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Sully Snap 

Rescued: 09/18/16
Status: Available
Adoption Fee: $250
Gender: Male
Age: Young (1-5 Years)
Size: Tweenie (12-16 lbs)
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth
No Young Children,
Needs a Dog Buddy

Update from Sully's Foster Mom:

Sully enjoys the outdoors, so he needs a home with a fenced yard. He also needs at least one dog buddy to play with. He is initially fearful of men and new people and will bark at all visitors at first. He is simply petrified of several things, including but not limited to being on a leash, riding in the car and being at the vet! It’s obvious he and his brothers weren’t properly socialized as puppies and probably had never seen anything outside of the back yard they came from. They have many fears but seem to be adjusting quickly. Sully loves being burrowed under blankets on the couch, and is always snuggled up with multiple Dachshund friends. They are active squirrel hunters too. Sully needs a low-key home with experienced Dachshund owners, preferably with all adults or at least a home with no young/small children and one without a lot of commotion would be best. These boys are learning to chase toys and like to play too.

This little guy is Sully Snap. Sully and his three brothers became DREAM Dachsies when their human family in San Antonio, was being fined for owning too many dogs inside the city limits. These four boys are two years old. Although they were family pets, they had never been to a vet, nor are they trained to walk on a leash. They've only known one life and now that's been turned upside down. Rather than allowing the boys to end up in a shelter, their owners chose to surrender them to rescue, improving their chances of being adopted into Dachshund loving forever families. Their temporary foster parents agreed that the boys would benefit being placed in different foster families to help socialize them better. They also said the four got along fine with all their personal dogs, although they are just a little scared and a bit confused right now. All are heartworm negative, but they did have fleas, so they are on antibiotics for signs of flea dermatitis/allergy. Sully is small, between 10 - 11lbs. and is the most frightened. He will require patience, but then he will lay his head on your shoulder as shown in picture.

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