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Dorrie Divot ("Jules")

Status: Adopted 05/06/16
Gender: Female
Age: Adult (6-10 Years)
Size: Mini (< 12 lbs)
Color: Piebald
Coat: Smooth
We adopted “Dorrie Divot” on Mother’s Day weekend and renamed her Jules. Jules is a sweet and very little gal. She is all of 7 lbs but acts like she is 10 feet tall.

We discovered after we adopted Jules that she was not shy, but deaf. We would call her and thought she was just being stubborn, not the case. I can bang a pair of shoes behind her head and she isn’t the wiser. She is also blind in one eye and really doesn’t see well out the other. Both have caused dog door training a huge challenge. She finally figured out how to get back in the house, but unless she is put in front of the door she won’t go out herself….YET! We still have hope. She learned the dog steps in a few days. But she has a ritual dance she performs before stepping on the first step and then catapults herself onto the couch, sometimes bouncing against the back cushion. It is quite the site. We discovered by accident that she loves to play fetch with a tiny tennis ball. As long as she can see you throw it she will retrieve it. But the sweetest part is that she puts it back in your hand and sits ready to go get it again. If you do not put your hand down she will drop it and nudge it towards you. She is a huge Momma’s girl and always manages to wedge herself between one of her siblings and Momma. We just love her and are rolling with the challenges she brings to our family.

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