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Durango Delta 

Rescued: 11/09/16
Status: Available
Adoption Fee: $200
Gender: Male
Age: Adult (6-10 Years)
Size: Mini (< 12 lbs)
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Longhaired
Update from Durango's Foster Mom...

Durango is doing so well and gaining confidence by the day! His tail is no longer tucked all the time and he doesn’t flinch anymore when you reach down to pet him. He found his favorite spot on the couch with the other dogs, and is totally non-aggressive. He's doing very well with his housetraining keeping him in a smaller area with access to the doggie door has really helped! We spend alot of time outside with the dogs in the evening when we get home and again before going to bed. On weekends, we herd them all outside every few hours so everyone gets used to taking care of business in the yard. We are happy about his progress! Recently, Durango got to attend our daughter's 16th birthday party, with about 10 teenagers. He was a great party guest! He really loved all the attention and mingled with the kids throughout the evening.


This is Durango Delta. Durango is a longhaired, black and cream colored brindle. He's a mini boy, weighing about 10.5 lbs, is 9 year old and has AKC papers too. Durango and his buddy Cora had previously belonged to a breeder and had been her personal dogs. When she found herself in a situation of moving to another town, and unable to take them along, she enlisted a friend's help to get them in to DREAM's rescue program. Durango and Cora came in to rescue quite scared and somewhat unsocialized. Their foster mom is working with them now, getting used to new surroundings, socializing with other dogs and showing them how to calmly meet new humans. Durango will need a family who can show him lots of love and patience and in turn, he will make a great companion and addition to your "pack."

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