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Anthony Aruba

Status: Deceased 06/16/16
Gender: Male
Age: Adult (6-10 Years)
Size: Mini (< 12 lbs)
Color: Red Dapple
Coat: Smooth
Sweet Anthony Aruba had it rough. How rough, we will never know because he came to DREAM as an outreach from an area shelter volunteer. It seems someone had witnessed Anthony being thrown from a vehicle. A Good Samaritan stopped to scoop him up rather than leave him to die alone in the heat, and took him to the area shelter. Initial observations indicated that sadly, he had probably been suffering for an extended period of time. Even though funds were low and foster space virtually non-existent, this little life mattered and so Anthony became a DREAM Dachsie. He was immediately transported to one of our veterinary clinics, but the examination revealed much more sadness than we had anticipated.

The vet report indicated that our sweet Anthony was in shocking condition. He was completely paralyzed (from an old injury) with absolutely no feeling at all in his back legs, He had a very severe heart murmur which in itself carried detrimental consequences. He had a horrendous skin infection with sores on his legs, belly, chest and neck, a serious eye infection in both eyes, ear infections, and markers that indicated his kidneys were also in dire condition. This poor little man had no control of his bodily functions and was continually eliminating with no ability to hold it. Our veterinarian believed that more than likely, Anthony had been dragging himself around a very long time and while he would have liked to hold out hope that Anthony could find some form of quality of life, his anguish was, that he could not "fix" this boy to even give him a short time of such.

Many tears were shed and prayers were prayed for Anthony Aruba. Love brought him to DREAM Dachshund Rescue and our love and desire to help him out of his pain and suffering also allowed that love to help him rest. Anthony crossed over the Rainbow Bridge at 6:55 pm in the caring arms of one of our DREAM volunteers who held him tight as she whispered to him that he was a DREAM Dachsie, always would be a DREAM Dachsie and that he was loved more than he could have ever known.

Rest in peace little Anthony Aruba.

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