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Status: Adopted 05/25/13
Gender: Male
Age: Adult (6-10 Years)
Size: Mini (< 12 lbs)
Color: Red
Coat: Smooth
I think Winkie is settling and has found his doggie bed. He pined for you for ½ hour – crying at the door, trying to look out the windows, then he moved onto the couch, perched, listening for the slightest sound to indicate that you returned for him and finally he took a running start position on floor, ready to make his escape out the front door should you open it. Then he took a nap.

I was a little cautious at dinner as you mentioned that he eats slow. I was afraid Comet would finish first and then pressure Winkie to give up his food. While Winkie does not attack his food, he has excellent gulping abilities. Instantaneously his food was gone. I look over – Comet is only 1/3 the way through her food and she is eating as if she hasn’t eaten in days. Winkie looks up for more. I give him the pill pocket, which buys enough time for Comet to finish her dinner.

Then off for the evening walk. It is a reversal of roles. Comet used to drag Lilliana on the walks – Comet six feet ahead of me straining on the leash, Lilliana six feet behind me nails scratching on the sidewalk. Winkie acted like he was pole position on a Iditarod dog team. He also marked every pole and mailbox. Sad part was that after the first ten, he had nothing left. Nevertheless he went through the motions.

Winkie and Comet are getting along – as much as anyone can with a snarpy Chihuahua. He has learn that if he smells her butt, she growls at him (he keeps doing it, so it must not faze him); if he puts his mouth to her mouth, she snaps at him (once was enough for him).

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