything was setup for his cremation. They were incredibly patient, sweet and comforting to me and my little dude. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My sweet old man Bucket is no longer with me. My heart is shattered. Rest easy my sweet boy, to the moon little man, to the moon.

Brandon Boeing

Adopted 11/21/16

Daphne Dabinett

Adopted 11/21/16

Daphne is so doing fantastic! She's having so much fun with her new family and everyone just adores her. She's trying her best with potty training, has learned to sit for her treats, and loves to cuddle with her new brother! She's been such a little blessing and I'm so grateful to DREAM for bringing us together!

Fabian Fivestar

Adopted 11/20/16

Colin Cockpit

Reunited 11/19/16

Ryder Redshirt

Adopted 11/19/16

Snickers Spigold

Adopted 11/18/16

Joe Jedi

Adopted 11/13/16
Deceased 06/01/23

I adopted my first Dachshund, Joe Jedi, from your organization in 2016. We called him JJ for short. He passed away on 6/1. He was the bestest dog and I miss him dearly. My heart aches. The house feels so empty without him. He may have been small, but his presence was big.

Clara Cougs

Adopted 11/12/16


We adopted Clara November 13, 2016. We were looking for a new friend for our doxie, Tucker. Clara and Tucker bonded immediately and are best friends now! They do everything together! They sleep, play, go out, and even crate together! Clara is a bit skittish around my husband, but she is growing more trusting of him each day. She has started sleeping in the bed with us the past few nights, and that was a big step for her. She is such a sweet girl and a perfect fit for our family. Special thanks to Marci for meeting our Tucker and recognizing that Clara would be a great friend for him and our family! We already love her so much, and she and Tucker are best buddies! We appreciate all the support from DREAM Dachshund Rescue of Houston!

Here are a few pictures of Clara and Tucker! She has adjusted very well to Tucker and they are the best of friends! They follow each other around all day! She has gotten used to my husband day by day and now she lets him hold her and pick her up! She now sleeps in the bed with us, too! Clara is the perfect addition to our family and we are thankful to have adopted her!


Clara and Tucker have bonded rapidly! They run and play and roll around and it's SO cute! I was met at the door today with 2 happy dogs who were glad to see me. She's so close to Tucker, it's so sweet! Everything he does, she follows along. She loves me and sits in my lap. She is still a bit skittish with Chad but she's coming along. This morning when he walked to the kitchen, she growled at him again. He knelt down to her and firmly told her no. She did it again then Tucker came out and she got up to go outside. She hasn't growled at him again today. He said when he came home at lunch, they both met him at the door with tails wagging. He petted both of them and they went out. She goes out well, is eating well, and sleeping well. She is a perfect sister for Tucker!!!

Oliver Orchard
"Mr. Bill"

Adopted 11/12/16

Mr. Bill is the SWEETEST and most loving dog! He has brought so much joy to our family and we joke that we don't know what we talked about before Bill was a part of our lives. He's completely transformed from the dog I picked up from Marcie at Lil Ruffhouse. He was shy, wouldn't come close, and seemed very confused. I had a feeling there was a big personality in that little body and... boy was I right! Within 24 hours, he knew he found his forever home and he settled right in. Bill loves to go on long walks and bark at all the squirrels, he loves to chew on any bone, and his absolute favorite thing is to snuggle up under a blanket and nap while we watch TV at night. He's so special and the perfect addition to our family!

Bristol Braeburn

Adopted 11/11/16

Ellie and Gracie are a perfect fit for our family. They love to go for walks, ride in the car, snuggle on the couch with us, and then sleep all night together in their cozy bed under the blankets. They are getting along very well, sometimes doing things together and other times doing their own thing. Gracie is curious and spunky and Ellie studies things in her quiet way but then will surprise us by jumping in when we least expect it. Both girls are so sweet and affectionate and love the attention they get at home and every time we take them out. My daughters are completely in love and the feeling seems to be mutual. We really love these little darlings and can't thank you enough for all that you do to rescue all of the little angels and help them find their forever families!

Stephanie Strike

Adopted 11/11/16

Gracie and Ellie are a perfect fit for our family. They love to go for walks, ride in the car, snuggle on the couch with us, and then sleep all night together in their cozy bed under the blankets. They are getting along very well, sometimes doing things together and other times doing their own thing. Gracie is curious and spunky and Ellie studies things in her quiet way but then will surprise us by jumping in when we least expect it. Both girls are so sweet and affectionate and love the attention they get at home and every time we take them out. My daughters are completely in love and the feeling seems to be mutual. We really love these little darlings and can't thank you enough for all that you do to rescue all of the little angels and help them find their forever families!

Carter Callaway

Adopted 11/10/16

Zoe Zelstar

Adopted 11/06/16

Christie Crispin

Adopted 11/04/16

Ardie is the sweetest little angel! Everyone absolutely adores her and she is so sweet to everyone. She is so incredibly smart and has learned her new name and our daily routine very fast. She just wants to be by my side all day and get endless belly rubs. We went and visited family in Dallas and they couldn't get enough of her! We are quite popular now and will be expected to visit often. I'm incredibly happy to have found my perfect dachshund and I am excited to have her by my side!

Lucy Lakeland

Adopted 10/25/16

Lucy is a sweet girl who wants a lot of love. She sleeps in the bed with us and stays right by my side touching me all night.

Here are some pictures of Lucy on her first walk Saturday (I had to wait for her vest to come in), Lucy exploring the backyard, Lucy in her vest and personalized reflective collar, and of Lucy and Little Bit playing by the back door.

Thanks to all of the volunteers who rescued Lucy and allowed us to adopt her.

Jacob Jazz

Adopted 10/24/16

Remy Recruit

Adopted 10/24/16

Remy and Ross are doing great. They are working hard at potty training, or I should say Willie and I are working hard at potty training. Here are some pictures with Willie and the boys, and me with Daisy (the Westie) and with the boys.

Ross Rookie

Adopted 10/24/16

Ross and Remy are doing great. They are working hard at potty training, or I should say Willie and I are working hard at potty training. Here are some pictures with Willie and the boys, and me with Daisy (the Westie) and with the boys.

Katy Kanzi

Adopted 10/23/16
Deceased 04/12/22

Our BB8, adopted Oct 2016, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was a wonderful dog and will be missed by the whole family. Our grandson loved to pet her when he visited. She passed on April 12th from a combination of age and back issues.

Anna Appleseed

Adopted 10/20/16

Julia Jigglypuff

Adopted 10/20/16

Lacie Lightsaber

Adopted 10/20/16

This my Lacie girl. Lacie has brought so much joy to me and her brother Cooper Oliver. My little sweet boy was so lonely for companionship. When I first bought Lacie home, it was not so easy. She was so scared, and Cooper just wanted to play. After about 30 minutes, they were playing and getting along wonderfully. Lacie only supposed to to be my foster dog, but I just could not part with her. She is so attached to Cooper and me. My dogs have brought so much joy to my life I can not imagine one day without them. My friends are crazy about my Lacie and Cooper. Thank you, DREAM.

Hugh Heinz

Adopted 10/19/16
Deceased 11/02/19

Witten Winesap

Reunited 10/17/16

This week it's like Witten is a whole new dog. No more sling, completely emptying her bladder in one shot. Still have her on crate rest other than short potty breaks. We need to go buy a new harness tonight since the one I bought didn't fit. I can't thank you enough for all your help with this stubborn girl of mine. You have blessed our family.

Eden Empire

Adopted 10/16/16
Deceased 12/31/19

Chloe is fitting right in and seems happy. Fred is a bit of a grouchy old dude when it comes to food but he'll get over it. She follows my husband around everywhere he goes. Also, we don't use the doggie door because of Fred's bad back but he goes to the door and sits or will bark. Chloe went to the door and whined a bit and went right out and did her business. She will have a long happy life with us.

Benny Brisket

Adopted 10/15/16

Clarence Colgin

Adopted 10/15/16

Felicity Fuji

Adopted 10/15/16

Magnolia loves belly rubs and gets so excited when my husband or I come home that her butt wiggles. (: She is still getting used to walks and gets nervous when I try to put the leash and harness on her but when we get outside she loves to smell everything.

Laura Lasso

Adopted 10/10/16

Max Makuhita

Adopted 10/07/16

08/23/17 Update

Max is truly my best friend. He follows me like a shadow, gives lots of kisses, and is just an all-around "Daddy's boy". Matter of fact, he's snuggled up so close to me right now that I'm using him as an armrest while typing this email. He loves every minute of it.

I don't know what I'd do without him. He's been my saving grace on more than a few occasions. Best dog ever!

Max Makuhita is the best dog ever! He is a perfect gentlemen and is fitting in nicely with our other 3 rescue dogs. He exceeds our expectations! I'm pretty sure that his loving nature is due to a combination of his naturally sweet disposition paired with the extraordinary care he received from everyone before we adopted him. We consider ourselves VERY lucky to have him in our lives. With the distinct possibility of having to turn in my "man card", he has stolen my heart.

10/20/16 Update

Max had his official visit with our vet this morning. He got a clean bill of health, a little booster shot, and was prescribed Sentinel heartworm prevention medication. They also scanned his microchip and gave us the number. The vet visit could probably have been shortened by about 20 minutes, but EVERYONE in the office had to meet Max and "oooh" and" ahhh" over him. Neither he nor I minded the extra attention. Needless to say, I'm a very proud papa!

Shiloh Sugarbowl

Adopted 10/05/16

Madison Mitt

Adopted 10/03/16

3/20/17 Update: Madison Mitt, “Maggie”, whom we adopted in October is doing great! She and Annie (our 11 y/o senior rescue) have become great friends. It feels like Maggie has always been a part of the family. Visits from our grandsons, ages 1, 2, and 5, were a bit overwhelming for her at first, but now she just joins in the mayhem. She loves to run in the house and “tackle” her moose toy. She is a snuggler and Annie is teaching her to bury herself under her blanket. It’s funny to watch her trying to do it the way Annie does – throwing the blanket over her head with her nose. They both bundle down in my lap under a blanket in the evenings while we watch TV – it’s their favorite place to be! (And mine!) We can’t thank you enough for rescuing and adopting out this special designer girl to us. She is truly a joy for our family.

Dewey Deckle

Adopted 10/02/16
Deceased 08/16/19

I am absolutely heartbroken to inform you that Digby passed away suddenly yesterday morning. He started having some stomach issues in April, but other than that, he was doing great. Yesterday morning he woke us, barking and moaning, which was unusual. He was also very lethargic. We rushed him to the vet who told us he was going to run some tests and would give us a call to let us know what we were dealing with. The vet called not long after saying he was shocked and so sad to let us know that Digby crashed before they were even able to run any tests.

We are absolutely lost without Digby. Even though dogs depend on us to take care of them, we didn’t even realize at the time that Digby was really taking care of us. He mostly liked to sleep next to us, be in his own bed, or follow us around the house (we said he was helping us.) Now I’m like “How do I brush my teeth without Digby helping me? How do I get ready for bed without taking him outside and then tucking him in first?” If we were sick, he took care of us. If we were happy, he was still taking care of us and part of the happiness.

I almost wonder if him waiting until we left the vets office to crash was part of him taking care of us too, so that we wouldn’t have to see them working on him. He was always nervous to go there, but he was calm this time, so I find a little comfort in that. We were able to go to the vet’s office to see him and say our final goodbye’s.

He went everywhere with us and was such a huge part of our lives for 3 years. We took care of him like he was our baby, and our family and friends said we treated him like a king. We hope that he knows how much we loved him, but I’m sure he did. We wish we could have had him sooner, but 100 years wouldn’t have been long enough with him. I don’t know how long it will take, but we have already said we hope to eventually adopt another dog. We don’t think it would be fair to Digby to not help another dog get the good care and life that we were able to give him. Plus he has left a huge hole in our hearts. He has set the bar so high for a future dog, and all he had to do was snuggle with us and just be himself. He was perfect and not just a good boy, but the best boy. Thank you so much for matching us with him,

Rhett Rawlings

Adopted 10/02/16

Tomorrow marks Milo's first month being home! We decided to change his name, since he really didn't listen much to Rhett. He is my handsome sweet boy. He loves to snuggle right up on me or next to me every chance he gets!

He's gotten very comfortable and I was able to potty train him in about a week maybe two. He no longer has accidents inside the house! Smart boy. He loves to dig and to sniff all around and get into pretty much everything since he's so small. He is a really friendly boy so I am able to take him out to meet new friends (my friends' dogs) he loves to play, wrestle and run all around the house. He's doing great and I am so happy we chose him to add to the family. He will continue to be taken care of as the new baby of the family!

Hershey Habanero

Reunited 09/29/16

Molly Martinique

Adopted 09/28/16

Walker Weedle

Adopted 09/25/16

Walker is so loving and loves to cuddle. He loves to dig and hunt for bugs at night. He also loves walks!

Oakley Eagle

Adopted 09/24/16

Oakley is doing great. I actually renamed him Duncan because he never responded to Oakley anyway. He loves his sister Abbie and they both love to cuddle. He is still extremely scared of new people. I'm not sure if he had a history of abuse or abandonment. Anytime a new person comes to the house he hides under the bed. He has warmed up to a few people though which is great. He is such a little ham and I love him beyond words! I hope y'all have some upcoming events that I can take him to. Thanks for all you do!

Gordy Goalpost

Reunited 09/22/16

Sparky Speedo

Adopted 09/20/16

OMG we are so pleased with our new baby and he is spoiled rotten already! We renamed him "Jaxs", after the Sons of Anarchy Character (we love motorcycles). He has settled right in like he has been here all along. My girls simply adore him and, of course, he is gram's favorite grand puppy! She has bought him blankets and clothes and toys and we just got him today LOL! A super HUGE Thank You to DREAM for making our family complete!

Talia Tailgate

Adopted 09/20/16

Talia's new name is Bella. She's the third DREAM Dachshund we have adopted. We love Bella so much. She has fit right in with our family. She is very loving and gets along with our other three dogs and loves being with my husband and myself. She loves to run with other dogs outside and sleeps all night. Thank you DREAM for our little Bella.

Jinjer Jinx

Adopted 09/18/16

Bella Bender

Adopted 09/17/16
Deceased 01/15/20

Cassie Cowgirl

Adopted 09/17/16

Eve Eevee

Adopted 09/17/16

Belinda Bigten

Adopted 09/16/16

Reffie Rhydon

Adopted 09/15/16

Reffie is well and is happy. He runs and jumps like a little bronco horse he gets so excited. He sleeps with our kids and just lounges wherever he feels like it during the day. When we go out he loves to ride in the car and go out with us. It's adorable. And he smiles!! We are so happy having him in our lives.

Lula Lunala

Adopted 09/13/16
Deceased 04/28/23

We absolutely adore our little Lula. She is such a lovable girl, and she has fit in with our family so well. She loves to give kisses and curl up in a lap. We are so grateful to DREAM for allowing us the privilege of adopting and loving Lula. Here is a picture of our girls, Lacey and Lula, napping on the couch on a Sunday afternoon.

Jasmine Lumineon

Adopted 09/12/16

Here are some pictures for Jasmine (now Tinks!) with her sister and extended family!

Goldie Glove

Adopted 09/10/16

Martin Moonshot

Adopted 09/10/16

Patton Pikachu

Adopted 09/07/16

Duke D'Qar
"Duke Wayne White"

Adopted 09/04/16
Deceased 09/05/21

Duke passed away on September 5th. He was the best little dog. Very obedient and very loving. He was almost 16 and had cataracts, but he was so determined to keep going. We believe he just died of old age. Miss him so very much. Thank you for matching him with me.

Henley Houndoom

Adopted 09/03/16

Henley – Oh that handsome gentleman! He is the cuddliest, most expressive little guy. He has found his love for frogs! It may also be a love/hate relationship. (he tries to eat them) He IS our little hunter….. Doing his job. ; ) Frogs and rabbits are his fav! Henley is also the laziest out of the two. When we leave we close off the rooms so we actually have to physically remove him from under the covers! Hehehehe

Mason Monferno

Adopted 09/03/16

Mason has found a new past time/play time/friend. His PET ROCK! He loves pushing it allllllllllll over the yard with his nose. It is the funniest thing to watch. I’ll try and get you some video soon. Mason has started running, jumping up and pretty much climbing up us to be held. If he could be held 24/7 he would be in heaven.

Sadie Sableye
"Sadie Belle"

Adopted 09/02/16

Sadie has been such a delight. She's a sweet little love bug and so well mannered. She's adapted to apartment life very well. She loves to go to the duck pond and chase lizards or chill on the couch and watch TV. I could not have asked for a more perfect little girl.

Jojo Jolteon

Adopted 08/30/16

Bette Briquette

Adopted 08/29/16

Gidget Groove

Adopted 08/28/16
Deceased 08/11/21

Ophelia Outfielder

Adopted 08/27/16


Transferred 08/26/16
Courtesy Post

Skeet Squirtle

Adopted 08/26/16

December 22, 2016

Hi! I just wanted to update y'all on Otis!

He just had his neuter surgery on Monday and is recovering very nicely. Otis is up to date on all of his shots and is already 11 pounds!! He is such an amazing dog and everyone falls in love with him instantly! Otis always wants to be held and be right next to us no matter what we are doing, he never barks unless he is playing and gets very excited, and he loves to snuggle (I believe I am to blame for that since I always want to snuggle with him too :)).

I wanted to thank DREAM again for allowing me to adopt this little sweetie! He gets along great with our other dogs and is ALWAYS excited to see his family and meet new friends. I am so grateful for Otis and appreciative to y'all for letting me love him! I just wanted you to know that he is in a happy home and well loved by everyone who meets him.

Thank you again and if you have any other questions for me about Otis let me know!

(Also, sorry about the amount of pictures, he is just so cute!)

October 8, 2016

Otis settled in very quickly his first week at home. My family and friends are so obsessed! He is so precious and perfect that it's hard to leave the house because all I want to do is snuggle with him! He and my other doxie Penny are two peas and a pod and do everything together; they love to play, snuggle, and get attention from everyone they see! He is so sweet and friendly; he loves to meet new people and get little belly rubs whenever he can. I am so grateful to DREAM for allowing me the opportunity to adopt this precious little boy. Otis has so much love to give and I am so thrilled that I can be the one to love him back. Here are some pictures that show him being the adorable little puppy he is. He also makes a very cute Yoda for Halloween!

Adele Allstar

Adopted 08/25/16

Adele is very sweet and loving. She was very shy at first but she has really shown us her true personality. She gets very excited and wiggly when we come home. She loves to go on walks and hunt for lizards. Adele loves to play with her toys and is still learning to bring them back. 😊 We love her gentle nature and expressive eyes.

Courtney Caterpie

Adopted 08/24/16

Trista Triple

Adopted 08/22/16

We are so in love with our baby, Molly. She is perfect, sassy, and has already shown us that she has the ability to hold her own against her big Yorkie brother, Winston. Thank you, DREAM!

Molly Mew

Adopted 08/20/16

Molly and Morty are doing well. Morty loves to walk and sniff around the backyard since the next door neighbor has a cat and he is "on patrol" to find it. He jumps up an down in the morning the minute I put on my shoes as he knows the walk will come soon. Molly is a sweet little "Nug" we call her. Short for nugget. She gives love all the time and jumps up in anyone's lap to show her affection. She loves to look out the window while her brother takes a snooze. They play together and I take them to a doggie day care, once a week so they can be with other dogs. They are very sweet and have brought a lot of joy to me and my family.

Morty Mewtwo

Adopted 08/20/16

Morty and Molly are doing well. Morty loves to walk and sniff around the backyard since the next door neighbor has a cat and he is "on patrol" to find it. He jumps up an down in the morning the minute I put on my shoes as he knows the walk will come soon. Molly is a sweet little "Nug" we call her. Short for nugget. She gives love all the time and jumps up in anyone's lap to show her affection. She loves to look out the window while her brother takes a snooze. They play together and I take them to a doggie day care, once a week so they can be with other dogs. They are very sweet and have brought a lot of joy to me and my family.

Sienna Single

Adopted 08/19/16

Cole Curveball

Transferred 08/13/16

Cooper Caribbean

Adopted 08/13/16

January 17, 2017

Here’s the update on Cooper. My 20 year old daughter (college student) was home for Christmas break and has been continuously been loving on him. We have been working hard on keeping Cooper weight down. A little dieting and more walking with my daughter to maintain his calendar “show dog” weight. Cooper is my seventh dachshund since I was a boy and I have observed almost every dachshund I’ve owned will eat themselves into a back issue due to the extra weight. Cooper just loves being a member of our pack. I let all the dog outdoors for a run and our big golden retrievers run around the yard like crazy and Cooper is in hot pursuit at a distant third, but he never seems discouraged he’s in last place.

Cooper has spent the weekend with the family is learning the ropes. He is really a big eater. I feed all the dogs together so they get do something enjoyable as a pack. Coops starts running around the kitchen like a wild dog. Mark this adoption up as a success!

Chessa Charmander

Adopted 08/12/16

Chessa (I renamed her "Phinley") is doing great. She's the star of the show around here (she definitely knows it, ha!), and is continually a blessing to me!

Delilah Double

Adopted 08/12/16

Diesel Dianthus

Adopted 08/11/16

Axel Atbat

Adopted 08/08/16

Simon Stubbs

Adopted 08/08/16
Deceased 10/08/20

Clarence became an angel today. We knew this was a possibility when we departed for our trip, which was one of the reasons we took our sweet boy. He fell ill when we arrived in Eagle River, WI on Wednesday and transitioned early this morning to his next pup adventure in the sky.

We named him after Clarence the angel in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” He was ours’ for 4 1/4 beautiful years. Rest in Love, dear Clarence. We will feel your sweet spirit forever.

Cindi Centerfield

Adopted 08/06/16

Maggie is my sweet baby girl. I've forwarded lots of pictures because I'm slightly obsessed with her! She is a bundle of pure energy who is hopefully going through her final chewing stage. She loves to play fetch, chew fingers and toes, and lick my face and my husband's bald head. She's done pretty well with potty training, and it's rare that we find messes on our rugs any more. We've just started to train her to sit, and she's showing us how smart she is! She's an awesome cuddle buddy as well. She keeps my feet so warm at night. Our English Bulldog Kaydee gets a little outdone with Maggie's hyperactive nature, but Maggie loves her sister so much. She can't wait to go wake her up, or at least try to, every morning.

We all love Maggie so much, and I'm so glad we were blessed with her. I prayed that we would find the perfect dog for our family, and I think she was saved just for us. I could never thank DREAM enough for entrusting us with her!

Gretchen Grounder

Adopted 08/06/16

Gretchen is playing well with our other dog, Milo, and she is a great joy to have in our family. She can be quite mischievous, but she gives us a good laugh at the end of the day.

Stella Strudel

Adopted 08/06/16

Selena Southpaw

Adopted 08/03/16

Emmy Easyout

Adopted 08/01/16
Deceased 11/15/21

We are so heartbroken that little Emme crossed the Rainbow Bridge in November. She will forever be in our hearts.

Beauregard Bunt

Adopted 07/31/16

7/29/17 Update

It's hard to believe, but Otis will be celebrating his one year anniversary in his forever home on July 31st. I brought him into his new pack on July 31, 2016.

This sweet boy has fit into our pack so well, and is such a loved and cherished member of our family. Thanks to the staff, fosters and all involved in caring for and finding new forever homes for these wonderful Doxies!

Once again Dream, thanks for all that you guys do, and for helping Otis to find his Forever Home...☺️

Jamey, Otis & Henry

I've decided to call him Otis. I recently adopted Otis from DREAM Dachshund Rescue. He is a beautiful, loving, spirited and somewhat stubborn addition to our Doxie family. I'm so thankful for DREAM, and what they do for these fur babies who need new forever homes. Otis makes the 5th Doxie we've had, and he has turned out to be a great companion for my other Doxie Henry. Thanks to Becky his foster for helping to guide us through the process. Otis is Finally Home!

Boyd Backstop

Adopted 07/31/16

Marco Milan

Adopted 07/31/16

Brinkley BarbieQ

Adopted 07/29/16

Gibson Grandslam

Adopted 07/29/16

Ivan Inning

Adopted 07/29/16

Lady Loft

Adopted 07/29/16

Coco Crowley

Adopted 07/26/16
Deceased 09/12/19

Our sweet Coco has left us. She was almost 14, our only rescue, the smartest of our three Dachshunds, and also the toughest. You didn’t mess with Coco!

She had acute renal failure, with stones in her bladder and one of her kidneys. By the time she showed any symptoms, her kidneys were 75% gone. We did everything we could, but it was too late.

This collar, also worn by our two other Dachshund, Rothko and Zorro, will be hard to fill.

Our hearts go out to Frank and Judy for the loss of their precious Coco.

Bentley Basehit

Adopted 07/25/16
Deceased 04/29/17

Barry Batter
"Guinness Guns"

Adopted 07/24/16

Barry "Guinness Guns" and Pinky "Gracie Glee" are indeed a DREAM and we are all in love! They snuggle, sleep, eat, wrestle repeat and are the perfect fit for our energetic family! I already can not imagine life without them and am typing this with Gracie in my lap and Guinness by my side as we speak. They are not as impressed with the Olympics as we are. :) It's hard to narrow down the pics as it is a constant state of cuteness overload around here but am attaching a few of my favorites. Thanks for checking in and thanks for being so passionate about adoption. Feeling so blessed with three precious babies!

Pinky Pinchhitter
"Gracie Glee"

Adopted 07/24/16

Barry "Guinness Guns" and Pinky "Gracie Glee" are indeed a DREAM and we are all in love! They snuggle, sleep, eat, wrestle repeat and are the perfect fit for our energetic family! I already can not imagine life without them and am typing this with Gracie in my lap and Guinness by my side as we speak. They are not as impressed with the Olympics as we are. :) It's hard to narrow down the pics as it is a constant state of cuteness overload around here but am attaching a few of my favorites. Thanks for checking in and thanks for being so passionate about adoption. Feeling so blessed with three precious babies!

Percy Pitcher

Adopted 07/22/16

Percy is doing so well. He absolutely loves his adopted brother and sister. Sometimes I’m not sure who adopted who! He loves to play with us and has been doing so well with his potty training (which is GREAT!). He was an instant blessing to our family!

Shorty Shortstop

Adopted 07/21/16

Shorty is now called Jackson, he's very sweet and loves to play with his other family members. He loves riding in the car and going on walks, he has learned so many tricks. He is growing so fast and loves going and doing all kinds of things. Thank you for letting us adopt him, he is truly loved by all.

Polo Pompeii

Adopted 07/18/16

Pogo's new life! He has also learned to fetch and we are teaching him to not fear swimming. We have been taking him on our boat and putting him in the water, in a life jacket, with us and he is slowly getting it! He is the most loving and loyal dog. He gets along well with our other wiener, Oscar, and tries to get him riled up whenever he can! He is super cuddly and we can't imagine our family without him! Thank you!

Munchkin Myheart

Adopted 07/17/16

Paisley Plank
"Ginger Rogers"

Adopted 07/17/16

Margot Monaco

Adopted 07/16/16

Fenella Fastball

Adopted 07/10/16

Truly Trailrider

Adopted 07/10/16

Marley, aka Truly, has been a wonderful addition to our home. She is such a cutie and has personality galore! We think she is part mountain goat as she LOVES to climb! Her big sister Sadie is so happy to have a puppy to play with. They really enjoyed our Florida beach vacation this summer. Marley is a little snuggle baby who loves sleeping in the bed with her parents and her sister!

Leroy Linedrive

Adopted 07/09/16
Deceased 01/30/23

Sadly, Our beloved Limo passed away yesterday. He had a heart condition and was spending nearly all his time resting on the couch or someone's lap. He was a gift of warmth and joy to our home and will be terribly missed. While we grieve, we also believe he moved on so another dog could share our loving home. After we heal, we'd like to adopt again. Thanks for connecting us with Limo.

Peanut Paradise

Adopted 07/07/16
Deceased 08/27/18

Peanut is the sweetest little guy! He is the oldest of our dogs but acts like a puppy! He sleeps right by me or ON me every night. He makes the sweetest little grunts just like he is talking to me. Ever since his bad teeth were pulled he LOVES to eat and sits on his hind legs the entire time I'm filling all of the bowls. He is the smallest yet the most demanding when it comes to food time and that is saying a lot when you consider he is one of 5 dachshunds!

KC Masterpiece

Adopted 07/04/16

Sassy Spice

Adopted 07/04/16

Claire Callaway

Adopted 07/03/16


Today is Claire's 1 year adoptive birthday!! And boy are we all happy! Claire is sweet, loving, smart and soooo happy. Thank you for allowing her to rescue us. Cheers to many more birthdays celebrated with us.


We have had Claire a little over 1 month and wanted to let you know that she is thriving. She is a perfect fit for all of us and we couldn't be happier to have her in the family. You all made it so easy and I am so thankful to have worked with you. We know our beloved Abby is looking down on us with pride and happiness that we gave another great girl a chance to live the life she had. A tribute to all of us. Thanks again for all you give.

You really are dream makers. We have had Claire for 3 days and she fits into our family like she has been here forever. She is so sweet, lovable and SMART! Such a great companion for our Zoe and for us. She loves having her choice of 5 beds, all filled with fluffy soft blankets that she is sure we're made just for her. Claire loves her new backyard and has already spent time gardening with me. Her first camping trip will be next week, but no worries; she will be loved and watched as she picks her place in the RV. She truly rescued our hearts. Thank you all for caring for all the pups that find their way to Dream. There is a special place in heaven for y'all.

Leslie, George, Zoe, and Claire

Carrie Catcher

Adopted 07/02/16

Dottie Yuletide

Adopted 07/02/16

Kenny Chrysanthemum

Adopted 07/02/16

Hank Homerun

Reunited 07/01/16

Forrest Fairway

Adopted 06/30/16

We just wanted to let you know that Forrest is doing great. He was pretty scared for a few months and would only let my wife handle him but now he has come around. He sleeps with us and has turned out to be a great companion. Thank you.

Petey Paraduxx

Adopted 06/28/16

Petey is doing great. He is so happy here, and we all love him so much, that I wouldn't have the heart to send him somewhere else and make him start over again. Here are some of my favorite pics of him with his Dream Dachsie sisters Bonnie and Trixie :)

Collin Coppertone

Adopted 06/26/16
Deceased 06/26/16

DREAM rescued Collin on June 10th and took him straight to our vet to have a very painful eye removed (see Buphthalmos). Due to excessive bleeding, he needed a blood transfusion during the surgery, but he made it through. Collin didn't seem to be healing properly after the surgery, though, and two weeks later he underwent another procedure to clean out the wound, which appeared to be infected. Everything seemed to have gone well, and Collin was back to his happy self. On Saturday June 25th, the wound opened and Collin started bleeding profusely. His fosters rushed him to the emergency vet, applying pressure to the wound the whole way. He received a transfusion and the vets were able to revive him. He remained stable Saturday night. By this time, we knew Collin had a clotting disorder. The vets were giving him platelets to try to lower his clotting times. We were confident he was going to make it through this.

Collin's fosters, Brenda and Annie, went to visit him Sunday morning. He seemed so happy to see them. Brenda and Annie decided after going through all this, there was no way they could let him be adopted by someone else. They were going to keep him. But in less than 10 minutes after they left the emergency vet, we received the heartbreaking news that Collin had started bleeding again and his little heart had stopped. They were unable to revive him. Such a tragic ending to this sweet baby's story.

Our hearts go out to Brenda and Annie for the loss of their special little boy.

My heart is broken after reading the story of Collin Coppertone. Brenda and Annie, you are so wonderful for giving this angel so much love and good care. Collin loved you two so much. He is in Heaven and will be waiting on you two someday to be with him through eternity. Bless DREAM and all the wonderful fosters and caregivers who donate their time and give so much love to these precious, innocent angels that we all love so dearly. My prayers are with Collin and Brenda and Annie at this time.

- Denise D., Dickinson, Texas

Jamie Jamaica

Adopted 06/26/16

Katie Kauai

Adopted 06/26/16

3/16/17 Update: Just wanted to say hello and let you know how Sophie is doing. We had the honor of adopting Sophie, AKA Katie Kauai, on 6/26/16. It has been about 8 months, and she has come so far. She loves to play with her sister Luna, running and playing tug of war with their toys. Sophie has (or should I say "I have") completed obedience class, and she did awesome. I still need some training. We have quiet time at night with belly rubs before she burrows under the covers and goes to sleep. She is the sweetest girl ever and we are so blessed to have her. Thank you for bringing her into our lives.

Bev Birdie

Adopted 06/25/16


I just wanted to give everyone a little update on Bev. We saw the vet yesterday, and Bev received a clean bill of health! Her eye has healed nicely.

While she was a little shy the first few days, she's really warmed up to her new daddy. She's already got me trained on when, where, and how she wants to be petted/rubbed, which is almost constantly. Ha ha. She started playing with her toys more and chewing bones, but her favorite activity is still cuddling/napping! =)

Just wanted to says thanks again for helping me find such a perfect puppy!

Winslow Whiff

Adopted 06/25/16
Deceased 12/18/18

I adopted Winslow in June of 2016. She has been the best thing that has walked into my life. I have to tell you with a very broken heart my beautiful Winnie passed away this last Tuesday 12/18/18 at 6:15 PM. I stayed with her till her last breath and told how much I loved her. The vet said she had a stroke. Our family is devastated. Thank you for letting me care for one of the greatest little angels their ever was. I will certainly miss her sweet barks and cuddles.

Henrie Hoisin

Adopted 06/24/16

Hattie Hickory

Adopted 06/16/16

Benji Braise

Adopted 06/13/16

Monte Mesquite

Adopted 06/12/16

Chippy Chipotle

Adopted 06/11/16

Keaton Kabob

Adopted 06/11/16

Kirby Kingsford

Adopted 06/05/16

I think we'll keep him. Welcome home, Kirby!

Tex Traeger

Adopted 06/05/16

Tex has turned out to be a diamond in the rough. We just spent a week in Galveston and he had a blast. Jumping waves and chasing beach balls. He also likes to spend time in the kitchen. He loves my grand kids to death. Thanks for giving us this "DREAM".

Dylan Grillin

Adopted 05/31/16

Maisy Mustang

Adopted 05/31/16


Adopted 05/22/16

Blanca Tippytoes

Adopted 05/21/16

Chance Charcoal

Adopted 05/21/16

We adopted Chance Charcoal in May 2016. We renamed him Brisket.

We are very happy to have Brisket in our family! From day one, he and his new dachshund brother, Boodan, have been best buddies! They sleep together, eat together, and go hunting rabbits together!

In June, when the dogs were hunting together in the cactus and brush about 300 feet from our house, Boodan was struck in the shoulder by a 5 foot rattlesnake. Both dogs were up to date with the rattlesnake vacine. Brisket made so much racket, that my husband went into the cactus to see what was happening. He found Boodan limping badly and in a lot of pain. Brisket had called for help!

I had seen that snake in a different region of our acreage, but after Boo's attack, we cleaned out the cactus and there was no sign further sign of the rattlesnake -- it is probably out there somewhere.

If you live in rattlesnake country, I highly recommend keeping your dog up to date with the vaccine.

Brisket is much more cautious about dangers than old Boodan, who has been sprayed 3 times by skunk and got quilled once by a porcupine. Brisket recently avoided a skunk!

Thank you for all you do! We are very happy with our new family member. We will recommend your organization to everyone.

Ferdinand Flagstick

Adopted 05/21/16

Gus is doing great. He had a couple of accidents at the beginning, but he's still getting used to everything. Zoey enjoys playing with him and yes you were definitely correct; he loves to play a great game of chase with her LOL. We are very glad he is a part of our family!

Bonbon Bonfire

Adopted 05/20/16

Winston Wood

Adopted 05/20/16

Elaine Elf

Adopted 05/17/16
Deceased 05/14/18

Ellie was a senior who was being treated for heartworms when we adopter her. She recovered from heartworms. Unfortunately, she acquired a cough recently. It became worse within a week. So concerned, we took her to our vet. He was amazed she was alive as her heart was so enlarged it was pressed on her trachea and lungs. Our vet said that she should join our others over the rainbow bridge as there was nothing he could do that would prolong her life more than a few weeks and at that point in time she was struggling for every breath. We cherish the time she was with us. She is missed terribly by her sister Charley. I could go on and on about her personality, the crazy things she did to make our life full of love.

Hans Hamburg

Adopted 05/17/16

Thank you so much for everything! Sammy has made himself at home already (with the help of a treat)! He's the perfect little gentleman. I'm lucky to have him.

Mocha Mulligan

Adopted 05/17/16

We love Mocha. She's so sweet. She just wants to curl up next to us and go to sleep.

Pat Pitmaster

Adopted 05/17/16

Wade Wedge

Adopted 05/15/16

Leonora Links

Adopted 05/14/16

Hamilton Hook

Adopted 05/13/16

Tabby Tee

Adopted 05/12/16

Tabby is a complete joy and we love her to death. She is so precious, playful, sweet and full of character. She is already a special part of our family.

Drake Dogleg

Adopted 05/11/16

Perrie Passion

Adopted 05/11/16
Deceased 03/30/21

We said goodbye to our sweet Perrie on March 30, 2021. We are so blessed to have had such a wonderful dog and we will always cherish our memories. Thank you for providing a way to adopt Perrie.

Primrose Padawan

Adopted 05/11/16

Buck Buckaroo

Adopted 05/09/16

Christopher Columbus

Adopted 05/06/16

Dorrie Divot

Adopted 05/06/16
Deceased 12/09/21

We adopted Jules (Dorrie Divot) a mini red and white double dapple in May of 2016. She was the cutest 6 lb. doxie ever. Despite being deaf and partially blind she loved to play fetch. Every evening she let us know when she was ready to play by bolting down the couch steps and sitting ready for the throw. She would bring the ball back and gently place it in our hands. In 2020 Jules lost all sight and was not able to play ball. It was so sad for her. She wore two tags so we could hear her jingle if she got "lost" in the house. Her nose worked well and she could always detect an "intruder" in the house. She would bark until she was properly greeted. Unfortunately, her health declined and she developed doggie dementia. In 2021 she became totally dependent on us to carry her everywhere. It broke our heart when she passed in December 2021. Rest in Peace baby girl.

Brenna Broncos

Adopted 05/05/16

Charlie Chateau

Adopted 05/02/16

Aidan Amore
"Little Man"

Adopted 05/01/16

Soon after we got Zooey (our Yorkie puppy), we knew it wouldn't be long before she needed a buddy to grow up with. We have always wanted a weenie dog, so we looked up breeders and adoption organizations, which eventually led us to DREAM. Even though DREAM was in Houston and we were in Fort Worth, we loved how the organization took care of their rescue dogs. Once we got approved to adopt from DREAM, we were pretty set on getting a purebred Dachshund. A few that we were interested got adopted before we could visit them, and we brought one home, but her and Zooey did not get along. Aidan (Little Man") was our last visit. We were told he was shy and needed time to warm up, but once we met him, we were absolutely in love! We knew he was the dog for us. Little Man is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever met. We brought in home to Fort Worth the same day we met him, and he has been a joy ever since. Him and and Zooey are best buddies - they play all day and team up against mommy and daddy to get what they want ;) He is a great cuddler, which his his new mommy loves! We love the new addition to our family and the joy and energy he brings.

Howie Hazin

Adopted 05/01/16

Mac Dally

Adopted 04/29/16
Deceased 05/05/21

Russ Roper

Adopted 04/29/16

Lilah L'Sat

Adopted 04/26/16
Deceased 03/10/19

Sparkles Par

Adopted 04/23/16

Wayne Wrangler
"Otis Redding Rattail"

Adopted 04/23/16
Deceased 01/31/23

Otis was one of the best “good boy”s there ever was. He enjoyed sunbathing on the ramp to the backyard shed and chasing the neighbor’s cat under there too. During one of his biggest adventures, Otis climbed up over 13,000 feet above sea level and played in snow up to his chest. He watched his three human babies grow and enjoyed trying to give their powerwheels car what-for; he had a fling with three guinea pigs for about a year and a half, and that kept him very busy and entertained; and, over the past two years, he raised two sibling dachshund puppies, who also love and miss their Otis very much. Otis was such a gentle soul. He really did love unconditionally. The house feels lonely (and quieter without the sounds of him walking around, “getting his daily steps in”), and the world feels cruel.

Yukon Cornelius

Adopted 04/23/16

Tommy Trailrider

Adopted 04/22/16

Here are a few pictures of Remy, formerly know as Tommy, with Lily, our senior rescue, who we lost recently, and with Max, another DREAM Rescue from 2 years ago. Remy and Max are great friends, and play together constantly. It's great to see the two of them get along so well.

Molasses Masters

Adopted 04/16/16

Chewie Leia

Adopted 04/15/16
Courtesy Post

Houston Hoedown

Adopted 04/14/16

Polly Padawan

Adopted 04/13/16
Deceased 03/02/17

Little Feta died peacefully in her sleep while taking an afternoon nap. She had recently been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that caused her to have neurological issues, such as wobbliness and loss of balance. Our hearts go out to Robert and Eloisa for losing this sweet little girl way too soon.

Primadonna Padawan

Adopted 04/13/16

Annabelle Amore
"Sammie Jean"

Adopted 04/09/16

Lola Yuletide

Adopted 04/09/16

Lola is such a little Princess. We practically fight over who gets to love on her! And, she actually barked once at the cat! Only once! :-) I took her last week with me to pick up my son at school and she almost made me cry. She wept, not whined, wept the whole way there. I have had dogs my entire life and have never heard a dog cry like that. It was heartbreaking because I think that she thought we were giving her up. I got her a car seat so that she can see out the window next time and hopefully learn to enjoy little trips here and there.

Thank you for Lola. Please know that she is so loved and will never want or need anything. She will be spoiled rotten. We honestly can't imagine life without her now.

Ike Idol

Adopted 04/07/16
Deceased 08/13/21

Ike has passed away. He was our first DREAM adoption. He was gently put to sleep in his momma’s arms Friday because of end complications from Cushings disease. We are massively saddened.

Taffy Trailrider

Adopted 04/07/16

Tonks joined our family in April 2016. The name Tonks comes from a character in the Harry Potter series, which our little weenie reminded us of because of the big spot that she had on her nose when she first joined us. When she first arrived here she was nervous, but within half an hour she was playing with our older dog, Ellie. Tonks had many new experiences, and she quickly overcame her fears of leashes, raindrops, and even doors. Some of her favorite hobbies include chewing on rawhides, cuddling, and hiding out in her personal clubhouse underneath the bed. Tonks is the sweetest dog with so much love to give, and we are so happy to have her in our family.

Update 11/1/19

Tonks is doing great! She's going to be turning four soon. Here's a picture of her costume this Halloween. She didn't think it was as funny as we thought it was - ha ha! It's been so great having her as part of our family.

Lannah Bandana

Adopted 04/06/16

Lannah is absolutely amazing, she and Petey love each other!

Cato Caddie

Reunited 04/05/16

Bruce Bouquet

Adopted 04/02/16
Deceased 03/10/18

We said our farewell to Blue today. He joins his brothers Chub-Chub and Alfie over rainbow bridge. ❤️

Frankie Fore

Adopted 04/02/16

Robert Roughstock

Adopted 04/02/16

Shmi Skywalker
"Vanna Gogh"

Adopted 04/02/16
Deceased 06/29/17

Our beautiful baby died yesterday from heart worm related Caval Syndrome. We had her in ICU for 12 hours but could not save her. She was the sweetest baby ever. She appreciated everything we gave and did for her. Though we only had her for 14 months, I would not trade one minute for anything. We still have Romeo (the double dapple) and our two other girls. DREAM is awesome. When my heart mends I hope to help another baby. They all deserve a beautiful life.

Oliver Outlaw

Adopted 04/01/16

Daisy Devotion

Adopted 03/28/16

Thank you for helping me my my forever home! I just can't stop wagging my tail, and my new mom and dad are very happy too!


Mattie Maltshop

Adopted 03/28/16
Deceased 04/24/17

After fostering Mattie for a while we decided we couldn't let her go! She has bonded with our miniature dachshund Bella and are like two peas in a pod. Mattie loves to dig in the backyard, play with all her squeaky toys and snuggle with her humans.

Rosie Rimfire

Adopted 03/28/16

Tank Tatooine

Adopted 03/28/16
Deceased 09/28/16

Tank is the most perfect dachshund for us. We are so happy and feel he is too. He fits right into our lives like we have always had him with us, not just a little over a week. He is a DREAM come true for us!

Chet Chaps

Adopted 03/24/16

Kramer is thriving in his new home. He is eating well and resting a lot because he is till very much like a puppy. He is a little escape artist if given the chance. Who can blame him though given his previous environment. Fortunately Daddy runs 3-5 miles a week and I am just as fast if not faster than he is. We are working on housetraining, digging in the yard, and escaping. I think once he realizes he is in a much better home, the escaping will subside. I keep reminding myself it was a mere 11 days ago, he was a stray on the streets of East Harris County. Thanks to all of you who had a part in putting us together. We have a meeting at 10:00 this morning at Lake Livingston to look at a job. He rides so good in the car that you don't even know he is there.

Troy Toboggan

Adopted 03/20/16
Deceased 01/27/22

"Rex" is a Mardi Gras name like Princess so I thought they made a nice combo! I had been thinking about getting Princess a friend because she loves to snuggle with other dogs, but you would not believe how active and playful she is with him. She's like a different dog! He is great and Princess LOVES him. They follow each other around. Here is a picture of them from the other day after we went to the park. How cute is that?!

Cody Cuddlebug

Adopted 03/19/16

Hugo Hux

Adopted 03/19/16

Hugo is doing great! He has really settled in. All three have become great buddies and that makes my heart so happy. Here are a few pics to post. I want others to see him doing so well. He is bringing us so much joy! So glad we adopted! Maybe that will help spread the word so more people will adopt more dogs.

Copper Chute

Adopted 03/18/16

This is Cooper Oliver Robles. I adopted him back in March. When he came to me he was so scared and sad to leave his family. I had gone to the store and purchased toys he could play with, but he wanted nothing to do with them. He cried all night long for his family. I held him in my arms all night long. The next morning he was better. As each new day came and went, he began to perk up. Within a week I had taught three new tricks - sit, lay down and go to your bed. He is so smart. Cooper is so happy now. He plays with my grand-puppy when he visits. He loves me as I do him. He is my sunshine when I get home from work and greets me at the front door. I so love him!

Sadie Satin

Adopted 03/15/16
Deceased 06/15/17

Our sweet Sadie passed away yesterday. Richard was walking her and Peanut when another dog approached them. Richard was able to pick up Peanut and Sadie was still on her leash. She was really scared and managed to get out of her harness. The dog chased her and Sadie was hit by a car. She passed away instantly. We are so heartbroken.

She was the sweetest dog I have ever met. We had the pleasure of being a part of her life. We miss her so so much. She brightened our lives and filled our hearts with joy. We will receive her ashes in about two weeks. We are so thankful to DREAM for saving her and allowing us to foster and adopt her.

Roman Rodeo

Adopted 03/12/16

Roman is doing really well at home. We have had him for a month now and in that time he has blossomed into a happy healthy little guy. We call him RoBro because with his big fat paws he must hit the gym a lot. ;) He has put on some much needed weight but we are now holding him steady at 15lbs.

He's our big boy. Roman and his sister KitKat are the best of friends. They love playing chase and tug of war, cuddling together, or just mutually destroying toys together. Roman is one happy guy, when KitKat decides to take a nap and he wants to play he will take a toy and throw it in the air and all around for himself to catch and chase. It's super cute.

We are working on how we approach new dog friends because Roman has a tendency to bark at other dogs in excitement, but he is great with people and mom and dad have been taking him on outings frequently to help with his socialization.

Other than that he just loves to be with his people, getting belly rubs and treats for sitting and high fives. I can't explain how happy we are with Roman, we love him so much. KitKat is much more active and playful now that she has a brother to be with all day, I didn't realize how much she needed a dog friend, but now I can't see it any other way. I've attached some pictures of their adventures so far, and I know I'm biased, but they are the cutest pups in the world!

You can also follow them on instagram - twoweeniesinabun. I'm a little obsessed with my babies.

Bernie Naboo

Adopted 03/11/16

Diamond Dearheart

Adopted 03/08/16

Landon Lovely

Adopted 03/08/16

Leah Lovely

Adopted 03/08/16

Rue DeNoel

Adopted 03/08/16

Wally Wassail

Adopted 03/07/16

Selma Smooch
"Penny Lane"

Adopted 03/06/16

Penny has very quickly adapted to her new life with our family. She will be (and is) adored and loved more than she could ever imagine, and spoiled relentlessly. She, along with her brothers Willie and Poncho, are taken care of as if they are our children. Actually they kind of are our children. We love her.

Chapelle Sacorria

Adopted 03/04/16

Here is Chapelle, now Charlie, with my two boys. We are so happy to have him join our family. His nickname is "Wiggles" because he always wiggles his backside and is always so happy. He is such a good boy and gets along well with our 12 year old princess, Noelani. Thank you for caring so much about your dogs. Charlie is happy and well loved! Marcie was such a pleasure to work with and you all do such a wonderful job saving these beautiful dogs!

Ginger Rose

Adopted 03/04/16


Adopted 03/01/16

When my fiance and I adopted Finn (of course we kept the name!), he immediately fit right in with our little family. Finn quickly transitioned from house guest to protector and is sure to let each passerby know to steer clear! (He still hasn't caught on that the mailman is friend, not foe!). Great around kids, adults, and dogs; he loves sniffing and playing at the park and doesn't let his 20lb frame keep him from hanging with the big dogs. We are thankful that he loves to play with his toys, has zero interest in our shoes, and sleeps all through the night at the foot of our bed - keeping a watchful eye of any possible intruders. A loyal companion, one can find Finn walking by mom or dad's side if either heads to another room. If I'm at my office desk, Finn will lay down next to me until I'm finished. One thing we learned right away is that he HATES the rain. He will hold his bladder till the sun is shining no matter how long it takes. Finny gets one paw off the porch and promptly head back to the door, signaling that the walk is over for everyone. Although he's Mr. Tough Guy on the leash towards the enemy, deep down he's terrified of cats. Once, he bumped in to my fiance's sister's cat - and you would have thought he was screaming bloody murder. This playful, sweet boy is everything and more that we were dreaming of, and this is just the beginning!

Gunnar Greetings

Adopted 03/01/16

Lilly Lollipop

Adopted 02/28/16

Shorty Schulenberg

Adopted 02/28/16

Levi Linebacker

Adopted 02/27/16

Kylo Ren

Adopted 02/20/16

Whimsy Willamette

Adopted 02/20/16

Cali Corellia

Adopted 02/14/16

Bella Bespin

Adopted 02/13/16

She had a great first night here. Slept in our bed. We found out that she snores and it is so stinkin' cute! She runs circles around Lomax; they've been chasing each other around the yard. She is sitting outside right now getting some sun. She acts like she's been here for years.


Adopted 02/13/16
Courtesy Post

I had Gretchen less than 24 hours and she took my heart. I dressed her in pink, got her a new bed, and Jackie and Bob fell in love. I understand she's been sitting in Bob's lap most of the day.

Charlie Chimney

Adopted 02/12/16

Leia Organa

Adopted 02/08/16

We are calling her Lila now. She has adjusted to all of us so well and brings us so much joy! Thank you again for treating her so well. I had to leave her unattended for two hours Tuesday morning and she seemed fine. She is a fast learner, and loves to be playful and get attention. She looks forward to her daily dental treat and for special treats for going potty outside. She loves stretching in the sun.

Rolf Mustafar

Adopted 02/07/16
Deceased 04/21/22

Jake was pulled from the Austin Animal Center with plans to be our DREAM foster until he found his forever home. He was neutered when he entered the shelter as a stray, but with no microchip, owners could not be found. A few days after arriving in his foster home, we noticed that he was having seizures and collapsing several times/day. His veterinarian quickly determined he had epilepsy and it was easily controlled by twice daily medication. Seizures were very infrequent on the medication and no stuffed squeak toy was safe around Jake. Our big orange tabby learned to avoid Jake as cats were not his favorite but since he was such a small dog, cats usually won in a skirmish. Several years ago, he developed Cushings Disease, which really slowed him down and eventually took him from us.

Cindy and Dave Barnard

Luke Skywalker

Adopted 02/06/16

Our meet and greet went well last night. Rocky is a beautiful, sweet boy. Most importantly, Chico liked him! Note Chico’s classic “protective stance” with his chin over Rockie (he used to do that with Coop). Rocky will have a stable, loving home. Thanks again for your kindness through this process. You truly are a DREAM TEAM.

Nute Gunray

Adopted 02/01/16

Eugene Felsnick

Adopted 01/30/16
Deceased 07/14/17

I just wanted to let you know that we had to put Sam down Friday, 07/14/17. He had some medical issues with his spine and it finally got so bad that I felt it was best and didn't want him to suffer anymore. Sam was such a wonderful baby and I know he knew we loved him so much. There is a void in our life right now but time will heal. I had him cremated and I will get his ashes back later this week. I can't wait to have him home again. I just wanted to say thank you for giving me such a wonderful little guy to love.

Susie Stockings

Adopted 01/30/16

Fancy Felucia

Adopted 01/29/16

Sophie Snowfall

Adopted 01/26/16

Clara Belle

Adopted 01/24/16
Deceased 06/22/22

Kayla Kudzu

Adopted 01/24/16


Adopted 01/24/16
Courtesy Post

Poe Dameron

Adopted 01/23/16
Deceased 06/08/22

It’s with great sadness I wanted to update you that Stout is no longer with us.

Back in April, Stout’s energy took a turn and after multiple visits and test with the vet, we learned his red blood cell count was low, not improving and all signs were pointing to cancer. We had to make a tough decision and let him pass over the rainbow bridge June 8th. Stout was a fighter, he had suffered seizures since we brought him home in 2016 but that never showed him down!

Stout brought us the most joy with his goofy and playful attitude, endless cuddles and sloppy kisses! Thank you for connecting him with our family.

Thank you again for all you do and for bringing Stout into our lives,

- Amber, John & Tallulah

Andy Angel

Adopted 01/21/16
Deceased 12/12/16

Our little Andy Angel is gone. We had to let him go last night due to cancer. Poor little Andy had a large tumor near his prostate which had metastasized in his lungs. Our family is devastated. He was the most loving little dog we have ever had.

Our hearts go out to Jennifer, Jeff, and Matthew for the loss of their precious Andy, who truly was a little angel.

Barney Bigbend

Adopted 01/19/16

We LOVE these dogs! Carlos is sitting in my lap right now while I'm typing. They have become family in the last two weeks. I grew up with Dachshunds and I didn't realize how much I missed them. Barney was a little wary of my husband at first but now he loves to hang out with him. My ten year old son loves snuggling with them and taking them for walks. My 18 year old daughter is hardly ever home between school, work, and her friends but when she comes home they get so excited to see her and try to sneak in her bed. They've been a great addition to our family.

Carlos Carlsbad

Adopted 01/19/16

We LOVE these dogs! Carlos is sitting in my lap right now while I'm typing. They have become family in the last two weeks. I grew up with Dachshunds and I didn't realize how much I missed them. Barney was a little wary of my husband at first but now he loves to hang out with him. My ten year old son loves snuggling with them and taking them for walks. My 18 year old daughter is hardly ever home between school, work, and her friends but when she comes home they get so excited to see her and try to sneak in her bed. They've been a great addition to our family.

Moose Mondavi

Adopted 01/19/16
Courtesy Post

Moose is doing great! He is fitting right in with us and us with him. He is eating well, sleeping well, learning the house (back door, etc) and seems happy and playful. He has multiple beds to pick from at night... Everyone wants him. He goes right in the kennel when we leave without any problems. We really aren't experiencing any difficulties and he seems to not be either. He loves playing in the house and in the backyard with us. I can tell I am going to need to stock up on toys!

Bonzo Bearhug

Adopted 01/14/16
Deceased 01/06/22

Bonzo is all dressed up in his tie to celebrate his formal adoption. It is amazing how happy I feel knowing that Bonzo is totally mine. He is the most amazing little man – so sweet and loving. Bonzo has been with me for 11 months now as a foster and he became such an important part of my life. I am so excited to be his forever mom now. He will have a wonderful life – all his human family members have told him that he has won the doggie lotto. Thank you DREAM for everything you do for all the dachshunds that come through your doors. I am so blessed to be a part of your team – but most importantly a part of Bonzo’s new life.

Boone Breckenridge

Adopted 01/14/16
Deceased 01/22/18

Emily Cratchit

Adopted 01/14/16
Deceased 08/15/23

Emily was our first foster failure from DREAM and an important part of our family for almost 8 years. On Aug 15th, 2023 she went to sleep after a long battle with kidney failure. We will miss her sweet face everyday, but know that she will be having fun catching up with her sisters Opal and Maddy on the rainbow bridge.


Adopted 01/13/16
Courtesy Post

Brianna Babysbreath

Adopted 01/11/16

Brie has been an amazing addition to our family. She is so loving and playful. She really has become a great companion to our dog Tootles. They run, wrestle and sleep together at night. I just wanted to thank you and your amazing team for letting me be her forever home.

Ace Amore

Adopted 01/03/16

Atticus Advent

Adopted 01/02/16

Things are going great at my new home! My name is still Atticus, but my middle name is George because I remind my new family of their beloved chocolate dachshund who passed away in May. Not only do I look like him, but I act like him too. I love my three new brothers, especially Buddy. We play together all the time and he and I get to sleep with the Mommy and the Daddy at night. The Mommy takes us to the dog park too, and I've made lots of friends there. Life is good! I'm really loving it here! Hope to see you at a DreamDachs event soon!

Atticus George

Baron Bavaria

Adopted 01/02/16

Jessie Anderson

Adopted 01/01/16

Zoey and Gracie are truly sisters.

Donnie Cheadle

Adopted 12/31/15

Morgan Jones

Adopted 12/29/15

Here are some pictures of Dexter with his big brother Duncan. They're practically twins and get along great!

Tiny Tim

Adopted 12/29/15

Tim has been an absolute joy to have around, and we're very grateful to have the opportunity to add him to our family. We've been taking a ton of pictures of Tim and Marty, as they're just so adorable together!

Brooklynne Babysbreath

Adopted 12/28/15

Brooke Brocade

Adopted 12/27/15

Chip Schumacher

Adopted 12/26/15

Sasha Williams

Adopted 12/26/15

Gigi Gelato

Adopted 12/25/15

Val Dictorian

Adopted 12/25/15

My mother adopted Val from you (now Chloe) in 2015 as a Christmas gift for me. She has a great home, has come a long way in her skittishness and I love her to pieces. I've included two recent pictures of Chloe at home and on vacation in Michigan. She did great on her first flight!

Jack Skellington

Adopted 12/23/15

Jack is has been doing great, he has settled into our family so well. My Daughter came home for the holidays and fell in love with him. He won her over with his charm. He loves to play and loves squeaky toys. He is being spoiled rotten.

Milo Elf

Adopted 12/23/15


Adopted 12/22/15

Bruno Betzel

Adopted 12/16/15

Major Moncrief

Adopted 12/14/15
Deceased 12/20/15

Major passed over the Rainbow Bridge this morning. His condition had declined and I believed he was suffering. I decided to let him be in peace. Cindy and Brenda met me at the vet, and I whispered my goodbye in his precious little ear. A part of me died today with that innocent young life being taken away. I'm overwhelmed by sadness. He followed me everywhere. I can't believe I'm never going to get to hold him again or see his precious smile. I'm so painfully sad I can't even breathe. My whole family is absolutely heartbroken.

Major contracted Distemper even though he had received all his puppy vaccines. Our hearts go out to Marcie and her family who did everything they could to save this sweet baby boy.

Melrose Miracle

Adopted 12/12/15

Poochie is the most remarkable dog ever. She plays with Lucy all the time, is a good watch dog, knows to go on the elevator, and sleeps on one side of me with Lucy on the other. She even walks on a leash better than Lucy. We could not have found a better dog.


Adopted 12/12/15

Mitzi Mittelhof

Adopted 12/10/15
Deceased 08/16/23

I think when someone is looking to adopt a rescue dog, especially after the death of a beloved family pet, the dog they are supposed to have comes into their orbit somehow. Thank you for scouting out the right dog for us!!

Jovie Elf

Adopted 12/09/15
Deceased 11/18/18

We adopted Jovie three years ago. She passed away a little over a month ago. We think she had an aneurysm. It was very sudden and extremely shocking. She was the best dog ever!

Daisy Michonne
"Daisy Grace"

Adopted 12/08/15

We love Daisy so much. She is so attached to my mom and me. She only had accidents in the house the first day, no more since then. She has her preferred spot in the back yard and we have a carpet in the garage for the rainy days. We praise her and give her a special treat for going outside to do her business. She is such a good car rider we are taking her to San Antonio for Christmas to met the rest of the family. I got her a pink kennel and she sleeps in that at night. She doesn't cry at all. I think she feels more secure in it with her blanket and favorite toys. She is the perfect dog in my opinion. She hasn't even barked one time. Mom ran around through the garage and rang the front door bell twice and she looked me and my dad like who is going to get it? Didn't even bark at it! I think when she finally does it's going to scare us!

Thank you, Marcie, for all you and your group does!

Buttons Braunschweiger

Adopted 12/05/15

Rick Grimes

Adopted 12/04/15

Rick is the sweetest dog. Plays hard and takes a nap just like a baby. He is loved by all our family.

Abraham Ford

Adopted 11/29/15

Maggie Greene

Adopted 11/29/15
Deceased 12/12/15

Our hearts are breaking for Maggie and her adopters. We thought little Maggie had only a touch of kennel cough, but it turned out to be something much worse. Maggie ended up at the emergency vet with pneumonia, most likely a result of Distemper. Maggie got to know the love of her adopters for only a short while. Such a sad ending for such a sweet girl.

Carl Grimes

Adopted 11/27/15

Rusty and Munch are great buddies, but it is difficult to get them to stay still and pose for a pic! We really enjoy them and they've been such a wonderful addition in our lives.

Scotty Saffron

Adopted 11/27/15

Munch and Rusty are great buddies, but it is difficult to get them to stay still and pose for a pic! We really enjoy them and they've been such a wonderful addition in our lives.

Tia Taffeta

Adopted 11/23/15
Deceased 03/20/22

Dwight Eisenhower

Adopted 11/22/15

Danny Dreamcicle

Adopted 11/16/15

Freddie Frankfurter

Adopted 11/15/15

Rocky Riesling

Adopted 11/15/15

Wagner Winzig

Adopted 11/14/15

Willow Winzig

Adopted 11/14/15

Presley Pinot

Adopted 11/13/15
Deceased 12/01/15

Presley crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He was so swollen and miserable. It was a sad day. We loved him so much. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to love him.

Roxy Knox

Adopted 11/12/15

From Roxy's Foster Mom

Roxy has found a great home. They had an entire acre fenced yard. I was so jealous!

George Ganache

Adopted 11/10/15

From George's Foster Mom

Well, George Ganache now has a forever home - with me! I’ve decided he’s here to stay. He’s just the best lil guy and I’ve gotten so attached to him in this short time that I can’t bear the thought of him having to adjust to a new home.

Lars Langehaare

Adopted 11/09/15

Mayzie McGraw

Adopted 11/08/15

Daryl Dixon

Adopted 11/06/15

Daryl, now "Hamilton", is doing well and is loving his older sister, Brie. :)

Max Moscato

Adopted 11/03/15

Hallie Pumpkinbutter

Adopted 11/01/15
Deceased 11/22/15

Our hearts are breaking for this little girl and her family. Rescued from the shelter, then adopted right away, sweet Hallie came down with Distemper, a disease that is easily preventable with an inexpensive vaccine. Hallie must not have been vaccinated before she ended up at the shelter, and came down with this horrible disease for which there is no cure.

Marco Moncrief

Adopted 11/01/15

J.J. is our baby and we have LOVED adding him to our family!

Miles Moncrief

Adopted 10/31/15

Leighann Libra

Adopted 10/28/15

Bernie Brûlée

Adopted 10/26/15

I just wanted to share an update on Bernie Brûlée (who we have re-named Fender). He is the PERFECT addition to our little family and simply adores his big brother Duke! I work for the family business, and because we have a small office he comes to work with me at least once a week. He is an office favorite, and enjoys roaming around for cuddles from everyone. Thank you for helping to make our family complete!


Reunited 10/26/15
Courtesy Post

After courtesy posting Carter, our webmaster decided to do a Google search for lost dogs, and found him on "Lost and Found Pets in Spring, TX" (www.facebook.com/bjayne19).

We are very happy to report "Lukas" has been reunited with his family!

Suzette Syrah

Adopted 10/24/15

Bear Beaujolais

Adopted 10/23/15

Douglas MacArthur

Adopted 10/23/15

Michael Moncrief

Adopted 10/23/15

Phoebe Paraduxx

Adopted 10/23/15

"Lucy Looooooooooo" as we refer to her is an absolutely perfect addition to our family. She fit right in with her brothers (2 at the time)immediately, becoming known also as "The Diva" amongst "The Boys". She was only with Gyp a short time before he crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but they became fast friends. Now she and her brother, Frank, are inseparable, and she missed him terribly when he had to be hospitalized for a couple days. Now that he's back home again and on the mend, they are back to their old shenanigans and shoulder-to-shoulder, side-by-side. I know they are looking forward to warmer, drier weather and spending time in the big yard and in the barn with their Dad. Suzanne, and everyone at DREAM, thank you so much for Lucy and for all you do for the doxies out there!!

Zara Zinfandel

Adopted 10/18/15

Polly Palmetto

Adopted 10/15/15

Coco Clementine

Adopted 10/14/15

Rosa Laevigata

Adopted 10/10/15

Since we adopted Sophie (Rosa) almost a year ago, we have enjoyed her very much. She has been a wonderful furry addition to the family. It took her a while, but she has gone from being very shy around people to protecting her new home. We have found friends with fur babies her size so she has had play dates. Sophie is a wonderful traveler too. She has taken trips with us to Oklahoma and Louisiana. And she loves going to PetSmart.

Frisky Fritter

Adopted 10/08/15

Mazzi Malbec

Adopted 10/08/15

Mazzi has been doing really well. She is definitely the queen of whatever and wherever she is. She is such a cuddler – she always likes to be snuggled up either right next to you or on your lap. And she’s not a morning person… she sleeps in late, or goes right back to sleep after she goes outside. She has been great around all of our family and friends, and even around strangers. She has an awful lot of love to give. We’ve taken her to my in-laws, and she runs the place there, even keeping their two Labs in line. On our land she thinks she’s a big bad country dog – riding in the tractor, digging up armadillo holes, and getting in to most sorts of trouble. We’ve even taken her to the softball park, and it’s amazing how curious and friendly she is to the kids and adults alike. We just have to watch out for all the candy that the kids want to slip to her. :) She loves laying in the sunshine, and she loves to run – I’ve never seen a dog that will literally run full out speed laps around our living room all by herself – nothing chasing her or playing with her. Strangest thing. We’ve kept her very active, so she is back down to a slimmer and healthy weight. We have noticed that she does suffer from a bit of separation anxiety, although we can’t always pinpoint the cause – sometimes we can be gone for only an hour and she will act out, while other times we can be gone for 5 hours and she’s perfectly fine. Not sure if she was always like that, or if the surrender caused it a bit. Still hoping that over time she will get over that. We’ve also been working on some training – she definitely was not previously trained – when you tell her “no” about something, she just looks back at you for a moment and then goes right back at it, or if you want her to come back inside, etc , she seems to have no concept. But we are starting to work through that – she does know how to “shake paw”, that seems to have been the one thing she was trained on – and it’s cute! I hope she loves us as much as we love her. I always wonder if she thinks about her previous home, especially since that was the only home she had ever known. I’m used to fostering pups that never really had a home or the love they deserved… with Mazzi I sometimes wonder if she still hopes that one day she’ll be going back home. It’s still hard for me to understand how someone just gives up a pet, especially because Mazzi is really such a good and loving dog, but I’m sure they had their reasons. But we could never give her up… she quickly made herself a permanent and loved part of the family!

Horton Hearzahoo

Adopted 10/06/15

Thank you for all you do! We are so happy we found DREAM and were able to bring Carlos (Horton) home!

Melodee Moncrief
"Mylie Cypress"

Adopted 10/03/15

Rayne Rainmaker

Adopted 10/03/15

Bunny Bordeaux

Adopted 10/02/15

Libbie Lumiere

Adopted 10/02/15

Lola Labrusca

Adopted 10/02/15

We cannot begin to describe how much happiness this little girl has brought to us. I'm sitting here watching TV, and she found my daughter's dog's hedge hog squeak toy she left here. Lola is tossing it around, tossing one of Sharon's sneakers around, and tossing a Nylabone around. Then she took off on a mad tear around the entire house, jumped up on my lap, and began a kiss fest. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Meredith Moncrief
"Stella June"

Adopted 10/02/15

We wanted to send you a recent picture of Stella, and another one of her and her brothers. She has exceeded our expectations and we love her with all our hearts.

Vigo Verbena

Adopted 09/29/15
Deceased 06/29/21

My buddy, my pal, my best friend. My precious funny little Vigo is gone. I will ❤️ you forever.

Whitney Woo

Adopted 09/28/15

Faye Flowergirl

Adopted 09/27/15

Ashle’ Beauchene

Adopted 09/26/15

Emory Iris

Adopted 09/25/15

Sam Salutatorian

Adopted 09/22/15

Shadow Smitten

Adopted 09/22/15

Shawn Shenandoah

Adopted 09/22/15


Adopted 09/21/15
Courtesy Post

Cindy Lou Who

Adopted 09/20/15

Pippa Picnic

Adopted 09/20/15
Deceased 03/14/21

I lost Pippa on March 14th. She had back surgery and came out of it great, but she developed an E. coli infection. Antibiotics weren’t helping, and the infection eventually lead to organ problems. We did everything we possibly could, but the vet wasn't able to save her.

Serena Sundae

Adopted 09/20/15

Howard Cunningham

Adopted 09/19/15
Deceased 06/01/18

Sheldon Shenandoah

Adopted 09/19/15

Georgia Peach

Adopted 09/18/15
Deceased 02/05/16

It is with a very heavy heart that I have to say that Georgia Peach passed away yesterday. It was totally unexpected. She wasn't showing any signs that something was wrong until 1:00 pm yesterday. She started vomiting and then she just laid down and didn't want to get up. I rushed her to the vet and they did blood work and found that her liver enzymes were elevated. They put her on an IV to try and flush out her system in case it was something she ate. I left her there so they could monitor her overnight, but they called me at 5:00 pm and said that she had passed. They said that she started going down quickly as she was having trouble maintaining her body heat and started bleeding internally. Unfortunately the vet had no definite answers as to what caused it.

Although we only had her for 5 short months we cherished every moment we had with her as looking at her sweet face you couldn't help but smile. She was always ready to give kisses or receive belly rubs. Georgia Peach will be truly missed by us all.

We extend our deepest sympathy to the Serda family for the sudden and unexpected loss of their sweet Georgia.

Jaeger Yottle

Adopted 09/16/15
Deceased 03/04/21

My sweet Jaeger passed away this morning. He became ill suddenly last night. I took him to the vet first thing this morning. They found that he had a large mass in his abdomen. I am still in shock. There were no signs that he was ill. He was such a good boy, very sweet and funny. He loved to be snuggled and hugged and kissed. I always obliged. He loved me very much. He followed me everywhere. I love him and miss him so much. My heart is broken.

Barbie Bride

Adopted 09/15/15

Cade Cactus

Adopted 09/09/15

Cade has a new name. "Pippin" because we love Tolkien, and Pippin was a mischievous and brave hobbit, just like our wonderful Dachs!

Friday Flutterbum

Adopted 09/09/15

Erin Eclair

Adopted 09/08/15

Kendall Keystone

Adopted 09/08/15

Faith Faille

Adopted 09/07/15

Paxton Pompadour

Adopted 09/04/15

Daniella Darling

Adopted 08/30/15

Henry Hoagie

Adopted 08/30/15

Sampson S'mores

Adopted 08/30/15

We had adopted Delaney Devlin in April and were not sure how she would welcome another dog, but we decided to try and it's been wonderful. Delaney loves Sampson as do we. He's a wonderful TV companion and loves running in the backyard and trying to chase the cats (the cats have him figured out so they seldom run). He's just the calmest dog (unlike Delaney). We love him so much, he's made our family complete! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Lou Lou Liriope

Adopted 08/28/15

Hi to all my human and smaller friends back at DREAM!

This is "Penny", but you all knew me by my maiden name, Lu Lu Liriope. I just wanted to drop you all a note and tell you I'm doing well and am feeling right at home with my new fur-ever family, The Philpotts! I have two new big brothers, Louie and Max, who are wire-haired dachshunds just like me. They are a little older and bigger, so everyone thinks I'm a puppy (which suits me fine)!

When I first arrived, I had no trouble telling everyone what a DIVA I am. I didn't have to say much as they all pretty much knew. I took over the big dog bed and tried to take over the big feeding dishes too. My new big brothers didn't know what to think! They seemed a little upset. Mom wasn't going to stand for that either. I got my own little princess bed and separate food bowls. She also gave me a new pink rhinestone collar, leash and harness so now I'm as stylish as a Diva should be.

My brothers are getting used to me and even let me sleep with them sometimes. Mom says they probably don't realize I've snuck in the bed behind them (that's me with Max)!

We do fun things in my new home. We go on long walks every day, which is great for my lithe figure.

We go to the dog park. I LOVE CAR RIDES and looking out the window (that's me and Louie)! My blonde locks fly in the wind so Dad called me "Farrah" for some reason.

At the Dog park, we go swimming and get to sniff all around the park. I love to sniff and mom says I've a nose for trouble (and vermin).

So please know I've found a good home and that I'm feeling loved. Mom and Dad say my brothers and I might get to come visit soon at one of the next DREAM events, so see you soon! I can relax now and get some beauty rest (in my princess bed).


Trevor Tuxedo

Adopted 08/21/15
Deceased 01/16/21

We are so happy to have Trevor! He is so easy-going and has settled in so quickly and easily! We’ve had a few trips to our vet to follow-up on his previous dental surgery but after another course of antibiotics, he is doing well! He’s done a great job of adapting to his new sister April and two cat cousins in the household. He’s a sweet older gentleman and we already love him very much. Today he went for his first outing with his dad to Lowe’s and Petsmart and did just fine. We are looking forward to many years of spoiling him :) I’ve attached a picture of him cuddling with April during the rainstorms last weekend. She seems so much happier having him around as her companion and brother. He’s a wonderful addition to our family.

Caramel Rydell

Adopted 08/20/15
Deceased 06/03/16

I wanted to thank you for giving me the chance to love and care for Caramel. I know it was difficult for her foster mom to let her go. I tried to send updates on occasion. I hated to have to tell her the bad news. Caramel was a fighter. She was also very loving.

It's kind of a funny story how Caramel came into my life. I was at her foster mom's house to adopt Bobo, and Caramel just wanted in my lap. I played with her and petted her. She chose me. I guess she knew she would get everything she needed and wanted. I wanted to adopt her with Bobo, but she was still having medical issues and was not yet available to adopt. When she was finally treated for all her issues, I was told that she would not be adoptable. I was heartbroken since I fell in love with her the first time met her. In August I received a message from hr foster asking if I still wanted Caramel. My reply was "When can I come get her?!" The very next day Caramel came to my house to join my other seniors. She was my smallest, but had the attitude that she was the boss.

I thank DREAM and her foster mom for giving me the opportunity to adopt little Caramel. I miss her very much. I cannot replace her, but I'd like to give another senior a second chance to feel loved and just a bit spoiled.


Adopted 08/08/15

Isaac is such a joy! He is sweet, playful, and so funny. He fits right in to our family. He loves his hound dog sister and she loves him. He thinks squeaky toys are the best thing ever. He can fetch. Isaac tires himself out, then loves to take naps on the top of the couch. We are so happy that Isaac is in our lives. He brightens every day. Thank you so much for bringing us together. Our little blue baby is so special.

Sasha Sriracha

Adopted 08/08/15

Sasha is doing really well. She is really active and she's getting along well with Penny. She's warmed right up (I think I've had my entire face cleaned at least three times already). She also went outside and went to the restroom without any reservation. She's explored the house and gave the low IKEA sofa a paws up!

We love her; she is a real joy. She is getting more and more comfortable with us and her personality is really starting to show. Rest assured, we will fuss over her and she will likely be spoiled. She deserves it; she has had a tough life.

Jade Jitterbug

Adopted 08/07/15

Pepper Pomander

Adopted 08/07/15

Gavin Groom
"Lil’ Bacon"

Adopted 08/06/15

1/3/16 Update: Rudy's brother 'Bacon' was skittish and very frightened at first. Now our playful little guy is a sweet, loving and affectionate member of our family. We couldn't be more amazed and delighted with his trust and love. It took a lot less time than anticipated. Patience, love and doggie treats will bring Rudy around.

Bacon is doing so well. He now joins us in bed on his own. The smart little guy learned to use the custom ramp to get up on the bed. My two dogs really took him under their wings. So great to see him relax and wag his tail. He is a sweet puppy!

Wilhelm Weisse

Adopted 08/05/15

Bindi Babysbreath

Adopted 08/02/15

We adopted Bindi Babysbreath and she has quickly become the center of our world! We named her "Kipper" and laugh that she is always "chipper Kipper" :) She has the best personality and is quite the social butterfly with other dogs at the dog park.

We can't imagine life without our little puppy girl and are so grateful to DREAM for all that they've done! Diane, Bindi's foster mom, was so amazing and gave our pup the best love and care. We could not have asked for a better experience and have recommended DREAM to all our friends :)


Adopted 08/02/15

Here are some pictures of Oz. We named him Charley. He is the perfect addition to our family and is fitting right in. We love him! Thank you guys!

Prince Andrew

Adopted 08/02/15

Maverick Magnolia
"Maverick James"

Adopted 08/01/15
Deceased 12/15/22

I started fostering for DreamDachs knowing I was watching these homeless babies until they found their furever homes. I had done really well UNTIL MAVERICK. There was just something about Maverick Magnolia (we called him Maverick James). So when I got the call that a potential adopter wanted to meet him, well, I had to give in and accept that Maverick was going to be my foster failure. I'd fallen in love! He had quirky ways that no-one but me could or would understand. Marci L. told me that she knew, before I did, that we had a connection. She was right and Maverick and I kept that bonded connection for nine more years. I loved him and he loved me. (My husband loved him too.)

On December 15th,  Maverick died on the way to the vet because he was so sick. He had been tested about six weeks before and diagnosed with pancreatitis and kidney disease. He succumbed to these diseases.  Now after crossing the Rainbow Bridge, he'll get to see Daisy and Mikah again. Daisy will once again get to mother him and lick away his eye-tears.

My tears will continue for the loss of Daisy and Maverick just five months apart. Maverick, remember, you are missed and FOREVER LOVED!

Joanie Cunningham
"Tootsie Roll"

Adopted 07/30/15

Joanie is absolutely adorable. We are already totally in love with her. We changed her name to Tootsie Roll and we call her Tootsie. We are looking forward to many years of love with her! Thank you for all the wonderful work you do.

Schnitzel Sneetches

Adopted 07/29/15

I am just thrilled with the little guy. He is snuggled up right by my side as I write this. He really is a little Dream!

Princess Di

Adopted 07/28/15

Just wanted to let you all know the good news that Princess is now heart worm negative! She did great with her treatment. For Christmas, my boyfriend bought me a visit to a local veterinary ophthalmologist to look at her eyes. Sadly, the vet said she is mostly blind, but gave me some antioxidants for her take to help preserve the vision that she has left. She is so loved. I wanted to update you on the news and send some recent pics of her. I might be in the market for her to have a friend come July. She LOVES snuggling with other dogs. I hate leaving her, so she basically goes with me anywhere I can take her and a few places where I know no one will mind if she's there! She says hello! 🐾🐶 My mom also adopted Rex from DREAM.

Angie Ambrosia

Adopted 07/26/15

2/26/19 Update

Angie is really enjoying her Bark Box subscription, and we even have a basket to keep her toys in. We caught her sleeping on her toys a couple of times after she couldn’t decide which one she wanted to play with. Our favorite time of the day is when one of us comes home, she greets us by frantically searching the house and her basket for the perfect toy so she can run up to us with it in her mouth. Whenever she isn’t playing a toy, she is either looking out the window and watching the geese in our pond or sleeping hard on a pile of blankets. She is a happy little dog, and we are so blessed to have her as part of our family.


Angie is still doing great! She loves her cuddling time and proudly wears her Texas Tech jersey on game day. She loves her KONG toys, stealing and hiding my socks, and bathing in the sun. We are getting ready for our first hiking trip together.

Angie is doing great! She still barks when I'm gone, but she seems to be learning that I will be coming back. Waiting for cooler weather so we could go on our first hike.

Vince Fontaine

Adopted 07/26/15


Adopted 07/26/15

Dawson Doo-Wop

Adopted 07/25/15

Maia Maypole

Adopted 07/25/15

Coach Calhoun

Adopted 07/24/15

Phoenix Flan

Adopted 07/24/15

Abbey Applepie

Adopted 07/23/15

Thank you so much for letting me share Abbey. She is a dear sweet dog. I was not comfortable with the name "Abbey" so she has been "Lady" since she arrived here. I had another "Lady" (red Dachshund) years ago who lived to be 18 years old.

We've had a tough time with house breaking but she is doing better. She prefers carpet, so we have had words about that, but I am winning now. She gets walked frequently and has had only a few accidents today. She is so sweet and loving.

Trixie Tumbleweed

Adopted 07/22/15


Adopted 07/22/15
Courtesy Post

I thought I should let you know that I finally got plans in place for my daughter and I to pick up Vinnie! We are flying in Saturday and going home next Friday. We are going to make a holiday out of it as well, which we are looking forward to. Exciting!

Many thanks for your encouragement and help in putting Vinnie and I together. Very best wishes in your wonderful work you do with DREAM Dachs — so important!!

Sophia Sleighbell

Adopted 07/20/15

Sophia is blending wonderfully with resident K9s. Last night she tolerated a bath and ear wash in her ears. Dillon volunteered to get in the tub with her for moral support. Monday night she got on and off the big bed several times then slept on a comforter in the corner of the bedroom. Last night she decided maybe the big bed was a good place to sleep. She is a good influence on the boys during walks since she prefers moving on down the sidewalk over stopping to sniff and pee on things. She is wise enough to give Granny Dill wide clearance, Dillon and Brice LOVE playing with her, and Brice especially loves Dillon having someone else to keep him entertained so Brice can have some peace and quiet. She hasn't shown much interest in toys or helping Brice excavate his hole deeper and deeper.

Boomer Boutonniere

Adopted 07/18/15

Heidi Hoolahoop

Adopted 07/18/15

Zoey Zartblau

Adopted 07/18/15

We are so happy that we decided to adopt little Zoey! She fist came to me as a foster with toy aggression. I am happy to say that she is pretty much over that, she now will bring me her toys for me to play with her. She also has what they call Color Dilution Alopecia. That pretty much means she had no hair, as you can see in the first picture. In the second picture she has hair. She is so pretty! We did a regimen of fish protein dog food, coconut oil and vinegar (with the mother) in her water and she grew hair. She doesn’t have all of it yet but more comes in all the time. She is so lovable and such a joy. I am used to having big dogs and I wasn’t so sure about having one so little. Well not to worry about that; her personality takes care of her being so little. She can actually get one of my big dogs to get off the couch so she can have her spot!!

Rowan Robicheaux

Adopted 07/13/15

Elijah Elf

Adopted 07/10/15


Adopted 07/10/15

Priscilla Piper

Adopted 07/09/15

Steffi Graf

Adopted 07/09/15

Steffi has fit in beautifully. Maggie has even started trying to play with her! It was a good time to get another girl as Pia really just wants to be left alone and moves to another bed to get away from her. All the girls know their eating areas now and Steffi & Maggie love sleeping with us. Pia prefers her own bed. I sent this picture because we rarely see them all together anymore!

We are taking all three on a camping trip in November so are working on leashes and walking together. Pia will have to be carried in a sling most of the time as she gets tired quickly but loves to go along! I’m sure we will have some anxiety issues as everything will be new but they will love the new places and smells. Can’t wait!

Anne Elizabeth Harris

Adopted 07/07/15

Charlotte Elizabeth Harris

Adopted 07/07/15

Britney Brighton

Adopted 07/04/15

Britney has fit right in with us. She is so calm and sweet it seems like we've always had her. We have several cats and she actually does really good with them. They were a bit apprehensive of her at first but now they've settled in and don't seem to mind her at all. She seems really happy here and we're happy to have her. She goes with us everywhere and everybody that meets her falls in love with her too. She has a certain way with people that make them love her right away. It even worked on the cats, which to us was unbelievable. Especially with how fast they were able to accept her. I want to thank dream from the bottom of my heart that you guys were able to save her! She had it pretty rough for the first year of her life but now she can look forward to much love and pampering.

Marion Cunningham

Reunited 07/04/15

I am so happy to report our family was reunited with our fur babies yesterday! We are so grateful they were available to come back to us. I want to thank Marcie and everyone involved with DREAM organization. These wonderful people have taken such good care of my sweeties for the past 3 months trying to find them loving new families. The dedication you have is overwhelming and beyond impressive. Thank you for all you do. You change the lives of so many doggies and humans doing what you do. I'm beyond blessed, and they seem so relaxed and happy to be back home. Our first night back together was so fantastic.

Prince George

Adopted 07/04/15

Prince George (AKA "Buddy") is doing great. He is spoiled rotten and loved by all! Here's a picture of Buddy and Snuggles, our Chiweenie.

Richie Cunningham

Reunited 07/04/15

I am so happy to report our family was reunited with our fur babies yesterday! We are so grateful they were available to come back to us. I want to thank Marcie and everyone involved with DREAM organization. These wonderful people have taken such good care of my sweeties for the past 3 months trying to find them loving new families. The dedication you have is overwhelming and beyond impressive. Thank you for all you do. You change the lives of so many doggies and humans doing what you do. I'm beyond blessed, and they seem so relaxed and happy to be back home. Our first night back together was so fantastic.

Bethany Babysbreath
"Lucy Lui"

Adopted 07/02/15

I love this little girl. We have changed her name to Lucy Lui. She is the sweetest pup that I've ever met. She's made our family complete.

Olive Organza
"Sweety Pie"

Adopted 07/02/15

Well, we got 'Olive' home, and it's like she's been here all her life. Of course we walked in the door, and Jerry immediately got a piece of roast and fed it to her! Needless to say, she doesn't let him out of her sight. We may be in the market for another if the romance isn't so exclusive. Thank you again for the match. Jerry renamed her 'Sweety Pie' and she comes to when called.

Belle Bellini

Adopted 06/28/15

Peanut Partridge

Adopted 06/23/15

Wesley Waltz

Adopted 06/23/15

We love our Wesley - new name Rusty. He is in love with Ron! So cute. Thanks so much!

Bowie Bowtie

Adopted 06/20/15

Danny Zuko

Adopted 06/19/15
Deceased 09/14/23

Fancy Far-Out

Adopted 06/19/15


Adopted 06/15/15

I just wanted to give you an update on our sweet little men. We adopted Oscar & Camo (who we renamed Frank & Louis) back in 2015. They’ve been nothing short of amazing additions to our family. They love to go on hikes, sleep in the sunshine, eat watermelon, chase each other around the house and sing! They have such cute singing voices. We love them more than anything and are so blessed to have them. Thank you so much for the gift of these guys. I couldn’t imagine life without them.

Greta Gernsheim

Adopted 06/15/15
Deceased 02/01/23


Adopted 06/15/15

I just wanted to give you an update on our sweet little men. We adopted Oscar & Camo (who we renamed Frank & Louis) back in 2015. They’ve been nothing short of amazing additions to our family. They love to go on hikes, sleep in the sunshine, eat watermelon, chase each other around the house and sing! They have such cute singing voices. We love them more than anything and are so blessed to have them. Thank you so much for the gift of these guys. I couldn’t imagine life without them.

Barrett Bestman

Adopted 06/14/15

We thought you might like to see these pics of Hershey. He got a new collar yesterday that we think suits him perfectly! He had his yearly check-up a few weeks ago and he is very healthy. Its hard to believe he has been with us for a year already.

We recently had a lot of house guests and I was a little concerned because of how timid he has always been but he really has come a long way. It only took a few hours before he let my nephew pet him and then pick him up the very next day.

Sandy Olsson

Adopted 06/12/15

We are so pleased with Coco and just love her to death. She is so sweet and listens well. She makes my wife smile and giggle often. She is such a treasure. We could not be happier. Prayer guided us to DREAM. You and your sweet foster moms were the angels and Coco is the answered prayer! Blessings to all.

Austin Flowers

Adopted 06/10/15
Deceased 06/28/17

Chanel Chiffon
"Bellie Rub"

Adopted 06/10/15

"Bellie Rub" is an angel. I couldn't be more grateful. I am in love. She is trained, eats her food, cuddles, loves to play and is SOOOOOO beautiful.

Prince Charles

Adopted 06/07/15

Prince Charles was adopted with his brother Prince Harry.

Prince Harry

Adopted 06/07/15

Prince Harry was adopted with his brother Prince Charles.

Chantilly Lace
"Sadie Mae"

Adopted 06/06/15

Just wanted to share a few pictures with you! We picked Sadie Mae (Chantilly Lace) up this afternoon and we couldn't be happier! She is already settling in. I left the contract and check with Chris. She and her husband are such wonderful people. Thanks to both of you for all of your help!

Rosie Raindrop

Adopted 06/05/15

Alexandra Harris

Adopted 06/01/15
Deceased 05/11/16

It is with a heavy heart I inform you all that Heidi passed away this evening from unknown illness. I am in shock and I can not stop crying. I have no idea what made her sick but she went down hill and I had to make the decision to stop her pain. Please pray for her and the other members of my family.

Emily Emerald

Adopted 06/01/15

Hudson Harvest

Adopted 05/31/15

Hudson is doing wonderfully! He has bonded well with our Lexi, who I believe is about the same age. He is giving her the exercise and companionship she needs. He is giving us, love, joy and total entertainment! Every now and then he just goes crazy running around and around as fast as he can. Outside and inside. The faster he goes the better his hind legs work. He is amazing!

Liz Hooper

Adopted 05/30/15

Bebe Beloved

Adopted 05/24/15

Morris McGurk

Adopted 05/22/15

Smokey Joe

Reunited 05/21/15

Charlie Checkers

Adopted 05/19/15

Hershey Kiss

Reunited 05/17/15

Hershey, whose real name is DJ, was reunited with his family today! Missing since February, DJ's mom had been searching local shelters and rescue sites for three months. She found his picture on our website today and contacted us. Hershey is the sweetest boy. We knew his family had to be missing him terribly. We are so happy we were able to help him find his way back home!

Rita Margarita

Adopted 05/17/15

Rocco Rockabilly

Adopted 05/16/15

Summer Seuss

Adopted 05/16/15

Dexter Ducktail
"Tucker Beauregard"

Adopted 05/12/15

Dexter, now known as "Tucker Beauregard", is doing great and fits right in with our other two dachshund rescues. He has taken up residence in our bed and on our couch. He normally wraps himself up in my blanket on the couch between our other two babies.

Betty Rizzo
"Holly Marie"

Adopted 05/02/15

Brecka Bouffant
"Ruby Lou"

Adopted 05/02/15

Charlene Digregorio

Adopted 05/02/15

Charly had a wonderful check up. Very healty. Very vocal. She will settle down once she gets use to know common noises. We all love her.

Jeffrey Jive

Adopted 05/02/15

Marty Maraschino

Adopted 05/02/15

We are so excited and happy to have Marty. She is doing great. We have taken several neighborhood walks and she has had lots of fun checking everything out. She let me put her in a dress!! She loves cuddling with me and is usually cool with napping with me. My heart is full and I'm absolutely certain this is one of the best decisions I've ever made!!

We had purchased a few toys before we got her and she seems to love them all! We took her for a walk around our neighborhood and she was so good! She got a little tired toward the end of the walk, but she posted through it. She came home, got a big drink of water and went to sleep on her dog bed. We wore her out! She, much like me, loves to cuddle on the couch and nap!! She also likes to sit in the backyard watching the airplanes fly over. She is settling in so well and we absolutely love and adore her!!!

I just can't express how much I appreciate DREAM and the services that it provides. I love knowing that you guys are there when/if I need you! It's a great comfort. The adoption process was so smooth and effortless! I wouldn't hesitate to adopt again.

Bennett Bobbysock

Adopted 04/30/15

When Bennett entered into our home he was underweight and heart-worm positive, but with TLC and DREAM Dachshund Rescue's guidance he is now 100% disease free. Bennett is a cuddle-bug go-bye-bye boy! He actually snuggles into your neck like he is hugging you. Bennett loves everyone he meets old and young alike . He has traveled by motor home, golf cart, boat and plane. Bennett will never be left behind again. He has his forever home! We are so grateful to Marcie, Windy and DREAM.


Adopted 04/30/15
Deceased 08/13/18

Addie Ornament

Adopted 04/28/15

This is one side of Addie's new dog retreat. She has fit in perfectly with the pack. She loves to sit in the window and watch the outside, or just go outside and watch the squirrels. I got her a window sill perch today. I haven't put it up yet. She uses a makeshift one now. She can't decide who she wants to sleep with. She goes to sleep with one of my daughters and wakes up with the other. Love her!

Jewel Jibboo

Adopted 04/28/15

Teenie Godiva

Adopted 04/24/15

Lady Lea-Francis

Adopted 04/23/15

Frenchy Facciano

Adopted 04/19/15

Mia Marvelette

Adopted 04/19/15

Vivienne Vail

Adopted 04/17/15

Janie Kangaroo

Adopted 04/16/15

Sierra Sockhop

Adopted 04/15/15

Dodie Stevens

Adopted 04/14/15
Deceased 02/06/22

My daughter and I had to put our sweet Bailey Bear down on Good Friday . We were so sad we could not bear to go home. We called our friend, Marcie Lawless, and asked if there was anything we could do for DREAM, and of course there always is . We went over and picked up Little Miss Dodie from the shelter. She made us laugh. She was so sweet and looked so much like our Bailey. We decided then and there that she was a gift coming to us to keep Bailey's spirit alive and bring us joy. We have changed her name to Lily being Good Friday and all. Again, we love the joy DREAM brings.

Chachi Arcola

Adopted 04/13/15

Allison Amore

Adopted 04/12/15

Robin Raindrop

Adopted 04/12/15

Hello DREAM,

Here is the update on our little miss rockin’ Robin. We love her so much: When I saw Robin on DREAM and AdoptAPet.com, I was immediately hooked. She has the kindest eyes and the softest little ears. She has the face and paws of a lab and the body of a Dach. Robin is the sweetest little girl. There really is not a mean bone in her body. Some of her favorite things include: going for walks in the grass and exploring, her Gator toys, chewing rawhides, giving kisses, her KONG bed, jumping and sprinting to the door, her gray blanket, getting her picture taken, and having her belly rubbed. She is adjusting well to her new home.

We did end up keeping the name Robin Raindrop. It is perfectly fitting, as we got her in the Spring, we came across a robin at our apartment complex just the day before she arrived, and it was raining the day we got her. She really does make our family complete. We LOVE that Little Miss Rockin’ Robin!

Thank you so much for such a great adoption experience!

Timothy Tracker

Adopted 04/12/15


Adopted 04/10/15

I wanted to give this little guy some time to open up before I sent in a testimony about him. I read up on Tigger’s other family members and noticed how his brother Zeus really didn’t take to his name. As I preferred Zeus over Tigger I tried it out. Much to my surprise, Zeus seems to be the name that fits this little guy. As you all know, this dog was afraid of his own shadow, any noises and certainly every quick movement made around him. On the day Zeus came home, it was quite the ordeal to get his leash off of him (picture a bucking bull). The mere sight of a leash or harness would send him running and hiding for hours. I was finally able to scoop him up and get the harness on him and out the door we went. After a solid 10 minutes of sitting in the driveway and him realizing nothing was going to hurt him, we embarked on our first walk. With eyes as wide open as possible and his tail on warp speed, Zeus enjoyed his first adventure outdoors. Flash forward two months and I have a running partner. I’m estimating that he’s down a solid two pounds and in fantastic shape as we average 2.5-3 miles per day now. Zeus is still scared to visit the backyard by himself or use the doggie door but overall, he is far more curious around new things/people than he is scared. He is perfectly house trained and enjoys his selection of sleeping options. This pup simply loves to snuggle and have his ears rubbed; he’s even an angel when it’s time for a bath.

Arthur Fonzarelli

Adopted 04/05/15

Audrey Auldlangsyne

Adopted 04/03/15

Macey McGuire

Adopted 04/03/15

Here are some of our favorites photos of Hazel! It's been a long time since I've sent anything so I went back a couple years. She is such a great dog. She loves our kids. We started calling her "Momma Haz" when our first was born because she has always been glued to her. She is the most patient of pups.

As you can tell, she has turned into quite a frosty pup. Our vet guesses she is 6-9 years old. She still acts young but she has some wear on her teeth that makes them think she is older. We love her soooo much and we are so blessed you let us adopt her and bring her to our home in Southern Indiana! We couldn't have added a better pup to our family. She adjusted so well to our kids, always glued to me during pregnancy, and she always loves being close to the kids!

Reese Raindrop

Adopted 04/03/15

Sam Iam

Adopted 04/02/15

Frankie Finch

Adopted 04/01/15
Deceased 03/14/23

Arlo Amore

Adopted 03/28/15

Benjamin Bicklebaum

Adopted 03/27/15

Trudy Treasure

Adopted 03/23/15

Caitlin Colada

Adopted 03/22/15

Last December, Caitlin asked St. Nicholas for a forever family. And today, she was granted her wish! Many thanks to her awesome foster mom, Angie, who nursed Caitlin through two surgeries and months of recovery time to get her back on her feet and once again into true Dachsie form, to prepare her to meet, greet and be ever so sweet as she finally went home with her new family today!

Delaney Devlin

Adopted 03/22/15

We adopted Ms. Devine in March and the first week was horrendous, she growled at us constantly and gave the cats fits. However, with patience she settled down, we'd been warned she wasn't good with other dogs, cats and kids...she's great with all!! As a matter of fact, I'm in negotiations with the wife now to get another DREAM DACHSUND!! We can't imagine life without her!!! Thank you DREAM DACHSUND!!!

We had adopted Sampson S'mores in July and were not sure how Delaney would welcome another dog, but we decided to try and it's been wonderful. Delaney loves Sampson as much as we do.

Ian Icicle

Adopted 03/18/15

We adore our 💕 new family addition. 💕 We changed his name to "Buddy" because he seems to be Best 🐾Buddies 🐾with Poco.

Peaches Petronella

Adopted 03/18/15

Fenway Phlox

Adopted 03/16/15

3/15/15 Morning

We had a really good night last night. Fenny got a little anxious when I went to pick up our carry out order for supper. Gilman said he looked all over for me and whimpered, but he was fine once I returned. He slept in the bed right next to me all night. He slept well and stayed in one place all night. He already had breakfast and went out to potty. Right now he is chewing on his rawhide bone.

3/15/15 Afternoon

Today has been exceptional. Fenny made the road trip exceedingly well. We've been home a little over an hour. He met my son without barking, and ate his supper, then went potty in the fenced yard. We are definitely falling in love.

Thank you for all the good work you have done with Fenny and for all the love you have showered upon him. He's a wonderful little guy and we are delighted to be his forever family.

Skye Sweetheart
"Gracie Girl"

Adopted 03/16/15

From the moment that Skye, now Gracie Girl, came into our home for the meet and greet she made a huge impression. This was my husband and my first experience with a rescue organization so we were unaware of what to expect. Well she came in tail wagging, giving kisses to everyone including her new 95 pound standard poodle brother, Dallas, and seemed to just say "Well, I'm home". We did meet and greet with two other precious DREAM babies but we kept coming back to Skye. We made our decision and called her foster mother to let her know we wanted to adopt Skye. I picked her up and brought her home and she immediately took over the house. She acted like she had always lived here. Our first evening, my husband and I just kept looking at each other and saying "Boy, this was really easy". She is full of personality, lovely and sweet. The first night she slept in our bed with her new brother Beau, another mini dachshund, and was an angel all night. The second day, she already had the routine down. We are so glad that we chose to adopt a dog in need- she already is a wonderful, much loved member of our family. Thank you Tena for the obvious care and training while at your home!!!!! Thank you Dream Dachshund Rescue for caring for these amazing little dogs and giving them a second chance at a wonderful life.

Martha May Whovier

Adopted 03/15/15

Luna (Martha) is feeling much better and has bonded instantly with our family. She has already met her four legged Cousins and loves playing with her sister Lucci. She is such a sweet dog!

River Raindrop

Adopted 03/15/15

We are so happy to have Stella (River) as a part of our family. She is loved and spoiled. We really adore her and enjoy watching her play with our other puppy. They are best friends. She is a bed hog, but I don't mind. She is a sweet, snuggly little girl.

Sally O'Malley

Adopted 03/15/15

Carli Cupid

Adopted 03/14/15

Carlie has done a fantastic job of adjusting as the other dogs have as well. She is certainly keeping everyone busy playing!

Nicole Nativity

Adopted 03/13/15


Adopted 03/13/15
Courtesy Post

Archie Alpine
"Duncan Archibald"

Adopted 02/26/15


Duncan's a wild man. Always ready to play and a ton of fun. He loves to go for walks where he runs fast enough to keep his marathon-training owners out of breath. Between the full body motion tail wags, stuffed toy tug-o-wars, and attempts to rile up the neighbor's chihuahuas every time he passes their window, it's been non-stop party. And Duncan is friends with everyone. He stops neighbors in their tracks, greeting their dogs while receiving compliments on what a fine-looking and great-acting dachshund he is. We can't help but agree.


Hans and I decided to expand Archie's name to Duncan Archibald. That way he gets to keep his intake name while also having a name that comes from his new family. We'll be calling him Duncan, but feel free to refer to him with whichever name feels right to you.

We're all very happy with how smoothly the transition is going so far. As you can tell from the attached picture, Duncan has had enough fun to need a hard midday nap or two to recharge. More pictures to come, including awake ones if I can be agile enough with a camera to capture something other than a super-happy black and tan blur!


I'm happy to say I signed the adoption paperwork and brought Archie Alpine home with me last night. He's been very curious of the new surroundings and super well-behaved. And he got some good sleep last night too (see attached picture).

Pei Wi Prancer

Adopted 02/25/15
Deceased 04/16/22

I adopted my sweet Peewee when she was almost 12 years old. It didn't matter to me that she was already a senior. She was perfect. Quiet, already housetrained. All she wanted to do was be with me. She's the only dog I've had who would lay at my feet all day while I worked at my computer, content to hang out with me until it was time for dinner. Never pushy or demanding like most of my other Dachshunds.

I knew her time was getting short when I had to wake her to eat. It became more difficult for her to get around, stumbling and sometime falling over when she walked. She never complained. During her last couple of weeks, she got stuck under furniture and put herself into corners, unable to back out. She eventually lost interest in food, and then water. I hoped, like most of us do, that she would pass peacefully in her sleep, but she hung on.

On her last day, she didn't get out of her bed. I knew she was ready to cross, but needed my help. Even after the sedative kicked in, she continued to look up at me while I was crying, as if to say "I'm still here for you". I held her tightly and said "I know".

Rest in peace, sweet girl. You are forever in my heart.

Dixie Divine

Adopted 02/24/15

We are absolutely loving our little Dixie. She is such a sweet dog and so well-behaved. She's just a joy. And our two little God-daughters, 6 and 10, love her to pieces. Thank you! Thank you! We have had her all checked out by our veterinarian in Friendswood, and she was very impressed with Dixie too. We are VERY happy to have Dixie as part of our family!

Rascal Romeo

Adopted 02/21/15

Alyssa Altenburg

Adopted 02/20/15

Baxter Blitz

Adopted 02/20/15

Matthew Mittens

Adopted 02/20/15

Wanted to share a photo of Matthew Mittens who we now call Max. He is the sweetest guy. His favorite napping place is on the bottom step. So glad we were able to give him a forever home. :)

Oliver Oluvyoo

Adopted 02/18/15
Courtesy Post

The meeting went extremely well and Little Ollie is a keeper for sure. We kept him from Sunday to last evening and he has quickly bonded with us. He and Red get along like long lost brothers reuniting, and it's beyond adorable the way they play and sleep in the same bed. We are very grateful to you for giving us first dibs on him. Many thanks.

Bobby Basil

Adopted 02/14/15
Deceased 07/28/20

I had to say goodbye to my little man Bobby a couple of days ago. I adopted him 5+ years ago when he was 8 years old. He was a good boy. He was quite an unusual boy. I called him my 'autism dog' because he didn't show emotion like a normal dog does. He rarely wagged his tail, he rarely gave kisses and he rarely barked or growled no matter what was going on. When I had the litter of 8 puppies at my house a couple years ago I knew he'd be a great dog for socializing them because he was so tolerant...and all I can say after seeing him with them is he may have been a saint!

Even though Bobby didn't usually show emotion in an obvious way, if you knew him you knew what he needed. For instance, if he was content he would lick his paws. I actually spent the LONGEST time trying different allergy meds and sprays trying to get him to STOP licking his paws until I figured out he just did it because he liked to! If he wanted your attention he would flap his ears. Decoding Bobby's language was a unique adventure.

I'm not sure what his history was...if he ever acted like a 'normal' dog...if he ever ran around and played as a puppy. That would have been fun to see.

Bobby WAS a completely normal dog though in the fact that he LOVED to eat. He loved his fruits and veggies that he got as snacks nearly every day and he never hesitated to try new things.

Bobby was a super sweet companion...just as nice as they come. He had the softest & puffiest little chest...you could just nuzzle your nose right into him if you wanted to escape for a little while. He didn't mind at all. Bobby will be missed by all...but especially those who got to call him their boy.

Jake Kickoff

Adopted 02/14/15


Adopted 02/11/15

Captain Cointoss

Adopted 02/09/15

Chelsea Chilly

Adopted 02/09/15

Chelsea is adjusting just fine and so is our Moose. She's having a ball exploring the property (thankfully we had our fence guy add a mesh to our iron fence so the little bit can't escape). She is already in protect mode, and the horse in the pasture behind us has been put on alert!

She is an absolute sweetheart! She is going to keep Moose in shape running around the house. We bought her some new toys and we are all having fun playing with them!

Thanks again for helping me through this process. Cleo approves! I never see cardinals in my yard and one visited today. I like to think it was Cleo welcoming Chelsea!

Tarah Truelove

Adopted 02/06/15

Asher Acorn

Adopted 01/31/15

I’m so thankful to you guys for finding him, we are madly in love!

Elizabeth Elf

Adopted 01/31/15

February 18, 2015

We have had Elizabeth Elf for 2 1/2 weeks now. She is back with her sister, Emerson. When Elizabeth got to our house, Emerson was SO excited!! She nearly jumped out of my arms to get to Elizabeth. She started licking her face, her ears, her paws. It was the sweetest thing I had ever seen! Elizabeth has made herself right at home. We adopted Emerson in December and kept watching the website and Elizabeth was still available and had not been adopted in January. So we called DREAM and were able to adopt Elizabeth, too. How lucky we are!

These girls are such a happy pair. They love, love, love being together. They play together, eat together, sleep together and they have to be touching each other when they are sitting or sleeping. They run around together in the back yard and roll around in the grass. They even go out together to potty. They have brought so much joy to our lives. They are such affectionate and loving little doggies!! I thought things were going to be so sad after we lost our 14 1/2 year old dachshund.

I had no idea there were any doggies that could ever make us as happy as she did! We call Emerson "Emmy" and Elizabeth "Little Bit" because of her small size. As I've said before, thank you DREAM Dachshund for bringing such joy and such precious little animals into our family! We are SO grateful!!!!! And thank you for providing so much for these precious dachshunds, the best dogs in the world!!

Edwin Elf

Adopted 01/29/15

November 16, 2016

So much has happened since we adopted Edwin Elf in January of 2015.

First, we got the news in August that he is 100% heartworm free! He has so much energy and vitality and we can tell he really does feel good.

We moved across Sugar Land 3 weeks ago and Edwin helped with all the packing and supervising the movers. He immediately got to work in the new house protecting us from cats and squirrels and making sure that the entire neighborhood was peed on so all dogs and cats would know he's in charge.

At first he was a little lost in the house and wasn't really recognizing it as home when we got back from walks but this week he settled in. A few days ago we found a park just a 3 minute car ride away. We went on a long family walk there yesterday and he took his place between me an my husband as we patrolled the new territory. When we got back home he recognized it and started talking as we pulled into the garage. When we entered he ran around barking and jumping in and out of his bed. Ahhh there's no place like home!

Edwin has changed our lives in so many way. He's really a part of the family and the best part is that we know that he knows that he is home, loved, safe and secure.

Thank you again for rescuing Edwin and approving us to be his parents!

February 6, 2015

Here's an update on Edwin. He is doing really well. He's a really good dog and he learns quickly. It's only been a week but I think he's starting to figure out that he's the only dog, and his life is turning into a really fun one. He goes on long neighborhood walks every day. We took him to Memorial Park last Sunday and he loved it. This afternoon I'll be leaving work early and we're going to the dog park in Sugar Land.

He has found several cool places to burrow, he is eating well and 95% of the time asks to go out and 5% of the time we figure it out so there have only been a few accidents. Not bad! He moped around for a couple of days after he got here, but now he's wagging his tail and smiling all the time.

The other evening we were watching The Dog Whisperer and when the dogs on TV started barking Edwin was up at full attention barking with them. We shushed him and he quieted down but spent the entire hour with his eyes glued to the TV... except during the commercials. So I'm now convinced that he was watching!

The best part of having Edwin is how much love and life he adds to our little family. He is a joy, and of course I think he's the smartest, cutest dog in the world! Did I mention he likes to watch TV?! LOL! Here's a picture of him with his favorite blanket.

Halston Hottoddy

Adopted 01/28/15

Chase Cheers

Adopted 01/24/15

May 1, 2015 Update

According to his shot records, today is Wink’s 1st birthday! He is amazing and doing so fabulous! He sits, lays down and stays on command! Little dude! AND he is the absolute rock star at the dog park! He and Echo are BEST BUDDIES. They do everything together and absolutely love being together. So far, not one single issue between them... not with food, toys, affection or anything! Echo is pretty awesome too! She has taught him “how to be” and he so follows her lead! I think she is his therapy dog!

February 12, 2015 Update

I cannot tell you how much we love this little guy! He is doing fabulous and is beginning to really show his personality. He hasn’t had any accidents in the house (knock on wood) and is already sitting and waiting like Echo does when we feed him.

It's really cute, he does every single thing she does almost exactly! And they wrestle and play and sleep all mixed up with each other! Its like doggie twister over here!

I just wanted to thank you again!

Dudley Drumstick

Adopted 01/24/15

Hi everyone! It’s Julie and Doug back with another adoption story. This little fella is our newest member of our family. Dudley has been with us for four days now. After much discussion over email and phone calls, he and his foster mom Bonnie set up a meet and great at our house last Saturday. We were anxious to see how Dudley and Casper (our December adoption baby) would take to one another.

Dudley got right down to business checking out the house and smelling everything. He was a little overwhelmed with Casper’s energy at first but soon they were tolerating each other better than I had expected. Every now and then Dudley would growl or bark at Casper when he wanted him to calm down. By Saturday evening they were almost in a routine. We had friends over on Saturday evening and the boys were perfect angels. Saturday night Dudley was up and down all night but he was faithful to use his potty pads every time. Thankfully he is small so he doesn’t take up much room in the bed. Sunday was beautiful and they both enjoyed our large back yard and ran and explored. Cassidy walked them in the neighborhood and they both loved it. I’ve shared a few pictures of Doug and the boys napping and just hanging out. Gotta love the smile on Doug’s face… who looks happier, Doug, Casper or Dudley?

Now if you have read Casper's story, then you know that he is deaf. We use hand signals for communicating and Dudley already knows what “outside” and “eat” mean.. what a smart little man! He also has a way of melting your heart. Note the pic of Dudley begging! Those eyes are adorable… Dudley is 9 years old but he looks like the baby because he is so small, especially compared to Casper! So we have a couple of characters now. If they didn’t already have names, I would name them Chico and the man… We are looking forward to traveling with them and hope that Dudley travels as well as Casper.

We wanted to thank Dudley’s foster mom Bonnie for taking care of him and for bringing him to us! We are so lucky to have found Dream Dachshund Rescue! Doug and I keep asking each other, who rescued who?!?!

Leonard Lagniappe

Adopted 01/24/15

Avery Avalanche

Adopted 01/20/15


Adopted 01/17/15

Frisco Fuzz

Adopted 01/17/15

Buttercup Brrrrr

Adopted 01/16/15


Adopted 01/16/15

Tim and I have shamed ourselves and our family for generations by entering the despicable ranks of "failed foster". We began fostering the skittish, brindle half-breed called "Zeus" last October, a week before Dachtoberfest, as an accident when his planned foster fell through. Although I have been steadfast in my position that I do not want five dogs, that four is my limit, when Marcie sent the email yesterday that a very qualified someone wanted a "Meet & Greet" with him, I became frantic and physically ill. I called and called and emailed and texted Tim, who finally got back to me, untold minutes later, and he said, "I told you we should just adopt him." So, he called Marcie (because I was too ashamed) and told her.

To make this story even more pathetic, we don't even call him "Zeus" which is a noble and masculine name for a dog who physically deserves such a fine moniker. Instead, we call him "Papillon" which is French for Butterfly. We tried Beauregard, but he would not answer to it. He leaps and licks when we call 'Papillon'. Our very thick, muscular, male dog likes to be called Butterfly, and sadly, Tim and I acquiesced to it.

Clearly, we run a shameful home where the Dachshunds (and half-Dachshund) (and wanna-be Dachshund Simone) run the show. I can barely hold up my head.

Maxwell Bluebell

Adopted 01/13/15

2014 started out as a difficult year because we lost our male dapple dog, Bubba. He was everyone’s dog. He was full of life and personality. Even though it left us with 2 dogs our little Chloe got really depressed. We contacted DREAM to become fosters and picked up Max on July 19th. Max is another dapple male and instantly became part of the family. He actually had an application in and we did a meet and greet. To our advantage it was not a match. While Max is no Bubba, he certainly has a lot of personality and just so lovable that there is no way we could give him up. He sleeps with one of our twins, is a great watch dog, loves our kids and the kids next door and has brought Chloe out of her depression. We are so happy with him and love being a part of the DREAM family!

Caleb Caroler

Adopted 01/04/15
Deceased 06/01/18

Today my heart is heavy with sorrow and sadness our Caleb crossed the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge with our beloved Bobby. Caleb brought so much joy and happiness to our family, especially my son who has mental challenges. Caleb was the sweetest and most caring dog. We will miss him so dearly. I want to thank DREAM Dachshund Rescue for allowing us to adopt Caleb. He was our sweet boy. Rest In Peace my beloved Caleb.

Our hearts go out to Jose and Diana for the loss of their precious boy.

Francesca Fuzz

Adopted 01/04/15

We just wanted to thank you for bringing Ellie, aka, Francesca Fuzz, into our lives!

Her two brothers absolutely love her, but we love her a million times more! She is a sweet girl and will be very spoiled! Thank you for all you do!

Gabby Glitter
"Luna Licorice"

Adopted 01/03/15

We have had Gabby Glitter for two months now, and we couldn't ask for a better match! The day we first met her was on January 3rd when I went to Ms. Marcie's house to meet some of the available dogs. While I did not plan to bring home one of them that day, Gabby ran up to me, jumped onto my lap, and started to give me kisses! She was no doubt the sweetest dog I had ever met!

We decided to bring her home with us that very day, and our adventures with Gabby began! On the car ride home, I wrapped her in her pink blanket and held her tightly as she licked my face, wondering where we were headed next. We decided to bring her home first, and she knew right away that she was finally home! She ran straight to the couch, waiting for someone to rub her belly and snuggle with her. Our next stop was PetCo to buy her dog food and treats, and her tail could not stop wagging! Gabby went up to almost everyone near her reach just to give them a sniff or a lick, then walk off. She is certainly a very friendly girl, but her excitement could not be contained because she even took treats and toys off of the bottom shelves when we we not looking! The first day we had her, we not only welcomed her into our home, but also into our hearts.

Since her adoption, we have renamed her Luna Licorice! I decided to start calling her Luna two days after having her. The name suited her very well, and she responded to it right away.

Little Miss Luna has gone on many trips to the dog park with us and has taken several walks walks around the neighborhood, and she loves them! Luna's favorite part about the dog park is introducing herself to all of the new people! If she notices someone sitting alone on a nearby bench, she will make it her job to make them smile, even if that means jumping into the bench to direct their attention away from their phone! While she is super friendly with people, she is sometimes a little bit shy with other dogs when she first meets them. She prefers that I walk up with her to meet her new friends at the park, but then she is off playing with her friends! Luna will follow them, roll around in the grass, and sometimes run with them! Most of her friends have been other friendly dachshunds, which is wonderful!

When we first took Luna to the park, I had so many fears of her running away since she was a stray. Now I no longer have this fear because I know no matter what, Luna will always come running back to me. A couple of weekends ago, I was talking to the owner of one of Luna's friends as they were bonding together. I kept my eye on her, but as soon as Luna discovered she was too far away from me, she panicked and ran straight into my arms without me having to call her!

We are so blessed to have found DREAM, and even more blessed to have found Luna! Many thanks to everyone who works with this organization, especially those who helped with our adoption, including Ms. Emily, Ms. Marcie, and Ms. Brenda!

Roman Rosebowl

Reunited 01/03/15

Roman has been reunited with his family! They contacted me right after I emailed you and were almost in tears when they saw him. They said the reason he doesn't have tags is because he bites/scratches them off and they just moved here from the country so they hadn't yet gotten him microchipped. They assured me that was his next stop. He sleeps with their two-year-old every night; their son has cried every night he has been gone. Their son will be very happy when they bring him home. They put up flyers in their neighborhood but we never saw them.

I'm glad he got home! Thank you so much for all your help. I will definitely recommend your group to anyone looking for a dachshund!

Mary Kissmas

Adopted 12/31/14


Adopted 12/28/14

Cosmo Coriander

Adopted 12/23/14

Darby Doublet

Adopted 12/22/14

Sweet Darby is doing really well. Sleeps on the couch with James in the evening and then in the big bed at night. We don't have any dogs that play with balls so James bought him a couple last night and he's in little dog heaven. Carried his tennis ball around all evening. He even took it to bed with him.


Adopted 12/22/14

Casper Conrad

Adopted 12/21/14

Hello everyone, I’m Casper and I was adopted on 12/14/14 by the McNeal family. First of all I want to say thank you to my friends at DREAM for getting me into such great shape and to my foster dad Kerry who was sad to see me go but glad to see me find a forever home! My new family had recently lost their furry baby Henry from pancreatitis. This is a disease that us doxies are prone to getting. So read up about this if you have a furry doxie in your life. Anyways, Henry was about 10 years old and the center of their world! It took a toll on the whole family to lose him. Even the cat Polly was grieving for Henry. My dad was especially saddened to lose Henry but he started looking at rescue sites and that’s where our story begins….

He looked at so many doxies, long haired, short haired, reds, pie bald, dapples but he kept coming back to me (puppy smile)! Dad called my mom and asked her to look at me and tell him what she thought. She loved me at first glance but my dad was worried that he wouldn’t be able to love me like he loved Henry. My mom assured him that he could. She reminded him that if they were able to adopt me that we would be rescuing each other! I get a family and they get a new fur baby! Mom filled out the application and they waited. That afternoon a nice lady from DREAM called to do a phone interview. The call went great! Mom and Dad were getting so excited about me. My foster dad and my (soon to be) forever dad started texting each other. Ryan and Cassidy (the human kids in the family) were getting excited too. My mom said it was a miracle because they are 22 and 15 and hardly notice anything outside of their world. By that Sunday, my foster dad brought me over to meet my new mom and dad. I don’t mean to brag, but they loved me right away! After the home inspection and all the paperwork and play time… I was home!

Since my adoption we have been busy. We’ve had Christmas, New Year’s, we’ve been to the ranch, we went to the beach and camped overnight! I have had such a great time and the cat even likes me too! When they are at work I have the whole kitchen and breakfast room to myself. I have my potty pads and food and bed and toys there to keep me busy. I love it and they love me. Oh did I mention I’m deaf? Yep, that’s right. My mom and dad work with me every day to learn hand signals so I will be sure to know when they are telling me what a good boy I am. So a thumbs up means ‘good boy’. I am sending out a big thumbs up to DREAM Dachshund Rescue to helping me find my forever family!

Bridgette Ballot

Adopted 12/20/14

Nathan Northpole
"Murphy Joe"

Adopted 12/20/14

We officially adopted this little man today! His name is now Murphy Joe. He and our Weimaraner Lola had a great day together! Thank you so much for allowing us to have some extra joy this Christmas season!

We lost our 14 year old Daisy (Irish Setter mix) in February. She was also a rescue. She died on our daughter's birthday. We had to call Madeline in Mississippi to tell her. Then July 1st my Dad came here on Hospice from Florida to live with us. He died on Aug 30th. It has been a VERY hard year for our family. We have looked on and off for months for a rescue dog for us, and to keep Lola company. Lola came to us as an 8 week old puppy, and only knew her home here with Daisy, her older, grouchy sister. She mourned for a week after Daisy died.

Little Murphy has brought us more joy in a few hours than we've had all year. His middle name is Joe, after my Dad. I just want you to know how much it means to us to be able to give Murphy a home, and we are thankful you allowed us to!! I pray that Lola and Murphy will continue to bond. For now, we are incredibly happy and feel blessed! THANK YOU!! Merry Christmas!!

Emerson Elf
"Emerson Belle"

Adopted 12/19/14

December 19, 2016

Two years ago today we adopted Emerson from DREAM, and a month later got Elizabeth, her sister. What a blessing these two girls have been. And now our daughter and her husband have Chippy and Keaton, who are such characters! We are a family full of dachshunds. Thanks so much for giving us so much joy and love from these sweet, sweet babies. Y'all do a magnificent job!

January 19, 2015

This little black and tan sweetheart has been with us one month today. We were fortunate that her adoption went rather quickly since it was during the holidays. We had just lost our 14 1/2 year old blue and tan female dachshund, Samantha Belle in November. We began our search for another addition to our never ending love for the best dogs in the world, dachshunds. Little did we know how many dachshunds there were out there that needed adopting and/or rescuing. I found several organizations online but something about DREAM Dachshunds just stood out! So, the process with DREAM began…filling out paperwork, emails, phone calls and that significant home visit. Then the call came to come visit and meet our little girl. We met her on a Friday afternoon and she went home with us after that initial visit. Emerson snuggled up to us immediately, both me and my husband. We changed her middle name to Belle in memory of our last dachshund. She is now our Emerson Belle. Who knew we could fall in love so quickly with such a precious little pup?! She has been through a lot, lived several places before she came to us but she has adjusted so beautifully. She is truly at home. And she has made this her home, also! We had a little field mouse get into the house and Emerson suddenly became the fierce protector and tracker she was bred to be. She and my son-in-law tracked that little mouse until they both were successful! She was a hero! She now searches the house as soon as she gets up every day, then she will go outside and have her breakfast. She has a purpose!!! I’ve never seen so much dust on that little snout! She is having so much fun and we love watching her patrol and protect her territory! She is now very, very tired at night!!

She also gets great joy from playing with her toys! In the beginning, she didn’t quite seem to know what to do with all these toys but it didn’t take her long to learn to run, fetch and toss her toys around. We do let her sleep in the big bed with us. After all she’s been through, I don’t want her to ever feel alone or afraid again. She cuddles, she snuggles, she gives great doggie kisses! And she loves, loves, loves belly rubs! She just rolls over on her back as if to say, “Well, when are you going to rub my belly?” She is very obedient and patient to have experienced so much. She is also learning to love our adult children and our friends.

Thank you so much, DREAM Dachshunds, for providing such a great environment for these wonderful little dogs! And thank you for helping us find a new love of our life! We couldn’t be happier!

December 29, 2014

We adopted Emerson Elf whom we renamed Emerson Belle on December 19, 2014. She has fit right into our family. She has the sweetest, calmest personality. She loves to cuddle and snuggle with us. And she sure loves to play with her toys, too! We are so grateful to be able to give Emerson a forever home and we are grateful she is happy with us!

Sidney Snowfall

Adopted 12/19/14

Elloise Esperanza

Adopted 12/16/14

Buster Braun

Adopted 12/15/14

Sammy Scarecrow

Adopted 12/15/14

Aaron Alden

Adopted 12/14/14
Deceased 08/18/20

Aaron loved to ride in the car, went everywhere with my husband. If there was a squirrel out the window that made his day. Bless him.

Bubba Baker

Adopted 12/14/14


Adopted 12/14/14

Wiley Wurst

Adopted 12/14/14

Prim Petticoat

Adopted 12/12/14
Deceased 10/13/17

I adopted Primrose Petticoat on December 12, 2014. I have been wanting to let you know that she passed on October 13, 2017 due to congestive heart failure. We tried everything we could to keep her here but her heart just couldn't take it. I just wasn't able to get myself to write at the time.

She was the most wonderful companion and I loved her so much. She was with me 24 hours a day and I couldn't have asked for more love than she gave. I wanted to let you know and thank you for giving me the opportunity to have her in my life even if it was such a short time.

Forever thankful,

Dominick Erdinger

Adopted 12/11/14

Rosco Von Braun

Adopted 12/10/14

Sissie Schlitterbahn

Adopted 12/08/14

Bentley Beckum

Adopted 12/07/14

Caroline Crayola

Adopted 12/07/14

Snoopy Saffron

Adopted 12/07/14

Snoopy is awesome he is such a little love bug. It was such a joy and blessing to find DREAM and get our precious baby. He goes everywhere with me, loves to take the kids to school and pick them up.

Derek Deutsch

Adopted 12/06/14

Haley Hyacinth

Adopted 12/05/14

Moxie Maybach

Adopted 12/01/14

Samantha Saffron

Adopted 11/30/14

Connor Cornucopia

Adopted 11/24/14
Deceased 04/08/22

Rocket Regensberg

Adopted 11/23/14

Maximus Munich

Adopted 11/22/14

Trisha Dietrich

Adopted 11/21/14

Tucker Strauss

Adopted 11/16/14

Autumn Albright

Adopted 11/15/14

Calliope Cranberry

Adopted 11/15/14

Smitty Saffron

Adopted 11/15/14

Abigail Apple

Adopted 11/14/14

Penny Widmore Hume

Adopted 11/11/14
Deceased 09/10/18

We said farewell to our sweet little Lucy today. Lucy was born with physical disabilities, but truly seemed to enjoy life in spite of her challenges. She was a tiny spunky little girl who loved to play “fetch” with her favorite blue crab. We had five wonderful years with her, and she brought us so much happiness. Lucy is at peace now. We will truly miss our beautiful little girl!

Johann Wolfgang

Adopted 11/09/14

Daisy Turtledove

Adopted 11/08/14
Deceased 01/15/22

Mitzi passed away in January at the age of 13+ from an aggressive form of lymphoma. She was SO sweet. She waited until every one of her people came to see her that morning before she would take her last breath.

Murray Schumacher

Adopted 11/05/14

Pepper Rally

Adopted 11/05/14
Deceased 09/08/18

Sometimes our best friends leave us too soon. In memory of Mr> Opus, please consider donating to the compassionate team that gave him the chance at a second life so that other sweet babies can be as lucky.

Fritz Fromm

Adopted 11/02/14

We've wanted to make it to an event but haven't. J.J., the dog formerly known as Fritz, has become an irreplaceable part of our family. He's really come out of his shell and is in love with our other dachshund, Lola. He had been a blessing to us. Everyone who meets him falls in love.

Liliana Lavender

Adopted 11/02/14

Nikolaus Otto

Adopted 11/02/14

Cowboy Coney

Adopted 11/01/14

Cowboy has adjusted to us! He sleeps under the blanket with my son at night. We have him eating a vegetarian dog food because of his allergies. He really likes the food. We took him to PetCo and went crazy for their toys. We are keeping his name "Cowboy". He is so sweet and gets along with Jimbo. I am waiting for a nice sunny day to take some photos of Cowboy outside. We are spoiling him with toys, he has his own bed, and he has a mesh harness for walks. He loves riding in my car. Thank you for everything you have done for Cowboy. He is the best!!

Titus Tarragon

Adopted 11/01/14

Rusty Roux

Available for Adoption 10/28/14

Lenny Lanyard

Adopted 10/27/14

Chauncey Snapdragon

Adopted 10/25/14

Ruby Red Glare

Adopted 10/25/14


Adopted 10/25/14

Wendy Windchimes

Adopted 10/25/14

Seymour Sage

Adopted 10/24/14

March 4th, 2015

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Carter is doing fabulously!

He’s come out of his shell with us so much. He now initiates tug of war, or gets pushy when he wants a lap or a pet. And he still drags that beat up little fleece around and to work on destroying it and then brings it to me to show off his progress! LOL

He really doesn’t have any bad habits at all. I still can’t figure out why someone gave him up. I’ve said over and over to people, he’s one of the easiest dogs I’ve ever had, fostered or dog-sat for. I know in rescue, sometimes you wonder what happened to your ex-fosters and don't always hear. So just so you know, I love him to pieces and I can tell I’ve become 100% totally his person.

Here he is in his new spiffy tie; he wears it with style. And one from a recent squirrel finding mission.

October 24, 2014

This is my new addition – and yes he’s a lot furrier than most “family additions”. :)

His name is Seymour. He’s 6.5 years old and he’s smart, stubborn, and adventurous. Seymour is also a cuddle-bug who isn’t scared to protect me from the UPS man (lol) and he loves other dogs. AND, as you can see below – he lets me torment him with ridiculous outfits – but hey, we got honorable mention and won a shirt To make up for the embarrassing outfits, I’ve been spoiling him with a zillion toys. Just wanted to share my happy news with the gang! - Rachel

Shauna Schnitzel
"Sophie Jane"

Adopted 10/24/14

Just a quick note to tell you how much we love Sophie! When I lost my Maggie on Labor Day weekend, I didn't think I'd ever want another one anytime soon. But when I saw her picture I knew I had to meet her, and I'm so glad I did. She has filled the emptiness with so much joy and laughter. She is such a smart little girl, already knows her name, and loves her squeaker toys. I renamed her Sophie Jane which means "wise, gift from God" and she truly is!!


Adopted 10/24/14

Alfie Argyle

Adopted 10/23/14

Beau Puccini

Adopted 10/20/14

Jasper Jasmine

Adopted 10/19/14

Madeline Mayflower

Adopted 10/19/14

Lizzie Lemongrass

Adopted 10/16/14

David Dogwood

Adopted 10/14/14

Alexander Alphabet

Adopted 10/13/14

10/15/14 Adoption Update

As you can see Alexander is quite relaxed in our home. Yes, he is very snugly and so eager to please. He also listens to commands very well. He is quiet all night in his own bed, not in our room (yay!). Lottie, the Maine Coon, will not be pushed from her domain; she hid for the first hour and is now back to her normal routine. They both remain cautiously curious of one another. I couldn't ask for better on day two. He has had two accidents in the house; both I believe happened while we were sleeping. Hmm, do I need to get up before 7am? We'll figure it out. But he is definitely, here to stay!

Franklin Frisbee

Adopted 10/12/14

Rocky Redwood

Adopted 10/11/14

J. J. Weimar

Adopted 10/08/14

Maya Papaya

Adopted 10/06/14

Kyle Kingfisher

Adopted 10/05/14

Cecil Seabreeze
"Buddy Louis"

Adopted 10/03/14

10/28/14 Adoption Update

Just checking in to let you know Cecil Seabreeze is doing great! We went back and forth on changing the name, but everyone thinks he looks like a "Buddy", so that's what we've been calling him. Buddy Lou, Buddy Love, Buddy Louis. We haven't come to agreement on the middle name! HA!

He made a road trip with us to Baton Rouge and visited Earl! They got along great except NO ONE is to mess with Earl's furry duck squeak toy. NO ONE. They didn't fight, but it was just funny to see Earl so territorial. Earl is also very protective of Emma when she is sleeping, so he is a great watchdog! Cecil/Buddy was a big hit on the LSU campus during tailgating and the LSU vs.Ole Miss game. Everyone that passed him said, "Hey Buddy"!

He loves to run and chase squirrels, and he went to the beach with us and LOVES to chase seagulls! We are absolutely loving this cuddle bug, and so thankful to have him. He is so sweet to everyone! We still work with the separation anxiety, but he seems to be doing better.

Britt Blessings

Adopted 09/30/14

Watson Watercress
"Dr. Watson"

Adopted 09/30/14
Deceased 05/26/20

Dr Watson was our first rescue from DREAM,6 years ago. He was the best little boy anyone could ask for. He passed away yesterday from (what appeared to be) a brain tumor. It came on very suddenly. Poor little guy Still can’t believe he’s really gone. Our hearts are breaking at his passing. Watson was honestly such a good dog. He never did anything wrong.

Sally Snowcone

Adopted 09/29/14
Deceased 07/15/22

I can’t believe it’s been a year since we officially adopted Sally. We can’t imagine life without her! She is doing great and so happy. Such a gentle, sweet girl and the perfect pal for our 'alpha dog' Coco. They are best friends and do everything together. Sally is deaf, so she looks to Coco for guidance and Coco is more than happy to be leader. Attached are some photos of Sally with us. We are so grateful to DREAM for saving Sally and bringing her to us.

Genie Nelson

Adopted 09/28/14
Courtesy Post

Roxie Raindrop

Adopted 09/24/14
Courtesy Post

Minnie Mango

Adopted 09/22/14

Minnie (we are calling her Rosie now) saw our vet yesterday. Everyone in the place fell in love with her, of course. We can’t thank you enough for our new pup. We are so thankful to have her and she has brought us so much joy!

Jeremy Jansport

Adopted 09/21/14

Bogie Blueberry

Adopted 09/19/14


Adopted 09/18/14

We first met Bingo when we took him to the dog show in July. We liked him so much that we decided to foster him and then we fell in love and became "Foster Failure"! My worst nightmare was thinking about the phone ringing and someone telling me they found a forever home for Bingo - no way! When my husband asked what I wanted for my birthday in September, I said, "Bingo!", with no hesitation. He is such a special little guy and we just love him to pieces. He is quite the lap dog and most of the time he can be found in one of our laps. He gets along great with our other two dogs, Phoebe and Molly (adopted January, 2014) and is now one of the pack. He's a little older then they are and has a lot more dignity when it comes to horsing around. He still likes to race out into the yard with them to chase squirrels and is not shy about a good game of fetch. We are just so happy we found him. Thanks, DreamDachs, for another wonderful addition to our family.

Melissa Marigold

Adopted 09/18/14

Jack Junebug

Adopted 09/16/14
Courtesy Post

Sloane Peterson
"Izzy Puppy"

Adopted 09/13/14

February 1, 2017

I just want to let you and the others know how much my life is more purposeful with my daughter Izzy Puppy. She is the most wonderful furry daughter in the world. And I am convinced she is the new and improved reincarnation of my late Uggy Puppy, but much sweeter. She is very protective of her daddy and has several new friends here on The Waterway. Much thanks to the organization. - Dr. K.

Izzy, aka "The Izzy Puppy", has settled in wonderfully in The Woodlands. Izzy loves her toys, most of which she loves to destroy... a few she likes to sleep with... thoroughly enjoys her walks in the park adjacent to the Waterway, and has made many new friends. She loves to wake up her daddy every morning in bed, using her memory foam ramp (I strongly recommend all dachsie owners consider this product to protect their backs), looks forward to full access to the carpeted hallway the size of half a football field, and greets all neighbors with a smile. She has become protective of her daddy on our walks, and makes sure all joggers and bicyclers keep their distance from us with subtle growls. Izzy is so sweet, though; she lets me brush her teeth whenever needed, and would not bite a fly.

She wishes to thank her foster mommy, Katrina Pasternak, for the loving home environment she received, and especially sends her appreciation to all in Dream Dachs, including Marcie Lawless and Suzanne Caillouet, who do a terrific job and make the adoption process so relaxed and simple.

A final note - Izzy is the spitting image of my late little boy, The Uggy Puppy, only smaller and much sweeter. I adopted her in early September, six weeks after my mother passed away. Divine intervention had to be a factor in order for this adoption to occur. Izzy was input into the system a week before my Mother died. I started looking for a new doggie a month later. When I saw Izzy for the first time, I got goose bumps by the resemblance to Uggy. On her initial home visit, Izzy walked right up to our building’s front door, entered the elevator like she had been there before, walked over to my condo door, waited to be let in, and promptly jumped up to my favorite lounge chair... as if to say "I am home!!" I could not be happier with my new daughter.

Otis Oleander

Adopted 09/09/14

September 11, 2014

Everything is going great. Otis had a little anxiety the first day and chewed the door frame but I got that sour apple spray and today when I got home he didn't seem to have touched it again. Also when I leave he doesn't bark long anymore, which was my main concern being in an apartment. He's just such a good dog.

I think he has settled in quickly and is a great fit! I found out that my apartment is getting a dog park so I'm pretty excited about that.

January 11, 2015

I just wanted to send a thank you to DREAM. Otis is exactly what I needed. I couldn't have asked for a better dog for my situation. He was the perfect pick. He is so well behaved and I'm convinced had some kind of training. He's adjusted well to his new home. We go on lots of walks and when we have long weekends we go see the cousins. He's a little bit spoiled and has way too many toys. Again, I just wanted to say thank you for working with me and letting me give Otis a forever home.

Chip Childs

Adopted 09/07/14

Gracie Gold

Adopted 09/06/14
Deceased 09/30/17

I am brokenhearted to say that Gracie passed away last weekend. Our vet said she had a herniated disc, but then she seized and died a day later. It has been a family death to us. We were so close to her. There is no one who could possibly take her place.

Sawyer Sparrow

Adopted 09/01/14

Little Man

Adopted 08/30/14
Courtesy Post

Mollie Mascot

Adopted 08/27/14

James Earl Jones

Adopted 08/25/14

Penelope Bumblebee

Adopted 08/24/14

Brandie Brachs

Adopted 08/23/14

Reagan Rosebud

Adopted 08/22/14

Shaylie Sherbert

Adopted 08/22/14
Deceased 11/15/21

Shirley has no trust issues, sleeps under the covers and is fearless. She is home.

Raquel Rosebud

Adopted 08/17/14


Adopted 08/08/14
Courtesy Post

Carter and Zoey are two 4-year-old gorgeous dachshunds who are not brother and sister, but have always been together. These two beautiful dogs are sweet, gentle, loving, housetrained, and have lived their lives together with one family. Carter wants to be your lap dog, while Zoey would like to play fetch with a ball. Once she retrieves it, she brings it close, and then noses it to you to throw again. Happily, they were adopted together!

Webber Westcott

Adopted 08/08/14

Sweet little Webber, now renamed "Ty", was adopted as a companion for Tilly Lew Tulip!


Adopted 08/08/14
Courtesy Post

Zoey and Carter are two 4-year-old gorgeous dachshunds who are not brother and sister, but have always been together. These two beautiful dogs are sweet, gentle, loving, housetrained, and have lived their lives together with one family. Carter wants to be your lap dog, while Zoey would like to play fetch with a ball. Once she retrieves it, she brings it close, and then noses it to you to throw again. Happily, they were adopted together!

Connie Campfire

Adopted 08/07/14


Adopted 08/06/14
Courtesy Post

Scooter McFly

Adopted 08/03/14

Today makes almost four weeks since we lost the love of our lives, our Dachshund, Andy (Andouille) to hemangiosarcoma... and one week since we adopted Scooter McFly, who has totally stolen and helped heal our hearts! We've always felt that although we can never replace one of our fur companions, when we lose one, it opens up a space of love for another one who is waiting out there, in need of a safe and loving family. We wanted to share a couple of pictures with you guys. Scooter is in motion so much throughout the day (playing with toys and running around with his terrier sister, Maddie) that it's hard to catch a shot of him being still. As for the second pic: Man, if only he would make himself comfortable when he goes to sleep at night! LOL! Thank you guys so much for all that you do—and thank you to Marcie and Chess for taking care of this amazing little dog until fate led us to him!


Adopted 08/02/14

Desmond David Hume

Adopted 07/31/14
Deceased 03/12/19

Lorelei Butterfly

Adopted 07/31/14

Tonya Garland

Adopted 07/30/14

Sonny Surfer

Adopted 07/28/14

Cameron Frye

Adopted 07/27/14

Ferris Bueller

Adopted 07/26/14

Brody Biscayne

Adopted 07/25/14

Carlie Confetti

Adopted 07/25/14

Rebecca Rosebud
"Baily Grace"

Adopted 07/25/14

Sabrina Sparkle

Adopted 07/25/14

Lauren Sherbert

Adopted 07/24/14

Cassidy Crane

Adopted 07/20/14

Bella Bluebonnet

Adopted 07/18/14

Betsy is an absolute darling--the most loving dog I've ever known. I am so fortunate to have found her. Many thanks to DREAM for getting us together! Many thanks to you, too!

Tristan Tomkins

Adopted 07/14/14

Sandie Seashell

Adopted 07/12/14

Renee Rosebud

Adopted 07/11/14

Payton Popsicle

Adopted 07/10/14

Lola Falalalala

Adopted 07/05/14

I don't know how to describe how much we love her. My sister and her husband came down this morning to see her and fell in love with her. My sister has a fancy sewing machine so she bought a pattern for dog clothes and plans to make Lola some outfits. She also is making her a fleece blanket with Lola's name on it.

Jake Jasper

Adopted 06/29/14

I began fostering Jakie in November 2014, shortly after he came into rescue. His previous owner died before he could make arrangements for Jake Jasper; his hospice nurse took Jakie in but her dog didn't get along with him, which is how DREAM got him. Marcie thought he'd do better in a quiet home, so I took him and it didn't take more than 24 hours before I became a foster failure; tiny 9 lb Jakie had my heart in a matter of minutes. He has made a couple of big adjustments in the past year; we moved, stayed with friends (with two American Staffordshire Terriers who Jake ran and played with). Then last November I rescued a Great Pyrenees puppy from an abusive situation, so Jake now has a 90 lb. brother, and Jakie runs things. I sit in the backyard watching them chase each other around, and they are a never-ending source of joy. Wish I could volunteer at the dog show with you guys, but I want to thank you for doing what you do - bringing love into the lives of the doxies and their people.

Frederick Firefly

Adopted 06/27/14

Cinnamon Sandcastle

Adopted 06/16/14

Cinnie was a surrender, and we were Freshman Fosters. When I picked her up from the vet, she was shaking and so very timid. I brought her home and called Jack to meet us in the back yard with the greeting party, Simon, a 15 year old private adoption doxie, and Bruni, a 6 year old DRoH rescue. She had to pass Bruni’s inspection for this to work, and that was NOT a given. Poor Cinnie was still shaking and afraid to enter the gate, but our pups were just curious. It was obvious that the little girl had been lacking in attention and love which was heart breaking, but I planned my next two days so I could stay at home completely and give her lots and lots of attention and, as the saying goes, the rest is history!!!

A little love goes a long way, especially with a long dog … Cinnie responded so quickly and gave more than she got by barrels! It is amazing how well behaved she is, leash trained and house trained

All was happy in Foster Land … and then the call came. “Barbara, can you give me a call … someone wants to adopt Cinnamon.” What??? I thought it took months, not two weeks, for a dog to get adopted! What if they won’t let her sleep with them? What if they don’t have another youngish dog for her to play with? What if they don’t have a Weight Watcher scale to carefully measure her food? What if??? I have to call my friend to see if she will hide Cinnie. The phrase "Foster Failure" begins to sink in … Jack and I had sort of laughed about it, and I had made jokes with Suzanne, but now we were going to have to decide if we were one of “those.”

YES, we are! Our wonderful sweet foster girl captured our hearts and made herself part of our little family so quickly and watching her transformation during the first few days we had her made us so happy we couldn’t possibly let her go … so that’s our DREAM story.

Drew Dragonfly

Adopted 06/16/14

Billy Bayou

Adopted 06/10/14

From Billy's foster mom who adopted him: Billy was gone for one night and when he came back our dogs acted like their best friend had just came home they were all giving kisses to each other and running around the yard and then more kissing. I knew he had already found his family and forever home. We love him and could not imagine him with any other family. My boys cried when he went for the overnight meet and greet and they thought Billy was never coming back. I knew we had to be his forever family.

We will still foster because, even with Billy, we only have 4 dogs now since my Lab Brownie passed away . Brownie loved Billy, so I think he is in doggie heaven smiling down at him.

Piper Peony

Adopted 06/10/14

Hey! It's been great. Piper and Prince have already become partners in crime! She is a very sweet girl. A daddy's girl for sure which Prince appreciates because he is a momma's boy.

Andy Azalea

Adopted 06/08/14

Chloe Carnation

Adopted 06/08/14

Chloe is doing well and settling in nicely in our home. She is so well mannered, loving and nearly perfect in every way. Walking on a leash is one of her favorite things to do and our neighbors have commented on how pretty she looks. Although these pictures were taken on the sofa, Chloe has claimed her own chair just for herself. She sleeps in her kennel in our room and is beginning to follow us to the bedroom at night and tuck herself in. I think it's safe to say that she feels secure and at home.

So glad that Dream let us foster her and make her our baby.

Gage Gardenia

Adopted 06/08/14

When we lost our beloved male dachshund (Vinny) in April we took some time to mourn the loss. We also wanted to allow our senior female dachshund (Lily) to have some time as an "only dog". It soon became apparent that we all missed having a second dog. Lily was lonely and withdrawn. We began to look for a rescue who would fit into our family.

We knew as soon as we met Max (formerly Gage) that his sweet charming disposition is just what Lily needed for a companion. One issue that we had to consider was that Lily was dog aggressive and did not get along with other dogs until ......she met Max. The transformation was amazing, she was soon acting like a much younger version of herself! Within 24 hours, they were laying together on a bed and have been inseparable since. Max has certainly made himself at home with us and we could not be happier.

As for us, we are smitten. Max is a loving and affectionate dog. He has not met a lap he does not like. He is the perfect fit for our family. We cannot imagine anyone ever giving this little guy up. We are so grateful to Dream Dachshund for rescuing him. Max is one of a kind - but most certainly the right one for us. Thank you all again!

Bruce, Jennifer, and Lily

Pixie Pinwheel

Adopted 06/08/14


Adopted 06/07/14

From Scout's Adopter...

Scout is doing great. He is a great joy to me. Thank you!

Tripp Truman

Adopted 06/06/14

Here are some pictures of Tripp. Maybe too many but I have taken a lot of him in the week or so we've had him. One picture is him laying on his daytime bed; he has a blanket he is usually under also. Another is him in my bed where is sleeps every night with his new brother Fuller. We love him so much and can't imagine life before him already! He fits into our family so perfectly.

Beatrice Buttercup

Adopted 05/31/14

Patience Pendleton
"Little Girl"

Adopted 05/30/14

Molly Monarch

Adopted 05/28/14

Joey Boudreaux

Adopted 05/24/14

I took "JoJo", as we are affectionately calling him now, to our vet on Saturday and got him all set with a new round of heartworm preventative. I'm happy to report, he was still heartworm negative and healthy on all other aspects. His other name is "Lick Lightening" as he loves to catch us off guard and sneak in a quick lick. I've been using that skill to help me wake up the girls in the morning. It's amazing how fast they wake up after a few licks. :-)

Attached are some of the photos I keep with me of him. It has astonished everyone how fast this little guy has warmed up so quickly and fit into our family. He is still learning to get along with our 2 cats as he wants to play chase with them since one of them squeaks just like his favorite tennis ball. It's quite comical at dinner time with all of them giving each other the "eye" while they eat. One of the pictures is JoJo's favorite look to give us as you can almost hear him say "aren't you going to play with me". My daughter's fall for it every time. His favorite pastime is playing with his tennis balls and the other is to be chased by one of us around the yard. After about 10 rounds, he is ready for naptime as that is the other picture. If he doesn't crash on his favorite pillow it's on my lap or my husband's. The neighborhood kids have also fallen in love with him and have to come say hi to him when we take him for his evening walks. He just eats that up as you can imagine.

Thanks for sending us his files and tag. I'll send an update in a few weeks as he is going on his first camping trip with us next week.

July 9, 2014 Update

Jojo had a great camping trip. He really got into the action as you can see from the attached picture. He also got to hang out with my Aunt's new dog, Rockie who is a rescue from Louisiana as they came out to visit us for the day. They did a little "tail-gating" themselves.

Hope Hummingbird
"Heidi Hope"

Adopted 05/18/14

Hope, now called Heidi Hope is a wonderful little dog. We have two other rescue dogs. Max a nine year old dachshund from a shelter 9 years ago. Sophie Olivia that we received from Dream last January . We love them all very much. Heidi is a nine-pound mini who is full of energy and plays well with the other dogs. Thank you DREAM for all of your help.

Sasha Sullivan

Adopted 05/16/14

Sasha is doing great and we are so happy that we found her! Roxy and Sasha are like two peas in a pod!

Wyatt Wisteria

Adopted 05/16/14

Felix Frankenweenie

Adopted 05/13/14

Felix, renamed "Si" by our son, is doing very well. He walks beautifully on leash with his two big brothers, Ziggy and Bo (Great White Pyrenees), and has settled in very well into our family. He often sleeps with Ziggy or Bo. We wish you all well in your work with the rescue organization.

Lulu Lantana

Adopted 05/11/14

Bruce Breezy

Adopted 05/10/14

He's doing well and having the time of his life. His foster called him Buddy but I changed it to Bohdi. He loves to play fetch and sometimes can't wait until I wake up! LOL

Bradley Cooper

Adopted 05/04/14

Kip Judd

Adopted 05/04/14

Kolby Judd

Adopted 05/04/14

Lucy LeBlanc

Adopted 05/04/14

Liam Payne

Adopted 05/03/14

Bonnie O'Brien

Adopted 05/02/14
Deceased 08/18/21

I wanted to let y'all know that Bonnie passed away on Wednesday, Aug 18. A few months ago she started having problems with her kidney levels being high, so we were taking her to the vet a few times a week for them to administer the fluids to help flush them. Everything seemed to be going well and her numbers were almost normal, but then she started having trouble breathing and they found that her heart was enlarged and was going into heart failure. We had her for a little over 7 years and enjoyed every moment we spent with her. She will be truly missed.

Oscar de la Wiene'

Adopted 05/02/14
Deceased 03/08/16

Pamela Petals

Adopted 05/02/14

I thought I would give you an update on Pamela now Heidi. When she first arrived at our house my dogs thought she was my dachshund that passed away two months ago but after a quick sniff they all realized she was someone new. Heidi has fit in wonderfully with the other dogs in the house. She immediately found her dog beds and respects everyone else's. Day one she enjoyed our daily 2 miles walk and on day two she got acquainted with the boat ride and the park in Lake Conroe. We are thrilled that she has fit in so quickly. She will have a wonderful forever home here.

Shane Shamrock

Adopted 04/26/14

Petunia Parsley
"Mattie Moo Olivet"

Adopted 04/20/14

This is a Love Story

Told with Love. Possible by Love.

Sometimes in this crazy world, we find ourselves with a hole in our heart that can only be filled by the unconditional, tail wagging, sometimes silly Love from a new four legged friend.

Enter Mattie Olivet, our new pretty little wire haired girl. She runs with a hop like a bunny, her ears flip backward all the time like she is signaling to turn left and her eyebrows are wiggly. She chases after our 70 pound boxer rescue Patch with all the force her 12 pounds can muster and she tries to outwit our daughter's rescue Chloe with only limited success. All the while bestowing that unconditional Love upon our whole family.

Told with Love. Possible by Love. Rescued by Love.

Thank you, DREAM.

Tilly Tulip
"Tilly Lew"

Adopted 04/20/14

Tilly would like to update everyone on what she's been up to. She has gone to daycare several times at Bayside Bed and Biscuit for the camaraderie of other dogs, but prefers human interaction. All day is too much for her so when she goes it's for the morning so she can come home and nap for evening play time.

Tilly earned frequent flyer miles on Southwest traveling to the family farm in Northern Ohio. She met Grandma and Pappa Lewie (they're both 89 years young), the kids, the grandkids, and Roxie the Doxie (the grand-dog). Tilly loved the new smells on the farm, walking down the lane, and even chased a chipmunk in the flower bed, then had to check for it every time she went outside.

We found out our 5pm return flight was delayed until 12:20am due to a fire at the Chicago control tower and had to re-book to the following day. The airline decided to load my luggage on a HOU flight but didn't know which one, so we had very little (fortunately I had dog food in my computer bag). Due to severe storms the previous day there weren't any rental cars available and it took over 2 hours to find a hotel with vacancy that accepted pets. Tilly did great in the hotel and was very patient with the 2-hour flight delay.

Now that we're back home Tilly has taken up interior decorating with pillows and paper artwork. We have photos to share that will display her new talents.

Bandit Bloom

Adopted 04/18/14

Monique Lamoureaux
"Mona Lisa"

Adopted 04/18/14

Monique came to us as one of our many foster dogs. My daughter and I fell in love with her and decided she was a great fit for our family.she would be the one we did not let go. We call her Mona Lisa as she has a slight smile. She is so sweet and funny ...an independent girl who loves to be outside with me as I garden. She loves to wake my daughter up in the morning with a nudge and puppy kisses. Thank you Dream for coming into our life. We love our Mona Lisa.

Tali Tuberose

Adopted 04/18/14
Courtesy Post

Harley Houlihan

Adopted 04/13/14

Harley is right at home with us and his big brother, Franklin, our Basset Hound. He loves to lick toes, hide bones, take car rides and run and play with his brother in the backyard. He's a wonderful addition to our family, always keeping us entertained or snuggling on the couch. Thanks DREAM!

Shiloh Saucier

Adopted 04/08/14

Marshawna Lynch

Adopted 04/07/14

Lindsey Buckingham

Adopted 04/06/14

Bailey O'Dalaigh

Adopted 03/30/14

Samuel Snowflake

Adopted 03/30/14

Sammy is the cutest little guy. He is getting use to his new family and routine. He is having a great time playing ball with my cattle dog, Raven. Thanks to DREAM dachshund for allowing me to be Sammy's forever home.

Hannah Kearney

Adopted 03/29/14
Deceased 11/25/19

I want to give you an update on Hannah. We have made huge strides with this baby girl. Your most powerful advice was "never underestimate the power of food". Ha ha. I always have treats in my pocket now. This girl has done a complete turnaround. She is warm and cuddly now. She loves to be loved. We broke through the barrier that broke her. She has turned into a Mommas girl.


Adopted 03/23/14
Courtesy Post

Abby Devreaux

Adopted 03/22/14

Luke LeMarquis

Adopted 03/22/14

Dolly Dreidel

Adopted 03/21/14

Monty Hall

Adopted 03/21/14
Deceased 08/18/23

Morgan O'Malley

Adopted 03/21/14

Dusty Boots

Adopted 03/19/14

Ava Garland

Adopted 03/14/14

Ava has been with us about 7 weeks and everything is going great. Ava is the most affectionate dog we have ever had. She is doing great and we are so happy to have her.

Ava is house-trained, she is not destructive and loves to go on walks. She is very good on a leash. She craves attention but she is responsive to basic commands. She loves everybody and is great with other dogs. She has brought a great deal of joy to our lives, particularly after we had to put down our mini dachshund, Maggie, whom we had for over 10 years. This has been truly a match made in heaven.

Best wishes to everybody at DREAM dachshunds.


Adopted 03/13/14
Courtesy Post


Adopted 03/13/14
Courtesy Post

Tiffany Tinsel

Adopted 03/12/14
Deceased 01/03/20

From Tiffany's new family...

"We are head over heels with Pepper (Tiffany)! She is the perfect fit for our family. She is learning our routine and is just a wonderful addition. When she is happy she twirls, which is usually when she gets fed.

Ted Ligity

Adopted 03/10/14

Sport Spartan

Adopted 03/03/14
Deceased 01/13/17

Our hearts are broken. Sport developed two herniated discs this past Tuesday. We rushed him to Texas A&M where they did an MRI and took him into surgery. Yesterday he had reflexes in his back legs, which was good. But late last night he came down with Myelomalacia (disintegration of the spinal cord). Nothing could be done for him. We held him while he took his trip over Rainbow Bridge. We are sick and heartbroken. He was the most lovely little boy we have ever had.

Sport gave of himself all the love and affection any dog could give. The hole in our hearts right now is so very deep. We shall miss him terribly. He was the sweetest little man. He would crawl up on your chest, put his head on your shoulder, and wrap his little front legs around your neck to give you a HUG! His passing is going to take a long while for us to get over.

Preston Pruitt

Adopted 03/01/14

We adopted Preston almost a week ago, but he has quickly made us feel like we have had him all along. It took him two days to warm up to the new surroundings but after that, we could not have asked for a better companion for our other Dachshund Peewee. Preston loves to cuddle up under the blankets and is one of those dogs who could literally fall asleep anywhere, but his favorite place right now is right on top of his dad's chest! When he’s not sleeping, he and peewee are looking for squirrels and rough housing in the back yard. He has done great with his potty breaks also, no complaints there. We just want to thank Marcie and the “DREAM Team” for blessing us with such a great pup!

Shani Davis

Adopted 03/01/14

"Yep, he's pretty much the love of my life!"

I cannot even begin to tell you how in love with Charlie I am :) He is seriously the perfect pet. Thank you so much for your love and care for all of the weenies. I look forward to someday fostering and adopting more!!!

Hank Holiday

Adopted 02/27/14

Here is a picture of Hank and his new brother, Giorgio, hanging out with mom while she gets ready to go. I'm sure Hank is in HEAVEN having a comfy bed in every room for him (literally).

Tess Tannenbaum

Adopted 02/26/14

Tess is a great little dog! We are so lucky to have her!

Seraphina Star

Adopted 02/22/14

Pearl Thomas
"Bella Vita"

Adopted 02/19/14

September 23, 2014

Please post this picture of my sweet Bella. I adopted her from you in February. We have grown to love her so much. She is doing very well, loves to go outside and run, run, run up and down the fence line. I think she must not have gotten to go outside much where she came from. She has really improved in her eating habits. She doesn’t eat so fast and realizes that she is going to get all she wants to eat! At first she would hold food in her jaws, I guess for later. She has her issues, like most rescue dogs but now she realizes that she is loved and is finally in her forever home with her forever family that will always care for her. Thank you DREAM for giving me my Bella!

February 24, 2014

I adopted Pearl a few days ago. Her name is now Bella Vita which means "beautiful life". I am so happy to have her and will give her that beautiful life. She is so adorable! She weighs 7.5 pounds and is a bundle of energy. She is doing relatively well on her house training, still having accidents. She is getting along quite well with the other doxies, although, they won't play with her yet. I think that will come with time. She curls up in a tiny ball in my lap everytime I sit down. We have already grown to love her. She is such a wonderful addition to our little minagerie. God bless you, DREAM, for what you are doing and for giving me my little Bella!


Adopted 02/17/14
Deceased 09/08/15

It is with a very heavy heart that I am writing you. Romeo (re-named Interceptor) passed away last night in a tragic, unexpected accident. Being the ever-mischievous Dachsie that he was, he wiggled under the fence yesterday evening and went into the neighbor’s backyard. We were all in the backyard with him, but he dug under there too fast for anyone to realize what had happened. He was killed by our neighbor’s dog. I am so, so sorry. Interceptor was our baby, and we loved him more and more every single day. We are in complete and total shock. He meant everything - absolutely everything - to us. I’ve never loved, and I will never love, anything as much as I loved that little boy. I would give anything to bring him back to us.

Goldie Tate
"Maggie Mae"

Adopted 02/16/14

We got Maggie (Goldie Tate) on the 16th so she has been here almost two weeks. I can't begin to tell you what a perfect match she is for my other dachshund Cooper (also a rescue) and myself. We were meant to be together. She has adjusted to her forever home immediately. Within a couple of days she already responded to her new name. She goes outside with her brother Cooper and if not on your lap and showering you with kisses she has found her favorite spot on the couch. She goes in her crate for the night without a peep and loves being in or outside as long as it's not too cold or raining! I love her to pieces and I have been waiting for her to join our family. Thank you DREAM for our new love in our life, Maggie Mae.

Missy Mistletoe

Adopted 02/14/14
Deceased 06/18/18

We are so heartbroken to announce the sudden loss of our sweet Missy. I swear she was made from pure sugar and we will never know a dog sweeter than her. We lost her best friend Polly just 8 months ago and I know they are running around in Heaven together now. ❤️ Until we meet again sweet girl.

Polly Pinecone

Adopted 02/14/14
Deceased 10/29/17

Polly took another sudden turn for the worse and passed away. We are just devastated and miss her so much already . Thank you all for your prayers.

Benny Affleck

Adopted 02/10/14

We renamed the little guy to Ghibli. He and Benz, our 14 year old dachshund, have become big buddies. Benz has to straighten out the young one every once in a while. He is certainly a character!

Benny loves the sun! He is just what we needed for our older Dachshund! He likes to eat and play. Thanks Again!

Periwinkle Pruitt

Adopted 02/08/14
Deceased 07/03/17


Adopted 02/01/14

We are one lucky family now that Fritzy has arrived. He is super sweet and gets along great with our two sons Max and Gus (3 and 1). Max calls him his "rescue dog" and Gus loves crawling on his bed and getting doggy kisses. Fritzy plays a little bit but is mostly happy nestled up on my lap. He has learned quickly that when Gus is in the high chair chances are he may get a scrap or two. He loves going in walks and playing with the neighbors dog, Lucy. Thank you for all you do DREAM!!!

Lucy Licorice
"Lulu Belle"

Adopted 02/01/14

1/1/23 Update

Today is Lucy's Gotcha Day. I adopted her 9 years ago, driving down to Houston from Dallas to pick her up. Wouldn't change a thing 🐾♥️

8/17/21 Update

Hi. I adopted Lucy from you in February of 2013. Today is her 10th birthday. I love this little girl! 🐾❤️🦴

1/27/15 Update From Lucy's Forever Mom

Lucy rescued us a year ago this coming weekend. She has really bloomed this year and keeps us, our two dachshunds (11 and 12 years of age) and yard critters (squirrels and a stubborn opossum) on our toes.

She wags her tail a lot now and wants right up in my face and lap. When she came to live with us, she never wagged her tail and she was very reserved. Lucy would prefer to be outside, propped up in the top the tree, barking and watching the world go by. Many paths have been worn into my grass.

These days, she goes more by Lulubelle than Lucy. I'm attaching some pictures as well. Thank you so much for this feisty little dachshund!

2/7/14 Update From Lucy's Forever Mom

Lucy is adapting just great. Her fears are being eased and she is loving the lovin'. She loves her new toys, especially critter. I throw and she retrieves. I will find my slipper missing as I step out of the shower and find a tennis shoe precariously hanging off the side of the bed. She doesn't chew them up, just takes them. Silly girl. She is cold most of the time. Lucy snuggles under the covers up against my back or behind my knees. She does NOT like to get up. She's like a teenager that way. Here are some pictures I've taken. Enjoy!

Mallory Morningstar

Adopted 01/27/14

We've only had Molly (formerly Mallory) a week and she's already stolen our hearts and become a member of our family. She and her new sister Phoebe, a 3 yr. old terrier mix, are constant companions and spend all day playing and wrestling. They have so much energy that it makes us tired watching them. At night, both dogs join us on our big bed and crash until morning. Molly will gently wake you up with a little lick when she's ready to get up and go outside. Molly has really responded to affection and loves to be held. We are so happy to have our new little princess. Thank you, Dream Dachshunds, for all you do.

Jennifer Lawrence

Adopted 01/25/14

Natalie Nottingham

Adopted 01/25/14

Olivia Wilde
"Sophie Olivia"

Adopted 01/25/14

Sophie Olivia is doing wonderfully. We love her so much. She is so sweet. Max, our 7 year old dachshund, and Sophie play all the time. Rascal, our 10 year dachshund does not play, but she tolerates her. I believe she is Pomeranian and long haired chihuahua, but she fits right in, and we do love her. The attached photo is of Max and Sophie Olivia.

Thank you again for all of your help. Hope you find homes for all the dogs. They all need loving homes.

Stevie Nicks

Adopted 01/21/14

Nikki Garland

Adopted 01/18/14

Gracie is doing fantastic!!! She's a sweetheart!!! Thanks so much!

Louis Tomlinson

Adopted 01/16/14

Danni Garland

Adopted 01/13/14

Heidi Garland

Adopted 01/12/14

William Garland

Adopted 01/10/14

Bentley Bethlehem

Adopted 01/06/14

Parker Primrose

Adopted 01/05/14

Tobey Truffle

Adopted 01/05/14
Deceased 08/24/21

I adopted little Tobey back in January 2014. He has been my best friend and a loving and loyal companion for the past seven years. I am broken-hearted to tell you that he passed away on August 24th. It was quite sudden and unexpected. Tobey became ill on August 23rd and I took him to his usual veterinarian. They looked him over and sent him home with medication. His condition continued to decline and I took him to VERGI shortly before midnight. Tobey had very low blood sugar and the doctors could not raise it. He passed away at 4:00 am on August 24th, after several attempts to resuscitate him. It was discovered that he had a large mass on his liver.

Calvin Kleinbrook

Adopted 01/04/14

Elvis Enchanté

Adopted 01/04/14

Neva Nottingham

Adopted 12/27/13

Here is a picture of Neva who we adopted Dec. 27, 2013. We lost our 11 year old Pebbles about a month before our grand daughter sent us your web page to look at. We saw Neva and the wheels started turning. Her loving face and life story touched our heart and we just had to go see her. We drove to meet Neva's lovely foster family and knew she had received love and kindness for the duration of her stay there. When we saw Neva it was love at first sight.

We brought her home 2 days after Christmas and in less than 24 hours she had claimed this home as hers. We are an older couple and Neva has added a spark ...not an explosion, to our life. She is so sweet and a real "love bug." She sleeps with me at night and lays in Lyle's lap all day. We put in a doggie door and the back yard is her heaven. Squirrels, birds, neighbor's dog and occasional visit from a neighborhood cat makes good entertainment for Neva.

The three of us are the perfect match. Neva is our 6th. pet and by far the sweetest. We are all in love - Neva, my husband and me. Thank you for all the effort everyone contributed to Neva's survival, especially her lovely foster family. I know they miss her.

Dorothy Gale

Adopted 12/23/13

Janie Spofford

Adopted 12/23/13

Oct 31, 2014

Penny in her Halloween costumes.

Oct 2, 2014

Here are some new photos of Penny. We moved to Connecticut a month ago and Penny is loving the view in our new house. Lots of squirrels for her to observe in our yard :)

Aug 15, 2014

Penny flying to NYC for vacation.


Apr 14, 2014

Penny is very happy. We made her little stairs so she doesn't hurt herself trying to jump on the chair to get up on the desk. When we went on vacation for 5 days, we left her at my friend's house where she was with another little Dachshund. She is doing awesome so I just thought y'all might like an update.

Jan 14, 2014

Penny smelling the breeze and tucked into bed. She has adjusted well to her new home and I take her on lots of walks around the neighborhood everyday. Also, we got small pebbles to replace the rocks in our yard. The small pebbles are better for Penny's little feet.

Jan 7, 2014

Penny in her new home.

Dec 23, 2013.

Adoption Day.

Gale Hawthorne

Adopted 12/22/13

Johnny Jingle
"Johnny Knoxville"

Adopted 12/22/13

Message fro Johnny and Justin's mom...

Johnny and Justin are absolutely wonderful. We love them so much! They are thriving and have so much love to give. We feel so very Blessed that they are a part of our family.

Justin and Johnny are settling in nicely. A true Christmas blessing for our family. Their foster sister Stevie Nicks is here too and having a blast. They will keep their first names, but we added Timberlake and Knoxville...had to. Blessed to have found the Dream family. Thanks for all you do!

Josephine Jolly

Adopted 12/22/13

Justin Jingle
"Justin Timberlake"

Adopted 12/22/13

Justin and Johnny are settling in nicely. A true Christmas blessing for our family. Their foster sister Stevie Nicks is here too and having a blast. They will keep their first names, but we added Timberlake and Knoxville...had to. Blessed to have found the Dream family. Thanks for all you do!

Shelley Schroeder
"Holley Jean Patten"

Adopted 12/21/13

Yes, we are the proud owners of Holley Jean Patten (formerly known as Shelley Schroeder). Holley is a sweet playful, loving dog. She LOVES to run and play. We are moving in March to a farm in Iowa, where the house will have a doggy door installed and she will have lots of room to play. Her nose is always to the ground when we take walks here. I can only imagine how much she will enjoy exploring the cornfields of Iowa, hunting, fishing and playing with her soon to meet dachshund cousins up there. It wouldn’t surprise me if she is seen on youtube or America's Funniest Home Videos, as she has a charming and bubbly personality and enjoys an audience. THANK YOU, for all this organization does to help dogs get a second chance. I hope all of Holley's dreams come true. Blessings!

Candie Corn

Adopted 12/20/13

We are IN LOVE with our sweet girl, Miss Allie! Although we've fostered many other dogs, we knew after only a few minutes that Allie was going to be staying with us forever! She's the perfect addition to our family and has become fast BFFS with Ellie and Pollux! <3

Harry Styles

Adopted 12/20/13

Niall Horan

Adopted 12/20/13

Update from Nemo's Mom

Nemo is doing great... We love him so much and he is totally spoiled. He is best friends with our golden retriever Tibal and they cuddle and play all day long.

Thank you to your organization and especially to Marcie for the incredible work you do. We love our little Nemo. He is the perfect addition to our family.

Zayn Mallik
"Wooly Bear"

Adopted 12/20/13

Chloe Kardoxian

Adopted 12/17/13

Miss Chloe ..... You would never guess her age!!! I love her spritely run through the yard! She starts bouncing around in the house when she needs to go outside. She is also my barker :) she loves to bark at Zero! She is also my shadow and the one that must sleep with me in the bed at night. If any dog is in the bed you can guarantee it is Chloe. Or if I put them in the couch she will crawl in my lap or nose any one out of her way to get there! She is my best one to sit and be groomed or bathed. All the girls know to come in the bathroom when it's time to be brushed. She would lay there for hours if you would brush her that long! She is still doing ok with her medicine for her trachea and her biopsy on her foot came back as nothing.

DREAM Note: Chloe's family also adopted Fiona and Courtney!

Courtney Kardoxian

Adopted 12/17/13
Deceased 03/26/21

This evening I had to say goodbye to my sweet Confetti girl. My heart is broken but I know she is happy across the rainbow bridge. A big thank you to our staff at LeadER Animal Specialty Hospital. They were truly a comfort to me at such a difficult time. I was a mess, but they held my hand the entire way. 💕

Lillie Ann

Adopted 12/14/13


Adopted 12/14/13

Rudolph, who is now known as Oliver, is doing great! He is such a lover and gets along great with the other dogs and cats.

Estella Evergreen

Adopted 12/12/13

Hal Oween

Adopted 12/08/13

Thank you for everything! As you can see, Owen is dearly loved. :) My daughter says,"Mom, he's part of our family now".

Happy Holidays!

Sugar Boots
"Sock Puppy"

Adopted 12/05/13

Sukie Ridgemont

Adopted 12/05/13

Koop Kingsley

Adopted 12/04/13

Clyde Grimm

Adopted 12/02/13

Clyde was originally fostered by our family (that includes Ross and Ziggy Stardust, also adopted from Dream earlier in the year). However, I knew I was in trouble when I stopped by Natural Pawz on the way home from picking up Clyde and the young lady behind the counter commented on how Clyde already loved me so much and how I should adopt him! We made another stop at Petsmart, and random people in the store kept commenting on how much he loved me, too. So the stars were aligned on this adoption!

The icing on the cake came, however, when the rest of my children came home from college. We were playing with all three of our dachshunds, but I could see how attracted the kids were to Clyde. He literally shakes all over, his tail wagging incessantly, due to his excitement over loving us and being a part of our family! His velvety ears go back, he puts up his nose for a doggy kiss, and his eyes shine with love!

We love our Clyde and couldn't be more happy.

Gracie Gobble

Adopted 11/27/13

We'll continue to send updates! She's a happy girl!! She's a beauty and a sweetheart for sure!! 😃

Count Choco Latte

Adopted 11/24/13

Count Chocolatte or “Choco” for short is our newest addition. We went to DREAM in search of a dachshund with some extra energy and playfulness. Our other dog, Lily, was quiet, reserved, and somewhat timid of other dogs and we wanted to acclimate her to being around other animals. During our initial visit, we were sold on him after he brought us a sock with a Kong ball and proceeded to play tug of war with us the entire time we were there. In the words of Marcie after fostering him at Lil’ Ruffhouse, “He was a bit of a handful.” That’s an understatement but he has been a joy to us ever since bringing him home the very first time.

We have since renamed him Marshall and he has done wonders to get Lily out her shell. They play tug of war together, chase each other around the house, and protect Emily and me from the other one which is quite comical. Despite his being smaller than the majority of other animals around us, Marshall has become our resident guard dog. No sound or disturbance happens without him bolting for the door curiously wondering what is going on and loudly making his presence known. At the dog park, he proudly storms into the “large dog” section as if he belongs and goes right up to the largest animal there. He’s a master at fetch and will outrun labs, retrievers, and other larger dogs to grab his favorite Kong ball.

We cannot thank everyone who helps out with DREAM to make it possible for these dogs to find a new forever home. We also would like to especially thank Marcie who was patient with us while we met and interacted with several potential adoption candidates before ultimately deciding on adding Marshall to our family. We hope our donation helps put more dachshunds in their forever homes.

Maggie Mae Zweite
"Maggie Goldapp"

Adopted 11/23/13
Deceased 09/27/22

Maggie was crazy smart, learning to open gates hunting down her prey. Things didn't live long in our yard. The girl was a Houdini at open doors - one minute there, the next POOF! Look up and she's sitting across the street waiting for us to bring her home. No chasing required. No trash or food was safe from her.

We're sure she thought her name was "No No Bad Dog" LOL! Maggie had great hearing for meal calls but not so much otherwise. She loved hunting for hidden treats in the house, zooming through every room looking under, over, in and between, never using her nose (probably because it took too long). Poor Steffi never had a chance! Being food driven made it easy to teach Maggie tricks and give her medical care. Camping was a big treat and one of the few times she really used her nose. Buffalo, deer, prairie dog, yum! Karl says Maggie was the boss, and he was her pack. She was always beside him on the couch and in bed.

She loved to bully Steffi, running past her with mouth wide open to nip at her, but always wanting her sister near and allowing her to sleep on top of her. Maggie wanted to be involved with everything and complained loudly when left out. She could be bossy, exhausting, entertaining, funny, loud and was so very loved!

Her body started shutting down last week and she spent her last night sleeping on Karl's chest. Dr. McCann at South 40 Veterinary Hospital helped us through the process as we let her go. She was one month shy of her 17th birthday. We're grieving but also remembering the great life we all had together for 8 years. She made our lives lively and loved us as much as we loved her. Thank you, DREAM Dachshund Rescue and her foster, Suzanne, for this precious girl!

Christine McVie

Adopted 11/10/13

Mick Fleetwood

Adopted 11/10/13

Evan Eastwick

Adopted 11/08/13

Pierce Prescott

Adopted 11/06/13

All is going great with Pierce. He and my oldest are inseparable. They sleep together and he follows her everywhere. I love seeing them bond. He is spoiled for sure and we love it! ;-)

Lily Lou

Adopted 11/03/13

It's been almost three months since Lily has joined our family. We've renamed her "Fergie". Fergie loves going outside for walks and exploring. She also enjoys beating up on her toys and makes it her mission to yank out the squeaker. Thank you so much to DREAM for bringing us our precious little lady.


Adopted 11/02/13
Courtesy Post

Maize Duke

Adopted 11/02/13

Savannah Starburst

Adopted 10/30/13

We were looking to add an older dog to add to our family. Our family includes Jake a 100 pound lab rescue and Darby, our mini longhaired dachshund. After choosing a 13 yr old to adopt we received a call about "Molly" a puppy found on the side of a road in Conroe. We met her and instantly knew she was ours. She had lost most of her hair to mange and had a broken tail, but to us, she was perfect. We were right. She is our perfect Molly girl. We have had her now for 3 weeks, she is so beautiful with her hair coming in nicely. Her temperament is amazing. She is so well behaved. A tiny little thing when we got her at 5 pounds she is now 7 pounds and really throwing her weight around. Ha. I can not thank you enough for our girl. We love her so much. I'll bet we say several times a day, "Who would have put this puppy on the side of the road?" I am glad that they did because otherwise we wouldn't have her. Thank you again.

Bonnie Boo

Adopted 10/28/13

I wanted to give you an update on Bonnie Boo and send you a few pictures. We are so happy to give this precious girl a forever home. She has been with us for over a month and it feels like she's been a a part of our family forever. Bonnie gets along with our male dachshund, Weenie; they are great play mates. She is such a snuggle bug and loves her new daddy. She's quite spoiled and loves to sleep with us. I'm so happy I found DREAM and am thankful for all of Marcie's help with our adoption.

Reggie Rainbow
"Ziggy Stardust"

Adopted 10/19/13

Just wanted to share that all is going great between Ziggy and Ross.

Ziggy encourages Ross to dash out of the house to the backyard (and Ross rushes out before he realizes "Yey, where's mom?" LOL). They constantly are interacting ... either "mock fighting", playing together (sometimes side-by-side each with their own toy), or sleeping next to one another on their own furry blankets (Ziggy loves to burrow into his, and at first I thought he had disappeared before Clay pointed out to me that there was a pair of eyes peeking out from the folds of the blanket). To fully understand how great they get along ... they even eat side-by-side and will wait patiently while the other gets a treat (knowing that he will get his treat next).

Ziggy loves getting up on the window ledge to look out. He has 2 flower boxes right outside, and a new bed in addition to his pillow. When Ross gets too possessive of toys, he also will sneak one up there all to himself! We should all be so relaxed

This could not have worked out any better.

Finnick Odair

Adopted 10/17/13

Peeta Mellark

Adopted 10/17/13

Danny Doolittle

Adopted 10/06/13

Russell Robertson

Adopted 10/06/13

Eloise Everheart

Adopted 10/05/13

Lilith Crane
"Lilly Mae"

Adopted 10/04/13

July 8th, 2014

Just an update on Lilly Mae. She continues to thrive, has had no health issues except she lost a tooth during a cleaning session at our vet's. She still hides socks all over the place. We visited a condo we have on South Padre Island this spring and she took to the surf very well and is a good traveler. Recently her two rescue Doxie cousins stayed with us for a week ... good times but three doxies can really hog the bed at night.

There isn't much else I can say except she has brightened our lives and we are very grateful to DREAM and Gina for her.

Thanks again,

Gene, Donna and Lilly Mae


Adopted 10/04/13

Nutmeg Nottingham
"Lucy Van Pelt"

Adopted 10/03/13


Adopted 10/01/13

Cato is just the best. His personality has blossomed; he is bold, inquisitive, and happy. He and the Corgi spend a lot of time chasing each other around the den with Cato leading the play. It's great exercise for both of them, better than we expected. The cats are distant, but, hey, they are cats.

Darlie Daffodil

Adopted 09/30/13


Adopted 09/29/13


Adopted 09/28/13


Adopted 09/28/13

Heather Hollingsworth

Adopted 09/22/13

Jack Juniper

Adopted 09/22/13
Deceased 01/01/19

Rudy, as we've renamed him, is snuggled next to us as I write this... We are smitten (and we think he is too).

Bean Bogart

Adopted 09/21/13

Bean (Oliver) is now safe and sound in his new home getting along great with his two older sisters! We love him and are happy we found him!

I just wanted to thank DREAM for helping us find our Ollie (formerly known as Bean Bogart)! He has settled in to our home beautifully, and even our resident Queen Diva (Roxy) has started warming up to him! My husband and I are really happy we found y'all, and can't wait for Dachtoberfest! Oliver, Roxy, Hannah, and their humans will be there.


Adopted 09/07/13

Katniss Everdeen

Adopted 09/07/13

Banjo Beckett

Adopted 09/02/13

Ben has just fit right in to the family. It's like we have always had him. He thinks he's as big as Buddy, and Buddy thinks he's the size of Ben. It's quite comical to watch. Everyone falls in love with Ben and he's such a good boy.


Adopted 08/31/13

Zoey has finally found her forever home and her forever servants. She is the most demanding, bossy, prissy, unapologetic, ungrateful creature on the planet. If we turn our heads, she eats off our plates. If we return to the kitchen for a napkin, she drinks our coffee. You cannot spank a mini-miniature dachshund, but if you shake your finger in her face, she tosses her head and looks the other way, with her nose in the air. If you recline on the sofa exhausted to watch TV, she walks on your head. She rules the roost and she is spoiled. We all live to serve her. It is demeaning.

Then she stays with Marcie or my mother, and acts like the sweet princess (or so I am told) when she's with them. The problem is, she's ADDICTIVE. There is something about her that you can't help but want to hold and cuddle and dress up like a JonBenet Ramsey, even when she's naughty, you want to hold her and pamper her. It's ridiculous. Maybe, they're all just addictively cuddly, but the others are demonstrably appreciative for the attention and care. Zoey just expects it.


Adopted 08/24/13

Casey Clover

Adopted 08/24/13

Dustin Doyle

Adopted 08/24/13


Adopted 08/24/13


Adopted 08/18/13
Courtesy Post

Farrah Foxglove
"Clara Bow"

Adopted 08/13/13


Adopted 08/04/13
Courtesy Post

From Red Collar Rescue: Adorable Maddox was finally adopted! He goes to his new home in Cypress on Sunday and they love him to pieces! Thank you so much for the beautiful posting that you did you for him.


Adopted 07/31/13

We visited your booth at the dog show and I was telling the ladies how happy we are to have this little character in our family. In this picture he is sitting in Daddy's chair waiting for him to come play fetch. This is about the 8th version of the same toy he's gone through, even tries to bring it in our bed at night. I forgot how much energy a 2-3 yr old has since our other 2 are 9 and 11. Web will celebrate Henry's "birthday" on July 31, the day we got him.

Marty Graw

Adopted 07/28/13

Little buddy is doing great and has made quite an impression in our home. I definitely feel that he will make a great addition to our family. Thank you so much for everything you have done with him so far. It is clear that he was given a wonderful home for the first 6 months of his life. We will certainly recommend your organization to future potential dog owners. Talk to you soon.


Adopted 07/27/13

Jackson Browne

Adopted 07/27/13

Jackson did fantastic! We could not have hoped for a better fit for us all and Jackson! After he and Doc got to know each other, they had a chase fest for about 15-20 min., running a wide track all around the house. First Jackson was chasing Doc, then Doc would reverse and chase Jackson. They were having a ball and so much fun to watch. I could tell that Doc has missed having someone to run with. They have become true friends and partners. When they got tired, they both crashed in their separate cozy beds for a nap before dinner. Doc is realizing that he is a little out of shape and Jackson will be his work out partner:-) Our Wiem, Booh, has also perked up also with the new addition. He sniffs and nuzzles Jackson but is content to lay around and watch Action Jackson and Doc play.

When my husband came home this morning, Jackson jumped up on his lap for cuddles and a nap. He has also claimed a comfy chair that looks into the kitchen because he seems to love to watch me while I cook. I started calling him Chef Jackson.So cute!!! You have done such a great job with him!


Adopted 07/14/13

Shadow Sunkissed

Adopted 07/14/13

Ginger Gladiola

Adopted 07/03/13

Riley Radigan

Adopted 06/25/13

I wanted to share with you some photos of Riley and Bridget. He is doing very well. Such a sweetheart.

Freddy MacFarland

Adopted 06/23/13

Harper Ann Honeysuckle

Adopted 06/23/13

Rowdy Raindrop

Adopted 06/19/13

Rowdy's a good boy. He nibbles my toes, likes me to hold him when I'm in the pool, plays very well with Honey and Princess and is just totally loved. Thank goodness he pooped in the house at his first meet and greet or we'd never have met him. LOL

6/29/14 Update: We adopted Rowdy Raindrop last June. He truly lights up our life. When we took Rowdy, he was heartworm positive. After one year on heartworm meds, he tested clear at his annual two weeks ago. I almost burst into tears in the office. Such good news.

Alannah Donnelly

Adopted 06/15/13

My husband first spotted Ali on your website and he said "That looks like a good dog." I have to say, he was right! She is so loving, kind, so good with the kids, full of energy and ready to play, and super smart and trainable. After losing my doggie after 11 wonderful years, DREAM really took the time to find us the perfect pup. Thank you so much! She fits right into our happy family.

We have re-christened "Ali" as "Lettie". Lettie is a dream. So sweet, completely house-trained and crate-trained. No barking at all. She cried when I first left her with my husband and the kids to run an errand, but that was it. She loves her crate and her dog bed. She also loves her training walks and runs. She has been so good with the parade of kids we have in and out of the house. Everyone loves her, but she is MY special girl. Thanks for everything.

Auntie Em

Adopted 06/15/13

Lucy Lovebug

Adopted 06/14/13

Mabel Marigold

Reunited 06/14/13

Donovan Darby

Adopted 05/25/13


Donovan just got back from testing for Canine Good Citizen. He passed!


We wanted to let you know the exciting news! Donovan Darby (Donnie) is now a therapy dog. He passed his temperament test today. What is so cool is that Donnie is paying it forward. He will be visiting hospitals and bringing joy and love to others like you all did for him and do everyday for the other DREAM dogs. Read more about Donovan becoming a Certified Therapy Dog. Donovan also received recognition in the November 2016 edition of the Caring Critters Critter Chronical.

Hi. My name is Donovan Darby and I was adopted in late May.

It has been a real adjustment moving into my new home. I have a brother but he doesn't look like me. He has all these black spots on his white short haired coat and he is much taller than me. I have been going on so many walks since I came to my forever home. I love going on walks. In my previous life, I didn't get around much so I have been learning how to approach people and other dogs. It's hard, but I am making some progress. I was out in the country recently in Bellville visiting with my trainer. I barked at her at first but now we are friends. I even like her two Dachshund children.

I have traveled some with my new mom and dad. I got to go on vacation this summer. I went to the Blueberry Festival in Nacogdoches and walked in a pet parade with my brother. Unfortunately, neither of us won the pet costume contest. I liked the slower pace of life and sitting outside and having lunch with my mom and dad. I also got to go to Galveston and see the Strand. It was fun walking around and seeing all the tourists.

Well, I've got to get back to my homework now. I have been going to Petsmart's dog obedience school. I have my final tests next week so I have to practice my "sits" and "downs" so that I can graduate.

Thanks to Kayla, Cong, and Marcie for taking care of me while I was waiting for my forever home.

Love and puppy kisses,

Donovan (the long haired Dachshund--not the singer)


Adopted 05/25/13


Adopted 05/25/13
Deceased 11/28/20

Today I said goodbye to my snuggle buddy. I knew this day was coming although I thought I would lose him to dementia, not a stroke. With the loss of his back legs and the inability to sit upright without support, he was miserable. I had hoped with a few days, he would improve but unfortunately his little body further declined. My heart is shattered and aches beyond words. I am comforted to know that he will be met at the Rainbow Bridge by Lilah, Clarence, Malcolm, Shorty, Knox and a few others. Comet will stop by to snap at him one more time. Winkie easily made human and furry friends and I am sure he is up there making some new ones. He is probably going to be starting a few bromances and put his moves into action. He will chase geckos and bunnies, take long walks and be the center of attention. Until we meet again, know that I love you and miss you Wink! You were special.


Adopted 05/23/13

Betsy Bobbin

Adopted 05/06/13

Fiona Mahoney

Adopted 05/01/13

Bella is fitting in perfectly. Even better than expected. :) She only had accidents on the first day she was here and is already heading to the door when she needs to go. She acts like she has been here for months. Bella and Zero curl up on the couch or the big dog bed. They all run and play in the yard and she is already doing well with coming back when called. She has a beauty appointment tomorrow morning. I will send pictures of her new haircut as soon as she is done :). Thanks again for saving her and giving me the opportunity to love such a treasure!

DREAM Note: Bella's family also adopted Chloe and Courtney!

Flynn Flannigan

Adopted 04/19/13


Adopted 04/03/13

Dandy Lion

Adopted 03/31/13

We adore our new addition. He is now named Rudy. He is very attached to me and follows me every where I go. Thanks again for all you have done to make our house a home again.

Gloria Dianne

Adopted 03/17/13
Deceased 11/19/21

Just wanted you to know Ruby is doing good. Her first day after adoption, we went to Pets Mart and bought some toys. Also visited her three cousins in Weston Lakes and they did good together. She is adjusting well and I believe she is a happy girl. We will give her a good home. Thanks!

Glinda Goodwitch

Adopted 03/09/13

We started looking for adoptable dachshunds after deciding that our 4 year old, black and tan dapple doxie, Pickle, really needed a playmate to keep her company and keep her active. We fell in love with Pepper's sweet face from her pictures and decided that we would apply to adopt her. Luckily for all of us, it could not have been a better fit! Pickle and Pepper got along right away and have since become inseparable. They spend the majority of their days either playing or snuggling together. Pepper is just the sweetest, most affectionate little girl ever and our family would not be the same without her now. Thank you so much to DREAM Rescue and everyone involved in our adoption process! We couldn't be happier :)


Adopted 03/09/13

I wished to take a moment and express my sincerest gratitude not only for our new family member but as well for the organization and its attention to the process. Rusty has adjusted quite well and brought a renewed energy to our home. His initial separation anxiety only underscored the love and affection that the foster family promoted during their care. Rusty is well socialized, balanced, energetic and was obviously well cared for mentally and physically. His integration into our home has been without incident and he is bonding extremely well with my elder dog Lennon.

You are to be congratulated on your organizational structure and purpose. The thoroughness and care in which you conduct the adoption process is to be commended. There is always a level of uncertainty when adopting but any hesitation I may have had quickly dissolved during the first home visit and the balance of the process was no less satisfying. Moreover, the well being of our canine friends was foremost in the hearts and minds of all concerned and at the end of the day that what it’s all about.

I wish you continued success in this worthwhile endeavor and should the need arise I am more than happy to share my experience with anyone seeking to adopt one of your canine bundles of joy.

With sincerest appreciation,

Craig J.


Adopted 03/03/13

Ruby Slippers

Adopted 03/03/13

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